One-line (2017) Script



PRODUCER Kwak Joong Hoon

October 2005, Seoul Instant Loan

Lee Min Jae


Where are you?

Where are you? Which alley?

Find a landmark and tell me.

Are you really nearby?

In the market?



Raise your hand.


Got a client.

26 years old...

Used up all his college loans... credit rating is grade 3.

A young entrepreneur?

Good vibe, eh?

Naive, yet hip...

Clear eyes and sharp in all the right places.

My credit was maxed out, but is it possib...

But you'll still get a loan.

Who'll help? Me.

That's my job.

Company name: JS, field: fashion.

Let's go for secured loan.

Good, navy fits your face...

Go with a white shirt.

White shirts are crucial in the US.

You are now an employee of JS Textile.

Your greatest asset is your face so only go to a female clerk.


You applied for a $30,000 EZ Loan?

You work at... JS Textile...

May I make a call to verify?

Hello, this is JS Textile.

Does Mr. Lee Min Jae work there?

He's in a designer meeting, could I take a message?

It's not urgent, I'll call back later.

Thank you.

It's part of our protocol, sorry about that.

Of course you should.

By the way, you're beautiful.


Not really.

I work in the fashion industry.

I have an eye for beauty. And my eye is quite good.

Proportion is the definition of beauty.

One second...


You should thank your parents.

One moment, please.

How did it go?

It's approved, I'll have it in three days.

How much's our commission for the $30,000 loan?


I'll collect it in 3 days.

Answer me! Okay.

Loan Fraud Task Force Afternoon.

I'm Det. Chun from homicide assigned to this detail.

Hello there.

I'm from Ministry of Finance auditor Han Young Il.

How does a district office start a detail?

Prosecution pushed it to the police and vice versa.

So the district office got dumped with it.

Sir, do we check out at top of the hour?

How about now?

Sure thing.

Fake applications for private loans increased two years ago.

Providing unqualified people with proof of employment business licenses, lease contracts, and even national pension forms.

It's called 'scam loan', a new form of fraud...

You accidentally shot a man to hell.

We're here on disciplinary action.

Let's not get in each other's way, and cruise through this for a year...

Just go with the flow.

Processing Data Balance: $30,000

Hyuk Jin.

Look outside the window.

There should be a guy there.

Hair slicked back, wearing sneakers.

Creepy dude.

Yeah, I think it's him...

Creepy Dude Bank book.

Transfer Complete Hyuk Jin, I transferred $30K to your account.

On my way!

I'm here!

Why aren't you answering?

I overslept...

Balance: $0

That's weird.

The money's not in.


It's not in yet. Why? Why?!

Why not?!

Call it in, call the bank...


Is this Chunsol Bank?

I applied for a loan, and haven't got it yet...

I'm Lee Min Jae...


One second.

The loan was denied.

What? Give it!

Yes, hello?

What happened to the loan?

Mr. Lee's application was denied.

It's regrettable, but that's final.

That's what I said.

I followed your instructions, was that okay?

Of course.

So even us students can get credit loans?

How did you do it?

Faked some documents sweet-talked at the bank, and then came the money.

The watch and certificate?


Rolex watch, Grade A imitation.

It can be bought for $100 and sold for $2,000, for a $1,900 profit.

Sell one a day, for 30 days a month...

$57,000 in profit.

But how do we sell one a day?

That's why specialization is necessary in business.

Hye Sun.

You're a design major, get us nice product shots.

Hyuk Jin, keep making fake certificates.


Hyuk Jin, I emailed you a file.

Can you open it?

It's called the 'One-Line Virus.'

It looks like nothing's wrong, right?

But click it and wait.

Personal info from 12 portal sites are sent to virtual servers automatically registered to our e-commerce site.

Online luxury goods shopping mall.

He played you.

Denied application? Does that make sense?

But no way he lied to me..

He looked so naive, wouldn't have the balls to do that.

Right? He looked normal.

But that doesn't mean he's straight inside.

Look at him, he looks legit...

How was the biz trip?

It's light.

The Daegu loansharks are my juniors.

They get pissy if I don't treat them.

Is that all?

I took my cut..

It's a sensible amount, so just accept it.


In exchange, assess a kid for me.

This is 100 percent a handmade imitation even the watchmaker can't tell it apart.

I'll take 300 of these.

300 is $30K.

Double check it.

Let's use my mom's card's 6-month installment plan.

Transfer me on the due day, it'll be better this way.

Can't do it for illegal goods.

As a favor?

I hate the hassle.

Do we have to buy it here?

Fakes are all around here.

If there's no real reason to get it here...

I'm kidding, anything can be done.

A receipt too. Of course.

Here you go..

I'll be back with the watches.


Min Jae. Yeah?

Wanna go get a drink later?

You know I can't drink.

How about dinner with Hyuk Jin?

No, just the two of us...

Just us.

Just us?

Yeah, just us...

Why don't I deposit this in your account?


Sir, where's the merchandise?

What merchandise?

The watches.

Your friend canceled the transaction.

What do you mean?

She was just back here and canceled it.

We have to be somewhere.

I got a loan with my credit why do you get a commission for helping with a con?

I'll tell you where to get a loan, so pay us back.

Interest is only 4 percent.

4 percent a month, which is 48 percent a year.

They'll take interest from that 48 percent which will end up being 60 percent annually.

To pay back the commission for $9,000 I'll pay over $5,400 in interest alone.

You've got quite the mouth.

Mr. Park!

I like peaceful resolutions.

Okay, then get paid peacefully...

I brought him here for an interview...

Let's ride.

How many banks do you think there are around here?

Over 800.

Despite over-saturation, none will go bankrupt...

Why? They only give loans to those who can easily pay them back.

Those in suits with regular paychecks get low interest loans.

But temps, unemployed, students, housewives they will never get a loan even with good credit rating.

My job is to help them get a loan.

This is the operative phrase:

"helping them."

I'll help you earn five large a year.


I guess you don't know in my neck of the woods, $100,000 is one large.

Why are you dressing?

I know it's uncomfortable..

Min Jae, smile for once.

Would you smile if you were me?

And what's wrong with you?

Young, handsome, smart. You're a total package.

And penniless.

Make money later, and stop moaning.

I don't have an appetite.

I'm off.

Thank you.

Proof of employment, fake ID, pension forms, passport photo.

Hot body, eh?

What's with that?

You're a computer major, don't you know Photoshop?

Right, you graduated from MS U.

Not graduated, I'm still a student.

No, then military draft?

Well, not yet..

No military, no graduation, and no computer, why live so recklessly?

Come on, you're so annoying!

Who is this?

He was a gang heir apparent in his prime, apparently..

I've seen a lot of heir apparents in my days but never like him..

You too, eh?

Thugs don't last long.

They have no brain..

You played him too.

Mr. Min here is starting today..

But my last name isn't Min..

That's why you're Mr. Min, Mr. Park here isn't Park..

And he's Mr. Song.

We all need aliases in this industry, okay??

He's just Ki Tae.

Attention please!

I'm Det. Chun Joo Hwan from Fraud Task Force!

Illegal credit loan is a huge problem!

Make sure CCTV footage is always ready and try to remember their faces.

Could you come back after consulting our head office?

You can't do this here.

Let me go, I'm trying to help!

Fraudulent loans could be happening here!

Let me go!

1 woman, 1 man..

At least 1 could be good.

I'll take $500.

Hello. Afternoon.

Your husband's business must not be doing well.


Wholesale industry.

Mr. Song, please take her.


Ma'am, wear these pants, and put these shoes on...

And you...

Seed Loan, up to $20,000.

Mr. Min, give it a go.

I'm going against a newbie who went to MS U?

Mr. Min, this is trial by fire.

Say that you're here for Smile Loan.

I... would like to apply for Smile Loan...

Do you have the forms?

Hand over the forms naturally.

Ma'am, you're missing the pension forms.


I'm missing a form.

Who are you talking to?


One moment, let me call the pension offices...

Ma'am! Excuse me!

Hold on, please!

I'll be back! Where are you going?

Wait, please. Calm down.

I didn't do anything wrong! Please stay where you are.

I'm innocent!

I'm here for a loan...

What's going on?

Getting caught means moving.

Tell Mr. Song to stay home tomorrow.

He can't continue to work like this.

But we need a designer, let's mess him up and keep him...

He has a bad habit.

You know I don't even trust you with this.

Time for a beating.

Mr. Park, I prefer peaceful resolution.

Mr. Song.

You know how important this work is to me.

Conduct yourself carefully.

Where have you been?

Trial by fire.

How did you pop your cherry?

I didn't get laid.

Oh, you mean the loan I scored?

How did you do it?

Mr. Song, is your head okay?

You should be on a stretcher.

Why don't we go to a pharmacy and get...

I feel so much better thanks to your concern, asshole!

Should I thank you?

Mr. Song, shut your trap.

What's that ledger?

You're clutching it like your life depends on it.

Mr. Song, why were you so keen on this thing?

It categorizes various credit ratings per bank...

Shit, why am I saying this?

How the hell did you get the loan?!


I asked you how you pulled it off.

He's clever.

Even though no one told him, he knows the rules.

What rules?

First rule of our business: never reveal your methods.

Mr. Song, what's the second rule?

House loans, car loans, and insurance loans AKA "Dirty Loans" are off-limits.

Third, always try new things...

Some legwork and pressuring the banks worked a bit...

Shouldn't we report this and get official approval?

That's what I'm saying...

Let's follow the protocol.

We got disciplined for not doing that...

When will we catch them by following protocol?

And if you catch them by not following it?

We have to go with the flow...

Did you get their names?

They called each other Mr. Song and Mr. Park.

Anything we can use?

Oh, MS U.

One of them said Mr. Min goes to MS University.

Are you mad at me?

About what?

I fooled you before.

It's my own stupidity that betrayed me.

That's not stupidity, it's naivete.

Naivete is a crime nowadays. Are you being cute?


I got one of those..


That's a scratch, these are from being stabbed.

Stabbing wounds are narrow.

Not fooled this time.

Ex-gangster, huh?

Do you even know what that is?

Ki Tae.

Specialization is necessary in any business.

You've got muscle, I've got the brains...

Let's team up and make a dent.

Do you want to go back to being a gangster?

I'm done here, we're no longer family...

Step aside.

No, boss!


Don't move, stand still.

Step aside.

No, boss!

The floor is slippery.

Are you doing?

Please, boss!

Hold on, wait, wait!

Just chill, calm down!

My boys can't hit for shit but they're very good at blocking.

Go wait over there, I'll be with you in a bit!

Careful, careful...

The washroom is over there.

Do your thing. Okay.

Be quick!

Found you.

What are you doing here?

Making money.

Not even surprised, huh?

Where's my money?

$30K is chump change.

Thought I'd still have it?

That was a scam loan anyway.

Call the cops if you're sore.

I'll get my stuff another time.

Nothing important anyway...

Who is she?

She's a pro, that's what she is.

If you're close, tell her to get out.

This type of work is dirty...

Yeah, that's the key phrase, doing something not dirty...

You're so money.

Doesn't it feel good not to look like a thug?

Looks so gentle too.

You frighten people when collecting, right?

Yeah, so people give you money.

Did you get money from me?


If you want the money, be their friends.

Give them good food, a good bed, and be considerate.

"I'm worried about you, I'm helping you..."

"I'm looking after you."

Don't start off with collection.

Hello. Good evening.

I heard you like Japanese food.

I do.

Let's just relax and pick up the money tomorrow.

Thank you...

Don't be so formal, you feel like a brother...

I know it's been hard.

Get a loan and pick yourself back up.

So what I'm saying is I know you're stuck in hard times, but what I want to tell you is you have to be even stronger at a time like this.

Be strong!

Say it out louder!

Keep fighting!

Keep fighting!

Try it, go on...

Go on. Wait...

You can do it. I'm sorry...

Yes, keep fighting!

Please take your cash.


Mr. Min, thank you so much..

No, not at all. This was all you...

Be successful and buy me a beer...

No need to threaten people for commission.

We collected $20K today.

I'm taking Ki Tae's and my cut.

We collected $40K today we're taking our cut.

We collected...

$80K today.

3, 4, 5, 6...

11, 12, 13, 14.

Take care!

Sons of bitches...

Chill, chill, chill.

You guys officially dating?

So full of shit.

What's with your clothes? Looks like an ethics professor.

Teaching history, maybe?

You should look in the mirror.

It feels a bit childish.

You've suddenly grown balls!

I've always had them, I'm just concerned.

We're the only ones making money nowadays...

Look at this bastard!

Chill, Ki Tae. Are you his clone?

You're working for him now?

You guys are so full of shit, mother ass wipes...

You can all eat shit and die, asshairs!

Mr. Song!

Stop swearing.

Are we thugs? Hooligans?

Be gentle, have some manners.

Ki Tae, do your own thing too.

Stop hiding in Mr. Min's shadow.

He's using his muscles, I'm using my brain.

Our teamwork is based on specialization.

Isn't that why you two work together?

This guy's got shit for brain...

Harsh words make me nervous.

We're not thugs or hooligans.

Be gentle, have some manners.

Everything went to your head.

My arm!

It's dislocated!

What's with him?

His arm's dislocated...

Are you okay?

I got it. Let me see.

Don't touch me!

Mr. Jang, let's chat...

I got Wednesday service.

It'll be short.

I can't miss Wednesday service...

Closed Today I'll get to the point.

Three men are waiting for us in the next room.

Heard of 'Midas Money' in Gangnam?

They're taking over a savings bank.

If we bring in our own capital, they'll give us comfy seats.

I'll get to the point too.

I'm not interested in banking...

Putting money in and collecting interest isn't my thing.

How long will we live as Mr. Jang and Mr. Park?

Put your name forward and go legit like a man.

I'll give you advice like a man.

Banking is an interest business.

Money snowballs as it rolls.

But so does debt, it gets bigger and bigger.

With just one loan, the interest keeps snowballing.

It's never-ending.

This is the operative phrase: it never ends.

How long will you live your life like this?

Let's live proudly for once.

Mr. Park.

When someone loses control, they stop looking like a human.

Mr. Jang.

If someone lives in the dark too long, he'll forever be a criminal.

Mr. Jang.

Let's do this.

I'm sorry, Mr. Park.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Hyuk Jin, still awake?

I'm forging my report card.

Want yours forged too?

No, I got no lingering feelings about school...

Did you draw all that?

Got bills to pay.

How much is that?

The real Van Gogh's bedroom is... about $10 million?

Mine's a fake, so $10 on the street?

Then I'll pay $1,000 for that.

There's a cop...

who goes around on the campus.

WANTED: Fraud Loan Suspect Stop Hiking MS U Tuition

What's that?

A scammer goes here.

Do you know his name?

Not his full name just his last name, Min...


I could make calls to various departments and ask.

Let me take that, I'll post them up.

You officers work too hard.

Post them good.

Plaster them.

Sure, don't worry...

Buy yourself a drink...

No, please! Take it!

It's really okay?

Go splurge.


Thank you.


One, two!


One, two!


Be quiet, I can't concentrate...

Good afternoon.

Yes, hello...

Your case ended without indictment so no need to come here.

Don't ever try to get a loan or anything and find a job that gives you...

Wrist! Head! A regular paycheck!

Go do it over there.

Excuse me...

That loan office sent me another text message.

"Still need a loan? Call us." Instant Loan's Mr. Jang.

Can I help you?

Are you Mr. Jang?

You're being investigated for scam loan.

This is an architecture firm, didn't you see the sign?

Instant Loan – Mr. Jang

Hello, architect Hwang here...

Yes, sir. Of course.


You bastard!

Mr. Min!

Where did he go?



I'm coming with you!

Get out of my way!


Wait, obstruction of justice!

This is dangerous! Watch it!

Mr. Min!

I'm going dark as of today.

He saw my face so it's a matter of time.

Then what about us?

You should stop too. You made a mint already..

Why don't you help us leave the nest?

You had another copy?

Mr. Min, this industry isn't a gravy train...

Don't be so greedy.

Don't ever get into Dirty Loans.


Mr. Min.

Dirty Loans are off-limits...

Yes, sir!

Can we do this on our own?

That's why he gave this to us.

Get to the point, I'm really busy today.

Ms. Hong, how do you... get so much personal info?

I scour mail boxes day and night swipe them in the back alley.

This isn't something you can handle.

Of course not, how could I ever work the streets like you?

Even your fingerprints are gone.

Aren't you sick of sending spam texts every day?

Let's partner up.

I'll let you work comfortably.

We split profits equally.

25 percent each.

There are 3 of us, which makes it 33.33 percent.

We need a forger to fake forms.

It's like forging report cards or making those paintings.

Your skills are... perfect for this.

I'll help you earn 5 large a year.

$50,000 a year?

I guess you don't know in my neck of the woods, $100,000 is 1 large.

Mr. Jang's credit rating data.

It fits inside this tiny memory stick. USB.

It's got 8GB of storage.

We need to upgrade our trade.

21st Century is an era of tech.

Ms. Hong has over 20,000 people's personal info.

We send those requiring loans an email with One-Line virus.

When they click it, they're registered to our site.

No more texts, and calls, everything's done online...

Introducing One-Line Loan Service.

Are you here for a loan?

This isn't a PC cafe?

No, get out!

Get the hell out!

Are you here for the PC cafe?

No, we're here for One-Line Loan...

Right! Welcome!

This way, come inside.

Youth entrepreneurs, $20,000 each.

Let's get to it.

This is an online mall office you're starting.

You three are friends from design school.

Filled with dreams of starting your own business.

As we enter workforce, we want to do something we like...

It's important to keep talking, and reel him in slowly.

But loans aren't something that can be easily given...

We wanted to get an upstanding job like you...

But this is the fashion industry, it's always an adventure...

You're here.

You over here, and you...

Always stand in front of him.

We're the problem.

You studied harder than us, and worked even harder...

Display your affection moderately.

It's nothing like that.

You remind me of my brother.

Here, my business card!

Wait, you could be our model!

Look how wide your shoulders are...

Your skin is so pearly up close.

Can't even see any blackheads...

I think... there's enough for a loan...

Everything's good...

They're perfect!

Thank you!

Balance: $20,000

Admin: Mr. Min Members: 75,643

Only those with IDs will get a number!

Mr. Kang, can you handle this alone?

It'd be good to have Mr. Jang too.

Give me one year and I'll have $1 million.

We can take over the bank then.

$1 million isn't a chump change.

With Mr. Jang, that may be possible.

He's well versed in finances, and got a sharp mind...

Mr. Jang, Mr. Jang...

Do you see this?

I don't work with my mouth, like Mr. Jang.

I got to where I am by using my body.

$1 million is easy to put together.

You'll get regular allowances too...

Will you really be okay by yourself?

No doubt.

But in exchange, I get the CEO seat.

If you say otherwise later, you're all dead.

Mirae Capital Car Loan Introduction Good evening, everyone.

How do you like living in this country?

It's hard, right?

The gap between those with and without is too great.

I want you all to live with a peaceful state of mind.

That's why I have something special for you.

You can buy cars cheap and get loans too...


This way.

Since it's a German car, even opening the door sounds like a BMW.

Watch your feet.

With this, you get a girl in an hour.

Two hours, get married, three hours, on your honeymoon...

With the 36-month installment plan we pay the first 2 months' $3,000.

Six months later, we buy it back for 90 percent of its value.

Very nice!

I'd like to get a secured loan with my car...

Come on, chop chop...

Why didn't Mr. Jang ever get into Dirty Loans?

He didn't have the balls to expand.

All money is dirty.

And that's why people love it.

Are you here for the car secured loan?


I bought a $100K car, but it was gone in the morning.

I'm here for a house lease loan.

What? Me too.

Did you get a secured loan?

Was your landlord was fake? Yes.

I couldn't move in today!

You should've checked all the paperwork.

They forged everything!

Should we call the police?

If we do, we'll get arrested for complicity.


Loan Application

The economy is bouncing back up quickly.

Bank of Korea reported that the GDP of the 3rd quarter grew by 4.4 percent from the same quarter last year.

It's the first time the growth has reached 4 percent in the past year.

Despite a slumping construction sector public spending has increased and exports are rising rapidly...

1 year later November 2006 Incheon Yesterday, we reached 400,000 members on One-Line.

To commemorate.

Very money.

Here, here, here!

I picked them up with a hidden slush fund.

What's with the faces?

Sir, could you move aside?

Make way! Get out of the way!

We need to expand.

Sir, you require a reservation...

We're looking for someone.

Ask them about her.

You can't just barge in...

Wait, take this... and go downstairs.

Go on now.

Can I help you?

Let's talk.

What's there to talk about?

How much do you make like this?

Plenty, and easily...

I make plenty too, and easily...

What's this?

Signing bonus.

You've been drawing this by hand?

The design major has its advantages.

Fast and precise.

Dude, one moment...


Can you trust her?

This work isn't for everyone.

A new hire has to be smart and fast.

She got you once, she could get you again...

I have changed quite a bit since then.

I'm One-Line's Mr. Min now..

What are you doing?

This is MS U's Mr. Min.

He recently came to drop out.

How can you tell it's the same man?

I saw him in person.

But over a year ago.

I don't forget a perp's face, he's the one!

Lee Min Jae, MS University, Computer Science major!

Lee Min Jae? You said Mr. Min.

He's using an alias!

They move offices, use burner phones!

Get me a warrant, I'll take care of it!

Why are you overreacting?

It's not like scam loans ever killed anyone.

Tons of people are dying because of money, aren't they?

Seoul Bank's Mr. Moon.

Dongah Bank's Mr. Hwang.

Lastly, Chosun Bank's Mr. Cho!

They came a long way, show them our appreciation.

Loan Approved

A token of appreciation

A little gas money.

Be healthy.

Very ample.

CEO Kang Ji Won It's so efficient to work with bankers, we get 100 percent approval.

But there's a problem...

What is it?

Min took all of our clients.

Parcel delivery!

I got a parcel, it's from Lee Min Jae...

Could you bring it inside?


What's he up to nowadays?


What's Min Jae doing?

I'm a delivery man, I wouldn't know.

No, you're not.

I moved around but you still come by.

What is my son doing?


Anyone home?

I heard that!

What are you doing?

What about you?

Why were you climbing that wall?

I'm on a case...

What case?

I'm a cop.

A known suspect lives here.

Do you have a warrant?

Warrant my ass.

Stay back.

Sir, stop that!

Hold on!

Don't move!

We got a report of trespassing from this house!

Who called in that report?

Stop it, that hurts!

Let's talk at the station.

There! Catch him! Min, you asshole!

Get those guys!

Let go of me! I have to catch them!

Min! That's him! He's right there!

How does a cop get arrested for trespassing?

If you want to investigate, get a warrant.

So embarrassing.

Embarrassing like shit.

Who's the one stopping me from doing my job?

Did you swear at me?

I can swear too!

You should be ashamed of yourself!

I'm sorry, did I hurt your puny feelings?

Then get me a frigging warrant, do your damn job!

Why are you so upset?

Good job boys, at a station no less.

Let's get back and start this case properly.

What case? It's time to clock out.

Go with the flow, will you?

Check it out, this case is on the fast track...

Scam Loans Are Rampant You slept through a year.

And after some media attention, you wanna go cherry picking?

It's not cherry picking, it's about teamwork.

The Mr. Min you were after do you know what he's up to now?

'One-Line Loan Service.'

Their site is blowing up.

Over 400,000 members.

They're taking any new clients.

How is he doing this?

He wouldn't have the bank data too...

Scam loans that target commercial loan products are growing.

The banks are temporarily suspending their loan services in order to root out the scammers.

Lee Je Boo has the story...

What do we do now?

Secured loans should still be open.

That's going after people's lives.

It's called a 'Dirty Loan.'

Get them to use loansharks, and sell them fake cars, houses then they lose everything to pay back the debt...

We're in the bloodsucking industry what does it matter?

Bloodsucking? We're helping people.

I know, don't talk like that...

Can't we help them by using insurance as collateral?


With car and house loans, they'll lose those but what about insurance?

They're just getting loans with existing insurance.

I don't see a problem here.

Okay, I'll get on it.

You feeling it?

No one can resist her disability.

My mom signed up for insurance.

Mr. Min, a word please?

Get the forms ready.

Let's get to work.

Hyuk Jin, you're his friend, he'll listen to you...

Ki Tae.

I only wanted to do this for a year.

You got a way with words.

I know you can convince him...

What are you doing in my office?

Working, of course.

Min, what's the password?

Well, I can't remember 4-digit passwords...

Wait a minute.

Let's talk.

I like peaceful resolution.

I love peaceful resolutions!

Holy cow!

A new face?

She's got balls.

You're wasted under Min's wings.

We're not that close.

That's not even a threat.

Watch me.

I got it!

I got past it!

I'm an Ivy Leaguer and you're a college dropout!

No contest!

You didn't even graduate, goddamn loser.

Never mind...

One-Line Client List Client list copied.

Bankers select loans for us.

100 percent approval.

How long will you live like a frog in a pond?

Can I come with you?

I can design forms, and collect too.

My sex appeal is quite useful too.

Been a while, Mr. Jang.

Came to convince me to come out of retirement?

I want to help you with your comeback.

You should quit. You got no leads anyway.

You knew it all dried up?

Want a tour of my place?

I'm sick of living in a rat hole because of money.

You're still young, so find another line of work.

This is not a rat hole at all.

The interior is top notch.

Mr. Jang.

You can't come back on your own, you need someone like me by your side.

I want 30 percent of your earnings so far.

30 percent of all my past earnings?

What a load of crap.

Or walk away.

Not yet.

But with all the leads dried up, what exactly can you do?

Sinsung Bank's Sea Loan in January.

Kukje Bank's Hapsi in February.

Dongsu's Hope in March.

Hanuri's Happy Loan in April, et cetera.

These will open up when things die down.

Okay, you get my 30 percent...

But I'm dying to know....

Who's the source?

Evening. Hey.

Take his coat. I'll take that.

We could've skipped since it's raining.

You love rice wine on a rainy day.


Hello, I'm One-Line's Min.

You look so familiar.

You look very young but also so warm that you feel like my father.

How did you raise this snake?

It wasn't me, he raised himself.

New schedule. Thank you.

So that's it.

The Wednesday service.


Mr. Jang, how did you find God?

There are plenty of people who'd love to meet me.

I chose Jang from that batch.

But why him?

He has a knack for making inhumane work feel humane.

Do you know who are the worst in this line of work?


The haves.

They're the worst.


They hide behind their money and do the unimaginable.

Pay us back. We saw you with the money...

I paid my debt when I signed up for insurance.

I paid you the commission too.

No, not that, the principal for the bank...


Why should I pay you what I owe the bank?

Wait, one minute...

I brought this thing along, what this does is.

What are you doing?



I can't give you this, I really can't...

You look like you're old enough to know your shit.

Why are you pouring that! Stop that!

You should only be thinking about paying back if you keep insisting on it, how will I get paid?

Okay, hold on. Give it, asshole!

Here, I'll give you the money...

Take it...

Buddy, don't move...

Sir, I gave him the money, I don't have it!

Please don't do this!

Be quiet! Please!

It's a 15,000 sq ft. lot located near Pangyo.

Since Gangnam is too expensive, people will swarm here...

6,000 units of high-rise apartments to be constructed.

It's the perfect spot for our bank.

That's it.

That has my name on it.

Sorry about the mess.

We had an incident, don't mind that...

Where are the employees?

We can do it alone.

More people means less for us.


What's this?

I need my own space too.

We get clients with the internet.

We have our own site, and it's got 400,000 members.

'One-Line Loan Service.'

Admin: Mr. Song Admin Access

Got played?

I did some insurance loans... Are you nuts?

We left the loansharks out and changed the client's name...

I told you not to touch car, home, or insurance loans.

Honestly, what's so bad about insurance loans?

One can lose his car money or house deposit.

But what do you lose with insurance?

What the hell!

There's no difference between tripping and scaring them into trip.

It's time for you to pull out.

Mr. Jang, it's been a while.

What's this?

Come in.

Why did you move here?

I sent you the money.

You didn't spend anything?

Min Jae...

You can't do this kind of work.

Mom, what I'm doing isn't a bad thing...

I help people who can't get loans I'm like a reasonable broker.

Using poor people's names to get loans and leech off of them.

Do you think they'll live happily ever after?

Why should I care about them?

Min Jae.

Do you think of me when you see the poor?

That's why...

I'm not in a position to think about others.

If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't live like this.

Min Jae.

The way we are now, it's not your fault...

Don't ever think that.

Putting my heart and mind into my headphones I can only lean on my music I found your profile by chance...

You've received a memo I'd like to be your friend, please reply.

I've attached my photo and phone number.

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage What the shit?


One-Line Client List Download

Loan and collection complete

Yes, hello...


Did you call earlier?

Hold on...

Debt Transfer Notice

Mirae Capital bid the highest with $3 million.

They got a great take over plan too.

A site is ready in Pangyo and enough capital too.

Looking at the future outlook giving it to Mirae would be ideal.

But their flow of funding is unclear.

Their capital source is very shady.

I heard the CEO is ex-enforcer for loansharks how can we trust a bank to this person?

We lobbied hard to the board but the bid was rejected because of VC Baek.

He's a financial supervisor with 3 years till retirement.

He won't ever meet us.

Why not be an investor and put someone else as CEO.

This contains all of our transactions.

Ever heard of dashcams?

How do I explain this to you old men?

Let me show you, looks great, eh?

Motherf---ers, recognize yourselves?

Remember what I said?

If I'm not the head, you're all dead, I said that.

Should I bury you all?

Look at me.

If I'm not the CEO... you're all dead!

Got it?


Answer me!


Are you Joo Hee's mother?

Are you here to collect too?


Mirae Capital took everything.

Her will says, the premium should be used to pay the debt.

Where's Joo Hee?

This middle room is wide and the space is eye-level.

The price is $50,000, and there's a 36-month installment plan.

Thank you.

I was worried that I couldn't get my child this.

I'm in the business of helping people.

Sinra Bank top employee, Jang Suk Goo.

You used your real last name...

Developed no. 1 loan programs five years in a row loan results are over $10 million.

Collected loan data and used it for scam loans...

Where's Min?

I'm not sure.

Det. Chun, could you give him a hand?

I don't think he has the balls to touch me.

What about me? Take a look.

You could be offended.

I have an eye for assessing people.

Because it's my job.

Where's Min?

I like peaceful resolutions.

Hold on! Let's talk!

No need to get violent!

Let go! I got it!

Son of a bitch.

Wrap it up.

Where's that goddamn rat Min?

Not every asshole is a goddamn rat.

Even in this line of work, there are good and bad people...

Rats are in a category of their own.

And you're one of the good ones?

I'm the noblest one.

I make inhumane work feel humane.

If you keep this up, I'll mess you up!

Unknown Caller

You got a call! Please answer!

You got a call!


Det. Chun, can we talk outside?

Where are you?

Keep walking and you'll see me.

If you can't find me, I'll hold my hand up.


Looks like your colleagues aren't all that clean.

I wanted to help you catch the crooks.


I think you're mistaking something.

I don't get in bed with thugs.

Come cuff this.

This'd be a perfect chat over drinks, but I can't drink...

It was weird since I was a kid.

I thought I was just a weakling

but this kidney here it's my dad's.

The first transplant failed.

Lost his kidney, and a fortune too...

That should have been it, but my crazy old man gave me his other kidney too.

The second one was a success and his son lives to his fullest but the family structure changed all of sudden.

I took on so many jobs to pay off the debt.

I slept four hours a day, worked 600 hours a month but I couldn't clear the debt, why?

There was no end in sight.

This is how I stumbled upon a job that was meant for me.

I understand... how those with debt feel.

What they're thinking, their desperation.

I used that to succeed in this field.

When I made a ton of money I thought I could escape from this misfortune.

But I couldn't.

I was throwing people into a fire pit so that I could live.

Do you want to catch one man?

Or... clean up this industry?

Why are you in such a hurry?

We still haven't got the other one.

Let's give him a photo op at the prosecutor's office.

I got all the reporters to come there.

Why is taking photos so important?

Photos are the only thing that remains.

What about the rest? Let them go?

We gotta play the media.

All cases have the right time to wrap.

Uncuff yourself.

Hold on tight.

What's he doing?

There, there!


Seriously, what a hassle.

Why do you work like a caveman?

Get going.

What the?


Det. Chun, you okay?

His head is busted, look at him.

He's no joke.

I didn't see him as a violent type.

Which way did he go?


Go, go, hurry!

But he's hurt... Go after him!

Mr. Park is going around collecting bank debt.

He threatens people to pay back he beats them, torches houses, pushes them from the roof.

The ones hiding behind Mirae Capital are Gangnam's Midas Money they're all bankers.

They're VPs of Dongah, Seoul, Chosun banks.

They're working with Park to take over Hanbit Bank.

But the bid was rejected due to one member of the board of directors.

That person is God, Vice Chairman Baek..

What's with this office?

Mr. Jang.

There's something I want to ask you.

Do you really believe that scam loans are helping people?

What are you getting at?

Let's do one last job.

A proper one.

Mr. Jang, look at you...

What happened?

I'll get to the point.

There's someone in the next room.

VC Baek, you know him.

The one who rejected your bid for the savings bank.

You've ignored all my calls, why are you here?

You've been trying to move me with petty change.

He's got a big appetite.

How much?

$5 million.

You live in a fantasy world.

This is far more realistic than you think.

I got a new product, 'Charnel House Loan.'

You know that building going up for your bank?

We'll build a fake charnel house.

People buy charnel houses rather than graves nowadays.

The demand is constant so there's little chance of falling price.

It's a perfect collateral for a loan.

God already created a product.

After this, will you accept the bid?

Don't rush, please line up here.

Welcome, please sit down.

Good afternoon.

It's very hard to get loans from banks, right?


If you get the early bird special on this charnel house we'll help you get loans.

Get a lot for your retirement, and a loan from the bank.

The lot fee...

will be paid in full by Mirae Capital...

So, what do we say to the media?

There'll be something to tell them tomorrow.

What a load of crap, we lost Jang.

You lost him.

We'll just catch a bigger fish.

Mirae Capital is the scummiest bastards around.

They recently started building a charnel house.

Using it as a collateral, they'll get scam loans from three banks tomorrow and I'll go arrest them.

Newly minted $1 and $10 bills will be released next Monday.

But people are already camping outside the Bank of Korea.

Park Mina has the story.

In a few days, new bills will be out.

First time in 24 years.

They're already lining up.

They'll go crazy over these bills.

Putting up tents, sleeping in sleeping bags, it'll be busier than a street market.

That's what money does, it makes people crazy...

Mr. Jang.

This painting, it costs $10 million...

Which means someone will pay $10 million for it.

At first I thought I'd be happy with just $100,000.

But buy a Mercedes and that's it.

So I thought $1 million would be good enough.

But buy a house in Gangnam and that's it.

$1 million.

A small building uptown and that's it.

$10 million?

What do you want to say?

After this job, I'm out.

You were right. About what?

Scam loan.

It's not about helping others.

It's what I wanted to believe.

All ready?

We can leave for the bank now.

You go ahead.

Ms. Hong.

A cup of tea?

Wait, Jang and Min were going to play us?

How dare they think of playing you?

Those bastards, they piss me off...

No need to get worked up.

How could I not? Why am I the only one?

How could you be so calm?

There's common sense...

No need to get worked up.

The prosecutor's coming.

The prosecutor?

Why's he coming here?

I'm about to become a banker.

Even the prosecutor kneels before money.

You really are something.

But your shirt's all wet.

Take it off and get changed...

Go on.

Show your ID and stamp your seal when the bankers arrive...

Easy, eh? Yes!


Stop right there!

Make it look like all scams loans were carried out by Song.

And I'm a falsely accused investor.

Min, Jang, and Baek, arrest them all..

That's how I'll take over Hanbit Bank without a hitch.

Okay, that's good...

Easy to digest for the media.

The report is very concise.

Financial Scam Investigation Report Where are they now?

If I tell you, I get to walk?

Behind our old office, Geumho Complex, second floor.

We got a search warrant.


You're all grown up, even standing up to me...

Remove them.



Loan Application Amount: $1 million It's a large sum.

Not so big for a company of our size.

Our director... has great funding power, and the lot sale is complete...


No need to go in detail, just say I'm good.

Would you like a smoke?

This business is all about pushing forward with conviction.

Graves are much too expensive nowadays.

If your loved ones pass away, we'll hook you up.

You know? Sure.

I'm very close to the vice chairman.

Kang Ji Won Wait, aren't you the CEO of Mirae Capital?

You recognized me.

We've met once before.


I recognized you earlier, but I didn't say anything.

We started this charnel house business.

Phase 1 sale is all done but we need some capital to start the construction.

So I wanted to personally take out some loan.

I'll go make a call.

Sir, it's Choi Jin Ho.

I'm calling about a loan applied by Utopia Charnel House.


Yes, sir...


He asked me to take good care of you.

I told you, we're close...

Mr. Choi, do you like paintings?

Allow me to gift you one.


Stop! That's enough!

It hurts...

Hurts so much!

I'm bleeding...

I think I need to go to the hospital.

Thank you.

CEO: Kang Ji Won Loan Granted

You're all under arrest for...

Where are they?

What happened?

What is it?

Is this made in Italy?

It's made in Korea, asshole.

What the hell are you doing here?

A job.

A job?


Withdrawal complete!

You got played properly today.

How could I not? Why am I the only one who's angry?

How could you be so calm?

There's common sense...


You got to go with a blue shirt. Where's your fashion sense?

Your face is gorgeous with dark eyes, very piercing and sexy...

You know that, right?

That's why blue is the right choice.

It'd be immoral to take attention away from your pretty eyes.

Are you nuts?

You really would look good in a blue shirt...

A real pro.

Bankbook please.

Take this and go to the charnel house.

Ms. Hong, get ready to collect at the bank.

The important thing is continue talking and reel them in slowly.

It's easy.

Calm voice, not too fast.

Just follow this script and the money will pour in...

Wait, got to connect Bluetooth, it's not connected yet.

Yes, what is it?

Loan for Kang Ji Won?

I was going to call you about it too.

All the paperwork should be ready, take good care of him...

He's like a real brother to me.

The HQ is asking for a recommendation to replace me when I retire.

Understand what I'm saying?

I never forget a favor.

Now, time for you two to get paid.

Mr. Kang, bad news, our office got raided.

You were after my money?

That would be too petty...

Your corporate account...

Mr. Jang has it now.

How did you forge this corporate bankbook?

The font is their custom font.

I copied one by one...

We took out some loans under your name.

You put people under a pile of debt, threatened them, then pushed them over the edge.

I want you to experience that too.

The amount is quite something...

$1 million from three banks so about $3 million?

Mirae Capital CEO Kang Ji Won you're under arrest for fraud and embezzlement...

This way! Over here!

You son of a bitch!


Move it, asshole!

Move it!

Get out! Get the hell out!

You're laughing?


Am I funny?

Kang Ji Won.

You're so f---ed.

Get out.

You drive recklessly.

Doesn't that luxury car have any airbags?

Mr. Min, you think you're better than me?

Not at all, dipshit.

But you and I are cut from a different cloth.

You look like a criminal.

See you soon.

Enough of a standoff.

Hey, I got a pair of cuffs for you too.

But shouldn't Mr. Jang come along too?

I got a call.

Mr. Jang..

It's Min, where are you?

I won't get played.

Hang up and get out...

Damn it!

Hey, hey!

Where is everyone? Stop the black Grandeur!

It's heading back, don't let him get away!

Those assholes, I'll really mess you up!

There's another above ground elevator!

Come down to the basement and keep an eye on it!

Damn it.

Do you admit to your charges?

Any words to your victims?

Come on!

Come on, asshole!


Bring him over!

What do we do with all this money?

20 large per person for retirement.

And the remaining $2 million?

One-Line Client List

This is the last stop?

You should take this, Mr. Jang.

The boss should end it.

You can't play me like this...

Go on now.

How dare you mess with your elders.

Go on, we're waiting...

You said what we're doing is helping people.

WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY Yang Kyung Mo Yim Si Wan Jin Goo Park Byung Eun