Olympic Dreams (2019) Script

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Hey, coach, uh, it's Penelope.

Just calling to say, um

that I'm freaking out a little bit.

I think, just basically, I feel like

I've prepared for this, obviously, my whole life.

And now that I am here, um, I just really wanted to be, exactly what I hoped I would be, you know?

'Cause, otherwise, what are you doing

with your whole life up until that point?

I just really, really wanted to be, that thing that I, that I wanted to be.

If not, then that's the hard part about, having a dream come true.

[instrumental music]

Sorry, you know what?

I'm squeezing too tight again.

But, I hope I really feel like an Olympian, when it's done.

I mean, I don't know how much of that, is in my control or not.

It seems like it's gonna be really cool, so, I probably shouldn't freak out so much, but, just being here alone is sort of like, you just have a lot of time to think.

And, um, I guess just today, is one of those sensitive days, you know?

And, 'cause, yeah... just call me, um...

...if you have time.

Uh, and if not, that's okay.

Um, I will...

...like, talk to you later.

Okay, thanks for everything.




[instrumental music]

[indistinct announcement on PA]

[instrumental music]

[indistinct chatter]

[instrumental music]

[indistinct chatter]

[indistinct chatter]

Yes, um, I'm registering, uh..

Okay, I'm a dentist.

A volunteer. Do you know where I register?

No, I don't know. Yeah. You don't know? Okay.

Excuse me, do you know where the medical center is?

I'm a volunteer dentist. Ah!

Go inside and.. Yeah. Ask there?

[speaking in foreign language]

Alright, I'll just keep wandering.

Thank you.

[indistinct chatter]

[door shuts]

Oh! Hi. Hey! Hey.

Um, I'm Maggie. I live down the hall.

Penelope. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.

Um, so you're an athlete too?

Yup, I'm an athlete.

Cross-country skiing. What about you?

Uh, Mogul skiing. Cool.

I was gonna grab some food.

You wanted to join? Oh, cool.

Um, cool, but I'm gonna just take a nap because my race is in--

It's right after the opening ceremony.

So, I just gotta.. Ok. You know, like, get the..

Yeah. I got you. Rest.

I'll let you have your space. Okay, cool, thanks.

Um, nice to meet you. Yeah, but after..

I'm gonna take you up on that meal.

- Okay. Okay, Yeah.



[instrumental music]

[device hissing]

Hey, Kristi, um, ahem.

Good, uh, morning or...goodnight.

I don't know what time of the day it is where you are but, um, I just wanted to let you know that I, um, have settled in and set my office up, and, um, I know that, we are like on a break, and not supposed to be talking--

I can't remember what the rule was.

But, if I'm breaking the rule, then I'm sorry.

Um, but, just, uh, the CliffsNotes is..

It's bananas.

Anyway, uh, yeah, give me a call, if you're around and we will catch up at some point. Bye.


So my name is Dr. E.

It's Ezra, but you can call me Dr. E.

How do you feel? Excited.

Yeah? Are you nervous? Yes. A little bit.

Is this your first Olympics? Yes.

You want to go in circles like that, you know?

And you want to get up into the gums.

But you don't want to go too hard into the gums, right?

Some people don't like flossing.

My fiancee-- My ex...blah, blah, whatever you want to call it, Kristie.

She doesn't like flossing, and I'm like, "Can you just get in there a little bit every once in a while, it's preventative."

But that is not your problem.

Your problem is making sure that you take care of your gums.

And if any of the Estonians need any dental care tell 'em to come to Dr. E.

- Dr. E. Okay. Okay. Alright.

[instrumental music]

Thank you.

[music continues]

Um, can I have some chicken, please?

[music continues]

Are you a.. You're a oral surgeon?

Yes, I'm oral surgeon. Okay. You're a dentist?

I'm just a dentist. Is the money better?

Yeah. The money's better.

Altogether we'll do a selfie. We'll do a selfie. Ready?


Thank you so much.

[dramatic music]

[crowd cheering]

[upbeat music]

[indistinct chatter]

[indistinct chatter]

[all cheering]

[indistinct chatter]

[music continues]

[indistinct announcement on PA]

[crowd cheering]

[indistinct announcement on PA]

Ladies and gentlemen, the athletes of the Pyeong Chang

2018 Olympic Winter Games.




Republic of Korea marching together as Korea.

[crowd cheering]

[fireworks exploding]

[instrumental music]

[indistinct chatter]

[indistinct chatter]

Hi, uh, is this seat taken?


[indistinct chatter]

You like bananas? Sorry.

You like bananas?


Are you competing?

What? Yes. Are you competing?

Oh, awesome. I'm competing.

What's your, uh.. I'm sorry.

I'm a cross-country skier and I'm competing today.

Wow! How do you feel? I feel good.

Yeah? Is there.. Are you nervous? Is it like...

I'm so sorry. I totally.. It's okay.

Like it's.. It is totally fine. I just, I got to do what I'm gonna do.

I like, I have to do this. I know, I know, I'm sorry.

Well, just my last thing is that, I'm a dentist here.

So, like, I would be remiss if I didn't give you some of these little floss things.

They're really good for blood flow when you floss.

So just think about it, consider it.

No pressure. I'm so sorry.

What's your name? Penelope.

Penelope, I'm Ezra.

You're gonna kick ass today. Thank you.

And I'll leave you alone and I'm so sorry for screwing up your stuff.

It's okay. - Good luck.

I believe in you and I'm rooting for you.

Okay. Break a leg. Bye. Bye.

You idiot.

[instrumental music]

[crowd cheering]

[indistinct announcement on PA]

[crowd cheering]

[instrumental music]

[indistinct announcement on PA]

[indistinct announcement on PA]

[crowd cheering]

[instrumental music]

[breathing heavily]

[instrumental music]

[breathing heavily]

There was a race I think today.

Um, this girl, Penelope raced.

You don't know how -- how she did, do you?

No, I don't. The weather's pretty brutal out there.

Maybe, I don't know if that maybe would have, been a factor in her race.

But I haven't...haven't heard much. - Yeah.

Is it super cold up on the mountain?

Oh, it's cold and so windy.

[instrumental music]

[all cheering]

There's a cross-country meet in the women's, do you know, I don't know if you saw, how a girl named Penelope did?

No, I don't, I don't.

Cause I've been in the office all day.

I think she was racing today, so I'm just --

I don't know Penelope. - Alright, okay, man.

[instrumental music]

[indistinct announcement on PA]

[instrumental music]

[crowd cheering]

[breathing heavily]

[crowd cheering]

[indistinct chatter]

[breathing heavily]

[indistinct announcement on PA]

[indistinct chatter]

[instrumental music]

[indistinct announcement on PA]

Hello? Hey, coach, hey.

I'm, actually, with all my new friends.

Yeah, we're in the locker room.

All the girls from my race were all, like, hugging.

We've been, like, hugging each other, for a really long time since the race.

All together. So cool.

I kind of wished I'd placed higher, to be honest.

But I know, like, I did my best.

It just went by really quickly, I guess.

So, I'm still taking it all in.

I just don't know if it feels how I wanted it to feel.

[crowd cheering]

[instrumental music]

[fireworks exploding]

[music continues]

[knock on door]

Come in.

- Hey. Hi.

- How are ya? Good.

Whatcha reading? Just a GRE book.

What's it about?

Oh, it's really boring.

I went to a medal ceremony.

Um, just to watch and it was, like..

I felt, like, kind of selfish.

Because, I was, like, happy for them, but, then I wasn't happy for them.

I didn't feel like I would ever be up there.

Yeah, I definitely feel that selfish feeling of being lost and knowing that, like, that could've been me if I did something else. if I could have changed something.

I want right now to know what's...

...next, and I don't.

I know what you're feeling. I don't have it together either.

I just, I'm making sure that I don't ruin my own experience by letting that one run, gonna dictate how I spend the rest of my time.

And, I guess, I just wanna make sure, you know, like, this isn't the end.

You too. You too.

Can we stay friends, like, after this?

Yes, please. I like that. Okay. Okay.

[instrumental music]

Oh! Ooh!

[indistinct chatter]

[instrumental music]

[wind howling]

Hi. Hi.

I'm Ezra, the dentist guy, I met you. How..

How are you? Good.

Can I sit? Yeah.

I came outside and I saw you sitting alone, and, uh, I swear I'm not, like, a creep, I just, uh...

I just don't know that many people and I talked to you already, and so I felt like I could talk to you again.

I'm never outside. It's so cold.

Do you wanna get, like, a hot chocolate or something?

I'm glad, uh....

Thank you for getting, uh...

I'm sorry they didn't have cocoa they just had coffee, but, That's okay. I'm.. It's warm.

It's warm and I'm not gonna sleep anyway.


...got you this.

You got me a stuffed animal? I got you a stuffed animal.

I, uh-- You looked kinda bummed out.

And, so, I thought that would maybe, like, make you feel a little bit better.


...want to feel like this person.


Thank you. You're welcome.

I get it, I think. I mean, it's got goggles.

[no audible dialogue] ΒΆ

- How old are you? Thirty-seven.

How old are you? Twenty-two.

Twenty-two, wow! That's, like..

Old. - Young.

[instrumental music]

I got here yesterday evening.

But everyone else got here a few days before that, right?

Yeah, well, they called me two days ago.


'Cause someone got injured, and so I gotta replace them.

Did you always know you wanted to go to the Olympics?

Yeah, it's like every child's dream.

[instrumental music]

Oh.... Hey!

Hi. Hi, how's it goin'?

Good. Good.

I'm Penelope. Seamus.

Seamus. Nice to meet you. Yes. Pleasure, Penelope.

Part of the reasons why I started snowboarding, was to catch air and be in the sky, though, like, that sense of flying.

And if I can do that every day for a job, then I think I, you know, sweat to have.

Camaraderie at its finest.

What's your-- What are you guys, what's your sport?

We snowboard half-pipe. - Snowboard half-pipe.

And you guys all know each other a long time?

Yeah, we're homies. You guys are homies?

Yeah. That's nice.

I got a group of friends that I've been tight with since college.

We all kind of live in different cities now.

Just about everybody's married.

One of my buddies is divorced. He's got a kid.

Just don't wanna make that mistake and then end up, in a position where you're, like, did I marry the right person?

Right. - Are you guys married?

Any of you guys together, you guys..

- No? Single? Single.

How is the single life here at the games?

It's good. Pretty good.

Say brah. I'm joking.

Penelope, I'm Anthony. Nice to meet you.

How it works in skeleton is, you literally have to lay there.

Naturally, you have to steer.

And like a lot of people ask, like, how do you steer?

And you know, like, you know the song, "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes?"

Yes. That's how we steer.

Really? Yeah.

Straightaways, head steer, is just tilting your head this way.

Curves, shoulders.

Hard pressure curves is knees and shoulders.

And then emergency steers if you need to do something immediate with your sled, drop a toe.

That's so cool. That's so weird.

So, but, you know, you overthink it too much you'll drive yourself into a wall.

That's why I'm here, just trying to

forget about some things so that I can go

and enjoy it even though it's the biggest

race of my life.

Nico. From New Zealand, huh?

So, I'm just gonna check your lymph nodes.

Cool, sweet ass. What does that mean, sweet as?

It means, I don't know, I guess, cool.

How old are you? Sixteen.

Sixteen. Are you, are you the youngest Olympian?

Mm-hmm. Youngest male, I think.

Have you broken anything? I've broken my pelvis.

It's, it's heavy. I know. Yeah.

What did it feel like when it was on you?

Well, yeah, a dream came true.

A dream did come true. This is, like, it's beautiful.

I mean, you're very beautiful too, so, I'm sure it looked very--

I'm sure it looked like it belonged on you.


I mean it.

[speaking in foreign language]

Oh, I think we have to go.

Can I have my -- Okay. Yeah, of course.

Thanks. Sorry. No problem.

Congratul-- Congrats again.

- Thanks. - Thank you.

Okay, bye, have fun.

Bye. Bye.


I don't have an appointment, but, I was hoping that I might be able to, see the dentist?

Yes. When? Now.

Okay. Okay.

Come and sit.

[speaking in foreign language]



Nice to see you again. How are ya?

I am well. How are you? What brings you here?

I'm here to see the dentist. Hey!

I'm the dentist. You are.

Nice to see you. I said that already.

Uh, okay, take off your glove.

And, you know, lose the jacket.

When was, uh, your last dental checkup?

Two months ago. - Two months ago, so you --

But, but I've been, since my race, eating... an obscene amount of brownies.

- Right. So I may have..

How quickly can you develop a cavity?

Can you have one in a day?

No, you can't get one in a day.

But I'll check you out. It's better safe than sorry.

That's what I always say. Always--

Getting a checkup never is a bad idea.

So let's take a look and --

Why did you decide to come here?

To the Olympics?

'Cause, um...

I love the Olympics.

Like, it's like, since I was like--

I mean, I remember the '88 Olympics, it was in Seoul.

I wasn't even born. - You weren't even born yet.

I read somewhere that, like, they have volunteers who are doctors and dentists, and I had to apply, and then I didn't hear anything and I assumed I didn't get it.

And then like a month ago I heard, like, you --

A month ago? Yeah. "You've been accepted," so..

How did you just come here then?

You just left? Do you work? Do I work, yes, yeah.

I mean, are there people that are sad now that you're gone?

Are there people that miss you, whose teeth are--

That I couldn't tell you. Those other people could tell you.

I mean, are there patients, my patients?

No, the truth is I work at, like, a clinic where we get assigned patients.

I don't have that many recurring patients.

I mean, I think people like coming to me.

What about your family?

Oh, my parents were really psyched.

They knew I loved the Olympics and they were thrilled that I was gonna go do this.

What about your kids?

Oh, I don't have any kids.

Um, do you have a wife?

I do not have a wife.

Um, I have..

A girlfriend?

- Um, I have a -- Boyfriend.

No, no boyfriend.

Um, there's a woman um, in New Jersey named Kristi who is...

- Does she know you're here? She does know I'm here.

But she doesn't know that, I can't seem to do my dental examination, so...

Everyone in New Jersey's asleep.

Great. Good to know. Okay.

What I'm doing now is checking your lymph nodes and your thyroid to just see if there's any sort of, like, oral cancer.

Um.. What are you doing later?

Uh, later I'm gonna open your mouth and see if you have any cavities.

And what are you doing after that?

I'm gonna see if there are any more patients and then close up and probably get some food or something.

I don't know.

Do you wanna go to the game room?


Uh, yeah. Sure.

So, this is, like, where everybody, like, hangs out, huh?

Yep. Yeah.

- Do you wanna play foosball? - Yeah.

Great. Um...

Or we could play air hockey. Or --

Tiny pinball?

Oh, you don't seem-- Oh, you wanna get a massage?

Ooh, they've got those massage chairs over here.

Do you wanna, do you wanna get outta here?

Like, go to, like, the dining hall or, like...

No, like, leave.

Like, leave the Olympic Village?

Yeah, like not, like, change out of my-- out of our uniforms and go do something.

Like, go have a night out together.

If you're free. In, like, like, in Korea?

Yes. Let's go out in Korea.

And I... Like, I haven't seen anything.

[instrumental music]

Thank you.

You wanna go this way? Yeah.

Yeah, why would you wanna look at Olympic rings when you could look at human skulls?

You think we're allowed to light these things on fire?

Look at that. Well, have you done art stuff in the past?

No, I haven't done any art.

I have no creative side to me.

But I like art.

I have an idea. Let's go eat Korean food.

Okay. Anything but the dining hall.

You got it.

Well, what do you think? Yeah.

Two people.

Can we sit here? Thank you.

What about spicy noodles, is that spicy?

The noodles are no spicy.

Is this spicy?


This is so hot.

This is great.

You wanna race? Oh, I bet you do.

I bet you kinda wanna race.

I will beat you. I will beat you.

What is this? Let's go in.

What is it?

They're like athletes in the computer world. Come on.

This is, like, their training center.

What I'm wondering is where are all the girls?

Like, are there any girls here?

I don't know. I see one. I see a girl.

I mean, this reminds me of, like, the saddest years of my, like, middle school and high school.

Like, playing video games with my friends.

You don't get it. You really don't get it.

I guess they're, like, super-competitive like you are?

Yes! And they're dedicated.

Like, they're down here doing whatever their thing is.

Like, it's awesome, right?

It's, like, so cool.

Like, are--what are you laughing--

Are you laughing? I just get a kick out of you.

[instrumental music]

[music continues]


She was in college.

But you came home from school to go to prom?

Yeah, I had a crush on her. I thought maybe if I went to the prom with her, you know... something would happen. But it didn't.

Didn't happen. It did not happen.

Did you go to your prom? No.

I, I had a race in New Zealand and I--

I didn't feel like missing the race for prom.

I missed every homecoming. Oh, man.

I missed homecoming.

I missed everybody's birthday party, everybody's Bar Mitzvah, everybody's everything.

But you've competed in the Olympics.

Like, wasn't this like--

It was awesome. Yeah.

And now it's over.

But, like, is it over?

I mean, does it have to be over?

You can go back, right? Yeah.

I've no plans and--

That's okay.

No, it's not.

People who don't have plans end up, like--

Becoming dentists? No, you went to school.

People without plans end up moving back in with their parents.

Can you imagine moving back in with your parents?

Free food. I am not--

Laundry. You don't know my...

I love my dad but I'm...

Don't need to move back in with him.

I can't, I don't know what the fuck I'm gonna do.

How old are you, 22?

Twenty-two. Twenty-two.

You got your whole life ahead of you to figure it out like, maybe you're gonna become a professional dancer.

Perhaps you'll go off and become a StarCraft East Board Champion.

Or maybe you'll just, like, go, like work in like a chicken factory, or like--

Flowers. Flowers.

Maybe you'll grow flowers in like an old storage container that they've transitioned, like, an organic flower thing.

Or, maybe, you'll work for a food co-op or, maybe you'll go become a high-powered executive for a sneaker company.

Or maybe you'll just, like, sit at home and eat Doritos for, like, two years and put on, like, 300 pounds.

Or maybe you'll make fake throw vests.

Or just be okay.

Hey, exclamation point.

I just saw your text, exclamation point.

Sorry about that, exclamation point.

Everything is cool here and I am really happy to hear from you exclamation point, exclamation point, exclamation point.

Is this too many exclamation points question mark, exclamation point?

Uh, bye.

But also, hi.

Exclamation point.

Ezra! Hi.

I see you everywhere.

Do you wanna come with me to some games or something?

Like, some practices, sneak around a little bit?

Oh, that sounds awesome.

I feel like I should just take care of, like laundry-ish kind of stuff today, but--

Yeah, yeah, okay. But thank you, that's so --

No, it's not like you can't do laundry at any other day of your life.

But today I am inviting you to literally go backstage on the ice, like, whatever you want with my athlete pass, and you're saying no.

Okay, okay, I'll go. Right?


I can't even fathom doing this.

This is crazy. This is, like..

Do you think anyone watches me race and thinks this is amazing?

Yeah, those ski jumpers, they can't do what you do and you can't do what they do and that's what makes this all so special.

Could you imagine, like if your life depended on it, could you do that?

Oh, I definitely couldn't.

You know, this guy I sat next to in the dining hall the other day he does this.

And he was just sitting there eating a hamburger.


These are the bravest women in the world.

Like, they are so committed.

Like, once they go, they are going.

Yeah. They can't stop.

They're just gonna throw themselves down

like an ice slide head first.

Also, who knows what they're like in their personal lives?

Like, maybe they're scared of stuff in their real life.

But on, when they're doing skeleton it's just balls to the wall.

I would just, like, fall.

I feel like I would fall before I even got on the ice.

No, I feel like I get it. I feel like I--

You feel like you could do it? I don't know.

I just, I know that feeling a little bit of, like, I know that feeling. Yeah.

Everything has a purpose in this sport. Each shoe has a purpose.

The broom, like, they're like little well-oiled machines with each other.

And two people who know, like, who they are

and they're there for each other, but they also are confident.

I'm reading a lot into this, as you can see.

It's good, it's not bad.

And you know that they work full-time

right, a lot of them?

So you could do it, you know, like, you..


Do you think that they're banging?

Do you think that they ever have, or do you..

I mean, you've gotta figure

some of these couples are together, right?

Come on.

[instrumental music]

I've made dinner. Okay.

No, we're going out tonight.

Cocoa. Hot chocolate.

Thank you. Hot chocolate!

It's like...It smells like a cartoon of hot chocolate you know, it smells, like, perfect.

Cheers. Thank you.

You're very good at making people feel good going to the dentist.

Like, I had... You had a pleasant experience?

I had a very pleasant experience.

Your experience with me at the dentist.

Yeah. It's like, you're not afraid.. Thank you.

So I'm not afraid sort of thing. Oh, good.

That's nice. That's nice to hear.

I just don't like my office.

Why, 'cause it's not really yours?

I don't like where I work. I don't like... I'm not...

What do you want? Um, what do I want?

I would like to have like a family practice that I, you know, start with a kid who's, like, little, and watch him grow up and send him off to college, and, I mean, not personally.

Like, I'd let his parents send him to college.

But, like, I want like a Ms. Pacman in -- in the waiting room.

And, that feels more, like, personal.

That's awesome. That's--

I feel like you can hear someone say something and you can be like, he has a complaint or he has a goal.

And I'm choosing to hear that you have a goal.

That you have your own thing one day.

- That's-- What about you?

I'm also figuring out what my goal is.

Like, it can be that I commit to another Olympics cycle and do it for four more years, or I don't.

How could you not? You're like a total badass.

Like, you're like this, like..

Like this, like, warrior princess.

So whether you decide to go do the Olympics or go do something else like, you know, you're just, like--

You'll be able to do it.

'Cause you're... very talented.

Thank you.

[clears throat]

I'm sorry.

Is everything okay?

Well, it was, uh, was fine. Okay.


Do you wanna kiss me?


It's not quite that simple.

It's pretty simple. It's kinda not.

I have, like, a fiancee. - I thought you were on a break.

We are, we're on a break -- - So then this is all good.

But I don't know what it's gonna be like!

Yeah, but it's like, who cares?

Like, we're just hanging out and...

I know. It's just, like, not as simple as, like, 'what do I want', like--

No, it really is. You just, like pick things that you wanna do and you do them.

It's easy for you to have that philosophy, because, you're, like, this Olympic athlete who's, like, sort of gets to be a little more

selfish with how you choose to do the things you do, where you're, like, I need to eat, I need to sleep, I need to kiss, I need to do whatever.

And you, like, go after your goal and you do your thing--

That's, like, so insulting, Ezra.

I'm telling you what I want.

And I'm getting back from you that you don't even know what you want.

And that's really dumb, and not brave.

It's like, it's cowardly. Okay. Okay.

Well, if you decide, like, you don't wanna continue going to the Olympics, you could maybe become a psychotherapist, 'cause, you've clearly diagnosed me.

No, that is really mean.

But, calling me not brave isn't?

I wanna go home.

Great. Well, you're leaving in three days, so...

To the Village. Even better.

[dramatic music]

[alarm beeping]

Excuse me, can I sit here? - Yeah.

Hey! Hey. Did I forget something?

Yeah, I know, here's a-- I'm in a rush. I need to re--

Yeah, no. I just wanted to give you a toothbrush.

Oh, thank you, so kind.

So, if you've got anything you need--

Okay, I'll just walk with you. Alright.

Does the Turkish team need a dentist or anything like a full-time dentist?

No, no, sorry.

I like your boots. - Oh, you like?

Yeah. They're cool.

This is a Japanese official uniform.

Okay, yeah.

Do you know is the Japanese team looking for a dentist?

No, no, sorry. Nobody wants a dentist now.

No. - Sorry.

That's okay. Nobody wants a dentist.

Except when they got a cavity.

Do you speak English? Yes.

You do? Yes.

Is anyone sitting here? Nope.

Do you mind if I do? I don't mind.

Okay. Or laying down here, I should say.

That one is, like, pre-loaded for you.

Take a nap really quick.

How's it goin'? Good.

I'm Gus. Penelope. Penelope.

Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too.

What sport are you?

Ski slope style. And you?

I am cross-country skiing and I feel embarrassed, but, have you...

Competed yet? Yeah.

No, a couple of days. Okay.

Have you? I'm done.

How did it go?

Uh, it was-- It was...

Sorry, this thing is.. Do you know how these..


I get-- I think I just turned it off.

Um, I don't speak Korean, no.

I will figure this out. I just pushed some buttons.

Okay, yeah, I'll just, whatever. Um, I..

I feel like this is a good choice.

Yes, the neck massage.

I did a personal best. That's awesome.

Yes, it is all I can ask for, I think.

Congrats. Thank you.

Well, if you feel like celebrating a bunch of guys in my building are having a party tonight.

Um, I don't know if that interests you but I was sent out to bring back cute girls.

So, I figured at the least I could invite you.

I would come. Yeah, you wanna come?

Yeah, yes, I do.

Hi. I know.

I'm gonna do another one.

How's it goin'? It's good.

Are you done competing? - I have one more event.

We figure earlier today. - Oh, my gosh.

It was frickin' crazy. Fell on my first run.

Was just, like, a little shooken up.

And then, thankfully, put it down on my second run.

I'm done competing and I'm gonna try to enjoy tonight.

Well, good!

I'm so grateful my boyfriend's here, so I like --

- Oh, he's a snowboarder? He's a snowboarder.

So I feel like that would be so, like, hard, but awesome..

Because they get it, you know. - Exactly.

We live such different lives, it's hard for people to really comprehend what's going on.

Yeah, it's a lifestyle and not everyone understands it, right?

Maybe you'll meet your future man here.

Maybe I will.

[singing in foreign language]

[indistinct chatter]

It's hard to miss when you're putting your face into stuff.

Yeah, but, like, come on. Like, I'll get the next one.

That's what I do.

I'm happy to be here, but I'm not, like, super thrilled with my race.

And I feel like I can admit that to you 'cause you probably get it.

Not everyone gets that. I mean, that sucks.

That's how, that's like the hardest part of the sport thing.

You get it. Yeah..

I mean, you work four years, longer than that.

You have to remember that you made it. Like, you did it.

You're an Olympian. That's true.

You'll always be an Olympian. You too.

I got the, I have a tattoo, so I'm always--

An Olympic one? Yeah, yeah.

Let me see it. Do you--

Where is it? It's on my arm.

Oh, I have one on my arm, too.

Oh, my God, same. That's where yours is?

Yeah, but I'm wearing a real bra because I never do.

Oochie. That's okay.

Okay. Um, it is..

Oh, yeah. Not bad?

That's awesome.

Twins. Twins.

Is it okay, um, if I...


I'm-- I'm gay. Oh.

I-- I'm sorry, I thought-- I didn't even see.

I wouldn't have even known. I thought maybe you realized.

I-- I'm sorry.

I hope I didn't lead you on. No, it's okay, you didn't.

Um, I just...

I'm having a really hard time here and I just really...

I really need someone to kiss me right now.

Like, I really need someone to kiss me.

I know that you're not attracted to me and it's--

Thank you. That's what I needed.

You okay? I'm good.

I'm sorry that I asked you to do that.

That's okay. I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression.

No. Are we cool? Yeah, we're cool. You good?

I'm good if you're good. I'm really good if you're good.

I'm good. Okay.

Do you wanna go get food? Yeah. You're really good.

There are so many people out tonight.

I know. Like you'd think it'd be dead after 9:00, but it's, like--

Most people are probably done competing.

Are you just having milk? Yes. [Chuckles]

You don't drink milk?

Not after I've been drinking other stuff.

How 'bout this guy? Cross-country skiing.

Cross-country skiing, I agree with that.

I can identify my own very easily.

Guy right here, this guy. Right here, Norway.

Aerials. He's tiny.

Okay, you're better at this than me. Because, like, I wouldn't have--

I mean, I don't know, but that's my guess.

This guy, skiing...

He smiles, yeah. Oh, he just smiled at you.

I don't know.

Hey, what about this guy?

He's very strong. Honestly, I would.

What? Really? Yeah, think so.

What's your type? Like, kind of that.

At the last Olympics one of the guys on my team lost his virginity during the games.

Really? Yeah.

That's awesome! That is so--

Is it awesome or is it embarrassing?

No, that is, like, way cooler than, like on your parents', like, floor or some, I don't wanna--

Like in the bathroom at some high school party.

Yeah. It's so romantic.

Like, this place is romantic.

[indistinct chatter]

Hey, are you the dentist guy? Yeah.

Ah, you, do you have any more floss on you, by any chance?

Oh, sure. Yeah.

Um, have you guys.. Whoa!

Yeah, maybe you could split those up. Thank you.

Have you guys competed already? Or...

No, we're, we're going to, we gotta run. We're kinda..

Oh, cool! Well, good luck to you. Thanks.

What's your race, what are yo -- Skeleton.

Oh, wow, that's so cool. Wow. Alright, well, good luck.

And maybe I'll come see you guys at the race or something.

In a couple of days. We gotta jam.

Okay, alright. Take care, guys.

Would you hook up with that guy?

Um, that guy. With the coffee?

I-- I think he's cute, actually.

He's kind of looking at you, too.

That guy is a-- Named Ezra.

He is a dentist. So you know him.


Hello. Hello.

Good evening. Good evening.

You're here late. Hi.

How's it goin'? I'm Gus.

Hi, I'm Ezra. This is Gus.

Oh, what happened to your hand?

I just broke my thumb the other day.

It's not a big deal. Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine. Good.

Hi. Good to see you.

Are you okay? I'm great.

It's late. Yeah.

You have a good night? - How many teeth did you clean today?

- He cleans a lot of teeth. - So strange.

Ah, alright, I'm gonna leave you guys to it.

You don't have to, you're welcome to join.

It's okay. - Do you have any floss on you?

I don't have any on me, I'm sorry.

It was really nice to meet you.

Yeah, it was nice to meet you, too.

Have a good night. - Okay.

You too. Bye.

Oh, my God. I know him.

You were so rude. No, I wasn't.

"How many teeth did you clean today?"

He cleans teeth. It's like saying how many runs..

I know, but... How many hours did you train?

No, if you said how long did you work today, that would be the same thing.

But how many teeth did you clean?

It's so patronizing.

You totally like him. No.

I got crazy energy.

Or you guys are hooking up or you already did or something.

No. No. None. None of the above.

Only... Nothing.

Only floss. I don't believe you.

Oh, my God, you're blushing.

Soy milk. Not my favorite kind of milk.

Yeah, it's soy milky.

[singing in foreign language]

[phone ringing]

Ah, Kristi. Hi.

Oh, [chuckles] I can't, I can't hear what--

I can't hear--

I, uh, it's very bad reception in here, let me...

Hi! Sorry, the reception's terrible in there.

So, just, um, it's wild over here.

I mean, it's freezing, but it's been really..

Oh, um, oh, yes.

Ah, it's not broken, you just need to unplug it and then plug it back in.

And then there'll be, like, a yellow light.

Um, so, how's that going, good?

Okay, great. So, uh, how've you been?

How -- how are things? Oh. Oh, yeah, no, I'll let you go.

Okay. Ah, sure.

- So you're from Greece? - Yes.

As you see, a lot of blue, white, everywhere.

- That's so cool. Yeah.

I've always wanted to go swimming in Greece.

And my-- and my fiancee, my--

Yes, I understand.

She, I, she loves, she says she loves the beach, and I'm, like, "Well, let's go to Greece" and then she's like, "Let's just go to Miami."

Oh, no. And it's like, I don't wanna go...I wanna go to Greece.

Can I ask you honestly? Yes?

So, we were together and then we were engaged, and then I said, "I might wanna go to the Olympics."

Asked if she wanted to go.

She doesn't, she never wants to leave the country.

She's scared of going to other countries.

And you like traveling. I like to travel.


I don't know, I think you didn't choose the right girlfriend.


So what's going on? Why are you here?

[speaking in foreign language]

Okay. Well, you've got a, so for the... What's the...

[speaking in foreign language]

Okay, that tooth is.. Sorry.

It's molar hurts. Molar hurts.

This, which one?

When was the last time you saw the dentist?

[speaking in foreign language]

What does that mean? It's been a long time.

You speak English? Sometimes, yeah.

But you understand Italian, so it's not a problem.

Yes, you're kind of just messing with me a little bit.

Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

It's good? Yeah, it's funny.

You really also should, you should go to a dentist regularly.

- Yeah? Yeah.

I'm sorry. I'm having a-- I'm not having a great day.

So, I apologize. Me too.

Yeah? Yeah.

[instrumental music]

[speaking in foreign language]


Funny running into you here.

Everywhere. Yeah.

Ah, can we chat for a few minutes?

Ah, I don't...

I was gonna go in there and just kinda wander around.

Yeah, I-- I found like a pretty cool spot.

I think you'd really enjoy it.

Hello. I just a.. I'm a volunteer.

I -- I left something in here that I need to get.

It's pretty cool out here, right?

It's, like, check it out, it's still going.

It's like Hanukah!

The, the Festival of Lights.


If you can believe it, I didn't bring you out here to talk about Hanukah.

Okay. Um...

I, I wanted to apologize to you..

...for how things went down the other day at our chat, whatever...that was.


In going back through it I didn't really like kinda what I said or how I said it to you.

And I realize you were just trying to encourage me and I've been trying to figure out why I kinda said what I said.

And I think it's... probably 'cause I'm just sort of... scared or afraid of stuff.

Ezra, do you think I'm not afraid?

Like, I wasn't trying to say, "Don't have fear."

Like, I wake up every day a little bit afraid.

But it's the good fear. It's like afraid for how well it can go.

And what I was hearing from you very and clearly, is that you want things.

You have goals and you are not... able to take them seriously.

And even the way that your shoulders are.

Like, look at the way you're walking.

Do you feel your shoulders? They're like to the ground.

Your nose is to the ground, you're not even on your own team.

Of course, I-- I understand that.

Like, yes, I see that. I don't like how I...

Don't tell me how to walk, okay?

'Cause I know how I walk, and I don't like it, alright?

This is not stuff that is, like, new to me, okay?

I wanna walk with my shoulders back.

That's why I came to the Olympics.

That's why I have been, like, running around with you.

That's why I just snuck into an Olympic stadium, because, I wanna take more risks.

And I wanna go home and-- and start my own practice and-- and follow through on the stuff that I dream about.

And you inspire me to do that.

And that's, that's what I wanna do.

I-- I wanna change things.

That's awesome. So, yeah, thank you!

You're welcome. Great!

That's amazing. Yeah, it is amazing!

So, we agree. We agree in an empty Olympic stadium!

We're on the same page!

So, like, let's enjoy our time together, okay?

Okay, let's do it.

Deal? Deal.

Okay, can we, can we go?

Why, are you so scared of getting caught, 'cause I'm not.

You're not fearful anymore. Let's get outta here.

I'm not afraid, I am Ezra. I am--

Look at this, like that. There you go! Like that.

Have you ever seen one of the athlete dorms?

No, I haven't gone into any. They're very cool.

Oh, yeah? Yeah.

Are you inviting me in? Yes, I am.

Okay. Alright. Okay.

Oh, uh...Sorry.

It's okay.

I was-- That is my secret.

GREs, huh? Just in case.

I don't know. Is this 'cause you're, like, what am I gonna do?

Yeah, this is, like, just in case I...am not qualified for a job, which I'm not.

I will take a test, which will allow me to apply for school, which will qualify me for a job, that is not--

So somebody's playing it a little safe, huh? Being--

Or somethin', no. You're keeping, you're keeping your options open.

Yeah, I'm just like, I don't know. I got it.

I didn't think you were gonna find this, that's all.

So, I'm gonna put it back under my bed. I hear you.

Did you think I would find this little guy? Who's this?

It's like new to the family and somebody delivered him.

Oh! Someone gave you this? Someone thoughtfully gave you this?

Somebody, I was crying a little bit until somebody handed that to me.

Can I ask you something? Yes, anything.

Will you take me skiing tomorrow?

Yes. Have you skied before? - No.

Okay, that's... Yes.

However, I'm leaving tomorrow so we'll have to go early.

- Great. Okay.

I'm just, I'm just laughing at...



It's just sort of, um...

Like, I don't even know if I'm gonna tell my friends about you, because, I don't really know like what--

What is that? I don't know.

What are you gonna say?

I don't know, um, just like...


You think I'm like I'm gonna remember this.


- Well, I am. Yeah.

I figured. I will.

I am, I'm gonna remember it. So will I.


You tired? Don't be tired.


Don't! Why?

'Cause... Yeah. It's my last night!

So you should just stay. You should just--

Okay. You don't have to lay here.

Just -- just lay. Just stay.

I'm not gonna do anything to you.

I will even put these on while you lay down. Then you won't--

Just stay. Okay.

Oh, you wanna stay? Okay.

Then stay.


I will put them in between us so that nothing happens.

'Cause I know that, like, makes you very nervous.

No, stop talking about that.

I know that you're--

Sorry, it's just like, I think I, I think it's fine to make a joke of it.

It's stupid.

I can't really -- Sleep?

I can't sleep. I can't be still.

Well, how about, do you wanna just sit here and talk?

How about that? Okay, for a little bit.

Give me your hand. Okay.

Your hands are very warm.

I am a very warm-blooded person.

I think I'm cold. So this is good.

No, your hands are warm. Really?

That's, means this is very rare time.

Oh, no. What's happening?

Is someone-- Oh, my God.

Is someone challenging me to a thumb war?

Someone is challenging you to a thumb war. One, two, three, four.

Now I declare a thumb war. A thumb war.

This is like.. You're using your bicep!

That's not fair! I'll do that, too.

No, you can't use your-- It's thumb war.

Okay. Okay?

I'm sleeping. I don't know what you're talking about.

That's cheating. Arm down, thumb only.

You have such, like, adult hands.

Like they've seen, they've done so many things.

They have been in so many mouths.

That's true. That's so weird.

It's like, have you touched more mouths than you've kissed people?

And don't even answer that. That's for sure.

Is that you? Mm-hmm.


Little skier? You look so cute.


Girl Scouts.

Talk about a happy little girl.

Oh, my God! You're so cute.

And it's still you.

That's the, that's the weirdest thing about seeing pictures of people when they're, like, little.

It's like, yeah, same person.

[instrumental music]

I'm gonna become an Olympic cross-country skier, I think.

Watch, I'll show you right now.


You're a star.

Hey, you're like... Yeah. I did it.

I fell on an Olympic cross-country course.

Oh. I feel good though.

It feels good to fall? Yeah, oh, it feels good to fall.

My dad took me for the first time.

And I thought I was gonna hate it.

And then you didn't. I didn't hate it.

This place is like my place.

The cold, but fresh...

Like, that's my smell. I'm not done.

You're not done?

I'm not done yet.

I'm just really happy right here.

I don't wanna be anywhere else. And is that okay?

It's great. It's the dream.

You've found something that you like doing, and you wanna keep doing it.

What more could you ask for?

Okay, let's...

Do you wanna go ski?

Alright, I should warn you.

I'm probably gonna kick your ass, so...

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

Ezra, I'm leaving.

Oh. Ah...

Well, thank-- thank you for coming by.

Yeah. Um..

How are you go-- How are, how are...

Do you fly to Seoul?

Yeah, we take a train there and then... just straight shot...


...from there.

Wow. Yeah.

Ah, okay. Well...

I know I didn't have a pin for you, but, of my own.

But I, um...

I thought you would like this one.

Whoa, a snowboarding pin! Mm-hmm.

Oh, that's awesome. Thank you.

I'd, I never wanted to, like, ask the athletes for 'em

'cause I felt like they were for--

They're so cool.

Well, they're athletes.

Thank you. Come in.


Thank you. No problem, no problem.

Um, yeah, they've gotta..

Can you check my teeth?

Well, I checked your teeth, they're fine. They're, you're...

I know, just in case.

Yeah, okay. Um, please have a seat.

You've got your, uh, snow globe ring again?

You've got a really nice teeth.

Do you know how I can keep them this way forever?

You could see a, a dentist regularly.

Um, can you do the thing

where you check my jaw?


- Uh-huh. Okay. Okay.

Thank you. Open your mouth wide.

And close it.

I'm just looking to see if the alignment is good.

And it really is.

You got a good, healthy mouth. That's good.

And I'm just gonna check your thyroid your lymph nodes to make sure... everything's okay.

Is everything okay?


Are you sure?

It's the best thyroids I've ever seen.

Thank you.

You've got a good heartbeat.

I hope so.

Can you just check one more time, please.


Can you please just check one more time?


- Just in case? Um...

Actually, I think you're gonna miss your bus.

I'm not gonna miss my bus.



Yeah, I have... I have another patient, so..

Can't they wait?



Okay, bye.

[instrumental music]

[music continues]


Hi. I'm--

I-- I'm sorry that I...

I'm just sorry.

But I-- I want you to know, like...you're the--

What? You're the best thing that happened to me at the Olympics.

And that I think you're, like amazing and you're, you're so special.

And I just--

I just wanted to let you know that... You're an Olympian!

You kicked ass at the Olympics.


It's so cold here, and you, you made me feel so warm.

I can--

Thank you.

Thank you.

Excuse me, sir?

Do you know this? Okay. I don't know, sorry. Sorry.

You're very helpful, you know?

Really helpful. And, uh..


I'll see you in four years, okay?




[instrumental music]

[singing in foreign language]

[singing continues]

[singing continues]


[instrumental music]

[singing in foreign language]

[instrumental music]

[music continues]