On the Waterfront (1954) Script

You take it from here, Slugger.


Joe Doyle!

What do you want?

I got one of your birds. I recognized him by the band.

It must be Danny Boy. I lost him in the last race.

He flew into my coop. Do you want him?

I gotta watch myself these days.

Know what I mean?

Listen, don't worry. I'll take him up to your loft.

Okay, I'll see you on the roof.

How goes it?

He's up on the roof. The pigeon?

Yeah, white.

I think somebody fell off the roof.

I thought he was gonna sing to the Crime Commission. He won't.

I thought they was gonna talk to him. That's the idea.

I thought they was gonna talk to him and get him to dummy up.

Maybe he gave them an argument.

I figured the worst they'd do was lean on him a little bit.

Like I said, maybe he gave them an argument.

He's been giving Johnny, the boss, a lot of arguments lately.

He wasn't a bad kid, thatJoey. A canary.

Maybe he could sing, but he couldn't fly.

Hey, come on. Can I buy you a drink?

Well, I'll be in there later.

Father Barry is here.

Same thing happened to my Andy five years ago.

You're Pop Doyle, the boy's father? That's right.

Looks like he fell off the roof, or maybe he was pushed. Got any ideas?

He was the only longshoreman that had guts to talk to the crime investigators.

Who asked you? Everybody knows that.

Shut up. LfJoey took my advice, he wouldn't be...

Everybody knows that. I said, shut up!

I know how you feel about cops, but if you give me some leads, I could...

I kept telling him, "Keep quiet. You'll live longer."

I've been on the docks all my life... and there's one thing I learned:

You don't answer no questions, unless you want to wind up like that.

Edie. Edie, come here.

I want to talk to you. Come with me.

Father, who'd want to killJoey? Who'd want to killJoey?

Stay away from him. Stay away from him!

Edie, listen!

Remember: Time and faith are great healers.

Father, my brother's dead and you talk about time and faith!

My brother was the best kid in the neighborhood, and everybody said so.

I'm in the church if you need me.

You're in the church if I need you?

Did you ever hear of a saint hiding in a church?

I want to know who killed my brother!

What's the matter with you, punk?

Hey, boss, Packy wants another drink on the cuff.

Give it to him! Right.

Here's the cut on the shakeup. 891 men, three bucks a head.

That's 2673.

Charley, you count them.

Got a banana boat on 46 tomorrow.

If we could pull a walkout, it might mean a few bucks from the shippers.

Bananas go bad in a hurry. Ask two G's.

Twenty-six seventy-three.

These clowns can't fight.

There's nobody tough anymore.

Hiya, Slugger.

Hi, Johnny. Hi, kid.

The tough nut! Don't hit me! Don't hit me!

Where's Morgan? Where's that big banker of mine?

Right here, Mr. Friendly. Hiya,J.P.

How's business? Having trouble with Kelly again, boss.

He won't take no loans, and Big Mac puts him to work anyway.

He's my wife's nephew. But he won't take no loans!

I gotta put him to work! She'd murder me!

That's why I never got married.

Here's the interest on the day, boss: 532.

Here, you count it. Countin' makes me sleepy.

Hey, Skins!

Did you handle that sheet metal all right?

Yeah. The checker faked the receipt. Here it is.

When you talk to me, take the cigar outta your mouth...

Stow the receipt. I'll take the cash. Yeah. Sure.

Here you are. 45 bills.

Hey, Terry. You count this.

Go, on. Go, on. It's good for you. Develops your mind.

What mind? Shut up. I like the kid.

Hey remember the night he took Farella at Saint Nicks, Charley?

We won a bundle. Real tough. A big try.

I lost the count.

Okay. Forget it, Einstein.

How come you never got an education like your brother Charley?

The only arithmetic he ever got was hearing the referee... count up to ten.

You know, you're not too funny today, fat man.

Hey! Stop.

What gives with our boy, tonight, Charley? He ain't himself.

It's just theJoey Doyle thing and how he exaggerates some things.

Just too much Marquis of Queensberry. It softens him up.

Listen, kid. I'm a soft touch too.

Ask any rummy on the dock if I ain't good for a fin... anytime they put the arm on me.

But my old lady raised us ten kids on a stinkin' watchman's pension.

When I was sixteen I had to beg for work in the hole.

I didn't work my way up outta there for nothin'.

I know that, Johnny. I know it.

You know takin' over this local took a little doin'.

Some pretty rough fellas in the way.

They gave me this to remember them. He had to keep his hand... over his throat and he still went after them.

I know. I know what's eatin' ya'.

Well, I got 2,000 dues-payin' members in this local... that's 72,000 a year... legitimate.

Now, when each one of them puts in a couple bucks a day... just to make sure the work's steady... well, figure it out.

And that's just for openers. We got the fattest piers... and the fattest harbor in the world.

Everything moves in and out, we take our cut.

Why shouldn't we? If we can get it.

We're entitled to it.

You don't suppose I can afford to be boxed out of this deal... a deal I sweated and bled for... on the account of one lousy little cheese-eater, that Doyle bum... who thinks he can go squealin' to the crime commission, do ya'?

Well, do ya'?

Well, no, Johnny. I just figured I should have been told.

I make it 26-23.

You're 50 short, Skins.


I must have miscounted.



You come from Greenpoint. Go back to Greenpoint.

You don't work here no more.

Here, kid. Here's half a bill. Go get your load on.

No, I'm okay, Charlie. Thanks. Present from your UncleJohnny.

And Mac...

Tomorrow morning when you shape the men...

Put Terry up in the loft. Number one. Every day.

It's nice, easy work.

You check in and you goof off on a coffee bag, okay?

You got a real friend here. Now don't forget it.

Why should he forget it?

Yeah. Thanks, Johnny.

All right, payday.

Hi, Terry.

Hiya, kid. I was just gonna feed them.

I already fed them. You must've been up early, huh?

I was up anyhow, so I figured I might as well.

They sure got it made, huh?

Eating, sleeping, flying around like crazy... raising gobs of squabs.

Well, I better get over there.

Don't spill no water on the floor, 'cause I don't want them to catch cold.

I'll see you around, huh?

Come on, Tony, give me the tabs.

He was a good boy, that Doyle kid.

That's why he got it in the head.

Yeah, but he couldn't learn to keep his mouth shut.

Hey, Pops, why don't you go home?

The boys working today will chip in. That's right, Pops.

No, thanks, fellas. Who do you think'll pay for the funeral?

Johnny Friendly, that great labor leader.

That's a good one.

Keep that big mouth of yours shut. What are you, a wise guy?

If I was wise, I wouldn't be no longshoreman for 30 years... and poorer now than when I started.

Wise guy. Big mouth.

Don't mess with those guys. Here.

I brought you Joey's windbreaker.

Might come in handy. Go ahead, wear it.

Thanks, Pop. Mine's more full of holes than the Pittsburgh infield.

Hey, Joe. I got a coat for you.

Do you know Terry Malloy?

No, I don't know him. Never heard of him.

Say, you're Terry Malloy, aren't you?

So what?

Didn't I see you fight a couple of years ago?

Without the birdseed. What do you want?

Our identification.

Waterfront Crime Commission. What's that?

I just want to ask you a few questions.

We're getting ready to hold hearings on waterfront crime... and underworld infiltration of the longshore union.

I don't know nothing. You haven't heard the questions yet.

What did you say? You heard me.

There's a rumor that you're one of the last people to seeJoey Doyle alive.

I don't know nothing.

Nobody's accusing you of anything. I hope you understand that.

Just want to ask you some questions about some people you may know.

People I may know? That's right.

You better get out of here, buster. Now slow down, boy, huh?

I don't know nothing, I ain't seen nothing... and I'm not saying nothing, so you and your girlfriend take off.

You have every right not to talk, if that's what you choose to do.

But the public has a right to know the facts too.

We'll be seeing you again, Mr. Malloy. Never will be too soon for me, shorty.

Take it easy.

How do you like them mugs, taking me for a pigeon?

Who was he? I don't know who they are.

You're three weeks behind on the last 25, but I'm willing to take a chance.

Some chance at 10% a week. And if he don't borrow, he don't work.

May you rot in hell,J.P.

When I'm dead and gone, you'll know what a friend I was.

Why don't you drop dead now so we can test your theory?


Hey, Pop, look.

Let her go, Tony.

Now, the following hatch bosses with their gangs.

I guess I spoke out of turn last night.

You think I'm just a gravy-train rider with a turned-around collar.

Don't you? Huh?

I see the sisters taught you not to lie.

All right, loft gang!






I've been thinking about your question, and you're right, Edie.

This is my parish. I don't know how much I can do... but I'll never find out unless I come here and take a good look for myself.

All right, I need some extra banana carriers.

Bananas. I wonder when we'll get a boat from Ireland with some Irish whiskey.

Dugan, my boy, you're dreaming again.

All right. Kelly.


Yeah, you.

What's the matter? Nobody want to work today?

Yeah, you.

Yeah, you.

Who do you see to get a day's pay? I got a couple of kids.

Meatballs! Definitely!

Come here!

Hey, Terry, grab that one!

Give me that!

Are you gonna work? Give it to me!

Why? Why? Huh?

Give it to me! Give me that!

What makes you so special?

Things are looking up on the dock. Dope, that's Joey Doyle's sister.

You give me that!

You Joey Doyle's sister?

Yes, I am.

You don't want to go to work today anyhow.

Well, it's been nice wrestling with you.

Pop, here's your tab. Take it.

Give it to me. I can use it.

Now get back to the sisters where you belong.

I'm surprised at you, Father, if you don't mind my saying so... letting her see things ain't fit for the eyes of a decent girl.

All right, that's all. Come back tomorrow.

Hey, what do you do now?

Like Big Mac said, come back tomorrow.

Tomorrow? No ship tomorrow.

I've been standing here for five mornings, and that bum over there...

Get out of here.

Come on, get out of here.

I'm sorry, Father. I didn't mean it.

What do you want to do? Let's go get a bowl.

Wait a minute. Is this all you do, just take it like this?

Well, what about your union?

No other union in the country would stand for a thing like that.

The waterfront's tougher, Father, like it ain't part of America.

You know how a trigger local works? No. How?

You get up in the meeting, you make a motion... the lights go out, then you go out.

That's how it's been ever sinceJohnny and his cowboys took over the local.

Name one place where it's safe to talk without getting clobbered.

The church.


The bottom of the church.

Do you know what you're letting yourself in for?

You got a cigarette on you?

Right over there.

You working hard? Yeah.

You wouldn't mind working just once in a while... just to justify this lofty position, would you?

I finished the work. I counted all them bags.

We have an extra detail for you.

That's if you don't mind being disturbed or anything.

The priest and this Doyle girl... they're getting a meeting up together down at the church.

We want a rundown on it, the names and numbers of all the players.

Wait a minute. All right, you're nominated.

Why me, Charley? I feel funny going down there.

Besides, I'd just be stooling for you. Let me tell you what stooling is.

Stooling is when you rat on your friends, the guys you're with.

LfJohnny wants a favor, don't think about it.

Do it.

Now go on, join the congregation.

Well, I thought there'd be more of you here, but...

The Romans found out what a handful could do... if it's the right handful.

I'm just a potato eater, but isn't it simple as one-two-three?

One, the working conditions are bad.

Two, they're bad because the mob does the hiring.

Three, the only way we can break the mob... is to stop letting them get away with murder.

Now, if one of you would just answer one question, we'd have a very good start.

And that question is... who killed Joey Doyle?

Not one of you has a line on who killed Joey Doyle?

I have a hunch all of you could tell us something about it.

All right, then answer this one.

How can we call ourselves Christians... and protect these murderers with our silence?

Jimmy Collins, you wereJoey's best friend.

How can you just sit there and not say anything?

And I'll always think of him as my best friend, but what do you want me...

Who asked him in here?

I'm trying to find out what happened toJoey Doyle. Maybe you can be helpful.

Helpful? The brother of Charley the Gent?

They'll help us get to the bottom of the river.

Better leave Charley out of this.

You don't think he'd be helpful?

Why don't you ask him yourself?

Maybe I will one of these days.

One of these days.

Now listen, you know who the pistols are.

Are you going to keep still until they cut you down one by one?

Are you?

Hey, Dugan, how about you?

One thing you gotta understand, Father.

On the dock we've always been D and D. What's that?

Deaf and dumb. No matter how much we hate the torpedoes, we don't rat.


Now boys, get smart.

I know you're getting pushed around... but there's one thing we've got in this country: Ways of fighting back.

Getting the facts to the public, testifying for what you know is right... against what you know is wrong.

And what's ratting to them is telling the truth for you! Can't you see that?

Can't you see that? Huh?

It seems to me we've gone just about as far as we can at this time.

I think you'll agree with that, Father.

So I'd like to close with a few words from St. Matthew.

"Come unto me all you..."

That's our friends.

What did I tell you? This is a police problem, not ours!

These people need our help, Vince! Okay! Okay!

Only don't blame me when they ship you off to Abyssinia!

I won't!

Edie, you'd better go home in pairs. Two's in two, you know.

Come on!

What's happened to Pop? He's an old man. They won't hurt him.

Get out of here!

Here, up. Are you all right, Dugan?

Yeah, considering they were using my head for a baseball.

You still D and D? You still call it ratting?

Are you on the level? What do you think?

If I stick my neck out and they chop it off... are you willing to go all the way? Down the line.

They'll put the muscle on you too, turned-around collar or not.

Wipe your face. Listen to me. You stand up and I'll stand up with you.

Right down the wire? So help me God.

I think we're okay.

Steel pipes and baseball bats.

Well, they play pretty rough around here.

I can make it home now all right.

Which side are you with?

Me? I'm with me, Terry.

Hey, you got a dime for a cup of coffee?

Beat it, will you? Just a little dime you don't need?

Hey, I know you.

You're Edie Doyle. Come on, beat it.

Your brother was a saint, the only one who ever tried to get me compensation.

What are you doing? Get out of here.

You remember, Terry. You was there that night...

Get out of here! You remember.

Get out of here.

Here's some change. Go have yourself a ball.

You don't buy me. You're still a bum.

So long, Edie.

Lord have mercy on Joey.

Who's calling me a bum?

Everybody loved Joey... from little kids to the old rummies.

Did you know him very well?

Well, you know, he got around.

What did that man mean just now? Don't pay no attention to him.

He's drunk, he's falling down, everything.

He's just a juice-head that hangs around the neighborhood.

Don't pay no attention.

I'd better go now.

You don't have to be afraid of me. I'm not gonna bite you.

I guess they don't let you walk with fellas where you've been, huh?

You know how the sisters are.

Are you training to be a nun?

It's just a regular college.

Wait a second.

It's run by the Sisters of St. Anne.

Where is that?

It's in Terrytown. Where's that?

In the country.

I don't like the country. The crickets make me nervous.

Say, how often do you get in here?

I guess I haven't been here since last Christmas.

We were going to have a Thanksgiving party.

That's nice.

What do you do up there? Just, what, study?

I want to be a teacher. Teacher?

That's very good. You know, personally I admire brains.

My brother Charley is a very brainy guy.

He had a couple of years of college.

It isn't just brains.

It's how you use them. Yeah, I get your thought.

You know, I see you a lot of times before.

Remember parochial school on Pulaski Street?

Seven, eight years ago? You had your hair...


Looked like a hunk of rope.

You had wires on your teeth and glasses, everything.

I mean, you was really a mess.

I can get home all right now. Thanks.

Listen, don't get sore. I'm just kidding you a little bit.

I just mean to tell you that you're...

You grew up very nice.


You don't... You don't remember me, do you?

I remembered you the first moment I saw you.

By the nose, huh?

Well, some people just got faces that stick in your mind.

I remember you were in trouble all the time.

Now you got me.

Boy, the way those sisters used to whack me, I don't know what.

They thought they was gonna beat an education into me, but I foxed them.

Maybe they just didn't know how to handle you.

How would you have done it?

With a little more patience and kindness.

That's what makes people mean. People don't care enough about them.

What, are you kidding me?

I'd better get you home.

There's too many guys around here with only one thing on their mind.

Am I gonna see you again?

What for?

I don't know.

I really don't know. Come on.

Come on.

You're all packed, here's your ticket, and you're on your way to St. Anne's.

I'm not ready to go back yet, Pop.

For years your mom and me put quarters in the cookie jar... to keep you up there with the sisters... and keep you from things like I just seen outside the window.

My daughter walking arm in arm with Terry Malloy. Do you know who he is?

Who is he, Pop?

He's the kid brother of Charley the Gent... who's Johnny Friendly's right hand and a butcher in a camel hair coat.

Are you trying to tell me Terry is too?

He tries to act tough...

but there's a look in his eye.

Yeah, a look in his eye.

Hold your hats, brothers. Here we go again.

You think he's one of them cases... you're always dragging into the house and feeling sorry for... like that litter of kittens you brought in.

The only one you wanted to keep had six toes... and is cockeyed to boot. Look at him.

The little bum.

He said he wants to see me again.


See this arm?

Two inches longer than the other.

That's from years of working and sweating... and lifting and swinging a hook.

Every time I heist a box or a coffee bag, I says to myself...

"That's for Edie, so she can be a teacher or something decent."

I promised your mom, Edie. Don't let her down.

I don't want you to think that I'm not grateful for everything you've done.

For giving me the education, for keeping me away from all of this.

But, Pop, I've seen things that I know are so wrong.

How can I go back to school and keep my mind on things that are just in books?

That aren't people, living?

I'm gonna stay, Pop... and I'm gonna keep on trying to find out who is guilty forJoey!

Hey, Terry.

What are you doing up here on the roof?

Just looking.

Take a look at the champion flock of the neighborhood.

Fly pretty nice, huh?

Golden Warriors?

I started them Golden Warriors.

You might say that I was the original Golden Warrior.

This bum here is my shadow.

He thinks I'm a tough man because I boxed pro for awhile.

Think you're a tough guy, huh?

Joey used to raise pigeons.

Joey used to raise pigeons.

Yeah, he had a few birds.

I've been taking care of them.

I wouldn't have thought you'd be so interested in pigeons.

I just go for it.

You know, this city is full of hawks?

That's a fact. They hang around on the top of the big hotels... and they spot a pigeon in the park.

Right down on them.

You got a second? One second?

I wanna show you something.

Here you are. What do you think of that bum?

She's a beauty.

She's a he. His name is Swifty.

Oh, look what he went and did.

He's my lead bird. He's always on top of the perch.

If another bum tries to come along and take his place, he lets him have it.

Even pigeons aren't peaceful.

There's one them about them, though. They're very faithful.

They get married just like people.


And they stay that way till one of them dies.

That's nice.

He, go fix the roof.

Hey, you want that egg?


Do you like beer?

I don't know.

I bet you never had a glass of beer.

You ever have a glass of beer?

Wanna have one with me?

In a saloon? Well, yeah.

I know a nice little dump down here... that has a special entrance for ladies, all like that.

Come on. It won't hurt.

Come on.

Okay? Good.

Hey, Mac?

Two glockenheimers and two for chasers.

Did you see the fight last night?

A kid named Riley, both hands.

Like you used to do.

I hope he got better dice than me.

A comedian.

Were you really a prize fighter?

I used to be.

How did you get interested in that?

Well, I don't know.

I had to scrap all my life. I might as well get paid for it.

When I was a kid, my old man got bumped off and...

And... Never mind how.

Then they stuck Charley and me in a... a dump they called a children's home.

Oh, boy, that was some home.

Well, anyhow, I ran away from there... and I fought in the club smokers and Johnny Friendly bought a piece of me.

Bought a piece of you? Yes.

Then, uh, I was going pretty good there for awhile.

And after that...

Well, I don't know.

What do you really care? Am I right?

Shouldn't everybody care about everybody else?

Boy, what a fruitcake you are.

I mean, isn't everybody a part of everybody else?

And you really believe that drool?

Yes, I do.

Well, here we are. One for the lady and for the gent.

Here's to the first one. I hope it ain't the last.

Go ahead.


No, not like that. One hum.

You wanna hear my philosophy of life?

Do it to him before he does it to you.

I never met anyone like you.

There's not a spark of sentiment... or romance or human kindness in your whole body.

What good does it do you besides get you in trouble?

And when things and people get in your way, you just knock them aside.

Is that your idea? Don't look at me when you say that.

It wasn't my fault what happened toJoey. Fixing him wasn't my idea.

Who said it was?

Well, everybody's putting the needle on me.

You and them mugs in the church and Father Barry.

I didn't like the way he was looking at me.

He was looking at everybody the same way.

Oh, yeah?

Anyhow, what's with this Father Barry?

What's his racket? His racket?

Yeah, his racket. Everybody's got a racket.

But he's a priest. Are you kidding? So what?

That don't make no difference.

You don't believe anybody, do you?

Listen, down here it's every man for himself.

It's keeping alive... standing in with the right people so you get change jingling in your pocket.

And if you don't? If you don't? Right down.

It's living like an animal. All right.

I'd rather live like an animal than end up like...


Are you afraid to mention his name?

Well, what do you keep harping on that for?

Come on, drink up. You gotta have a little fun out of life.

Come on, I'll stick some music on.

What's the matter?

Look, what's the matter? What's the matter with you?

Help me if you can, for God's sakes.

Edie, I'd like to help.

I'd like to help, but there's nothing I can do.

All right.

I shouldn't have asked you.

Here. Come on, have a little beer.

Come on, come on.

I don't want it.

You just stay here and finish your drink.

Listen, don't go.

I got my whole life to drink.

You sore at me?

What for?

Well, I don't know.

For not... For not being no help to you.

You would if you could.

Here I come! Here I come!

Wait a minute. Pick a winner.

Wait a minute. First I gotta kiss the bride.

Go on! You kissed her before.

We'll get out that way. You want me to take you?

What's going on here?

Give me a cigarette. You gotta stop smoking so much.

Come on, we'll get out through here.

What's the matter with you?

Come on. That's a pretty tune.

Here's a stick of gum. Do you good.

Do you like that music?

If I had my tuxedo I'd ask you to dance, but...

Come on, you want to... want to spin?

Come on, don't be afraid.

Ah, you dance divinely.

Say, we're doing pretty good.

The sisters ought to see you now.

Wait a minute.

I feel like I'm just floating.

Just floating.

Just floating.

I've been looking all over for you. The boss wants you.

Right now?

Yeah. He just got a call from Mr. Upstairs.

Something's gone wrong. He's plenty hot.

Well, I'm gonna take her home first. I'll see the little lady home.

Just tell him I'll come over there when I'm ready.

Hey, Edlow! Edlow, wait up!

Who was that?

I don't know. Some mug.

Who was he?

Edie, you gotta quit trying to find out aboutJoey. It ain't safe.

I'm telling you, it ain't safe.

Mr. Malloy, I was hoping I might find you here.

Excuse me, Miss. You're being served with a subpoena, Mr. Malloy.

A what?

Be at the State House, Court Room Nine, 10:00 Friday morning.

I told you, I don't know nothing about that.

You can bring a lawyer if you wish.

And you're privileged under the Constitution... to protect yourself against questions which might implicate you in any crimes.

You know what they're asking me to do?

All we want you to do, Mr. Malloy, is tell the truth.

Good night, kid.

Nice wedding.

Look at that. What are you going to do?

I ain't gonna eat cheese for no cops, and that's for sure.

It was Johnny Friendly who had Joey killed, wasn't it?

He had him killed or he had something to do with it, didn't he?

He and your big brother Charley?

You can't tell me, can you, because you're part of it.

You're as bad as the worst of them. Tell me the truth, Terry.

You'd better go back to that school out in Daisyland.

You're driving yourself nuts, you're driving me nuts.

Quit worrying about the truth all the time. Worry about yourself.

I should have known you wouldn't tell me.

Pop said Johnny Friendly used to own you. I think he still owns you.

No wonder everybody calls you a bum.

Don't say that to me, Edie. Don't say that to me now.

No wonder.

No wonder. I'm only trying to help you out.

I'm trying to keep you from getting hurt. What more do you want me to do?

Much more. Wait a minute.

Much, much, much more.

Where you going?

Hi there, Johnny. Genius.

I was just coming over there.

By way of Chicago? No, I was on my way over there.

How many times you been knocked out, Terry?

Knocked out? Two times.

That's once too often.

Your brains must be rattling. What do you got up there? Chinese bells?

What's the matter? You were to attend that church meeting.

I was there.

There was nothing happening. Nothing happening, he says.

Some operator we got. One more like him, we'd all be wearing striped pajamas.

I'm telling you, it was a big nothing. The priest did all the talking.

He did?

Half an hour later, a certain TimothyJ. Dugan had a secret session... with the Crime Commission, and he done all the talking.

Well, Dugan, what does he know?

Just 39 pages of our operation, that's all!

Where'd you get that? I got it.

He got it. It's the complete words ofTimothyJ. Dugan.

I knew he had the guts, but... Guts?

Why, that crummy pigeon. He ought to have his neck wrung.

That's what we get for getting mixed up with this punch-drunk brother of yours.

He was all right hanging around for laughs, but this is business.

I don't like anyone goofing off. I wasn't goofing.

What are you going around with his sister for?

I'm not go... Just shut up!

Look, Johnny, it's just that... the Doyle broad has got him so he doesn't know where his feet is.

It's an unhealthy relationship! Definitely.

Get rid of her, unless you're both tired of living.

You got her address?

We gotta do something to muzzle this Dugan... or he'll raise the biggest stink this town has ever seen.

We got the best muscle on the waterfront.

The time to use it is now, pronto, if not sooner.

You know where you're going? Back in the hold.

No more cushy job. It's down in the hold with the sweat gang... till you learn your lesson, see?

Ah, you.

Let's go. Wise up!

All right, let's get him.

At last, an Irish shipment.

And loaded to the gunnels with fine Irish whiskey.

Kayo, the good Lord takes care of us. That he does.

Come on out, Kayo. Get it up.

All right, take it up. Take it away.

And don't go walking off with any of that.

You know how the boss feels about individual pilferage.

All right, all right.

Now you see the advantage of a little man in a big coat.

Kayo, let me see you afterward. What are you down here for?

To see that we don't steal any of Mr. Friendly's precious cargo?

I want to talk... Get away from me, will you?

All right, take it up. Take it up.

Take it away.

Kayo, you're a walking distillery.

Get a doctor!

He don't need a doctor. He needs a priest.

I came down here to keep a promise.

I gave Kayo my word that if he stood up to the mob...

I'd stand up with him... all the way.

And now Kayo Dugan is dead.

He was one of those fellows who had the gift for standing up.

But this time they fixed him. Oh, they fixed him for good this time.

Unless it was an accident, like Big Mac says.

Some people think the crucifixion only took place on Calvary.

They better wise up.

Taking Joey Doyle's life to stop him from testifying is a crucifixion.

And dropping a sling on Kayo Dugan... because he was ready to spill his guts tomorrow... that's a crucifixion!

And every time the mob puts the crusher on a good man... tries to stop him from doing his duty as a citizen... it's a crucifixion!

And anybody who sits around and lets it happen... keeps silent about something he knows has happened... shares the guilt of it just as much as the Roman soldier... who pierced the flesh of our Lord to see if he was dead.

Go back to your church!

Boys, this is my church!

If you don't think Christ is here on the waterfront, you've another guess coming!

Get off the dock, Father!

Tillio, don't do that.

Who side you're on, boy? Let him finish.

Every morning... when the hiring boss blows his whistle...

Jesus stands alongside you in the shape-up.

He sees why some of you get picked and some of you get passed over.

He sees the family men worrying about getting their rent... and getting food in the house for the wife and the kids.

He sees you selling your souls to the mob for a day's pay!

The next bum that throws something deals with me!

I don't care if he's twice my size!

What does Christ think of the easy-money boys... who do none of the work and take all of the gravy?

And how does he feel about the fellows who wear...

$150 suits and diamond rings... on your union dues and your kickback money?

And how does he... who spoke up without fear against every evil... feel about your silence?

Shut up about that!

Just watch this.

You see that?

You want to know what's wrong with our waterfront? The love of a lousy buck.

It's making love of a buck, the cushy job... more important than the love of man!

It's forgetting that every fella down here is your brother in Christ!

But remember, Christ is always with you.

Christ is in the shape-up, he's in the hatch... he's kneeling right here beside Dugan.

And he's staying with all of you.

"If you do it to the least of mine... you do it to me."

And what they did toJoey and what they did to Dugan, they're doing to you.

And you, you.

All of you!

And only you...

Only you, with God's help, have the power to knock them out for good.

Okay, Kayo?


All right, come on. Let's go.

Break it up. Let's go to work.

Edie, Joey's jacket.

I'm sure Kayo would wish you to have it back.

I brought you Joey's jacket.

Yours is coming apart.


Yeah. They're nervous.

There was a hawk around here before.

Father, I wanna speak to you a minute.

Remember what you said about Kayo Dugan and about keeping your mouth shut?

I'm not hearing your confession. I'll dig it out for myself... and use it where it'll do the most good.

Take your turn. Father Gregory will hear you.

I don't wanna talk to...

Wait a second. Wait a minute.

I just wanna talk to you one second.

You gotta listen to me.

I'm the one who setJoey Doyle up for the knock-off!

Take a walk with me, kid. Give it to me straight.

There's nothing I haven't heard. Come on.

It started out as a favor.

Favor... who am I kidding? It's do it or else.

Believe me, I just thought they was gonna lean on him a little bit.

I never figured they was gonna knock him off.

I really tried to tell Edie the other night.

I wanted to tell her she's the first nice thing that ever happened to me.

What are you gonna do about it?

You mean about telling her? Yes. About the Commission... your subpoena.

I know you got a subpoena. I don't know.

It's like carrying a monkey around on your back.

A question of who rides who.

You know if I spill, my life ain't worth a nickel.

How much is your soul worth if you don't?

They're asking me to put the finger on my own brother.

And Johnny Friendly took me to ball games when I was a kid.

Ball games. Don't break my heart.

I wouldn't care if he gave you a life pass to the polo grounds.

You've got a brother. Let me tell you something.

You've got other brothers getting the short end... whileJohnny's at the polo grounds!

Ball games!

Listen! If I were you, I'd walk right... Never mind.

I'm not asking anything. Your conscience has gotta do the asking.


That stuff can drive you nuts. Good luck.

Is that all you gotta say?

Come here.

Edie called me this morning.

She's coming here to talk to me.

Come on. Why don't you tell her?

No curves.


You? Honest to God, l...

You gotta believe me. I swear to God.

Terry, guess who's here?

That joker from the Crime Commissioner's office.

If I knew a guy that knocked somebody off, think I oughta turn him in?

You mean, call a cop? Are you kidding?

You don't think I oughta turn him in.

You was a Golden Warrior once.

That's right.

You started the gang.

Looking for me?

Not exactly. I was just resting my dogs a minute.

On the next investigation, I hope it's got buildings with elevators!

So far, this one's just been climbing stairs.

What are you climbing for? It's worth it... if we can tell the waterfront story the way the people have a right to hear it.

Don't you think?

Say, didn't I see you in the Garden three or four years ago... with a fellow named Wilson?

Thought you were gonna take him that night. He really dumped you.

He dumped me?

What would you say if I told you I held that bum up for half a round?

Yeah. I could see he was hurt.

What do you think I was doing with them combinations? Petting him?

Just couldn't finish him off, huh? Don't monkey around there.

Why didn't you finish him off? What are you talking about?

I did a favor for some pals of mine. Favor?

That's the way it was. That's the way it was.

If I'd have put him down, I'd have had a title shot.

I was ready that night. That's when I figured it was all over.

It was all over, except for the lousy bet.

My own... Yeah?

Well, I guess I better get going.

Hit those stairs again.

Say, was that a hook or an uppercut you caught him with that first time?

I didn't use no hooks. I was strictly a short puncher.

Looked like a hook.

I had that bum all figured out. He had a good left hand.

I let him tag me for a couple of rounds.

Just when he starts... he thinks he's getting cute...

I step inside a jab with a left, with a right, with a left.

I had him in my arms, and from there we were just dancing.

I see. And that's a fact!

When those guys wanna win a bet, there's nothing they won't stop at.

"Longshoremans Local 374"

I didn't hear them, but I sure seen them nose to nose.

The flatfoot was eating it up.

So they've been seen together and he smiled at her.

That doesn't mean he's going to talk.

There's no evidence until he gives public testimony.

Thanks for the legal advice.

It's what we always kept you around here for.

How do we keep him from giving testimony?

Ain't that what you call the main order of business?

He's a good kid.

You know that. He's a bum!

After the days I gave him in the loft, he's got no gratitude.

You shut up! Mac, I'm conducting this investigation.

Look... this girl and the Father, they got their hooks in so deep... he doesn't know which end is up.

I ain't interested in his mental condition.

I wanna know, is he D and D or is he a canary?

I wish I knew.

So do I, Charley. For your sake.

What do you want me to do? It's simple.

Drive him out to this place we've been using.

Try to straighten him out. If you don't, give him the Gerry G.

You can't do that!

Maybe the boy is out of line, but he's just a confused kid!

Confused kid?

First he crosses me in public, gets away with it.

Pretty soon, I'm just another fellow around here!

Johnny, I can't do that.

Then don't.

Who do you like in the third? It's gotta be New Hope.


He's my kid brother.

That's for you to figure out.

You can have it your way or his way, but not both ways.

Am I right, Truck? Definitely.

Okay, on your horse.

Deep thinker.

I'm glad you stopped by. I've been wanting to talk to you.

Sure, kid. Where to?

Go to River Street and I'll tell you where to stop.

I thought we was going to the Garden. I wanna cover a bet on the way over.

Besides, this'll give us a chance to talk.

Nobody ever stopped you from talking, Charley.

Listen. The grapevine says that you got a subpoena.

The guys know you're not a cheese-eater... but they think you shouldn't be on the outside so much... have a few things working for you down at the docks.

A steady job, a couple extra potatoes.

That's all I want. That's great when you're a kid... but you're pushing 30.

It's time to think about getting some ambition.

I always figured I'd live a little bit longer without it.



There's a boss loader slot open on the new pier we're opening up.

It pays six cents... on every hundred pounds that goes in and out... and you don't have to lift a finger.

That's two, three, four hundred dollars a week.

Four hundred dollars a week just for the openers.

I get all that for not doing nothing.

You don't do anything and you don't say anything.

You understand?

There's more to this than I thought, Charley.

I'm telling you, there's a lot more.

You're thinking of testifying against some people we might know?

I don't know, Charley.

I'm telling you I don't know. That's what I wanna talk to you about.

You know how much those piers are worth that we control through the local?

I know. You thinkJohnny'll jeopardize... everything for one rubber-lipped ex-tanker who's walking on his heels?

What the... Been better!

That's not the point! I could have been a lot better!

The point is, we don't have much time!

I haven't made up my mind yet!

Make up your mind before we get to 437 River Street!

Before we get to where, Charley?

Listen to me. Take the job! Just take it!

No questions. Take it!

Terry, take this job. Please!

Please take it.

Look, l...

Look, kid...

How much do you weigh, son?

When you weighed 168 pounds... you were beautiful.

You could have been another Billy Conn.

That skunk we got you for a manager.

He brought you along too fast.

It wasn't him, Charley. It was you.

Remember that night in the Garden when you said...

"Kid, this ain't your night.

We're going for the price on Wilson."

You remember that?

"This ain't your night."

My night. I could have taken Wilson apart.

So what happens? He gets the title shot in the ballpark. What do I get?

A one-way ticket to Palookaville.

You was my brother, Charley. You should have looked out for me a little bit.

You should have taken care of me... so I didn't have to take dives for the short-end money.

I had some bets down for you.

You don't understand! I could have had class!

I could have been a contender. I could have been somebody... instead of a bum, which is what I am... let's face it.

It was you, Charley.

I'll tell them...

I couldn't find you.

Ten to one he won't believe it.


You take this.

You're gonna need it.

You... pull over!

Take me to the Garden.

Stay away from me!

Please open the door!

Stop it!

I want you to stay away from me. I know what you want me to do... but I ain't gonna do it, so forget it!

I don't want you to do anything.

Let your conscience tell you what to do.

Shut up about that conscience! That's all I been hearing!

I never mentioned it before. You stay away from me!

Edie, you love me!

I didn't say I didn't love you. I said stay away from me!

I want you to say it! Stay away from me!

Hey, Terry!

Terry, your brother's down here! He wants to see you!

Your brother's down here.

Come on down here! He wants to see you.

Come on down!

What is it? Charley. I think he's in trouble.

Be careful!

Your brother's down here!

You hear what I hear?

That's the same way they called Andy the night I lost him.

Edie, be careful! Edie, be careful!

Edie! Watch out for the truck!

They got Charley.

I'm frightened. Let's get out of here, please.

FirstJoey, then Dugan and now Charley.

Please. Someplace where we can live in peace.

I'm gonna take it out on their skulls.

I'm gonna take it out on their skulls.

Please, Terry. They'll kill you too.

Go get the Father. Tell him to take care of Charley.

Then come back here and stay with him till he gets here.

Please don't do anything. Please!

For God's sake, don't leave him alone here long.

Please, Terry. Do what I tell you.

Where's John Friendly?

He's not here now.

Give me a shot.

Take it easy. Don't give me no advice.

Give me the shot.

Why don't you go home before Big John gets here?

Just give me the whiskey.

Stick around!

Sit down.

Get out of that phone booth!

Stay where you are, Tillio!

I want to see you, Terry. I'm right in front of you.

Don't give me a hard time.

What do you want?

Your gun. Go and chase yourself.

Come on. Give me the gun. You go to hell.

What did you say? Go to hell.

Sorry. Let me help you up. Get your hands off of me!

Now what am I gonna do? You wanna be brave?

You wanna fire lead into another man? It's none of your business!

Mind your own business!

Firing lead into a man isn't brave! It's none of your business!

You wanna hurtJohnny Friendly?

Do you wanna fix him?

Do you? Do you really wanna finish him?

What do you think? For what he did to Charley and others?

Then don't fight him like a hoodlum, because that's just what he wants!

He'll hit you in the head and plead self-defense!

You fight him in the courtroom with the truth... as you know the truth.

Now you get rid of that gun.

Unless you haven't got the guts, and if you haven't, then hold on to it!

Give me a beer!

Wanna beer? Make it two.

You mean to tell me that your local takes in...

$65,500 every year and keeps no financial records?

Sure. We got records. Where are they?

We was robbed last night and we can't find no books.

You know you're under oath? Sure.

Isn't it odd that five different locals were broken into last night?

The only item missing from all of them was the financial records.

What do you mean "odd"? I told you, we was robbed.

That's all.

Call the next witness.

Before you call the next witness... are all the officers of Local 374 present this morning?

Call the roll.

Will the following please rise as the names are called?

MichaelJ. Skelly, also known as Johnny Friendly, president.

Mr. Lewis Janotta, vice president.

Daniel D. Coogan, financial secretary.

Mladen Sekolivitch, delegate.

Tillio A. Rodelli, delegate.

Recording secretary.

Yeah. Recording secretary. Thank you, gentlemen.

Next witness. Mr. Malloy.

Raise your right hand.

Name, please? Terry Malloy.

Do you swear to tell the whole truth, so help you God?

Right. "I do."

Be seated, please.

Is it true that the night Joey Doyle was found dead... you were the last one to see him before he was pushed from the roof?

Yes. That's right.

And it is true... Except for the guys that pushed him!

Is it true you went immediately to the Friendly bar... and there expressed your feelings to Mr. Johnny Friendly?

John Friendly. Right!

Can you tell me whether Mr. Friendly, or I should say, Mr. Skelly... said anything to indicate his responsibility in this?

- Right. - Would you say... that he made it very clear to you... that it was absolutely necessary he murderJoey Doyle... to maintain his control?

Turn that thing off! - Is that correct?

Anything else, sir?

Yes. If Mr. Friendly calls, I'm out.

Any time today? If he calls ever, I'm out!

Very well, sir.

Thank you.

You've done more than break theJoey Doyle case.

You're making it possible for honest men to work the docks... with job security and peace of mind!

You may step down now. That's all for now.

Mr. MichaelJ. Skelly, please.

You just dug your own grave. You're dead on this waterfront... and every waterfront from Boston to New Orleans.

You don't drive a truck or a cab, you don't push a baggage rack.

You don't work no place! You're dead!

Get your hands off me!

Come on! Quit following me! Why don't you get off my tail?

You ought to be glad we're following you.

I feel like a canary.

Well... Lay off.

Hi, Chickie.

Who's your friend?

I made some hot coffee. I thought you might want some.

Anyway, it's all over.

My friends don't want to talk to me.

Are you sure they're your friends?

I'll see you later.

Hi, Champ. How's the kid?

What's the matter?

A pigeon for a pigeon!

The kid.

What'd he have to do that for?

Every one of them.

There's no place that's safe for you now on the waterfront.

Maybe inland, out west someplace.

A farm.

A farm?

You can do anything, as long as you're away from Johnny Friendly.

Even the longshoremen. You tried to help and they turn their backs... and stick to their stupid D and D.

Are they taking chances for you? Why should you...

You're not even listening to me, are you?

You're going down there.

Just becauseJohnny warned you not to, you're going down there.

You think you gotta prove you're not afraid of them or something!

Go ahead! Get it over with!

Go and get yourself killed!

You stupid, pigheaded... What are you trying to prove?

They always said I was a bum.

Well, I ain't a bum, Edie.

Don't worry. I'm not gonna hurt nobody.

I'm just gonna go down there and get my rights.

All right. Everybody works today.

What do you think, Boss? That ain't such a bad picture of you.

Stop breathing that clam sauce on me. What's doing?

Let me work on that cheese-eater. I'll top the bum off lovely.

Wait'll we get off this front page.

Then he's mine! I want him.

You hear that? He's mine.

Where're them cops of yours, stoolie? You're gonna need them.

You're still short in the hatch, Mac.

Spec! Bring me the first man you see.

Hey, you!

Here's your man, Mac.

You want more of the same? Come back tomorrow.

All right. That's it.

I hope that bum comes down here.

I love he come down here.

Did you ever hear of the Sullivan law?

They'll be down on us for the slightest infraction.

I'm gonna be indicted any minute!

Come on, now! Give me! Give me!

Will you get it through your heads?

They're dusting off the hot seat for me!

We're a law-abiding union. Understand?

Hey, Friendly!

John Friendly, come out of there!

Come on out of there!

You wanna know the trouble with you?

You think it makes you a big man if you give the answers.

At the right time, I'll catch up with you.

Now beat it. Don't push your luck.

Wait a minute, you!

You take them heaters away and you're nothing! You know that?

You'll talk yourself in the river.

Take the good goods away and the kickbacks... the shakedown cabbage and the pistoleros and you're nothing!

Your guts is all in your wallet and your trigger finger!

You ratted on us!

From where you stand, but I'm standing over here now!

I was ratting on myself all them years and didn't know it!

Come on!

You give it toJoey, to Dugan, to Charley, who was one of your own.

You think you're God Almighty. But you know what you are?

Come on! You're a cheap, lousy... dirty, stinking mug!

And I'm glad what I done to you!

You hear that? I'm glad what I done!

I'm gonna keep doing it till I get... Come on!

That boy fights like he used to!

They'll kill him. It's a massacre.

He's one of theirs anyway.

What are we waiting for? Let's go!

That's enough.

Just let him lay there.

What happened?

What happened?

Jimmy, what happened?

Where you going?

Let me by. Come here!

You want him?

You can have him!

The little rat's yours.

Get some fresh water!

Who's in charge here? Yours truly's in charge here!

We gotta get this ship out of here! It's costing us money.

Blow your whistle. Come on, you guys! Get to work!

Come on!

What goes? I'll have them working in two minutes.

He'd better get these men working.

Go on down!

Come on! On the double. Get to work!

You heard me. Come on! Get in there!

Get in there!

How about Terry? He don't work, we don't work.

Work? He can't even walk!

You wanna know who works? The ones I pick to work! Now get going!

All of you! Get in there! Come on! Get to work!

Come on! Get up here!

Come on, Pop. On the double. You work today.

All my life, you pushed me around.

Come on!

How do you like it? How do you like it?