On the Town (1949) Script

"I feel like I'm not out of bed yet

"The sun is warm

"But my blanket's warmer


"Sleep in your lady's arms

"Sleep in your lady's arms"

Let's go! Get the lead out! Come on.

"New York, New York New York, New York

"New York, New York

"It's a wonderful town"

Hey, fellas! What's the big rush? We've only got 24 hours.

We never been here before.

What could happen to you in one day? What do you think you're going to do?

"New York, New York's A wonderful town

"The Bronx is up and the Battery's down The people ride in a hole in the ground

"New York, New York It's a wonderful town!"

"The famous places to visit are so many Or so the guidebooks say

"I told my grandpa I wouldn't miss on any And we've got just one day

"Got to see the whole town Right from Yonkers on down to the Bay

"In just one day

"New York, New York's A wonderful town

"The Bronx is up and the Battery's down The people ride in a hole in the ground

"New York, New York It's a wonderful town

"We've sailed the seas And we've been the world over

"We've been to Mandalay

"We've seen the sphinx And seen the Cliffs of Dover

"But we can safely say

"The most fabulous sight Is New York in the light of the day

"Our only day

"New York, New York's A wonderful town

"The Bronx is up and the Battery's down The people ride in a hole in the ground

"New York, New York It's a wonderful town

"Manhattan women are all in silk and satin Or so the fellows say

"There's just one thing necessary in Manhattan

"When you've got just one day

"Gotta pick up a date Maybe seven or eight on your way

"In just one day

"New York, New York's A wonderful town

"The Bronx is up and the Battery's down The people ride in a hole in the ground

"New York, New York

"It's a wonderful town!"

It's 9:30 already. The day's gone and we haven't seen a thing.

I got the rest of the day figured out.

9:45, the New York City Hall. 10:00, the Cloisters.

10:15, the Planetarium. 10:30, the Aquarium.

10:45, the Natural...

Hey, fellas!

Hey, fellas! Aren't we gonna do any more sightseeing?

I never been any place but Peoria. I wanna take in the beauties of New York.

And I wanna take 'em out.

Back where I come from all the dames are covered with coal dust.

Wow! Get a load of that!

Not bad. Not bad! Get him! "Mr. Particular!"

Who you got waitin' for you? Ava Gardner?

Listen! I'm gonna take my time till I find me a real New York glamour girl.

I got a line that mows 'em down.

Home in Meadowville, it lands me the cream of the crop.

Meadowville? You may be a big shot in Meadowville...

...but don't forget the whole town could fit in that manhole over there.

Yeah? And so could you!

Yeah? Yeah!

Hey, fellas! Break it up. We're wasting the whole day.

Why can't we pick up dates and sightsee at the same time?

See? Look, 10:30, the Aquarium. Then 10:45...

Sure, why not? Ozzie, I got the whole day figured out.

10:30, "Hello!"

"Oh, hello!"


Hold hands.


"Shall we dance?"


Our first kiss.


Wow! Wow!

Come on. Let's get the subway.

Pardon me, sir, but how do I get uptown?

Well, let's see. If you wanna go to...

And there you are.

I beg your pardon. Is this the uptown platform?

Now, it all depends.

Get that?

Yeah, thanks.

Come on.

Then what'd he say?

So I said, "Listen, Mr. Gadolphin, I won't work overtime, no matter what...

"...whether it's handling the bookkeeping accounts or you."

What'd he say?

So I said, "Listen, Mr. Gadolphin, you make just one more pass at me...

"...and yours truly is passing right out from the Grand Illusion Girdle Company."

And what did he say? So I said...

Hey! One side, fellows.

Say, what're you doin'? Puttin' up a little artwork.

There. Miss Turnstiles for the month of June.

"Meet lovely Ivy Smith."

Gee, a real New York glamour girl. A debutante, I'll bet.

She must be pretty important. I wouldn't say that.

Her picture's up all over the subway.

Well, like it says, they pick a new Miss Turnstiles every month.

Excuse me.

Look, "She's a home-Ioving girl...

"...but she loves high society's whirl."

"She loves the Army, but her heart belongs to the Navy."

"She is studying painting at the museums and dancing at Symphonic Hall."

Gee, she's wonderful!

A celebrity.

Yeah, what a girl!

She can do everything.

Look what it says: "Meet lovely Ivy Smith.

"Every month some lucky little New York miss is chosen...

"...from the thousands of girls who ride the subways...

"...to be Miss Turnstiles.

"She's got to be brilliant, beautiful, talented.

"Just an average girl.

"This month, the fortunate lassie is Miss Ivy Smith."

Who? Me?

Yes, you.

Though a celebrity, Miss Smith is a home-loving girl.

But she loves high society's whirl.

She goes out for the Army...

... but her heart belongs to the Navy.

She studies painting and dancing at Symphonic Hall.

She's a frail, flower-like creature.

But oh, boy! What an athlete!

Gee, what a girl!

Hey, cut that out. Gabe!

Come on. Let's get out of here.

Hey, put that back, you guys.

Why'd you do that?

I like her. I want it for my collection.

That's all you'll have of her.

Who knows? Maybe I'll meet her.

There are over four million women in New York City.

It'll take you a million years to find her. Why, the law of averages says...

Miss Smith, act like you're putting a coin in a box.

Out of the way. We're takin' a picture here.

Why don't we get one of these sailors in the picture? Stand here.

Miss Smith, give him the dime. You put the fare in the box for her.

Hey, you're... Aren't you Miss Turnstiles?

How did you know? I saw your picture in the subway and...

You mean you saw my picture at... Yeah.

Oh, that.

I'm terribly flattered you liked it well enough to take it with you.

How's that, Max? Fine.

Drop the dime in the box, Sailor. Hold it.

That's all, Miss Smith. Thanks, Sailor. We're proud of our boys.

Thanks. I'm terribly late now. I'll have to run.

Goodbye, Sailor. Thanks for posing with me.

Hey, wait!

We'll head her off at the next station. What?

In a cab.

Why do you always have to run after girls?

I'll tell you when your voice changes, Junior.

Hey, Oz, come on.

Taxi. Taxi.

Sorry. No more fares today. I'm turning in the cab. It's overdue.

Please, mister.

Hey! He's a girl!

What're you doing driving a cab? The war's over.

I never give up anything I like. Get in.

The subway station. It's right there. You too weak to walk it?

No, the next one, uptown.

All right, but only if he gets up front.

All right, Chip. Get up there.

Get in there. No.

Come on. Get going.

What's wrong with you? What's got into you?

I met her. I ran right into her. You said it couldn't happen and I ran into her.

What became of the line of jive that "mows 'em down"?

I didn't have a chance. Just watch me when we catch up with her.

Lady, faster, please.

Yeah, come on, lady.

For you, anything. What's your name?


Chip, huh? Bet you can't guess mine.

There are over two million girl's names registered...

All right, you win. It's Esterhazy. Brunhilde Esterhazy.

Pleased to meet you.

Why don't you come up to my place? What?

Look, Chip, I've been waitin' for you all my life.

I knew you the minute I saw you. You're for me.

I like your face, it's open, you know what I mean? Nothin' in it.

The kind of a face I could fall into.

Kiss me. Please, Miss Esterhazy.

Just call me Hildy. Why don't you ditch these guys and come up to my place?

Lady, I hardly know you. I've only got one day in town.

I want to see all the famous landmarks. Stick with me, kid, I'll show you plenty.

Hey, here it is.

Oh, yeah, Columbus Circle.

Hey, Esterhazy, what're you doin' here? Hello, Spud. What's on your tiny mind?

Don't sweet-talk me. This cab is due back in the garage.

Bixby's waitin' to take it out. Get in there or I'll report you.

Okay. Okay.

We must have just missed the train.

Taxi. Taxi. Taxi.

I'll bet we'll find dozens of glamour girls at Grant's Tomb.

Sure. Taxi, anyone?

You don't wanna waste your whole day lookin' for one girl.

Taxi. Taxi.

And besides, Gabe, you always got the picture.

When we get aboard ship, you can hang it up in a locker.

The picture! Look, fellows, it's full of clues.

If I follow them, I'm sure to find her. What?

She has to be at one of these places. We can track her down easy.

Gabe, what's happened to you?

I don't know. All I know is I gotta find this girl.

Get your red hot taxis here.

Wait a minute, fellows. I don't want to spoil your day.

You guys go ahead. What's it say on the card?

If we do this systematically, we can find her in a couple of hours.

It says she's studying painting in the museums...


Come on. Let's try it.


Here I am.

Where's the nearest museum? Museum of Anthropological History.

Okay, let's go.

Only if he gets up front.

What's the big idea?

I knew you'd come back. They all come back.

How much do we owe you?

Never mind. Let's run it up a little. I'm coming in with you.

This unique skeleton is the result of 20 years unceasing labor.

This dinosaur roamed the earth six million years ago.

Let us move on.

Excuse me.

Don't be frightened, lady. They're all dead.

Hold it. It's fantastic. I've simply got to get the two of you together.

Oh, my dear, you are priceless.

Thank you. How about some cheesecake?

What a lucky girl I am. I've got to get your measurements.

I'm a Junior Miss, size 11, very high-waisted.


Now, it's my turn.

Stop! How dare you!

I was only playin', lady.

What are you doin' tonight?

Now, just a minute. I want you to know that my interest in you is purely scientific.

I'm just a cold-blooded scientist...

...and I'm writing an anthropological study for this museum.

It's called Modern Man - What Is It?

The name is Claire Huddesen. Pleased to meet you.

I took your picture just now because you look exactly...

...like this Pithecanthropus erectus, a man extinct since 6,000,000 B.C.

I look like that?

I look like that.

Now, don't be moody. You made an understandable mistake.

And now the head.

That subsuperdolichocephalic head!

Sailor, I love you for having that.

All my life I wanted someone to love me for my sakidophalic head.

Don't be bitter.

There aren't many of us left. We had a sakidophalic class reunion last year.

Not many of the old faces around anymore.

Well, that'll be all. You can go now.

How come a girl like you is interested in this anthropo... whatchamacallit?

You see, it's this way.

I've been running around too much with all kinds of young men.

I just couldn't settle down...

...so my guardian suggested I take up anthropology.

He thought if I made a scientific study of man, I'd become more objective...

...get them out of my system, be able to control myself.

Has it worked? Almost completely.

I was just asking if she knew where I could find Miss Turnstiles.

Sure. Of course.

And I was just doing a bit of research.

Dr. Kinsey, I presume.

Really, I was just telling your friend...


...Ozzie, what a remarkable specimen he is.

An exact throwback to the Pithecanthropus erectus.

Hey, look. She's gonna put me in a book.

Holy smoke! How about that?

Yes, you see, there are all too few modern males...

...who can measure up to the prehistoric.

"Modern man is not for me

"The movie star and Dapper Dan

"Give me the healthy Joe from ages ago

"A prehistoric man

"What has Gable got for me

"Or Mrs. Johnson's blond boy, Van

"I want a happy ape with no English drape

"A prehistoric man

"Top hats, bow ties

"He simply wore no ties

"Bearskin, bearskin

"He just sat around in nothin' but bearskin

"I really love bearskin

"Some guys care a lot for me

"But my excitement they can't fan

"Because I still await my primitive mate

"We've had a date Since the world began

"My prehistoric man

"No psychoanalysis

"He never knew what made him tick

"He never paid, it seems, for telling his dreams

"Poor prehistoric Dick

"Jitters, jitters

"He never had jitters

"No repression

"He just believed in free self-expression

"I love self-expression

"He had honest calluses

"He never worked to pile up dough

"So unlike you and me No ulcers had he

"Simple and free in the long ago

"Poor prehistoric Joe

"Bebop, bebop

"They didn't have bebop

"Tom-toms, tom-toms

"They sat all the day just a beatin' on tom-toms

"I really love tom-toms"


That's good!

Watch out!

We'd better get out of here. Come on.

Come on.

Come on, let's go!

- Calling car 44. That's us.

Report to Museum of Anthropological History.

Investigate collapse of dinosaur.

Collapse? Why, that's terrible. Why?

She's my favorite singing star, that Dinah Shore.

The professor at the museum seemed miffed.

How'd you feel if someone broke your dinosaur?

I never had one, we were too poor.

Well, can I drop the three of you someplace?

No. We're all helping Gabey find Miss Turnstiles.

Let's try all the other museums.

We're stickin' with you, Gabe. We don't give up that easy.

Well, neither do I.

Toujours I'amour.

At least I'm catching up on my culture. Where do we go from here?

She might be at the Symphonic Hall Building.

Symphonic Hall? Yeah.

Wait a second. I want to get something straight.

You're all going to the Symphonic Hall?


If she isn't there, you'll go someplace else?


And then someplace else? Yeah.

And you guys have to be back on the ship at 6:00 tomorrow morning?

Well, it seems to me if we split up, we'd get farther.

I mean, we'd get farther looking for her. We'd keep looking but we'd look...

...in three different places instead of the same place.

Yeah. Maybe Hildy and I could go to the subway people for some information.

That's a splendid idea. Ozzie and I, we could look Miss Smith up...

...in the social register. I have a copy at home.

Yeah. Yeah. That sounds practical.

Yeah. Very practical.

We hate to leave you alone. I know you do. It's breakin' your heart.

Shall we go? Come along, specimen.

Well, we'll all meet at 8:30, huh? Okay. Where?

On top of the Empire State Building?

All right. 8:30.

We'll see what we can get done till then.

Well, so long.

Good hunting.

Which way do we go?

The way of all flesh, Junior.

The way of all flesh.

I guess we pulled that off. Yeah. I'm glad we're alone.

Well, I'm glad you're glad. It's about time.

Where'll we go first?

Now that we're alone, you can take me on that sightseeing tour of the city.

I was afraid you'd remember that.

A quick tour of the city, then up to my place.

No. Then we gotta go looking for Gabey's girl.

No! Then up to my place.

Where do you want to go first?

"My grandpa told me, 'Chip, my boy

"'There'll come a time when you'll leave home

"'If you should ever hit New York Be sure to see the Hippodrome"'

The Hippodrome? Yeah, the Hippodrome.

"Did I hear right? Did you say the Hippodrome?

"Yes, you heard right. Yes, I said the...

"Hey, what did you stop for?

"It ain't there anymore

"They tore it down, you know, a dozen years ago"

I wanted to see the Hippodrome.

What year is that guidebook anyway?


1905! No wonder!

Don't you realize a big city like this changes all the time?

But there's one thing that doesn't change.

Come up to my place.


"My grandpa saw the girlie shows and told me of one special pearl

"He said the hottest show in town Was called The Florodora Girl"

- Florodora Girl? Yeah, The Florodora Girl.

"Did I dig that? Was that Florodora Girl?

"Yes, you dug that That was Florodora...

"What stop for did you, hey?

"You may not see that play

"That famous girlie show closed 40 years ago

"Come up to my place


"My grandpa said I'd see New York In all its beauty and its power

"From the city's highest spot Atop the famous Woolworth Tower"

The Woolworth Tower? Yeah, the Woolworth Tower.

"Hold the phone, Joe Did you say the Woolworth Tower?

"I'm still ringing Yes, I said the...

"Did you stop for, hey what?

"That ain't the highest spot

"Since that old guidebook date They built the Empire State

"Come up to my place Let's go to Cleopatra's Needle

"Let's go to my place

"Let's see Wanamaker's Store Let's go to my place

"Let's go to Lindy's, go to Luchow's Go to my place

"Let's see Radio City and Herald Square Let's go to my place

"Go to Reuben's Go to my place

"Go to Macy's, go to Roxy's Go to my place

"Cloisters, Gimbels' My place

"Flat Iron Building My place


"My place"

Well, this is it. My little palace.

Gee, it's real homey. A swell view, too.

Yeah, on a clear day, you can see the backyard.

Come on. Put your bundles down.

Make yourself at home.

You know, Hildy, I feel that we ought to really try to find Miss Turnstiles.

Look, Chip, we tried before.

Yeah, we did try. Sure.

And we'll try again later. Sure, much later. Let's try this first.

Well, as long as we tried...


What on earth are you doing here?

I'm sorry, Hildy. I just couldn't go to work today.

I've got an awful cold and I didn't know you...

Of all the days you picked.

Chip, this is my roommate, Lucy Shmeeler. She's a grand girl.

How do you do? Hello, Chip.

I'm sorry. I've got to inhale. Excuse me.

Think she'll stay under there long? Sure. She'll be under there for days.

I'm sorry. Excuse me.

You know, Hildy, this is just like taking a picture.

If I had a camera, I could get the two of you together.

You could do that by just leaving the room.

Come here.

Is that you, Chip? No.

I've got to get some gargle.

I got the gargle.

Well, I'm very glad to hear that.


Would you mind stepping into the other room?

What for? I'd like to go over some figures with you.

Figures? The rent, Lucy. The rent.

Hildy, we paid...

I'm going out.

With that cold?

I'm going to an air-cooled movie. Hildy says...

It'll do you a world of good, Lucy. Yes, it will. Yes.

Thanks. I'll do the same for you someday.

When will you ever get the opportunity?

Goodbye, Miss Shmeeler. Goodbye, Mr. Chips.

"Hark! Ah, the nightingale. The tawny..."

But I don't wanna be like Margaret O'Brien.

Now, be quiet. Just wait till I get you home.

- Are you auditioning for Grab Your Spats? No, I'm only interested in classic ballet.


But, Madame, my parents in Meadowville are so proud of me.

They're so thrilled that I'm Miss Turnstiles.

Second position.

I know that being Miss Turnstiles means nothing...

...but they think it makes me an important person.

Gee, it'd be just terrible if they found out I'm working as a kootch dancer.

Third position. Me, I will not breathe a word on them about this...

...unless I must write them about payments.

Madame Dilyovska. Fourth position.

Remember, you're a fortunate girl.

You study with great Dilyovska who has taught everyone...

...from Nijinsky to Mickey Rooney. Fifth position.

I will make you big star.

I am best teacher this side of the world.

And now, my special exercise for the balance:

The upside-down frappé.

One, two, three, four.

One, two, three, four.

Good. Good.

Very good.

Pardon me, my dear. I will be gone only short while.

Keep practicing.


Yes, Madame.

Clumsy mariner, look where you're going.


A gentleman should always knock. It's you, Ivy Smith.

And what if I am?

I knew I'd find you! Don't you remember me?

I'm afraid we haven't had the pleasure.

I'm the sailor who posed with you in the subway.

Oh, of course.

I dimly recall, one meets so many people.

Yeah. Yeah, I bet you do.

Well, if you'll excuse me, I'm busy.

Listen, Ivy, you know, it was funny, me bumping into you like this.

I just happened to be passing Symphonic Hall, and I said to myself:

"Gabe, my boy," that's my name, Gabey...

"...why don't you drop in, have a look-see at the girls?"

I had an hour to kill, so I thought I'd give some lucky little chick a break.

If you play your cards right, it could be you.

What are you driving at?

I'm a pretty special guy and you're a pretty special girl...

...so why don't you and me do some fancy steppin' tonight?

Take in the swank spots. You know, El Morocco, Stork Club, Roseland...

How about it?

Of all the uncouth nerve.

Leave at once, you sailor... Miss Smith, don't get excited...

Of all the insulting lines. Do you think I'd go out with any old sailor...

...I've never even seen before? Please, leave at once! I'm very busy!

I have a singing lesson upstairs, and I've got to change.

Okay, sister, it's your loss.

Look, I want to apologize for everything I just said.

I thought I'd pull that fancy line on you but it didn't work.

I didn't just drop in here accidentally.

I've been looking for you all day, ever since I met you.


Yeah. And then finding you like this, I guess I lost my head.

I threw that big-shot stuff at you...

...because I thought it was the only way I could impress a big celebrity like you.

You probably got millionaires, society guys running after you all the time.

Oh, yes.

By the droves.

Yeah. Well, I'm sorry I bothered you. I guess I'm a little out of my depth.

Us small-town guys must sound silly to a native New Yorker like you.

Oh, yes.

When one is a native New Yorker...

...small town seem so provincial.

Back home in Meadowville, Indiana, we don't get to meet girls like you.


Yeah, did you ever hear of it? Oh, no.

I probably learned about it in geography.

I doubt that, the population's only 18,000.

That's not so small.

They're all people, just like anyone else. That's right.

I think a small town's all right.

It's nobody's fault if they're from there. They're usually born there.

We big-city folk must never forget that "the small towns...

"...are the backbones of the American civilization."

That's just the phrase Miss Hodges used in my American history class.

Did you have Miss Hodges?

I mean, Miss Hodges is such a funny name.


Well, tell me more about this place, Meadowville.

You really want to hear about it? Yes.

"There's not much to tell about my hometown

"Life is easy and the tempo slow

"But if you really want to find what's in it

"You'll learn in a minute

"All you have to know

"Let's go

"Come walkin' with me

"I want you to see our Main Street

"You'll know the whole town

"By just walkin down our Main Street

"There's the corner where the boys hang out

"As each girl goes by they rate her

"Whistle and try to date her, later

"Baby, are you goin' steady?

"And then we can stop and chat with the cop

"On Main Street

"He made an arrest way back in 1903

"He'll ask me, 'Who is the pretty stranger? '

"How proud I'm gonna be

"When you walk down Main Street with me

"How proud I'm gonna be

"When you walk down Main Street...

"...with me"

Gosh, Ivy...

I mean, Miss Smith...

Do you think that... Would you go out with me tonight?

Oh, no. I'm afraid a date is quite out of the question. I'm busy.

One of your rich boyfriends?

Yes, one of them, or other.

But how long are you going to be in town?

Just today. I gotta be back on the ship tomorrow morning.

Gabey, I'd love to go out with you tonight.


I have a big society party to go to but I'll break the engagement.

You will? Yes.

Shall I come and get you? Oh, no. I'll meet you.

Good. 8:30? 8:30.

What is here going on?

Is this a friend of yours? Well, not exactly...

Leave at once, young man.

Well, goodbye. About 8:30.


On your way, bell-bottom.

Madame Dilyovska, I'm going out with him tonight.


We forgot to say where!

Top of the Empire State Building.

But it's so high up.

It won't seem high to me. I'm in the clouds right now.

You will not keep that date. You will be at your job at Coney Island tonight.

But Madame Dilyovska, just this once...

"Meadowville, Indiana. Dear Mr. And Mrs. Smith:"

What are you doing? I am composing letter to your parents.

I will be at Coney Island tonight at 12:00...

...and if you are not there at that time I shall regretfully have to mail it.

Madame Dilyovska, you wouldn't do that!

Why not?

But I have to meet him.

I'll leave him at 11:30.

You would better leave him at 11:30 or...

Look, there's Grant's Tomb. I can see it just like in the pictures.

Let me see.

It says it was built in 1897 and more than 15 million people have seen it.

How do you like that?

Hey, this thing's quit. Have you got another dime?

What do you want a dime for? You can see me for nothing.

I got one.

Look, there's Symphonic Hall. And it's so close, too.

You know, Hildy, I feel kind of guilty about Gabey.

He's my pal and he looks after me.

I mean, maybe we should have looked for Ivy Smith.

Here we go again. I tell you, we never could have found her.

Yeah, I guess you're right.

There's the George Washington Bridge. And the Music Hall.

Why didn't I come up here sooner? I wasted my whole day away.

Thanks a lot.

Hildy, I didn't mean that. I'm sorry.

Get back to your telescope. You two make a lovely couple.

I don't want to look through the telescope. I'd rather look at you.

Whisper sweet nothings in my ear...

...like the population of the Bronx or how many hot dogs were sold...

...last year at Yankee Stadium.

Please, Hildy, don't be mad. I like you. I think you're very pretty.

You're the prettiest cab driver I've ever seen.

Tell it to your guidebook. It means more to you than I do.


Chip, you care.

Why didn't you tell me?

Gee, I don't know.

"I'd like to whisper sweet nothings

"Those words that everyone knows

"But my thoughts get mangled

"And all the words get tangled

"But since you ask me, here goes

"You're awful

"Awful good to look at

"Awful nice to be with

"Awful sweet to have and hold

"You're nothin'

"Nothin' if not lovely

"Nothin' if not dazzling

"Nothin' but pure gold

"You're frightening

"Frightening me when you say That you might go away

"You're boring

"Boring into my heart to stay

"You're cheap, dear

"Cheap at any price, dear

"Cheap for such a diamond

"Cheap for such a pearl

"What I said before I'll say again

"You're awful

"Awful nice to be my girl

"You're old, dear

"Old with worldly wisdom

"Old like Gorgonzola

"Old like vintage French champagne

"You're so-so

"So, so kind of charming

"So, so kind of witty

"So I can't explain

"Can't stand you

"I can't stand you to give some fellow the eye

"Can't see you

"In the arms of another guy

"Who needs you

"Needs you to distraction

"Needs you till he's crazy

"Needs you rain or shine

"I'm the one who needs you

"And I think you're awful

"Awful nice to say you're mine"


Hey, Oz! How are you?

Wow! What a view!

Glad I didn't join the Air Force.

Did you find Miss Turnstiles?

Not exactly. But I looked.

Yeah, I looked, too.



Well, tough luck not finding her.

This must be the place.

Gabey! Hiya!

How are you? How you doin'?

You'd think they hadn't seen each other in years.

Hiya, Claire. Hiya, Hildy.

Gabe, I tried to find her.

We looked all over. But let's face it, the town's too big.

Sure, sure. Say, what's the matter? Did you get into a fight?

How did that get there? You know, Gabe, I saw her, too.

Yeah? Just for a flash.

Where? In Yonkers.

A lot of photographers around her.

Just had a quick flash and then I lost her.

The town's pretty big, Gabe. Too big, yeah.

Too big. Yeah.

Look, fellas, don't worry about me. I'm all booked up for tonight.

Yeah? Nice girl?


Ivy Smith.

No! Miss Turnstiles? What're you trying to put over?

So help me, fellas, I found her. She ought to be here any minute.

Hey, look! Cops! Duck, everybody!

I'm sure he's up here, that sailor, looks like the statue of Pithecanthropus.

We'll take a look around the building.

Hey, that's my boss! Here, try these for size.

Do you recognize the other guy? The professor from the museum!

He seems to be looking for someone. Guess who, specimen?

Hey, what am I gonna do?

I've gotta hide. Where am I gonna hide? There's no hiding place up here.

Come on.

My dinosaur... ruined. He broke it.

Look. Sailors.

Having fun, kids? Yeah. Swell view from up here.

Do you happen to know another sailor, a fellow who goes to museums?

Museums? Please. Sailors got other ways of studying natural history.

You haven't seen another sailor hanging around here, have you?

No. We haven't seen anyone hanging around here.

What's the matter with you?

The altitude. It makes me sleepy.

You say this sailor was at the Museum of Anthropological History today at 11:30?


You're sure of his description?

I'll never forget him. He has black hair, blue eyes...

...about five feet, eleven inches tall...

...Iooks exactly like the statue of Pithecanthropus erectus, exactly.

We're looking for three sailors and a lady cab driver.

A lady cab driver! Oh, how revolting! Claire, did you ever...

You haven't seen 'em? Come along, Tracy. I guess they're not up here.

Awe-inspirin', isn't it? Majestic, that's what it is.

It does a man's soul good to... Come on, Tracy.

What's the matter? Lose something?

You poor darling! You brave thing! Why didn't you get rid of 'em sooner?

All these hours in the air! I could get my wings for this.

Or a striped suit. Let's go. No, I gotta wait for Ivy.

I don't believe you met her at all. Where is she?

She had some big society affair to go to. Maybe she had trouble breaking it.

Society affair? What does he think Miss Turnstiles is?

He thinks she's a big celebrity. Why tell him she's nobody?

It's his one day in town.

Oh, I get it.

I don't know what could have happened. She promised me she'd be here.


Gabey! I'm sorry I'm late. But...

I thought you'd never get here.

I had a lot of trouble breaking my engagement, but I'm glad I did.

Me, too. Well, here she is, Miss Turnstiles.

What do you know?

Ivy, this is Hildy, Claire, Ozzie, Chip.

Ladies and gentlemen, we're off on a lark.

I've got one suggestion before we embark.

There are lots of nice things to do in the dark...

...but let's not go rowing in Central Park.

"We're going on the town

"New York

"We're riding on a rocket

"We're gonna really sock it

"Because tonight's the night

"We're goin' on a toot

"We're goin' to raise a riot

"The Brooklyn Bridge, we'll buy it

"And hit the Heights tonight

"Get high as kites tonight

"East side, West side, round the city

"One day, one night, that's the pity

"But we won't look ahead

"Or let the light of dawn get us down

"We're really livin', Jack

"We're goin' on the town"

Stop, fellas!

"What're we sayin'? Look over there. The fleet.

"Doesn't she look sweet?

"What did we leave it for?

"What are we doing on shore?

"We're simply crazy about the Navy

"How's that?

"We love it more than we can say

"How nice

"We get lots of good fresh air

"The ocean is everywhere

"That's why we hate to get leave and go away

"It's just so touching Hear them say

"'Hate to get a leave and go away Hate to leave the ship where life is play

"'AII the livelong day'

"Just think what we could be doin' today

"We could be swabbing the decks

"Sweeping the bunks with a broom

"We could be shoveling tons of coal

"Down in the boiler room

"Got news

"We got those shore-leave blues

"It's just so touching

"Hear him sob He wants a pretty little deck to swab

"Polish up the railings and the knobs Poor unhappy gobs

"Oh, we got news, we got the shore-leave blues

"Especially me

"I miss the chow

"And that's not all, my friends

"Just think of this:



"See the world

"The Navy. The Navy.

"Absolutely nothing does it lack

"And in the morning, tomorrow morning

"They'll have to come and drag us back

"On a spree On a tear

"We're going north, south, east, west Everywhere!

"We're goin' on the town

"We're kickin' back the traces

"We're gonna do the places

"We've never done before

"We're goin' on the loose

"We're blowin' all our dough in

"And we'll keep right on goin'

"As if no one before had any fun before

"Hot spots, swank spots, roofs and cellars

"Three smart girls

"And three slick fellers

"We're gonna paint it red

"We'll fill 'em up and then drink 'em down

"Let's have a ball tonight

"We're goin' on the town!"

Looks a wee bit crowded. Leave it to me.

Waiter! Table for six, please. Best you've got.

I'm sorry, sir. We are all filled up.

All filled up? I hear that's what they always say in New York.

You better start scraping and bowing now because the lady with me...

...happens to be none other than the famous Miss Turnstiles.

Gabey, please...

Miss Turnstiles? What are you talking about? No room.

Hey, you heard me. Miss Turnstiles for June. Ivy Smith.

What is this, Miss Turnstiles? Go away, Sailor.

Hey, François! Build us a table, will you?

I'm sorry, madame. There are no tables.

Of course, madame. A table, surely.

Garçon! Table.

See that girl over there? Make a big fuss over her. Miss Turnstiles.

Miss Turnstiles? What is that? Never mind. Just make a fuss. Go ahead.

Miss Turnstiles! We are so proud and happy to have you here.

Please come in. Our humble establishment welcomes you with wide open doors.

There, you see! It worked like a charm.

It was nothing, really.

Gosh, this is a great table, huh?


Those girls are pretty.

Well, folks, what will it be?

Say, what's in this Explodo Bomborino? Sounds good.

Four kinds of rum, brandy, grenadine, lime juice, papaya juice...

...and the white of one duck egg. Only 12 to a customer.

How about this one, Dreamland Nightmare?

Vodka, champagne, prune juice, floating chopped chives...

He'll have a beer. Yeah, beer all around.

Pardon me, madame.

I'm so sorry. It was an accident. I didn't really mean to sit on your lap.

I hope you all aren't hurt, but I was pushed and...


Hey, look!

Look out! Here she comes again!

Where are those drinks? Here you are, folks.

Just what I wanted. A mug of solid glass.

"That's all there is, folks! So, goodnight to you

"We hope you like our Sambacabana review!"

Come on, let's dance before the stampede starts.

All right, specimen. Let's go primitive.

Just a minute, Ozzie.

Oh, François? Yes, madame?

Champagne, compliments of the house?

Yes, madame. With pleasure. Compliments of the house.

Luckily we got leave when we hit here, otherwise...

Champagne for Miss Turnstiles. Compliments of the house.

Thank you. Isn't that nice?

Gee, that's terrific.

Gosh, I guess this happens to you all the time, wherever you go.

Yes, on and off.

What shall we drink to?

Let's drink to New York.

New York.

It must be so exciting in the Navy.

You go all over the world from one big city to another, and...

...you see all kinds of strange places...

...and you meet all kinds of girls.

Yeah, well, when you only spend a short time in some place you...

...don't want to get too involved with any one particular girl.

I mean, you might never see her again.

Of course, it's best to just have a good time and not think about tomorrow.

Yeah, when we push off tomorrow, I guess this'll all seem like a dream.

That's why I think it's silly to get too involved, because...

I know.

Getting involved, it's so...

...so involving.

Oh, Ivy.

Wait! Don't tell us.

You were just asking this young lady where you could find Miss Turnstiles.

Look! Champagne. The guy just come over and said:

"Champagne for Miss Turnstiles. Compliments of the house."

Real champagne?

Yeah, not cream soda, not celery tonic, but real champagne.

This is great. I never had champagne before.

Ozzie, if you say the bubbles tickle your nose, I'll drown you.

Let's have a toast. All right. This one's for the boys.

Here's to the girls we found in the great big city.

And this one's for the girls. Here's to being found.

"That's all there is, folks So goodnight to you

"We hope you liked our little Dixieland Revue"

Come on, let's dance.

We'd just go out and get crushed to death.

What a way to die.

Ivy, I didn't mean what I said about not getting involved with a girl...

...I may never see again.


No. This isn't just one of those things where a sailor picks up a girl...

...for just one day. I have a feeling I'm going to see you again.

I'm so glad you said that...

I know you're glamorous and famous, Ivy, and maybe you came along tonight...

...just to be nice to a guy on leave... That's not true, Gabey.

I came along tonight because I wanted to be with you...

...more than anything else in the world.


Yes, Gabey.

Then I know we're gonna see each other again.

In the meantime, we have the whole night ahead of us.

It's only 11:30 now and... 11:30!

Yeah. What's the matter, Ivy?

Gabey, I don't know how to tell you this but...

Ivy, what is it?

Gabey, I've something to tell you.

Hey, Gabe, Gabey!

Hiya, Gabe.

Hey, Simpkins, Kovarski.

Say, there are two guys from my ship.

Ivy, I want them to meet you in person. Wait here, I'll bring 'em right over.

But Gabey... I'll only be a second.

Hiya, fellas. How's the big town treatin' ya?

Not bad, not bad. Daisy, Ella, Gabe. Hello, girls.

How's the Meadowville menace doin'?

I hit the jackpot today.

Nothin' much, just the most famous girl in New York City.

Who, the Statue of Liberty?

Twice as famous, Miss Turnstiles for June.

Yeah? Who's that? Who's that? Are you kiddin'?

Her picture's up all over the subway...

Where is she?

Over here. Come over to the table. I'll introduce you.

Excuse us, girls. We'll be right back. Excuse us.

The grass is always greener, if you know what I mean.

How'd you meet a dame like that?

Magnetism, boys, sheer magnetism. She was drawn to me...

She must have gone to powder her nose. Oh, sure. Yeah.

I'll introduce you later, fellas.


I just stepped out for a bit of air. Yeah, we read the note.

Too bad, Gabe.

What do you mean? As a matter of fact, I'm kind of relieved.

You know these famous gals, so stuck on themselves.

Who needs 'em? Now that I'm on my own, I'll have me a real time.

So long, girls. See you back on the ship, guys.

Why don't you stick with us? You could get another date.

Claire'll get you a date. Claire, how about a girl for Gabe?

I don't know any girls.

I can get you a date. My roommate, Lucy Shmeeler.


She's a nice girl. She hasn't been out in years.

She's swell. You'll like her. You'll like her.

How about it? I can phone her right now.

Sure. Why not? The night's young. Come on.

We'll paint this town pink, green and yellow.

Get in there. Come on.

"That's all there is, folks So goodnight to you

"We hope you liked our little Shanghai Revue"

How you doin', Gabe? Great.

Not thinking about that Miss Turnstiles, are you?

Who's that? Never heard of her. Bottoms up.

Where's that heavy date you promised me?

What's keeping Miss Shmeeler? She should be here by now.

When I told her about Gabey, she was out of the house before I could hang up.

Playin' hard to get, huh? Where is she?

Hello, Lucy.

Hello. Oh, hello, Chip.

Well, now we've all got dates.

Lucy, this is Claire, and this is...

Don't tell me. I know. I'll bet you're Gabey.

No. He's the lucky fellow.

The luck of the Irish.

Won't you sit down, Miss Shmeeler? Thank you, thank you. Yes.


That's the nicest thing anybody ever said to me.

Here. You got a cold, huh?

It's just a little sniffle.

Nothing a ton of penicillin won't cure.

But it's not catching. No, not even if you get real close.

Come on, Hildy. We'd better dance.

Let's go, Claire.

Have a drink, Miss Shmeeler.

I don't mind if I do.

You know, I was planning a quiet evening at home...

...but when Hildy called and said that the Navy was in distress, well, I just flew.

Hildy can tell you I'm just "a streetcar named impulsive."

Well, here's to... Here's to us.

My, that's strong.

- Did you see The Lost Weekend? See it? I feel as though I was in it.

I mean, until you came along, Lucy.

That calls for a real toast!

Let's pretend this is champagne.


Yes, and we'll do the real old-fashioned champagne toast.

Let's interlock arms... No, really...

Come on. It's so Viennese!

Hey, Gabe!


It's a small world. Hello, fellas.

How about that introduction? Go away. Can't you see I'm busy?

Give us a break. We want to see the most beautiful gal in New York.

We wanna meet the little bombshell.

Come on, fellas. You know how it is. Gabey, you're smothering me.


Miss Shmeeler, this is First Class Seamen Simpkins and Kovarski.

Pleased to meet you, miss. Yeah. We been lookin' forward to this.

It'll give us a lot to talk about back on the ship, won't it, Gabe?


Well, so long.


Magnetism, that's what it is.

Sheer magnetism.


Oh, they're sweet.

Excuse me a minute, Lucy. I gotta get some cigarettes.

I don't think Gabey's very happy about this.

Amazing. Amazing deduction.


Drinkin' alone, partner?

We don't like that around here!

We don't cotton to it nohow.

Looks like you're trying to ditch us.

You can't get away with it. Reckon you're stuck with us.

Yep! We're your pals, pal!

"Oh, when you feel downhearted You must remember this

"Things never are as bad as they could be

"When friends have all departed There's one you'll never miss

"I'll be right with you You can count on me


"You can count on me

"You can count on me

"As the adding machine once said:

"'You can count on me'

"If you committed murder And got caught like a dope

"And had to hang until your life was done

"I'd holler: 'Go no further Boys, fetch another rope

"'I'm hangin' with him I'll stick to you, son'


"I'll stick to you, son

"I'll always be beside you

"I'll stick to you, son

"We'll go through life together

"As the fly paper told the fly:

"'I'll stick to you, son'


"Stick to you

"Stick to you

"Stick to you

"Stick to you

"I'll stick to you

"Oh, if you miss your mother A million miles from home

"Think of how you once clung to her knee

"Your mother's knee

"Although there is no other On land or sea or foam

"When you're in town, kid, you can cling to me

"Cling to me

"Cling to me

"Cling to me

"Cling to me

"You can cling to me

"If through a lot of foolery You lost your last red cent

"I wouldn't even stop to ask you why

"To ask you why

"I'd pawn my mother's jewelry I'd steal my sister's rent

"It's all for you, kid, you can milk me dry

"You can milk me dry

"You can milk me dry

"As the cow to the farmer said:

"'You can milk me dry'

"If on an island We two were cast astray

"I'd make it into paradise, indeed

"If rescue came you'd only shriek at them 'Go away! '

"Because you'd find that I am all you need

"I am all you need

"I am all you need

"As the dough told the pastry cook:

"'I am all you knead'

"I am all you need

"I am all you need

"As the dough told the pastry cook:

"'I am all you knead'

"You can count on me

"Feel free to count on me

"You can count on me

"I mean to count on me

"As the adding machine once said:

"'You can count on me'

"Two, four, six, eight Who do we appreciate?

"You can count on me!"

This is where I live.

It was very nice of you to take me home.

That's all right, Lucy. And thanks.

Would you like to come up for a minute?

No, I guess not. The others are waiting for me.

Besides, I'm not very good company tonight.

I guess I showed you a pretty dull time.

Oh, no! I had a marvelous time.

At last I have something to write in my diary.

I've been using it for laundry lists.

No, really, I'm sorry about tonight, Lucy.

You know, somewhere in the world there's a right girl for every boy.

I guess I found the one for me before I even met you.

I tried, but I can't forget her.

But don't you worry.

You'll find your guy.

You're a nice girl, Lucy.


Oh, you bad boy.

Now, I won't wash my cheek for a year.


"A Day In New York.

"A comedy in three acts."

Hey, Gabe!

Hello, Chip.

I got kind of worried that you wouldn't come back.

Thanks, Chip. I'm okay.

I know how tough you're takin' this, Gabe.

I know you know. That's why I love you.

Come on.

When I danced in Imperial Palace before Czar, he wept...

...tears streaming on floor. I had to do next number in galoshes.

Madame Dilyovska. Yes, what is it?

Miss Smith's young friend.

Where is she? Who?

Ivy Smith. She had to go to a big society party. Maybe you know where she is.

Big society party! This party is at Coney Island, the playground of the rich.

Coney Island! Yes, at Tilyou Avenue and the Boardwalk.

I know where she is.

What's she doing there? I don't know.

Let's go.

I know the shortest way out. We'll be there in no time.

Lf I don't get my cab back... Look! That's them!

That's the cab.

Hey, you, stop!

Hey, fellows...

...where's the fire?

We're the fire! Hey, it's them! They're after us!

Who? The cops!

Hildy, step on it. Okay.

Hildy, they're catching up with us. I can see their faces.

It's no fun for them, either. They can see yours.

Do you think we can lose them?

I know a place across the Brooklyn Bridge where no one'll find us.

What is it? Brooklyn.

Get up there. You can see better.

Are they close?

Any closer and we'd be chasin' them.

You better go faster. Hurry.

Give her the gun. Hold on.

All police cars in the vicinity. Coming off the east end of Brooklyn Bridge.

- Heading east. Okay. Let's go.

We just picked up another one!

I bet we're losing 'em. They're multiplying like schmos.

Pull into that fruit stand!

I wonder who's minding the police station?

This is Tilyou Avenue and the Boardwalk. I wonder what she could be doing here.

Doesn't look like a society party to me. Shut up, Chip.

Inside we feature Princess Yvette...

...the girl who picks up the handkerchief with her teeth.



All right, step up. Step up, folks.


Keep away from me! Keep away from me! Now you know everything.

Here I am, Miss Turnstiles, the famous celebrity.

This is my big society party.

Why are you here? You're not in the blue book.

Why did you leave me? I thought I'd never see you again!

I had to come to work. I work here. That's what I do.

I'm a kootch dancer. I have to work because...

...I owe Madame Dilyovska money for my lessons, and I have to pay her.

Excuse me, I have to go on now.

Ivy, I don't care about any of that. I don't care what you do.

All I care about is that I've found you again.

Ivy, I thought I'd lost you forever. Why did you run away?

Because I couldn't tell you about this. I lied to you so much.

Did you think that would have made any difference?

And Madame Dilyovska threatened...

...to write what I was doing to my parents in Meadowville.


Meadowville, Indiana?

Yes, I'm from there, and I had Miss Hodges for American history, too.

Holy smoke!

Did you hear? She's from Meadowville!

No! That explains everything.

The cops! Ivy. You're on.

Where am I gonna hide? Where have I heard that before?

Come on. We'll comb the joint.

You girls see any sailors back here?

Sailors? Who'd notice a sailor with you around?

Hey, you're pretty cute. So are you.

Get out there. Make with the wiggles. We gotta sell some tickets.

Come on. Follow me. Dance, dance, dance.

Come on. This way.


"Pearl of the Persian Sea,

"When will you come to me?

"Across the desert sands

"I wait with outstretched hands

"Pearl, pearl of ecstasy"

Wait for me!

They're all yours.

I'm taking you girls to night court. The rest of you stay here for questioning.

Where are the boys?

The Shore Patrol took 'em back to the ship.

But they didn't do anything. You can't do that.

We haven't even said goodbye to them. Little one, don't get upset.

Just a minute. We got a right to know what the charges are.

You want to know what the charges are? Yeah.

Well, first of all, speeding...

...stealing a taxicab, destroying a dinosaur.

In general, disturbing the peace of our fair city.

For that, you separate three sailors and their girls...

...without allowing them a goodbye kiss?

For that, you throw three kids on a one-day pass in the brig? Speeding.

Ivy, tell them why we were speeding.

Well, Gabey thought he'd never see me again.

There, there.

And your dinosaur.

Why, Professor, you ought to feel proud about that dinosaur.

You ought to feel proud that three sailors from the United States Navy...

...got off the ship for one day, and what did they do?

Were they thirsty for hard liquor? No. They were thirsty for culture.

Were they running after girls? No.

They came running to the museum to see your dinosaur.

For months out at sea they were dreaming about your dinosaur.

Is it any wonder that seeing it face to face, overcome by emotion...

...that one of them fell against it and broke it a little?

I'll bet if that dinosaur could speak, he'd say...

...what any public-spirited citizen would, "For the Navy, anytime."

And the cab. We didn't steal it. It was my last fare for the day.

And the biggest fare this cab company has ever had: $287.50 And why did I keep this fare all day, ladies and gentlemen?

Because I know my duty toward the servicemen.

There was this one...

He was just a little fella.

A skinny, little runt. He kept pestering me and following me around.

I couldn't shake him off. And, finally, he kind of got under my skin.

You would have done the same.

He wanted to see the beautiful sights of our beautiful city of New York.

And I showed him plenty.

And what do you think these boys think now of our New York hospitality?

Where's our civic pride?

We should have hugged them to our bosoms and said:

"Boys, the town is yours."

How about the speeding?

As a matter of fact, they weren't doing much over 35.

They were crawling at a snail's pace. They were practically going backwards.

Just a minute.

Folks, it's 5:15, and these kids have just got time enough...

...to get down to the ship and say goodbye to the fellas.

Now, I want to see some action, and I'm gonna start it.

Come on.

"Hooray for the Red, White and Blue

"Say hooray for the Red, White and Blue"

"I feel like I'm not out of bed yet

"The sun is warm

"But my blanket's warmer


"Sleep in your lady's arms"

Hey, come on!

"New York, New York New York, New York

"New York, New York

"It's a wonderful town

"New York, New York's A wonderful town..."