Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn (2013) Script

Can I get a table?

Yeah, sure. Just we're closing soon, all right?

You're Roscoe, right?

Yeah, that's right. Who's asking? No one. I just heard all about you.

A real pool shark. All those tournaments you won.

Why don't you go to table 12, seems like it's racked already. Go ahead.

Nah. Don't worry about it. Just get me on the way back.


'Cause I am a part of you

'Cause I live The life that you wanted to You know what you swear In air, a tribulation And I held you close Gathering all your faces...

You know, you're not bad. I've been watching you.

Can you play one game? I had such a long day.

I gotta get going, man. How about 300?

That make you stay a little longer?

A little longer?

It's about all it's gonna take, kid.

Kid? Rack 'em up.

'Cause I am a part of you

'Cause I live The life that you wanted to...

Not bad.

"Not bad"? I just smoked you, kid.

Again with the "kid."

I only call people I like "kid."

Remember your friend Angel?

Your boy you put away? Well, he says hello.

What do you want from me?

This way I don't forget you.

Make shit sure not to forget me, douchebag.

This one's for me.

Rats... I got no use for them.

Who does? Who does but the feds?

If I had it my way, every one of them would burn in hell.

There is no rhyme I want to watch it burn There is no reason No lesson learned Melting glass Melting bone Bringing death to your happy home I look like you, the perfect crime There will be no savior from the flame I want to watch The world burn And laugh while I fan the flames I want to watch the world burn And fan the flames With gasoline.

What a shame.

Fucking shame.

I'm sorry, Dad. I know it hurts.

Think I'll just stick around here for a while, okay?

The life.

You know what I'm talking about.

Either the feds catch up to you when you wind up behind the wall or your own kind turns on you.

Maybe you even wind up under the ground like some of these poor bastards.

I thought it could be different for me.

But I was wrong.

Dead wrong.


Just watching Mr. Baldano & Sons.

Yeah. Same routine, different day.

You gotta try and let go.

Stop blaming yourself.

It's not your fault.

You did everything you possibly could do.

With a son like that, he's gotta be dirty.

I can feel it in my bones.

I wanna nail that son of a bitch.

I know, Angela.

I know. I know he doesn't like surprises, but I got this big welcome-home dinner planned for him at the house.

I just... I want things to get off to a good start, you know?

A new beginning for him. It would be really nice.

It's just time he came and worked for his father, okay?

I mean, Joseph's really got his heart set on it this time.

And I think Bobby could really do all right for himself.


What, no luggage?

Where do you think I was, on vacation?

I want nothing from over that bridge.

Come here, you crazy bastard.

Welcome back.

We missed you.

Where's your brother?

Bobby Baldano.

Oh, it's good to see you, you son of a gun.

How you doing, Lenny? Good good.

I knew you'd make me your first stop.

You know that. You look a little thirsty.

Let me get you a nice cold one.

I'm gonna join you. Here's that.

All right.

Salute. Benza salute. Chin down.

Hey, Big Al, Look who's here. Hey, Bobby.

How you doing, Al? When you'd get out?

This morning. This morning?

You're still around? Hey, where am I gonna go?

That's good. 'Cause now that I'm out, I might call on you for something.

You still got my number, right?

Right here.

Lenny, buy him a drink.

Get me a Captain and ginger too.

Where's all the girls? Don't worry about the girls.

He's just with the boys having a drink.

He's gonna be here. It's his first day. Come on.

He'll be back.

Wait. What are you all doing?

Let's just wait a couple of minutes for Bobby to get home and then we'll all eat together like we used to.

I mean, is that too much to ask for?

Anyways, salute again.

Hey hey hey, look who's here. Good, plenty of money.

Hey, what's up?

Here come... the broads come and you clam up.

Okay, but just the antipasto.

Bobby could be home in a couple of minutes and I want him to eat the whole meal with all of us, just like a family.

The iceman cometh. Whoa!

I've been passing the time, the time...

Somebody pass the grated cheese.

There you go.

I'm here for you...

Go, Bobby! Go, Bobby!

And I've been passing the time, the time Living my life Waiting for you I've been passing the time, the time Living my life Waiting for you.

Maybe something happened.

Maybe you should go back to Lenny's and check, Joey.

Hey, Sarah... nothing happened.

Bobby is just being Bobby.


My family... I love them.

They love me.

But I've disappointed 'em more times than I can remember.

My father...

I know he thinks I'm a fuck-up.

What the fuck. Maybe I am.



No! Freaking no!

My apartment? In better shape than I left it.

You know my mother's responsible for that.


There was a time it was all I thought about.

But I was too addicted to the streets... the high I got from taking what wasn't mine.

All right, ladies, wrap it up.

Come on. Bang, Bobby, bang.

Baldano, that means you too.

Fucking COs.

Yo, Bobby, You gonna take care of that thing for me on the outside like you said?

You're not gonna let me down, are you, bro?

We've been cellmates for a long time.

I won't let you down, Angel.

You know how I feel about rats.

Last time I'm gonna say this... get it moving.

Let's go. Get it moving.

You gonna take care of that thing for me on the outside like you said?

You're not gonna let me down, are you, bro?

Remember your friend Angel?

Your boy you put away? Well, he says hello.

Revenge is something that can eat away at you like a cancer...

This way I don't forget you.

Make shit sure not to forget me, douchebag. until you get it.

Your revenge.

Then... then you can live.


Gimme that fucking thing.

That fucking spaz. You got it.

I'm beating myself. Unbelievable.

Yeah, I'd like to beat you.

I got winner. Ho! Fucking Bobby.

These were my best friends, my crew.

Guys I could trust with my life.

Me? Look at you. Lean and mean.

I can't believe what I'm seeing. Come here, Stan.

I figured I'd find you guys at the park.

You think those bastards could've put us together?

No, they had to separate us all.

Well, we're all here now.

What really pisses me off is that prick Johnny writing a book.

You read it? No.

I look at the cover every day.

I won't open it. I can't bring myself to read that.

Yeah, well, I read the fucking thing.

Our names are splattered all over it.

We should go and do this motherfucker.

Maybe one day we will.

Now that we were all out, all we cared about was starting to earn again and maybe one day getting back at the punks who put us away.

I'm telling you, that's him.

Are you sure? Isn't he still away?

I'm telling you, that is Bobby Baldano.

Who's Bobby Baldano? Don't worry about it.

Why don't you girls order us another round of drinks?

We'll be right back. Come on, Mario.

Let's go say hello.

Hey, man.

You Bobby Baldano, ain't you?

I mean, come on. You're Bobby, right? You're him?

Hey, Ray, why don't you do yourself a favor, huh?

Go back to your booth, pay some attention to your date.

She's looking a little bored. Whoa. All I wanna do is shake the man's hand, buy him a drink or something.

Come on, I'm not a fucking jerk-off here, Lenny.

All you wanna do is shake my hand?

Yeah, man, that's it.

Look, I heard a lot of good shit about you, man.

I've been dying to meet you. You're Ray, right?

Yeah, man.

Oh, you met him. You happy now?

Go back to your date. Hey, shut up, Lenny.

Shut up? Yeah.

Hey, yo, I read that book... the one that talks about you and your friends... three times.

I read it three fucking times.

Huh? Some crazy shit. You know what I'm talking... yo, we got a lot of good shit going on ourselves.

We're around Slick Sally.

Don't know a Slick Sally.

Well, they used to call him Fat Sally.

I don't know a Fat Sally.

Come on, man. You know him.

I said I don't know him.

Yo, Fat Sally?

Man, how could you not know...

Oh! Hey, come on! What are you... come on, Bobby, take it easy.

What the fuck? What's wrong with you? Have a drink.

Let's all relax. Hey, what'd you go and do that f... wait till Sally hears about this shit.

I don't give a fuck what you tell Fat Sally.

I don't care who you're around.

To me you're a dumb fuck with a big mouth.

Now go back over there before you have a real problem.

Fucking kids.

Dropping names like fucking aspirins.


Just one look That's all it took...

Hey, Patsy.

Oh, ain't this my lucky day?

Look who came to see Patsy.

So you got a few more under your belt, huh?

Hey, it is what it is.

We all gotta do some time sooner or later to keep this thing of ours alive.

Lemme ask you something... what happened at Leone's the other night?

Why'd you slap that kid Ray in the face?

He told you he was with Slick Sally.

Who the hell is Slick Sally?

Don't play stupid with me, Bobby.

The kid told you he was talking about Fat Sally.

Fat Sally and Slick Sally are the same guy.

He had that rubber-band operation or whatever the fuck you call it when they try to lose weight right away.

The point is he ain't so fat anymore.

I think the kid had a big mouth, dropping his name like that, Patsy.

Ray is like a kid brother to Sally.

Sally took him under his wing, just like Tommy did with you.

Sally's a captain now. You'd better get used to this, Bobby.

You're kidding me. He's Teddy Vesca's son, and he's in the kitchen, so...

Well, he ain't nothing like his father. You know that.

You're talking about a skipper, Bobby.

That's enough. I don't wanna hear anymore.

And you're gonna have to report to him.

He's your captain. That's it. All right, Patsy.

Whatever you say. Carmine!

Sally, he wants to see ya.

It's Slick Sally now, Carmine, not just "Sally."

How many times I gotta tell these fucking guys?

Don't go nowhere. Watch this sauce.

Sure, no problem.

What's up, P? Sally, have a seat.

Sorry about your boy there.

Just a little misunderstanding. Yeah, right.

So what are we gonna do about this, Patsy?

Come on. This kid just got outta the can. He's feeling antsy.

You guys need to put this behind you.

Let's move on, okay?

All right. Whatever you say, P.

We were gonna go down the block to get a couple of heroes from Jon's Deli while the sauce cooked.

I'm too hungry. I can't wait.

You know what? I'll take a walk with you, Sally.

Now that's a good idea.

Why don't you do that? You guys go take a walk.

But I was gonna drive. Drive?

It's a fucking block away.


You know, that kid Ray is like a younger brother to me.

You really embarrassed him, Bobby.

I think he embarrassed himself, dropping your name like that.

I mean, don't you think he should've known better with the feds all over the place in this neighborhood?

Don't gimme that shit, Bobby, okay?

I know you never liked me.

You're lucky you only smacked him, because otherwise there would've been some real consequences.


Like what kind of consequences?

Let's just go get the heroes.

No, I'd really like to know what kind of consequences we're talking about here, Sally.

Look, I'm a fucking captain now, Bobby.

Do you know what that means?

Or do I have to spell it out for you?

Well, I know what it don't mean... it don't mean shit, not in this alley.

Did that hurt, Fat Sally?

Oh, I forget... it's Slick Sally now, right?


You may have Patsy fooled, but I know what you're made of.

If you breathe a word of this to him, you're a dead man. Better yet, I'll tell him you called Patsy "the pirate" behind his back. No.

He'd shoot you himself.

No. No, please don't, Bobby. Please.

Please. You gotta be kidding me.

You believe that shit?

A captain... a fucking captain pissing his pants.

Well, I don't know why things changed, but here's the real deal about this overrated underworld life.

As a federal agent, I've been watching the mob since day one, so I was right in the heart of things when Bobby Baldano crossed over. got straightened out, got his badge.

He was the youngest guy to ever get made in the Carana family.

By his late 20s, he had established himself as an earner and a loyal soldier amongst a dying breed.

He learned from the best... and the worst, if you know what I mean.

Tommy Bono... he was the underboss of the family at the time.

He kinda took Bobby under his wing.

Tommy was old school and all about business.

He was likeable. People liked Tommy.

Didn't have many enemies.

That was the boss... Vinny Morello.

Vinny was a good guy, but I can't say the same for his son.

You all know why you're here.

This is the biggest honor you can have in this life.

You will now be a part of us.

You all know the rules.

If called upon, you will drop everything.

We are your family.

We come before anything, even your own family.

May you burn in hell if you deceive anyone in this family.

These guys took themselves very seriously. or talk about the secrets of our lives in any shape or form...

And we were very serious about bringing them down... my soul will burn in hell. one way or another.

You're all now a part of us... la familia.

What I don't get is there are some guys who go into this life knowing if they get caught they're gonna rat.

They just know it. They're like, "What the fuck?

Let me do this as long as I can.

If I get caught, I bring down whoever I have to to get off."

Come on, let's go. Let's get this over with.

I have a haircut appointment. I'd really like to make it.

You and your fucking haircuts, Stan.

You've got a weird-shaped head.

Maybe you should grow your hair longer to hide that.

Plus, with this shnozole, maybe longer hair would make it look smaller or something.

You're very funny, Jimmy. You should take that on the road.

Let's do this, Jimmy.

All right, everybody freeze!

You, fill this bag up! Fill it up! Fill it up!

On the ground! Pronto! Quickly!

Pick up the pace! Don't touch the alarm!

Come on, move it! Quickly. Let's go. Quickly.

Get the money, let's go! Get the money!

You too! Quickly. Now!

Quickly! Move! Move your ass!

Don't touch the alarm. Don't touch the alarm.

All right, we're outta here. Have a nice day.

That's the way we did things... one, two, three.

Jobs were like a joke to us.

We actually had fun doing that.

You're like a little girl. You know that?

What? It's not like they make 'em easy to open.

Just give me this fucking thing, will ya?

These guys used to rip 'em right out of the ground.

But of course, no one ever saw them... so they weren't an easy bunch to nail.


We made our scores, kept our mouths shut, and minded our own business.

We didn't want to draw attention to ourselves.

We didn't care about impressing anyone.

On the other hand, not everyone was like us.

There's Johnny Morello and his crew.

Hey, girls, if you're good, I'll take you for a ride in my Caddy.

That's right. Huh?

That's Mario Bruno, also known as Mario Casanova.

What, you don't like Caddies?

He thought he was God's gift to women.

You know what? Go.

But I heard he couldn't even get it up.

Get the fuck outta here. Fuck you.

Call us when you get a real car.

Come on. Assholes.

What did you do that for, Mario? Those girls were hot.

And Mikey, a real punk, a real wannabe.

Ah, they were pigs. They're all pigs.

Come on, let's go gambling.

Baldano and his crew, they were low profile... not the norm at the time.

But you could always find these guys flaunting their stuff.

I mean look at this, putting it out there like that?

These guys weren't very bright.

Almost makes you laugh.

How low can you go?

In spite of them, it was all going well for us.

We had things under control.

We were keeping a safe distance away from those morons. and we were making damn good money. Here you go.

We were planning a score that would hold us over for years.

No polish on the socks. A really big score.

Give it a good shine there. It was gonna be our thing...

Good, kid. Hey, Pete.

Hey, Bobby. ...or so we thought.

Hey, Tommy. Hey.

You wanted to see me? Hey, hello, Bobby. Yeah, I do.

Hold on one second. Hey, kid, hold on a second.

Hold on. Go get us a couple of coffees.

You know how I drink 'em, right? Uh-huh.

Here. And buy yourself a Yoo-hoo or something, a soda. I take change. Okay.

And don't forget. Okay.

Hey, Bobby, you've been earning pretty good out there lately.

I'm very proud of you.

And we all know that you've got something big planned, so Vinny would like for you to bring his son and his crew with you on this one, you know, just for backup. Actually, Tommy... no disrespect to Mr. Morello... we've pretty much got things covered.

We don't need any backup.

Extra guys on this job just make it that much riskier.

Riskier? I'm offering you backup.

It's just that... I mean you know what you're dealing with with these guys.

Hey, listen, I know what you're talking about. They're screw-ups, but he's the boss's son. You have no choice.

He should be here any minute. Put your masks on.

I don't want any chance of getting made.

Hey, what did I say? Put your mask on.

All right. Don't fuck this up, huh?

Okay, take it easy.

Here he comes now.

Mr. Klein?

I have a delivery for an Eleanor Klein.

It's kinda heavy.

Yeah, that's my wife... always spending.

Can you bring it in here for me?

Yeah, sure, no problem.

Whoa whoa. What's going on?

Stay there!

Okay. Okay. Don't move!

Okay, hotshot, where's the safe?

Take us to the safe. Let's go. The safe.

Let's go, you fuck!

Okay okay. Let's go, let's go.

Up the stairs. Come on, let's go! All right, don't push.

Go on. That's it, go on!

Oh, I'm gonna enjoy this.

What are you talking about "enjoy," huh?

Hey, don't fuck up. Don't fuck around.

Remember what they said. Take it easy.

Gotta take the rock, sweetheart, but I left you the band, okay?

Man, how's a guy like that get a broad like you?

Oh, lemme guess... unlimited access to those shiny little rocks of his, huh?

I bet you he even paid for those two beauties.

What are you doing? What are you doing? I said cut that shit out.

C'mon! Stop that. Cut that shit out. Fuck those guys.

You're real tough with that gun in your hand and that mask on your face.

Are you so ugly you're afraid to show your face?


Me? Yeah.

You know what they call me?

They call me Mario Casanova, baby.

What are you doing? What is the matter with you?

You just told her your name.

Oh shit. I'm sorry, Johnny.

Shit. Now we're fucked.

Sorry, baby. I gotta do this.

Let's go, let's go! The fuck are you doing?!

You heard what he said... out the door!

What is this? It's her ring.

Gimme this fucking thing. Come on, get out.

Don't move! Barry!

Barry, come down!

Barry! Barry, I'm...

Wow. Beautiful.

That is a lot of glass. What do you think, Stan?

These are some serious stones.

My guy's all ready for 'em. You just say the word.

We'll get this sold, have your money for you within a week.

Beautiful. Great doing business with ya.

Yeah, for the first and last time.

What? What the hell you talking about, "first and last time"? Come on.

We've got a good thing going on. We do.

You don't wanna ruin it. Definitely, Mario.

Bobby, what the fuck? He got what he deserved.

Next time tell him to leave his dick at home before he goes on a job. Bobby, you can't be serious.

Are you kidding me? I think you're a little bit out of line here.

Out of line? Johnny, let it go.

Hey, guys, we made the score, right?

You guys are gonna get every dime you got coming to you next week.

Besides, Johnny, if your father heard about how this jerk-off handled himself in there, he would have his ass.

And probably yours, too, for bringing him along.

I think that you should probably just forget about this little incident and move on.

I ain't forgetting shit, Jimmy! Mario, shut up.

Shut up! Shut up. Fuck you, Bobby!

Bobby, Jimmy, I'll talk to you guys next week.

That's how you handle punks like that.

Al, make sure they leave.

Of course we had to pay tribute to the boss, Vinny Morello, and Tommy. He had it coming.

Splitting the rest of take with those assholes didn't sit too well with us.

Enough time had gone by for these two morons to mess up big time.

They were selling cocaine behind the boss's back.

The best part?

Their biggest customer... was one of us.

Do you realize you're looking at 20 years, Bruno?

20 fucking years.

Mario starts crying when the feds tell him he's looking at 20. Crying!

It only took this reject a few minutes to start yapping.

Ah. My favorite. It gives me energy.

But once he started... So like I was saying... you couldn't stop him.

FBI! FBI! What the fuck?!

Freeze! Don't even think about it, Johnny.

All right, all right. Don't shoot.

What? What? What do you guys want from me? Huh?

What do you guys wanna know?

Nabbing those punks helped us get close to who we really wanted...

Vinny Morello and Tommy Bono.

What do you guys want me to do, huh?

Hmm? You want me to cooperate, I'll cooperate.

Just... you guys gotta cut me a deal though.

Just cut me a deal.

Paulo, don't take too much off like you did the last time.

Yeah, a little bit... a little bit off the back.

They could've threatened us with the electric chair.

None of us would've flipped.

They were just dying for one of us to turn on Vinny Morella and Tommy Bono.

Well, Johnny took care of that.

In the middle too...

If you keep it up now, darling...

It'll be the death of you You'd better wise up Listen to your priest If you don't change...

Shit. Shit.

Just like I said, there are people who go into this knowing if they get caught... they're gonna say what they gotta say and sign what they gotta sign until they cut themselves a deal.

Circle up the wagons Dark circles under your eyes The buzzards are circling Waiting for their prize.

They gave Tommy 18 years.

He died when he was barely into his sentence.

He got cancer that was treatable.

Nurse. Nurse.

Just like Tommy said... Water. when you get sick in prison, you're done.

Water. They made him suffer.

Water. Water.

I'll never be the same again That's for certain Broken up and hollowed out... Lenny.

Yeah? Who's that girl?

Oh, her name is Rena. She's a neighborhood girl.

She was here the night you smacked that punk Ray.

So what did you tell her about me?

Nothing. What was I gonna tell her?

She's pretty hot.

Nah, she's not pretty hot.

She's smoking hot.

Send over a drink.

All right.

The gentleman would like to buy you two lovely ladies a drink.

Thanks, Lenny.

You got it, Rena.

Do your thing, Casanova.

Come on, chop chop.

He's coming over.

I think I'm gonna go to the ladies room.

Thanks for the drink. Hey, no problem.

So what's your name? Come on.

You already know my name.

What, did Lenny rat me out?

So you know my name too? As a matter of fact, I do.

Rena. It's a real nice name. Thanks.

You know, last time I was here, I saw you smack Ray.

He was pretty embarrassed. Well, he deserved it.

What are you, some kind of tough guy?

Come on, cut it out.

You like cars? Cars?

Still blue water Still blue water Roll over me, over me Still blue water Still blue water...

Hey, mister, peel out!


Give us a little more time and I just might be willing to help you break that dry streak.

Trust me, it'll be worth the wait.

I can't take it.


These guys go in dysfunctional and they come out worse.

Joey, how long I know you?

All my life, right?

So I'm gonna be honest with you.

What are you gonna do about your son Bobby?

Always getting in trouble.

How many times you gonna stick your neck out for this kid, huh?

You built a name up for yourself.

You got yourself an empire and he's gonna fuck it up big time.

He goes back, they're gonna throw away the keys.

I'm glad I'm not in your shoes... kid like that.

All I'm saying, Joey, if he's gonna listen to anybody, he's gonna listen to you.

You hear me? You're the only one he's gonna listen to.

No, but my love is singing. It's what I wanna do.

Unfortunately, I do work as a cocktail waitress for now.

But singing is what I wanna do.

I never met a chick who sang before.

Chick? Well... you know what I mean.

But since you asked, I've been singing since I was a kid. I studied for years.

What about you? What were you in for?

What are you gonna do now?

I heard your father's a construction bigwig.

You gonna go work for him?

I'm telling you I've been watching the guy all morning.

It's like he don't even care.

The fucking balls on this guy.

Well, if I gotta come down there and make my presence known, that's what I'm gonna do.

Glenn, I'm not paying $55 an hour so this clown can go sell high school students drugs!

Hey, how long we known each other, Glenn?

No, 34 years to be exact.

Why is it... isn't it redundant I have to send three required letters to your union now? That's right!

High school students, that's correct.

I wanna tell you something.

If he's not off my site by 6:00 Monday morning, put on a nice suit.

'Cause you're gonna be on the 6:00 news Monday night.

Hi honey.


What's wrong, Joseph?

10:00. You haven't even had any dinner.

I brought you some.

I'm not even hungry.

What is it, Joseph?

You haven't been yourself.

Well, it's Bobby.

I know what you want for him.

I know what I want for him.

But I just can't figure out what Bobby wants for himself.

Now that's the only way to erect a crane, Danny.

Just know it's appreciated.

Bobby, how you doing? Hey, guys.

Hey, Bobby, welcome home.

How's it going?

Hey, Bobby.

You decide to take the plunge?

What plunge? Come on.

Play stupid with me.

You know what I'm talking about.

You should be at work here with me right now.

Come on. I'll sponsor you right now.

I'll get your book.

Be a shop steward, project manager, super... whatever you wish.

Better yet, work by my side at the company, from the office. I don't know, Dad.

Why not?

I've got some other things in the works.

You know I like to do my own thing. Your own thing, huh?

You back in touch with Perotti?

What are you talking about? Maybe you should speak to the people that own your own thing, Bobby.

Tell 'em to give it back to you, you know, free and clear.

Pop, what are you talking about?

Would you consider my offer?

Would you give me that? Yeah yeah.

I'll think about it. I really will.

Listen, I'm gonna get going.

I just stopped by to say hello.


You'd better get it right this time.

Straighten out your act.

All right, Pop.

The evidence at hand To know they're not my shoes She said, "If there's..."

Wait wait, you said you wanted to hear me sing, right?

The evidence at hand...

I spent every penny I saved making it.

It's my demo.

This is the song I want to make a music video out of one day.

I play the fool I sold myself...

So what do you think?

Do you think you can handle me?

Come on

I know you can't resist my touch Feels like much too much Come on

Baby, baby, let's not fight Let's make love tonight You can't fight it No escape Feel the touch of my skin You can't hide it It's too late You know you want to give in I can feel you want me so Close your eyes And just let go Come on...

Come back around, I know you can...

Come back around, I know you can...

Rena was a distraction, but a good one.

What really mattered though was making room for my crew again... which meant cleaning up this mess.

Patsy, we gotta do something about this guy.

He's out there planning jobs without even contacting me.

He hasn't reported to me once since he come out.

I mean, did you tell him I was gonna be his captain?

Sally, Sally, I told him.

And then he goes and steals Ray's girlfriend from him.

First he goes and smacks him and makes a fool of him, and then he goes and picks the girl up in the same place.

I mean, that's not right, Patsy.

Sally, that's enough, okay? The kid's just trying to earn just to get back into my good graces.

And do you really think I give a fuck about Ray's girlfriend?

He's embarrassed.

He's not even showing his face around.

You know, I think they wrapped that rubber band around your balls instead of your stomach.

And they must've wrapped it too tight, because you ain't thinking right.

This kid could be a real loose cannon if you provoke him, Sally.

I'm telling you now... just relax.

Don't go talking about him to anybody, because he'll find out then you got problems.

All right, listen to me.

Sally, you can't provoke him.

Sally, what's that noise?

Can you hear me? Sally?

What the fuck is going on over there? Answer me!

Yo, Sally!

That's what I'm trying to tell you.

Well, what time? Before 3:00.

You believe this shit? Now of all times.

I mean, this family can't seem to solve its differences.

It's gotta be that crew from downtown.

With due respect, Patsy, Fat Sally... he's dead weight.

They were probably trying to do you a favor.

Ooh. That's your skipper you're talking about.

You know, the skipper you never reported to once.

And he ain't too fucking happy about that.

I'm not reporting to nobody. I'm through with this.

I'm done. You're through with this?

I'll tell you when you're through with this.

What, do you think you're gonna go out there on your own?

That's not gonna happen. You belong over here.

This family needs you now.

There's too many people in this family right now that I don't know, I don't trust.

Ain't making the same mistakes I made in the past.

Oh. Who don't you trust?

And what makes you think we trust you?

Trust me? You've gotta be fucking kidding me, Stevie.

Okay okay, knock it off.

You know, you're putting me in a very bad spot over here, one that I know you ain't gonna be too happy with.

I know that, Patsy. I know you gotta do what you gotta do.

You're telling me I gotta do what I gotta do?

Is that what you say to me?


What are you doing here?

Come on, Baldano. That's all you got?

Fuck you, Bobby.



Patsy Perotti.

What can I do for you today that you haven't already have done for me?

Or should I say, to me?

What's that supposed to mean, Baldano?

Well, for starters, what do you say making this goon of yours wait outside?

Tell me I'm hearing things, tell me I'm wrong.

I can't tell you that you're wrong, Patsy, because it's true.

If you were half the man you claim to be around here, you'd pull him off the job yourself.

He's selling drugs, all right? To kids.

Teenagers at a Catholic high school.

Oh, you don't know this?

It's none of your fucking business what I know and what I don't know.

But what I do know, if you know what's good for you, is you're gonna pick up the phone right now in front of me and call the union local and tell 'em you made a mistake.

Well, I know I'm not supposed to say this to a man like you, Patsy, but... over my dead body.

It's a disgrace, what your kind have become.

You know that?

It's a fucking disgrace.

If that's how you want it, Baldano, that's how it'll be.

But for a smart guy who put all this together without asking for help from guys like me, you're pretty fucking stupid.

What? He what?



He was talking about breaking ground in eight months.

It takes 16 months to get the permits. Dad, can we talk?

Yeah, your brother and I are talking right now.

Sit down. Alone, Dad.

I need to talk to you alone.

Where are you going? Sit down.

Hey, I don't want secrets in this family.

You're brothers. I don't wanna hear what he has to say.

I'm sick of the drama.

I got work to do, Pop. I'm going back to the office.

What are you, a walking tornado?

What's with you? Can there be any peace when you're around? Peace?

After you just butted heads with Pasquale Perotti of all people?

What do you know about my business with Patsy Perotti?

Come on, Dad. You should know better.

Shit like that don't stay a secret for a New York minute.

I should know what?

Know what? That the man's a piece of shit?

Everything he stands for belongs in hell?

I give you every opportunity to come work with me and this family and you choose him instead.

I don't choose him, Dad.

It's not like that. No, it is like that.

It is like that. You choose that life.

That life.

That's the life you choose.

You know, every day I pray in my own way.

And I pray every fucking day you don't end up like that.

Man, not like him.

I don't know.

The more I see of you, Bobby, the less I feel my prayers are getting answered here.

You're committing suicide and you don't even know it.

Your damn pride gets in the way of everything.

You can't help me... and I can't help you.

Jimmy, it can't wait. Call Stan.

It's gotta happen today, now.

Just because I was in the can for a while, don't mean I lost my touch around here.

I heard your name in the can was "In the Can Stan."

Yeah, in the can.

Tommy used to warn me about him without coming right out and saying it.

Take a guy like Chip over there. Look at him... young, handsome. You gotta stop dressing like a fucking hillbilly.

Where do you get this shit from, Stan?

Listen to me, Jimmy, my father... my father's at risk.

Just meet us!

Here you go, P. Use this one.

I can't believe you're coming with us, P.

Why don't you just let us handle it?

Jerry, when you get to my position, you're supposed to get guys like you that you could trust to handle all your work.

But that's how you get soft.

I got to where I am because I always handle my own work.

That's just how it is.

You guys handle Bobby and his crew.

His father's mine.

Look at all the paint on 'em.

Do you paint houses or do you paint each other?

Done fixing yourself up, pretty boy?

'Cause we got work to do. He's just gotta do my side...

No, you're done. Come on, let's go.

Five years.

Five years I did on the inside for this so-called family.

And this is what it comes down to.

Let's go.

Underneath the seats. They're already loaded.

Let's do it.

Step on it, Al.

Come on, Al! Go!

Holy shit.

Yo, Bobby.

Unscheduled extermination today, bro.

Yeah, this place is crawling with bugs.

Yeah, let's just meet at Jon's Deli.

Got it. All right.

86 it, Al.

It's good news.

Here. There's your sandwich.

After Sally lucking out once already in front of that bistro and now with Patsy getting pinched, he just couldn't handle the pressure. Go ahead.

So of course, what's he do?

He brings down whoever he has to to save his own fat ass, just like I thought he would.

All right, what do you wanna know?

But for some reason, Sally Vesca didn't give up Baldano and his crew.

And for whatever reason, these guys were confident he'd keep his mouth shut, at least about them.

Fat Sally feared this crew, whether they were on the inside or out.

And they knew it, so they went about business as usual.

We still could've brought them in on suspicion or association, but we were waiting for them to get comfortable.

Too comfortable.

Comfortable enough to lead us even further into their little world.

I can't believe this shit.

Fucking Patsy's never gonna know how close we came to taking him out.

You were right. You were right about this Fat Sally.

I gotta give you that. You guys hear about Andre Swann?

Andre Swann? What, is that that kid that used to work for Tyler Moss back in the day?

Who's Tyler Moss? That dude who runs Coney Island.

Andre Swann was one of his top dogs.

Anyway, he wound up getting pinched.

He rolled on Tyler, wound up doing a bit similar to ours.

Swannie wound up in Alabama with the WPP.

Wait, if he's in the witness protection program, how'd you know he's in Alabama? Yeah.

'Cause the cops found him in a swamp with a bullet hole in the back of his head and get this... a rat stuffed in his mouth.

And you think it was Tyler Moss?

What do you think? The feds questioned him, no evidence.

You and me, we're gonna go see Tyler today.

I already have it set up.

He had to find out somehow.

Maybe he can help us find out what we need to know.



That's right.

Show time. Here he is.

Here's what you get, that's the code of respect Don't try to... what do you want from me?

Try to cross me, I best to put you in check What do you need from me?

Don't neglect, four or five put you...

World-famous Coney Island.

Believe they wanna do away with all this?

Asshole developers. Tear it down, build it up.

They wanna knock down the rides.

They even wanna build casinos here, wanna turn this into a dump like Atlantic City.

Coney is Brooklyn.

Coney defines Brooklyn.

Shit pisses me off.

Yeah. Well, I know you didn't come here to hear me reminisce about Coney. Why are we here?

The shit we heard about Andre.

Yeah? What about it?

It's a damn shame.

Good old nigga like that found dead in the swamp.

It's fucked up.

I agree. I do.

Be really fucked up if someone like Johnny Morello and his douchebag friends wound up the same way.

Uh. I get where you're coming from.

Well, I can't help you.

For some reason, I think you can.

Well, even if I could, why would I?

I don't know. Maybe you forgot about the favor Tommy Bono did for ya when you had your beef with Richie Caiola.

Remember that?

Oh, y'all know about that shit, huh?

Well, maybe, just maybe, I can help you.

But you gotta do something for me first.

And what's that?

Go talk to my cousin Will.

Go talk to him. He'll tell you what's up.

I'm on top of the world, I'm on top of the world I'm on top of the world, motherfucker, yeah Yeah, for crying out loud, oh mercy me How come these songs on the radio so nursery?

Is about to bring out... Hey, Willie.

What's up with this kid's lyrics?

It's like he's making up shit as he goes along.

"Motherfucker this and motherfucker that."

I thought you was trying to clean his image up.

Trying, man. You know these dudes, man.

Damn. But you're not feeling it?

Check it out, I'm on top of the world I'm on top of the world, I'm on top of the world Motherfucker, yeah, I'm on top of the world I'm on top of the world, I'm on top of the world Motherfucker, yeah... Willie.

Some guy named Bobby Baldano is here to see you.

Motherfucker, yeah... Send him in.

Hey yo, Joey, gimme five.

Yo, the shit sounding good, baby.

Keep it just like that. Stay in pocket with it.

Yeah, I know, I know. What you expect?

I'm Joey "The Kid," motherfucker.

I ain't no bullshit-ass rapper.

The real deal. Come on, Willie.

I'm gonna make you rich, man. I'mma make you rich.

What you looking at, motherfucker?

Oh, nothing. I'm just... a big fan. Hold on.

Hold on, he can't hear you. Talk through here.

Talk now. Go ahead.

Oh, I'm a big fan.

I love your music. Of course you do.

I can't believe you got Joey "The Kid" here.

He's gonna be huge.

I hope so. I got a lot riding on him.

Hopefully he can stay out of trouble, keep his nose clean.

Oh yeah, I've been reading a lot of shit about him.

Yeah, well, you shouldn't believe everything you read.

I mean, Joey needs to discipline himself a little more, stay clear of some of these assholes trying to ride his coattails, you know?

I need to protect him from all that bullshit.

That's why my cousin called you two.

When I picked him up off the streets and got him back in the game, he was running around with a bunch of lowlifes, doing all kind of stupid shit to make ends meet, you know?

Anyway, he got in pretty deep with these guys.

Now they won't leave him alone.

We've had a few altercations with these scumbags.

They don't seem to get the picture to step the fuck off and let Joey get on with his life.

I love those feet.

See, that's where you guys come in.

I mean, I can handle this shit myself, no problem.

Look at Big Poobah over there.

He'll break somebody's fucking jaw.

But I feel I need an outside source to deal with this one for me.

They're clean.

So what are you guys looking for?

I got everything.

And you're all checked out, so we can deal.

We're not sure.

Hector. Take this.

Look, it's very dangerous, so be careful.

But if he thinks you're a real buyer... he'll meet with you.

My babies.

We got a Colt AR-15.

It's a beautiful piece of machinery.

The military uses it. Shoots a .223.

It's nice and light, easy to handle.

Boom! Put it right up.

I love it.

Next we move onto the AK-47.

It's my personal favorite. It's a beautiful thing.

Look at that. You can never miss with this.

You got a Kel-Tec 9mm carbine.

You go inside the house, anywhere... boom boom boom!

And then... fold it up, put it behind your back It's all good, baby. We got a Beretta 9.

We got a Sig Sauer. We got the Raging Bull.

The bullet's as big as my pinky. We got the Colt Desert Eagle.

Look at this. Nice 25. Gotta love it, baby.

And when you're done, if you run out of bullets, you hit 'em over the head with it. I love it.

Is this a freaking gun or what?

Boom! Right in the back of the head.

Boom! Right there. Boom!

Blow a hole in their head the size of a bowling ball.

So what do you think?

How about we leave it up to you what you wanna sell us this time?

We send more business your way, we ask you for one small favor.

Favor? What are you talking about?

A favor... leave Joey "the Kid" alone.

Give him a shot at this career of his.

You don't need him, but it couldn't hurt having us in your corner.

You know what I'm saying?

You know what he's saying, right?

You dogs crack me up. You're serious, ain't you?



See? See?

What I tell you, Ty? I told you Bobby's dead serious, just like Tommy, man.

You can really tell he was your mentor.

You earned this.

How did you come up with this information?

I mean, it's unheard of.

Jimmy. You know you can't ask him that.

Your boy's right. It's none of your goddamn business.

But since y'all are some hardcore motherfuckers and did what I asked you, believe it or not, I'm gonna tell you.

Only Tyler can make some shit like this happen.

So come on, tell us.

No, fuck y'all. I ain't telling y'all shit.

All right, all right, all right, listen.

I'm banging this round-butt, bigshot's assistant from the FBI WPP, okay?

She told me where every confidential informant has been relocated.

And she's hot too, baby.

I'm talking about some dark brown Trinidadian-type shit.

Come on, man. Thank God the FBI agreed to those minority quotas.

Can I ask a little favor of you?

A little favor?

You ain't got yourself one big favor out of me already?

Yo, fuck that... three? No, this is different.

See, I'm seeing this girl and she can sing... I mean really sing.

Kinda like Alicia Keys.

I was just thinking that maybe... Say no more.

I know where you're going. You take her over to Willie.

I got you. It's a done deal.

Boy, you've got me and I wanna be and I can...

Always. I hear you are a fabulous singer.

Bobby tells me you sing your ass off. I'm okay. I'm okay.

She's way better than okay. We hear that. We hear that.

To you, Rena. All right.

Salute, girl. There we go. To Rena.


It's good to see you again, Gina.

Mmm. It's good to see you too, Bobby.

It's been a really long time. Gina, you can't smoke in here.

There's no smoking in this place. It's disrespectful to Lenny.

Lenny is fine with me smoking. People are smoking here all the...

How about I'm not fine with it? Things have changed.

You're being disrespectful to Lenny and I fucking hate this.

It's like kissing an ashtray. I told you to put it out, now put it out.

It's like kissing an ashtray? You guys fighting all...

Maybe it's not so bad. Maybe a bit.

See, this is how she gets away with all this bullshit, because she's hot.

See? No matter what, she's hot. Oh.

She's hot. I can't... right?

I mean, all bullshit aside, come on, tell me... is she hot or what?

Come on, seriously, look at her.

Look at his face.

I'm not gonna say that about your girl, Jimmy.

Bobby, you don't think I'm hot?


Yeah, you're definitely hot, Gina.

Oh, okay. Look, he's sweating.

Look at him, he's sweating. He's sweating over here.

I'm gonna cheers to that. To the two hottest broads in the place.

I'll cheers to that as well. Rena and Gina.

Can we go soon, Bobby? It's like a tag-team match.


I'm tired.

You know what, Rena? It's not a big deal.

I actually need to go too.

Yo yeah, that's right. I gotta take care of that?

Yeah. Don't leave the other guy waiting.

I shouldn't be late. All right, so let's go, G.

Pack your stuff up. Yeah, of course.

Always got somewhere to go. Somebody's gotta earn to pay for all this beautiful bottles and jewels.

Rena, it was nice to meet you.

Good luck when you meet Willie Davis.

I hope you guys blow up. My brother.

I hope you have a beautiful thing. All right.

Gina, let's go. Great to see you, Bobby. Mwah.

Nice meeting you, Rena.

What's the matter?

That girl Gina's phony. I don't trust her with you.

You're outta your mind?

That's my best friend's girlfriend.

So? So?

I would never ever, even if she wanted to, which she don't.

That's not the right answer, Bobby.

The right answer is "Why would I ever do something like that when I have you?"

Where's this coming from Rena?

I didn't think you had a jealous streak in you.

I'm not jealous.

Bobby, I really like you.

I just need you to be honest.

I wasn't even supposed to fall for you in the first place, but... too late.

I'm not like that.

You got nothing to worry about.

Besides... why would I want her when I have you?

Now you say it.

Hey, buddy. Are they biting today?

Nah, didn't catch anything yet.

Oh shit.

I know my time is right now I can feel it in the air Don't know where I'm going right now Just know I'm going somewhere I'm going somewhere Just know I'm going somewhere

I'm going somewhere Yo, and I feel like there's no limit I'm gonna make it only if the Lord see Willy I can feel it in my heart they gonna hate this But I know that I'm destined for greatness And I'm gonna make it, make it, believe it Open the eyes of those who couldn't see me And I know every odd was against me But I'm gonna beat...

So what do you want tonight?

Everything, baby. Everything you got.

You ain't a cop, are ya?

Are you kidding me? Still don't stop me I'm still a movie y'all haters keep watching Home game, too far to turn back now I'm gonna make it one day, somehow I know my time is right now I can feel it in the air Don't know where I'm going right now Just know I'm going somewhere I'm going somewhere, just know I'm going somewhere

I'm going somewhere, I put my all into everything When everything I felt, they was never gonna change And stay the same, so what should I change for?

I just need something positive to aim for And everything I would do is so painful Everything I went through, I'm kinda thankful...

Oh, baby, don't stop with the contact.

I may be drunk, but I could swear I feel some motion down there.

Yeah, come on.

So a guy walks into a bar.

His necklace says "Jo-Jo."

His bracelet says "Jo-Jo."

Even his pinky ring says "Jo-Jo."

A guy comes up to him and he says, "Hey, Jo-Jo."

He goes, "Shh. Nobody knows I'm here."

Hello, ball.



Big fucking tough guy, huh?

Thought you'd find Johnny Morello and take care of business that easily?

Look at you now, tough guy.

Go ahead, take a look at yourself.

Put it down, Johnny, you piece of shit.

I said put it down, Morello. All right, Bobby. Take it easy.

Look, I got money stashed away.

Maybe me and you could do something.

Do what? Get the fuck outta here.

Put the gun down. All right, take it easy.

Look, I'm putting it down, okay?

Just calm down a bit, okay?

Look, I'm putting it down.

Okay, can we talk? Now step away from the gun.

Did you really think you were gonna get away with it?

Did you really think so?

Bobby, listen, let me explain what happened, okay?

Explain what?

How you're a dirty, cheese-eating rat?

You don't even give a fuck that your old man is gonna die in prison. Bobby, come on.

L-let me explain, okay?

Please. I'll give you anything you want. Anything.

Just don't do what you came here to do, okay?

Please. I'm begging you. Please.

What are you gonna do? Get your pen?

Gonna write about me some more?

I'll give you something to write about.

Bobby, you didn't have to go...

I still wanna be able to talk this out.

Fucking rat motherfucker! Piece of shit!


You know something, Bobby?

I enjoyed writing that book.

I didn't think twice about ratting you and your crew out.

I could give a fuck about your boy that I just killed over there.

You're next, Baldano.

Always got your back, Bobby.

You read it? No.

I look at the cover every day.

I won't open it. I can't bring myself to read that.

You're through with this?

I'll tell you when you're through with this.

What, do you think you're gonna go out there on your own?

That's not gonna happen. You belong over here.

You know something, Bobby?

I enjoyed writing that book.

I didn't think twice about ratting you and your crew out.

It's not like that. No, it is like that.

You choose that life. That life.

That's the life you choose.

May you burn in hell if you deceive anyone in this family.

Come on. Did you really think this wasn't going to point to you, Baldano?

I gotta hand it to you though.

How'd you find 'em?

Find who?

What are you talking about?

Oh, so it was just a coincidence that the same three guys that brought you and your buddies down turned up dead.

Dead? Really?

Come on. You think you made history, don't you?

Listen, I got things to do, so if you're gonna arrest me for no reason, let's just get it over with. No reason?

We could've taken you in months ago for breaking parole just for walking into that piece of shit Patsy's dump of a social club or for associating with your buddies out in broad daylight.

What, do you think we're stupid, Baldano?

Nah. We kept you on the street for a reason.

Come on, practically the whole Carana crime family is away now.

You'll be joining them soon enough, Baldano.

That's what you think, Benson.

I ain't ever going back. Really?

You hear that? Mmm.

He ain't ever going back.

That Jew bastard.

I want him dead.

We need to get rid of him.

He has a big mouth, kids around too much.

He's weak. He's gotta go.

Take care of it, Jimmy.

Come on.

Guys, that might've worked with Sammy the Bull.

It ain't gonna work with me.

What do you think, I was born yesterday?

I mean, at least you could've done a better job with the... with the sound splicing.

I got a nephew who went to NYU.

He could've done a better job with that.

I'll give you his number. Think you're that tight with Baldano?

Let's get them the fuck outta here.


Yeah, a pleasure.

Motherfucker did what?

They got brought in for questioning.

So what happened? Did they talk?

These motherfuckers rats too?

What do you mean you don't know, bitch?

You're supposed to know everything.

Find out. I don't believe this shit.

What with this guy? Does he always make you wait this long?

What's up with you, Bobby?

You're not acting like yourself lately.

What's up?

Nothing's up.

Everything's the same.

The same? The same, Bobby?

You don't even try to hold my hand anymore.

When we first met, you couldn't wait to get me in bed.

And now when we're in bed together, all you do is sleep or toss and turn...

Oh. ...and yell shit out.

Now I'm not satisfying you?

It's not that.

You could've had a good thing, a fresh start with your family, with me.

With everything.

A person like you can't handle having a good thing in their life, like you don't want to believe it's possible.

And that's sad, Bobby.

That's really sad.

What took you so long?

You gonna get on or what?

I guess. All right.

Baby, some place it's getting dark Are you afraid...

Lemme get another shot of Jack, Lenny.

Of what this could start?

Just forget what you've been told...

You ever think about the end, Lenny?

In the end, who really cares?

Remember that girl Maria I was seeing back in the day?

How could I forget Maria Maruso?

Dark hair, dark eyes.

You told me she even had dark nipples.

Ooh, she was hot, that one.

Yeah, they're all hot and they all wanna be around when the chips are up.

Where was she when I got pinched?

She never came and seen me. Nobody did.

Not even you.

Well, I... you know...

I had the business to run. You know how that can be.

Bullshit, Lenny.

All that time?

You couldn't come see me in all that time?

What? Think I don't know you went to see Jimmy?

Jimmy, but not me?

I don't know what to say, Bobby.

There's nothing to say. You're just like the rest of them.

The one person that came and seen me, that really cared, was my father.

Look at me. I'm a fuck-up to him.

A loser. Come on, come on.

Don't beat yourself up like that. It's gonna be all right.

You're not a loser. Don't tell me it's all right.

Just pour me another fucking drink.

That's all you're good for.

Make that two.



have you seen Jimmy boy?

I think he's still with Stan.

You don't have to cover for him, Bobby. I know he's cheating on me.

What? Cheating on you?

Don't talk that shit to me, Gina.

Well, I gotta lock up, but you two take your time.

Thing is...

I don't care.

I don't care.

That there's nothing truer than me...

Cut it out.

Oh, Bobby.

Gina, that shit don't fly around here.

You're just upset. You're drinking.

You don't know what you're saying.

Bobby, I very much know what I'm saying.

I should slap you in the face for talking like that.

So do it.

Don't fucking test me, Gina.

Why? What's the matter?

You've never hit a girl before?

What, are you chicken?

Are you out of your mind?


What's the matter?

You're hurting me. You said you liked it rough.

No, Bobby. You said you wanted me to hit you.

You're fucking hurting me, Bobby!

I'm sorry.

I've... I've been a bad girl.

I'm sorry.

Please don't... spank me.

You wouldn't spank me, would you?

What? Is that what you're gonna do?

This what you want?

Fucking do it.

Do it.

What the fuck am I doing?

Fucking do it, Bobby.

Fuck it.

He thinks he can just disappear like this whenever he feels like it?

I was faithful to that prick the whole time he was in prison.

Yeah, I visited him every fucking week.

Yeah, well, let me tell you something... he's gonna be fucking sorry, that Jimmy V.

He fucked with the wrong bitch one too many times.

Hold on a sec. Come on, best out of three.

Man, best out of three? Come on, best out of three.

You couldn't beat me on your best day.

You would think you would learn how to play this game, being inside for as long as you were.

All right, it's point game, spaz.

Yeah, I can count, Jimmy. I can count, okay?

That's right. I forgot you're a Jew.

Oh yes, that's very original.


Victory! You suck, bro.

Jimmy rules.

That's it, Bobby bro. You're up next, baby.

Get a little warmed up.

Lemme just get a little water here.

Kicking his ass has got me a little parched.

Yeah, I don't know, Jimmy.

I don't feel much like playing tonight.

I just had a workout at the gym.


Get down!

Fuck! Stan! Stan!


What the fuck?

I can't see through...

I can't do this.

Rena. Rena.


What's wrong? You think I'm stupid, Bobby?

You think I'm blind?

You think people don't talk?

I can't believe I was such an idiot to lower myself to be with such a pathetic jailbird.

Jailbird? You're a lowlife, Bobby.


Hey, Bobby, everything all right?

Yeah yeah.

Where's Rena going? Just went for a walk.

It was too much for her in there.

If only Stan could see us now, wearing these skullcaps for him.

He can see us. You can count on that.

Oh my God. What did I do?

Talk to you later. I got something I gotta do.

Yeah. Come on, baby. Let's go.

He really does love this girl.

You know it wasn't gonna end here.

But Stan getting dropped like that, I was just hoping it wasn't gonna start something that was never gonna end.

What's up with you tonight, man?

You're squirming around, grabbing your nuts like they're gonna run away or some shit.

I gotta take a piss.

Well, go take a piss.

You gonna be okay? I'm good.

You're sure?

Go to the bathroom. I'm okay.

Go. Come on, let me enjoy my meal.


That was it. It was time to call it quits.

I mean, who was left?

What was left?


I have something to say to you and Dad.

I'm done. I'm done with this life I'm living.

I know that's what you want.

Well, now finally, it's what I want too.

Dad, I wanna come work for you.

I'd like to be a part of Baldano & Sons.


You wanna work for me now?

You know what I heard the DA say?

He said there's no way an Italian immigrant coming from Italy with less than two nickels to rub together could possibly rise to the affluence of Baldano & Sons without corruption being involved.

You know that word? Corruption?

Corruption? That's bullshit, Dad, and you know it.

No. You know what's bullshit, Bobby?

What's bullshit is that my father, your grandfather, came here from nothing.

And he broke his ass every day of his life to hold onto the one little thing he held in esteem.

And that was his name... which is engraved on Ellis Island.

And you, on the other hand, Bobby, you never worked one fucking day in your life.

But you took his name, you took my name and you pissed on it.

Which is consistent with you, Bobby.

That's what you do... you piss on people, 'cause you got no spine, no backbone!

That's why I'm being indicted.


Yeah. You didn't hear what I said? I've been indicted!

Joseph, please, it's not his fault.

Just give him one... Run this by me again.

You want me to do what? You want me to risk the reputation of this family again?

For what? Take you back into fold

'cause you got redemption issues? Hmm?

What happened to that life you chose to live?

You don't wanna live it?

Then I'll tell you what.

Dad. Come on. You... you be mama's boy and you be my kid.

You are never again, Bobby... Dad. ever welcome in this home.

Joseph, no more.

And as far as my company... not in your wildest dreams.

Joseph, please, for me. You call yourself my son?

Give him another chance, okay?

We'll beat this indictment. We didn't do anything wrong.

You know what else we got in common? We run a clean business.

They'll find nothing.

We got shame.

Good old fucking shame.

All of us now.

All of us.

Except I'm done.

Get the fuck outta my house.

Joseph, you didn't have to do that.

He's still our son.

He's gonna kill himself in that car of his and you will never be able to forgive yourself for it.

Did you hear the way he pulled out of the driveway?

Fuck! He's never done something like that.

I mean, not before.

Not like that!


Where the fuck you learn how to drive, homes?

What do you expect from a fucking guinea?

This dude thinks he's Mario fucking Andretti.

What you just say, Julio?

Huh? You want some? I'm on probation, homes.

Come on. This guy's crazy. Look at his eyes.

I'm outta here. You're on your own.

Come on, fucker. Come on.

Just you and me now.

Come on. Let's see what you got.

Come on, motherfucker. Huh?

Huh? Huh?

What, spic? What? Come on.

Come on, cocksucker.

Come on, spic! Call me a guinea?

Come on!

You could've had a good thing. You choose that life. That life.

A fresh start.

We kept you on the street for a reason.

I'm through with this. I'm done.

You have no choice.

You know what else we got in common?

No. We got shame.

All of us now.

Hey, Bobby boy.

You coming out of it or what?

Come on.

You know you're all right, right?

You're not missing nothing... well, except for your dick.

But the doctor said they kept Little Mikey's on ice when they found him in the lake, so we can always just get 'em to sew his back on you.

Fuck you, Jimmy.

My car. My Goat.

Is it wrecked?

Your Goat... she's another story.

She's just a piece of metal, but you can just rebuild another one.

Not like that one, Jimmy.

Not like that one.

Hey, is my family around?

Yeah, sure. They were all here earlier.

But you've been out cold for two days, pal.

I sent 'em home, told 'em to take a break, that I'd take care of ya.

Doc said you're good to go. You can go home.

You're just banged up a little... some bumps and bruises, mild concussion.

Lemme tell you something... you are one lucky bastard, Baldano.

I'll just go get the nurse, have her get you dressed and we're outta here. All right?

I'll be right back.

Okay, I'm gonna call down to get you a wheelchair to get you out of the hospital safely and then you can go home. Hmm?

No no no no no, there's no way this box of nails is gonna get seen being wheeled out of this place in a wheelchair.

Sir, it is standard procedure for car accident patients.

I can't break the rules.

Enough with the rules and stop calling me "sir," will ya?

I just need him to sign himself out of the hospital.

Thank you.

All right, I took care of the janitor too.

We're gonna go out through the freight elevator.

You never know. You still may have some enemies out there.

Take this. What the fuck, Jimmy?

In a hospital? So what?

It's your piece anyway. You're gonna feel naked without it.

You guys ready? No, it's all right.

We can handle it from here.

Just remember, you didn't see us.

Hey, no problem. Mmm.

Aren't we going through the lobby? No, it's safer this way.

Always thinking.

I'm done, Jimmy.

Done? What you mean, done?

Just what I said.

I'm done.

I've had it with this shit.

I ain't going back to the can.

I can feel it, Jimmy.

I'm gonna end up right back in there, maybe for good this time.

Just think of this as a pass.

Wow. You're serious.

I'm dead serious, Jimmy.

Thing is, I already burned too many bridges.

I've still got you though.

We could start fresh.

We could go somewhere else.

Go legit.

Can you imagine that?

You and me, legit.

What do you say?


I'm serious.

I know you're serious, Bobby.

And I was serious about this.

It don't matter that I didn't pay for it.

It still would've meant the same thing.

I wanted out too.

And I had my plans for my life, but you...

I guess you had other plans for me, didn't ya?

Come on, Jimmy.

What did she tell you?

You know that broad talks a lot of shit.

You don't wanna marry her, not a girl like that.

A girl like what, Bobby?

A girl like what?

Where was she when I got pinched?

She never came and seen me. Nobody did.

Not even you.

I had the business to run. You know how that can be.

Bullshit, Lenny.

Think I don't know you went to see Jimmy?

Jimmy, but not me?



Oh, he'll be here. Doesn't miss a day.

The son?

He doesn't have much of a choice.

But him? I don't know.

Something keeps him coming back.

One of these days I'm gonna figure out just what that is, and I'm gonna finally nail that son of a bitch.

Loyalty? I mean, come on.

I have to be here.

I have to spend time amongst my so-called friends.

Good morning, son. Good morning, Dad.

But my father?

He can forget this place even exists.

But he don't.

I never knew what loyalty really was until I finally understood my father and what he stood for.

But by then, it was too late.

Blanks. Jimmy thought of everything.

He loaded my gun with blanks.

He tested me, and I fell for it

'cause I trusted him.

Well, he trusted me too.

So in the end, who can you really trust but your own family?

Comes a certain time in the night

You question everything you thought was so right

Your head dances like a spinning top Come this time You're not too sure what you got Ain't it so?

Ain't it so?

Pray for the morning You pray for the morning And it's a mercy life Singing alone.

One shell in the chamber Get it ready and cocked Y'all ready for this?

One pull on the trigger Can I do it or not? Can I do it or not?

Galvanize with so much sorrow Desolation's my only friend Feel the pulse in my heart, feel the grip of my hand One pull of the trigger, the insanity ends

Melancholia, it kills me slowly Paralyzed and petrified See my face, I don't even know me My life is flashing by The end is near Dying's an easy thing Trying to crash and burn It's living that defeats the weak I'll finally get my turn

Not gonna stake my life, not gonna stake my life I've got better things to lose Not gonna stake my life, no Not gonna stake my life, not gonna stake my life I've got better things to lose Not gonna stake my life, no Not gonna stake my life, not gonna stake my life I've got better things to lose Not gonna stake my life, no Not gonna stake my life, not gonna stake my life I've got better things to lose Not gonna stake my life, no

Not gonna stake my life No, I'm not Not gonna stake my life I've got better things to lose Not gonna stake my life Don't take my life Not gonna stake my life Eternity Not gonna stake my life I've got better things to lose Not gonna take my life One pull of the trigger Can I do it or not?

No, I'm not not not gonna take my life No one's in the room I feel the pounding I feel surrounding Drowning, confounding Pounding, surrounding Not gonna, not gonna