Once Were Warriors (1994) Script


R G-A-B, hey! G-A-B, hey!

♪ Who's got the souls of Rolling Stones?

♪ What do we do?

♪ We G-A-B

♪ With the groove, with the vibe, With the rhythm completely...

♪ So come, come, come, come, come again... ♪ Ugh!

♪ So much soul... l'

Come on, man. Let's go.

♪ We've got soul Uh, uh, uh, uh-huh

♪ I got it, you got it... a'

Reihi was a taniwha.

She lived at the bottom of a huge lake.

She spent most of her time taking care of her greenstone wall.

The wall stopped the water from flooding over the people who lived by Reihi's lake.

Once a month, the people would bring a huge piece of greenstone to help Reihi keep the wall strong.

I was just checking out the weather situation.

You're talking cloudy with showers...

It's going to be getting better throughout the day and the night.

A bit of cloud and a bit of rain as well.

People, I've just had a phone call from Darren.

Now, apparently, Darren's just lost his girlfriend.


We are in business, my man.

♪ What's happening, everybody? 4'

Settle down!

Then the children would run and laugh as they collected all the fish Reihi had left for them.

Was it a good story, kids?

Well, I liked it.

No. It's dumb.

What's a taniwha?

It's a creature that looks after people.

Where the fuck is everyone?!

What are you doing home?

I got something for you.

Come on, Hu, let's go!

Go on, open it.

What do you reckon, kids?


Oh, yum! Oh, my God, Jake!

Look at all the kai moana! Bloody oceans of the stuff!

I'm hungry! Me, too!

Go on, kids. Grab some. Take it outside.

Come on, Hu. Let's go and eat them outside.

Where the fuck you off to? Come have a feed, boy.


Fuck him.



Jake, not on the table, hon.

Oh, why not? I want a feed.

Well, the kids might come in.

Well, what about the chair?


So... where did all the seafood come from?

I got lucky.

I got laid off.


Whoa, whoa, woman. Let me finish.

Jake Heke, you've got a family to feed.

You've got bills. Look, I've signed up for the dole.

It's only 17 bucks a week less than my wages.

Well, don't look like that. It's not the end of the world.

What about our house?

We got a house, and the government ain't going to kick us out. The rent's cheap.

I want us to have our own home, Jake.

Damn you. We can't make bloody ends meet as it is.

Forget the bloody house!

Let's talk about the bedroom.

Oh, don't, Jake!

You fucking got to spoil everything, don't you?

FUCK you!

♪ Ooh yeah, ooh yeah, ooh yeah

♪ Scoo yoo yoo da da oh-wa

♪ Ooh, I left this mark on this world

♪ Ooh yeah, ooh yeah, ooh yeah

♪ Scoo yoo yoo da da oh-wa... a'

Yo, Toot.

Yo, G. What you up to?

Oh, you know, a bit of this and the other.

You never know when the Queen might drop by.

Well, if she does, here's something to feed her.

Bloody Santa Claus!

Do you think we'll ever get out of here, Toot?

I don't know.


You know, when I'm old enough to get the dole, I might just do this baby up and drive on out of here.

Can I come, too?

Of course. You're my best mate.

Hey, Gracie, did you bring your book?

Oh, I forgot.

I just finished a new story, too.

But I can remember most of it.


The story was about a taniwha.

Do you know what a taniwha is?

Well, Reihi was a taniwha.

She lived at the bottom of this lake.

Now, she spent most of her time looking after this huge greenstone wall.

The wall stopped the water from flooding over the people who lived by Reihi's lake.

Once a month, the people would bring...

Beth Heke?

What now?

Been keeping bad company.

Was that before or after you picked him up?

So what's the charge?

Oh, he's lucky this time. Two older boys stole the car.

He's just hanging around with the wrong crowd.

Still, it's not going to look good tomorrow when he appears in court on those other charges.

You think you know everything about us, don't you?

It's my job.

Is she a taniwha, Mum?

No, son.

Well, we'll leave Boogie with you, then.

Mark. Pardon'?

My son's name is Mark.

Well, that's not the name he gave us.

♪ You get those lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely blues

♪ When you're on your own

♪ Mm-hmm

♪ So all you've got to do is call up on the phone

♪ No need to be alone

♪ Mm-hmm

♪ And if you lose your way

♪ And you've got nowhere to go... ♪ Usual, bro.

What's your fucking problem?

Check that out, bro. The man can sure pack a punch.

Been behind bars, I bet.

Yeah, right. Bloody zoo.

If I wanted to drink with women, I'd drink in the bloody lounge bar, huh?

I've had women up to here.

Come on, Polly. Help your sister. Set the table, girl.

There are reports of miracle cures and at least one sighting of the Virgin.

Oh, no wonder we got...

Why, Boog?

Don't know.

You don't know.

Do you know you have to go to court tomorrow?

Do you remember what Bennett said?

Jeez, Boog, what's bloody wrong with you?

Don't know.

When you were a kid, you wouldn't even take a piece of fruit without asking.

You're going to come tomorrow, aren't you, Mum?

Yes, we'll be there.

Will you?

Fucking beautiful!

Yeah. Just keep your hands in your pockets there, brother.

Come on, bro. I just like to see them smile.

Oh, you mean like this?

You dirty bastard.

I can make mine smile all right. I just can't make the woman happy.

I took a big feed of seafood home today, bloody everything.

Just wanted to put a smile on her face. You think she'd let me? No chance.

All I told her was I got laid off.

Anyone would have thought I told her that my prick dropped off.

Laid off twice in one day, eh, bro?

Poor bastard.

♪ You're leaving home in the morning

♪ You come on home in the night

♪ Ooh, babe...

♪ You're humming all with your yawning";

Fucking beautiful.

♪ And when I ask you, babe

♪ You just say you're right

♪ But you don't know what my heart's been going through

♪ Staying up late just waitin' on you

♪ When will you be the one for me?

♪ Oh, yeah

♪ Without your love I can't make it... ♪

Gee, where did you get those muscles from, bro?

You've been lifting those weights, huh?

What, you've done lag? Am I right?

You want to fuck with me?

You should learn to pay your respects.

In case you want to know, it's Jake...

Jake the Muss.

Well done, Jake!

♪ Mmm, loving you is all I need, boy... ♪ I was right... too much weights, not enough speed work.

Useless prick.

Cheers, bro! Cheers!

♪ ...Into me

♪ Am I not enough for you... ♪ Party at my place tonight, boys.

Come on, Poll. Bed.

Come on, Hu.

Hurry up, Polly. Thanks, Bub.

Good night, Mum. Night-night, Polly.

You, too, mister.

You've got a big day tomorrow.

You won't forget, eh, Mum?

How can I forget with you reminding me every five minutes?

Good night, son.

Good night, Mum.


♪ Hoki mai e tama mā ki roto, ki roto

♪ I ngā ringa e tuwhera atu nei... ♪

Your old man was sure swinging tonight.

He'll be swinging, all right, by the time I've finished with him.

Did you hear he got the sack?

Doesn't surprise me, girl. Days he took off.

Beth, babe! Dooley!

You should have seen the Muss in action. It was beautiful.

He decked a bloody gorilla.

He was big. Man, was he big.

Fucking huge.

It has to be said, almost as big as that thing in Bully's pants.

Notice he said "almost", ladies?

Yeah, right.

Hey, girl, you should have seen him, though. Dool's right.

Big and bloody ugly.

Well, he didn't get everything right, though.


Well, it's just that Bully isn't that big, girl.

♪ Kua tutuki te tūmanako

♪ Kei te kapakapa mai

♪ Te haki, te haki

♪ Ingarangi runga tiamana e. ♪

Mmm, you're hot tonight, girl.

Yeah, ever since Jake put his hand halfway up my skirt.

Ooh, I might have to go home early tonight.

Yo, Mave. Give us a song.

Yeah! Come on, Mave!

How about you and Beth sing for me?

Yeah! Yeah!


Give us a G. Give us a G.

♪ Well, I've tried... ♪ Ooh!

♪ As hard as I can

♪ Just to make you

♪ Understand

♪ Cos the world

♪ It won't stop

♪ It keeps goin'

♪ Goin' round and round

♪ I guess the nature... ♪ ALL: Whoo!

♪ The nature of love

♪ Has always, always... ♪ What are you doing?

Couldn't you sleep, either?

Aren't they beautiful when they're like that?

I wish I could see them.

♪ I remember... ♪ They're just drunk, that's all.

♪ All those yesterdays... ♪ People show their true feelings when they're drunk.

Man, Gracie, you've got some far-out ideas.

I thought Mum said you were growing up.

At least I'm not going to court tomorrow.

Oh, sorry, Boog. I didn't mean it.

Oh, what the hell!

What's the worst that can happen?

♪ The nature of love

♪ And it's always, always been this way

♪ So, now, my lover

♪ There'll be no other

♪ The stars in the heavens

♪ Will shine for ever

♪ Moments we treasure

♪ You and I in love

♪ So, darlin', here is my heart

♪ So, darlin', here is my heart

♪ So, darlin'

♪ Here is my heart

♪ Oh yeah. ♪

You're a hard lady, Bethie.

And you're a hard man, Jakey.

Play another one, Tama.

Teaser! Get outta here!

Next time, watch what you say in front of the fucking women!

How's that for true feelings?

Oh, don't play that shit, friend. Play something we all know.


Have a feed. Have a feed.

Hey, Mavis, come have a drink with me, mate!

What's up with bloody Millie? Is she spoiling the party, or what?

Too much gin and not enough sex.

Hey, hey, hey.

I'm not going to miss out tonight.

Dooley, eh?

Strike when the pants are ready to drop.

Looks like they've already dropped, Mave.


Bloody bastard!

Never mind him, Mave. Come have a feed.

There's still a bit left in the bottom.

Dooley, what the fuck are you doing? You're with me!

Got any money?


What for?

You don't need money. You got everything you want right here.

You got booze, food.

The old man.

Don't give me your bullshit excuses. Come on, let's go.

Have a drink with me, son.

Remember how we used to talk and laugh?

We could talk and talk, you and me. Remember?

You're drunk.

I'm not drunk. I'm happy.

Then you're out of your fuckin' head.

Oh... Oh, I'm so sorry, babe.

I didn't...

Hang on.

Hang on, son. I got some money.

Hey, cook us some eggs, eh, Beth?

Ooh, and some bacon. Fuck off!

What the fuck's going on?

I asked for some eggs, but...

Cook the man some eggs.

You want eggs?

Well, have the bloody lot of them!

It's OK, man.

Cook the man some fucking eggs. Do it yourself, Jake!

I'm not the fuckin' slave around here, Jake!

No, you can...


You're a fuckin' coward!

Leave her alone, you fucking bastard!

Stop it! Stop it!

It's OK, Poll.

Shh! Shh!

Shush, Hu.

I want Mummy.

Shush, Hu. It's OK, Poll.

It'll be OK tomorrow.

Shut your fuckin' mouth!

You do as you're fucking told!

Fuck. Last time, I got 20 bucks. So what are you up to, Gracie?

You could help.

Not me. Waste of bloody time. You should leave it.

There'll be plenty of time for you to clean up after drunken fucking parties.

What do you mean?

When you get married, girl.

Who said I want to?

It's just the way things are.

No. The fellas around here are too ugly.

It's just a matter of time, Gracie.

Who did the prick smack over?


The fuckin' bastard!

Where are you going? Out of this fuckin' hole!

They've eaten the whole lot.

I'm hungry-

How about some Chinese?


Where's Mum?

Well, she's not bloody here, is she?

Look, there's one more pea.


Yeah, I know, Boog.

Do you want an aspirin?

Listen, Boog...

Grace can go with you, eh?

Give a good impression.

I'm not feeling the best, son.

Just give me time to wash up.

Nothing that a good coffee won't fix.

I'll catch a later bus. OK, Boog?

Yeah, sure.

♪ We love the ragga girls

♪ We love the ragga girls

♪ The ragga music make you jump and stomp, yes

♪ The ragga music make you dance and prance, yes

♪ So everybody come and shake your butt, yes

♪ Cos this the music, and I'm the best, yes

♪ And this is something that we must confess, yes... I Do you reckon we should go in?

Nah. Wait for Mum.

Come on, son. We're running late.

Didn't I tell you I was picking you up this morning?

Forgot. Come on.

Bit of trouble at your place last night.

Look, Mark, I have to be honest.

You're on remand. The cops say they found you on the streets.

They're going to try and persuade the judge that your parents can't control you.

I've seen your mother.

I don't think she's going to make it here this morning.

She's going to catch a later bus.



Mark, you ready? Better go in.

Come on.

Nig Heke, eh?

Son of Jake the Muss.

You a bit of a chip off the old block, boy?

I'm nothing like him.

Yeah, we'll see.

So today's the day, boy.

Judgment day.

How bad do you want in?

Didn't hear you, boy.

I want a patch.

You hear that, brothers? He wants a patch.

You'll have to get through me first.

Do all right with women, boy?

I do all right.

Must be your flashy smile, eh?

Value your teeth?

You like your pretty-boy face.

Call you Michael Jackson, except we'll rearrange it for free.

You think about that, boy, before you think about any patch.

Is that right, Mark? You admit to the burglaries?

And what about these motor vehicle charges? Will you be withdrawing those?

Yes, your honour, but we strongly recommend that Mark goes into social welfare custody.

Take your hat off, please, sergeant.

We picked him up yesterday.

Sir, it's pretty clear that his parents can't look after him.

And, um... What do you two have?

I'm in a difficult position. I've had no contact with Mark's parents, and...

Yes, well, I was hoping the boy's mother would be here today.

I was around there this morning, and after what I saw...

I don't think Mark should be at home.

Yes, yes, all right.

Things seem to be going from bad to worse for you, don't they, Mark?

Under the circumstances, if your parents can't control you, I'll have to remand you in social welfare custody.

Nig Heke's brother.

Looks like a fucking poofter to me, bro.

Baby, you can fuck with me any day.


Now, you can either do this the hard way... or you can make it work for you. It's your choice.

What do you mean?

You can let me help you, and you might learn something, or you could end up in jail.

Because that's where you're heading.

Sorry to interrupt. Can I see you a moment?

Uh, yeah. I'll see you outside.

After what you were saying this morning...

Please try, Boog.

It can't be that bad, eh?

At least you'll be doing something different.

Hey, I could even write to you.

I've never had anyone to write to before.

Cheer, girl, you started without me.

Jeez, woman, is that the result of one hell of an orgasm or what?

What the hell happened?

Same old story.

Never learn to keep my mouth shut.

Help yourself to a beer.

Ah, what the hell! Surprised there's any left.

Well, you know the rules, girl. Keep your mouth shut and your legs open.

Didn't get to court, then, eh?

Like this?

Do more harm than good.

Welfare came round this morning.

Promised Boog I'd be there for him.

That boy's got to learn to stand on his own two feet.

You're going to have to take a chainsaw to those apron strings, girl.

He's not strong like the others, Mave.

Ah, shit. I remember when he was a wee fella.

Couldn't tear him off you.

He'll be all right. It's Nig I'd worry about.

It doesn't seem like that long ago that Nig was a baby.

Well, he's not a baby any more, that's for sure!

Jeez, you should have seen Jake, Mave, boasting about his baby boy.

Till Nig started crying at night.

That's about when those two parted company.

Ain't that the truth? Bloody men.

Jeez, he was a beautiful baby, Mave.

Oh, enough bloody talk, girl.

Hit the fella over the head! Tell him to wake his ideas up.

Bloody gangs-

So how you doing, boy?

The brothers can't hear you, boy.



Bro, now you've met your new family.

He whānau kotahi tātou. Toa!



I wanted to be there, Grace.

I couldn't.

They'd have sent him away.

You've seen the state of me, Bub.

They did.

They did, Mum.

They sent Boog away.


But how can they do that... just take someone's son away?

It's OK, Mum.

Boog seemed OK.

He should be at home with us.

Can't a man get some fuckin' sleep around here?

Fuck, woman, you look fucking awful. Go clean yourself up.

This is as cleaned up as I get, you bastard.

Tried getting cleaned up all morning so I could go to court with our son.

Our son, Jake!

What the fuck's Nig been up to?

You have no idea, do you?


Boogie? ls that right?

He's gone, Jake.

He's gone to welfare, and you slept through the whole bloody thing.

Is that all?

Is that what all this slamming of fucking doors, crying, and carrying on is about?


The boy is soft. It'll toughen him up.

Anyone would think he bloody died or something.

Hey, so go do something about the way you look.

You're starting to make me feel fucking sick.

You did this to me, you bastard.

I hope you spew your guts out.

You know your fucking problem, eh, woman?

You're too bloody lippy, too bloody smart-mouthed.

You're a bad example for the fucking kids.

Always writing, aren't you? Too fucking smart.

You'll end up like your mother here.

I hate him.

Bring your book here, Bub.

What you been writing?

I was going to write to Boog.

You got a good nature, girl.

Mr Bennett said we could visit.

It's all right for those fellas.

They got everything at their fingertips.

Flash car, plenty of money.

Easy for them.

Knew we couldn't.

I didn't say we couldn't.

It just won't be easy.

Got to find the money.

Do you think we could?

Yes. Yes, I do.

I promise.

I love you, Mum.

I love you too, Bub.

Hey, Gracie.

Come and suck on this.

Nah. You fellas are too ugly.

Did you hear? Boog got sent away.

Yeah, I heard.

Boys' home, right? Yeah.

You want a puff?


Well, yeah. Why not?

He's going to be OK, though. And you know why?

Cos Mum said we can visit.

You know, as a family.

Isn't that choice?

Yeah. Yeah, choice.

What do you think it'll be like?

What? The boys' home?

Got to be better than this car.

You going to hold on to that till it goes out?

Oh. Sorry.

You're the only one I can talk to. You know that, Toot?

Yo, G. Best mates.

For ever.

250 smackeroonies. Fuckin' beautiful!

Fuckin' tin-ass. Must be your shout, eh, bro?

Yeah, all right, all right.

Well, bloody hell! I should have brought the video camera.

Get out and stay out, you fucking bastard!

Hey, Muss. You had a win on the gee-gees, Muss'?

Look at the bloody state of you, man. You're a fucking mess.

Don't you ever speak to me again, you hear?

You might spoil my night.

Good evening, ladies.

I've just had a bit of a windfall, and since you're looking so bloody beautiful, I thought I might buy you gals a drink, especially the one standing here in his fucking party dress.

Barman, six milk shakes, eh? Easy on the ice cream.

Ooh. Forget it, lady. You looked better before you turned around.

Fuck, boy, you're too much.

If you want to be like your old man, learn how to stand on your own two feet.

Fuck. ls that your old man?

Piss off. I don't have an old man.

You're still a bloody attractive woman.

You mean after you take to me with your fists?

You make me sick.

Oh, hon, you still on about the other week?

I told you, I'm sorry.

And I told you when I get like that, get out of my way.

But you have to get all lippy on me.

I got a temper on me, but who hasn't?

You're priceless.

Well, at least I try to make it up to you.

Get off me, Jake.

You're a hard lady.

Hey, where do you think you're going? Sit down and keep a man company.

I've got things to think about.

Like what?

Since when were you interested?

Well, if you can't tell by the way I just grabbed you, I must be losing my touch.

If you're not gonna take me seriously, Jake...

Take it easy. Talk to Jakey.

It's just...

It's just what?

Jeez, you're pretty.

I want us to visit Boogie.

Is that all?

Go together, as a family.

You know, make a day of it.

Take up a nice picnic lunch.

Maybe we could rent a car for the day.

Oh, yeah. Maybe we could fuckin' fly.

It's not impossible, Jake.

I've worked it out.

There's the money Auntie Matawai sent me at Christmas.

And if I put a bit aside each week from the housekeeping, in a month, maybe we could go.

Please, Jake?

And this whole day... means a lot to you, huh?


Book the fuckin' limousine.

Horses, babe.


Now, will you come here?

Tell Jakey you love him.

That's the trouble, Jake.

I do.

What's going on?

It's Heke, sir. He's got your taiaha, sir.

If you want to smash things, boy, you start with me!

You think you're man enough to hold a taiaha, boy?

I hate this fucking place!

You're not supposed to like it.

Let me go, you black bastard!

We are the same colour, boy.

The British used to think the bayonet was the most lethal of all hand-to-hand combat weapons, till they came across our warriors, who fought with a taiaha.

You think your fist is your weapon?

When I have taught you, your mind will be.

You'll carry your taiaha inside you.

Come on.

Whoa, this is the life, eh, kids? Don't even have to change gears.

Ka pai koutou. Me haere.

Want to come and visit your brother, son?

Nah. Got something else on.

Oh, come on, son... as a family.

What? Too fucking busy to visit your own brother, boy?

Rather be with a pack of wankers?

He would have come, Jake, if you would have waited.

He would have.

Visits don't start till after lunch. We may as well take a drive, eh, kids?


♪ What's the time, Mr Wolf?

♪ What's the time?

♪ What's the time, Mr Wolf?

♪ What's the time?

♪ What's the time, Mr Wolf?

♪ What's the time?

♪ What's the time, Mr Wolf?

♪ What's the time?

♪ I say it's one o'clock, two o'clock

♪ Three o'clock, four o'clock

♪ Five o'clock, six o'clock

♪ It's spooling, spooling, spooling after dinner

♪ Seven o'clock, eight o'clock

♪ Nine o'clock when you're with the boys

♪ What's the time, Mr Wolf? What's the time? ♪

What's that place over there, Mum?

Taku whenua tuturu.


My piece of dirt.

That's where I was brought up, kids.

What's that big house over there, Mum?

That's the wharenui.

It was a lot different when I was a girl.

It was always impressive.

What's impressive?


It was always choice.

And inside are the most choicest carvings.

Go on, Mum.

Oh, and inside are photos of the old people.

And the tukutuku panels.

You know, I used to help Nanny and Auntie Matawai repair them.

Well, why don't we ever go there, Mum?

One day we'll all end up there.

See over there to the right?

That's the urupā, the family cemetery.

All my family are buried there.

I'd love to go and see them.

Not before me, you don't.

Your father and I were going to get hitched there.

Except we didn't.

I wasn't bloody good enough.

Not for their Royal Highness. Tell them everything, why don't you?

Your mother was beautiful.

Pride of the fucking tribe.

And this old black-ass comes along and steals her away.

And you know where I come from, kids?

A long line of slaves.

Fucking slaves.

I'd like to see those wankers call Jake the Muss that now.

Ah, this place gives me the creeps.

Come on, kids.

Doesn't give me the creeps.

You never met my grandmother.

Eh, Jake?


Just want to show our flash car to my mates.

Whoa, bro, you know what the penalty is for car theft?

Just one beer, huh?

One, Jake. Just the one.


Cross my heart.


Cheer. Ah, cheer.

Cheer, bro.

Cheer. Cheer.

How long is Dad gonna be?

I'd get that tone out of your voice if I were you.

How many times have you seen your father like today, Grace?


That's how many.

Just give him a chance, eh?

Now running on the track, it's Robin the Fair...

Bethie! Name your poison.

Oh, no, thanks, Dooley.

Jake and I are going to visit our son Boogie. Aren't we, Jake?

Yeah, yeah. Just a minute. I'm trying to listen to the horse race.

You promised, Jake.

Shut up, woman. You'll make me miss who won the fuckin' race.

The kids are hungry.

Well, feed them. You got bootloads of the stuff.

We'll be waiting.

Come on, come on. Come up, come up.

So he's not coming?

Oh, he's coming, all right.

You're hopeful.

No, Grace. It's just a woman's lot, that's all.

One day you'll understand.

Whakatōria mai te wairua O ngā matua tīpuna Ki roto i tō taku manawa Hei arataki I ahau e ki roto I tēnei ao.

No, no, no. No, no, no. Stop, stop.

It's good, but it's not good enough!

I've told you fellas time and again, this haka won't work until you get the first action right.

Whakatōria mai te wairua.

You're reaching up for all these ancestral lines, and you're pulling them down into your body.

The wairua of your ancestors.

Some of you look as though you're reaching for butterflies or something.

Now, let's do it again.

And wake up!

Toru, whā...

♪ Undenying love

♪ So darling, here is my heart... ♪ Give me the keys, Jake. What?

I said give me the keys.

What for?

I'm going to visit Boogie.

Bad 'flea.

The problem is you've spoiled the boy. You've got to toughen him up.

Give me the bloody keys!

That's it, woman. Just fuck off!

Take a bloody taxi. You got all my bloody money.


♪ I remember

♪ All those yesterdays... ♪

Come on, kids. We'll walk around to the taxi stand.

Taxi? What for?

We're going home.

No. We're going to see Boogie. You promised.

Please, Grace, try to understand.

I don't want to listen to any more of your lies.

I hate you! I hate you both!

Come on, kids.

Boogie? Son?

We were on our way.

We rented a car for the trip.

We had a bit of an accident, son.

Oh, well, you know what your father's like when he gets behind the wheel.

Had a picnic lunch all prepared.

Stayed up all last night.

I got in just what you like.

It was just a stupid accident.

Whoa. Party at my place tonight, boys.

Fuck. I need to piss.

Thanks, mate. We really needed to know that.

Bethie, you awake?

Come party with us.


No more, Jake.

I could tell straightaway it was a Holden What's more, it's my mate's Holden.

Next minute I give him a smack.

Oh, if it isn't Gracie.

Hu wanted some water.

Come and give your uncle a kiss.

You're growing up fast, girl.

Where's Mum?

In bed, where you should be.

What happened then, Jake? He comes back at me with this crowbar.

Yeah? And then what?

I take the crowbar off him and give him another smack.

Good night, Hu.


Shh. Shh.

It's OK, Gracie.

Uncle Bully is going to be gentle with you, as gentle as a lamb.




Your mum and dad are going to be real angry at you, turning me on like that... coming downstairs in nothing but that flimsy little nightie.

Sh, sh, sh.

It's our secret, hey, Gracie?

You hear me, girl?

Keep your mouth shut.

Did Huata wet the bed again, Bub?

You should have left it. I'd have done it.

Just go away.

Go away.

Look, I don't blame you, Grace.

I wanted to see Boogie as much as you.

You don't care about any of us.

That's not true. I love you all.

But you're a liar!

Ooh, got your period, Bub?

It's bound to make you a bit uptight... Get out!

Get out!

What's for breakfast?

You want something to eat, fix it yourself.

Give me a coffee.

Go and have a wash, Jake.

Clean your ears out while you're at it.

What the fuck's up with you?

I'm not going to take this any more.

Do you hear me, Jake Heke?

No more.

We never got to see Boogie.

I don't want any more of these drunken parties or your bloody ugly mongrel mates coming around.

It's no good.

No good for the kids.

Especially now Grace is growing.

Who the fuck do you think you are, eh?

Sitting there like Lady Bloody Muck, telling me in my own house who I can and can't have here.

Well, I've asked them back tonight, and you'd better be ready for it. Do you hear me?!

Now, get off your fat ass and get busy.

Oh, Grace! Leave that girl.

You know, that's your problem. You spoil the lot of them!

No wonder they're all so fucking screwed up!

It's got nothing to do with you, eh, Jake Heke?

You're such good father material!

You chased Nig off! You couldn't give a damn about Boogie!

You're not gonna hurt my babies any more.

Not while I can do something about it.

Oh, you want something to eat?

Learn how to cook.



What's up?


I said what's up?

How long have you been sitting there?

Why is everything so black, Toot?

Don't know. Maybe cos we're all bloody Maoris.

You got something...?

You got something to sniff?

Yeah. A couple of old socks. What's going on, G?

I thought you said we were best friends.

If you're too bloody mean, just forget it.

Hang on. Hang on.

No glue, OK? OK?

But I've got some dope. You want some of that?


What's going on with you, Bub?

What colours are you seeing now, G?

Still all black?

Nah, not an All Black in sight.

Notice how you never see black in a rainbow, do you?

Just bright colours.

Must be their pot.

You know, the pot at the end of the thing.

Oh, dumb.

Pot... the end of the thing.

You're shit! You're just like everyone else around here.

I'm... I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.

You're just a stupid kid that lives in an old wreck of a car.

G! G! Come back, G!

G, come back! What did I do? Please, G!

I'm sorry!


♪ This is the day That the Lord has made

♪ That the Lord has made Oh yeah

♪ We will rejoice

♪ We will rejoice And be glad in it

♪ And be glad in it

♪ For this is the day That the Lord has made

♪ We will rejoice and be glad in it

♪ This is the day

♪ This is the day That the Lord has made... ♪

Shit. It's nearly on empty.

I've got money.

Forget the money. It's just no good. We've been driving around for hours.

When was the last time you phoned home?

Uh, about 9.00.

Jeez. It's nearly 11.00.

♪ I've got those lonely, lonely, lonely

♪ Lonely blues

♪ Lonely, lonely, lonely

♪ Lonely blues

♪ I've got those lonely, lonely, lonely

♪ Lonely blues

♪ Lonely, lonely blues

♪ Look what you done, what you done, my baby... ♪ Bring your ass in here, girl!

I said in here! Move!

Your mother's been out all day, half the fucking night!

Now, where the fuck you been?

Come on, bro, she's home now. Let the kid go to bed.

Come on, Jake.

Play the guitar, man. Go on. Piss off to bed.

Hey, come on, give your Uncle Bully a kiss good night.

I don't want to.

What? I didn't hear you.

I said I don't want to.

What? You got a hearing problem, girl? Hey, now, leave it.

Daddy, no!


I told you about this thing.

No fucking wonder you don't do what you're fucking told!

Take it easy, Jake. She's just a kid.

Go on. Get out of here.

Bully, play us a song. Go on, dude.

♪ Look what she done, what she done, my baby

♪ Look what she done, what she done, my baby... a'

Where is she?

Stop your panic, woman. She's home. She won't be taking off any more.

Where is she, Jake?

She pissed off out the back.


What's that? What the fuck?

Some... Someone help me get her down!

Please! Please!

Come on, baby. Come on, girl.

It's all right, baby. Mummy's home.

Mummy's home. Come on, Grace.

Oh, God! Come on, Bub.

We've got to do something.


My baby!

I'll get help.

No, Grace!

Don't cry, Mavis.

Doesn't do any good.

Auntie Matawai?

It's Beth.

Ka mata oku tamahine...

Last night.

I want to bring her home, Auntie.

Will you come and get us, please?

Thank you.

We're going to play spacies.

Come on, you two.

Oh, where's Gracie?

She's having a long sleep.

No, she's not. Her bed's empty.

Sh, that's enough, Polly. Come on.

What the fuck's going on here?

I want us to take Grace back home.

To the Marae.

This is her fucking home.

No, it's not.

This was never her home... never.

And that fucking place is?

Fucking Maoris who think they're better than the rest of us?

I hate them.

Bastards living in the fucking past.

It's our past, too, Jake.

What's that supposed to mean?

I want Grace to be with her people.

We should have gone back a long time ago.

Fuck off! You're not taking her anywhere.

I'm taking her, Jake, with or without you.

I wasn't there when Grace needed me.

This time I'm going to do the right thing by her, and you're not going to stop me.

You fucking do, and I won't be here when you get back.

Well, go on, then.

Go! Get the hell out of here!

I'm taking her.

I'll kill you first.

Well, go on.

Do it.

You're still a slave, Jake... to your fists, to the drink, to yourself.

Well, go on.

Kill the bloody lot of us!

Stay out of my fucking way... or I'll kill you.

You've come home, Grace.

We're home.

Am I that much of a bastard, eh?

You're my mates. You tell me.

It's not too late if you want to go to the tangi.

We'll drive you.

Fuck off.

I'm not going to give them the satisfaction.

I was never fucking good enough, not for their Beth.

I'll knock her bloody head in.

Never mind, bro.

What's the key to her, man?

You think I was tough on the kid?

Nah. It wouldn't have been just that, mate.

Bull, what do you think? You think I was tough on her?

Fucked if I know, bro.

I'll try and tell you a story, eh, Gracie?

A story about a young girl growing up in this beautiful place.

She was given an honour.

She was made puhi of the marae.

The special one.

Well, you see... the girl fell in love, as all young people do.

But you see, the problem was... the old people wouldn't agree to the fella.

The girl, being headstrong, went with him anyway.

Her father said she'd be back.

That when everything went to hell, she'd be back.

So the girl... made a promise to herself and said she wouldn't.

No matter what, she wouldn't.

You see, Grace.

I did know how to keep a promise.

I did.

I'm so sorry, Bub.

I'm so sorry.

I should have been there for you, sis.

You were always there for us.

Oh, son.

Tīhaetia te ngākau, ki tētahi atu ngā moemoeā kua tahuritia...

Hey, G.

Best friends... for ever.


That's all I meant.


But you were right.

I'm just a stupid kid who lives in an old wreck of a car.

She loved you, man.

She loved you.

♪ What's the time?

♪ What's the time, Mr Wolf?

♪ What's the time?

♪ I say, it's one o'clock... a'

Have you ever seen so much piss?

That's because they love you, man.


Yeah. Why not?

I'm a lovable chap.

Jake the Muss.

♪ What's the time, Mr Wolf?

♪ Whoa-oh

♪ There's Mr Daddy Longlegs

♪ Crawling onto the ceiling

♪ The sun don't shine, the sun don't shine

♪ The sun don't shine... a'

Where the fuck are you?!

You bastard!

Fucking bastard.

Don't forget your hat, eh, Uncle?

Hey, Uncle, did you get all the ghosts?

I sure did. Got the whole lot of them.


You come and stay. Bring the kids with you.

We've got a lot of work to do back home.

And here, too, Auntie.

You sort out here first.

Kia kaha. Be strong.

Goodbye, Auntie.

You made me real proud today, son.

Me, too, eh, Mum? I made you proud today.

You sure did, Bub.

Well, I suppose I'd better be taking off, then.

Take off?

Where to?

I don't know. Probably back to my car.

I like it there.

Well, do you think you could like it here, with us?

Because we like having you.

Don't we, kids? Yeah!

Well, whatever you say, Mrs H.

I mean, if you need me, that'll be great.

I do need you.

Need you all.

Well, we'll say grace.


Thank you for my family, and thank you for the food.


Good look, bro.

Would you like one, bro?

No, thanks, man. I wear mine on the inside.

Don't you think you should take the car back, son?

In the morning.

Your mates did you proud today.


Mrs H, could you read me one of G's stories?

I can't. That's why she reads to me.

I mean used to.

Yeah, the one about the taniwha.


What's wrong, Mum?

Toot, put the kids in the car.

Thanks, bro.

Same place, same fucking time, same thing happened.

Anyway, this fucking ape comes over to me, takes off his shades, and says the classic line.

The classic! Wait for it.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

"What the fuck you staring at, man?"

So I say to him, cool-ass, "Well, not you, mate. Your spunky missis."

Trouble is, she was fucking uglier than him.

Then all hell broke loose.

Old Jimmy, eh?

Hey, you can stay at my place tonight, mate.

Yeah, fuck it. Why not?

Beth! Bully, give the lady a seat.

You fucking animal.

What the fuck?

Women and children, eh? You fucking coward!

Please, control your missis there, mate.

Who the fuck do you think you are coming in here mouthing off at my mates?

Get the fucking hell out of here before I kick your bloody head in.

That's always your answer, eh, Jake?


It's bad enough that you did it here, but you brought it home with you and I damn well let you.

What the fuck are you on about now?

It was violence that killed my Grace.

She didn't have an ounce of violence in her, Jake, but we made damn sure it was all around her.

She killed herself.

You bloody bastard!

It was your bloody mate who handed her the rope!

Hey, I don't have a clue what you're on about.

You fucking child... Shut up, Nig!

You animal.

You raped a 13-year-old girl, then sat here drinking with her father while the rest of us buried her.

She's off her fucking head, man.

Sneaking around my house and laying your dirty, filthy, fucking hands on my baby!

My Grace!

Hey, you're not on the fucking marae now, so don't come in here accusing my mates of shit!

Hey, come on, man.

Look, no one's thinking straight.

We're family. Right?

Beth. Sit down. Have a drink.

I won't drink with you fucking animals!

Read it.

Uncle Bully...

Uncle fucking Bully!

Get off me!

Let's go, son.

You dumb bastard, Bully!

Fuck you, Beth.

Where are you going?

I found something better, Jake, and I'm going to make damn sure my kids have it all.

From now on, I make the decisions for my family.

Fuck off, then!

You'll get nothing from me.

You've got nothing I want.

Our people once were warriors, but not like you, Jake.

They were a people with mana, pride.

People with spirit.

If my spirit can survive living with you for 18 years, then I can survive anything.

Maybe you taught me that.

Oh, you are fucked, lady! Really fucked!

You think I need you and your fucking spirit?

Fuck off! Go on, go!

I don't want you, ever!

I'll knock your fucking head off!

Fuck you! You'll be back.

Fuck this warrior shit.

You'll be back!

Fuck you, Beth! Do you hear me, Beth?!

FUCK you!

Where are we going, Mum?

We're going home.

Oh, fuck all that fucking warrior shit!

You'll be back!

You'll fucking see.

You'll need me! You'll fucking want me!

You'll be back.

Fuck you, Beth!

Beth, fuck off, go on. Go!