Odd Squad: World Turned Odd (2018) Script


[Ms. O] Coming up next, on Odd Squad...

We should totally go back in time to 1983.

It's when Agent Oprah became Ms. O.

[Oona] We could change something in the past that will change the future in a really bad way.

[People screaming]

My name is Agent Olympia.

This is my partner, Agent Otis.

This is a taco not wearing pants.

But back to Otis and me.

We work for an organization run by kids that investigates anything strange, weird, and especially odd.

Our job is to put things right again.

[Olympia] Who do we work for?

We work for Odd Squad.

[Ms. O] "World Turned Odd."

[Announcer] Ms. O - the man, the myth, the legend.

[Ms. O] Hi-ya!

[Announcer] Also, she's not a man.

She's a girl.


[Announcer] Throughout her 100 years of service to Odd Squad, Ms. O, also known as Agent Oprah, has battled monsters, brought villains to justice, and proudly recycled both paper and plastic.

Hit me.

[Announcer] And in one of her most difficult missions ever, she was--

And that's as far as I got with the video.

[Olympia] It's really good.

I like how dramatic your voice is.

[announcer voice] Thank you.

[normal] I wanted to finish it before Ms. O's party starts.

♪ [trumpet fanfare]

Guess that's not gonna happen.

♪ [fanfare continues]

♪ [fanfare continues]

♪ [fanfare continues]


♪ [fanfare resumes]


♪ [fanfare resumes, jazzy]

Are you-- Are you done?

♪ [flourish]


Welcome, children of all ages.

[cheering and applause]

My name is Gardener Todd.

What you might not know is, before I was Gardener Todd...

I was Odd Todd!

[kids murmuring quietly]

Okay. I can see by your reactions that you knew that already.

[whispering] Just... go.

The point is I used to be a villain, and it's because of this lady right here, Ms. O, that I turned my life around.

Tonight, we celebrate Ms. O's 100 years of service.

It would have been longer, but we don't count weekends.

Without further ado, I give you... Ms. O!

[cheering and applause]

Thank you, Todd.

I'd also like to thank my old partner, O'Donahue.

And a special thank you to my fellow members of Odd Squad.

It's because of you that I've accomplished so much during these 100 years.

Thanks again, and please enjoy the juice boxes!

Someone save me a cranberry!

[cheering and applause]

Wow. Can you believe Ms. O has been at Odd Squad for 100 years?

[Otis] No... because it's unbelievable.

How does she never age?

She's the same in the 1950s... the '20s... even the Old West.

Whoa. There she is in 1983.

What's so special about 1983?

It's when Agent Oprah became Ms. O.

If I had one wish, it would be to see that day.

I can make your wish come true.

[Both scream]

Oh, uh, sorry. It's me. Oona.

I was at a costume party before this.


But really, I can help...

With this!

What is that?

This, my friend, is a sphere, which is shaped exactly like a ball.

And this is a cube, which looks like a box made up of six square faces.

Both are three-dimensional objects.

They're different from 2D shapes like circles and squares, which are flat and only have two dimensions: length and width.

Yeah, but--

3D objects have length, width, and depth.

That means they go back.

Oona, I know what 3D shapes are.

I meant, "What is the gadget?"

Oh, this is the whoosh-you- back-in-time-inator.

Wait, are you saying you can whoosh us back in time to 1983?

Yup, or you'll get your money back!

Just kidding. I can't take your money.

Or can I? I can't.

Otis, we should totally go back in time to 1983!

No way, last time we traveled through time, bad things happened.

The Time Sharks almost ended the world.

Actually, good news: the Time Llamas are now in charge.

Much more reasonable.

Second good news: the only way to cause a time-tastrophe is if you see yourself.

Aha! But we can't see ourselves in 1983, because that was over 30 years ago, and we weren't born yet!

Still, no way I will agree to this.

What if I said we had to dress up in '80s outfits to blend in?

I will agree to this.

♪ [Female singer] Going, going, going to the '80s ♪

♪ Going, going, going to the '80s ♪

♪ Gonna spray our hair so it's frozen when we dance ♪

♪ Gonna wear socks on the outside of our pants ♪

♪ Got a really big computer and a pointy little car ♪

♪ We're way into cubes

♪ And we always say "totally" ♪

♪ Going, going, going to the '80s ♪

♪ Going, going, going to the '80s, yeah! ♪

[cans clattering]

Uh... Guess we used a lot of hairspray.


Follow me.

I plug in April 9th, 1983, here.

Now place your hands at the bottom of the sphere.

Now everyone say their favorite ice cream flavor!

How does that make the gadget work?

It doesn't.

It's just something I've always wondered about you guys.

Oh. Bubblegum.


Rocky road! And away we go!


♪ ['80s-style electronic music] ♪ Whoa! We did it! We're in 1983!

[Oona] Look at the climbing wall!

Neon lights!

And the lab isn't the lab anymore!

Oh, yeah!

Because Oscar hasn't invented the science department yet, so it's still a gift shop.

[gasps] There's Ms. O!

So, what are we ordering for lunch today?

You want cheeseburgers?Hold the burger?

[scoffs] Obviously.

Come on!

Actually, you guys go ahead.

I'm going to go check out the gift shop!

♪ [music on TV]

Ha ha! By now, you've realized your precious bubble gum has been stolen.

But never fear.

The Patternista will tell you where to go find it.

The Patternista?

Yeah, she's a villain who's obsessed with patterns.

You know, something that repeats?

Watch, she's about to give a pattern clue.

Simply figure out the next sound out of my mouth.

[squeak, train whistle, moo...

...train whistle, squeak, train whistle, moo...

...train whistle, squeak, train whistle, moo]

Oh, I'm so confused.

[Patternista] Patternista out!

So how did Oprah figure out the pattern when all the Patternista did was make a bunch of noises?


She turned the noises into numbers to make them easier to understand.

First, there was a squeaky noise.

That's number one.

Then there was a train noise. We'll call that number two.

Then a cow noise. We'll make that three.

Then train, then squeaky toy, train, and cow again.

See the pattern yet?

[Otis] One, two, three, two, and then it repeats "one, two, three", so the next number in the pattern is two, the train.


So Oprah went to the trainyard, and caught the Patternista, and became Ms. O?

Uh, not exactly.

When she got to the train, there was another clue that led her to 6 Green Street.

That's where Oprah caught Patternista and got the job as Ms. O.

You're not leaving until you see that moment, are you?


[Oona] Hey, guys!

Couldn't help myself.

The prices in 1983 are amazing.

Oona, could you please jump us ahead in time to when Ms. O got to Green Street?

Not a problem.

Favorite holiday?

Thanksgiving.Flag Day.

Hey, Flag Day. Me, too!


[Patternista] Oprah should be here any minute.

Here's your hat, boss.

Wait. So Oprah's old boss was the Patternista?

That's the big twist!

Oprah's boss is pretending to be a villain.

This whole thing was set up to see if Oprah was smart enough to be a Ms. O!

Could you have picked a more confusing case to go back to?

It's not-- Ah! [loud clatter]

[Patternista] What was that?

We can't let them see us.

I thought we were okay as long as we don't see ourselves.

Yes... but there's always a chance that we could change something in the past that will change the future in a really, really bad way.

So in other words, we should go right now.

Look, there's Oprah, coming here to six Green Street!

She's about to solve the case and become a Ms. O!

Ah! How exciting is this?

Not exciting if we stop it from happening.

Okay, okay. I've seen enough.

Walnuts in brownies. Yea or nay?





9 Green Street? But where's 6?


And we're back!

Hey... where are all the party decorations?

Uh... maybe I whooshed us back a few hours too late.

I could whoosh us back earlier.

Uh, that's okay, thanks.

Enough time travel for today.

What happened to my lab?

What's a lab? Like a Labrador retriever?

Like a dog? Like a golden Lab dog?

No, my lab. Where I build my gadgets?

The boss destroyed all gadgets.

Wait... Why would Ms. O destroy all gadgets?

Who is Ms. O?

So sorry for missing the party.

What party?

[Both] Todd?

The name's Odd Todd!


Who are you?

We're, uh...We don't really, uh...


You must be the new recruits from the Todd-cademy.

And you're nervous meeting me for the first time.

I get it.

I'm very impressive.

But get over it!

I need you to take care of those dancing pants.

You-- You want us to fix that?

Fix? No.

Fix? No! Fix?

No. No.

Fix?! NO!

I want you to take that to the Museum of Modern Odd to show the world another example of the Todd Squad making stuff odd!


You make stuff Odd?


You got a problem with that?



How about you?

No! I love oddness!

It's so great! Yay!


[weakly] Woohoo!

You know, we're just gonna go grab a bag for those pants.

Or a box.

Or a baggy box-box bag-box bag-box-bo--

Let's go.Okay!

[chuckles] I love me.

Oona, something is wrong.

I know. The ball pit's an interpretive dance studio!

Todd - Odd Todd - is in Ms. O's office!

What is happening?

I don't know!

We must have done something in the past to change the future.

Let's think about this.

[Todd on PA system] Attention, Todd Squad agents.

Get your swimsuits on, as headquarters will soon be filled with hot garbage.

May I suggest we talk about this somewhere else that's not here?

[Otis] Good call, partner.


[Otis straining]

Why won't these open? [grunts]

What's the problem here?

[All] Owen?!

Who are you and how do you know me?

We know you... because we heard about the guy with the awesome goatee.

Todd made me wear it because he said I wasn't odd enough.

He also gave me these snail feet.


Do you want to pet them?

N-- Actually, we just came from the Todd-cademy, and we need some help opening these doors.

Todd loves patterns.

You've got to solve the pattern locks on all the doors.

So if we complete the pattern, they will open?

Yeah, it's less a security measure and more super-annoying.

It looks like a shape pattern.

'Cause they're all shapes.Yeah, that's the biggest clue.

Looks like the pattern goes square, square, rectangle, triangle, then it repeats: square, square, rectangle, triangle.

And it probably repeats again, so we should put the first shape: a square.

[All] Yes!

[Owen] Nice going!

And before you go, could you take these pickles?

Todd suggested I randomly hand them out to be more odd.

Also, I should make this noise.

[various honks and whistles]

[zap, zap, zap]

How is Owen working for Todd?

I don't know, but at least we got out of there.

I don't think out here is better.


[People screaming]

Get your spaghetti here!

Every case Odd Squad ever solved has been... undone.

We must have done something in 1983 to make this all happen.

But you still have your gadget, so we can whoosh back in time and fix it.

And everything goes back to normal.

Except we don't know what we did!

And if we change the wrong thing, we can make things way worse!

Not sure that's possible.

Ugh, Ms. O would know what we changed, except who knows where she is?

If Ms. O isn't Ms. O, she could be anywhere!

What if we find her old partner, O'Donahue?

I know where his fishing spot is!

We should move, fast... because here comes a Spider Cat!


It's O'Donahue's fishing gear.

But where is O'Donahue?

[all yelp]

[Otis] What-- What is--

I see from your outfits that Todd sent you.

You tell your boss I'll never join him.

I... DO... NO... ODD.

[Otis] We're not part of Todd Squad.

We're from a different time.

Actually, technically, it's the same time.

You could say "dimension".

[sighs] That's not right, either.

Wait! We know Oprah!

You mean the ex-talk-show-host who's mostly doing magazine stuff now?

No, I mean Oprah, your old partner.

[O'Donahue] I haven't heard that particular name in that particular context in a long time.

How do you know about her?

Todd destroyed all the old Odd Squad records.

But not in our world!

I'm going "world". Does "world" work?


In our world, Todd never took over.

We're real Odd Squad agents, just like you used to be.

Oh, yeah, what's Oprah's favorite juice-box flavor?

[all] All of them.

I believe you.

But I also believe it's not safe to talk here.

Follow me.

Have a seat.

If you're gonna defeat Todd, you'll need energy.

Uh, no offense, but if you're a fisherman, shouldn't we be eating fish?

There are no actual fish left in this world.

Todd replaced them with these plastic singing ones.

♪ [Male voice] Take me, take me ♪

♪ Take me, take me to a lake ♪

♪ [Deeper voice] A big lake! ♪ Don't know why I even bother catching them.

So... you want to know about 1983, huh?

Our boss dressed up like this villain called the Patternista.

It was a test for Oprah.

It was really complicated.


Oprah was supposed to become a Ms. O, but... she failed the test.


I feel like I should say something, too.

I walked up and down Green Street!

There was no number 6!

Of course there was.There wasn't!

My test was perfect.

If there's a problem, the problem is with the agent.

[Oprah growls]

I don't know what Oprah was like in your world, but in mine, she has a temper.

Oh, yeah.

Oprah and the boss got in an argument.

Words were said. Big ones.




Pneumonoultramicroscopic- silicovolcanoconiosis!

What does that mean?

It's a disease you get from breathing in very fine particles, specifically from a volcano.

And it's the longest word in the dictionary.

Maybe this squad isn't big enough for you... and your words.

Ma'am, no!

Your badge, agent.

And your bubble gum.

Please! The flavor's still--

And your gum, Oprah.

And the other piece.

What are you waiting for? Totally go.

[O'Donahue] The boss was so angry, she didn't hire anyone again 'til 1997.

How about this recruit?

Uh... She's like that Oscar kid from a couple years ago.

Her grades are good, but they're not top-of-the-class good.

We're going with him.

The problem with Todd is that he got bored easily.

He released a pie-nado in headquarters.


[People screaming]

Actually, we already knew that.

He did the exact same thing in our world... only Olive was there to stop him.

It's weird how some things are different but others are the same.

It's like when you go to a supermarket that's the same kind of supermarket, but not the one you usually go to, and so the deli section is where the bakery should be, or the produce section flips so the vegetables are close to--

[whispering] Stop.

In my world, there was no one to stop Todd.

He took over all Odd Squads, and... that brings us to today.

It sounds like everything went wrong because Oprah never found 6 Green Street.

But she was headed right for it.

Well, something must have happened.

It's okay, at least we know where the problem started.

All we need to do is go back to 6 Green Street and make sure Ms. O walks through that door.

Then Ms. O will be back, and Todd won't be in charge anymore.

I am not a fan of that plan!

I knew there was something not odd about you... so I went fishing with Odena to think it over, and then I saw you talking to O'Donahue, and... yeah, okay, that was a coincidence.

I caught a really lucky break.

But now that I know what's going on, I'm going to need that gadget.

Don't worry.

I still have a couple of agent tricks up my sleeve.

Watch this!

Watch what?Run!

[Todd grunts and growls]

They're getting away.

Good. I can finally use my suit.

[Todd cackles]

[zap, fizzle]

Ugh, it jammed again!

Odena, I need you to open the panel on the back of my boot.

Inside, you'll find a rectangular prism.

Rectangular prism?

Yeah, it's shaped just like the stick of butter I always carry with me.


One, two, three, four rectangular faces, and one, two square faces on each end.

Found it.

You know, you could have told me it's the only shape in there.

I have other things on my mind!

Now yank it like a lawnmower cord.

[zap, whir]

Yes! [cackles]

Ooh, that's tight. Ooh.


Where did they go, where did they go?!

Ah, there they are.


[whiny voice] Yes, Todd?

I've really gotta change that voice.

[whiny voice] My name is Wrenchy.

I know! Wrenchy, what oddness can I create?

[Wrenchy] Hoodly-hoo!

Here are your options...


[Todd] No.

[Wrenchy] Okay. This?

[Todd] No.

[Wrenchy] Can I interest you in this?

[Todd] No, thank you.

[Wrenchy] What about this?

[Todd] No! You already did that one!

[Wrenchy] Please say yes to pies.

Yes! Yes, that's the one!

[Wrenchy] Yippee!

[cackles] [Wrenchy cackles]

No, don't. Stop. That's my thing.

[Otis] It's too much dairy!

We need to take cover!

This way!


[Todd cackling]

All clear... for now.

Guys, we have a problem.

Todd got my gadget.

How do we fix it?

I can't.

Uh... If we don't have your gadget, that means...

[Both] ...we're trapped here forever.

Oh, did you want to say that part?

No, it's okay. You can.

We're trapped here forever.

I haven't seen Todd in a while. I think he's gone.


Good news: the circuit board still works.

Bad news? Nothing else does.

I'm so bummed.

Because we're stuck in this nightmare world forever?

Yes, but also because this was my favorite gadget.

It had that cute sphere part on top and that adorable cube.

Spheres and cubes are 3D objects.

That means that have three dimensions: length, width, and depth.

That means it goes back.

You've told us that a bunch of times already.


If you can remember exactly what the gadget looks like, maybe we can get other pieces from other gadgets and rebuild it.



Except... no, because Odd Todd destroyed them all.

Oprah might have saved a couple from the '80s.

She was always sentimental like that.

But we have no idea how to find her.

I know exactly where she is.

You might be wondering why I gathered you all here.

Because your suit got all messed up and those kids got away?


There are a group of kids who are trying to bring down the Todd Squad!

They want to take odd things and make them not odd!

So they can fix my snail feet?

My armpits?

And this thing?

Odena, shut that off!


I gathered you here to figure out a way to stop them.

What if we let them fix my snail feet... so I can chase them?

What happens when you catch them?

I say, "Thanks for fixing my snail feet," maybe go out and buy shoes?

No, no, no! You're not getting it!

We need to figure out a way to stop these people!

If anyone has an idea, raise their hand.

Agent Osmand?

What if we trick them into thinking we're on their side by letting them solve all our odd problems?

Very sly. I'm liking this.

Then what?

Then, every time I lift my arms, Silly String doesn't come out.

Agent Osmand, I want you to take a walk, and don't come back until you have an idea - an ACTUAL idea - of how to stop them.

In fact, new rule for everyone in this room: nobody speaks until they have an idea.

[whispering] I think this might take a while.


[whispering] Okay.

[O'Donahue] Meet Chuck Shmumbers, chief financial officer of Shmumbers Incorporated.

Chuck and his cousin Yucks have known Oprah since the 1800s.

Actually, since the 1700s.

Uh, how old are all of you?

This old.

That's not an answer.

After Oprah left Odd Squad, she asked us if she could work for Shmumbers.

I offered her any job in the world, but she picked... straw sharpener.

Been a long time, Opes.


Who are your friends?

You don't remember us?

That's because we don't exist in this world.

I mean, we do exist, just not as Odd Squads agents.

Why are they wearing those outfits?

O'Donahue, are you working for Todd Squad?


They're real agents - just like we used to be.

We're here to stop Todd, but we need a gadget to do so.

Do you have any from the past?


That's it. There's no hope for us.

But I know where to get one.

There's a gadget in the Museum of Modern Odd, gadget 43.

It's the first gadget Todd created.

He couldn't bring himself to destroy it.

Let's see if it has all the parts we need.

[Oona] Here's gadget 43.

What's that?

[Oona] Oh. That's a sphere, and these are two triangular prisms.

And that's a rectangular prism.

They're 3D shapes.

I-- I know what 3D shapes are.

I meant the high-tech device thingy.

They're our new watches.

[Oona] And it's showing me that gadget 43 does not have all the parts we need.

I need a cube, not two triangular prisms.

Those are the right kind of triangular prisms.


These straw sanders are the same kind of triangular prisms on gadget 43.

If you connect the two rectangles of the two triangular prisms together...

Boom, a cube.

One, two, three, four, five, six square faces.

So we have all the parts we need to rebuild my gadget!

We should break into the museum.

Oprah, what time do you get off?

Doesn't matter. I'm not coming with you.

[all] But you have to!

I failed as an agent over 30 years ago.

I'm not going to risk failing again.

But you're not a failure in our world.

You're a strong and inspiring--

[Oprah] No! I'm not.

I'm just the third-best straw sharpener in town.

Maybe if the Garabedian twins retire, I can be the best.

Come on, guys.

See you around... Oprah.

Yes? Odena? Go ahead.

I... kind of forgot what we're supposed to be thinking about.

How to stop those Odd Squad agents.

[Osmand] Hey, Todd.

I took a walk like you said, and I decided to check the security cameras we put all over town to see if I could find the agents.

Hey, that's a great idea. Did you find anything?


[Chuck] ...straw sharpener.

Of course.

O'Donahue went to visit his old partner!

Odena, bring me Oprah.

What do you want, Todd?

Please, have a seat.

I'd rather stand.

Cool. We have stand-up chairs.

Technology is amazing.

I, uh, see you've made some changes.

Yeah, the old place was just a little too, um... boring for me.

I understand this all could have been yours.

What a shame.

You had a visit earlier today.

Where are they headed?

I'll never tell.

I respect that... so much that I'm going to offer you a juice box.

That's so good.


I filled that box with truth juice!

Fruit juice?

No, truth.

I mean, like, it's fruit-juice-flavored, but the important information is now you can only speak the truth.

Where are O'Donahue and his friends headed?


Don't fight the truth, Oprah. Just let it all out.

The... Coliseum... of Autumn... Sod.

Coliseum of...

Do you mean the Museum of Modern Odd?



[chuckles] No.

Why are they going there?

To [indiscernible].

No matter.

I and my awesome hair shall be waiting.

Boss, should you be saying this in front of her?

[chuckles] Don't worry about Oprah.

She's not even an agent.

She's just a lousy, third-rate straw sharpener.

Isn't that right?

[Todd cackles]


No guards?

That's weird.

I don't like this. It's too easy.

That's because it's a trap.

[all] Ms. O?

Todd knows you're coming.

He's waiting inside with his guards.

So you came here to help us?

We can't defeat Todd and his guards with just the five of us.

That's why I also brought them.

[Oprah] They believe in Odd Squad and want to set things right.

Whoa. You kept your old suit!

Couldn't bring myself to throw it away.

Ha, I knew the real Ms. O was still in there somewhere!

We can use your skills to help us get past Odd Todd's guards.

[Olympia] Two guards.

Not a problem.

Mr. Fredrickson?

Once I let him out, there's no going back.

Do it.

I'm Slappy the Sun, and I'll always be with you!

♪ Slappy and the kid guards, la la la! ♪

♪ Slappy and the--

Hey, where are you going? We're friends!

[Ms. O] Let's go.

[sighs] It's another pattern lock.

I got this. Somebody juice me.


So it goes five, four, three, then it repeats: five, four, three.

Then it just goes five, four.

So the next number will be...


[All] Yes!

There's another kid guard.

He's got glasses like me.

I don't know why I'm mentioning that.

Mr. Fonts?

Send in the flying books.

Do you prefer fiction or nonfiction?

I usually prefer fiction 'cause it's usually more exciting, but a true story well told does pack an extra punch!


I'll do a mix of genres?


What else we got?


Did you say "blobs" or "Bobs"?


Wait. Do we have Bobs?

[Both] No.

Uh, my mailman is named Bob.

But there's only one of him.

He-- He might know other Bobs - like, if they're in some kind of a Sunday-night Bob club or-- or something.

But I don't know his phone number.

I-- I mean, I could get it the next time he delivers mail.

Let's just go with the blobs.

[Olympia] Do you think we can get past them?

My future toast will reveal all.

Ah. Yes...

It looks like you can sneak past the guards when they go on break in three... two... one.

[watch beeps]


Does your future toast say how to solve that pattern lock?


It does say that it's gonna rain tomorrow.


And "Buy gold."

Buy gold?

One, four, seven, ten, thirteen.

How is this a pattern? The numbers aren't repeating.

There's no way to figure this out.

We're done for.

Todd is gonna be here any minute.

Hang on.

Let's just break this down like any problem.

What do we know about this thing?

[Otis] The numbers are getting bigger.

Yeah, and some patterns grow instead of repeating, so let's see how much the numbers are growing each time.

[Olympia] Well, there's a one and then there's a four, so that's one, and then two, three, four.

Plus three.

Then the numbers go from four to seven, so that's four plus... five, six, seven.

It's plus three again.

And seven plus three is ten!

And ten plus three is thirteen!

So "plus three" is the pattern!

So, the last number was 13, so that means the next number in the pattern will be...

14, 15, 16.


[Otis] There's the gadget.

Ma'am, if you would.

It'll just be a minute.

What are we d--


Exploding hiccups.

Okay, Oona. Do your stuff.

Here's a sphere, and here are the-- Uh oh.

I see a rectangular prism, but the two triangular prisms are missing.

What do you mean?

I need to combine two triangular prisms.

That's the only way to make a cube.

Or else my gadget won't work.

Where could they be?

Right here! [cackles]

[Agents] What? How?

It's me!

Odd Todd.

You probably can't tell 'cause of all the gold on my face.

Hold on a sec.


I know you've been after these triangular prisms.

The only reason I let you get this far is so that I could see the look on your face when I did this.


Now I'm going to unleash so much odd, you will always remember the day you crossed me!

You know, I don't think I'll actually ever forget this day, so I don't know if I need the reminder.

Hm. Too late.


[fizzling, sparking]

Are you kidding me? It jammed again!

I'm sorry. This is so awkward.

Luckily, I have this plastic grabby thingy.


I just use it to yank the rectangular prism in my boot.



Did he just say rectangular prism?

Yeah. Why?

That reminds me: you can combine 3D shapes, but you can also take them apart.

We can make a cube.


[Ms. O] There's a rectangular prism on that gadget.

Pie was the main course... and now I am serving banana split for dessert!

[Wrenchy] But Todd, pie and banana splits are both desserts!

Not now, Wrenchy!

[Wrenchy] Okay, fine.

Thank you.

Enjoy your dessert, Odd Squad!

Everybody take cover!

We need to get that gadget.

Olympia? Otis?

Cover me.

[Both bellowing]

[Ms. O] Hi-ya!



Say hello to 1983 for me.


Whoa, that time vortex cleaned us right up.

You know how I said it was impossible to see ourselves in 1983?

[Both] Yeah.

I would like to formally apologize for that.

[Oona] Walnuts in brownies.

Yea or nay?


[Oona] Nay.


[Oprah] 9 Green Street? But where's 6?

Oh, that's why she couldn't find the address!

Yeah, and it's about to happen again!

Come on!

[All] Oprah, stop!

Don't leave!

Who are you?

You work for Odd Squad?

Yeah, but 30 years in the future.

It doesn't matter.

What does matter is this is 6 Green Street.

The number just fell.

And you need to go in there and stop the Patternista so you can become a Ms. O.

I'd become a Ms. O?

Whoops. Sorry.

I think that was a secret.

I... I can't be a Ms. O.

Help. I think I'm ruining the future again.


Oprah, I know it's a big responsibility.

But... what if I mess up?

Everyone messes up from time to time.

We ruined the world!

But we fixed it.

Or we're trying to fix it.

Well, we're in the middle of fix--

Uh, what we're trying to say is sometimes failure is good because you learn from it.

And you won't be alone.

Odd Squad is about teamwork and helping each other.

Trust me, you'll be an incredible Ms. O.


Guess I'd better go stop that villain.

Actually, there is no villain.

The Patternista's just your boss in disguise.


Never mind. Go get 'em!

Did we fix it?

There's only one way to find out.

Favorite number?



Wait! I'm changing mine to...




[Todd] Welcome, children of all ages.

My name is Gardener Todd.

What you might not know is, before I was Gardener Todd...

I was Odd Todd!

My point is I used to be a villain, and it's because of this lady right here, Ms. O, that I turned my life around.

Today, we celebrate Ms. O's 100 years of service to Odd Squad.

It's all back to normal!

Without further ado, I give you... Ms. O!

[cheering and applause]

Thank you, Todd.

I'd also like to thank my old partner, O'Donahue.

And a special thank you to my fellow members of Odd Squad.

It's because of you that I've accomplished so much during these 100 years.

You picked me up when I was down.

You opened doors for me - sometimes, very specific doors.

And I accept this trophy on your behalf.

Um, Oprah? There is no trophy.

Well? What are we waiting for?

Let's party!

[cheering and applause]

Welcome back, agents.

You remember us from 1983?

How could I forget?

Without you, I wouldn't be a Ms. O.

Must have been weird, meeting us 30 years ago and then seeing us again now.

No. The weird part was when I met you before 1983.

[Oona] Whoa, whoa.

But we never traveled to any other time besides 1983.

Not yet, you didn't.

♪ [Female singer] I'm going, I'm going ♪

♪ To the Middle Ages

♪ Going, I'm going to the Middle Ages ♪

♪ [Singers] Gonna wear a tunic ♪

♪ And hang around with sheep ♪

♪ Gonna eat porridge and never brush our teeth ♪

♪ No cars, no planes, but we've got a catapult ♪

♪ Barbers cut your hair, but they also do surgery ♪

♪ Going to the Middle Ages, yeah! ♪ I feel like we got the hair wrong.