Offender (2012) Script

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(Siren wailing)

Get down! Get down, get down!

Get down! Get down!

Get down! Get on the floor! Do you hear me? Get down!

(Judge) You do not invite leniency.

The severity of the assault, no less than it was directed at officers of the law, leaves me with no option, maximum sentence.

Two years. Gravesmere young offenders.

(Men shouting)

He did two coppers. That right?

Don't even look at me! Shithead.

Top of the league. That was never a penalty, mate.

Downey, Downey.

(Officer #3) Name? Tommy Nicks.

You're prison number: A1019. Look at the camera, Nicks.

Oh, beautiful face. For radio. (Officer #3) Thumb print on there.

(Nash) Put your fucking thumb on there.

Go on. Fucking wanker.

(Officer #3) Oi, you! Shut up! In fact, sit down!

Stand yourself over there.

(Nash) Take your clothes off.

Take your clothes off.

Ah, fuck Cantona. He never even had a birth certificate.

(Laughs) Why are you going on about a Frenchman?

He don't even play for us any more.

Arms up. Tongue out.

(Nash sighs heavily)

Bend over. Open your arse cheeks.

Cough. Cough!


Stick these on. Hurry up.

How was your weekend? Yeah, it was all right.

Thomas Nicks. Yeah.

Just relax. I have to ask you a few questions.

So, this is your first time inside?

Any alcohol or drug dependencies?

How do you feel? Fine.

Any feelings of self-harm? Suicidal thoughts?


Who've you been living with? Nobody.




No girlfriend.

Okay. Wait there.

(Prisoners shouting and jeering)

(Prisoner) What are you looking at, you wanker?

(Prisoner) What have you got in your bag there?

(Shouting and jeering)

(Banging and shouting)

(Banging and shouting)


(Shouting drowns out dialogue)

Yeah, got you.

Don't think you're something special in here, uh?

We get 30,000 of you wannabe little pricks through here every year.

The majority go out and re-offend.

(Banging and shouting)

What you staying there for? Get in!

You hardball me like that, prick-muncher, and I'll start you on basic. No electricity.


Now, be a smartarse, and I'll throw you in the block.


(Alarm rings)

Got a runner! Got a runner!

Come on!

Move! Move! It's this way!

Come on!

Come on!


Come on, Bob!


(Nash) One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four.

One, two, three, four.

Another hanging... No, they're probably too late.

You good?

I'm Harry.

What are you in here for?


Right. Well, good luck with that.


(I Techno music playing)

(Sirens wailing)

(Crowd shouting)

(Sirens wailing)


This is fucking sick! Are you seeing this!


(Siren wailing)

Crazy! I'm telling you, man.

Fuck, look at all this! All teenies and trainers.

Trainers? That's for little kids, man.

This is fucked up, man. Let's go.

London's fucked! Go on your way!


Think about this, yeah?

See, if there's rioting going all around in London right now?

That means the police are gonna be stretched to their limits.

You should line up some big move. That's what I'm saying, bruv.

Take advantage of this whole situation. What are you thinking?

We're gonna rob a jewellery store. I'm fucking on it.

Everyone's day, yeah! That's what I'm saying.

What about you, Blue?

You know me, cuz. I just follow the pay cheque.

Christmas gonna come early this year.

(Engines revving)

(Bike revving)


What was you waiting for back there, huh? Give me the bag!

Oh, this is fucked.

Gabi. Hold this. Make sure you keep this one safe for me, yeah?

I'll come and see you soon. See y a.

(Jake) Come, let's go. (Mason) Drop me at my baby mama's.

Look, there's loads of little mugs out tonight.

(Mason) Everyone's on it!

Plenty of feds as well. We need to dump this stuff.

Fuck that, mate! We're home free! We're in a hot whip!

Just drop me at my baby mother's.

(Officer) Slow down! Hey, what the fuck?

Slow down!

Slow down!

Just go!

I ain't done nothing! Fuck off, pig!

(Officer) Stop now!

Fuck's sake!


Got him grounded? Knife?

(Man) Six sevens. Size 9. Four plasma TVs. Three PCs.

You gotta bring the army in. The old bill ain't gonna do fuck all.

Army won't make no difference. Bound to happen sooner or later.

They'll just bring in more police to sort it out.

The police are the cause of this. They shot a brother dead two days ago.

That was no stop-and-search. That was an execution. Trust me.

Things'll get worse before they get better.

Enough of this fucking bunny. Yous two are doing my nut in.

Remember I gotta leave early today. Going with that bird? Go on, then.

Back to work!

We should all leave early tonight, man.

There's a fever spreading through them youngers.

Walk easy, man. Cool, man.

Thank you.

I'm so sorry, I couldn't get away.

You missed it. Tommy, you were meant to be here.

Let me see. No.

Is it a boy or a girl? Yeah, it's one of those.

I got you a present.

It's beautiful.

It's got your forehead, look.

Look at his nose. Cute.

Watch where you're fucking going! Open your fucking eyes!

Come on, then! Fucking come on, then!

Tommy... You dickhead!

Tommy, leave it.

Come on, it's fine. It's fine.

I want you to look after me.

You're gonna be a father.

Just like you always wanted.

And we're gonna be a family.

I'm always gonna take care of you. Look after you.


Show me how much you love me.



Come on, girls!

Hands off cocks... into your socks!

The food's awful here, but if you convert to Islam, besides finding the prophet Mohammed, praise be upon him, you also get special halal dinners brought in during Ramadan.

Are you a Muslim? Nah.

But don't think about converting unless you're willing to go pray.

Them brothers'll still fuck you up. Kill you for not praying?

(Harry) Maybe not kill, but they can handle themselves.

Ever seen anyone get killed?

Boys have taken their own life, but you couldn't get away with killing anyone.

You sure about that?

At least not in the wing, or in the gym, or in the yard, or at canteen.

No, you'd have to do it in a cell or in the showers.

You know Mason? Yeah.

Essay? Yeah, I know that man.

What about Jake?

Mind out, cuz.

What, do you know me, fam?

Have I got your girl's knickers on my head or something?

Why are you looking at me? You heard him, you fucking wanker.

You one of them rare youths, yeah?

Don't fuck with me, you know? You little pussy.

(Guard) All right, lads, let's keep moving.

Fucking faggot.

Like you said, the food's shit anyway.

(Harry) That is Jake.

(I THE ROOTS: "Hard Times")

Hey, yo, new boy!

♪ People all around me and they're all in fear I They don't seem to want me but they won't admit

♪ I must be some kind of creature up here having fits I From my party house I'm afraid to come outside

♪ Although I'm filled with love I'm afraid they'll hurt my pride I So I play the part I feel they want of me I And I pull the shades so I won't see them seeing me

♪ Having hard times in this crazy town I Having hard times There's no love to be found... I Yeah, Nash and Jake are tight.

You see that man giving screwface to Jake?

That's your man Mason.


I Flow like a goal, let me roll I Wanna get it down but you never can show I If you wanna do it then you know we can blow I I'm independent but you never can show I Let me hit 'em up, let me stick 'em up with the gun I Let me see how I want it, go and get the fun

♪ If you wanna do it, come and get the runner I Wanna get it done but you know you ain't a gunner... i MTV, ain't it, yeah?

There's Essay.

We like it. It's all right, man.

I hate him. He's shit.

You a freestyle man, yeah? Let me. I'll do one for you.

I'll do one for you. How about that? I'm gonna do one for you.

(I Beatboxing)

Look, look, look.

I'm not having it! Not having it!

(Shouting and jeering)

What? What? What? What?


You're wet! You're wet, man!

Oi, book boy.

Faggot. Hey, uni boy!

Uni boy.

What, you can't hear me, no?

Remember to come see me tomorrow, yeah?

Don't forget my canteen.

(indistinct shouting)

What's going on? You all right, then?

Come on, then. Where is it?

Give it up.

Just give him a little bit, man. You know how strong that shit is.

Come to get high? Oh, yeah.

That's the proper thing. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Oh, where's the music, man? Hold up, hold up.

(I Music starts playing)


(Laughing and roaring)

(Jake) Told you that shit was strong, now, didn't I?

Home time now, boy! I ain't got no home.




Er, you were arrested for being carried by a motor vehicle taken without consent, and resisting arrest.

When's your trial?

Jake, you understand that if you're found guilty, It'll be a custodial sentence, which would be your eighth sentence.

Do you have any supportive family who could help you at this time?

(Chuckles) None at all?

Supportive? I ain't got no fucking family!

I ain't got no dad! And I ain't got no mum!

She never cared about me!

She never cared when her boyfriend used to torture me!

Till I had to put a stop to that myself!

So, if you want to class that as supportive, go ahead and write that down on your little sheet of paper.

Jake, I'm just trying to help you. You're too kind, man.

There are things that you could do.

You could enrol on a training scheme, a basic literacy programme.

Like you said, I'm going jail, innit?

But you have to make a change to your life, put in some effort.

This is long, man. And I'm fed up of this shit, you know.

Divvy bitch!

Night, Elise! Night!

She's fucking up the peace, bruv! Hello, princess.

Shut up. Where've you been? You're late.

You been busy with these dickheads. They're in process, you're on license!

Fuck the process! Fine! I'll just call the police, shall I?

I'll fucking kill you, man! Hey!

You're on CCTV, dickhead!

Oh, fucking hell, man!

Hey, you just got yourself sent to jail, you donut!

(TV News) '...a raid at this jewellers where armed robbers took advantage

'of police being called to rioting and looting across the capital, 'and stole watches said to be worth thousands of pounds, 'including this rare white diamond Daytona.

'Police are appealing for information on the smash-and-grab

'that is now a murder investigation, 'after the shopkeeper received a fatal gunshot wound.'

Come. Come.

(Essay) What are you talking about? Are you mad?



I'm gonna sort it out now, bruv.

She ain't gonna talk, man. She ain't got nothing on us.

Why complicate things?

Why you acting all

It was you that made us get pulled over by feds in a stolen car!

If this probation officer decides to grass on us, we're all getting life.

It's your turn to get your hands dirty now.

Tom, it's me. I couldn't wait, so I'll just jump in the car.

I'll meet you back at home.

Give me a call when you get this. Love you. Bye.

(Distant siren wailing)

(Sighs heavily)


Get off me! Get off me!

Get off! Get off me!

(indistinct chatter)

(Raised voices)

Who's got the remote?

What the fuck are you trying to do? Shake on it, bruv. Double or nothing.

Double or nothing. You're gonna die.

(Essay) Let's do this right now. Right now!

There you go.

There you go, there you go.

What you saying, bruv? I hear you're a salesman of sorts.

I don't talk in riddles. What you want?

I need a bit of crack.

Can't you see I'm playing pool, bruv? I'll come by your cell later, yeah?

Come see me in the morning. I ain't got nothing till then.

(I Music over dialogue)


Hey, fuck off!

(indistinct chatter)


Ah, fucking book boy. Bitch!

Is he fucking mad, bruv?

What, Sicko? You want a shot on my wing, yeah?

(Sicko) You're a fucking dead man!

I'm the shotter round here. Not your boychick, yeah? Hold up.

You fucking cunts.

(indistinct chatter)

Hey, Angelface. Check out the new boy.

I wanna see what he's all about.

Cool, cool, cool.

Do you need a spot, pussy?

I'm playing with you, man. I'm playing with you.

(Weights clink)

What you saying?

Big man, you got a tool, yeah? I said you owe me!


Hey, guv! Guv!

(Nash) 'All right down there?' They're trying to wrap me up!

'Who, Jake? That's not very nice, is it?

'You must've really upset him. Go and say sorry to him.'

(Jeering and shouting)

(Sighs affectedly)

(Alarm bells ringing)

Who's the pussy now?

(Roaring) Come on!


Get back! Get back! Get back!

Get him back to the wing now! Move!

(Monitor beeping regularly)

I love you.

(She sighs)


Elise? Tommy!

Elise? Tommy, the baby?

Shh. It's okay. It's okay, Elise.

Who did this to you?

He slapped me. He must've come back.

What's his name?

It was the others, Tommy.

They did that robbery, I know they did.

They were wearing the watches.


They must've thought I'd give evidence or something, I don't know.

Look at me. Look at me.

Look at me. What are their names?


I want to rest.

Big man likes to smash up a five-month pregnant woman.

I don't need to fucking prove that to you!

I don't need to hit bitches. You were all caught in a stolen car.

Yeah. Yeah, I was in the car.

I ain't denying that. I didn't know it was stolen.

Where did you hide the bikes? Where's the fucking guns?

She knew something. That's why you tried to kill her.

Keep talking about guns and bikes and a robbery that I don't have a fucking clue about.

All I know, you got me in a moody whip.

Other than that, go suck your mum.

Well, you're going to prison.

It got out of hand. You didn't expect the shop owner to be there.

You are a murderer!

I was at home with my baby mother! She can verify that!

How do you explain being in a stolen car one hour after the robbery with your boys?

They come pick me up, innit? So we could get some ice cream.


(Sucks cheeks)


You were seen hanging around outside her office.

So what? It's my probation office. Look...

You went back to put her in her place.

No, I fucking went back to apologise. Are you dumb?

Didn't have you down as one for apologising.

You know what? Have you even got any fucking evidence?

You'll do six months for affray.

Six months? Six months for affray?

Fucking six...

But I did it on the fucking toilet seat, bruv!

You listening?

Fucking prick, man.


(Screaming and crying)

(Tommy) Nurse! Nurse!

Hey, it's all right, baby. It's all right.

(Nurse) We need an IV right now!

(Tommy) What's wrong?

Get off! (Nurse) Outside, please. Outside!





Fucking come on!

This is for life.

Do you hear me, brother?

Let's do this.

Repeat after me.

(Recites Qur'anic verses)

- Takbir! Allahu akbar!

You're now a Muslim.

Brother, your sins have been forgiven.

This is a fresh start, a new book. Embrace the brothers.


Part of the family now.

Salaam alaikum. How are you, brother?

Yeah, all right.

What are you in here for? Assault.

In the riots? No, no, some other thing.

Well, I find in a moment of anger follows a thousand nights of sorrow.

Yeah, that's more true than you know.

Well, we're all sinners in here. Yeah, some more than others.

The best of sinners are the ones who repent, you know?

And the door of repentance is always open to you.

This is my brother in Islam, Ali.

This is my brother Mason, who's just found the path.

What, you're a Muslim, yeah?

Hamdu lillah.

You're here to repent your sins, is it?

A man's sins are his own business. Is that a fact?

Salaam alaikum.

Brother? Peace be upon you.

(Speaks native language)


Allahu akbar.

(Low chatter)

You fucking attacked her, didn't you? You what?

You fucking attacked your probation officer!

Fuck you, I only slapped her!

I'm gonna fucking take your life! I swear!

I heard about her getting roughed up. The feds already asked me about it.

Why am I gonna attack my own probation officer?

That was my girl.

Wait. Wait, wait. It was Jake.

It was Jake. They did the smash-and-grab.

They did the smash-and-grab, she was gonna tell the feds.

Jake killed some guy.

He's not gonna tell you about that. He's only in here for car theft.

I didn't have nothing to do with it. I swear to you.

I wouldn't have nothing to do with that attack.

(Voices outside)

Elise, you're gonna have to say something.


Please... Don't! Don't.


Elise, please.

Please just look at me.

How can you want me now I'm like this?

I love you.

Hey. I love you.

I can't have children, Tommy!

All I want is you. That's not true.

Yeah, it is, Elise. It's not.

All I want is you.

You've given me everything I want. Hey.


You've given me everything I want.

You should've been there, Tommy.


I did it, bro. Had a little ask-about.

So where are they?

They were sent to Gravesmere Young Offenders.

So that at least narrows down where they are right now.

For how long? Knowing them, it's gonna be long.

What's this about, bruv? Forget it, man.

I've got to go, man.

(Tommy) 'What's going on?' (Elise) 'Everything we had has gone.'

(Tommy) Please don't go.

There's nothing left.

Elise, wait.

Elise, please...

Elise, please!

Fuck it! Fuck it!

Fuck it!

(Fire crackling)

You were asking who's Jake, who's Mason, who's Essay.

Well, I've just seen Essay being carried out in a blood bag.

As I hear it, he'll spend his license in health care. Was that you?

It was, wasn't it?

What are you after?

Like I said, justice.

So, you'll work your way through all the gangsters?

Hey, yo, cuz. Come.

Come, man.

Have a seat, cuz. You want a coffee, fam?

Yeah, go on. Angel, make him a coffee.

Grow, cuz.

All right, Angel, make me one of them things too.

You don't drink no bean, cuz. Got a guest, fam!

Trying to show my man some common manners.

See this motherfucker's a raw motherfucker, you know.

I never heard the boy say please or thank you to no one.

Man won't even hold door open for a decent piece of gash.

Just make the fucking coffees, man. Come sit down.

Let's talk with our new co-dee here.

Pussy. Want some chocolate sprinkles?

Why you asking if he want sprinkles?

Who the fuck has sprinkles on their coffee?

Stop being a dimlo and just make the fucking drinks, man.

I fucking love chocolate sprinkles.

You lot are a bunch of sweet boys, you know.

So, cuz, word on my wing is, you know something about Essay getting wrapped up, hm?

Don't worry, cuz. He weren't on my team.

No, you done me a nice little favour doing that there.

I was gonna have to stab up that lanky prick for trying to take my package anyway.

So what happened between you two, then?

Think he must have fell. Yeah?

Yeah, yeah, hard.

Why's his face gone red for?

I think it's the weed, bruv.

Red boy. You know that's a white man thing, innit?

You know black man don't get embarrassed?

Hey, don't worry, cuz. You got our package back, man.

Give me the spliff.

Here, cuz.

You know our man fucked up a couple feds on the out?

Rah, that is fucking big, innit?

You're a big man, yeah? Yeah.


You're looking at me a bit funny, big man.

You think you can have me, yeah?


(Jake chuckles)

Don't worry, cuz, man.

We're cool, bruv.

You're good, yeah?

(Panting heavily)

Drink your coffee, man. Spent time making that, you know.

(Low chatter)

There's more, there's more. Goes a bit fast, goes a bit slow.

Er... um... yeah, look.

(I Rapid rapping)

Jeez! Ha-ha! Ha-ha!

All right, though, innit?

There's a little bit of work I still need to do, I think.

You okay?

I need your help. What?

When Jake fucked you up in the gym, you had a weapon.

What's it to you?

Safe to say, you'd like to see Jake on the end of one of them next time.

So tell me how you made it.

Yeah, I can do that.

Can you help me?

I want to... I want to write to my girl.

(Rapper) Here's some of this shit I writ the other day...

♪ Man, fuck William and Kate, Britain is a mess

♪ So many men are living life in the ends I Even the press They can feel the stress I Feeling like I really wanna kill the rest I Lost sense, what's next? God, what's left?

♪ Pray for a top ten? I said tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-took, ten

♪ Time's running out like it's got legs

♪ Pricks say hip-hop's dead Which, what, when?

I Try say that to my pen I'm back with a vengeance I Hand on my head when they hand me the sentence I

(I GUN CLUB: "Death Party")

(I Music over sound and dialogue)

♪ In the screaming red night I can hear your call...

(Whistle blowing)

(Nash) 'Come on, you lot!'

Come on, girls! Break time's over.

Working up a sweat?

You look a bit red in the face.

"Red boy," that's what they're calling you.

Jake says you're gonna help us out around the place.

Good to have you on board.

Ring the alarm!

Ring it, mate. It won't make much difference, not in here.

Like the X Factor except there's nae winners.

I've been ringing it for months. Can you hear it?

Were you in them riots?

Aye, yous like to call yourselves opportunists instead of anarchists.

Well, if you get in here, you're no getting back out. Ha-ha!

Not unless you get sent to adult. Or you top yourself.

Ten suicides there was last year, in one day.

Are you criminally insane?

Or just plain insane?

Or do you just look it?

I'm Genghis. I know what you're thinking.

It's an unusual name for a white fella, isn't it?

I've been in here two years. How long have you got?

All the ones that get bullied get shipped out.

Hey. Hey, knuckle down.

Look at my hands. I've got eyes in my hands.

See, if I put them on a wall, I can see through the next cell.

And if I put them at your head...

Calm down. Calm down. Calm down. Genghis, come, come.

Come, Genghis.

Ring the alarm.

You all right, brother?

Me and the brothers are gonna pray dhuhr together.

Do you wanna join us?

No, I'm good.

We all got regrets, you know. I don't regret anything.

I regret the things that I done. The things I didn't do.

The choices I made.

For a long time, I weren't living life the way that I should've been.

You're sure, yeah? Ali?

Salaam alaikum, brother.

You know, I seen you.

Talking to Jake and whatnot, man. It ain't worth it.

There's better things waiting for you when you get out.

I ain't got nothing! Calm down, fam!

What's wrong with you?

Yo, remember where you are, my friend, before you start acting like a fool.

You don't want to make the wrong kind of friends in here.

Have to look after yourself in here, man. Fix up.

I had to.

I got a daughter outside, man.

You've got a daughter?

She the most beautiful thing you will ever see, man.

You know, holding that baby in your arms for the first time... changes your life.

(I Hums "The Lone Ranger")

Fuck off, Genghis.

I know. Ring the alarm?

Ring the alarm?

Hello, post time.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Fuck off.

Christmas has come early!

Oh, just my size!

Whoo-hoo! Fucking hell!

Come on, Bob. You can't have them. Put them back.

But I like 'em, Alan. Why can't I have 'em?

Ah, I bet they're some poor kid's, they are.

Aw. The colour suits me.

Goes with my epaulets. Brings out the silver, you see?

Come on, Bob. I've got to inventory all of this.

I'm the SO, right?

Which means Senior Officer.

Which means they fell off the trolley. All right?

So, wipe your mouth, and go and play with your little clipboard.

Probably nicked by some little shit in the riots anyway.

No, you're out of line, Bob. Oh, am I? Am I? Am I?

What have I got? Eh?

Look at my clothes, what I'm wearing.

I live in a fucking bed-sit. I'm renting a fucking bed-sit, Al.

I know, Bob, but...

I have to take a bus.

I hate public transport. I hate it.

I used to drive a tank when I was in the army, but look at me now!

I work 60 hours a week in this place and for fucking what?

People out there are looting the streets, robbing off hard earners, hard grafters.

They're allowed to do whatever they fucking want! But me? Not me!

Me? I'm out of fucking line, aren't I?

Well, fuck you!

Fuck you!

(Door slams)

Allahu akbar!

Eh? Out! What?

Get the fuck out! Yallah! Yallah! Yallah!

(Crashing and smashing)

Where's the fucking drugs, eh? Where's the fucking drugs, eh?

Hey! Uni boy!

Are you happy now, yeah? Where's my money?

I haven't got any money. I know you have.

Tell your mum and dad to transfer the money to my account.

Otherwise I'm gonna fuck you up good!

I haven't got any money! Tears ain't gonna help you now!

You were the one smashing up the shops!

Cry, you little pussy!

What's good, red boy?

Want to be a hero, yeah?

What? Pussy turned badman, yeah?

Oh! Fuck! Fuck!

Fuck you! Fuck you!

(Tommy) Fucking come here!

So, you thought you were gonna duff the Angelface, yeah?

Come on, then!


Thank you. He's dead, isn't he?


You didn't have to do that.

I wasn't doing it for you.

She was gonna have a baby. She knew about Jake.

I don't want to hear this! I can't be part of this.

I'm gonna kill them.

Act natural.

Walk with me.

(Low muttering)

I got to move quick.

Sooner or later, Jake'll find out it was me in the showers with Angelface.

You're sure he attacked her?

I'm sure.

(I Music over sound and dialogue)

I'm going for a shit.

(Grunting and groaning)


Don't fucking move, okay?


Red boy! So, you gonna tell me what your beef is?

I'm gonna fuck you up.

Like you done Essay and Angelface? Yeah.

Had a feeling that was you. Yeah, he was a good soldier.

But fuck it, man. Labour's cheap these days. So what's your problem?

I know you attacked your probation officer.

Mm, that's interesting.

Yeah, she was my girl. You done all right there, son?

She was pregnant. We lost our baby.

I'm sorry to hear about your little loss.

But you're talking to the wrong man. No, I'm not, though.

Oh, fam, you're good, yeah? So, what, you're sure, yeah?

You sure? Yeah, I was on that move.

But I didn't attack your bitch, make you lose your little unborn.

Best you go speak to a Muslim brother down the wing.


Mason. Yeah! Mason's my boy.

I roll with him all the time, and he rolled with us on that move.

But the man's a live wire. He attacked your bitch. Not me.

Best you go ask him yourself. No, you're fucking lying.

Lying, yeah? Back up before you make a serious accusation.

Huh? I told you Mason done it.

Running around in that eye paint ain't gonna get you nowhere, boy.

Try come for me?

Think I ain't gonna fuck you up, pussy?

I'll fuck you up sitting on the toilet, with my hands behind my back, scratching my balls with my nose.

I won't hesitate to fucking kill you, you know, Tom.

What can they do to a man like me? Nothing!

I been in and out of this place since I was crapping rusks!

But you? You ain't built for no fucking place like this!

You ain't got it in you, so it's best you just fucking chill!

You ain't got no drive, just some misguided notion, but you're too fucking lazy to see it through.

See, I'm a warrior, but I'm also a businessman.

See, we knew you was up to something.

Don't take me like I'm some corner dealer!

Me and my boy Jake here, we're going into some business now.

Yeah, like merging empires, you know?

Despite what me and Jake's been through in the past, the fact still remains that Essay was my boy!

So, now it's time to pay the fiddler!

(Jake) Get him, little fuck. Get him!

Come here!

(Screaming and shouting)

You little prick.

You're just some fucking pussy. Fucking pussy!

Gonna die! You're gonna fucking die!

(Muffled sounds)

What the fuck are you doing?

Don't fucking kill him, we've got business to sort out!

For fuck's sake! Put him outside. I'll put him in the block.

Get him in the corridor. Sparky!


(Door slams)

He)', get out!

Never heard me, pussies? I said get out!

I wanna to talk to my co-dee. Go on. It's cool, it's cool.

Are you sure?

- Salaam, brothers. Salaam alaikum. Come.

Cuz, we got a big problem.

Tommy. Yeah, your friend.

Did you know his girlfriend was the probation officer?

His girlfriend?

That's why he's been on a mad rampage, running round, got Essay then Angelface.

Then he's come for me.

Got the pussy laying half dead down in the block now.

What's this got to do with me?

Seeing as we're out of here in a couple weeks, you go see the probation officer and finish this job off properly.

Remember we got a murder on the out, you know?

So, you want another on your hands?

Are you serious? Man, I'm out.

I told you I'm done with that.

Now you're sticking your arse in the air five times a day, that makes shit different between me and you?

Let me make this clear, you're with me.

If you don't go see this pretty little probation officer, I'll have to see your pretty little daughter and make her feel the grip of this beast.

So look into my fucking eyes and understand what I just said to you.

Finish her!

(Choir) I Bring me my bow of burning gold

♪ Bring me my arrows of desire

♪ Bring me my spear!

♪ O, clouds unfold!

I Bring me my chariot of fire

♪ I will not cease from mental flight I Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand I Till we have built Jerusalem

♪ In England's green and pleasant land I Clap!

(I Whistling "Jerusalem")

(Board scraping ground)


(Plastic scraping ground)

Tommy, Tommy, Tommy!


The word is you fucked up our boy Angelface.


That's an L-plate. A life sentence.

Would you like to make a statement?

Ha-ha! Tough lad, are you? Eh?

You wanna play?

Come on, then. Come on, then!

Hey? You're a fucking big man, are you?

Fucking come on! Hey? Whoo!

I fucking love it! Come on, then!

Whoo! Fucker!

Oh! Oh! You're gonna cry! You're gonna fucking cry! Aaargh!

I'm gonna rip you to fucking shreds! No, no!

(Muffled echoes)

(Board scraping floor)



I I still hear your voice at night I When I turn out the light

♪ Trying to settle down

♪ But there is nothing I can do

♪ Cos I can't live without you I Any way at all

I I keep a close watch on this heart of mine

I I keep a close watch on this heart of mine

I I keep a close watch on this heart of mine I


(Door bangs open)

It's all right.

How did this happen?

I fell.



Now, then!


Guess who's here to see you!



I'm telling you, sir, you've got to put a stop to him now.

He's selling drugs around upstairs, and he's got the rest of them locked up down here without any rights.

Let them all out, Nash. It's over.

What, it's over? Is that right?


Go back to your office, have a nap.

I'll be the one cutting bodies off the ceiling, cos you don't like getting your hands dirty, do you?

Open the doors.



(Governor) Open the doors!

(I FINK: "Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us")

♪ Where are we going now?

♪ Ooh, where do we go?

♪ Cos if it's the same as yesterday, you know I'm out

♪ Just so you know

I Because, because...

♪ Our paths, they cross... I

You're an animal, Nash!

What's good for the goose is good for the gander, sir.

Try and fire me, and you'll be driving a bus this time next week.

You just threatened me, Nash? Course not.

You're in charge, sir. All happened on your watch.

So, we got rogue individual or complete institutional failure, eh?

Can't wait to see what the Inspectorate make of it.

I want these boys back in the wing!

Everybody likes a tidy shop.

So, let's get it together, okay?

This stays an internal matter.

I From cradle to grave

♪ From ashes to ashes, from dust to dust

I Because, because...

I Our paths, they crossed

I Yesterday was hard... I

There's something that you gotta know.


What, do you think I attacked your girl?

Jake told you to do it.

Look, it weren't me, brother.

Look, I ain't no snitch, but the reason me and Jake don't speak no more is because I told him he went too far with that.

What, so you're saying he did it?

I feel partly responsible, but yes... that is what I'm saying.

Why should I believe you?

Cos Jake's got it in his head that your girl's gonna talk and get him put away for life.

Why are you telling me this now?

Cos he wants me to finish the job as soon as we get out.

What? He's threatening my daughter!

I can't have that. But I can't be killing nobody.

You gotta go see him. You gotta be prepared, brother.

You gotta fix this mess, be it how you fix it with your girl, or how you fix it with Jake, cos I just know my daughter doesn't deserve to be involved in this.

(Echoing screams)

(Low chatter)

She's lovely. More than I first saw her.

(Harry) You listen to this lot, rapping at night?

At least they can dream.

"If you can dream, "And not make dreams your master.

"If you can think, And not make thoughts your aim.

"If you can meet with triumph And with disaster

"And treat those two impostors Just the same..."

Rudyard Kipling. And here we are.

Boys raised by wolves...

...getting ready to fight the tiger.

Harry, this ain't about revenge no more.

He's going after her when he gets out.

I can't let that happen again.

I need you to help me.

Now, Harry.

Shit food!

Overcrowded cells! Suicides every week!


Corrupt, this place is inhumane!

Shame on the people who put us in here!

Get down! They treat us like animals!

Is it any wonder that we act like animals?

We all deserve better!

(indistinct shouting) We all deserve better!

(Shouting intensifies)

(Shouting and jeering)


Red boy! There you are!

Huh? Come on, then!

I told you I was built for this life, eh?

Crawling round the floor like a dying little pig!

You're just fucking...


All fucked up, huh? Just like your bird.

So now I'm gonna do you just like I'm gonna do that pretty little bitch when I get out of here!

You know I'm gonna play with her for a long time before I kill her.

That's not gonna happen!



(Screaming and shouting)



(Low chatter)

(I CHARLES BRADLEY: "The World ls Going Up In Flames")

I This world is going up in flames I And nobody wanna take the blame I Don't tell me how to live my life

♪ When you never felt the pain...

♪ ...they don't hear me cry, ooh I They don't hear me chime, ooh

♪ They don't hear me cry I So what I'm gonna do?

(Cheers and indistinct chatter)

I ...and nobody wanna take the blame

♪ Is it you? Or you?

I Oh, no... I