Off-Piste (2016) Script

So it's been agreed the O'Connells will push the votes in the east, the O'Donnells in the west.

I would like to introduce Jimmy to the table.

He's just been released after six months in the maze itself and he's been working in England for us ever since.

Thank you, Jerry.

There's no need for any introductions.

Basically... I know who you are.

Excuse me?

You're the one who handled a close friend of ours, Connor, let's say pretty poorly.


Connor McGovern.

He used to sit in that chair you're sitting in, aye, always pushing out the same bullshit that I don't care to listen to.

The difference is he's loyal and familiar.

When you was inside, you beat him, you beat him like a dog.

Patrick, I think you got the wrong idea.


He can talk for himself.

What have you got to say for yourself?

I'm sorry but he had it...

You find it funny?

Well, why don't you try doing that again?

What have you got to say for yourself?

I'm sorry for what I did but he made an attempt on my business on the inside.

His business is my business.

And stand when you talk to me.



Now listen to me, Well, I need you to get under the bed for daddy.

Come on, Michael, get down there son.

Get down, don't be scared son.

Look after your brother, Well, just look after your brother, and do not come from under this bed.

Do you hear me?

No, Michael!

He's just a child!

That's interesting.


The sculpture, it's interesting.

How do you find it interesting?

Is this how you diagnose your patients?

Depending on their answer you know if they're suicidal or not.

Are you feeling suicidal?


Not now anyway.

So why did you chose that sculpture?

It was a gift.

' A gift?

From who?

A patient.

Are you allowed to accept gifts from patients?

Not really but I thought it was compelling so I accepted it and there it is.

Here it is.

It is Hercules fighting off evil which can be seen as anything, fear, depression, anger, and it showcases his strength.

Does that mean I'm evil?


No. that's not what I'm saying.

I should get going.

Before you leave, take this.

A journal.


Let's just call it a form of practice.

Write down your thoughts, draw them, I don't care.

Just do something before our next session.

I don't know.

Just try.




Must you always do that?


Now, look at this.

Oh, here you go.

Thank you son.

Come on, stand up.

I'm getting old.

I can't even stand up without getting out of breath.

You're not old.

Oh, you.

Go on, play us a tune.

Ooh, I couldn't now, I'm too winded.

Tell me about your day.

Nothing special.

Went for a ski and then did the food shop.

You've been up that foolish mountain again, haven't you?

Just like your father.

I do it every morning, it's fine.

Ves, and one of these days you'll take a fall, flying down there like a lunatic.

Off-piste is so dangerous.

Why can't you ski in the resort like everyone else?

You might meet someone.

Away from England all these years and you still have no friends here.

I have no friends because this is the life I've chosen.


It's all right, Stanley, it's fine.

Is it?

What's on your mind, son?


Tell me what's troubling you, Stanley.

I don't want you getting all upset again.

I just feel.

No, forget it.

I'll go and prepare the dinner.

Where's Rueben?

He's over there, but I wouldn't interrupt them.

He is in a bad mood.

Yeah, so am I.

What would you rather do?

Talk things through like men or be a child and put innocent people in harm's way?

Have we not all lost enough?

We all know what it feels like to lose something we care about, or someone we love.

It's how we handle that and keep going.

If not for ourselves, then at least for our families.

My friends, the era of the gun is over.

Get us another drink, will ya?


Logan, not now.

Why can't I say hello to a friend?

Hardly a friend.

What I'd do to fuck you.

Oh, fuck off Logan.

Hey, what you doing here?

Here to see Rueben.


What'd you want with him for?

Not for you to know.


Why is that, am I not worthy of such information?

Ethan, will you just leave it be please?


I thought we told each other everything.

Yes, that's not right.

Am I not making sense to you?

Any of yous?

Rueben, we need to talk.

Calm down Well, we'll talk in a bit.

I think we should talk now.

Will you give us a moment lads?

What couldn't wait?

How long have you known?

Known about what?

Don't play stupid with me.

Follow me.

Steady on.

Steady on.

What makes it right for you to storm over to me, in my bar,

at my table, like a little girl having a tantrum and throwing her toys out the pram?

We were talking serious business in there.

Did you know that?

You were talking about setting up an old man's club, it's hardly serious.

Oh, fuck sake Well.

Why didn't you tell me?

Who told you?

Rosaleen again?

She never knows when to keep her big mouth shut.

Tell me why.

I'm sorry, all right.

Fine, just tell me what I came here to find out and I'll get out of your way.

You tell me why, and I might give it to you.

Because I wanna know, that's why, why else?

Well you see, that's where you're going wrong.

It isn't what you want in life that's important, it's what you need.

Wait here.

Is this what you need?

How long have you had this?

For a while now.

Now listen, I had this information because I wanted to do something about it myself.

Way back when you were too young to understand.

And the only reason I didn't follow through on it was because of my family.

That's a lotto lose.

That's where you and me are different.

You still have yourfamily and I want mine back.

I like to think of you as my family.

You know what I mean.

I know.

When I took you in, I held you in my arms

and I saw that your heart was broken.

As time passed, I got to see it mend.

I don't want you turning back into that wee sad girl again, especially after all this progress.

I hope you get what you're looking for.


Well, can you wait?

Well, can you just wait up for a second?

Are you all right?

Yeah, everything's fine.



You just looked really aggravated earlier before you wanted to speak to Rueben.

What did you want to talk to him about?

I told you it's none of your business.

But it is though.


It is my business, especially if you've started hurting yourself again.

I'm the first person you need to be talking to about that sort of thing.

What possibly makes you think that that's your business?

Because I'm your boyfriend.

Look Ethan, we go over this all the time.

I see you like my brother.

Look. I got you something.


I was in town, walking around the market, and I found that and thought of you.

Do you like it?

It's lovely, but I can't accept this.

Well, if you don't have it, then I'm not gonna give it to anybody else, am I?


You're welcome.

Look, um, you just seem really stressed and I really think it would do you a world of good to talk to somebody about what's going on, especially because I've told you all about my own foster parents in the first place.

I just don't want to talk about this.

That's not how this works.

I've got to go.

Can you just, for a second, wait?

Would you get off? And we can talk.

Why won't you just tell me?

Get off.


Always hiding from the truth.


That's just rubbish.

What is?

That if we make a wrong decision, we shouldn't beat ourselves up about it, that we should just forget it happened.

But what if the decisions that we made caused pain or distress to someone else?

Have you hurt someone by a decision you have made?

Again, you answer a question by asking a question.

Is this therapy or is this an interrogation?

I'm sorry you feel that way.

Look, why don't you just help me so that I can buy you a pointless gift and live happily ever fucking after?

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to swear.

It's fine.

How was your week?


That's a lie.

It was crap.

Have you been writing in your journal?


Why not?

I felt stupid.

It's confidential what you write in there.

No one will see it, not even myself.

Then what's the point in it?

It's just a way of expressing yourself.

Releasing some tension on your mind.

I wouldn't know where to start.

Just write, it will come naturally.

Expressing yourself is good for your health.

Containing it will destroy you.

It's when you were in the army that's getting to you, isn't it?


Stanley, come sit back down.

I'm sorry, Bernadette.

I know you're trying but like all the previous therapists, you can't help me.

Stanley, is that you?


How was your day?


All good.

Look, I'm tired.

I'm gonna get an early night.

Oh, okay.

Are you sure you're all right?

I'm fine.


Night darling.

I'm here.

Yeah. it's beautiful.

It's bigger than I thought it'd be.

Yeah, I will.

Now's your chance.

Let's do this.


Ah, Ethan.

What can I do you for?

Well, I was just wondering if you can help me with something.

Sit down boy.


What's on your mind?

Well, she's gone.

Don't know where and it's driving me mad.

Let's just say she's somewhere now and she'll be back in a few weeks, and there's nothing to worry about.

So you know where she is?

She's fine, boy.

Don't be worrying yourself.

Will you tell me where she is?

It's not for me to say where she is.

Just go home and relax.

Why won't you tell me where she is?

Now you're getting on my last nerve with all these questions.

Will you let it be?

This is crap.

She's my girlfriend.

I have the right to know where she is.

You and Well, will you let it go?

Listen, let me give you some friendly advice.

Women are strange creatures.

It's like it's in their DNA or something.

Times they'll make you feel good, sometimes real good, and times they make you feel bad.

You see, let's get real, you're in the friend zone.

A place where a woman will keep you for as long as she likes.

If I was you, keep some dignity and let it go.

All right, that's it, you're done now.

Spare me the father routine, Rueben, you don't know me.

Now hold on a minute.

No, you hold on for a minute.

I am sick and tired of old fuckers like you telling me what I can and cannot do.

You should have no respect, and I've done more than enough to earn your respect.

Don't you raise your voice...

Shut up!

What the fuck.

Shut the fuck up!

You don't know what you've done.

We know exactly what I'm doing, Rueben, and I'm not playing around.

Tell me where she is or I'll slice your fucking throat.

You ain't gonna do shit!

Rueben, just, just tell him.

Tell me where she is Rueben.


You don't wanna tell me, fine, fair enough.

You know what, maybe you're right.

Maybe I'm not gonna stab you, but Logan, I think Logan's gonna kill your barmaid.

You are a dead man.

And you need to be really clever like all your other little fuckers think you are, and you need to tell me where she is.

- Hey.

You manage to get on the slopes today?


Can I buy you a drink?

I already have a drink.

Top up maybe?


You know I haven't figured you out vet but I will.

What are you talking about, aye?

Well there isn't much else to do here apart from ski and drink.

I am drinking.

I just don't wanna drink with you.

Yeah, well no harm in making friends.

I'm looking for someone.


I don't think you'd know him.

He's not exactly the ski instructor type I'd imagine.

Well, being the ski instructor type and a taxi service for the tourists, I get to meet a lot of people.

I'm good with names and faces.

Oh, I don't know.

Well, if you tell me his name, I might be able to help.

I'm a known man around these parts.

Look, let me get you a top up and I might be able to help you.



Yeah, I know everyone around these slopes.

The one with the information, I'm the go-to guy.

Two Jagerbombs and tequilas, please.

So, what part of Northern Ireland did you say you were from then?

I didn't.


To Belfast!

And friendship.

Same again.

So, who is it you're looking for then?

Like I said, you probably won't know him.

Well how about this, if you name who it is you're looking for and I don't know him, scout's honor, I'll buy all the drinks all night.

Fine, I'll take your offer.

His name is Stanley Winters.


Stanley Winters.

Yeah, didn't think you'd know him.

Hang on, hang on.


It's fine, I must have been misinformed.

I know a Stanley Winters.

Question is, why do you want him?

Uh, he's a distant relative.

Where would I find him?

Don't know where he lives but he skis down Chemin Dur most days.

No one ski's down Chemin Dur.

It's avalanche country.

You're the first person I've seen all morning.

My name is Well.

It's a lovely place here.

You're a bit away from civilization, it's nice.


You seem a bit startled.

Are you in a rush?


I got someone to meet.

No, wait.


Are you okay?

Do I look okay?

Ah, ah, my leg.

Relax a moment.

My camera's broken.

Can you walk?

I think so.

You shouldn't be up here alone.

This mountain is dangerous.

Well, it's not my fault.

If you hadn't ignored me in the first place and skied off, I'd never have fallen.

Yeah, well, come on, I'll help you up.

What are you doing?

I'm gonna carry you.

No, you're not.

You got any better ideas?

My house is at the foot of the mountain.

Come on.


Be right back.

Hold that in place.

Would you like me to take my boots off?


No, ifs fine.

So you're in the army?

That was a long time ago.

How long exactly?

Stanley, is that you?

Yes, mother.

I thought I heard you talking to someone.

Were you talking to yourself again?

That would be me.


Oh, I'm sorry, you gave me a fright there.

I didn't mean to intrude.

I didn't realize you had company, Stanley.

She had a fall on the slope.

She'll be on her way soon.

A fall?

Are you hurt?

Just my leg.

Well, is it bad?

It's a bit swollen.

Well, you must get her something for the swelling.

She has something.

Oh, that's good.

My goodness, what were you doing out this far?

It's quite dangerous up that mountain.

I know.

I was up there taking photos.

So peaceful out there.

Well, it is lovely, I remember.

I wasn't always blind.

I used to ski myself.

How is your knee feeling?

Would you like me to call you a taxi?

A taxi?

But you've only just arrived.

Surely you'll have a tea or a coffee or.

I'm sure the idea of talking over a coffee sounds appealing but I'm sure you have other things you need to do.

Right? Nonsense, Stanley.

You must stay and have something to eat.

I'm sorry I didn't catch your name.

It's Well.

I'm Mary.

Are you hungry?

I am a little.


Then how about dinner?

We don't have guests very often.

I would love you to stay for dinner.

Will you stay?

If ifs not too much trouble.

Not at all.

That's that then.

It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter.


You frightened the life out of me.

I have that effect on people.


Could you come with me for a second?

Would you be a treat and help me pick a dress for dinner?


We must dress for dinner.

Like I said, we don't have visitors very often.

This as a special occasion.

This is a gorgeous color.

Bring it to me.

Ah, the red silk.

The red silk dress.

How do you know?

I couldn't forget this dress if I tried.

1985, the last time I wore it.

Oh, how we danced.

My husband and I.

Our wedding anniversary.

But it wouldn't fit me now.

Why don't you try it on?

I couldn't.

But it would look wonderful on you.

It's beautiful but what would I wear on my feet?


Have a look in the bottom of the wardrobe.

There are some shoe boxes in there.

There should be a little black pair somewhere.

Cool camera.

My dad had one years ago.

Oh, that old thing.

That hasn't seen the light in years.


Does it still work?

I don't know, I should think so.

You're into photography.

Why don't you have it?

It's no use to me collecting dust here.

Thank you.

It's nice to have another woman to talk to.

It's very kind of you to let me stay.

It's me who should thank you.

Having you here is good for Stanley too.


You look beautiful, mother.

Look to the stairs.

You got my things.

And the other one is, what is green, green, green, red, green, red, red, red, red, red?

Um, I don't know.

A frog in a blender.

That's horrible.

It's not very nice, is it?

But those are the kind of jokes George used to tell me and I said, "Please stop", and he'd do it in company all the time.

So how long have you lived here?

Almost five years now since the accident.

How quickly time goes by.

I mean, it is beautiful but there's not a lotto do here.

It's where we came when Stanley was a boy.

It was our second home.

His father loved to ski.

It just seemed the right place to come back to.

It's also quiet.

There's not many people around.

Stanley isn't one for crowds, as you can tell.

Yeah, but it's very isolated.

Doesn't it worry you being up here all alone?

Like what if something happened?

She's not alone.

We can look after ourselves.

I didn't mean it like that.

Well was telling me she's from Belfast.

You were stationed there, weren't you, Stanley?

I've heard it's a beautiful place.

Yeah. it is.

And do you have a big family, Well?

To be honest, I haven't got much family left.

Oh, that's a shame.

What is the reason you're here?

Um, I'm having a bit of a break from my boyfriend.


We needed some time apart and the Alps seemed as good a place as any to clear my head.

Well, relationships can be very tricky to get right sometimes.

You can often feel like running away.

Oh, I'm not running.

I just needed some time.

Looks like you're running.


No, he has a fair point.

I just needed some time alone.

Well, would you pop up and fetch that camera we found in the wardrobe?

Yeah, of course I will, Mary.

You make an old lady very happy.

Do you really have to do this?


She's a young woman on her own in a strange country and she's obviously been through a lot.

Yeah, well, we all have.

Why are you being so hostile towards her?

I'm just not ready to make friends yet.

My mind is all over the place.

Could you at least try?

This is a happy night.

Not everything has to make sense.

Got it.

Oh, wonderful.

Let me show you.

Where are you now, Stanley?


Oh, there you are.

Are you ready?

Hang on, you've got to be in this too.

Well, I can't set it to take an automatic photo.

It's too old.

No, no, you just hold it out and turn it towards us.



All smile.

That's it.

Could I have it please?

It will take a minute.

This is where we'll put it.

How is it?

It's perfect.

Yes, it is.

Will you lead, son?

Today has been special.

I really wish your father was hereto share it.

So dol.

I know how hard it's been for you looking after me when you have your own life to worry about, but I want you to know there's never been a moment when I haven't appreciated it.

And out of everything, if I could choose to see anything again,

just once, I would see your face.

My son.

My beautiful boy.

But I'm being rude.

I should let you dance with the lovely Well.

Oh, no, I'm not sure.

Well, I wasn't asking.

No, no, no, no, no, no, mother.

This isn't a good idea.


Mother, no!

I'm not dancing anymore.


I'll do the washing up.


If you want to be discourteous to our guest, then so be it.

Let me do it.

' No!

You always do it.

It's only fair that I do it this time.

No, don't.

Please, leave it.

I'm sorry about that.

No. it's fine.


It's nothing.

No really, what is it?

Your wrists.

I don't quite see what it is you're getting at.

If you need to talk to anyone.

Look, we all have our demons.

It's just how we deal with them.

You wanna be the hero, is that it?

You wanna save the damsel in distress?

My wrists are like this because tried to take my own life on more than one occasion actually.

Sometimes the thought of death.

Even just the word is comforting to me, but I keep going because my heart wants something.

Okay, calm down.

What is it that you want?

It's not what I want.

It's what I need.



Mum, what's happened?

Mum, you all right?

I'm tired, Stanley.

Let me take you up to bed.

It's been a long day.

No, I mean I'm tired of being old and alone.

Mum, you're bleeding.

Let me see it.

I can do this.

I don't need your help.

Mum, leave all this, I'll finish that.

' No!

I need to do it.

And you need to find someone to share your life with.

This is no life for you, here, with me.

This is where I want to be.

Right here with you.

You're a good boy, Stanley.

I know you miss him too.


You're very gentle with her.

I didn't mean to.

It's just.

It's nice.

Can you sleep here?

Yeah, that's fine, thank you.

It's really good of you to take me in.

I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't of been there.

You're welcome.

I'll show you the directions to the town in the morning.

You know, it really, it really was nice meeting you.

You were about to say something earlier.

What was it?

Um, it was nothing.


Yeah, honestly, it was nothing.

Good night.


I'm sorry for storming out the other day.

It's fine.

Do you do couples therapy?

Why do you ask?

This is a sofa.

There's room for two.

Ves, I do.

Marital problems, work, stress, sex life.

Many things.

Anything interesting?

I can't disclose such information.

Fair enough.

I wrote in the journal.


How did you find it?


It made me realize that I really am damaged goods.

That is an interesting observation.

No really.

I better be going.

We will continue this tomorrow morning if you're free.

I know we normally meet once a week but I think it would be good to carry on with this fresh in our minds.


See you.

See you tomorrow.

Well, wait.

Well, will you slow down for a second?

We're here to help you.

Ethan, I don't need your help.

And what the fuck is he doing here with you?

Who is she fucking talking to?

Will you shut up for a second?

Why didn't you just tell me you were coming here in the first place?

It's none of your business.

None of my business.

Everything is my fucking business.

Well, were you here for another man?

You make me so fucking angry.

Look. we can talk about this.

Like we should have done back in Belfast after all the times I've buried my soul for you because that's what couples do when they need it.

But we're not Ethan.

And the sooner you get that through your thick skull the better we'll both be.

And that's it.

You're just gonna say that?

I come here and you say that?

All right, you're gonna make your decision right now.

Is it him or me?

But if you come back to me, Well, if you come back to one of your own, I'll forgive you for all of this shit.

But if you go to him, I'll never, never speak to you again.

Don't touch me, just tell me what you want.

I can't Ethan.

That's it, that's your last word?

All right, I want it back, I want the bracelet back, Well.

Give me the bracelet back, Well.

That's enough.

You're letting that bitch walk all over you.

Just leave her, just leave her.

But that's not what we agreed.

I don't care what we said.

Leave her here, let her rot here.

I don't ever wanna see you again.

Do you hear me?

I said do you hear me?

I do.

Hey Stan, how you doing?

Not bad, thanks.


Yeah, not too bad.

Did my order come in?

Yeah. I got it here.

Cost me a fortune in postage and packaging.

Anyway, thanks Jim.

Hey, before you go, did she find you?

Your niece, is it?

' My niece?


Pretty young thing. dark hair.

She was asking after you three days ago.

No, you must have me mistaken for someone else.

Maybe not, maybe it was me, my mistake.


See you.

This bloody cold.

And what is wrong with you boy?

You come out all this way just to tell her off, not even a slap on the wrist.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Are we really going home?

What do you want me to do, Logan?

What do you think?

We should kill the bitch.

Come on.

Seriously, she has disrespected you, and she has disrespected our culture by going with a man like that.

A fucking Englishman.

You don't know he's English.

I do. I can smell it.

Will you turn that engine off for Christ's sake?

This is what we're gonna do.

We're gonna split up.

One take out the Englishman and the other go up to that house and bring that bitch back.

Right and what if she doesn't want to come home?

You're out of your mind.

You dragged me out here to bloody France so I can do what you don't want to.

I didn't drag you out here.

You call yourself a man?

You're like a fucking woman treading all over you like you're nothing.

This is what I don't understand.

Even when I first met her, she was really nice to me and listen, you know, like properly listen.

And so I told her about my father dying in '91 and she put her arm around me and said, "Ethan, I understand.“

And from that moment I knew we were meant to be.

Well, I thought we were meant to be together.

It's a damn shame, but she has got to go.

We've come this far so we might as well finish it.

If you're not going to, then I am.

All right, all right, just wait.

All right then.

You had these in the boot the whole time?


What about border control?

We could of got caught.

Ah, they don't check unless you're black or a Muslim.

That's a load of crap and you know it.


You'd rather we stuck them up our arse holes then?

No, but I know you'd love that.

Ah, your ma loves it.

Right, you got the house or the hill?

The house.

This one's the house.

I'll take the house then.

You sure about that?

Yeah, I'm sure.

Oh, shit.

Fuck it.

What are you waiting for?

Who gave you this?

How do you know where I live?

If you think I'm gonna tell you that, then you're as dumb as I expected.

As you expected?

You don't even know me, boy.

Now tell me.

Why are you trying to kill me?

Why not?

I do things like this because sometimes it gives me pleasure to fuck with people's lives.

The only real reason I'm out here in this shit box of ice.

Fuck you, you fucking.




I will give you one last chance, and you better hope it's the right answer.

I'm the least of your worries.

While you're here, my friend is probably having fun with your mother and that bitch.

Oh, fuck.






Well, I need your help.

I swear.

You don't need to be hiding from me.


I know you're in here.

I've been in a really dark place recently, Well.

I feel so much shame, you know.

You embarrass me every time I see you, and it confuses the fuck out of me.

I know we care about each other, but you haven't been showing that lately, have you?

We had something, didn't we?

We had something pure.

Something that nobody else in the whole world had.

And we loved each other.

That's why it's such a fucking shame, Well.

But you've been a very, very disloyal girlfriend.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.





Fucking bastard!

What do you want with me?

Tell me!

Come on, tell me!

Stop it.

- Come on. Come on.

Come on, tell me!

Stop it!

Tell me, tell me!

Was this what you need?

Was it?

What have you done?

I'll leave you alone.

Sit down.

Thank you.

I can't even remember the last time I told her I loved her.

She knew.

Did she?

The one thing that gets me.

She died in the darkness, alone.

But I should have taken that bullet, not her.

I'll tell you what I've deserve for the things I've done.

What did you do?

Who are you?

What'd you mean?

Don't you fool me around.

You know who I am.

Do I?

All this that's happened and you haven't called the police or try to run, which means that you're either strong-willed or you're unsurprised.

And if you're unsurprised, then you knew this might happen.

Therefore, you are either working with them or they came here to get you.

I'm not listening to this.

Jim, from the bar, said that you were looking for me.

No, I wasn't.


Don't lie to me, tell me the truth.

I don't know, I don't know.

Tell me!

Have you found what you're looking for?

Is it me?

How long have you been looking?

Stanley, you're hurting me.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Oh, you know!

You've known all along.

You sat at my mother's table and you lied to our faces.

And she took you in, she took you in!

And in return, I had to place her cold dead body in the Earth.


You killed my brother!


I didn't mean for this to happen.

They were coming for me because I was coming for you.

You may blame me for your mother's death, but you took everything from me.

How many innocent little boys have you killed?

All my life I've thought about this moment, what I'd do to you.

Oh please, please shoot me.

Please, please.

He was a child, my brother, he was innocent.

Yes, please, shoot me, do it, do it!

My father made the decisions, not my brother.

Please shoot me!

All my life I thought killing you would make things better, make me feel good,

but now I know what I really need, is to forgive you.

Hi there, please leave a message.

We'll respond as soon as we can.

Hello Stanley, this is Bernadette speaking.

Please call me as soon as you get this message.

I don't know if you've forgot but we had a session booked for this morning and it's not like you to not show up.

I'm concerned for your well-being so please contact me as soon as you get this.

Thank you.

I'm so sorry.

It's all wrong.

By rights it should be me in this hole, not you.

I've always seen life to be cruel and unpredictable.

Left me scared.

Held me back.

Now I know that it's just the nature of life.

You were right.

And I will try.

I will live.

♪ I've crossed the line

♪ of knowing what to find

♪ Of knowing when is right

♪ I've crossed the stage

♪ Of black or white or gray

♪ No colors feel the same

♪ But lay before me mother

♪ And I will leave the shade of all my past

♪ For you have breathe my blame and made me cast my burden

♪ So I'm not another half whole

♪ I've crossed the line

♪ of knowing when it's time

♪ Of showing I am fine

♪ I'm past the stage

♪ Of going about change

♪ Of going my own way

♪ But lay before me mother

♪ And I will leave the shade of all my past

♪ For you have breathe my blame and made me cast my burden

♪ So I'm not another half whole

Beat my heart till you can see I'm hollow

♪ Lead the charge till I can learn to follow

♪ I am caught in a whole world of sorrow

♪ But now I'm on my way

♪ God knows it's not safe

♪ God is not a way from me

♪ Lower ground

♪ Just throw me down

♪ Till we're closer now

♪ We're closer now