On Thin Ice (2003) Script

it's 6:00 am. oh my god! you should've been out here hours ago. oh my god, i'm sorry. i'm really sorry.

i don't know... * somewhere thank you. thanks.

* over the rainbow

* it's fair

* what i've seen

* you may find hard to believe *

* left me feeling like no boy had ever made me *

* now i want something

* unsurpassed in its pleasure *

* 'cause even the truest love *

* still can't last forever *

* i want something

* i've never seen through these eyes *

* i want to feel like i never felt in this life *

* i want something

* i've never seen through these eyes *

* i want to feel

* like i've never felt in this life *

* in this body of mine

* in this body of mine

* in this body of mine

hey ya, floyd. mmm. god, is it early enough for ya? got nothing but time. aren't you cold? hey, it keeps the beer nice and cool. ah!

* i ain't got nothin'

* but that's enough

what? ah, it's freezing. kevin? jason? okay, boys, rise and shine! come on. let's go. oh, god.

it's so cold. come on.

oh, no. now what is the matter here? oh, jeez. come on, boys! let's go, we're going to be late. thought there was supposed to be some sort of a grace period before they turn off the power, dang it. jeez. come on, you bums. come on, let's, shake the lead out right this minute. jason? jason! you know you've got basketball practice today, so let's go.

all right.

don't pretend with me. i got ya. no, that's what you get. that's what you get for... no, you cheated! i didn't cheat. moms don't have to cheat to win. yeah? get that thing off. get it off, right this minute and let me look at those ears. huh! ah! that ear! what's growing in that ear? mom, stop. get that off of you, this minute. what's for breakfast? okay, what's going on? don't we have any heat? all right, you know what you can do? you can just warm up on the court, hotshot.

all right, let's just see if you can do that to guys your own age. all right? okay, babe, i'm going. i'll see you later. hey, mom? about my paper route this afternoon... yeah, what? could you cover for me? huh.

she's a little fancy, isn't she? okay, okay. see you. okay, see you. take care.

i got the hat. i got the hat.

woman: morning, kevin. good to see you, hi! hey, andy. hey, isabelle. how are you? sheena died, there was poison in their... hello, nancy! patsy? oh. what? i ran it through twice. oh, well... sorry, i... i thought... mom? i was sure i had it covered in my account. mom? i'm... i'm sorry. oh god. mom? i don't know what to say. i... i'll... what, honey? help me, mom. oh my god. okay, sit down, sweetie. sit here, sit down.

here we go. come on. wait a minute. damn. nancy? nancy, do you have any ventolin? it's... it's... i... remember i gave you that extra... oh, thank you very much. jeez, all right. here, okay, baby. don't worry. just relax. okay? breathe. breathe easy. slow down and relax. that's a boy.

how you feel? you feel better? you feel okay? okay, wait a second! you can't go without kissing me goodbye. bye. have a good day.

look, you know what? i'll have that cheque for you, i promise, in a week. thanks...

how about a refill there, huh? refill for you, sir?

joe? half a cup. wife says i got to cut back. really? yeah, you know her. order up! coming.

there. the back wall.

you got it. two eggs over easy, hash browns and dry toast. i wanted scrambled eggs, patsy. you haven't had a scrambled egg in two years, fred. i'm 72. it's time for a change. huh!

man: you got two weeks, patsy. patsy: but... listen, patsy, i don't want to have a long con- versation about this, all right? yeah, but i need this job. wally! wally: look, patsy, i'm sorry. okay? patsy: but what about the lease? remember, you said that you were thinking about renewing the lease for a year. i wanted to, but i can't afford it. yeah, but what... hey, i've got no choice. i've got to shut down. order up! you know... yeah, but i think... you've got two weeks. but i got kids to feed, wally! i've got kids to feed too. patsy: i know, i know you do. i know you've got kids to feed. l-listen, you... you'll bounce back. hey, you know what, wally? guess what? guess what? p.s. i'm not a ball, all right? i'm a person, and i don't want to bounce back. i've been bouncing all my life, and i'm just so sick of it. i'm just so damn sick and tired of it. huh? oh god, all right, all right.

hey, i'm sorry. yeah, me too. yeah.

all right, can i fill it up for you? no, i'm on my last. nope?

it's tough. yeah.

oh god.

patsy! kevin, look who it is! look! kevin: hey, look, it's nate! oh my god! patsy: oh my god! hi. hey. it's been too long. look at you. you look great! how are you? so do you. nate! i can't believe he's grown so much. i know, i know. hi. give my a hug. oh yeah, okay. kevin? oh my. he's so big too! god, god. watch the cars, you guys. kevin: hey, nate! where've you been? you got a lot of bottles. yeah, i know. i know. i swear to god, if i drank that much pop, my bladder would be the size of a basketball. woman: need a price check on cash four. price check on four. hmm. oh, okay, so 35. guys, turkey.

oh, dammit. okay, okay, there's, um... okay.

gee. uh, 35...

i'd like to look at the receipt for just a second here. all right. here. here you go.

hey, mom? it's not... it's not 35. it's 32. wait, just a second, sweetie. woman: sorry. okay, 32? woman: yeah. i'm sorry i'm sick. aw, sweetie. oh, come here. come here, look at me. you want to know something? it's okay. it's okay. sugar, it's okay, okay?

thank you. two dollars, i think that's it. you're right. sorry. thank you. that's okay. that's per- fectly fine. let's go. nate: hey, grab some potato chips. oh, good choice. are those the, uh, spicy ones? good. yeah. okay. peanut butter? yeah, peanut butter. right here. let's get the crunchy style. no, we can't. we gotta get this. it's on sale, honey. yeah. i'm doing it now. hey! hey! hey! let's get out of here. we're late. okay. business, remember? yeah. well, i got to finish shopping, honey. just don't for- get some beer, and hot dogs. okay, baby. calm down. i'll go outside. five minutes.

new boyfriend? uh, yeah. well, you know me, i don't like to be alone.

i, uh, heard about the diner. oh.... you going to be okay? not really. carey: hey, let me buy kevin a pair of shoes. no. yes. come on, i missed his birthday. where are you getting the money for all this stuff anyway? business thing. me and will got an advance. well, i can just imagine what kind of business will's in.

just the guy i wanted to see. i got stuff for you, man. yeah. thank you. hey, off you go, bud. now listen, what about you? what do you mean? you don't ever get lonely? i mean, it's been five years since jack died. no, i'll never get over him. oh, sweetheart, you never get over them, you move on. do me a favour. hey, don't worry. i have the money. where is she? the receipts. hey, i gotta go. give me a call. jesus, i have it all. just... just stay put.

you might want to help me, okay?

patsy: where's jason? he's late. do you want a cookie? yum, yeah. yum. okay.

where is he?

where is he? okay. i'm mad though. where is he?

where is that kid anyway?

here you go. thanks!

where the heck is he?

where've you been? practice, remember? practice was over an hour ago, and you know something, jason? you don't deliver papers at your convenience. what the hell's the matter with you? don't you dare use that language with me, okay? kevin: mom? mom, i don't get it. jason? this morning you said it was okay. stop! geez! what's the big deal? i'll tell you what the big deal is! do you know what the big deal is, jason? the big deal is a job. you've got a job. don't you understand that? and we need those few bucks. we need that money. i just... i just... don't you remember? you said you'd cover for me. what?

oh my god, oh my god. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. help! help!

okay, kevin. the inler's in the bag! in the groceries. i just bought an inhaler. okay, honey. god, i can't see a damn thing in this stupid car! turn the light on! nothing... works in this car! it's... okay. it's okay, sweetie. here! relax. what... it's okay, honey. i got it. i want you to... i got it right now. okay, shh.

come on, it's not working. no, shh! mom, it's not working! one more, breathe in, honey. breathe in. mom? we got to go to the hospital! okay... okay! all right, okay. oh god. oh-h!

just breathe. kevin, we're going to get there right away. okay. okay, okay. i got it. i got it. this is a piece of... breathe in, baby. oh no! mom!

oh damn this car! mom!

okay, kevin.

stay relaxed. please. come on.

come on. we're going over to carey's. carey's is just two blocks, okay?

where is it? right here. right here, right in the front. okay. here, let me see if the door's open. all right. okay. carey? put him in. carey?

carey? what's going on? what's she doing here? carey? carey? oh, carey, please.

carey! kevin... what's the matter? what happened? the hospital. oh-h! okay, okay! hurry! i'm coming. please, help me!

we're out of milk. just calm down. hey, you've got a delivery. just don't forget! it'll take about two minutes to get there. mom's going to take care of everything, okay? two minutes. now don't worry.


woman: dr. brooks, please call radiology.

woman: the bronchial tubes have lost some of their elasticity. huh? that's why i'm recommending you see a specialist. a specialist? well, i don't... i mean, who has insurance for a specialist? it's not like... he's the best. okay. how much is this going to cost? whatever it costs, pats, i'll cover. no. could you excuse us? it's just i... huh? excuse me. what? the new... you gotta... you have to do something, don't you just... yeah. well, i'll get the money, okay? i'll... i'll find a way! you going to col- lect coke bottles and coupons? yeah, if i have to. that's not good enough and you know it. well, then i'll get another job. there are no other jobs. well, then i'll waitress again. oh, come on, pats. well, what? what is so bad about waitressing? what do you think is bad about it? hey, you know what? it happens to be something, and it's honest. yeah? well, it doesn't pay the bills, does it? i'm trying, okay? okay... i'm doing the best that i can do. i know you are. it is not good enough. well, i can't do what you do. listen to me. you can't afford not to. listen to me! listen! i'm not going to do that! do you think i wanted to do what i am doing? no. no, i did not. i had collection agencies on my porch. i couldn't feed my kid. don't... all right? okay? i didn't have a choice. neither do you. kevin's not going to get any better. you got to do something. come on, patsy. come on, you're like me. you're just like me. you will do anything for your kids. anything, eh? patsy? i know, come on. it's okay. y-y-you... you're a good mother, and... and you just need a little help, that's all.

okay? all right. i'm going to explain to you. it's very simple. you deliver; you collect off the guy off the streets... wait, slow down. okay, no, no, no. you read... you deliver the product and you collect, okay? at the end of the week, we'll collect off you. that's it. that's it? that is it. that's all it is, okay? come on, head down that alley. right now? yeah, and i'm going to do the first one. i'll show you how. okay. here's how it works. you make a delivery, right?

come on.

carey: okay, stop here. stop.

excellent. good.

here we go. piece of cake. men: hey! carey: hey. say hey. yeah, hey. you got it? yeah, i got it. i always got it. let's see the money first.

12, right? yup.

say, don't you work at the diner? so, how's grits? hey, take a bath some- time, deke. back off. hey, back off! eight times. eight, good. here, one more. go crazy. thank you very much. later, guys. go. see ya. let's go. oh, oh my! okay. gee! oh! whoa, take it easy.

okay, so how much do i owe you? okay, two inhalers, that's $80 each. right. and the chamber's 21. that's $181. all right. okay. all right, here you go. could i have a bag, please? yeah.

and $19 change. oh, right. woman: ...aisle five...

so, how's your boy doing? fine. he's seeing a specialist. ain't that great?

get your feet down. get your feet down. do you know him? what, honey? do you know him?

hey! true grit! hey, is this your boy? just a sec. i'll be right back. what's up?

hey, come here, will you? just come here. look, i want to tell you something. i want you to stay away from this high school, all right? you stay away from my kids, you understand what i'm saying? huh? okay? yeah, sure. all right. it's okay.

jason! hey. what, hon? mom, i don't know how to tell you this, but... oh, no, no, no. where is that coach of yours? i'm going to knock some sense... jason: hey, no, mom. mom, don't. why? 'cause he might take me out of the starting line up. hah! no, really? yeah. both: really? yeah. i told you you could do it, didn't i? i can't help it. this is the best! i got some- thing for you! he's in the start- ing line-up. huh, yeah! hey, man. kevin: hi, jason. here... here, here, here. look, look, look! here. oh, ponies! yeah. i got a pair too. yeah, get them down. nice! get them down. these are awesome. i know. mine are better. so, where are you working? oh, um... it's just this, um... it's this new company situation... what kind of company? uh, how are they? they're good. the right size? yeah. so, what kind of company? um... well... i don't know. from what they said... who told you? carey. carey? yeah, carey. you're working with carey? that's right. i'm working with carey. i'm working for a computer company outside of chicago. chicago, but... shoot. i know, but at least i won't be working nights, right? i just mean chicago's so far away. i know it's far away, but they make the components here and then they, you know, they assemble them in chicago, and i'm... well, you know what i am? i'm a courier, so i pick up the parts and i deliver the orders, and i don't know. it's... it's not much, but... it's a beginning. sounds great. mom? i'm proud of you for getting such a good job.


carey? hello? hey, i can't do this. i can't run drugs for you any more.


go. baby, where are you going? out.

mmm, oh. mmm. oh my god, what's this... what does this remind you of? i guess... glen arbor. summer of '80... no, i don't want to talk about glen arbor. out! this is absolutely... so, okay, a zillion years ago. i got, you know, moderately out of control. you were on the table, honey. no, okay, all right. yeah. that's right, i did. okay. so i did that, yeah. okay. yeah, yeah. yeah, you did. in fact, the entire restaurant dropped what they were doing and were captivated by your performance. but you know what i remember though? no, listen to this. you know, i met jack the following week and then every- thing was just so different. did you ever tell jack about your sordid past? no. mmm. too bad for him. yeah. it was so sweet to be loved like that. mmm. mmm. so nice. yeah, i know what that's like. once in a life.

he would be so disappointed if he knew what i was doing. oh, please! don't do this. come on. come on! guy didn't exactly, like, set you up and buy life insurance or any- thing like that. hey, carey, come on! he didn't know he was going to be killed. yeah, who does? god, you are the most graceless person i know. come on, you got a family to support. i don't want to lie to my kids, okay? i don't like it, it doesn't make me feel good inside. it's not lying. this isn't about lying. it's about feeding your kids and putting clothes on their back and shoes on their feet. yeah, right. okay? yeah.

woman: it is a cold one this morning, let me tell you. the barometer reads... well, a chilly... patsy: yes. yes, yes, no. i know, i know. i'm going to do it. i get it, yeah. it's just, it's a long drive, okay? all right, bye. jason, can you drop off kevin on your way to school? i'll pick him up. yeah. bye, honey. bye. where do you have to go to pick up the parts? bye, mom. god, can you believe it? i have to drive all the way to carbondale. hey, mom? don't forget. the game's tonight.

tell him i need ice.

floyd: * i ain't got nothing

* but time on my hands

* but time on my hands kevin? kevin! i'm always... come on, honey. floyd! have you got your jacket picked up? hey, boys. okay, come on. patsy, i've been calling you. why don't you pick up the phone? jason: mom, the game. okay. what are you doing here? carey: our boss wants to see you. you have to deliver this. what? to whom? to our boss, hopkins. he's staying at the... at the anderson place by smith creek. what? but wait a second. i mean, it's his first basketball game and it's very important that i be there. why can't you do it? carey: because he always meets the new people. but i promised him, carey. god. why are you screwing this up, patsy? i'm not screw- ing it up. you forget why you're doing this? ah, jeez. hey, he wants to meet you now. ah, okay, okay. okay! and don't mess with him. all right. trust me. jason. jason: yeah? jason, honey... look, i'm afraid... i have to work tonight. ahh. i know. and, what about the game? i know, but it's just that... i'm doing this for us. mom, i'm gonna be late for warm-ups. hey. hey-hey. i'll take you. get your brother. come on. okay, well that's great. well then, i'll... i'll see you... i'll see you at half-time, i promise, i'll be there. and... don't forget to really knock 'em dead, okay, hotshot? play good "d". keep your hands up. bye, mom. be aggressive out there. i love you, okay? kevin: bye. bye-bye. patsy: thank you, carey. game on, guys.

yes, chief, give me larson. pete, i need you to run a plate for me. charlie baker three, william three four. illinois plate. get back to me as soon as you can, eh?

thanks for coming.

come on in, come on in.

so, now you have a job. yeah, just not the job i wanted. ah, sit down. sit down on the couch. uh... i am sorry, all i have is red. no, no, no. no, no, thanks, no. not for me. thank you very much. no, and anyway, i... i brought you your receipts here, oh. and, uh, there's that guy... uh, your guy in the trailer, he was ask... he said some- thing about, uh, he needed ice. mmm. so... oh. sit down, sit down. sit down. sit down. have you ever seen meth being made? no. well, there's chemical reactions when you're cookin' it up. gets real hot, so you need a lot of ice. so don't worry. he'll get his ice. hmm.

so, did you have any problems finding the place? oh, no, no. no, my husband used to love to hike, and we hiked together and, uh, this spot was a... a favourite area of his. hmm. "used to"? yeah. mm-hmm. yeah, he, um... he worked on the power lines and... he got, um, killed on the job. i am sorry.


'scuse me. sure. yeah... yeah, yeah, yeah, she's here. she's here. mm-mmm. get back to me.

look, you know, i gotta go. my kid's got a basketball game tonight, and... no, no, i... i think you should stay just a little bit longer. yeah, well... what... uh, you sure you don't want any more wine? i mean, are you checking me out? is that what this is?

wouldn't you do the same? there are people in california, mexico, yemen. i work for them. they check me out, and i check out the people who work for me. i made pick-ups. deliveries. i brought you the money and i just... i really... i don't know... what else i can do to prove to you that i'm trustworthy.

have you ever? no, mm-mmm. well, carey kilmer said you two used to smoke a little dope. well, that was a lifetime ago, that was... that was... it was long before i had kids. mm-hmm. well, everybody who works for me has to do this. i'm not doing it. you can always walk out the door, but you'll end up right back where you started. think of the long term. think of your kids.

all right, look. i really don't care if you ever try this again. but i have to know if i can trust you. why would that make you trust me? because it will.


all right. it's quite simple. uh-huh. i'm just gonna heat it up a little bit. it'll start smoking, curling up. i'm going to place it to your mouth, you inhale, very slightly, not too deep, hold it for about two seconds.

i'll let you know when. okay, now. right now.

right now. that's it. that's good.

yeah, any time.

keep your shirt on, sweetheart.

here, got it. it's all there.

you know that, uh... your production's down four months in a row now. tell him to go screw himself. hey, i work for him, pal, okay? hey, production's not down on our end. someone on your end's skimming off the top. yeah, well, if you're accusing me, you got it all wrong, okay? because i pay for what i use.

there's no excuse for that.

yeah, yeah, hold on. cripes. okay, let me just count it first.

three. okay, thanks. yeah.

oh, god.


oh-h, boy.


oh, god.

what are you doing up? it's past your bedtime. where have you been? where do you think? i've been at work. computer business, right? parts?

what is the problem, jason, huh? mom, this is the third time you've missed one of my games. i mean, how many times am i going to baby-sit kevin?

what am i sup- posed to think? mmm... mmm, okay.

maybe i should just quit the team.

come out. let's go, let's go, baby, let's go.

okay. o-okay.

oh, baby.


yeah, look. i want half my cut in product, all right? hey, i got one thing to say to you: stop, and breathe. now listen. hopkins: okay? i'll give you a quarter in product. no way... one quarter in product, that's it. and your math better work out.


it's 2,000. okay. all right, great. so you get a quarter in cut, right?

got it? yeah, yeah. that's you. okay. take it easy. thanks.


woman: attention all visitors, visiting hours will be over in 30 minutes.

jason: mom. where is he? he's okay, he had an attack. this way. yeah. we ran out of medication. you didn't renew the prescription. well, i thought you were gonna renew the prescription. it's not like i don't give you enough money. mom, mom, they're not gonna let a kid phone in a prescription. put that out. you've gotta do it. you've gotta do it, you gotta call the doctor. not me. hey, you know what? i've had it with this attitude thing, okay? i get it. i really get it. mrs. mccartle? hi. how are you? ms. mccartle... i'm good. your son's fine. patsy: he is? good.

good night. lights out. goodnight, mom. love you. love you too.

can we get crunchy? put it back. please? we can't afford it.

set the table. in a minute. now, kevin, not in a minute. now. leave me alone. you can't tell me what to do.

junk food. so's what you fix for supper every night. jason: fold this. kevin: stop it. leave me alone. you're not my mother. pick it up, asswipe. do that laundry. mom? jason called me a dirty word. jason, knock it off. patsy: okay.

okay. okay, okay. where is it? what? don't play games with me. just where is it, all right? what are you talking about? i'm talking about the money that i gave you yesterday for the for groceries. that's $50. now what the heck did you do with my money? you didn't give me 50 bucks yesterday. you gave me $20 two weeks ago. i gave you 50 bucks yesterday. i just don't understand where the money is... we didn't see you yesterday. we haven't seen you in three days, mother. three days. and i don't steal. okay. all right, fine. i just don't... i just... here's the thing. i don't understand where my money is. because if you don't have it, where the heck is the money? just where is my money anyway? fire! i just need that money! what? kevin: fire! fire! right here, mom. you gave me 20 bucks for the last 2 weeks. do you want some? okay, fine, let's go. let's go. let's get in the car. come on. kevin: where are we going? we are going to get some burgers, okay? since you're bitching about the food so much, we're just gonna go and we're gonna get some- thing to eat. right now. come on, let's go. let's go, sweetie. all right, what is the matter with you anyway, huh? what is this? a burger's not good enough for mr. three- pointer hotshot? come on, let's go. right now. eat! i'm not playing basketball any more. i quit the team.

kevin: i thought we were going to get cheeseburgers. i'm hungry. mmm. just stay in the car, all right? stay in the car!

lock the doors behind me. but mom said to stay in here. shut up, and just do it. why?

woman 1: i'll pull a few strings and we'll get you into the ranger academy. woman 2: oh, wow. i mean, keen-o! woman 1: take it easy. patsy: hey, nate? nate? nate? where's your mom? i don't know.

carey? carey? what? what the hell are you doing here? i just need some. i'll pay you, okay? i gave you the stuff, patsy. i gave it to you. i know. i just need a little bit more. okay, just right now, maybe?

will you tell her to get the hell out of the house? no, no. wait a second. just go outside. i got to tell you something. what is it? what? go outside. just...

what? listen to me, listen to me. oh, man, what? what? will's stealing from hopkins. you can't come here any more. you can't, okay? yeah. we'll figure something else out. listen, i'm freaking out right now, because if hopkins finds out... patsy: actually, yeah, carey, i just needed a couple more hits, just to get me through the next few... are you deaf? did you hear what i said? we have... we can't give you any. yeah, i know! patsy: just... just until next week! carey: okay, baby, she's gone! no. please! i can't think straight. i can't get anything done. listen to me, i'm a mess, please. you got to go. please, goddammit! you got me into this. out! hey, what? it was your decision. now get the... off my property. fine!

what a mess, that girl.

kevin! oh my... kevin! jason! oh... kevin!

jason! if you say so. yeah, our mom's meeting us in chicago. yeah? two tickets. yeah, i promise our mom will have the money when we get there. all right. thank you. where're we going? i'm scared. let's go. why are we out here? shut up. okay, if you don't cry, i'll tell you a story. about dad? yeah, i'll tell you a story about dad. one time, him and me were walking in the woods and he was showing me where they were cutting new lines, and, well, they were going to cut down the biggest trees, so...

patsy: jason! kevin, wait! wait!

my k... please, thank you. thank you. thank you, sir. oh my god. my hat. oh, jason. jason? all right, i want you to get off the bus right now. no. move your car, lady. i've got a bus to drive. i know. just one second. one second. we're going to chicago. what? no, we are not going anywhere. you're going home right now, okay? i know what you've been doing. huh? i know what you are. i don't know what you... what are you talking about, sweetie? you're a dealer! i am your... mother. hello? my mother would never lie. shut up!

i looked up to you.

all right, okay. okay, just tell me... okay, all right, what do you want? okay? just lay it out! what do you want? do you want roller blades? is that what you want? or maybe you want a cell phone. just what is it that you want? just tell me what you want because of course i'm going to get it for you. just what, dammit... we just want you, mom! look... shut up! okay, sorry. sorry. what?

okay, sweetheart... i'm really sorry. i'm so sorry. i just... can you forgive me? it's okay. we know you love us. don't we, jason? i never meant to hurt you, okay? i know it was a mistake. please, i really was way off. really wrong. finish your personal business. i've got a schedule to... okay, okay. okay, okay. i'm sorry, guys. come on. let's go. can we go home now? please? sweetie...

i really am sorry. sorry about that. okay, look, so... i tried drugs. i did it... a couple of times and... are you going to stop? oh, yeah. no, i'm stopping. yeah, right now. right now, i'm stopping.

'night, guys. 'night, 'night, 'night. kevin: 'night, mom.

come on, come on, come on. come on. oh, gee... oh, gee... what? hey! damn. please...


come on.

go to bed. no.

okay, where...

come on. yes, yeah!

just get out of the way! okay.

here. aren't we having breakfast? no.

come on, we're going to be late for school.

hey, you guys...

hey, let me make you guys some pancakes, okay? yeah.

patsy: okay.

hey... oh. jason? kevin?

listen to me, kevin. we can't stay at home any more. we just... can't.

patsy: kevin! kevin! jason! jason! jason! uh... i don't... i don't know how to quit. i want to quit. i-i will do anything. i promise you. i-i'll go to rehab, okay? we don't have any money for rehab. i just want it to be... it's gone! but i just want it to be the way that it was before. jason: i don't believe you. you've got to believe me. i don't care what she does. i just want to help her. please, jason! patsy: please, please! please. please.

please. how do we know you mean business? i'll... i will tell carey... that i quit, that it's over. i'll do it right this minute, okay? and then, just... lock me up in the apartment and don't let me out until i've kicked it, because you know what? please, boys. come here. come on. i can do this. i can do this with you. i just can't do it by my- self, okay? okay? please? just don't kid yourself. quitting's not that easy. i gotta go. take nate. it's too dangerous here. please my baby. please take nate. oh, honey, i can't. i can't. i got to shake this first. i'm sorry. what? oh... i paid kevin's hospital bill, don't you remember? i helped you when you were down. please, help my kid. hey, carey? don't you get it? i'm an addict, okay? i can't even take care of my own kids, all right? sure. honey, look at me. look. look at me!

i will take nate... when i'm clean.

i promise you.

i'll take nate when i'm clean. mmm. okay? i promise you. all right? sure, whatever. whatever. i love you.

oh-h-h, god. this is so... right? will: yeah, right. carey:

patsy: kevin, close the door.

oh, sorry. how did... how did you get in here? ah... back door's open. jason? take kevin to his bedroom. all right? there you go.

i was a little surprised when carey brought by the receipts. hopkins: it worried me. i thought maybe you'd left town. patsy: look, i'm giving notice. i quit. no more dealing. it's over. i guess that explains why you haven't been around.

you must be the basketball player. you know, i used to play a little ball. now, i wasn't very good. spent most of my time on the bench, but, uh, you're not like that, are you? you're a starter, right? a guard? yeah. mm-hmm. maybe we'll shoot some hoops together sometime. two against one.

ah... somebody's stealing from me. no, no. no, no. i got it all written down. i got it all written down. i've got... deliveries, orders, everything. i don't steal.

i didn't say you. i said somebody. no, wait! wait, wait! please! you let me know if you hear anything, right? oh yes, yes. yes. just, please...

oh, no!

see you at work. no!

oh god, stay right here.

get out! get out!


oh, god.

o-kay. okay... okay.


patsy: boys? jason? let me out, for god's sakes, just, please...

...the door open. i want out. i want out. oh, okay. jason: mom, this was your idea, remember?

"whatever you do, boys, don't let me out." i... yeah, i changed my mind. oh, please, please. you just know what he's capable of doing. what do we do? did you hear me? please! please, please, please. please open the door!

sugar, can you hear me? oh... can you hear me? 'cause i'm so... i'm so scared... and i think that i need to go to the doctor. kevin? kevin? can you hear me? kevin, honey. please, kevin, i'm really... i'm scared now. i'm so scared. oh, please, kevin, please. sweetie... mommy wants to talk to you, just you and me, okay? honey...

you know what it's like to be scared, don't you, kevin? patsy: kevin. sweetie... open the door for me. open the door.

please, kevin.

do you... do you need this? no.



oh, god.


mom? wake up.

he-ey. kevin: hey, mom. hey. maybe you should try and eat something. oh. okay. come on. whoa. say, whoa, whoa. wait. where are you going? school. no. oh no. no you're not. no. no. you're not going anywhere. mom... no. mom, listen to me. no, it's too dan- gerous out there. really, jason, please. listen to me. please. don't go out there. i've been out of school since friday. don't you get it? if i stay out any longer, the school's going to send someone to find out where i've been. they'll see you and then what? okay. okay, okay, but wait. wait. i'll come with you. just give me a second here, okay? just give me a second. god. patsy: okay...

you okay? yeah, i'm... i'm fine. listen to me. you be careful. okay.

seriously, watch it, all right? okay. just...

jason. jason.

patsy: what do you think? is it okay if nate comes and stays with us for a while? kevin: yeah. jason: yeah, it's a good idea. kevin: can i go in? no, i don't want you to come. you stay right here. you take care of the car, all right? jason: you want me to come? no. keep the doors locked. jason: be careful.

keep the doors locked.

patsy: anybody home?

carey... hello?



oh god.

oh! oh! oh god.

carey. carey? carey? carey... oh my god. carey?

carey. oh god.

nate. oh... nate! oh. nate...

mom, what happened? aren't we going home? stay down. just stay down. stay down, sweetie. mom... where are we going?

i want to see. stay down! did you hear what i said? i mean, "stay down!" stay down.

mom... where are we going?


reporter: and in leeville, police are still searching for clues in the deaths of three residents. the bodies were discovered after a neighbour reported an unusual smell coming from the house. police sources say the bodies had been in the house for two weeks or more. anyone with informa- tion on this crime is urged to contact the local police department. for wkhy news, i'm lisa best in leeville.

policeman: i'll have some- body by later on today, all right? uh-h...

i might have some informa- tion on... carey kilmer. just talk to this man.

john moran, please. woman: fbi, legal division.

okay, thank you very much. fbi, legal division. hang on, i'll transfer you.

there. down the hall, first door on your left. down the hall. okay, thanks.

fbi legal division. hey, legal division.

come in.

sit down, please.

i found the bodies.

what took you so long? oh, i was just...

really scared. patsy mccartle, right? yes. you did the right thing, patsy. we've had hopkins under surveillance. but you're in a lot of trouble. are you going to arrest me? it's really not you that we're after. we want hopkins and his associates. if you help me, we can get 'em. oh, no, no. no, i... no, i c... i couldn't possibly do that. you don't under- stand what he's capable of doing. he's like... if hopkins slips away, he'll just end up in another town, and there'll be another waitress down on her luck, or a kid who'll go to bed at night, and doesn't wake up.

all right, so what would you want me to do? woman: okay, this is your earpiece and this, you're going to stick right here. what do i do? i just... you stick it in your ear. okay. your only link to help, so make sure you wear it when you're around him. we need the names of his contacts, patsy. where do your kids think you are? waitressing, next town up the road. you okay? oh yeah, i'm great.


hello? hopkins: i knew you'd be back. come on in. come on in. look, i brought you some, uh... some new receipts. oh. turns out i still need a job. it's all there. of course. let's seal the deal. hmm? you know, i think i could be of more use to you if i just stay off of that stuff.

okay. fine.

that's smart. listen, since i won't be going through will and carey any more, i thought... i just thought that maybe we could work something else out. hopkins: of course. of course you come... come to me from now on. come straight to me. oh, uh, by the way, patsy. patsy.

um... i'm really sorry about what happened to your friends.

whoo. ah-h... drive safely. the roads are very icy.

okay, i'm home. yeah, okay. tomorrow morning. i got it.

what are you doing? get away! what is the matter? where is it? where the hell are you keeping it? what are you talking about? i don't know what you're talking about. the drugs, mom! i saw them. don't lie! what do you mean? i'll call the cops! don't, wait... where are you hiding them? wait! jason, jason. stop it! jason, stop it! stop! ow, jason! jason, no. no! oh my god! jason, listen, listen to me! listen to me! listen to me. look at me, look at me. i'm telling you the truth, okay? i don't do drugs! you've got to trust me. i mean it, you got to trust me.

mom? oh please... oh, honey, i know. i'm so afraid of losing you. then we'd have nobody. no one. don't worry. don't worry. no matter what this looks like, it's going to be over. it's going to be over. you got to trust me. just give me a couple of days, i'm telling you it's going to be over, okay?

now jason...

i have to go somewhere... mom! please... yeah, no, no, no, no. no, no, what... uh, kevin? honey, sweetie, swee... you go to your room, please? everything's fine.

your daddy's shotgun?

it's in the closet.

no matter what happens... don't let any- body in here.

i don't want to deal on the streets any more, okay? okay, i told you to deal with me. that's not good enough for me. i'm not. fine, fine. let me just finish my phone call, okay? no, wait a minute. just... you finish the phone call... you... you just hang on. but i... hang... hang out. oh god, okay. let me just keep the thing...

yeah, okay. i'm back, i'm back, i'm back. yeah, of course. yeah, yeah, yeah. yeah, he going. he's out of the room. okay, yeah. you getting this?

take a look around. do you think i don't know that? i know that. okay, i'm looking. i'm looking. okay, there's got to be something here. i'm just not sure where exactly he has... no, okay. there's receipts. there's nothing in there. bunch of junk all over the... coffee table, the laptop. okay. ...going now. okay, my god. okay, there's a bunch of... looks like... okay, there's just numbers. okay. okay, moran. there's a lot of names here. there's, um... there's... three marianos... there's a martin. a william mart... yeah. all right. and there's a... martinez. to all, all, one big happy family here. okay, there's just a tonne of stuff there and they're all florida addresses. i got to go. let's check this out. we'll get some- body on it. we're cool. all right, we're cool? okay. well, yeah. i get it. he's back. okay. all right, all right. yeah, later, babe. bye. okay.

okay, you got it, kid. what?

2:00 p.m. here. patsy: okay. hopkins: here, follow the map. you'll be fine. small airstrip. wouldn't even know it's there. and patsy... what? this is not street stuff. it's half a million dollars in product. now i'm sticking my neck out here for you. don't let me down. no, i won't. okay. you're in the big time now, kid.

you got anything? yeah, air traffic control's got it coming in.

coming in.

john, the son of a bitch is landing on the other side of town. we've been set up, john. let's go. go, go, go! john: patsy, he's landing on the other side of town. you've been set up. man: john, tell her to stay there. this is police busi- ness. she's only going to get in the way. tell her to stay put! patsy: i can't! no, no, wait, wait, wait! wait, what am i supposed to do? john: stay here. but... john: don't go anywhere. lay low. what?

oh my god.

moran! you can't leave me here! what about my kids, dammit?

patsy! some men just went in looking for your boys. oh god.

oh! oh my...

kevin! kevin! oh my god.

okay... oh, dammit! open, you.

patsy: moran? moran! look, hopkins has my... moran! can you hear me? he has my kids! mora... oh, dammit. damn! damn... moran! hopkins has my kids! moran! moran!


patsy? it's nothing. she's lost the wire. oh shoot! better step on it.

|| patsy: moran! can you hear me? moran!

you! what are you doing here?

je... you... where are my children? how am i supposed to know where your kids are? you're the mother, don't you know?

youch! you shot me! oh god... son of a... go home!

oh god, oh god.

patsy: where are my kids? are you crazy?

where are they?

son of a...

hopkins: back off! you don't know who you're deal- ing with here! where are my kids? where are they?

i don't have your kids!

if you kill me, you won't get your kids!

take a look at this. hopkin's car. he never made it to the airport. she can't be far.

looks like hopkins was cutting out, and was just using patsy as a decoy. we got the computer too. checking it out, but there's a whole bunch of names. that confirms what your girl told us.


you calm down now, patsy. calm down, patsy! calm down. this... this is my storage space. i've got a lot of bottles of chemicals in there. your kids are in there.

one spark and this whole place goes up.

blow everything.

we've got your boys, patsy. ah-h! i couldn't get to tell ya. they're safe.

patsy? stay back!

how do you think my son felt when you held that gun up to his head, huh? how do you think that felt, huh? hopkins: please. please stop. huh? uh, don't... don't... no... did carey beg? did she beg? huh? patsy? don't. huh?

huh? and what about little nate, huh? how do you think it felt? how do you think he felt when you put that gun to his head, huh? please. huh? what's going to happen to your kids if you kill him, patsy? yeah. yeah, yeah, yeah. okay. okay.

that's what! and let me tell you something. ah, i'm not hit. let me tell you... i'm not hit! that was a warning. stay away! you listen to me, okay? if i ever hear that you're out of jail, i swear i will hunt you down and i will kill you!

you know what it's like, don't you? don't you know what it's like now? stay down! don't move! down, down, down! get down! get down! you have the right to remain silent... it's over, patsy. it's over.

if you cannot afford one, an attorney will be appointed for you. come on.

oh god.

oh man. well... we got all the names that we wanted.

thanks, patsy. oh. you were great.

mom! mom! oh! oh, baby. oh, baby. i heard how brave you were. oh, i was so scared i'd never see you again. oh-h-h, honey! oh, oh! oh, mom, when they kicked down the door, i didn't know what to do. yeah, but you didn't go easy, did ya, huh? no. wouldn't your dad be proud of you? i love you. i love you. it's time, patsy. huh? it's time. okay. oh-h! oh, gosh! get that hat on. get this little hat on.

kevin: hey, mom? where are they taking us? jason: us? who said you were coming? mom! patsy: i just know they're taking us someplace far away. someplace safe. what will we do there? i don't know, but i just know things are going to be better.

* somewhere

* over the rainbow

* that's where i'll be

* what i've seen

* you may find hard to believe *

* left me feeling like no boy had ever made me *

* now i want something

* unsurpassed in its pleasure *

* 'cause even the truest love *

* still can't last forever *

* i want something

* i've never seen through these eyes *

* i want to feel like i never felt in this life *

* i want something

* i've never seen