On the Job (2013) Script

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Tatang, are we going back right away?

I was hoping to go somewhere after.

I told you about it, remember?

A pack of Marlboro.


Here you go.

It's crazy here... but I like it this Way.

How many policemen passed by?

Did you see the alley by the corner?

Did you count your change?

It's five pesos short.

Fuck that asshole! Let it go, asshole.

He's dead!

Dead man!

A man was shot and killed today... in Quezon City.

He tried to run away... and he was shot.

Drugs may be the main motive in the murder... since the victim was a reported drug runner.

Let us make a solemn oath among ourselves... to stand committed... to serve the Filipino People.

Last election, we demanded... if there is no corruption... there is no poverty.


The COMELEC is making preparations... the PNP and the AFP for the elections.

Businesses are pulling out investments... from the Philippines. Seen by the continuous drop in value of the Peso.

We cannot treat vendors and squatters... the same way we treat criminals.

An anti-crime group criticized the police?

For the rampant crime?

In Metro Manila.

Camera footage shows the suspect... leaving New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa.

They might be comfortable in killing other people... because someone supports them.

If we keep electing the same politicians... true change will never come.

Soldiers opened fire on us.

Total gun ban shall be implemented.

Why did you have to take his life?

You killed my Child!

His face was caught on the CCTV camera.

The gunmen pulled out their guns?

The victim was dead on the spot. Bystanders were caught in the crossfire.

According to witnesses?

John Paul was the one passing the bullets?

While the other was firing the gun.

The gunman knew what he was doing?


He was hit with an assault rifle in the leg?

And other parts of the body.

The victim was dead on the spot.

They were used as human shields.

A businessman was killed... after he was shot in Manila.

We are investigating if he has... certain involvement with the company... of certain personalities.

For God's sake!

Stop dragging his name in politics!

Let us mourn him in peace!

What a crowd right, 'Tang?

I had a hard time escaping. Did you, know, I had to pass the...

I'll drop you off at Morayta, 'Tang... and then I'll pick you up around 7.

I'll stay out for the night.

I'll go back tomorrow.

So it will just be you, Daniel?

Ma'am Thelma, could I just... go back tomorrow with Tatang?

You'd really risk so much for a few hours.

Rex will get you for this again.

By the way... I have to pay for some stuff...

Daniel needs an advance.

Just take it out of his pay tomorrow.

How much?

Six thousand...

I have to pay for... my mom's dialysis, their electric bill... and also for my motel.

And also for my motel.


Text Rex that you won't make it tonight.

Want to eat? It's my treat. Come on!

No thanks.

No, I'll go ahead.

Want me to go with you?

No way.

Daniel? Mama?

How are you? Daniel, how have you been?

David, come. Your brother is on the phone.

How are things? We're good. How about you?

I knew you were going to call.

I had a strong feeling.

Sorry it took me a while.

I was out in the desert last week.

I've been really busy.

It's okay!

I just saw Dubai on TV.

There were Arabs everywhere!

I remembered you.

There are lots of them here!

If you could only smell them.

They don't take baths.

Really? So do you always cover your nose?


Does Badong still visit?

Of course not.

Why do you ask?

I can't send money this month.

Save what you can for now.

That's okay. Don't worry.

I'll just wait for it.

It's hot!


Stop it!

You're horny again!

Save it for later!

What time are you leaving tomorrow?

8 o'clock.

Eat first, will you?



When did you arrive?

Just a while ago.

I got a day off... but I have to go back tomorrow.

This is Ruel.

My boyfriend.

He's also taking up Law.

Good evening.

You already have a boyfriend?

Come on, Pa.

I'm already 24.

Is that so?

Come join us for dinner.

Come on.

Ruel, let's eat.

How is Cebu?

Still the same.

Lonely... hot... and crowded.

Is that why you look so pale?

I'm sure you're always locked up inside.

How's school?

That Law school is taking forever.

I'll finish soon.

Next year, I'll take my bar exams.

And then once I become Atty. Maghari... you can finally retire.

But I'm still strong!

And we'll need the extra money.

I'll I go ahead. Eat first

Don't you have class?

I do, later.

But I still have money. Use it for school.

When are you coming back?

I don't know.

If my boss is in a good mood...

I'll ask for leave again.

I hope you can come home more often.

I'll try.


Mario, you forgot something!

Your shirt.

I'll try, okay?

Take this with you.

Please take care.

And you... watch out for that Ruel.

Don't let him make you cry.

Of course not, Pa.

Don't you save what you earn?

Thelma said more jobs are coming in.

If you can still drink... once Rex is done with you.

Hell yeah!

That's a lot of money.

When do you think I can earn as much?

Don't rush.

I was a backup for three years before I got promoted.

Do you think...

Thelma will hire me?

Do you think she's annoyed at me?

That's what's worrying you?

Ask me if I'm annoyed at you.

Two of these.


For you!

How was the trip?

I saw it on the news.

Next time, we'll bring you chocolates.


Let's go to Lydia's.

Make mine a double.

One isn't enough.

I'll take care of it.

Santos... go ahead and clear the way.

Yes sir.

Where have you been?

Why did you spend the night out?


What took you so long?

Did you build a fucking monument? But the warden's house was huge!

Don't make excuses with me!

Beat them up!

Warden wants you.

You're lucky. Get out of my face.

Beat him up!

I said beat him up!


This came for you.

It's going through.

It's official.

They'll let us know next month.

Take this.

Be good this time.



You already met Renato.

Wally, from the 3rd district.

Of course you haven't met General Pacheco.

My son-in-law, Francis.

It's nice to finally meet you sir.

Philippine Military Academy, Class of 2005.

Top of his class!

Then you're better than your dad.

If I remember correctly... he was only 3rd or 4th in his class.

I'm sure you're good at golf.

I don't play, sir.

But your father was such a player.


Nobody move!

Get out of the way!

I said out of the way!


Nobody move!

Stay where you are!

Wait a minute!

Where's your warrant?


Here's your warrant!

My tooth...

Who killed Tiu?


I don't know any Tiu.

Wait! Stop!

I was here all day yesterday!

I didn't leave the house!

My stomach was acting up.

You didn't leave? No!

You didn't leave? That's right.

What are you doing?


Stop it sir!

Oh, for fuck's sake! Do you know who he is now?

I know him!

He protects the drug dealers in this area.

But that was before.

No one tries to go against them.

Do they have friends in uniform?

Why is it taking so long?

Son of a bitch!

We have a guest!

Yes they have lots.

Even criminals are afraid of them.

Once, a rich Chinese man conned Tiu.

The next day, he was dead.

Local Police is handling the case.

Salcedo isn't one of us.

He'll make things difficult.

Maybe he wants more.

Those assholes are greedy.

His wife is running... this coming election.

For councilor.

That's why he needs to lie low.

I can pull some strings... and have the case transferred to the NBI.

From there, Francis can take over.

We need a veteran to handle this.

What if your boy fails?

Our election plans are at stake.

Ben can take care of this.

The faster we close this... the better.

You can do this, right?

Besides, he's family.

I trusted him with my daughter... why not trust him with the business too?

Because I don't trust him.

Whatever you say... he's still Coronel's son.

Maybe you forgot what his father did.

He almost ruined the military.

If you don't trust me...

Nicky's waiting for me, dad.

I'm telling you... he's going to be the youngest NBI Chief.

He's ambitious.

The more important question is... can you control him?

Dad, thanks but...

I can't accept this.

They'll audit me at the office.

For God's sake! It's a gift!

They can check my records for all I care!

Is that dad?

Hello dad? What? Let's go!

Dad wants to talk to you.


Wait! I'm coming with you.

Francis, don't return it.

He'll get really mad if you do.

Come on. It's a nice car!

It's a lot better than your old car.

You'll get used to it.

Acosta, the chief is looking for you.



This is A.l.C. Francisco Coronel Jr.

And S.l. Samuel Bernabe, of the NBI.

They'll be handling Tiu's case.

Hand over everything to them.

Who gave the order... sir?

That's none of your business.

It's between me and Posadas.

So turn over everything to them.


Sergeant, do we have a problem?

Maybe you do!

Because I don't.

What else do you need?


Oh wait, you already have them.

Wait... maybe you want coffee?

How about a massage?

We'll work on this case.

It was moved up because it's a priority.

How old are you?

Thirty-two, why?


Know what?

That's how long I've been in service.

So don't play stupid with me.

We all know powerful people... are involved here.

I hope you really work on this case.

Not just wait for it to solve itself.

Are you telling us how to do our job?

Like that shoot-out case in Pasay.

Wait... was it ever solved?

Didn't you guys take that case too?

He'll get it from me.


Leave him.

That's why he's still a sergeant... at his age.

It's not worth it.

Do you see this?

I worked hard for all of this.

We're the same then.

Here it is.

All the evidence you need.

There's more.

But we won't bring it to you.

Work a little.

That fucking old man.

My parole's been approved.

I can work full time once I'm out of here.

'Tang, that's impossible.

Why not?

I can still work.

Don't you know why I get prisoners?

Because outsiders are headaches.

We'll still have the same deal.

Nothing will change.

You're easy to work with because... you can't complain.

You need the money.

Once you're out, things will change.

You'll be able to choose.

Too bad, there's a lot of work coming in.

What will happen when I leave?

Who'll replace me?

At work, someone retires... so new graduates can come in.

How's Daniel?

Make sure he's ready.

Don't disappoint me.

Eating again?

Hey! Porkchop!

I'll take care of it!



Add more salt! Okay?


I'll make you eat all that salt!


Wash it... Hey, handsome!

Fucking faggot!

Son of a bitch.

Wash it properly!

The hell you looking at, faggot!

Sorry, handsome.

Don't give Daniel anything, okay?


What are you doing?

Is it done?

I even made it smell good.


Bring cigarettes next time.

Hey, we have a game later!

Hell no! You suck at it.

Get off the fucking phone!

Hey! Is it ready?

Here's your porkchop.

Get out of here before Simeon sees you.

The fuck do I care?

I have diabetes! It'll be cigarettes next time.

It's you again!

What's this?

I said no special treatment... for this son of a bitch!

Who the fuck do you think you are?

Don't mess with me.

Is this what you want?

This isn't for you.

This is for my rats.

That son of a bitch Simeon.

I'll get him for this.

That motherfucker.

He's always on my case.

Don't be cocky.

You're the one asking for favors.

What's this?

Son of a bitch!

Tatang's getting paroled!

You're getting out?

You're getting out before me! Fuck, you'll be here forever!

Crazy old fuck.

So, wait.

Does Thelma know about this?


I already told her.

So you're going full-time?


I'm retired.


How's that? I don't know.

I'll drive a cab or something.

What about the job?

I'll be frank.

You're not ready for this.

What the...

Come on!

Of course I learned from you.

That's what I've been saying!

You're too cocky!

Fuck, let's be serious.

I'm ready.

This is mine. This is me.

Are you sure? Yes, I'll do everything!

Take off your shoes.


If you want to learn... do as I say.

No questions asked.

If you can't do it... tell me now.

Spare me the headache.

First of all... always blend in.

Keep a low profile.

So you won't be envied by others... especially the guards.

Give that to Rex.

Bring it to him now.

This is for you.

We should make them happy.

We should make them happy.

Don't forget... we earn because they let us work.

But don't treat them as friends.

This is just work.

Just work.

My son-in-law, Francis.

You think this job is easy?

If we fail and this thing blows up... it may expose even the President.

Your bill's been watered down.

Is that okay?

You have to give... to get what you want.

Compromise is the key.

That's what you have to learn.

When you're starting out... you should sway like bamboo.


When you're at the top... then you can be as stiff and rigid like a flag pole.

I don't want to be a politician anyway.

You want to just keep on catching criminals?

That's fine too.

But here... we make laws.

We make a nation.

Wake up.

Can you do what I do?

Of course.

If you really want to make a difference... aim for the congress.

This is the path towards the presidency.

I still have a lot to learn.

I can teach you.

Don't worry. I'll help you out.

Who do you want?

What are you doing?

Where are you taking me?

We're just workers here.

Whatever the orders, whoever it is... we have to do it.

This is a matter of public interest.

I need you to take care of something for me.

What are the details?

Don't you trust me Francis?

Don't ask any questions.

Just do this for me.

And keep it confidential, okay?

You said you'd do anything.



It's easy to kill... if you're angry at the person.


What if you're ordered... to kill an old man... who can barely walk?

Could you still do it?

Don't stab him a hundred times.

It should be clean... simple.

Don't make a mess this time.

One in the chest to bring them down.

Another in the head... to be sure.

Stabbing is hard.

You feel the blade entering the flesh.

You can see the pain on your target's face.

No, please. No.

Can you still do it?

You know why they do that?

It's for insurance.

But if we screw up... we're not just going to get fired.

They know everything about us.

The illegal recruiter you killed... where your family lives... even your ex-girlfriend.

They know where she is.


What's this Tiu case?

Do you know?

We're going to Mt. Pinatubo.

Bring Nicky along.

Let's break-in your car.

Who was your first hit?

You must've had a hard time too.

How many shots did it take?

It probably took a lot.

Just one, while he was sleeping.

Then I just thought of myself.

I didn't want to rot away in jail.

Who did you choose?

He was chosen for me.

Thelma heard he was about to rat them out.

I was his backup for three years.

We'll never know.

If one day, I screw up...

. and they order you to kill me.

You should still do it.

It's just work, nothing personal.

That's impossible.

Come on!

You'll never screw up.

But you are going to kill me?

You cocksucker!

Fuck it.

I won't.

I won't.

What about Tina?

How about her?

She still has a year to go before her Bar exam.

Didn't you save up?

Save up?

I'm just trying to make ends meet.

Everything's expensive now.

We can do it.

Stop it!

Is that a new perfume?

So what?

Let's have another baby.

What the hell?

We're too old for that!

Are you free next week?

We have a mock trial.

I was hoping you could go.

You know he can't make it.

He can't just go home whenever he wants.

Don't worry. I'll be retiring soon.

You'll get sick of seeing me every day.

You and me, okay?

Can you do it?

I'm your backup today.

Faster, they need it now!

I'll bring it right away.

Finish it!

Let's go!

Let's go!

Tell us what you know.

It will be a big help.

I don't know anything.

I'm just a driver.

It's been ages since I last drove him.

Don't lie to me.

You were always with him!

You know where he goes and who he talks to!

I already told you everything.

What more do you want?

We need a name!

If you're not filing a case...

. then let me go. This is illegal.

Nothing is illegal!

Give me a name. Now!


Who else worked with Tiu?

Pol! Pol! The former policeman!

They always spoke before he died!



I need your help.

Shoo“ What happened?

They killed Linda.

I don't know where the kids are.


Who did this?

I'm here at the old house.

Fuck! Come here quick before they get to me.

Go straight to Rex.

He's there right now.

Wake up. Time to go.

That's why I retired early.

This business pays well.

When they ask for a hit... we use prisoners.

We bring them out to kill the target... then we bring them back inside.

No one will ever suspect them.

It's not only one group.

There's a lot.

There's one in Bicutan... one in Bulacan.

There's also one in Pampanga.

The people inside take care... of bringing them in and out.

Money runs everyone.

That's not new.

What I don't understand is...

how come you got involved?

Also... where does Johnny Tiu come in?

He's my boss.

If there's a job, he calls me.

I talk to my middleman.

And the middleman handles the prisoners.

The pay goes straight to the middleman.

Before Johnny died..

Jobs stopped coming in.

Who killed him?

They were being liquidated one by one.

Someone was killed before him.

He was afraid that he was next.

All of General's contacts were being silenced.

Which General? Pacheco.


Are you sure?

He's running for Senate!

Johnny has all of his cards.

You have to find it.

I need protection.

Linda... she's gone now.

I'm transferring you.

You're not safe here.

I'll just get the car.

I'll come back for you.

There's a party at Julius' later.

Let's drop by.

I need phone credit.

Fifty pesos worth.

What are you doing here?

Why? Is it illegal?

What's going on?

Do you still have my number?

Why is it taking so long?

Fuck! That's Pol!

Finish it!


What happened?





Sir, we'll take care of it!

I didn't get him.

He's alive! Let's bring him to the hospital!

Hang on, Pol!

Don't go to sleep!

The target's alive.

You didn't finish him off.

Fix this.

It won't do.

You fucked up!

Start calling up hospitals!

I'll finish this!

If you informed me about the lead... we could've protected him.

He only trusted me.

We had an understanding.

Come here.

You're messing up my case.

I don't care if you don't like me.

Just stay out of this!

Isn't Pacheco a party-mate of your father-in-law?

What are you trying to say?

Tell me straight to my face!

This is now personal.

Whether you like it or not...

I'll work on the case.

I need to see those books I turned over.

The ones that belonged to Tiu.

This isn't your case anymore.

If we don't have evidence against Pacheco... his identity remains within the three of us.

I'll just check something.


Out of the way!


I'll find you a doctor.

Out of the way!

Out of the way!


Cut him off!

Everyone, down on the ground!

Get out of here!


I'm fine!


Nobody move! NBI!

Next station, Cubao.


Move aside!

Out of the car now!

Out of the fucking car!

In different public schools... that will be used as precincts in this... upcoming local elections.

You're not allowed here. We have already contacted the different...

I said you can't be here! zone officials to secure key positions...

Later Francis.

We need to talk, now.


Okay. Yes sir. To continue... we are going to contact the different... zone officials... to secure key positions for our... volunteers and watchers during election day.

We will also have the support... of both the Catholic Women's League...

Pol was killed earlier. and the different Rotary and Lions'Clubs...

Do you know who he is?


What's the problem?

Do you know him?

Is it important that we do?

He spoke before he died.

Local knows Pacheco's involvement.

Why didn't you tell me about this?

Local will join the investigation.

This will be all over the news tomorrow.

Is the President involved?

It doesn't have to go that far.

That's if... Don't involve me in this mess.

This is as far as I go.

What did you think you were doing here, Francis?

You knew where this was going.

So don't act like an idiot.

I trusted you because I respected you.

And this is what I get in return?

You're involving me in your mess?

You're involved whether you like it or not.

Ever since you became associated with Nicky.

Ever since you became family. Don't involve Nicky in this.

What will you do... if I don't play your game?

Will you have me killed just like Pol?

It wasn't me!

Freddie, go inside.

Okay, here.

Come on.


Pacheco's business is to have people killed.

I told him to stop it... especially now that he's running for a government position.

Why do you protect him?

I can arrest him right now.

I was a client of his once.

Maybe... twice.

If you arrest him... it will be the end of me.

And you.

How could you do that?

I considered everything.

He was my last resort.

But you had it done twice.

You won't understand unless you're walking in my shoes.



Make his eyebrows thicker.

There, right.

Add more facial hair.

His cheeks are thinner than that.

What happened? Dad called.

What did he tell you?

Well... he didn't sound okay.

He said that you two should talk.

I can't help him anymore.

Whatever his problem is, it's his fault.

How can you say that?

Can't you do him a small favor?


Do you know what he's asking from me?

Come on. It's as if he's asking you to do something illegal.

Dad won't let anything bad happen to you.

That's what I thought!

What are you saying?

No one's clean in this line of work.

Everyone's the same.

Your dad will drag us down with him!

Are you really that naive?

We're both naive.

You, when it comes to politics.

And me, when it comes to you.

Did I ever judge your father for what he did?

What are you asking of me?

Do I really need to ask?

When dad had my mom's murderer killed...

I didn't have to ask.

But he did it quietly for our peace of mind.

How about you?

What are you gonna do for mine?


Who's this?


Who's this?

Have you forgotten about me?


Why do you always go home alone?

Don't you know it's dangerous at night?

How are you?

When did you get back?

Is it true you were in Dubai?

So you still know everything about me.

Not really.

Your mom told me.

Do you remember what I told you?

That I'd come back for you?

When are you going back to Dubai?

I found a job here.

I still have to travel, but only to Cebu.

So that I'm closer to you.

Don't play.

I don't want to waste any more time.

We already lost six years.

Let's not delay this any longer.

Let's get back together.

What happened to you?

Please take it slow.


I can't help myself.

What's that?

I don't know.

I'm still figuring it out.

But, you know?

If I get good at this...

I'll make one for your baby.

Wishful thinking.


He's coming out in a while, okay?

Please? Just talk to him.

Reschedule it.

I'm not available.

Call up Reyes.

Don't let Nicky worry again.

Join me for breakfast.

She's still asleep. Don't bother her.

Why is the door locked?

What time did her boyfriend leave?

As soon as he dropped her off.

Open the door.

Come on Mario. Why didn't you answer?

Why are you here?

You slept over?

Answer me!

Did you sleep over?

What are you doing here in my house?

What do you care if he slept over?

Get out of here!

Just leave.

You're rarely home and you embarrass her?

Who do you think you are? You have no right over us just because you give s money!

Put it on my tab, I don't have change.

I have change here.

I left my wallet in the car. Later!

Sir, please pay for the banana stick.

You're just leaving your car here?

Your officemates might steal it.

Sir, your payment please.

Can I borrow twenty pesos?

I'll pay you back later.

These one, eight months ago in Caloocan.

Then six months ago in Muntinlupa.

Three weeks ago.

All of them were killed... to remove connections to the General.

Now all the high-profile contractors... are safe.

Smart, right?

So in short... all of our possible witnesses are dead.

That's why we need to catch the two from last night.

Then their middleman.

Then the middleman's boss... until we can find evidence against the mastermind.

What if we don't find them?

Oh, right.

Why don't you ask your father-in-law?

They all have the same M.O.

All professional hits.

Especially these two.

They were your father-in-law's opponents.

This one... was caught in the ambush of his wife, the mayor.

That's easy to say, Acosta.

But we don't have anything substantial.

Everything is in the ledgers... the ledgers that are missing.

I had them find it.

They're in the other room.

I already went through all of them.

They just contained Tiu's drug transactions.

That can't be.

Pol said...

Tiu had evidence against them.

I'm sure it's in there somewhere.

Where are they?

Come with me.

I'll go through them myself.

The authorities suspect that... the two men were hired assassins.

Here's the cartographic sketch...

You look like the guy I'm watching on TV.

I said, you look like the guy I'm watching on TV.

You look like the gunman.

How come?

I don't know. You were here right?

How did that happen when I'm locked up here.

I don't know!

Come here. I need to talk to you.

Sir, I sprained my ankle.

Not you, Daniel!

Come quick!


Yes you! Now!

Let's talk over there.

I don't like the dark.

Do this first.

Tell handsome I said thanks.

What took you so long?

Where's Daniel?

Rex needed to see me.

You can go now.

Hey, jerk! Don't forget about later.

Give me a massage.

How are you?


Still not feeling well?

What did Rex tell you?

He wants me to make a table for his kid's birthday.

It's true.

That's all he said!

Take it.

Come on.

Believe me!

That's all he said!

I won't do everything for this job.

After all that you've done for me?

I see you as my father.

Eat something, okay?


So, what'd you fuck up?

Why are you still a sergeant now?

It was my boss who screwed up.

He was a corrupt motherfucker.

Now he's in jail... and I got demoted for bringing him here.

But that's okay.

I get to sleep soundly at night.

While they have nightmares.

They don't get nightmares.

They're used to it.

That's what pisses me off.

Even their conscience sides with them.

But your dad was different.

Even if it was already too late... he still tried to change.

What did you say?

Haven't you heard the stories?

Don't believe the rumors.

They were just trying to honor a dead man.

I don't know.

But, according to one story... they cornered him... and made it seem like he was fleeing the country.

So he was killed.

But, the truth is that... he was about to rat on his colleagues.

Problem was, the higher ups got wind of it.

Sir, we have a new lead!

You have a visitor.

Mario Maghari.

SP01 Acosta of the Tondo Police. Answer his questions properly, and we'll have no problem.

Good evening.

Are you Mrs. Maghari?

Yes? What is this about?

Atty. Francis Coronel...

NBI This is regarding your husband.

Did something bad happen to him?

This is my friend...

... Bhoy.

He's fixing something in the sink.

Please fix the sink upstairs first.

I have a visitor.

Do you remember me?


You gave me a hard time the other night.

I couldn't catch my breath.

It's been a while since I had exercise.

What's this about?

This is about Johnny Tiu... about Pol.

And probably a whole lot more.

How many have you killed?

I've been locked up for thirteen years.

Even if I want to get out... it's not possible.

My partner's at your house right now.

We separated then... for about three years?

I got tired because he didn't have a job.

He worked part time at the construction site.

It just wasn't enough for us.

I just heard that he was imprisoned.

He killed his foreman for cutting down his pay.

So you got back together when he was in prison?

Is that right?

In a way, yes.

When did you last see each other?

Wait a minute. When was that?

I visited him last month.

The tip we got isn't true then?

That he often comes home?

What? No, it isn't true.

Our neighbors love to gossip.

Don't believe a word they say.

Maybe it's my other friend who looks like Mario.

I think they're referring to him.

Would you like some water?

Go to your room. I have a visitor.

We know what your husband does in jail.

We need your cooperation.

You're paying for your daughter's Law school.

You get paid that much?

Do YOU pay taxes?

Pol told me everything.

Remember him?

Are you sure you don't know anything?

Is there something... you want to tell me?

Whoever is bringing you in and out of here...

is probably talking to your middleman right now.

When I leave... you're dead meat.

I really don't know what you're talking about.

You son of a bitch!


No one wants to talk.

Your friend Bhoy is over at your place.

I don't have any friend named Bhoy.

From what I gather... it seems he's good at fixing your wife's plumbing.

I meant the sink's.

How is your foot?

I see it's still swollen.

Your wife already replaced you.

And your life is in danger.

If I were you...

I would save myself while I still can.

People like you... should just be shot in the head.

You're all scum.


That fuck!

That fucker!

Let's tell Thelma! What do you say?

I wasn't even respected.

Police are all cock suckers.

Just because they have a badge.

Fuck 'em!

I accepted this job for her... so that she'd come back to me.

But she just humiliates me like this!


What do you want to discuss with me?

Do you know anything about my father's death?

That is classified information.

Did you kill my father?

You make it sound so personal Francis. But it was a decision made by us, to save the country.


Don't be stupid.

Put that away.

Put that away. This is not the time for you to have your revenge, boy.

The time will come, if you just use your head.

Now that you're inside... roll with it.

Do you think the president and the lawmakers... are running this country?

If the police and the military didn't exist... democracy would've been long gone.


We are running this country.

Join us.

And maybe... one day you'll have your revenge, Atty. Francis Coronel Jr.

Take care of your wife for me.

What happened?

She's okay Fran.

If she didn't have spotting... we wouldn't have known that she's pregnant.

We're both having our first born then.


This is your papa.


How are you?

Your mom?

She's not here.

How are you?

What's new?

I was able to get off work for awhile.

I've known for quite a while now.

You don't have to worry about me.

I'm old enough.

Take care of yourself.

You're late. Sorry, something came up.

Let's go.

No smoking inside.

We're the only ones that know about Tiu's father.

My informant contacted me earlier.

He's ready to help out with the case.

But he's scared.

What does he have?

I don't know.

Whatever it is...

I'm sure it's important.

He wouldn't be scared otherwise, right?

This is Pol's payback, finally.

We'll get that son of a bitch, Pacheco.

Pull over first. I need to pee.

Actually Charlie wanted to talk tomorrow.

But I said why not tonight?

Tomorrow when we wake up...

Pacheco might already be our President.

I need to do something!


We already know about it Francis.

What's the update Herman?

I just don't know where exactly.

That's fine.

Ben's on his way to Charlie.



The policeman?

He's lucky.

It's not his time.

Laptop, desktop, records... you know the drill.

The policeman didn't make it in time.

And Tiu's father?

He's quiet now.

You did the right thing, Francis.

What did I tell you?

Youngest NBI Chief? Or youngest Senator?

Good job, Francis.

We'll see you tomorrow.

It's done.

Ben's on his way to Charlie.

Warden's orders! He needs help moving stuff.

Not you.

Just him.

Let's go.

Let's go!

Which one?

Don't go.


Dad's expecting us.

We told him we were joining them.

Something big is going to happen.

I'm sorry.

General Pacheco's going down.

I'm sorry but I have to do my job.

Everyone involved will soon be exposed.


I'm sorry.

Daniel, you'll be replacing Tatang.

You can do it.

What will happen to Tatang?

We can't use him anymore.

Are you going to have him killed?

Forget about him.

He'll be a free man in two days.

Acosta, where are you? I'm near the office.


If you didn't leave me last night...

Tiu's father would still be alive!

You have a lot of explaining to do.

Acosta, pay attention! This is important!

I have evidence against the General.

It will also incriminate my father-in-law.

Oh fuck.

I'm near.

There's no turning back from here.

They'll meet up at the General's office.

We'll arrest them there.


If you got solid evidence...

I'll treat you to a banana stick.

But wait.

What about your Range Rover?

I'm back to my old Honda.


Get out of my way!


Call an ambulance!

The ambulance is on its way!

Hold on!

You can do it.

Get the ambulance here!






This is not right.

We can never hold him by the neck. It's better to have him killed while he's powerless.

Pull over!

You fucking murderers!

Who do you think you are? Gods?

Bravo! Bravo!

Block that car!

What's going on?

Nobody touches him.

Everyone, stand down.

Pull over!

Get out of the car!

Fuckers! Get out!

I said stand down!

Stop shooting!

Stop shooting!

Stop shooting!

Do you mind sending this to my kid?

The address is right there.

Sure, just place it on top.

Thank you and take care!

Here you go.

Your last meal here should be special. Have an extra egg.



You got a lot of stuff here.

Why did you accept everything?

Just leave them there.

You'll have a hard time tomorrow.

Do you think...

Rex would allow Diana to live here with me?

Does she know?

I want to tell her soon.

This isn't the place to start a family.

What do you plan to do when you get out?

I don't have anywhere to go.

You'll fix it once you see each other.

I'm Old.

It's hard to start again.

'Tang, I still haven't thanked you...

for everything.

If not for you...

I wouldn't have survived here this long.

I'll never forget you.

I'm sure of that.

'Tang, Why?

We don't want to comment.

Please respect our privacy.

Of my family and also my daughter's.

We are going through a very difficult time right now.

The lone gunman identified as...

Sergeant Joaquin Acosta... was immediately relieved of his duties... pending investigation.

Witness accounts say that Acosta... chased Pacheco's entourage... before the shooting rampage occurred.

That's how it is, fucked up.

No more comments from my client.

We're ready to face any investigation.

Babe, I used up all the water.

You son of a bitch!


Fuck you! I hope you die!