Once (2007) Script

Well, the healing has begun

I want you to put on your pretty summer dress, yeah You can wear your Easter clothes Sunday bonnet and all the rest But I want to make love to you, yes, yes, yes, yes Well, the healing has begun...

Well, the healing has begun.

Fuckin' deadly you are, mate.

Don't fuckin...

I'm just tying me lace, man, you know what I mean?

I swear to you, you fucking go near that, I'm after you right straight away.

So fuck off, right? Hell, I'm just tying my fuckin' lace and everything.

Fuck's sake.

Look here. Here.

Play us "Aslan," will ya?

All right, mate, you're fuckin' rapid, you are.


Oh, yeah, la-la


Hold that will you? Yeah.


Anton, fucking hell, man.

Come on, give me that.

Give me the case.

What are you fucking at, man?

For fuck's sake.

I'm... What are you at, man?

I'm sorry, man, I'm just fucking dying sick, man, you know what I mean?

Here, I'll go on and help you.

Oh, fuck. There's all your money.

I'm just dying sick and all.

Look, there's 20 cent. Look it.

Look, don't fucking rob me.

I'm down there trying to fucking make a living like anyone else.

The two of us is on the same team, man.

I'm sorry, right, I'm sorry, man.

But you're right. You're rapid, you are.

You want money, just fucking, just ask me for it.

Don't have me chase you all the way up the street for it.

Want to give us that fiver then, do ya?

Oh, for fuck's sake. Here.

How's your ma?

She's dead, man.

Well, how's your old fella?

Fair play to ya, right?

I'll see you later, all right.

Look, there's two euros, look.

Fair play to ya, right?

See you, good luck, man.

Scratching at the surface now

And I'm trying hard to work it out

And so much has gone misunderstood

And this mystery only leads to doubt

And I didn't understand

When you reached out to take my hand

And if you have something to say

You'd better say it now

'Cause this is what you've waited for

Your chance to even up the score

And as these shadows fall On me now I'll win somehow Yeah

'Cause I'm picking up a message, Lord That I'm closer than I've ever been before So if you have something to say Say it to me now

Just say it to me now, now

Oh, oh Oh Oh.


Ten cents, brilliant. Thanks.

Excuse me?


Big Issue?

Can't afford it.

This song you just play, you write it?

Working on it.

It's not an established song?

No, it's not an established song.

How come you don't play it during daytime?

I see you every day.

You know, during the day, people want to hear songs they know, just songs that they recognize.

I mean, otherwise, I wouldn't make any money.

I play these songs at night. They wouldn't listen.

I listen.

Yeah, but you gave me ten cents.

You do it for money then?

Why don't you get a job in a shop?

I have a job in a shop.

Listen, I'm going to get back to this, yeah?

Nice to meet you.

Who'd you write that song for, please?

No one.


Where is she?

She's gone.

She's dead?

No, she's not dead, she's gone.

You love her still?

Jesus, man.

You're over her.


No one who would write this song is over her.

I'm telling you.

You play this marvelous song to her, you get her back.

I don't want her back.

I see.

What shop you work in?

I work in a Hoover repair shop.

A Hoover?

You know, like a vacuum cleaner. Whhzzz.

You fix vacuum cleaners?

I do.

I have a broken vacuum cleaner.

You fix it for me? Yeah.

I bring it tomorrow then?


This is great.



Okay, bye. Good luck.

You have broken me all the way down Down upon my knees

And you have broken me all the way now

Hi. This is Catherine.

Leave a message and I'll get back to you.

I'll be far to sea

That job's ready for collection now, Dad.

Okay, son.

I'm going to head into town.

Should I turn this around for you?

What'll I get for dinner?

The fish, maybe.


How are you? How's it going?

I bring you my Hoover.

All right.

What's wrong with it?

It is fucked.

It doesn't suck up the dirt.

Well, listen, there's nothing I can do, I don't have any of my tools or nothing with me.

I'm going on me break now.

Can you bring it in tomorrow or something?

Well, no, I bring it today.

You, you... Yeah, but there's nothing I can do with it, love, I don't have me tools, or...

It's like I have to bring it home.

If I come on break, you have a look at it at least?

Yeah, but you don't understand.

I come with you, then?

For lunch?

Yeah, all right.

Yes, we go together? Yeah.


Thank you.

You hungry? I'm always hungry.

So you know a bit about music then?

My father used to play in the orchestra back at home.

He played violin.

But he got arthritis then, and he killed himself.


But before he go, he teach me how to play piano.

"It's not so hard on the fingers," he said.

Do you get to play much?

Hmm. No, I don't, I don't have a piano at home.

I can't get one in Ireland; it's so much money.

I can't afford it.

Yeah, it's expensive all right.

I play in a piano shop.

This man lets me play... one hour per day at lunch.

Somewhere around here?

You want to hear me play?

Yeah. Now?



Can we come in?

This is the man I was telling you about.

He's a real gentleman.


Okay for me to play today?

Yeah, that's fine.


Not the baby Yamaha though. She's sold.

Okie-dokie. Mm-hmm.

Now, which one today?

That kind of thing.

It's amazing.

Did you write that?

No, no, Mendelssohn did.

It's good.

It's good, yes.

Play me another of your songs.



Not here.

Why? Here, Billy doesn't mind.

You think it would be all right? Yes.


Let's put that there, yeah?


This is in C, yeah?

Yeah, okay, I can see that.


So, it goes, um...

Da... It goes, Da-da-da-da Da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da-da Yeah? And then there's a bit in there...

Can you do that?



And then there's another part that goes, uh...

Ba-ba-pa-pa-pa Ba-ba-pa-pa-pa Ba-ba-pa-pa-pa Yeah? And then the chorus, let's see.

You have those two bits? Mm-hmm.

And the chorus goes...

Da-da-da-da-da Pa-pa-pa-pa, pa-pa-pa Ba-ba... da-da.

That's it. Perfect. Brilliant.

So, do you want to give it a spin?

Yes, try it. Okay.

Two, three, four.

I don't know you, but I want you All the more for that And words fall through me and always fool me And I can't react We change here.

And games that never amount to more than they're meant Will play themselves out Hold it.

And the chorus.

Take this sinking boat and point it home We've still got time Raise your hopeful voice You had the choice You've made it now

Falling slowly, eyes that know me And I can't go back

Moods that take me and erase me And I'm painted black Well, you have suffered enough and warred with yourself It's time that you won


Take this sinking boat and point it home We've still got time Raise your hopeful voice You had the choice You've made it now

Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh...

Yeah Take this sinking boat and point it home We've still got time Raise your hopeful voice You had the choice, you've made it now Falling slowly, sing your melody I'll sing along...

Ah, ah...

Call and I'll sing along.

I moved back in about a year ago, after me ma died, just to help me dad out, you know.

So tell me about her.

Who, me ma?

No, the girl, the special girl you write these songs for.


Come on.

What did she do to you?


Ten years ago, I fell in love with an Irish girl She took my heart But she went and screwed some guy that she knew And now I'm in Dublin with a broken heart Oh, broken-hearted Hoover-fixer sucker guy Oh, broken-hearted Hoover-fixer sucker...

Sucker guy One day, I'll go there and win her once again But until then, I'm just a sucker of a guy.

So she's with him now?

No. Don't know.

Where is she?

She's in old London town

Living somewhere around Chiswick.

I miss her. It's just sort of... you know.

You're not going to go get her?


No. Fuck her.

Fuck her, fuck her.

Fuck her, she's gone Fuck her, she's gone forever She fucking fucked it up...!


Fucking fucked it up She fucking fucked it up!

And now she's gonna die.

Give us the sharp eight there, son.

And the Phillips.

Come on.

Your son is a very talented man, sir.

Well, he should be. I trained him meself.

Oh, no. I meant the songs.

Oh, right. Is he?

Very. Okay, that's done.

You can take it back with you.

It was just the belt, so it should be all right now.

Thank you. How much do I owe you?

Oh, you're fine there; it's free.

Nothing's for free. How much?

Say four euro, love.

Okay. We're going to head upstairs, Dad.

Is there anything else you need?

No, I'm grand.


A pleasure to meet you, sir.

And you.

Take care.


Come on in.

There you are.


Can you transfer this stuff onto disc for me so I can listen?


I have to go now.

Do you want to stay?

What do you mean?

Stay the night?


Fuck this.

Thanks for the Hoover, yeah?

See you. See you around.


Flowers? Flowers?

Hey. Hey.

How's it going?

Hey, where you going?

I wanted to give you the CDs that I made for you.

I'm really... I'm just really lonely, and you're gorgeous, and I just...

I'm sorry. I fucked up. I'm sorry. I...

I don't know what to say.

It won't happen again.

Do you have a CD player?


Here you go.

Batteries are pretty low, but it should work.

I give it back.

No problem. Keep it.

I have to go now.

I'll talk to you later.

You don't want to get a cup of tea or something? I'd love to... just talk to you a bit more.

I have responsibilities. I have to go home.

Is it okay to walk along with you then?

Yeah? Yeah.

Cool. Cool. So how was it today?

Selling good.

And today is a really good day for me because I got a job in a big house, cleaning.

This lady is going to pay me some money, so I'm very happy.

That's brilliant. I'm delighted.

This is where I live.

Oh, yeah? Cool.

All right, then.

Do you want to come in?

Can I? Yeah. Cool.

Hi, guys.


How are you today?

Not bad, not bad.

How is work?

It's great.

See you later.

Ah, hi.

This is my friend. This is my mother.

How are you?

Nice to meet you. How's it going?

This is my daughter Ivonka.

Come on.

Hello, Ivonka. Hello.


That's dinner. Do you want to stay for dinner?

Yeah. Thank you.

Want to sit down?


Well, what did she say?

She says you're handsome.

She what?

Says you're handsome.

How do I say thanks?

Says, "You're welcome. "

Cool. Thanks.

Try to speak a little English, Mama.

No, thank you.


Careful, Ivonka. Don't do that.

She's grand. She's grand.

Where's her dad?

He doesn't live here.

Why not?

He's at home.

Hello. Hi.

These are from next door.

They come in to watch telly.

Yeah. Hi, guys.

There's only one telly in the building.

We watch Fair City together.

Fair City, we love.

We learn English from Fair City.

Are you not pregnant?

How are you, man?

What is the hurry?

Just put her in there.


There you go, dearie.


She likes you.

You have no lyrics for this one?

It's really good. I like it.

I've got a few, but they're not right.


I've got a few, but they're not right.

What? Do you like it?

It's great.

Would you be into trying... trying to write lyrics for it?

Really? I could?

Yeah. Do you like that idea?

Yeah. Cool. Cool.

That would be good.

I can keep machine and write it?

Yeah. Do. I was having a bit of trouble with it.

It's too romantic for me.

It is romantic.

You have a romantic streak.

I used to have a romantic streak.


When I was your age, I suppose.

I see. You're an old man now.

Yeah. Dying.


You have to go now.

Thanks for the Hoover and food and songs.

No problem.

Thanks for the company.

I needed it.

Me, too.

You don't want to go for late coffee or a walk or something? No?

I can't. See you.


See you.

Fuck you, batteries.


I'll pay you back.

Come on.

Are you really here Or am I dreaming?

I can't tell dream from truth For it's been so long Since I have seen you I can hardly remember your face anymore When I get pretty lonely And the distance causes only silence I think of you smiling With pride in your eyes Lover that sighs If you want me Satisfy me If you want me Satisfy me Are you really sure that you believe me When others say I lie?

I wonder if you could ever despise me When you know I really tried To be a better one To satisfy you For you're everything to me And I'll do what you ask me If you let me be free If you want me Satisfy me If you want me Satisfy me

If you want me Satisfy me If you want me Satisfy me

Escalated Little cracks they escalated From back inside comes Lies, lies Breaking...

When will...

When will you learn?

I think it's time we give it up And figure out what's stopping us From breathing easy And talking straight The way is clear if you're ready now The volunteer is slowing down And taking time To save himself The little cracks, they escalated Before we knew it was too late For making circles And telling lies

You're moving too fast for me And I, I can't keep up with you Maybe if you slowed down for me I could see you're only telling Lies, lies, lies Breaking us down with your Lies, lies, lies When will you learn?

The little cracks, they escalated Before we knew it was too late For making circles And telling lies You're moving too fast for me And I, I can't keep up with you Maybe if you'd slow down for me I could see you're only telling Lies, lies, lies Breaking us down with your Lies, lies, lies When will you learn?

So plant the thought

Would you like to buy a flower?

Hi. How are you? How's it going?

Pretty good.

Pretty good. Good to see you.

I'm going to go to London, I've decided.

Good. Yeah.

That's great.

Yeah, it's good, it makes sense.

Well done.

When are you going?

I'm going to go Monday.

Wow, that's, that's soon.

You'll get your girlfriend back, and you'll get your record deal, and... become famous. Yeah, right.

Good. But listen, I was thinking, I was thinking before I go, I want to make a recording of a few songs.

A couple of the songs I was playing you, and I really liked the way you played and your singing.

So, if you feel like, would you be into playing along?

Like what we were playing on?

I would sing and play? Yeah.

I'd love that.

Really? Cool.

So you'd be in my band for a few days. Yeah.

Well, that's the first thing I've got sorted out.

Now I just need to sort everything else out.

All right, guys, welcome.

Now, so let me give you the tour.

That is your live rooms in there.

This is a new desk.

You got your hard drive and you got your outboard gear.

Now all in all, we're talking about three grand for a weekend of...

Three? Yeah.

Three grand, that's pretty good.

You must be crazy.


Well, have a look around.

You've everything you need.

What do you think, is it good? It's pretty good.

We'll give you one.

I'm sorry.

Have you heard this guy's songs?

I haven't yet, no.

He's great.

Okay, but, uh, listen, I can fill this place in an hour.

One and a half then, that's my limit.

We can talk about two.

We don't talk.

We shake.

We shake on two, yeah?

Shake now?

All right.

Two thousand.

She drives a hard bargain.

She's a tough cookie.

So you like this shop?

I buy all my clothes here.

It's good for me, you know?


Nice fashions.

Okay, you ready?

Yeah, I'm ready.

That's good. That will do.

Do you like it?

You're gorgeous.

All right, can we go?

The quality is poor, but if we can get a professional tape, I'm, I'm satisfied that he can secure a lucrative deal.

You take it home, you, you listen to it.

You play it to your boss.

I'm sure you can get him to approve.

Can I show you something?

I want to be free I want to be me I want you to be you

Nice one, lads.

How's it going?

How's it going? All right.

Good, how is it today?

Is it slow?

Have a look there yourself.

Is that it? Is that it?

That's it, that's it.

That's how it's going at the moment.

Listen, I wanted to ask you, as myself and herself are making a tape...

How's it going? All right?

Of a few songs down at Samson's Studios, and I was just wondering, if you were around next weekend, for, to, if you'd be interested in doing it.

A bit of recording?

Bit of recording, yeah?

Yeah, doing Lizzy stuff, or...?

No, it's not Lizzy, it's me own songs.

We only do Lizzy.

Really. It's one of our things.

That sort of stuff, is it, sort of rocky Lizzy stuff or...?

No. No, it's not. Yeah, Singer-songwriter stuff?

It's kind of singer-songwriter, yeah.

Kinda... Is it any good?

Uh... It's great.

Is it?

Well, look, like I said, I don't really know much about them, but they seem like nice people.

Yeah. I just have to call my mother first.

Then we go. Cool.

Great, great.

Okay, come on, we can go.


Food's ready! Everybody get your plates ready!

Hello? Hi, how are you?

Come on in, kids! Take a seat!

Everything all right here, folks?

Yeah, brilliant.

Enjoying the party?


Great to see you here.

Can you sing?

If you can't sing, you're out.

There's one request I'll ask of you When your liberty you gave Remember Mitchell far away A convict bound in chains.

...mine that once held this heart of mine.

And I love her so I wouldn't trade her for gold

I'm walking on moonbeams I was born with a silver spoon Hell, I'm gonna be me I'm gonna be free

I'm walking on moonbeams Staring out to sea And if a door be closed Then a row of homes start building

And tear your curtains down For sunlight is like gold Hell, you better be you


What are you doing here?

I just came out. You want to go for a spin?

That's your bike?

It's me dad's.

He absolutely loves it, but I've robbed it off him for the day.

If he knew, he'd kill me.

Would he?

So do you fancy a spin, no?

I'd love to, but I have to go to work.

That's cool.

Another time, yeah?

Just thought while I had it, I'd drive over and see if you were into going now.

Could you have me back by lunch?

Yeah, totally.

Yeah? Yeah.

Fancy it?


You're what?

You're married.

Does it surprise you?

Fuck's sake.



Two years ago, when I find out I'm pregnant with Ivonka.

So where is he?

He's back in Czech Republic.

It's over now and, you know, I come here on my own.


You all right?

What's the Czech for "ocean"?


Pretty much the same.


So what are you gonna do?

I don't know.

There's such distance between me and him.

He's so much different to me and so much older.

It doesn't really work.

I'm fine on my own, you know?

It's just, I don't want Ivonka to grow up without a father.

What's the Czech for... "Do you love him?"






Come on, let's go.

What'd you say?

Tell me. You've got to teach me how to ride the bike now, eh? No way.

Yeah. No.

So come on, can I have a go?



No, leave it alone, will you?

But teach me how to drive it, will you?

Come on, just once.

No, it's not mine.

Me dad would go fucking crazy.

But he's not here now.

Be careful, will you!

Be careful, for fuck's sake.

Look, he's not here now.

Just teach me. Look, my dad. Look. No, no, no.

No? No.

Please? No.

Me dad will go bleedin' mental.

He totally loves this thing.

Yeah, but you drive it.

Yeah, he doesn't know I have it.

He doesn't?


Well, then he won't know I had it, too.

No. You can't have a go on it.

Just once.


Turn it on for me. No.


Come on, give us the keys.

I'll do it myself.

The key's in it.

Thank you for the ride.

I'll see you tomorrow, yeah?

For rehearsals. Okay, yeah.


Thank you. Thank you.

Trying to pull myself away

I'm caught in a pattern and I can't escape

I'm trying to pull myself away...

Lately, when I get back, there's this thing I know...

Everything comes to you, way to go Even a heart has something to learn...

Thanks, Dad.

All right, guys, this is Eamon.

He's going to take care of you for the weekend.

Eamon, this is everyone.

Kit's set up.

Piano is waiting for you in the live room.

Tea and coffee in the kitchen as you came in. Help yourselves.

You'll need plenty.

And there is a nice little burrito place around the corner if you want a snack, all right?


Okay, Eamon, leave it to you.

Good luck, everyone.

Enjoy. And I might pop in later, all right?

Cheers, man. Cheers, thanks.

Okay, guys, good to meet you.

We've a few little bits and pieces to set up.

I want to check the drums inside.

We've already set up the kit.

Yeah, I just want to, you know, check them for sound.

I checked them already; it's fine.

Okay, we need to set up mics on them for recording, yeah?


Have you done much recording?

No. - No. - No.

Right. Let's get cracking. Yeah.

Yeah, no, I can't do it now, love.

I'm stuck here in the studio with this bunch of fucking oddballs.

Can you hang on a second? Just one second.

Okay, are you ready to rock?

Are we ready?

Yep. We're in tune.

So Al and Timmy, on the second verse, just... this is pretty much simple enough thing.

It's in five-four, and the second verse, I'll give you a nod to come in there, yeah?

Is that all right? And you're in from the top with me, yeah?

And you know what you're doing.

All right, then, so, uh... whenever you're ready, yeah.

All right, later.

Okay, we're ready. Fire one.

You sure you're ready?

Okay, listen now for the click track, everybody.

And away we go.

This is track one, take one, yeah.

All right, lads, here we go, this is it, yeah.

So If you want something And you call, call Then I'll come running To fight And I'll be at your door When there's nothing worth running for When your mind's made up When your mind's made up There's no point trying to change it When your mind's made up When your mind's made up There's no point trying to stop it You see You're just like everyone When the shit falls All you want to do is run away

And hide all by yourself When you're far from me There's nothing else When your mind's made up When your mind's made up There's no point trying to change it When your mind's made up When your mind's made up There's no point even talking When your mind's made up When your mind's made up There's no point trying to fight it When your mind's Your mind's Made Up...

Ah There's no point trying to change it When your Oh

Ooh, ooh

So... if you ever want something And you call, call Then I'll come running.



That was nice.

Did you write that?


You must have fallen from the sky You must have shattered in the runway

You need somewhere to fall apart

Someone to fall upon

That fools the bulls The powdered hag

Okay, what do you think?

I think it's fucking weird.

There's a couple of little tech bits, we can probably fix them, but uh, you know, it's 4:00 in the morning, so it's up to you guys.

Do you want to push through or go for another one?

I'd love to keep going if everybody is into it.

Can I have a cup of tea or something first?

Want a cup of tea?

You want to take ten or 15, yeah? Sure.

I'll tweak what I can.

You guys take ten.

Guys, why do you think there are no blonde priests?

I don't know. I don't know.

This is great.

How's it going?


I don't think we're supposed to be here, though.

Ah, it's all right.

This is beautiful, isn't it?

Yeah, it's a beautiful piano, like a Baldwin.

It's a perfect piano.

Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Play us one of your songs.

Hmm... They're all half-written and more ideas.

Go on, I'd love to hear one.

Okay, I have one, but... it's not finished and I...

I don't really...

Just play it, I know.

Okay, but the lyrics are very rough, okay?

It'll be great. Okay.

Walking up the hill tonight When you have closed your eyes

I wish I didn't have to make All those mistakes and be wise

But please try to be patient And know that I'm still learning

I'm sorry that you have to see The strength inside me burning

And where are you, my angel, now?

Don't you see me crying?

I know that you can't do it all But you can't say I'm not trying

And I'm letting myself down By satisfying you

I really wish that you could see I...

You all right?

Did you write that for your husband?

Yes, I did, and he didn't like it.

What an idiot.

Yeah, he's an idiot.

Come on away to London with me.

Come on, we'll write loads of songs and live in a nice flat.

You can bring Ivonka over, it'll be brilliant.

Come on.

Yeah, we'll go to London and no one will ever find us again.

No one. No one.

We'll have a brilliant band.

We'll sell out all the places and it'll be great.

And we'll make an album together?

I'd love that, come on.

Yeah, and, and I'll do the backing vocals on it?

Yeah, and play the piano.


Come on, I'm serious.

Can I bring my mother?

Well, we should go back to work.

Yeah. Okay.

What day is it today?


I think it's time we did the, uh, the car test.

What's the car test, Eamon?

We've been listening back on these, uh, big studio speakers.

So it's time we had a go on some shitty speakers.


All right, let's go.

Let's go for a spin and have a listen in me car.

Great, man.

Yeah. Go have a ride, yeah?

Let's go.

We'll clear this up later.


Come on.



All right.

There they are.

Listen, man, fucking...

Well done. It sounds fucking brilliant.

Thanks a lot for your help. Lots of luck with those.

Nice one. I just pressed the buttons.

It was great.

Nice, man, thank you.

Cool. You two go and get some sleep.

Right, nice one.

And thanks very, very much. See you.

So this is it.

Yeah. We did it.

It sounds great.

It does, doesn't it?

Could I have one?

Yeah, yeah, totally. Thank you.

I've got to go this way.


Where you going?


You don't want to come back?

I'll make you breakfast.

We could listen to the CD, no? No.

I have to go see Ivonka and organize things.

So do you.


You're leaving.

To London.

What do you have to organize?

What's, what's that about?

I, I spoke to my husband last night.

He's coming over.

Ah, brilliant. Fair play... That's great.

I'm really happy for you. It's good. Yeah.

We'll try to make it work.

It's for the best.


Come back and hang out, have a cup of tea.

It's the last day. We'll hang out.

Whatever, breakfast, whatever.

Listen to the tunes.

Or you can come over later, whatever.

For what?

What do you mean, what?

Just hang, just come and hang out.

But we done our work.

Why would I go over?

We'd just hanky panky if I come now.


Hanky panky?

It won't be for hanky panky.

I know it would.

And that would be nice.

Would it?

Hanky... Would it? Very interesting.

Be worthless though.

Come back later.


Okay, I'll come.


I'll come later, yeah.


You sure?


All right, then...

Cool. See you after. Well done.

You, too.

Well, what do you think?

You like it?

It's just a demo, you know...

It's fucking brilliant.


Fantastic stuff.

That'll be a hit, no question.

When are you off?


Well, I've a few hundred quid for you for a deposit on a place.

Going to come over and see you when you're settled in.

When do you think you'll be able to go?

I'm going tomorrow, Dad.

Good man.

About time.

Will you be all right?

What do you mean?

I was all right for years before you came along, wasn't I?

I don't have to go now. I can put this thing off for a few months. Go.

And the best of luck, son.

Thanks, Dad.

Make your ma proud.

Now play it again.


That's good.

Yeah. I recorded a few songs.

Oh, yeah? What are they like?

They're good. I'm happy with them.


I've missed you.

Yeah, me, too.

Do you want me to meet you at the airport?

No. I'll come find you.

I'm glad you've decided to come.

Listen, I'm going to get cut off here, all right?

Money's running out.

Hurry up.

How are you?

Hello, handsome.

Ahoy. Ahoy.

Um, is-is herself in?

No, no.

Oh. Great.

You don't know where she is, do you?

Uh, she's-she's working.

She coming back, uh, evening.

Oh, okay.

Uh, will you tell her I'm-I'm going away?

Uh, will you tell her I'll call her?

Uh... Sorry.

No telephone here. You don't have a telephone?

No telephone here, no.


Um, I'll write her, yeah?

Uh, you write her a letter? Yeah?

Yeah, I'll write her a letter, yeah, yeah.

You go?

No. Yeah?

Yeah. Okay. Okay.

Bye. See you, Ivonka.

Bye. Oh.

Ciao. I'm sorry...


Want to buy the flowers?

Hey. How's it going?

Um, could I have a word with you about something back here? Yeah, sure.

One, two, three.