Officer Down (2013) Script

(Music playing)

Man's voice: People talk about fate...

How everything happens for a reason.

But I never believed that.

I can't find a single reason why I deserve a second chance.

Today is the day that I die.

(Soft sobbing)

Slide it away.

I said fucking slide it away now.

Nighty night, asshole.





(Sobbing) I need you to call 9-1-1.

Tell them detective Callahan's in pursuit.

No, don't leave me.

He's done this before.

I'm not going to let him do it again. Call it in!

(Dog barking)


Suspect: Motherfucker.

Callahan: Fucking...

(police sirens blaring)

Arrogant prick.

You come up with anything?

Yeah, found these under his mattress.

He was keeping mementos.

Mm-hmm. You want to rattle his cage?

Nah, give it to scanlon. (Chuckles)

You afraid you might blow it?

I just thought if you drop the ball, I'm in reserve to clean it up.

Sorry, what was that? Lieutenant, district attorney asked loughlin to sit in on this one.

Is it true? Randall mcalister.

14 years on the job.

Have you notified internal affairs?


Our collar, our case.

Yeah, it's best to keep these things in-house.

Make it airtight.

Airtight? Go get 'em, sluggo.

So, you got a thing for brunettes, huh?

Look what we found.

Look at that.

You know what? It's late, I'm tired, and I got to go walk my dog, so why don't you just keep this really simple, okay?

You plead guilty to six counts of sexual assault in the first degree to be served consecutively, and we'll spare your family the embarrassment of a trial.

Or option number two, he could plead down to six lesser charges, to be served concurrently in a minimum-security facility.

Scanlon: Wow, you got some balls there, counselor.

For 14 years, my client was an exemplary member of this police department, so why would he hypothetically go astray?

Who gives a shit? Where the hell is this going?

About a year ago, my client's wife of 10 years left him.

Busted my ass for that woman.

Gave her everything she ever wanted.

So you married an ungrateful bitch.

Wow. Welcome to the club.

After his wife abandoned him, my client divulged his extreme feelings to your department shrink.

News flash, asshole.

He didn't rape his wife.

Didn't he?

Lieutenant: Jesus.

All the women look like his ex-wife.

Six women sexually assaulted by a police officer, and you could have prevented it? Fallout's going to be immeasurable.

Only if it becomes public knowledge.

Wait a minute. Captain, you're not seriously thinking of cutting a deal with this piece of shit, are you?

Take a breath. What do you think I was doing?

You need to take a deep breath and think long and hard about what course of action is best for the preservation of this department's reputation.

For once, detective.

Girl: Well, anyways, mm-hmm, yeah.

Oh, my God, so we had such an awesome time.

Well, I asked her, but she said she had to think about it.

Yeah, really. So who else is going?

Is mark going to be there?

He's okay, I guess.

Why, did he say something about me?

Hold on a second, Jenny.


Who's mark?

Just a boy from school.

Five minutes.

Okay. Bye.

Sorry. That was my dad.

He's like, "who's mark?"

(Laughs) So, anyway... so did he say anything about me?


Did you just talk to lanie?

Yeah. Who's mark?

It's just a boy.


How you feeling?


(Dispatch radio chatter)

(Siren whooping)

(Gunshot) (Grunts)


Captain: Do you believe in fate?

I thought I did.

It's a beautiful family.

You got a lot to be thankful for.

If I were you, I'd consider myself the luckiest man on the planet.

Wipe the slate.

Oh, that guy who saved you...

What about him?

You tell me.

He was the only witness to what really went down.

I don't remember anything about him.


Ah, well.

Too bad.

Been meaning to come see you.

Cal, the church isn't just for the bad times.

Yeah, I know.

What about your nightmares?

Yeah, still having those.

I don't know, father.

I disrespected the woman that I love, violated my oath to protect and serve.

Just don't know why I got a second chance.

Or who've I got to thank for that chance.

This good samaritan, I'm sure the good lord will cross your paths someday.

I hope so.

Are you still drinking?


I've been sober for almost two years, ever since the shooting.

Can't tell you I'm not craving it, though.

(Rock n' roll playing) Woman: Hey, I mean it.

(Overlapping conversations)

David Callahan?


You don't remember me?

No. How would I know you?

My name is Sergei, Sergei dronov.

I'm sorry. How do we know each other?

We met once before... on the corner of water and frontage.



Man: Hey! (Gunshots)


Hang in there, buddy. You're going to be just fine.

My wife, tell her I'm sorry.

Tell her yourself, okay?

(Police siren blaring) Please.

You hear those sirens? They'll be here any second.

Just hold on, okay?

So why'd you leave?

You just vanished.

I didn't know who you were or what you were involved in.

I went on TV. I was begging for somebody to come forward.

Where I come from, it is best not to get involved with the police.

I didn't even tell my wife about what happened that night.

So why now?

Because of this.

(Telephone rings)

Yeah? Larussa.

Hey, lieu, it's Cal. You busy? No. What's up?

I just got into a little Fender bender.

You all right?

I'm fine.

Hey, I lost the guy's business card, though.

You got a name?

His name was Sergei dronov.

Hold on. What? Say it again.

Sergei dronov.

Dronov. D-r-o-n-o-v, I think.

Yeah, I got it. I got an address.

It's 423 gladstone.

Phone number also. You want it?

Sergei: I didn't even tell my wife about what happened that night.

(Door clattering)

(Dog barking)

Sergei: My daughter zhanna...

I found this journal when I was cleaning out her apartment.

Will you help me?

(Zhanna's voice overlapping) I've got to get a job.

The scholarship isn't enough to support me. Feeling of loneliness.

This is the third time a teacher asked me why I don't have an accent.

Just because I have a weird Russian name.

I came here when I was two. Can't say hello in Russian.

This was the worst date ever.

I have to do better for mom and dad's sake.

These men... the correct word is these "boys."

I'm such an idiot. All of us, so young.

They sacrificed everything for me to have a better life.

Some even younger than me. What am I thinking?

I want to tell them to save themselves.

I was not happy about. Get out.

My mom wouldn't stop crying. Began writing a paper for my social anthropology class.

The assignment was to analyze a cultural ritual.

I picked a safe topic...


But if I had any guts, I would have written about how I pay for school.

I take off my clothes for money.

Walking through the curtain for the first time was the hardest thing I've ever done.

The closer I got, the more I wanted to turn and never stop running.

P.A.: For the first time on our stage, introducing the beautiful roxy.

Hey, honey.

Hi, dad.

I'm making you breakfast.

Can I have cereal?

No. That's just sugar. You always eat cereal.

Today we're going to have some eggs... protein.

Hello. Whoa.

Good morning, honey. Trying to bulk me up?

No, I want you to sit down. Sit down.

I'm making my two gals breakfast today.

Your eggs are coming right up.

(Camera clicks)

(Police sirens blaring)

Three shots in the chest.

Stumbled here to bleed out.

Zhanna: I see nothing but anger in so many eyes.

I wonder how they treat their women in their lives as I let my thoughts drift to someplace peaceful and far away.

Still, they're not all bad.

Some are just lonely and want nothing more than a smile, someone to recognize that they exist.

(Door clatters)




Mom had to run some errands. You got me today.

How was school? Boring.

Boring? Yeah. Isn't that what it usually is?

I don't know what school was like when you were a kid a million years ago.

Seat belt. Yes, sir.

Zhanna: I never walked to my car alone.

It was against the rules, but it was late, and I didn't feel like waiting around.

He was waiting for me at my car.

I knew his face. He was a regular at the club.

The other dancers call him angel.

He used to draw me.

I thought it was sweet at the time.

(Alarm chirps)


(Blows pound)

Help me, please!


I lay awake at night and tell myself I'm lucky to be alive and it's okay that I didn't report it.

The police wouldn't have believed me.

I'm a stripper. I was asking for it.

I was not going to subject myself to any more humiliation.


Sometimes I believe my excuses long enough to drift off to sleep.


But he's always waiting in my nightmares.

He'll never let me forget that I am helpless and pathetic and he has control.

It makes me so angry, more than what he did to me or what he took from me, what I didn't do in return.

I didn't stop him from hurting anyone else.

He's still out there...

Ready to strike again.

Man: Oleg... (Speaking Russian)

Ladies, I know one after-hours club, the best one, 'cause you're the best.

The best ladies, best club.

Woman: Oleg, don't make me work tonight.


(Hip-hop music echoing)

♪ When the club let out ♪

♪ Meet me outside ♪

♪ Meet me outside, girl meet me outside ♪

♪ New iced-out watch... ♪ P.A.: The ladies appreciate any tip you may give them.

And for $25, a private dance can be yours in our champagne room.

Desire... where all your dreams come true.

Bourbon, neat.

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Unh ♪

♪ High heels ♪

♪ Long legs ♪

♪ Black out, shorty, it's code red ♪

♪ I'm the young gun learning from the old head ♪

♪ Slant back, count fat stacks in the knapsacks ♪

♪ Centerfold body, arch that like a black cat ♪

♪ Throw it right back, boomerang when I smack that ♪

♪ Cheers ♪ ♪ Cheers ♪

♪ Celebration ♪

♪ Make a hot stove in the apron ♪

♪ Drunk off stress, high off confidence ♪

♪ Saw one coming... ♪ Oh, yeah, I remember that guy.

(Patrons muttering)

Never thought I'd see you in here again.

Neither did I.

You going to waste that?

It's all yours.

I take it this isn't a social visit.

Hmm. I need some information, Walker.

What kind?

Guy drawing pictures over there, what do you know about him?

He's a regular...

Just like you used to be.

Got a name? I've seen him talking to oleg.

Now, if this ain't official police business...

Who said it's not?

Many ways for an officer of the law to put a name to a face, Cal.

Straight and narrow's done you good.

♪ Chilling all the time, know you feeling it... ♪ Don't fuck it up. ♪ Cheers ♪

♪ Celebration ♪

♪ Make a hot stove in the apron ♪

♪ Drunk off stress, high off confidence ♪

♪ Saw one coming just to finally triple common sense ♪

♪ I'm been rhyming since I saw Jay, 'pas, nas and em ♪

♪ Now I'm positive that I'm hot as them ♪

♪ Tell me who you ride with ♪ ♪ Meet me outside ♪

♪ Meet me outside, girl, meet me outside ♪

♪ New iced-out watch, chilling all the time... ♪

♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Chilling all the time ♪

♪ Know you feeling it. ♪


Mmm. You sexy girl.

Cal, please, I need to talk to you.

Huh? I need to talk to you, please.

Give me a second.

I owe oleg a lot of money for bringing me here, but you know I don't have such money.

I can never repay him.

So what do you want me to do about it, babe?

You're a cop. You can help me.


Oleg's got something going, something big.

Oleg's got something going for what, for me?

What am I getting out of it?

You take oleg, take the money, then help me get out of this place.

If it's so big, Walker must know about it, honey.

No. No.

It's oleg's deal.

Royce Walker doesn't know about it.

Cal, help me.

I just want to get away from here.

Okay, I'll think about it, okay?

But I don't want to talk here. I'll talk later to you, when I'm not so high.


Relax, Katya. Jesus Christ.

Why aren't I getting any lap dances?

I mean, I want some fucking lap dancing.

(Hip-hop playing)


Hey. Hey.

Oh, my God.

(Music continues faintly)

You okay with that?

It's okay, Freddie.

Here's my card.

I need your help, Katya.

(Scoffs) My help?

Where have you been when I needed you?

I'm sorry, okay? I had some problems.

I was a different person back then.

It was a different time.

I'll make some calls... It's too late, Cal.

I can help you now. I'm deep into this shit now.


I need some information on the guy in the club that's sketching pictures of all the girls.

You know who I'm talking about?

Of course. We all do.

I need his real name.

Find out yourself, piece of shit.

Woman: Come on.

Hey, hey. It's angel, right?

Why are you leaving so soon?

Huh? Come get a drink with me, baby. Come on.

That's so rude.

Dispatch: Nothing in name for 613 n4l.

You sure it's a local plate?

That's what it says.

Not in the system. Thanks.

(Dog barking)

Angel: Yeah, right.

I understand. It's just that I just got home.

You know, it's really fucking late at night.

I mean, I don't... okay. All right, where do you want me to go?

Yeah, I know where that is.

(Dance music playing)

♪ And I just can't slow ♪

♪ The beating of my heart ♪

♪ That you give me arrhythmia ♪

♪ Give me arrhythmia ♪ Come on. Okay.

Let's go.

♪ That you give me arrhythmia. ♪ P.A.: Hey, guys, give it up for Natasha.

Nice one.

From Russia with love.

(Speaking Russian)

♪ Like a fool. ♪

Angel: I don't bring work to you anymore, man!

Huh?! Whoa. No.

Put your gun on the ground, you pimp.

Let's go. Put it down.

(Woman speaking Russian)

(Oleg speaking Russian)

P.A.: A round of applause for the lovely crystal.

Let's give it up for crystal, guys.

You take care of that problem for me?

He wasn't home. Well, try again.

Just give it to oleg, all right?

I'm done for the day, Walker.

I'm asking you.

You look like a piece of shit.

Pull the strings and watch 'em dance.

Try again.

(Muffled music playing)

(Cell phone buzzing)


Where are you?

I'm working, okay?

You're lying to me.

I told you I'm in the middle of a fucking investigation.

I keep telling myself that you're going to finally realize what you're doing to yourself...

What do you think I'm doing? ...To us, and you're going to care enough to stop, but you want to know what?

You're never going to care enough.

What are you saying?

Your daughter is growing up without a fucking father!


Oleg: Hey, buddy.

Hey, oleg.

I was looking for you. Yeah? What's up?

Let's go for a ride.

You going to tell me where we're going, oleg?

Oleg: Pull over right here.

Here? Here.

It's between you and me.


20 keys of uncut powder coming on the long island ferry.

I'm going to give you one key.

It's going to keep you happy for a very long time, eh?

(Train horn blows)

I'm listening.

We are waiting for two black guys.

I was told they're going to be driving a red mustang.

Red mustang, eh?

We're going to be out here? Why?

Everyone's so exposed out here like this.

I don't see a boat at all. Well, what can I do?

So you going to steal my deal, and you thought you gonna fucking tell her what to do?

I know what Katya tell you.

I know you want to rob my deal.

(Breathing heavily)

(Train wheels clattering)

Oleg: We are waiting for two black guys.

I was told they're going to be driving a red mustang.

I don't do business like this, man.

You paid us for one fucking thing, and one thing in particular, man.

I'm serious. What you got us out here doing, man?

I don't know what's going on. You ain't here.

Got my man here sitting on this in the fucking trunk.

I ain't playing no fucking games out here and shit right now.

We in a place where I don't fucking know what's going on.

This dude playing games right now.

Look, you paid us to bring it up, and that's all.

I ain't trying to sit on this shit all night, man.

Look, man, that ain't going to work.

I ain't feeling this right now, man, huh?

Hey, man, what did he say? This motherfucker talking about he don't know where the other dude at.

Well, he going to meet us over at artisan park in, like, 15 minutes.

See? This the shit I'm talking about, man.

Yo, man. Man, let's go. Better be there.

(Birds chirping)

(Birds chirping)

Hey, why not? Come on, lanie.

Mom, please?

Enough with this party.

Have you seen this? Huh?

It's the third quarter her grades have dropped in a row.

But, mom, it has nothing to do with it.

Can you just talk to him, please?

Talk to me about what?

So what are we talking about?

Jenny's having a slumber party, but it's coed, so it's never going to happen. Coed?

So let me guess. Mark's going? Dad!

To tell you the truth, these grades are garbage. No party.

You guys were never kids. It's so annoying.

Need to do better in school, honey. Whatever!

Maybe we should get her a tutor. Yeah, that's a good idea.

Can you help me out with that? 'Cause I...

(cell phone buzzes)


Hold on one sec.

I got to take this, babe. Then I got to change.

Yeah, go.

(Camera snapping)

(Helicopter whirring)

(Dispatch chatter)

What we looking at, brogan?

Darwinism. Urban survival of the fittest.

How did it go down?


As luck would have it, we caught the shooter.

Any witnesses?

Ah, their friend got grazed.

He claims he didn't see who fired the shots.

Now let me ask him a few questions.

Excuse me. Thanks, guys.

I'll talk to him.

Man, what the fuck is your problem?

You don't remember me, do you?

Why would I?

Let me refresh your memory.

You remember this? Huh?

(Police siren blares)


Shit! What the fuck, man?

Shit's in the frame. Just be cool, man.

Be cool? Man, what the fuck?

Can't be fucking serious.

You boys in a hurry?

I'm sorry about that, officer. I just got the car.

I ain't used to the power.

You wouldn't happen to have any drugs or alcohol in here now, would you? No, sir, officer.


You ain't lying to me now, are you?

Aw, come on, man. No, sir.

Well, you don't mind if I take a look then, do you?

Step out of the vehicle. Thanks.

We just want to go home, officer.

Yeah, I know. I said step out of the vehicle.

Hey, I said step out of the vehicle now. Get out.

Hey, what are you doing?

(Groans) Yo, man, what the fuck?

Why you shoot him for?

I'm going to handle this shit.

You ain't have to fucking shoot him!

Get the fuck in the car, man. (Gunshots)

Look, I don't know nothing about that, man.

Yeah? Hey, shit, man.

Come on. Fucking... shut up and come here. God damn.

It's just you and me talking right now, okay?

But I can change in a heartbeat, so it's up to you.

(Scoffs) Yeah.

I remember seeing you on TV, everybody all weepy-eyed and shit, like you some kind of fucking hero.

I know the truth, motherfucker.

Just some junkie looking to shake us down.


I thought long and hard about what I'd do to you if I ever saw you again.

At first, I wanted to put a bullet right through your fucking skull.

After a while, I realized...

I realized you saved my life that night, so I want to repay the favor.

Give me your wallet.

Give you my wallet?

Give it to me.

Ellis dracut. All right.

Here's how it's going to go down.

We caught the guy that shot your friends.

Tomorrow his lawyer's going to get an anonymous phone call saying that you're willing to testify. That's bullshit.

It's not going to happen, 'cause you're not going to be here.

Take this. Take it.

I want you buy a ticket, train ticket.

You go to any city where you don't know anybody.

Go someplace where you can start a new life.

Do anything but what you're doing here now.

Callahan: You believe in redemption, father?

Well, this path would never have chosen me if I didn't.

So you think everyone can be saved?


I would rather hear your thoughts on the subject.

You know the worst thing about homicide?

We always get there after the fact.

You have no idea how that eats at you.

I'm tracking a suspect.

Seems as though he's already ruined one young girl's life and her family.

I can see the way he was looking at 'em.

I knew exactly what he was thinking.

This time, I'm not going to be too late.

I'll pray for you, David.

(Telephone rings)


It's Cal.

Got a minute to do a search for me?

Depends what you're looking for.

Serial predator, white male, mid to late 30s.

Sexual assaults.

Younger girls.

See if we've got any cases reported over the past six months.

That's all I've got to go on?

Drawings. Come again?

He's doing drawings of them.

That's how he's getting them to drop their guard, by sketching the victims' faces.

Okay. Tell you what I find.


(Car horn honks)

(Dispatch radio chatter)

(Cellphone buzzes)

What's up, lieu?

Larussa: At the bar, and I'll see you inside.

We'll finish this off today, all right?

Hey, lieu, what couldn't you tell me on the phone?


Perp's name is oleg emelyaenko.

Know him?


(Camera clicks)

I want you to see this.

Is this her place?

No, the apartment belongs to the suspect... emelyaenko.


Come here a second.

Thing is, Cal, she was killed attempting to make a phone call.

The card in her hand was yours, so, I mean, you did know her, anyway, didn't you?

Yeah, I knew her, lieu. Right.

Yeah. Looks like she burnt the toast, right?

So you think this is real funny, huh, scanlon?

It's all right.

Listen, he's having a bad day, huh?

Get your job done, detective, all right?

'Cause a whore's a whore.

Brogan: Piece of work you are, huh?

What, do you have no, like, social skills or what?

Scanlon: Just focus on those fingerprints right there.

Look, I need to get samples of...

Oleg: It's between you and me.

Sergei: Will you help me?

I'd like to, but...

Without your daughter to validate the contents of this journal, there's no case. D.A. Won't file charges.

I am not looking for a trial.

There are just some people the world would be better off without.

Hey, dad.

Can I talk to you about something?


What's going on?

There's someone...

I'm embarrassed to tell you, but I need your advice.

Someone who?

Someone at school.

Someone who goes to your school or someone you saw at school?

What's the difference?

Honey, I love you, and I'm here to protect you.

I need to know if something happened.

I know.

Well, this someone at school, did he hurt you?

Did somebody hurt you? What?

Just tell me. Then I can... What's wrong with you?

Can't you stop being a cop for, like, five minutes?

No, I just want to know what you're talking about.

(Dance music playing)

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

♪ Your love's a bad machine ♪

♪ Your love's a bad machine ♪

♪ Your love's a bad machine ♪

♪ And, baby, I like it ♪

♪ Your love is killing me ♪ Bourbon, neat.

♪ Your love is killing me ♪

♪ Bring out the beast in me ♪

♪ Baby, I like it ♪

Callahan's voice: If you'd see the way he was watching 'em, I knew exactly what he was thinking.

There are just some people the world would be better off without.

Can I get another one?

Start a tab.

♪ Love is a bad machine ♪

♪ And I like it ♪

♪ Your love is killing me ♪

♪ Your love is killing me ♪

♪ Bring out the beast in me. ♪

Lanie: There's someone...

Someone at school.



What the fuck?

Zhanna dronov, you remember her?


Yeah, wha... don't fucking move.

Whoa. Hold on, man.

Hold on a second.

Get on your knees.

So you still don't know, do you?

Get on your fucking knees now.

Okay, man. Okay. All right.

I know who you are.

You and me, we're a lot alike.

You're a sick fuck.

Let me just show something to you, okay?


I just want to show you something, okay?

(Screams) Nah, this is over, man.

Trust me. Let me reach into my pocket, and let me ju... It's over now.

I'm just going to reach into my pocket, man.

Lanie: There's someone...

Someone at school.

Just going to reach in my fucking pocket, man.


Don't let... let...

(Police sirens blaring)

(Telephone line ringing)

Hello. Sergei.

Who is this?

Did you know he was a cop?

Who was a cop? Who the hell is this?

I'm in front of your fucking house, man.

Listen, asshole, I'm about to call the cops, so you'd better get the hell out of here.

(Cell phone buzzing)

(Overlapping chatter)

Hey, lieu. You called for me?

Yeah, I did, hour and a half ago.

Guess you been occupied.

So what's going on? Captain wants to see you.

Making my life miserable.

The prodigal has returned.

Why don't you grab yourself a cup of coffee, lieutenant?

Oh, I think it might be useful if I... give me 10 with him alone.

Sit down.

Hey, captain.

His name was Nicholas logue, shot and killed outside his apartment last night.

Captain: Did you know him?



Are you sure?

Well, yeah. How would I know him?

'Cause he was one of ours, worked out of the 77th.



(Mint crunches)

How you feeling?

I'm all right.

'Cause I was thinking of having you run primary on this.

Are you? Why me?

Our boy here may have been involved in some embarrassing extracurricular activities.

And if anyone understands the concept of discretion being the better part of valor, that would be you, wouldn't it, detective?

Okay, cap.

Hey, Callahan. Yeah?

You might need these.

So you're going to hand off everything you got to him, you understand?

Yeah. With no bullshit, right?

Remember to come up on it... what are you looking at?

What the fuck you laughing at? All right.

Listen to me. I got it.

I know you got it, but don't fuck around on this. You hear me?

Hey, sluggo. Yeah.

I'm not kidding. All right.

You know, you look like shit, Callahan.

That's a slain officer in there, huh?

You might want to think about cleaning up before you go inside.

Why don't you just back off, scanlon?

I'm in no mood for you right now.

You really just pulled the rug right out underneath me on this one.

What the fuck are you talking about?

The lieutenant, he assigns me the case.

I find out this morning I'm supposed to report to you.

No, it was the captain's call.

Fucking idiot.

Yeah, I can still smell his balls on your breath.

What the fuck? Fuck you!

Piece of shit, you... Scanlon.

Get off! You going to do this here?

Back off, both of you. We're not done, Callahan.

God damn it. What the hell is wrong with you?

And look where you are, for Christ's sake, you morons.

What are you, in third grade?

Yeah, grow up. Talk to him, lieu.

Get out of here. Fucking idiot.

You got to get your shit in order.

You hear me? You going to take this thing over, be prepared for the fact, you walk in that room, people are gonna look to you for answers. You got 'em? Huh?


All right.

We found a 9mm with the serial numbers filed off near the body.

Brogan's running it through ballistics now.

(Sighs) Did you know logue, lieu?

No, I didn't.

Scanlon talked to some of the guys over at the 77th. They said that he was having emotional problems. Ah, yeah, he was drinking too much.

Wife kicked him out, filed a restraining order.

Familiar stuff.

All right, come on.

I'm good. Go pay respects.

(Bagpipes playing)

I'm Jake larussa.

(Speaks softly)

(Speaking softly)

(Car horn honks)

Woman: Get going.

(No audible dialogue)

Mr. dronov.

Yes? Sergei dronov?

What do you want?

I'm a detective.

I was wondering if I could have a few moments to talk about your daughter.

(Dog barking)

Around back. I don't want to upset my wife.

So why are you interested in my daughter?

It's a routine follow-up.

Just want to make sure the original officers did a thorough investigation.

I don't know what they could have missed.

Zhanna overdosed.

What? It wasn't a suicide?

I guess if you shoot junk into your arms, you can't be a very happy person.

But I didn't think she intended to take her life.

You ever seen this man?

Yeah. I met him.

Zhanna brought him by.

I thought all the men in her life are losers, but she said he was different.

They were going to get clean together.

They met at the club.

I didn't like it, but I guess it was a better way to support her habit than selling her body on the street.

Do you know if zhanna kept a journal?

She did.

I was the one that cleaned out her apartment, but...

I never found it.

I made my peace with God.

There are some things in this world that a father...

Should never know.

Well, I'm sorry for the intrusion.

I thank you for your help.

Hey, brogan.


If you're here to check on that search you initiated, it didn't turn up anything, but I'd broaden the parameters if I had more to go on.

Ah, forget that now. I need this dusted for prints.

Does this have anything to do with Nicholas logue?

It might.

This thing's not even bagged.

Yeah, I know.

Paper's way too porous.

Maybe I can pull something from the cover.

Well, just give it a try, okay?


Got a computer I can use in here, or...

Yeah, over there.


Put your hands where I can see 'em now.

(Door closes)


You listening to me?


(Gunfire continues)

(Gun clicks)

(Car horn honks)

(Vehicle crashes)

(Police siren blaring)


Is your mother home? Who are you?

Detective Callahan.

Mom. A cop is here.

Come in.

Hello, Mrs. logue.

I'm detective David Callahan.

I'm very sorry for your loss.

I didn't want to be here to disturb you.

Your husband's car was involved in an accident.

I was wondering if you know if he loaned it to someone.


You look younger in person.

I'm sorry?

Come with me.

We were fine until he became obsessed with you.

Captain: How's the family?

Nicholas: My wife would be happier if I got out of the 77th.

I can make a few calls.

Well, isn't that why I'm here?

I heard an unpleasant rumor about one of my men.

I need someone outside the division to get confirmation for me.

This off the books?

It is until I can figure out the extent of the situation.

So this is my shot, verona?

Could be.

(Camera clicks)

Sorry about that, officer. I just got the car.

I ain't used to the power.

You wouldn't happen to have any drugs or alcohol in here now, would you?

No, sir, officer. No?

We just want to go home, officer.

I said step out of the vehicle now. Get out.

Hey, what are you doing?


Ellis: Fuck!

Man, pull off, man. Come on.


Nicholas: Hey!

(Telephone rings)

Verona. Hey, they shot him.

They shot him. Whoa, whoa, hey.

Take a deep breath and slow down.

What happened?

Detective Callahan's been shot. Somebody fucking shot him.

Jesus. Were you able to get a look at them?

I barely had time to react.

Where are they? They drove off.

I couldn't get a plate or anything.

I wasn't expecting them to shoot him. I...

Nick. Nick. Is detective Callahan dead?

I don't know if he's going to make it.

He's in pretty bad shape.

Can you contain it? Contain what?

This department doesn't deserve to pay for his transgressions, so I'll ask you again. Can you contain it?

Sure. Yes. Yes, I can contain it.

Good. Now you do it as fast as you can and get the hell out of there.

Officer's been shot at the... at the corner of water and frontage.

Repeat, officer down at the corner of water and frontage.

Copy that. All units, we have a 10-0-0.

We have a 10-0-0 at the corner of water and frontage.

Just tell my wife... just tell her I'm sorry. (Police siren blaring)

I'm sorry.

Ah, you can tell her yourself, okay?

You hear those sirens?

They're coming after you, okay, buddy?

You're going to be fine, okay?

You just hold on, buddy. Hold on.

Nicholas: Hey, what the fuck is this?

Verona: Well, it seems self-explanatory.

It's a party to welcome detective David Callahan back to active duty. I'm close.

I've spent three months building a rock-solid case.

I'm telling you this piece of shit belongs in northern correctional, not a reception at the park Plaza hotel.

You have seen this, haven't you?

Oh, you got to be shitting me.

Now you listen to me.

The approval rating for this department is at a 20-year high, and there is no way... Verona... you, me, anybody is going to jeopardize that.

Callahan is as bad as they come, verona.

If glorifying him is good for the rest of us, is that such a bad thing?

What about royce Walker?

He's the worst trafficker outside of New York City.

What happens if we walk away from this thing?

He gets a free pass. You know what, Nick?

I don't think you can see this now, but honestly this is the best solution available.

Okay? What about me?

Huh? What about my family?

Suck it up. Be a man. Be a marine.

Fuck you. You fucking come back here.

Get your fucking ass here, and you understand this simple concept.

Before you start engaging in stinking thinking, just remember this.

If I go down, you will be the one to break my fall and then fuck your family.

See you at the party.

Royce Walker. I know you?

No, you don't know me, but I know you.

Take it.

There's plenty more where that came from.

What the fuck do you want?

How much money you want to spend?

So what do you think?

Scottsdale? I don't even know where that is.

Nobody else does either.

I can't afford this.

Walker will never let me go.

Let me worry about him.

All right?

(Patrons whistle, cheer)



Ah, no.

God damn it!

No. No.

Baby, no.

I owned her just like I own you.



Walker: He's a regular just like you used to be.

Pull the strings and watch them dance.

He's in my house right now.


Should ask for lieutenant larussa.

You tell him everything he needs is downstairs.

(Knock on door) Lieutenant.

You're not going to believe this.

Eh, probably not. You can try.

So I couldn't get a clean print off the gun we found next to logue's body, but I was able to pull a latent off of one of the shells inside the clip.

So now tell me you got a match.

Better. We've already got this guy in lockup.

You're right.

I don't believe you.

Told you.



Callahan's voice: I've done a terrible thing.

There's no going back.

That's why today is the day that I die.

But I'm going to make it right...

So I'm not going alone.

What are you doing?


I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry, Alex.

I never meant to hurt you or lanie.

You got to believe me.

Why are you saying that?

I love you both with all my heart.

Whatever happens to me...

You tell her that, okay?


(Cellphone buzzes)

Hey, brogan.

Callahan, found a couple matches on that journal you dropped off.

We had to fume it, but besides yours, we found one belonging to royce Walker.

I know.


Who's got your piece, oleg?

I don't own one.

Oh. I do not believe in violence.

I doubt your girlfriend would agree with that.

All right, listen to me very carefully, you fucking douche bag.

A cop was shot last night, and your gun was involved.

A cop?

I guess somewhere a Saint just got his wings.

Oh, whoa, whoa. That's all you got?

No, no, no. He's got a lot more than that.

So maybe it's time you stopped cracking wise and answered the question.

You don't get it. You get three hots and a cot for doing your old lady. That's easy time.

But for killing a cop... how the fuck could I kill a cop while I'm here?

Think about it.

Larussa: Oleg, let me teach you a new word.



That's close enough.

Doesn't matter if you pulled the trigger, just so you knew what the gun was being used for, so let's try again. Where's your gun?

Where's your gun?

Where's your fucking gun?!


I'll take it from here.

Sure. We'd like to sit in.

That won't be necessary.

Go, go.

(Clears throat)

Was I unclear, lieutenant?

Scanlon: Fucking commie.

You know what a risk-benefit ratio is?

Do you know what that means?

It's like a negotiation.

And do I have the deal of a lifetime for you.


Dispatch, this is five-Lincoln-12.

Go ahead, five-Lincoln-12. Over.

I'm at 1175 fulton.

Shots fired. Officer down.

All patrols, respond.

We have a 10-0-0 at 1175 fulton.

Immediate backup.


Hey, Walker!

You had to get rid of logue, huh?

Why me?

Why did it have to be me?

I remember watching you on TV begging your savior to come forward so you could thank him in person.

It was touching.

Then I started to wonder.

What if that journal had a different ending?

What would happen if your savior came back into your life... and you had the chance to repay him?

How far would you go, Cal?

Pull the strings.

Watch them dance.

Okay. Okay, that's good.

Take a hike.

Thank you.

Maybe I should get a lawyer present.

I have a sworn affidavit here from oleg emelyanenko.

It states that royce Walker found out logue was an undercover officer and ordered a hit on him.

You discovered this information in the course of your investigation, and when you went to confront Walker, he and his men reacted in a life-threatening manner.

You had no choice but to use deadly and justifiable force.

And the rest just gets swept under the rug, right, captain?

No one cares.

I care.

Just sign it like you did before.

Not this time.

I will never grasp...

The extent of your ingratitude.

You know, you talk about protecting the integrity of the department.

The only thing you've ever concerned yourself with is covering your own ass.

Don't you turn your back on me, you self-righteous little prick.

You keep your mouth shut, or I will fucking bury you, Callahan.

You hear me?!

Callahan: People talk about fate...

How everything happens for a reason.

But I never believed that.

I disrespected the woman that I love.

I violated my oath to protect and serve.

I couldn't find a single reason why I deserve a second chance.

Until now.

Let's go home.

(Instrumental music playing)

♪ You take my world ♪

♪ And wrap it ♪

♪ Round this dance ♪

♪ You had the perfect rhythm ♪

♪ From the start ♪

♪ And I just can't slow ♪

♪ The beating of my heart ♪

♪ That you give me arrhythmia ♪

♪ Give me arrhythmia ♪

♪ You want to love with the light on ♪

♪ Show me the switch, and I'll hit it ♪

♪ You want to get in the race now ♪

♪ Show me the start, and I'll win it ♪

♪ Even when I'm fading ♪

♪ You keep on picking me back up ♪

♪ You make it feel like an inner girl ♪

♪ You make it feel like ♪

♪ America ♪

♪ Baby, tonight, I feel like ♪

♪ Making love ♪

♪ You take my world ♪

♪ And wrap it round this dance ♪

♪ And I just can't slow the beating of my heart ♪

♪ That you give me arrhythmia. ♪

(Ballad playing)

♪ Over the radio ♪

♪ Comes a sound I hope I never know ♪

♪ Another officer down ♪

♪ But if you were an angel ♪

♪ Show me the way to go ♪

♪ I can see heaven now ♪

♪ When I opened my eyes ♪

♪ When I opened my eyes ♪

♪ You were there ♪

♪ You were there ♪