Oddball (2015) Script


--Argh! Argh!


Far, far away in a magical part of the world, there is a special place - the sleepy town of Warrnambool.

Where fairy penguins - the littlest penguins of all - call home.

They nest on a rocky place called Middle Island.

For years, the townspeople walked the shallow channel to the island to watch thousands of fairy penguins return home at night.

Because the penguins brought a special magic to the town.

But one night, foxes found that they too could walk to the island.

And in just a few short years...

...there were hardly any penguins left.

And there was nothing the townspeople could do to save them.

This is just awful.

Especially if you're a penguin.

Jack, Zoe, how many penguins are left?

You know, I'm gonna let Watt be the angel of doom.

Em, look, you should know that the numbers aren't great, OK?

Morning, Emily. Sorry to be the...

How many, Mr Watt? -20.

W-what? You just did your count.

Maybe some left already.

Zoe did her count at dawn before they go out to hunt. It's 20.

I remember when there were thousands here. What a shame.

Maybe they're just staying out to protect themselves.

We just need to hold the foxes off a little while.

How? With tranquilliser guns? -Yeah.

See how well that's been going. -I was actually doing alright till the foxes defied nature and learnt how to swim.

Listen, your annual review is in two weeks.

To keep funding and sanctuary status, you need at least 10 penguins to call this place home.

And at this rate... -Mr Watt, Paul, please.

You knew my mum. This sanctuary was her everything.

I can't let her down. Please.

That's why I've stuck my neck out with council for so long.

I'm sorry, Emily.

But if council sees less than 10 penguins next month, the place won't be a sanctuary, it'll just be a rock.

So now what do we do?

Well, unless things take a turn, we're all out of work.

With the fairy penguins almost gone, it seems the magic of Warrnambool will soon be gone too.

The town's only hope now lies with...

...a chicken farmer and his very odd dog.

-- They just don't know it yet.

Right. Ugh!

Brrr! Brrr!


Ah, yes!

Nothing like a good cold kick to the ventricles to start the day, eh, ladies?




Morning, Missy.

Oddball! Breakfast!

Oddball, where are you, mate?

Oh! Get out of there!

How many times do I have to tell you, you crazy dog?

Here. That's your food.

What are you waiting for - a knife and fork? Just eat it up.

Right, your turn to shower.

The only Maremma dog in history that can't bring itself to guard chickens.

Explain that to me.

Huh? Give me one good reason why I shouldn't trade you in to the highest bidder.

Not that I'd get much for you.

There's a good one, then.

You! You're still grounded.

So stay. OK?

I'm off to pick up Livvie.

And don't destroy anything!

And if you do, glue it back together so I don't know about it.

Another day, another dozen.

What happened to 'stay'? Eh?

You are dopey if you think you're coming into town with me.


Well, move over. Go on. Shove over.

Go on, over you get.

Keep your head down and your mouth shut.

Took me six months to pay off your last debt.

Move over! Alright. Off we go.

I am really sorry about the penguins, Olivia.

You know, I'm sure that your mom and her team, they're doing everything they can.

They're very smart. Um...

But, hey, you know what? This gives us a chance to bond.

Right? No? Maybe not.

Hey, Olivia, we're in a bit of a hurry.

Did you get your bag all packed?

Bag's on the table. -Ah!

Good. Of course you did, of course you did.

Because you...are mature. You're an adult.

What are you? You're, like... you're, like, 30 or 35, 36.

I'm 9.

I know, I was joking. A joke.

Hey, I was going to wait until your mom got here, but no time like the present.

--OK, well, that is for you.

Just to say thank you for being such a good hostess.

Did you want crust or no crust?

I always do no crust. I'm going to do no crust.


I heard that everyone is wearing those now.

And why would I want to be like everyone else?

Oh...that's right.

Your mom told me that you were a bit of a trailblazer. No!

Hey. Emily!

No. No, no. Everything's great.

Right? Huh?

No, we're having a wonderful time.

Don't worry about it. Huh?

What? Your dad?

When? No, no, no, no. You said he was never on time.

Livvie. Calling Livvie.

Out the from' in T minus 10 seconds.

Copy, Grandad. Be right out. Over.

Got to go! -He's here. What do I do?

Ah, there's my Livvie. -Grandad, flip me over!

Hang on, watch me back. I can't flip you over anymore.

You're too big. You'll just pull me over.

That's because you're such a great big giant.

Grandad, you're not supposed to bring Oddball into town!

--Oh, shoo!

Shoo! Get away! Go!

I see you in there. Get out here now!

If you don't, I'm gonna come in there and drag you out.

Oh, no.

Come on, you dopey thing. Get out here!

Not the tie!

What have you got there? Hey?

Come on, show me what you've got.

Oh, yeah, he's got a bit of fight, don't you?

What is it? Where did you get that?

Hi. -Hey. Where have you been?

Uh... Hi, Mum!

Hi. I'm so sorry.

Our first morning together has just turned into a mess.

Oh, that's OK. Hey, I like your mess.

Let's go. -Go... Wait, go? Now?

Yeah. He'll just come in and then you'll be trapped.

Don't worry. Keep it fast and don't stop moving.

Hmm. -Hi, Dad! Right.

Let's get going, eh?

Hi. Uh, Bradley Slater.

We've met, um...


Dad, Oddy's not supposed to be in town.

You can't afford a repeat of last time.

Well, this isn't town and your yard's got a fence.

Alright, we've all got places to go and things to do.

I've got a big rehearsal tonight for the opening night.

Goodbye. -What's he doing here?

I was called away early this morning and Bradley really helped us out. You behaved, right?

Oh, we're practically BFFs.

Alright, come on, then. Chop-chop. Hop into the truck.

Bradley helped out, eh?

Really? You and the tourism blow-in, huh? l...l like him.

And he's not scared away by the single mum thing, so don't screw this up, OK?

Alright. It's none of my business.

--Oh, just grind away, Betty.

Come on, darling. Hold your tongue to your left.

--Too far.

Try the right.

No. Try the left.

No. Try the middle.

Nope. Out more. Ah!

Tongue out the middle. Come on, Oddy!

Uh, this Bradley, what do you think?

He tried to buy me off with shoes.

Lord help us.

Well, you know if you ever need anything, I'm always here.


Gross! -Oh! Oh, wow.

Eugh, yuck! -That'd make an onion cry.

That is disgusting. Definitely yuck!

Oddball, that is wrong.

Hello, little one.

Reopening the village is the first stop in my tourism initiative.

We have costumed re-enactors, this delightful southern right whale.

Oh, guys! I love you for being on time. OK, here.

Right, there. Nice and slow. Come on, come on.

Place it here.

This is the piece de resistance of the entire show.

Is it good?

There are only two of these projectors in the entire world.

You wouldn't believe the strings I had to pull to get this.

Alright, we will fire it up and then we project the movie off the rising mist...

The crowd will ooh and ah, and in that moment, Ms Mayor, we will officially be open for business.

Good morning! Have fun today. Hi!

Ah, there you go. And on time, to boot.


See you this afternoon when I pick you up.

What's wrong?

There was another penguin killed at the reserve last night.

That's why Mum wasn't home this morning.

Oh, right. She's running out of options.

They've tried everything.

Well, I'm sure your mum will come up with something.

She always seems to... Hey, Livvie. Hey, Oddball.

Your friend's there. See you after school, darl.

See ya.

Oddy! Oddball!

He's taking another runner! Go, Oddball!

Livvie, shut the door, shut the door!

Grandad, go! Seatbelt!

Keen your eye on him. Hang on.


Can you see him? There he is!

Oh! Oh!

Oh, my goodness!

Oh, no. He's turning around.

Oddball! You've gotta stop him!



Stop that dog!

Ooh! Ooh!


By tomorrow morning, everyone in Victoria will be saying the name Warrnambool.


Watch out!


Ah! (GRUNTS) Ah!

Somebody secure the whale!

Grab it, grab it, grab it!

That dog's out of control.

Sergeant Gosch to base. We have a situation here.

Judge Burns, couldn't Oddball go to an obedience school?

Miss Marsh, this is the third time the dog's been in trouble.

We have the support to fast-track what needs to be done.

And he is obviously dangerous.

Huh! Oddball isn't dangerous.

He's just...curious, that's all.

I'm sorry. Your Honour, if I may?

The tourism initiative is dead unless this dog is alive.

But that dog ruined your hard work.

Precisely. I know that.

But that's why I don't want him to ruin it again.

Look, we can postpone the reopening.

That's not a problem. But there's press in town.

And there isn't a whaling village in the entire world that can hold the news cycle like the story of a broken-hearted little angel.

A girl who loves her dog...

--..she grew up loving.

And, Your Honour, since it is ultimately your decision, well, I guess every story needs its villain.

Mr Slater does make a valid point.

Yes, he does.

Last chance, Mr Marsh.

Oddball stays confined to your farm.

If he so much as sets one paw within these city limits, it's the end of the line.

Is that clear?

The end of the line! -Yes.

Case closed.

Well, I gotta say that Bradley bozo's got some chops.

How can you be so cavalier about this?

We dodged a bullet in there.

Oh, I'm just trying to stay positive.

What are you so bent about?

Let's be honest. We've dodged bigger bullets than this.

Dad, I told you this already. Look, none of this would have happened if you'd listened to me this morning.

Let's go to the car. Come on. -See ya, darl.

See ya. -Dad...

The penguins are almost gone.

If we're below 10 next month, council are shutting us down.

Those bureaucrats! They wouldn't know if they...

It's not them anymore, Dad.

Nature is taking its course.

No penguins means no sanctuary.

No sanctuary means no job and...

Well, there might not be anything here for me.

I have Livvie to think of.

I will fight for the penguins, but I'm also thinking about what's next.

I'll tell you what's next.

I'm gonna march in there and tell those imbeciles

-they've gotta pull their... -No, Dad! Dad! Just stop!

Unless you can bring the penguins back, just stop.

You have done more than enough for today.


Stop him now!

You're not a penguin, Dad. Come on, darling.

Look at the camera so I can see you.

Give us a smile or something.

What about you, Em? Come on, darl.

Do I get a smile out of you? There you go.

And if you get up early enough, you can see them marching down the hill on their way to fish.

But even if their fishing adventures take them hundreds of miles away, they never forget where home is.

Because they depend on each other to march back to bed every night in a penguin parade.

But even if their fishing adventures take them hundreds of miles away, they never forget where home is.

Because they depend on each other.

What are you doing down there, mate?

Oh. You're alright, mate. I got you.

What's wrong?

Ah. Tangled with a no-good fox, eh?


We'll get you fixed up.

Alright. Let's have a look at you.

--Oddball, get out.

We've got an injured player on the bench. Out you get.


--You'll get used to him.

There we go. I've seen it in chickens.

I've even seen it in humans.

So it's gotta be the same with penguins.

If you're damaged goods, girls just won't come near ya.

That's bad news if you're trying to get a lady.

'Cause you can't get a lady unless you're all fixed up.

Eh? Wasn't that bad, was it?


You're a good-looking young fella, aren't you?

Let's get you out of sick bay and into the recovery ward.

That's a boy. That's a boy.

Come on. Let's get you to bed.


What? What's that?

Oddball, go back to sleep. I'll check on Missy.

What is it, Missy? What do you see, girl?



What's happening?


Well, I'll be blowed.

We can't use Missy, anyway. She's gotta stay here.

And look after you girls.

Huh? No, Karen, this can work. I mean, we save the penguins, everything goes back to the way it was.

Oddy's got it in him somewhere.

I mean, he's a Maremma dog. It's what they're supposed to do.

Plus...penguins are just chickens in tuxedos.

--Yeah, I know.

I know, Barbara. It's risky. It's Oddball.

You know, if it goes south, he's done for.

But if this works, and Oddball can pick up just a few brownie points in the bargain, then whacko-the-diddly-oh, huh?

Am I right?

Yeah! I'm right, aren't I? Thanks for the chat.


OK. Are your eyes closed? -Yep.

Alright. Keep 'em closed. -They are.

They still closed? -Yep.

Alright. Hang on a minute.

Don't open them yet.

-Done yet? -Not yet.

Now? -Come on, mate.

Alright. Now open them.



It's alright. You can get closer.

Hello, little one. Oh, wow.


What's his name? -Oh, well, you tell me.

Pocket. We'll call him Pocket.

Well, in that case, young Pocket there's

-got a crook wing.

But pretty soon he'll be right to go home.

He won't have a home for much longer, Grandad.

Oh, that's part two of the surprise.

Come here for a minute.

As we know, Oddball isn't much chop on the farm.

But it turns out that...

...what he lacks in looking after chickens...

...he makes up for in taking care of penguins.


Grandad, you're a genius!

Yeah, well, right now it's just a theory.

That's where you come in.

I'm gonna need your help.

Before we put that dog on the island, we gotta come up with some tests to make sure he's up for it.

Don't you think taking him to the island is pretty risky?

Yeah, but, you know, if you want the biscuit, you gotta risk it.

--Now, listen.

Not a word to Mum, OK? She's got enough on her plate right now.

I knew she was wrong about you not knowing how to help.

Let's get to work. -Great!


We've got so much to do, so I've devised a plan.

Fox - we have to make sure Oddy will be merciless in the face of the enemy.

Flocks - we have to make sure he'll protect lots of penguins.

Rocks - we have to make sure Oddy, -who's just a house dog...

...can cope with the rough terrain.

Right. So...fox.

Flocks. Rocks.

I like it.

If he passes the tests, we secretly put him on Middle Island, which means figuring out a way to get Mum off the scene.

I gotta figure out a way of getting that stick

-out of your hand. -Um...

That's still in the concept development stage.

Concept what? Where do you hear this stuff?

--Bradley. He talks a lot.

If it works, we surprise Mum, get council to change their minds and Oddball is a hero.

You know, he was bred by the Italians to guard emperors, so maybe this opera music will kick him into gear.

I'm a fox!

--Yeah. Yeah! No. No.

? La, la, la

? La, la, la, le, la

? La, la, la... ? -Get him. Get him!

Chicken egg and this one's a penguin egg.

Are you looking? That one.

Now. Find the penguin egg.

? La, la, la, la

? Oh! Presto a bottega... ?

That's a tennis egg.

? La, la, la, la... ? -That way.

? Oh!

? Ah, che bel vivere

? Che bel piacere... ? -What's that?

? Che bel piacere

? Per un... ?


? Di qualité Di qualité... ?

-Oh, yuck!

? Ah, bravo, Figaro Bravo, bravissimo, bravo... ?

If it smells like fox wee, he'll attack it.

--Oh, jeez.

? Ah, bravo, Figaro! Bravo, bravissimo! ?

That's it. I give up.

? Fortunatissimo Fortunatissimo

? Fortunatissimo per verité!

? La, la, la, la... ?

He was so good with Pocket.

What's different?

I know, I know! I know! I know!

? Bravo

? Fig... ?

It's the penguin. It's like with real penguins...

He's got half a clue. -J' La, la, la, la, la, la... ?

--J' La, la, la, la, la, la! ?

Look, there's talk of moving them to another island.

Because... No, I mean, we're down to 17 penguins, guys.

But this is their home. They're just gonna swim back.

Look, I know, but nothing's working, so...how about a final push?

Zoe, I need more fox traps and poison.

We should do a count each morning. And, Jack...

I think I need you here every night.

Every...? Yeah. Yeah.

Never mind. I'll...l'll figure it out.

Oh, this is totally gonna make a difference, isn't it?

I'm sorry, Mum.

All in favour of the beekeeping tours?

All opposed? Nay.

Motion denied.

Sorry, Eloise. Maybe if you had fewer stings, dear.

You know...

...l'm under a lot of pressure to get things moving here after the Maritime Village mess.

I feel like the community doesn't really have a place in the tourist initiative.

They're relevant because they live here.

More listening, less talking. Who's next?

Rich, from the Whale Watchers.

Afternoon, council members. -Here we go again.

This town has an incredible untapped asset.

Every day, the southern right whale swims along our shores, just going to waste.

I doubt the whales see it that way.

You can't just come here and say the same thing every meeting.

Those lovely creatures deserve a state-of-the-art facility.

Sorry, gentlemen, I'm gonna stop you right there.

The first thing that I explored when I came to town was a whale watching centre. There's no place for it.

All of the good vantage points along the coast are either owned by farmers who will not sell, or they're government-protected.

Well, yes, that is the case right now.

But...what if in the very near future, there was a place to build our centre?

Plus we'd have a gift shop, so...cha-ching.

Enough of this. Judge, call a vote.

I'm sorry, Mayor, just one moment, have you found a suitable location for a whale watching centre?

Seems we've found a loophole. -Yeah.

Really? Well, I'm surprised that I didn't find that.

I am a huge fan of loopholes.

You know, ladies and gentlemen, the Maritime Village will reopen.

That's a given. But this...this is...

Well, this is the logical next step in your town's image.

You want tourism dollars, huh?

You want... you want sustainable jobs?

You want a solution that fits with your outdoorsy image?

Looking good, Mr Slater. -The WWW.

Warrnambool Whale Watchers.

I like that! That is sticky.

It's sticky. It's fresh. It's right now.

Rich the whale watcher is onto something.

We'll have the village to show us the past and we'll have the new centre to show us the future.

All in favour? Aye.

Motion approved.

Hold on. We don't know where their spot is yet.

Yeah, sure we do. -Middle Island.

What? How did you know that?

Like I said, these guys pitch the same thing every meeting.

Ah, crunch time.

So we camp on the island with Oddball and if everything goes alright, he's on his own.

Drop-offs after dark and pick-ups before dawn.

I'll need to have a little chat with Jack beforehand.

We can't have him interfering, can we?

I think I know how to deal with Mum.


-You never cook dinner.

You definitely like him.

We can't announce whales just yet.

I just need some time to work a couple of things out.

Yes, yes. I am painfully aware of what is at stake, sir.

Uh, no, this is not a flip-flop. No, sir.

I will do whatever it takes to get this job done.

OK? And we can announce at the re-reopening.

Does that sound good?

H-hello? -Hey!

Hey! -Want a chat?

I've got my shoes on. -I noticed.

I didn't want to say anything.

They look really good.

Yeah, thanks. They are nice.

I really miss my morning visits with Oddball.

I asked Mum to let me stay over at Grandads for a bit so I could see him, but after everything that's happened, she said no.

But...if you were to take her out of town this weekend, I'd have to stay somewhere.


Alright, dinner's ready, guys.

CRASH -Oh! Whoa!

That's gonna hurt.


Maybe next time we'll get takeaway, huh?

--Anyway. Goodnight, sweetie.

Tell me the story.


The way Grandma used to tell it.

Uh, Well...

Some people call them little penguins.

But fairy penguins is the name they prefer.

And they're small and quick.

Here one minute, gone the next.

And every time you see them, they use their special magic on you to make you smile.

If you get up early enough in the morning, you'll see them marching down the cliff, parading to the water on their way to fish.

But even if their fishing adventures take them hundreds of miles away, they never forget where home is because they depend on each other.

We really appreciate you looking after Livvie.

It means a lot to us. -Oh, no worries.

You two need some alone time, I reckon.

Promise? Yeah.

Well, listen to your grandad, OK?

Actually, Dad? Yeah?

Listen to Livvie. -Yeah.

Love you. -Love you, Mum.

-'Bye! -Love you!

See you, darl. -'Bye!

Have a great time! -'Bye!

How long do we have to keep waving for?

A little longer. Are you packed?

Yep. All set to go. Cool.

Is that long enough? -That should do it.

Evening, Jackie boy.

Swampy. What are you doing?

You're going to be seeing some strange things down here that I need you not to notice.

Not notice what? -Exactly.

Hang on, what about Emily?

We're down to 15 penguins, mate.

Well, she is the reason I'm doing what I'm doing.

I'm just here to catch foxes, sir.

Ding! Correct answer, Jackie boy.

Correct answer.


Off we go.

Next stop, Middle Island.

Come on, darl.

No time to waste.

Only a week until the penguin count.

Oddy's keen to get up.

Give us your hand, love. There you go.


You look like a Maremma.

Heck, you even sound like a Maremma.

But I want you to show me that somewhere inside that crazy dog routine you've got going on that you actually are a Maremma.

Let's go save some penguins, eh?


Actually, Livvie, you should do this.

I don't think they can jail a minor.

Risk it for the biscuit. -That's right.

Are you alright? -Yeah.

That's it, Oddy. Get used to that penguin scent.

Don't worry, mate. Your friends will be here soon.

Hey, here they come.

Oh, wow. Ooh!

Go on, Pocket. Go see your friends.

Now, let's see what Oddy's made of.



What do you know? This might actually work.

What's happening?


Grandma's proud of us.

How do you figure that?

Well...when it's Windy, she's blowing us kisses.

And when the sun sparkles off the water, she's laughing.

And up there, she's on every star in the sky looking out for us.

Who's told you that?

Mum did. She tells me all the time.

You can see half the world from up here.

I sound so small town. I'm sorry.

Not at all.

If you want to see the other half of the world, maybe we could start with New York.

Yeah, maybe.

Maybe? -Maybe.

Yeah, maybe. -l'll take that as a yes.

Oddy, mate, get off me!

Give it a break, huh? -Get up, sleepyhead.

We've got to get off the island before Zoe gets here.

Alright, alright, just give us a minute, will you?


You realise if Oddy nails his solo run tonight, we are tickety-boo.

Not a word to your mum, alright? Hmm?


Hi! -Hi, Mum!

Oh, I missed you.

You and Grandad didn't get into any trouble, did you?

Trouble? Us? Of course not!

--How was your trip?

Oh, you know, I think I might've caught the travel bug.

--Oh, this is for you.

This is for your adventures. You can take pictures with it.

You can make movies. -Cool! Thanks.

I even missed you, you hairball.


Thanks for looking after Liv, Dad.

I hope it wasn't too much.

My friend has one.

You can put all your meetings in there.

Mm-hm. Her one's pink. Yeah, it's so cool.

Never as much as you want.

And good evening, Pocket.

Off you go, mate.

Hang on. What have we got here?

--Hey, she's got her eye on you!

You're right. You're looking good. Your Wing's all better.

Hey, mate, she's coming over.

Go on. Go and say hello.

You've got your tuxedo on. Ask her to dance.

Whoops! OK, so you're not a dancer.

Can you sing?

There you go.

Hey, look confident. Not too confident.

Hang on, what are you doing? You need to invite her in.

That's better.

Bingo. Ha! Job done.

Alright, mate.

I'll leave you with it, alright?

See you tomorrow. Ugh!

--Ah, stay. Stay! Sit down.

I'll be back. You'll be right.

--Uh-uh. Stay. Just wait there.

This is your job now.

Stay there. That's right. Good.

Hang on. Oh, oh, oh!


I'm alright. Stay where you are.

Alright, Betty, let's go home.

Oddy, where are you, mate?

This isn't going to work, is it?

Did you have a dust-up with a fox, mate?

Well, spin me frisbee. om

Looks like we're in business.

See you tomorrow, Jack.

Have a good one, Swampy.

Alright, I'm ready. Where are we?

Hey, Em, when you met Bradley, like...how did you know that he was the one?

15? We haven't lost any?

Nup. I wouldn't go getting too excited.

There's probably a couple of nomads in there.

WOW! Ha!

They're not laying eggs, so...

Great. Good chat.

We're still holding at 15! Oh!

Alright. Seatbelt.

Oh, a dashboard dance first.



You know, we should do this more often.

I know Bradley has been hanging around a lot lately.

You two been getting on alright?

He's not awful.


So, no fox attacks in the past few nights, huh?

Yeah. But try not to get your hopes up, OK?

'Cause it might just be a fluke.

Oh, it's no fluke. Everything's gonna be fine.

Maybe, but we should talk about what will happen if the sanctuary does close.

You know, keep our options open.

But you can't just give up. Breeding season's soon, right?

Well, I'm not giving up.

I'm just...l'm not ruling anything out.


If Bradley's projects in town go well, then...he might have some opportunities with his company.

And those might be opportunities for us too.

Wait, you mean like...moving away?

It's a possibility.

But what about the penguins?

And Grandad?

Sometimes you just have to trust that maybe I know some things that you don't.

Maybe I know some things you don't.


Like what? Livvie, what?

Oddball protecting penguins?


Is he out there now?



Show me.

You realise if anyone finds out, Oddball's done for?

I mean, you barely escaped the judge last time.

Yeah, I know.

And that it could all amount to nothing, anyway.

Uh, yep.

Why now, Dad?

Well, because they're just little fellas.

They needed a hand.

That's it?

Well, yeah.


...when family's in a bit of strife...

...you got to, you know, help out, don't ya?

Alright, no rabblerousing with the government people.

OK, Dad? Leave the higher-ups to me.

But first, we're gonna need Bradley's help.

Bradley? No, we can do this without the circus clown.

I mean, I wouldn't trust that man with...

Dad, listen to me. Grandad!

What? -She's in.

She's what? She's in?

She is?

Oh, good. No, no. Great!

Dad? -What?

My way. -Yes, love.

Of course. Your way.

Yeah. Uh-huh.

Oddball on the island?

I can't believe this is happening.

I know. It's...

I mean, it...it's incredible. lt really works.

And...and penguin numbers are finally holding steady, and right before breeding season.

We just need Oddball to keep doing what he's doing and...

Wow. -So I thought that perhaps, if a certain tourism expert could help us sway the judge, then...

Emily. Hi. -Oh. Jack.

Jack? -Jack!

Sorry, I couldn't find anyone to trade shifts with me, but I'm gonna be back out on the island

-as soon as I'm off here. -OK. Um...

Wow, you look really different.

Jack. Hey! Bradley Slater.

Can you get us a bottle of shiraz, please?

Yeah, alright. Yep.

Um, wow. That was a bit rude.

I'm sorry. I have something I need to tell you.

OK. -Um...

I know how much the penguins mean to you.

Um, but...

...the council are backing Rich's whale watching centre on Middle Island.

Once everybody realised that the island was becoming uninhabited...

Uh, What?

You didn't think to tell me anything during all of this?

I wanted to wait until it was final.

Final? -Final?

Right, I've heard enough of this rubbish.

Grandad, no! -I knew we couldn't trust him.

Stop! You can't just barge in like this. Stop!

The sanctuary's been going downhill for a while.

At least this will give it something to replace it that's honourable, and we can think about our future.

Stop right there! What is this I hear about some whale watching thing on Middle Island?!

Dad... -Mr Marsh...

Listen, you clown, Middle Island is home to those penguins and it's where they belong.

--Oh! Ow!

What was that?

Ugh! What is this? -lt's a two-way.

He doesn't care about the penguins, he's just trying to feather his own nest, and he wants you and Livvie in it.

Right, that's enough, from both of you.

We'll catch a taxi. Come on. Come on.


You know, if you had one ounce of feelings for her...

I care about Emily very much, thank you.

Then help us prove that Oddball's fair dinkum.

-And if his dinkum...

...proves fair?


...then the whale watching centre will go away and I'll be out of a job.

Could you sit down, please? -Sorry.

This Oddball solution of yours really works?

Like scrambled eggs on toast.

So, Emily came to see me about Oddball.

People are looking to council for something special to bring in jobs and money, hence the whales.

This might be my undoing as a mayor, but the penguins have always felt special to me.

The one thing Judge Burns loves more than his bike is the law.

When I point out how exposed the entire whale development is on account of being approved before the sanctuary was legally available, he'll walk Oddball on that island himself in his rush for due diligence.


You're a clever egg, aren't you?

I didn't become mayor for nothing.

We'll keep that dog on the island.

But be warned, when they're forced to put their plans on hold, our approval ratings might be in for a bit of a hammering.

Oh, that's my strategic advantage.

No-one approves of me, anyway.

I don't mind you.

This is a major setback.

This...this is major. -Don't put this on me.

You were the one that convinced me to keep that dog around in the first place.

My office, they think I'm a flip-flopper, 'cause it's penguins and then it's whales and then it's whales and then it's penguins.

Between you and me, I haven't had a project work in years.

So I could really use this.

That's not really my problem.

Now, scoot.


I hate that dog.





Six killed. We're under ten. And we can't find Oddball.

We'll, er...we'll find Oddy.

Get this sorted out.

We can still fix this, sweetheart.

It doesn't matter anymore. We're moving to New York.

Sweetheart, go help Jack and Zoe, OK?

So, you're moving?

What am I sticking around here for?

Because this works.

Come on. Oddball wouldn't have just run off somewhere.

Stop! I hope Oddball's OK.

But as far as I go, the sanctuary's done.

What, so that's it? Just give up?

How dare you!

Do you even realise what plans I gave up when Mum died?

Well, yes.

But l...l didn't ask you to do that.

No, you retreated to your chickens and left her life's work blowing in the wind.


I didn't just lose a wife.

I lost my best friend.

Oh, yes. But I lost my mum.


But I knew that the right thing to do was to continue her work.

It was my decision, yes, no regrets, but it is 11 years later and...

"Dad, the penguins are gone.

You know, I used to have fun.

I used to be a lot of fun.

I didn't get to go to university or see the world, but I'm gonna make damn sure that Olivia does.




Where are you, mate?




Hi, love.

It's been a, er... it's been a while since you've heard from me.

Just want you to know that, er...

Actually, l...l really need you to know...

...l'm sorry.

When you went, I should have...

...l should have taken care of all of this.

And our family.

Oh, I miss you badly.


Hello. What are you two doing here?

Tranquilliser dart.

Speak to Jack about this.

Pocket, I'll be back.

You know, love, you were always there for me.

Now it's my turn.


Pull over!

Hey, mate.

Where were you? -Found him in a gully.

Down back of Baringa Road.

What were you doing there, mate?

Alright, what's the fine?

No, judge's orders.

It's the end of the line.

Handing you this just saves me on postage.

Oh, come on, mate.

Mate, my granddaughter loves this dog.

Hey, don't make me the bad guy.

I'm just doing my job.

I'm not...weird.

I'm not a...weirdy weirdo.

Are you gonna give my dog back?

Oh... I'll give you two a moment.

-L'm sorry, mate.

I honestly never thought you'd end up in here.

Sorry, mate.

What is it?

Don't worry, mate. I'm gonna get you out of there, OK?

Time's up!

You rest up, Oddy.

You're gonna need it.

Hey, Swampy. -I just found this on the island and a matching puncture wound in Oddy.

That's one of mine. -Yeah, that's why I'm here.

Are you serious, mate? I retrieve all my darts.

Emily likes it when I keep her budget down.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

One, two, three, four, five...

I am missing a gun and two cages.

I get why you would take guns, but why would you take cages?

For whales.


Right, time to give this clown a red nose for real.

Wait, wait, wait, Swamp. -What?

It's probably not the best idea to just barge on in accusing her boyfriend of being a penguin murderer.

You think? -Yeah. Be subtle.

Subtle? -Focus on the positives.

The positives? -Yeah.

Good news. I found Oddball.

Oh... -Can I tell Livvie?

Er, I suppose. -Is, er...is Bradley here?

No. But wait. What? Dad? No.

What is going on? -l'll tell you what's going on.

I found a spent dart on the island, Oddy's got a dart wound in his shoulder and someone stole a dart gun from Jack's.

Eh? Proof. Look at that.

So, who are you suggesting... -Who do you reckon, Emily?

Who's got the most to gain by the penguins being gone?

Who jumped at the idea to build a whale watching centre on Middle Island?

And who knows the final penguin count is tomorrow?

This bloke's good. -Thanks.

Uh... What do you expect me to do?

I mean, Bradley would never... -Oh, Emily, just forget who.

Somebody hurt Oddball and those penguins deliberately and whoever did it will come back tonight and finish the job.


Look, I'm sorry I've let you down in the past.

But I want you to know I'm gonna make it up to you.

Just give me a chance to make it right.

Is Oddball alright?

He sure is, sweetheart.

Me and Jack are gonna get him back on the island.

Besides, we should be celebrating.

Today on the island, I saw a little fella called Pocket with his sweet little lady friend.

During the day? -Mm-hm.

But that means eggs! -Eggs.

There could be eggs.

Dad, the review counts eggs the same as penguins.

Uh, YUP-

Alright, what's the plan?

Look, an open window.

OK, I see it.

It's stuck.

Grandad. -What?

You'll never fit through there. You'll have to lift me in.

No, no, no. I can't let you go through there on your own.

I'll open the door once I'm in there for you.

-L'll be fine. No.

I'll be fine.


Stiff as a board. -Yep...

Arms forward. -Yep.

I've gotta be honest, kid, this is not my proudest day as a grandfather.


Livvie. Be careful.

I Will. I'll be right back.

I'm pretty sure this is the opposite of fine.


Oh, no. No, no, no. I'm not... I can't do guns.

They're only darts. -OK.

Um, just so you know, I...

I really appreciate this. -Right.


Oh! Oh, my God. I'm so sorry! It just went off!

Are you alright? -lt's alright, it's alright.

It's just... It's not a strong dose.

It's just enough to take down a small animal.

Jack? Jack, are you OK?

You're a worrywart. Do you know that?

Oh. No, no, no.

Are we flying? -Jack, listen to me.

We should fly to the island.



I'm going to hell for this.


Oi, I know something you don't know.

Come on, Jack. You've gotta help me out.

? I know something that you don't know. ?

You're so pretty!

Wow. Just...get your legs in.


Good boy.

--Get off me! Get off me!

Ah! Ahh! Not the ears! Not the ears!

'Hyah! "Oh!

"No! "Go, Oddy!

-4006s BARK)

Stop! Stay! Cease! Desist!

Hurry, Oddy!

This way.

Oddball! Jump in!

Oddball! -We'll have to chase after him.

Seatbelt! Hurry! Hurry!

Oddball is such a good dog!

He brought us together like this, you and me.


Oh, dammit. Oh, pretty lights!

Boogie, boogie, boogie. I've got to boogie...


You've gotta be really... Jack. Jack, Jack. Shh, shh.

Oh, you...you shush. -No, no, you.

You've gotta be... No! -You shush, man. You shush.

Oh, gosh, it's Sergeant Gosch.

Can you keep your foot down off...?

Stop. Stop it.


Hi. -Evening, Emily.

Hey, fellas.

I had you on the naughty side of the speed limit.

I think you should step out of the truck.

I think I probably should.

Look! -Where? I see him.

We've gotta get out there. Tide's coming in.

It's not going to get any lower if we wait.

What's going on?

Oh, Jack! Are you alright? -Yeah. Never better, man.

What's up with him? -She shot me with a tranq gun.

You shot him with a tranq gun? I didn't mean to.

Oh, that'll make it hurt less. -Guys, look.

No, it was an accident, Dad. -Dropping an egg is an accident.

This is extreme. Guys, look! Look!

Livvie! Livvie! Stop where you are!

Wait for us, Livvie! Don't go any deeper!


Stop! Stop, Olivia! Just stay there!


Get down from the roof of the vehicle!

You get down from the roof of the vehicle!

Get down from there! -You get down from there!

I am... Has everyone lost their mind?

Oi, someone's trying to kill penguins.

Get the light on them, and get it together, Jack!

Livvie, just stay there!

Please wait for us, Olivia!

And I have a gentleman on the roof of his vehicle under the influence.

Nice bottom, Sergeant Gosch. -Requesting backup.

Hurry up!

Bradley, stop! Oddy, get out of there!


Stay back! -Zoe?

--Stay away!

I've got your precious penguin egg.

Lucky number 10. Am I right?

Wait, Zoe, just...take it easy.

Now, there's no need for this to go any further.

Oh, give it a rest, it's your fault I'm here

-in the first place, OK? -What?

These annoying penguins, they were finished, alright?

It was time to... Whoa!

...pop some champagne and watch some whales.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa! Zoe!

Livvie! Livvie, wait. Livvie, no!

You still don't get it, do you, Emily?

Typical. How long have you known me?

And you have no idea that Rich is my boyfriend?

Rich, the whale watcher? -And what's wrong with that?

Well, it's just an unusual...pairing.

Zoe, please, just...

...put the egg down.

OK. Fine.


Livvie, wait! Zoe!

Livvie, come back! Get off me!

Argh! Oh!

Hold her down!

NO! Oh!

NO! NO! Emily, no!

Good luck getting that back.



Alright, come on. Arms behind your back.

Ow, my arm! Settle down.

That egg is as good as gone.

It is over! -Shh! Shh!

Wait a sec. Where's Oddball?

Oddy! -No, Oddball! Careful.

No! Careful, mate.

Slow and steady, boy. Whoa!

Easy, easy. He's right, he's right.


That's it. Easy, easy. Steady.

Nice and steady. That's it.

That's it. Take it easy.

Don't eat it, mate. Ohh!

Gentle. That's a boy. Slow and steady.

That's it.

Alright. That's good.

OK, come on. -Good boy.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Ta... Take it easy, mate.

Slow and steady, mate. Careful, Oddy.

Slow and steady. Good boy.

That's it.

Good boy! Come on, up you come! Give him some room.

Come on, boy. That's it, that's it.

Steady. Steady. Steady.

That's a boy. Now, drop. Drop it.

Give it to Livvie. Good boy!

You did it, mate. Good boy!

Do you really think one egg is going to... -

Ow! Jack!

Ooh. -Jack?

These things really do just go off, don't they?

Hi, little ones.

Gentle. There you go.

Thanks, love.

Watch your head as you enter the vehicle.

Excuse me, mate.

Do not lick the window!



Hi. Mmm.

You're OK? -Yeah.

Just cold and wet, but we'll be alright.

Um, listen, Bradley...

...about New York, I...

I can't. This is my home.

I kinda figured.

You did? -Yeah.

This place, it suits you.

Not me.

I, uh...decided to quit my job.

Wow. -Yeah.

I miss my home. It's been a while.

Take care of those penguins. -Yeah, I will.

I have the official penguin count.

The official penguin population of Middle Island is...

...nine penguins.

- And one 699'- -And one 699'-!

How good's this guy? -Ten!

The sanctuary stays open!

We did it! -Yeah!

Whoo! -Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo!

Well done.

I have to just... -Yeah, I know.

I'll be... I'll be back.



Oddy, come back.


You did good, mate. You did really good.

Hey, Odd)'-

You did it, Dad.

I'm proud of you.

Nah. We all did it.

That's what I'm proud of.

Oh! -Oddy!



Oddy. Come over here, boy.

Come on, mate.

That's my boy. Come on. Up you come.

That's my boy.

Good fella.

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