Oldur Beni Sevgilim (2019) Script

-I love you! -I love you so much!

Will you marry me?

Yes! Until death, yes!

-Until death, right? -Yes, until death!

Until death!

What now?

-What did I do wrong this time, Demet? -You really don’t understand.

Right, I don’t.

I take you out for our anniversary, and you still treat me like this.

Okan, you brought me to a kebab place for our wedding anniversary!

In my lunch break!

On the top floor of the shopping center where I work!

And you’ll pay for it with those meal vouchers!

-You want me to waste these vouchers? -You really don’t understand.

If you’d understood, you wouldn’t have gifted me an iron on our fifth anniversary! An iron!

Listen, Demet.

I brought you to a kebab place, because you like iskender kebab.

Yes, I chose your lunch break, because I may work overtime tonight.

Yes, I’m paying with a meal voucher, because that’s how I can pay.

And yes, I bought you an iron, because you’ve been asking me for an iron for months!

Is it the kebab? You didn’t like it?

You don’t understand a word of what I’m saying!

There should be no excitement in our life, right?

Let’s just eat our kebab and die in peace!

Do you remember when we last went on holiday?

We went to Silivri.

-Four years ago! -Yes, four years ago, Demet.

Because for four years, we’ve been paying for the 20,000-lira sofa set you bought!

But it’s a beautiful set.

Why didn’t we go on holiday! I know how to spend money like crazy.

But obviously, one of us must act more responsibly.

Really, how did you get me to buy that sofa set?

I have no idea.

Listen, Okan. My love, my darling.

What’s our most exciting memory in our marriage? Our wedding!

People go abroad on trips and holidays.

Why don’t we have a holiday abroad?

Why don’t we do paragliding? Why don’t we learn scuba diving?

Why don’t we do something exciting about our marriage?

-Sir, excuse me. -I’m coming.

-Full, half, quarter? -Full ticket.

-How much? -Sixty liras.

That’s a lot.

Do you have ten liras?

-Ten liras? -Yes, ten liras.

You want me to give you ten liras after all I’ve just said?

Here’s your ten liras!

Good luck!

Demet, sweetheart!

The iron. You left it.

To many happy five years together, Okan!

Let me eat that kebab.

When has a husband ever done a good thing for a wife!

I don’t know whether to get mad about the iron, the kebab place or the broken power socket!

I’ve had enough! Esra, put those in storage!

-My God almighty, give me patience! -Hey!

-Yes, what? -What? Why are you so angry?

He took me to a kebab place on our wedding anniversary!

-And he got me an iron as a present! -Hey, careful with that iron!

He got you an iron? That one? Let me see.

-It’s not cordless either. -Not cordless.

There’s no box either. You couldn’t return it if it broke.

-No box... -What the... What kind of man does that!

Shame on him! And here I was, thinking he’d talk to our boss and take you to a nice restaurant or something, and he took you upstairs?

He got you an iron? What a shame! What kind of a gift is an iron!



Put this in storage. I don’t want to see it.

-Don’t let her see it. -I don’t want to see no iron!

You know what? If this happened to me, if I was treated like that on my wedding anniversary, I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute. Not for a second!

I’d get a lawyer right away and divorce that guy.

You need to get a husband or a boyfriend before you can think of divorcing him!

Get to work. Our sinister boss will come in any moment.

-I’ve heard enough. -"Sinister" reminded me of something.

-Listen to me carefully. -What?

I’ve got a great plan, Demet.

We’ll get rid of this jerk of a boss so cunningly... that the police won’t even bother to take our statements!

-A perfect murder! What do you say? -You know what I say?

-I say, "Have you lost your mind?" -Why?

-You’re thinking of an actual murder! -Well, you can’t stand that guy either!

-Shut up. Get back to work. -I don’t believe you.

I asked something of you for the first time ever, I thought we’d get rid of this guy...

Congratulations, Okan!


Congratulations. You’re the employee of the month!

Thank you very much.

This is the life insurance policy for you and your wife.

By the way, I also put the news clippings about those potential clients in the file.

Thank you very much, Ms. Zeynep. I really appreciate this.

You don’t have to thank me, Okan.

I wish every employee was as good as you are.

That’s kind of you, Ms. Zeynep.

Perhaps it’s time you stopped using that "Ms."

Perhaps you should call me Zeynep, and I should call you Okan.

-Agreed? -Agreed.


-So, have a nice day. -Thank you.

-Rambo! -What the--

Mind your manners, man!

I’ve got the hots for Zeynep. She’s a real babe.

Listen, Okan. I bet you could score her.

-Quiet! People will hear you. -Who cares if they hear me?

But if the lady heard that, he’d kill you, right? Of course.

I haven’t had the occasion to meet her yet, but perhaps I will, right?


God damn me for getting you a job here! God damn me!

-So when are we going out for a drink? -We’re not.

Good, I’ll call you on Saturday.

-Don’t call me. -OK.

I’ll text you.

For me, you’re always the employee of the month. Every month.

You’re the man!



I’m not your maid!

It’s about time you learned to wipe the wet floor dry after showering!

The floor is supposed to get wet, Demet. You’d better learn that, dear.

God give me patience!

And you didn’t get an electrician for that socket.

I’ll fix that myself.

You’ve been saying that for a month. Everything is lacking!

Everything is half-done! Everything is messed up!

We can’t afford everything, dear. We need to think about tomorrow.

Alright, Okan.

Let’s keep thinking about tomorrow and live without a power socket today!

That’s great. Good night.

If you’re pulling this attitude about the lunch...

I can make it up to you.

No cuddling! I’m not doing anything with you tonight.

You’ve been saying that for two months.

Tomorrow is a work day. I’m getting up early.

And I have a headache. I’m too tired. I’m not in the mood.

What a combo of excuses!

I won’t stay where I’m not wanted.


I changed my mind.

Don’t sleep in the living room.

Sleep in the little room! I won’t have to hear your snoring then!

Come on!

I’ve got the whole bed...

The iron.

Take that iron and wrap it up...

-Wrap it up and put it... -Oh, God!

Okan? What happened? -Oh God!

What is it?

-What’s going on? -Lo... Lo... Lo...

What happened to your loo-loo?

We won the lottery!

What lottery? What’s that you’re looking at?

-See for yourself. -Come on. You’re lying.

I’ve checked it five times!

-Demet! -What?

We’re rich now!

Five million!

Hello. My love?

I love how you say that Listen, if we don’t touch the money for a year, the monthly interest is

-12 thousand liras. -What?

We can spend two thousand

-and put out ten at interest. -Darling.

-Have you been thinking money all day? -We’ll have saved

200 thousand liras by the end of the year!

I’ll start my own company with the principal.

We’ll buy a house the first year, and then the second, the third...

Then the fourth, the fifth.

What company, Okan?

The company I’ve been dreaming of for years.

Okan, is a company all you’ve been dreaming about for years?

Why don’t we go on holiday first?

Of course, but let’s make sure we’re financially secure first.

Enough about security!

I’m tired of hearing your security talk for years!

It’s about time I lived my life!

And I’m trying to make sure we have a better life, sweetheart.

Don’t yell at me.

I’ll start a business too, then!

-I’m opening a cafe! -A cafe?

That’s a terrible investment. Forget about it.

I don’t care.

I have my share in that money as well, and I’ll exercise my rights!

Alright, whatever. Listen.

Don’t talk to anyone about the money.

Okan, what are you talking about! Of course, I won’t talk about it.

OK, hang up. You’ve upset me again.

The floor isn’t slippery enough!

Oh, Ms. Demet! Finally you’ve joined us... even if an hour too late!

Sir, I was stuck in traffic.

I drive on the same roads coming to work every day.

But somehow, I’m never stuck in traffic.

This was a first. I’m very sorry.

I’ll deduct this from your salary.

You’ll deduct it from my salary?

I don’t care!

Mind your language! You can’t talk to me like that.

-Go to the cash register right now! -You go to the register!

-Just for a change! -Sorry?


How can’t you understand?

You’ve been working me like a dog for a pittance, for years.

I’ve been standing for eight hours on high heels, smiling fake smiles at your filthy, pushy customers! I’ve even had to blabber on with a 40-degree fever!

I’ve fainted of exhaustion so many times!

Have you even asked me if I was alright, even once?

You wouldn’t do that. Because you’re not human.

I quit! Shoo!

Thanks, folks.

I owe you for that.

Not you!

I’m watching you!

None for you!

I’ll change my clothes before I go!

I should’ve watched my tongue!

How come I quit on the spot, Demet? I even spat on the man’s face!

So there’s no going back.

Come on, it was the most boring job anyway.

I’ve got my maintenance fees, my rent, my credit card debt...

Don’t even think of that stuff, girl.

I’m here for you. I’ll help you out. Don’t worry.

You help out your own ass first!

Sister... we’ve hit the lottery!

What? You’re serious!

How come? How come you hit the lottery?

-For real? -Yes.

-The first prize? -Yes!

Great! How much?

-Five million. -Five million?

Was it five million?

Five thousand... Million...

-Five hundred million? -No way!

Oh, right.

-Five hundred thousand. -Five hundred thousand?

-Five hundred thousand. -Oh, right. Only five hundred thousand.

Five hundred thousand? No way!

That’s a lot of money.

You know what? If Okan is like you say he is, he must be looking for land to buy in Çorum or something!

I guess you didn’t understand. The money belongs to us both.

He'll talking investments with some chickpea vendor now. Mark my words.

-A chickpea vendor in Çorum, right? -Right, in Çorum.

Come on!

Let’s go before the ferry departs.

-Where? -I’ll do something too!


Are you sure you want to shop here? These places look expensive to me.

Of course I’m sure. And I won’t even check the prices. Come on!

That’s a beautiful dress!

Oh, sweetheart!

I need to shop some more!

-Never mind! Who cares! -Don’t be silly!

Hold that one. I’ll buy some more!


-A store for rent! -It’s for rent! Come on, call the number!

-Should I call it? -Come on!

-Okan will kill me! -Come on, he’s looking for land in Çorum!

-I’m calling. I really am. -Let’s see. It’s beautiful.

I’m calling. Five, three, eight, three, one, one...

-What does he say? -Wait, nothing yet.


-What are you doing here? -What am I doing here?

What’s the money doing here?

-I’m hiding it. -Hiding it here?

Where should I hide it?

-Okan. -Yes, dear?

You... Have you lost your mind?

-Do you think I have? -Put it in a bank!

-What bank? -Boy, you’re driving me crazy.

I don’t know, I don’t trust the banks.

I’m thinking of sleeping on it anyway. Perhaps it’ll be alright.

Oh, so you’re grabbing the money!

-Should I sleep under it? -It’s better on top.

What are those bags? You got off work early today.

I didn’t get off work early, sweetie.

I quit!


You quit your job because we have a bit of money now?

-Wait a minute! Is that a diamond watch? -It is.

-But you’ve been buying land in Çorum! -What? Çorum?

You’ve wasted a ton of money on this stuff!

That’s somewhat true.

Especially with the down payment for the place I rented for the cafe.

I knew it!

I knew it ever since we hit the lottery.

I said to myself, "If I know Demet, she’ll waste this money in no time!"

I’ll kill you!

I don’t have to be stingy just because you are!

-I’m not stingy. I’m frugal! -You’re talking like a detergent ad!

If we divorced tomorrow, you’d die of hunger in three months!

You forgot about the five million, though.

If we divorced tomorrow, I’ve got at least a million in the pocket.

I see. I’m handling the money thing. I know what to do.


-Right. Here’s your key. -Thank you.

And here’s the lady’s key.

Thank you. This is secure, right?

You can’t open this safe without both keys. Not even with a dynamite.

That’s good. Thank you, sir.

-I’ll see you off. -You’re welcome.

Thanks, sir.

Have a nice day. Thanks again.


You can no longer spend to your heart’s content, dear.

Stop that talk and get that power socket repaired.

It’s been broken for months.

I’ve fixed it, you silly. Go try it.

-Really? -Of course.


What happened?

Are you alright?

I’m not! I’m not alright, Okan!

-Welcome. -Hello.

-Please. -Say hello.

-Here? Let’s sit down. -Thank you.


Welcome, madam.


-Hello. -Thank you.


Wow. No way.

This place is too expensive!

You can order whatever you like. We have money.

If it were up to Okan, I couldn’t even step into this place.

-How is he doing? -The gentleman has been acting weird.

Strangely self-confident.

Look, I’ll show you something.

No, not now. Listen to me.

When men get rich, they first change their car, and then their wife--

-You know that, so watch out. -Come on.

-Okan would never do that. -I know, but still, be careful.

Demet, what happened? What’s that?

Look at that woman. She’s so hot.

Her breasts look silicone to me, but she might be wearing an underwire bra.

If I had those legs, I’d wear such a short skirt too!

Anyway, good for her.




-Demet, what are you doing here? -No, what are you doing here!

-Hello, Ms. Demet. We haven’t met before. -Put that hand down!

-I’ll talk to you later! -Demet, stop this!

No, you stop this!

What do you want me to do? I can smash this cup on your head, if you like!

-Or I might grab this knife and-- -Stop that crazy talk, Demet!

I’m having lunch with Ms. Zeynep for the new business we’re starting.

Which Ms. Zeynep?

Your co-worker?

-For the new business you’re starting. -Yes.

Ms. Zeynep. Hello.

I’m Demet.

He talks a lot about you.

Really? That’s nice.

Right. It must be nice.

Why don’t you join us?

Should I?

Perhaps I shouldn’t. Perhaps it’s too late now.

I can’t join you after all this.

I won’t join you.

I’ve told you a hundred times. She’s his co-worker.

You actually believe that, and that’s what gets me.

He might still hit her over all the business talk.

You saw those tits, right?

Okan doesn’t like silicone tits!

How can you be so self-confident saying that!

Look, I really wonder. When did you last do it?

Stop that silly talk!

There you go! I knew it! You have no sex life either, do you?

Well done! You just wait around, while that guy...

Look, they’ll fool you, and they’ll fly away together!

And live happily ever after!

Live happily? What are you talking about!

-OK, I’m shutting up. -Hey, look.

Here’s what I was actually going to show you today.


I told you not to park in front of my window so many times!

Where were we?

You’re blaming my Okan for nothing, but look. He got me life insurance.

Let’s see.

He’s got everything covered.

What’s that? There are other things here. What’s that?

"Man Murders Wife for Inheritance"

"Murder for Alimony"

"The Perfect Lottery Ticket"

So what?

-Demet! -What?

-Your husband will kill you! -Okan?



You’re talking nonsense!

Didn’t you tell me he’s been acting weird since the lottery?

-I did. -And didn’t we catch him

-with that sexy woman? -We caught him today.

Put the pieces together. What does it look like?

-I can’t put them together. -Look, he and her...

This man will kill you and run with the money.

And he’ll spend the money away with that woman! Here’s proof!

Then I’ll divorce him right away!

Demet, are you out of your mind?

Has anything strange happened to you lately?

Have you had anything dangerous happen to you? Anything out of the ordinary?

Quick. Think. Tell me.

Nothing happened!

Too bad.

I had an electric shock this morning.

Electric shock? How? When?

How did it happen? Tell me.

-Well, here’s what happened. -Tell me.

We had a broken power socket.

I’ve been telling Okan to repair it for days.

-He finally told me he fixed it. -He told you he fixed it?


He told you he fixed it?

There you go!

So he told you he fixed it...

Oh, wow. Look at Okan. He attempted it!

-He attempted it? -He attempted, but failed.

He failed?

He tried to kill you, but he couldn’t!

Oh, God, I think he’ll kill me!

If I were you, I’d take the initiative.

You want me to kill my husband?

You want me to talk on morning programs on TV, with a paper bag on my head?

No way!

Don’t be silly!

God damn you!

She rented a store without telling me!

I found the owner. I could barely take back half of the down payment.

Well done. Listen.

You’ve spoiled her game at the last moment, but I’m wondering, where did your wife find the money for that down payment in the first place?

-Oh, from the lottery. -Lottery?

-How much? -Five million.

-Five million? -Three... Hundred. Four.

-Three hundred and four million? -Two hundred thousand.

-Two hundred thousand? -That’s right.

You’re such a wishy-washy guy!

You turned me down when I asked you for a mere 20 thousand.

And I told you I’d make it 50!

So what? We’re not talking about the money here.

You’re always talking about money.

People kill people in cold blood for a hundred liras!

What wouldn’t one do for 200 thousand? Just think for a second.

Killing people in cold blood? We’re talking about Demet here!

I’m talking about Demet too. I say divorce her. Get rid of that woman.

You never listen to me.

I’m losing my nerve here. Enough is enough.

It’s always the same stuff. We’ve had enough of this woman.

I’m trying to talk to you here, to share your troubles.

But you don’t open up to me.

I’m sure you wouldn’t open up to the idea of sharing your money either, if I asked you to.

That’s the man you’ve become.

-Am I wrong? -Bülent, what sort of psychopath are you!

Şenol! Bring me lamb chops. Extra size.

Oh, come on.


Put fuel in this car once for a change!

You had me worried, calling so late at night.

You should fear your husband, not me.

He tried once. He’ll try again.

Hey, you’ve been working me up all the time.

But my husband would never do such a thing!

-You caught him with a woman. -I did.

-You found the life insurance. -Right. You’re right about that.

-You got an electric shock. -Right, that happened too.

When will you be sure? When he grabs your throat in the bathtub?

When the flames rise in a locked room? When the car’s handbrake fails?

When, Demet?

Hey, come on! Don’t be silly.

Can... Can we hang up for now?

-What happened? -Hang up.

I’ll call you back.

Hey, what is it?

Very exciting!

Will he set me on fire tonight?

Does she have a point?

He’ll burn me! Really, he will! The gas can!

He grabbed the gas can! Will he burn me?

Welcome, dear.

Hello. I got back half of the down payment.

-I hadn’t paid him much any-- -Whatever.

I’ll fix it all soon. I’ll fix the problem for good.

For good?

I’ll fix this whole problem for good.

I’ll cut your ass off!

He came home, and he was smelling so heavily of fuel!

And he left the gas can in the car.

No way!

I’m sorry, but your husband is such a stupid killer.

-He’s stupid and he’s an amateur! -He really is.

Now, listen carefully.

Once you get home, wash all the curtains thoroughly.

You want me to kill the guy with hygiene?

I said listen! Do you have a ladder at home?

-Yes. -Good. And do you have...

-What? -A saw?

You want me to cut my husband in half?

You’re driving me crazy! You’re even more stupid than your husband!

-I don’t understand. -Listen.

File down one step of the ladder with the saw.

Okan will step on it, and there you go.

God rest his soul.

-Forgive me, God. -Good God!

-Hello? -Hello? Did it go well? Is it done?

No, he’s in the living room now.

So when will you do it?

I couldn’t get myself to do it, Gonca. Don’t be harsh on me.

I know I have to be quick.

I’ll find a way to kill my husband.

-There’s no turning back. -What?

I’m determined. I’m going to finish this.


I’m definitely going to kill him. God willing, I will!


I’ve set my mind on this. There’s no turning back.

All this for just 200 thousand liras?

What a traitor!

Don’t call her a traitor! She’s my wife.

Your wife! You’re married to Jack the Ripper!

You’re defending that Azrael of a woman against your brother here?

Then perhaps I should go. It looks like you don’t need me.

-Why did I even come here? -Go.

-I’ll go to the police anyway. -Sure, go.

Go to the police. What will you tell them?

You have no proof. You’ll talk to the police.

And they’ll transfer you to a mental hospital!

You’ll talk to your crackpot friends about your troubles!

While Demet spends your money away!

She’ll do that. She’s set her mind on it.

I’m an insurance agent. I know this stuff. I get hundreds of cases like this.

-So, what will you do? -I’ll divorce her.

You can’t divorce her, man!

Don’t you know what a trickster she is? She’s a real devil!

She’ll go and get the best lawyer.

And she’ll rob you blind! She’ll take all you’ve got.

-You’ll be left penniless. -So what am I supposed to do?




Okan, dear?


Oh, no!

Like that! I’ll stab him like that.

Not this! This will hurt too much.




This is such a beautiful surprise!

I wanted to make up for our wedding anniversary.

That’s very kind of you.

I have another surprise.

You’ve got me really curious.

We’re going to Fethiye on holiday!

-Holiday? -Yes.

Oh, Okan.

Come here!

Here’s the plan.

There’s a hotel there I know very well.

We’ll make it look like an accident. Nobody will notice anything.

A holiday? That’s clever!

He’ll drown you in the shallow waters!

We don’t buy that!

I’ve got this.

-Are you ready, darling? -I’m ready, darling.


You first.

This is such a nice place!

I’m here.

Like that.

-Oh, wow. -No way.

Wonderful. Oh, yes.

-Hello. -Hello.

Okan and Demet Peker.

Welcome. Welcome.


I’ll check your reservation right now.

Your deluxe honeymoon suite is ready.

By the way, I must say it, You’re a very sweet couple. I hope I’m not stepping out of line.

You have no idea where the line is...

Anyway, we’ve left five years behind already.

-We’ll leave behind some more, hopefully. -Hopefully.

Right, hopefully...

Your suitcases have been taken to your suite. My friend will show you the way.

-Great. OK. -Great.

-This way, sir. -Thank you.

Thank you. The mustache, it looks great on your face.

-Thank you. -You’re welcome.

I don’t believe this!

Last one to get there loses!

Loses? What a loser.

Let me go!

It’s beautiful.

Look at that!

It’s got a pool too.

God, I can’t believe it!

It’s really beautiful.

Do you remember our last holiday?

How can I ever forget it!


You booked a room at the Silivri Teachers’ Guest House for a free holiday!

I spent the whole holiday in fear of exams!

We made love like rabbits every night!

You don’t remember that, Demet?

You’ve screwed up even this beautiful moment. Well done.

Who? Me, or you?

I thought this holiday might change you but you’re the same.


This holiday will be very different!

You’re right!

Okan and Demet Peker?


I’m İlker.

And you must be Okan.

Which of us?

And you must be Ms. Demet.

I’ll be your guide for your holiday package.

-Which package? -You’ll be resting today.

Tomorrow, trekking. We camp at night, and come back the next day.

And then I’ll leave you alone with the sea, the sand and the sun.

Did we buy such a package?

You’ve bought a deluxe honeymoon package.

I bought the most expensive package to make sure you don’t complain!

I didn’t know it had trekking and stuff!

Okan can’t do such things.

-So perhaps-- -Why can’t I?

I do such things! I always have!

I’ll see you in the morning.

See you, dear.


We’ve paid a truckload of money.

We must do it. This is our holiday, after all.


What kind of package is this!

He says he bought it by mistake. Like he can fool me.

By mistake? Right.

We’re not buying that, Okan!

You see? He’s trying to find an opportunity.

Who cares if he’s trying?

It’s not like he can do trekking or whatever.

Lifting weights has made his brain rot!

Maybe we won’t have to do anything. Things will sort themselves out.

Ah, right... What? What about me, then?

What about you? You just hang around. Nice hotel, nice place. Enjoy it.

Don’t worry. Once we take care of this, you’ll get your money.

Right. Sure.


Sex on the Beach.

My lucky number.

-Sorry? -Your earring.


You have a good eye.

I do. I have a good eye.

I only bet on the eight in roulette.

It also signifies infinity.

I guess you like gambling too.

I do.

But, I like to win.

Unlucky in gambling, lucky in love--

Now that you mentioned it, I want to do it.

I wish I could play right now. Because I’m free right now.

-Really? -Really.

But... as you know, gambling isn’t legal in our beautiful country.


Do you like it illegal?

I love it!

I don’t want to eat.

We have guests.

That’s it!

Thank you for coming all the way here. You didn’t need to bother.

So, good night.

OK, then.

-Well, I... -Let me help you with the...



So, have a nice sleep!

-Thank you. -Sweet dreams.

Thank you. OK.


Come here!

Come on, folks! We’re only just getting started.

Did your wife bring you here too?

-Kind of. -She’s always up to something.

She said trekking was the new fashion, and next thing, we’re here.

At least the lady looks happy, sir.

It’s been ten years since we got married, and she wasted my life away!

-How old are you, sir? -34.


-There’s no way you didn’t hold my hand. -Quiet!

Take a good look around you.

This area is home to seven species of rare plants, some of which are endemic to the area, which means they only grow here.

What’s that "wow"?

Ionodoxa forbesi, Sternbergia candida, Fruleteria, Aristophanes, Sophocles, Euripides - all of it!

-Were Aristophanes and Sophocles herbs? -He’s making it up.

But be careful. Don’t just pick them at random.

To recognize the poisonous ones... takes expertise.

Look, this is very good for the skin.

Really, try it.

He said there were poisonous herbs.

Come on, that one is good for the skin. You shouldn’t have thrown it away.

I have a question. We’ve been climbing all day...

-but how will we go back down? -The zipline.


What’s a zipline?

There’s no way I’m riding this!

That doesn’t surprise me at all.

Don’t worry, sir. We get this a lot.

See? It’s not only me.

Send a car up here. We’ve got a duck.

-A duck? -That’s what we call the likes of you.

Folks, I’m going. Bye!

-Right. -Just drink that.

-Is our duck feeling better? -He’s alright.

I’m fine, but...

I just can’t see. Is that the sun?

Come on, folks. We have a long way to go.

-We can’t wait all day for you. -We’re left behind again.

OK, folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey so far.

Here we are, at the Green Valley. This spring water river has been shaping the valley with its flow for thousands of years...

-It’s wonderful. -Demet, look over there!

I saw an iguana over there! Really!

-There! -Where?

Demet, I swear!

When the lady suddenly pushed me... from behind, I had to... push you too, before I could tell what was going on. And then--

You’re lying, Okan!

I almost died!

It was a terrible fall! I could’ve broken my neck.

Thankfully, Mr. İlker was there. Thank you for saving me.

I had the same thing happen once in Sri Lanka.

You’ve been to Sri Lanka too?

Having gone to Madagascar, I had to stop by there!

Wow. Great.

Come on!

You think you’re MacGyver?

Dog Whisperer! You donkey!

He’s been here and there...

What have you done in your life?

I need to pee.

I should go.

-We’re back, buddy. -You’re back?

I guess nothing happened.

He tried. Of course he did. But I survived.

So, it’s our turn now. Right?

You made a mess of my back! Go down.

I’m not talking to you, sweetie. See you in the room.

Perhaps we should take a break?

Can you do it slower?

Oh, God! Someone help me!

You’ll go out tonight.

You’ll make Demet drink up.

You should get her so drunk that she can’t stand on her feet.

And what will I be doing in the meantime?

I’ll get a copy of your card from the reception and enter your room.

I’ll enter the bathroom and smear the floor with hair conditioner.

Once you’re back, you make sure you don’t enter the bathroom.

Wait for Demet to enter.

She’ll walk in. Way too drunk.

She’ll slip. She’ll be too drunk to react, and...

God rest her soul.

Listen to me. You’ll have dinner at the Gerida fish restaurant on the coast.

-At exactly nine o’clock.

-Your table is reserved. -Gerida, at nine.

Yes. I’ve fixed things up inside.


You’ll make sure Okan orders turbot, OK?

But I’ll serve him bubblefish instead.

The tetrodotoxin in the organs of that fish is 1200 times stronger than cyanide--

Alright, alright!

Get to the point. So?

So, I’ll serve the fish so well that Okan will have no idea what he’s eating.

A perfect murder! What do you say?

-Well, in fact-- -OK. Shut up.

A perfect plan that would put the devil to shame. What do you say?

-I-- -Shh, OK.

I’ve come up with the perfect plan on day one!

-Well, my husband... -OK! Enough.

You’ve been nagging at me all day. I’m trying to make a plan here!

Come on, let’s stop sulking at each other.

I agree.

I’ve booked a table at a beautiful restaurant for dinner. Shall we go?

Get Demet to drink up.

No objections.

Well, why should I object? It’s a great idea.

-We’ll drink rakı too, right? -Of course!

-Great. -So, I’ll dress up.

And get ready.

I’m ordering rakı. We’ll drink a large bottle, right?

If it’s not enough, we’ll get another medium.

-That’s too much. -Just in case you call me a stingy!

-OK, let’s drink. -Right, darling.



-Hello. -Hello. Thank you.

So, I’ll get your orders now, right? OK.

We’re here to eat fish. What fish would you recommend?

We have some delicious turbot.

It’s our specialty here. Turbot is the best.

So, we’ll have two turbots.

OK. Two turbots are on the way.

No, make it one turbot. I’ll have...

...veal chops. Yes.

Darling? Why veal chops now?

Bring us two turbots.

No, I don’t want to eat fish.

Make it meatballs. Yes, meatballs.

We’re in one of Fethiye’s most famous fish restaurants.

In a fish restaurant, you eat fish.

Eat something interesting for a change!

I’m not in the mood for fish. What’s wrong with that?

No! You’re eating turbot!

Perhaps you shouldn’t be too harsh on the gentleman, madam.

It’s normal. Perhaps he doesn’t want to eat fish today, right?

And the word "turbot" might even be triggering certain complexes in him!


Stop talking nonsense, lady! Get back to your work.

I think I went too far. I’m very sorry. You’re right, madam.

So, I’ll bring you two turbots right away.

-Right away! -Let’s have it!

I don’t want turbot! I want meatballs!

Right away! Your turbots are on the way.

Turbots are good Turbots are the best Demet, you’re driving me crazy! I don’t want turbot!

-We’re going back to the hotel. -We’re not!

-We’re not going back to the hotel! -You can’t decide for me!

Stop it! Don’t make me throw this in your face!

Demet, enough. We’re leaving.



You can’t talk to the lady like that!

-Shut up, you weirdo! -You shut up!

You’ve been yelling at her in public, brother!

He’s treated me so bad! He keeps yelling at me.

Mind your own business, brother!

You can’t yell at me in public either.

But I guess you’ve never gotten a beating in public, you jerk!

What’s that supposed to mean?

Stop! I was kidding!

Go on like that!

Oh, that’s too much! He had an operation there!

It’s a good thing they didn’t beat you too much.

That big guy, he kept hitting you around here, right?

On another day I would have beaten them up real bad... had it not been for that big guy.

Of course, you would.

You’d have knocked down all four of them with a swift insurance move, right?

I’m joking.

What’s that?

Darling, listen.

I need to find an ice pack.

This will hurt you even more in the morning.

I’m serious. You go to bed. I’ll get an ice pack and join you.

You go, darling. I’ll take care of it.

Go. I’ll take care of it.

You go. OK?

-Is he gone? -He is. Come here.

You messed this up so bad.

Anyway. We’re switching to Plan B.

Tomorrow at ten o’clock in the morning, you’ll rent a ringo.

A ringo!

I’ll steer the boat. You’ll ride the ringo.

We’ll sail around for a while.

Then, we’ll go to a desolate cove with nobody around.

When you see my sign, you’ll jump in the water.

Then I’ll speed up the boat a little more.

And I’ll take a sharp turn around the rocks. And then Okan will swerve and swerve, and hit the rocks.

Torn to pieces!

It won’t be a very handsome death, but anyway. What do you say?

-I-- -Shut up! Don’t forget.

Ten o’clock, ringo. Go, go, go!

Oh, I’ll go.

Come on! Go, go, go!

Did you find one?

Find what?

Didn’t you go out to get an ice bag?

I couldn’t find that.

But, I set up a great bit of action for us, for tomorrow.

-What action? -We’re riding a ringo!

Ringo? Do I look like I can ride a boat here?

Darling, don’t say that.

OK. Let’s go.

What the...

What happened?

I’m alright.

To hell with you, Bülent!

It’s not my fault, man! You acted like an idiot.

You shouldn’t have forgotten the plan.

-Where is Demet now? -She’s sleeping.

Have you cleaned the floor?

Yes, I’ve cleaned it all.

Look, we must create no suspicion at all.

Whatever. It’s over.

Okan. We’re now switching to Plan B, brother.

-Plan B? -A scuba diving course.

Go and persuade Demet to get scuba diving lessons right now.

We’re sailing off the harbor on a boat at 11:30 tomorrow.

At a desolate cove, me and Demet will dive.

You’ll stay on the boat, right?

I’ll dive down to 30 meters with Demet. And then... down there, somehow, for some reason, Demet’s oxygen supply will be cut off.

We’re getting this done tomorrow.

OK? So, what do you do right now?

You go to your room. Rest. Have a nice sleep.

Perform your ablution, say your prayers. Right?

Come on. Let me kiss you.

Bülent, you’re a real psychopath. I can't believe you!

This means "OK."

Come on, darling!


I almost died!


I made it!

My love!

What about getting married?

What? You mean... You and I...

Right, let’s just go ahead and get married.

Are you sure? Do we know each other all that well already?

I don’t know, maybe there are things we are hiding from each other.

Do you think so?

Oh, well...


-I need to confess something to you. -I’ll confess one too!

Here comes the train

It’s coming for you You eat first. Take a taste. Just bite it.

Look at us. We’re actually having a holiday.

Right. It’s a really lofty holiday, isn’t it?

We’re just like Ayşegül and Yalçın.

The holiday monsters!

That hurt!

It’s them!

Ayşegül and Yalçın!


-Okan! -Yalçın!

My brother!

How are you?

So, our plans have completely changed... Am I getting this right?

If only one of Demet and Okan dies, that’s enough for us. Is that so?

-Is that true? -Of course, darling. Exactly.

We’ll be sharing the money between us in any case.

-So it’s alright. -Well, yes.

But, I really like Demet!

And Okan is like a brother to me! But it’s too late now, darling.

Anyway, I’m calling Demet, then.

We arrived this morning. We sailed around all the coves with my dear Ayşegül.

Great. You know, me and Okan, we haven’t had a holiday in years, so we thought we’d have one, just the two of us.

When we last saw you, you both looked very tense.

I thought, "They’ll kill each other soon!"

In fact, I told Ayşegül:

"It would be great if these kids had a holiday together."

"It would be good, but Okan wouldn’t take her on holiday if he won the lottery!"

-Oh, sweetheart. -Oh, that’s really funny!


-Hello? -Sweetie.

-We’re finishing this tomorrow. -Finishing what?

Finishing Okan! Hey, look, you're not... giving up, are you?

-Tell me. -Here’s the plan.

You’re doing paragliding tomorrow.

I’ve made the reservation.

The instructor’s name is Ziya. It’s a red paraglider.

The lines will break mid-flight. And there, Okan is in the coffin.

May God rest his soul.

We’re doing this tomorrow.

Come on, boy! Come on, please!

Come on! I can’t look, darling!


-Twenty-seven. -What? What’s that?

Twenty-seven? No way! Twenty-seven is a terrible number!

I don’t like 27!

I don’t like 27 either, darling.

Perhaps we shouldn’t have withdrawn a cash advance and gambled it!

We’re done in this place.

But I’m not done yet.

You know what we’ll do now, darling?

You go back to the hotel. And I’ll stay here...

-and rip off some rookies in live poker. -Really?

I’ll finish this.

Demet, ask me why do people cheat on their spouse? Please ask me.

Why do people cheat?

What they can’t find in their spouse, they’re seeking in someone else.

That makes you a coward.

If you find in someone else what you’re missing in your spouse, you need to go and honestly tell them.

Right. But the trick is to make sure things don’t go that far.

So, what did I do?

-For God’s sake, ask me what I did. -What did you do?

Rather than look at other women’s bottoms, I fixed my own wife’s!

No way.

Look, the old pictures are on this phone. Let me show you.

Yalçın, shall we get some more water?

Buttocks, breasts, waist. It’s all my work.

I made her brand-new!

Oh. Darling.

-Should we perhaps change the subject? -Right.

Demet, don’t you think we should do something about your little lemons too?

Right? Perhaps we should do something to fix that.

Well, no. I’m rather happy with my wife.

And I’d prefer her to be natural, rather than plastic.

OK, I’ll give you a discount. I won’t add any profit!

Oh, I understand. You’re stingy.

My husband isn’t stingy. He’s just frugal.

Well, you told me before about Okan, that he’s "the stingiest man you knew."

You can only live the moment for so long.

One must mind the future. And everyone changes.

Good. So, have you changed?

Well, regardless of whether she’s changed... she’s my wife. I love my wife.

The music is so nice.

Shall we dance, darling?

-Dance? -Yes.

You want us to dance?

"So, what did I do? Ask me what I did."

"Rather than look at other women’s bottoms, I fixed my own wife’s!"

"Yalçın, shall we get some more water?"

Could you stop here? Darling, look at that house!

Stop. Stop.

THE POTTED GERANIUM What a beautiful house!

This place would give one a long life!

My head...

Good morning.

Good morning? Make that "good noon" instead.

-Have I slept that long? -Like a baby.

I have some cunning plans for today.

You silly!

Don’t make me curious!

We’ll see. But, I need a shower first.


No, I was joking anyway.

-Hello? -Hello.

Hello, this is Okan’s phone?

Hi. I’m calling from the Potted Geranium.

The villa is ready. You can come in the afternoon.

-The villa? -Yes.

Oh, alright. OK, I’ll let him know. Thank you.

-Have a nice day. -Thank you. You too.

What a silly! He prepared a surprise for me!

Zeynep: I’m coming over there, dear.


They called you from the villa.

-Oh no. It was going to be a surprise! -You’re lying!

You’re a coward!

I know what you’ve been doing with Zeynep.

-Zeynep? You’re talking nonsense! -I’ve given up on it all, OK?

You can have all the money.

Start your business. Have the life you want.

But just leave me alone!

-Demet, stop this... -Let me go!

Don’t come after me, Okan! Don’t!

-Demet, wait a second. -Let me go!

Let me go, Okan.


Hello. I’m calling about the paraglider reservation for Demet Peker.

Hello, I’m her husband. Okan Peker.

Mr. Peker, we’re about to get going. You’re still not here.

Oh, well, I...

You don’t need to be afraid, sir.

You’re a coward.

Afraid? Why would I be afraid!

Wait. I’m coming.

Thank you very much.


Are you leaving?

I’m leaving.

One of us is leaving, as the other comes in!

-Well, where is Okan? -Okan isn’t here, sweetie!

-He must be waiting for you at the villa! -Villa? What villa?

What villa? Your villa of love, I guess!

Who knows what you use it for!

Wait a minute, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but listen.

Okan sent me a message last night, and that’s why I came here.

What did he write, "I’m on fire, darling"?

I won’t be jealous. Tell me, what did he say?


Now I understand.

-So that was the reason. -Understood what? What’s the reason?

Demet, we were about to start a business with Okan. Perhaps you know about it.

He texted me last night and said, "I’m sorry but we can’t work together."

That’s why I came all the way here. What do you mean?

-That’s exactly what I told him. -"What do you mean?"

After all that research, meetings, investment...

I rushed here to find out what was going on.

And now I understand, that Okan didn’t want you to be jealous of him.

So, what about the villa?

-It was for you. -Oh, God! I’m such a fool!

I’m such a big fool!

You know, I lost my second husband because of such misunderstandings.

I’m not losing my first husband for it!

Hurry, hurry!

You’re not such a big whore, after all! Thank you!

I’m so stupid!

Ms. Demet! Haven’t you gone paragliding?


I’m leaving these here.

I’m leaving these, and I’m going.

I’m not a coward.

I’m not a coward.

-I’m not a coward! -Sorry?

-Nothing. I’m ready. -You’re all set.

Where is he? Where could he be?

There are a hundred paragliders up there! Which one is it?

Demet! I’m not afraid!

I love you, darling!

He didn’t die!

Red! He had mentioned something about red.

It has to be a red one.

There! That’s the one! I’ve got him!

He went behind the mountain!

Turn here! Turn!

-This is just turbulence. -What? Turbulence happens in planes, man!


This way!

Oh, God! Oh, God!

OK, easy. Easy. Easy.

Come on, please don’t crash!

And if you crash, don’t die! No, don’t crash!

Not on the camels, brother!

Move! Move!

Get out of the way!

Oh, God!

-Are you alright, Mr. Okan? -I’m alright.

-Great. -I feel great!

Get out of the way!


-Demet! -Are you alright?

-Did you see me? -I did.

I did it. I jumped real good.

-How did you do it? -I just did it.

-I’m very sorry. -It’s alright.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Just a kiss and he fainted! Get out of the way!

Anyone got water?

Bring some water!


What was that!

Let me catch my breath... and then I’ll tell you.

You’re a lion!

Why haven’t we been doing this for so long?

I don’t know. You had a headache, you were feeling sick and so on.

Wait, I’m coming.

I’m coming too.

From now on, let’s do it all the time, OK?


I say, let’s do it again right now.

What’s that?

I’ve been looking all over the place, darling. Where are you?

Answer your phone! Please answer!


Darling. My dear, what happened to you?

Nothing. I’m alright.

Come here.

They hit me bad on the waist...

What’s up? What’s going on? Did you do something to your hair?

-It’s nice-- -Hey!

Don’t make me mad. Tell me what happened.


Remember when I told you to go upstairs, and that I’d play some live poker?

You know, there isn’t anything we can do against machines.

No human can trick them. Not just me.

But I do know a few tricks when it comes to live poker, after all.

And I was just about to make up for what we lost.

That’s my darling! And?

Right, but...

I forgot about the cameras.

Anyway, one of the security guards thought I was cheating.

There was a misunderstanding. I don’t cheat, you know.

For a while, he and I tried to... persuade each other.

But those folks weren’t civil at all, darling!

They didn’t listen to my sweet talk! They kept hitting me.

I’m so sorry, darling. And then?

And then, they took all the money I won.

And then, they had me a sign an accommodation bill for 100,000 liras!

What on earth is an accommodation bill? What happens if you don’t pay?

If you don’t pay, they make you pay, darling!

No way!

So, we need to get rid of those idiots.

Get rid of them, and get the money.

We’ll do that, and get the money, but I’ve been calling Demet all day and she doesn’t answer the phone.

I was blaming her for nothing. She texted me and I didn’t see it.

-What does she say? -She says...

-What’s Demet saying, darling? -"I’m at The Potted Geranium", she says.

I know that place, it’s nearby.

"I love my husband", she says!

To hell with her! She can’t love him!

"I changed my mind about killing him," she says!

How come? How can she... How can that happen!

That worthless woman used you! She used you and threw you away, darling!

Right. She used me.

-Oh, look. Okan texted me too. See this. -What? What’s he saying?

"The plan is called off. We’ve made other plans. I love my wife!"

That’s impossible! What a jerk!

Just when we were dreaming of a future for the two of us!

Will you go all the way with me!

I will!

Stop that. You’re turning me on big time.


-Darling! -Sweetie?

I made coffee.

You’re so sweet.

Come here. Sit down. I need to ask you something.


Here I am.

Since we came here... have you been thinking about what to do with the lottery prize at all?

I have.


I thought about it for some time.

-And then I grew tired of thinking. -Tired?

House, company, store, whatever... Did we have those before?

-We didn’t. -Right, but you were there.

You were always there.

You’ve always been by my side.

My love!

-So, what have you been thinking? -I’ve been thinking the same way.

Same way?

Well, I had dreams. Things I thought I could do once I had the money.

Travel around the world, buy a house, open a cafe.

-But, I realized something. -What?

It all means nothing without you.

I can’t live my life, and I can’t dream without you.

-You fool. -You’re so silly!

-Silly fool! -You silly sweet devil!

What’s that?



Gonca? What’s going on?


What the hell are you doing here!

The diving instructor! He's the diving instructor!

-What’s going on? -Something great is going on, madam.

Bülent! Stop this! Get out of here!


We were supposed to kill Demet together and share the money!

Bülent! That matter is settled.

Alright? We spoke.

Never mind. That’s over.

Where did you get that gun!

-Gonca! -Shut up! This isn’t child’s play!

Now you’re killing him, now you’ve changed your mind!

Now you love him, now you don’t...

We’re trying to get things done here, right, darling?

We’ve had enough of this! We want that money.

Actually, on second thought, we want all the money, not half of it!

-Of the five million? -Five million?

Who said it was five million?

Who said it? You said it right now!

Give us the money!

Come on! Come on!

-We can’t. It’s in the bank. -The bank? Don’t lie!

-The money is in the safe. -How come you know that?

I admit, I told her that, darling. But I swear, I didn’t tell her there are two keys to the safe, and that you have one and I have the other!

I’m glad you didn’t tell her that, darling!

Now, the money, or your wife’s sweet little brains?



You’re a real idiot, man! Are you stupid?

No woman in this world is worth five million!


You’re not just a woman.

You’re an animal!

-OK, I’ll do it. -Wow.

-Shoot. -How?

-Just a bit. -A bit?

They’re getting turned on! Run!

Oh, no!

Were you going to kill me with that maniac there?

No, you were going to kill me!

What makes you think I was going to kill you?

Gonca told me so.

And Bülent told me so!

So were we about to get worked up by others and kill each other?

I guess so!

We can’t!


Let me go!

Here is Bülo!


What the hell!

What are you doing over there? You think you’re a squirrel?

Oh, no!

What now? What will you do now?

You’ll give them to me. You hear me? Those keys are mine!

Okan! Okan!


Stop it!

Move away!

I guess the last words have been said.

You’ll see each other on the other side!

Wait a minute! My finger...

Are you alright?

I’m not.

Let me help you.


I have a brevet! And I won’t let my wife sit on anyone’s lap!

I’ve spent such a long time making her what she is!

-Very well said, Yalçın. -My baby!

Demet, stop! We’ve shaken them off!





They’re coming! Run!



Run back!

Turn around!

I see you!

As you can see, folks, this is where the road ends.

We’re ready to forget it all.

Let’s leave everything behind, shall we? The money, you can have it all.

We won’t tell anyone.

We’ll tell people we just had a nice holiday.

And then everyone goes their own way.

That won’t do, brother.

If we let you go now, I know you wouldn’t talk but this idiot will definitely spill!

Bülent, forgive us, will you? I don’t know... Gonca, say something!

You’re not going to kill us, are you?

I guess you’d better say your last words to each other or forever hold your peace!

Darling, I love you so much.

I love you too, darling.

Jump off!

-Jump off! -Jump off? I was going to kiss you.

We can kiss later.

-Oh, they want it romantic. -Yes.

Kisses and hugs!

-Jump off? -We must jump off.

-I can’t believe this is happening! -Yes, yes...

-Down this cliff? -Yes.

-Are you sure? -We must jump.

-Perhaps we should let them shoot us? -We’ll die either way. Come on.

Let’s jump off to our fortune!

-One... -Two...


What the hell!

They really jumped off!

They actually jumped!

Are they crazy or what?


Okan, darling!

-I’m tired, darling. -Darling!

-I love you! -I love you too, darling!

-We made it! -Yes. Look at this.

So much moaning for just a few small fractures!

Shut up, idiot!

It’s all your fault!

In the whole world, how come you coudn't find another place and crashed on us?

Such sloppiness! Such ineptitude!

I’m not sloppy! I have a brevet!

I’m a professional sportsman!

The lines broke all of a sudden.

And we crashed before the reserve parachute could open. Right, dear?

Enough with that talk, Yalçın!

Look what you’ve made of me! My silicone on the right side caved in.

-Look at this, it’s crooked. -It’s nothing.

My nails...


Do you have a nail file?

What about a saw? I’ve got a saw!


Don’t say "saw" like that...

You’re turning me on again.

This is secure, right?

You can’t open this safe without both keys.

Not even with a dynamite.

Darling, do you think I’m really eating too much?

No, enjoy it. You must eat. You have two lives in you, dear.

To many happy six years!

I wish we hadn’t let the lottery money get stolen, though.

National Lottery! I’ve sold the ticket for the five million lira prize!

Get a ticket from me and win!

Come on, folks. Take a chance.

Last year’s winners never called me.

They didn’t appreciate me.

They forgot about me.

That was so cruel!

You’re different. It’s clear.

This time the prize is ten million. You want a ticket?

Would you like one?