Olaf's Frozen Adventure (2017) Script


(CHUCKLES) Not yet, Olaf.

-Surprise! -(WOMEN GASP)

WOMEN: Not yet, Olaf.

-Surprise! -(GASPS)

(SIGHS) Not yet, Olaf.



-Surprise! -(GASPS)

(CHUCKLES) Olaf! Not yet!

ELSA: Anna's right.

Our surprise holiday party doesn't start until after the Jule bell rings.

Sorry, the suspense is tearing me apart.

Thank you!

(CHUCKLES) I'm excited too, Olaf.

This is Arendelle's first Christmas in forever.

The first of many to come.

Elsa, look! They're arriving!

Look at everyone

-They don't realize ♪ -(GASPS) What?

We planned a partyas a big surprise

Soon the ballroom will echoWith sounds of cheer

As we ring inthe season this year

This is overdue

-Gotta look our best-Ooh!

I've never been so nicely dressed

We'll be hosting and toasting

The whole night through

As we ring in the season with you

It's the first Christmas in forever

Since we opened up the gate

And it's the first ChristmasI remember to date

And it's already worth the wait


-Look at all the joy-All the joy

-And it's everywhere-Everywhere

I feel the Christmas spiritin the air

Feel the spirit

And the party will startAt the strike of noon

And we'll ring in the season so soon OLAF: Hey! It's Kristoff and Sven!

(GASPS) And the Jule bell!

Why am I so excited about that?

Olaf, the Jule bell signals the start of the holidays in Arendelle.


And it's almost time to ring the bell

We'll hear it chime through Arendelle

It's finally here and It's happening fast

We'll make up for allWe have missed in the past

It's time to celebrate

As we ring in the season

At last


Let the holidays begin!


Okay, now!

(CHUCKLES) Surprise!


-OLAF: Uh-oh. -Wait, wait, wait.

Hold on, hold on. Going so soon?

The Jule bell rang.

I must get home for my family's holiday tradition...

-rolling the lefse. -Um...

Ours is putting out porridge for the Tomte.

We're making traditional bordstabelbakkels!

And I'm gonna filet the krumsakringlekakke!

That's a thing, right?

Oh, Mr. and Mrs. Olsen?

You're welcome to join us in the castle if you'd like.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

But Olga and I should be getting home to knit socks for our grandchildren.

It's our tradition.

(LAUGHS) Yes. And we wouldn't want to intrude on your family traditions.


Oh, so the surprise is everyone left.

Hey, I say it's their loss.

Who needs a big party anyway?


I've got just the thing to cheer you up: my favorite traditional troll tradition.

-Care to join in? -Uh, yeah!

Okay, it starts with a gathering song, "The Ballad of Flemmingrad."

I love ballads!

Every Decemberwe all gather round

To pay our respectsTo a troll so renowned

In remembranceof the friend we had

A jolly old soulwe called Flemmingrad Tempo!

We all dig deep downAnd we uproot the past

We shove up its nostrilsA fistful of grass Nostrils?

We shape his likenessBless his soul


Whoa, gross.

Oh FlemmyThe fungus troll

Now, you lick his forehead and make a wish.

(LICKS) Who's next?

-Elsa, you're up. -(GAGS)

Come on. Tastes like lichen.

You're a princess. You don't have to settle.

Okay. Not so much a royal activity. I get it.

But wait until you taste my traditional Flemmy stew.

It may smell like wet fur, but it's a real crowd pleaser.

Oh, thanks. We're good.

Big breakfast. (CHUCKLES)


(CHUCKLES) I can't wait!

ELSA: For what, Olaf?

For your family tradition. What is it?

Tell me, tell me, tell me!

Do we have any traditions, Elsa?

Do you remember?

Well, I remember...

It was long ago

They would ring the bell

We could hear it chimethrough Arendelle

I remember the waythat I felt back then

We would ring in the season

We would ring in the season

But the Jule bell was for the kingdom.

What about us?

After the gates were closed, we were never together.



ELSA: I'm sorry, Anna.

It's my fault we don't have a family tradition.

Wait, Elsa...




Sven! Anna and Elsa don't have a family tradition.


I know it's sad... but I have a solution!

We'll go and find the best tradition Anna and Elsa have ever seen... and bring it back to the castle!

Are you with me?


Let's go find their tradition!

House number one.

Wow, festive.

WOMAN: Coming!

Good afternoon. I am Olaf, and...

Hey, Olaf!

Please let me finish, and I like warm hugs.

This is my associate, Sven.

We're going door to door looking for family traditions.

Tell us yours, and we'll decide if it's special enough.

Oh! We make candy canes together.



Sugar rush!

You're supposed to eat it.

Eat my new nose? Why would I do that?

Because it's that time of year!


It's that time of year!


Happy, merry, holly, jollySeason's greetings here

I'm wonderingwhat your family does

At that time of year

Love and joy and peace on earth

And tidings of good cheer

Do you have tradition things

For that time of year?

Well, we hang upboughs of evergreen

On every single doorway

Bake a giant cookieIn the wavy shape of Norway

Go from door to door todoor Wassailing with our choir

Hang up all your giant socksAbove an open fire That sounds safe.

So happy, merry, yuletide carol

Faithful friends are deer

Thanks for sharing what you do

At that time of year


(GASPS) We better get a move on if we're gonna hit every house in the kingdom.


Jolly, merry, happy, hollyOn a midnight clear

I'm here to ask you what you do

At that time of year

Hi, shalom, happy solsticeFancy chandelier

I'm looking for tradition stuff

For that time of year

Well, we make our decorations

Out of flotsam and jetsam

Bake a yummy fruitcake

And you can't leave till you get some That went right through me.

Buy each other presents

And then hide them very nimbly

Wait up for a chubby manTo shimmy down your chimney Breaking and entering: okay on Christmas.

Oh, happy,merry mule-tied barrels

Faithful, gladsome cheer

And thanks for sharing what you do

At that time of year Thank you.

We knit scarves and sweaters

And we wear our matching mittens

Don't forget the jammies

That I knitted for my kittens

Eight nights in a row

We light menorahs on our mantels You cut down a tree... and then you dress its corpse with candles.


I love it!

Anna and Elsa

Will have all that they need

I'll fill my sleigh here

With the help of my steed

It'll be the best time of year

It's up to you

Up to meMe, me

Up to...


Oh, happy, merry,Mele Kaliki

Holly, jolly, happy tappy

Chubby man will soon appear

And faithful friends are tiny deer

And festive tidingsmidnight clear, and...

Can I leave this fruitcake here?

At that time of year


Last house, Sven.

Something tells me this will be the best tradition yet!



And what does your family do at that time of year?



Enjoying the Christmas sweats, inquisitive magic snowman?

Oh, yeah!

Nothin' like taking your coals off once in a while.

You know what I mean?

My troubles are just melting away.

In retrospect, the holiday sweats are for those not made of snow.


Oh, I feel so refreshed! Am I glowing?

(GRUNTS) Here's a sauna for your friends.

Thank you, Mr. Wandering Oaken.

Oh, one last thing.

Would it be possible to get one of those awkwardly revealing... yet tastefully traditional towels your family is so fond of wearing?

Take mine, yeah?


OLAF: Still warm.

Dashing through the snow

With traditions in our sleigh

Back to the castle we goTo save this holiday

Ho, ho, ho

Our plan has zero flawsI see nothing going wrong


Whew! Crisis averted.


Oh, look, another reindeer going the opposite direction.


Wow, we're making really good time!


Hey! The fire's out.


Oh, darn it.



Anna, I owe you an apology for earlier.



-(GASPS) -Hi, Elsa!

(SIGHS) Anna! What are you doing up here?

Looking for traditions.


And what are you wearing?

My old Viking helmet... and this was my sorceress cloak.

Dragon feet!


I found them in my old trunk. What's in yours?

Oh, mostly gloves.

Right. Rows and rows of satin gloves.


Yep. Welcome to my world.

Wait. Who's this little guy?

Oh! Sir Jorgenbjorgen!

He was a really good listener.

Anna, how are we going to find any traditions up here?



What's that?

Look inside.


OLAF: Okay, Sven...

I'm not gonna sugarcoat it. This is a bit of a setback.

Ooh! Maybe this is salvageable.

No, definitely not.

Oh, parts of this are still good, I think.

Oh, no, this is unsafe now.

(GASPS) Hey, the fruitcake!

These things are indestructible!

I'll just take this seemingly harmless shortcut here... and meet you back at the castle, okay?


OLAF: Oh, puppies!

-(WOLVES GROWLING) -Down, boy.

Ah! I'm just gonna go now!



-MAN: Whoa! -WOMAN: No!

Oh, Sven! The Flemmy stew is ready!

Anna and Elsa are gonna love this.


"Oh, Kristoff, you're so thoughtful.

"Now where's my bowl?"

Hey, simmer down, buddy.

Here you go.

Whoa, what are you...

Oh! Of course!

"Needs more carrots!"

Can't get enough of 'em, can ya?





Oh, no! Olaf's lost in the forest?

And being chased by hungry wolves?

Yeah. Obviously.

Ring the bell. Gather everyone!

Come on, Sven! Make yourself useful.

-Olaf needs our help. -(BELL RINGING)



Please, I know you're hungry... but I need at least one tradition for my best friends.

The fate of the world depends on it!



Yes! Yes, I did it!

A tradition is saved!


Well, I guess hawks need traditions too.


Happy, merry, holly, jolly

Tidings of good cheer


I never meant to let them down

At that time of year


Maybe I should just stay lost.





MAN: Olaf, where are you?

KID: Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Any sign of him?

-No. -(SIGHS)



Olaf? Where are you?

OLAF: He's not here.



Hmm. I wonder where he went.

OLAF: Well, he probably went on a mission to find traditions for Anna and Elsa.

Oh. And did he find any?

OLAF: He did... but then they caught fire and fell off a cliff.

And then they caught fire again.

And then a hawk took them.


I'm sorry.

You still don't have a tradition.

But we do, Olaf.


(GASPS) Wait... is that...

ELSA: Anna made these years ago.

When we first made you.

"Hi, I'm Olaf."

You were the one who brought us together... and kept us connected when we were apart.

ANNA: Every Christmas...


I made Elsa a gift.

ELSA: All those long years alone...

(KNOCK ON DOOR) we had you to remind us of our childhood.

ANNA: Of how much we still loved each other.

ELSA: It's you, Olaf.

You are our tradition.




Sure, it's nice to open a gift

That's tied up with a perfect bow

But the greatest present of all

Was given to me long ago

It's something I would never trade Olaf!

It's the family that we've made We were worried about you!

'Cause when we're together

I have everything on my list

And when we're together

I have all I wished

All around the Christmas tree

There'll be dreams coming true

But when we're together

Then my favorite gift is you


I would travel miles and miles

And I would follow any star

I'd go almost any place

If it's any place you are

'Cause when we're together

When we're together

I'll forever feel at home

And when we're together

When we're together

We'll be safe and warm

Safe and warm

Doesn't matter where we areIf you're there with me

'Cause when we're together

-That's my favorite place to be-To be

'Cause when we're together

It's a holiday every night

And when we're together

-Then the season's bright-Season's bright

I don't need the bells to ring

I don't need the bells

I'll know when it's here

I'll know when it's here

'Cause when we're together

I could stay forever

And when we're together

It's my favorite

Time of year

Well, I think Arendelle has a new tradition.

Thank you, Olaf.


OLAF: (GASPS) The fruitcake!

It's a Christmas miracle!