One Missed Call (2003) Script

Kadokawa-daiei/nippon television network dentsu/s.D.P present a kadokawa-daiei production

General producer: Kazuo kuro created by yasushi akimoto written by miwako daira one missed call kou shibasaki shinichi tsutsumi kazue fukiishi yutaka matsushige goro kishitani renji ishibashi directed by takashi miike

It's true. No way.

Really. She's scared of peepholes.

Why? It's no use asking me.


Yumi... Why the phobia about peepholes?

It's nothing. She's exaggerating. Liar.

When we had an eye exam, you wouldn't look in the eye scope.

Said she might see something scary.

Probably some trauma.

Phobias come from what we can't forget.

A friend of mine...

He lives in an apartment where a guy killed himself.

The other day...

When he was washing his hair, he felt someone behind him.

When he turned around...

Resting on his shoulder...

Was a bony, white arm.


Why the dress?

A friend from high school just died.

Hey... Hmm?

April 16th, 9:44 pm how did your friend die?

While she was swimming, she got separated from the group and drowned.

They say it's a horrible death.

She had an awful look on her face.

Yoko, phone.

That's not my ringtone.

But it's your phone.

Who is it?

Doesn't say. Just a cell phone number.

One missed call

What's going on?

What's wrong?

It's my own cell number.

Retrieving message

you have one new message.

First message:

Left April 18th at 11:04 pm.

Oh, no, it's raining.

Oh, no, it's raining.

How come?

What? Isn't the 18th the day after tomorrow?

That's your voice. Don't be stupid. That's impossible.

Is your boyfriend playing a prank?

If I had one, I wouldn't be here.

Hey, next weekend let's go to the lake.

A friend of mine has an inn. Good idea.

Let's go, let's go. I'll arrange it. Here's my number.


Where's my cell?

Yumi, you too. Yumi, come on.

What are you doing?


You're not very friendly.

That stiff is coming to the police morgue.

Something fishy about the cause of death.

So, Mr. "funeral director"...

Your sister's name was ritsuko, right?

Children thought to have been abused...

Often display the following symptoms.

For example...

Suddenly hitting other kids...

Aggressive or violent behavior...

Introducing child psychology such kids target weaker kids in order to gain attention...

Shun. I can't make our date.

Are you dumping him?

Don't you think kenji is cool?

Kenji's more my type.

Kids smaller or more vulnerable.

Hey, you.

You, in the purple!

What's this lecture about?

Abuse spawns more abuse...

Yeah, basically.

We'll look at case studies next week.

I'm off to work.

See you later.

She's on cloud nine.

What's up?


Hello. Yumi?

Let's go shopping tomorrow. What?

There's a swimsuit sale.

Kenji likes the beach, so I want to wear something cute.

Sure, I guess.

Where are you?

What? I can't hear you.

What's this?

Yumi, can you hear me?


Yoko wasn't that message today at 11:04 pm?

What message?

Sorry, I can't hear you.

What? What did you say?

Oh, no, it's raining.

Oh, no, it's raining.



Yoko, what's wrong?



What are you doing?

I heard that she didn't die right away.

She lost an arm and a leg but was still conscious.

She clung to the guard and begged for help.

No way.

I knew it. Murdered just like the other girl.

What do you mean, "murdered"?

Please tell me.

She got the call too, right?

From her own number.

So what?

A warning of her own death.


Rina got the same call.

Rina? The girl who drowned?

Rina was killed. Then it went from her phone to yoko's.

"Killed"? Do you know who did it?

They say it's some woman who died full of hate.

She gets you through the phone.

And then, she goes through the numbers on the cell phone of the dead person, and that's how she goes from one victim to the next.

You should screen your calls.

Let's go.

Yoko's dead.

April 21st, 3:28 pm three days ago. A train accident.

That prank call thing?


Same day, same time, same words as that message.

It's weird, right?

But they're calling it suicide.

This isn't my voice, is it?

One new message.

Left April 21st, 3:34 pm.

Shit. I completely forgot...

I mean...

It just doesn't make sense!

Today's the 21st.

In two minutes.

It's stupid!

Is this some kind of set-up?

You're all trying to trick me, right?

No, kenji, we're not trying to...

It's all a big joke, huh?

Pretty fucking mean.

You nearly got me believing it.

Hey, kenji!


What about our study group?

You called the meeting.

Shit. I completely forgot.

What's wrong?

It's not an investigation, just a few questions.

His friend saw him fall down the shaft.

She's wrong.

I told your colleague, too, but they both got this phone call, and...

Yoko okazaki threw herself at the train.

We've got witnesses.

If that isn't suicide, what is?

I don't know, but...

Maybe she was high?


There's a reason for everything.

No death is unexplainable.

Something's happening beyond normal understanding.

Is that so?

Thanks for your input.

It's just like those girls said.

First yoko's cell, then kenji's...

Think about it. His number was in her contacts.

And in his contacts.

Are our numbers.

It's an old boyfriend.



It's the same ringtone as before.

Not mine.


One missed call

But the power was off.

April 23rd.

The day after tomorrow?

April 23rd 10:39 pm natsumi konishi


What's going on?

We don't really believe it, but, you know...

I told megumi about it.

Don't worry, it's just a rumor.

You'll be fine.

Erase your number, too.

Go ahead, I know you all want to.

Sorry. Just in case.

Delete mine, too.

Mine too!



Here's the cancellation contract. Fill it out, please.


Will you keep the phone?

Throw it away.

Yes, please.

Certainly. Rest assured we'll erase all the data.

Start filming, let's go.

Which one's natsumi konishi?

Miss konishi?

You're the girl who got the call? Leave us alone.

We got a medium on our show who can do an exorcism.

Exorcism? There's hardly any time left.

Let's go. Excuse us, please.

Hold on, wait. Show us the phone, at least.

I cancelled it. Really?

Give her yours.

Your phone, quick.

Hold this, go on.

Miss konishi, this is the actual phone, right?

What are you talking about?

Stop it, please.

Natsumi konishi one missed call

What's going on?

Stop for a second.

This is serious.

It might be for real.

You should talk to our guy. Come with us, at least.

He'll help. He's famous for exorcisms.

He'll figure something out. Let's go.

Let's head back. Natsumi!

Let her go!


I'm going.

I don't want to end up like them.

Let's go. Go first and film us leaving.

Forgive me.


If you know something, tell me.

Otherwise she's next!

The date and time of the call?

Tomorrow. 10:39 pm.

That's yoko's.

How come?

11:04 pm.

One minute later there was a call from this phone.

How on earth?

She made a call? Impossible.

Her arm was completely severed.

It was far away from her body.

Then who...? Who made the call?

The same number?

Whose is it? Try it.

The number you dialed is no longer in service.

Please check the number and dial again.

Whose phone is it? My sister's.

Six months ago, she got a call from her own cell phone.

Three days later, there was a fire.

Candy? Yeah.

Why candy? I don't know.

When they got to her, she was still alive.

Terribly burned, but still conscious.

The doctor said it was a miracle.

I didn't agree. Why couldn't she go in peace?

Kagami hospital that's the old number before we moved. It was for emergencies.

When was the move?

Five months ago.

Did you have a patient? Her name is yoko okazaki.

After you called, I looked it up, but there's nothing in our records.

You've got a call.

Please excuse me.

Why the call to this hospital?

Tomorrow, 10:39 pm, witness one of the most shocking moments on TV.

A special live broadcast: The co-Ed's death foretold.

Learn the secrets behind the series of bizarre deaths.

She got the most recent call.

What on earth does fate have in store for her?

Is it life or is it death? Can our team protect her?

I'm going to see her.

That sound

and another one.

Okay, breathe in, out.

Okay, breathe in, out.

I heard this noise in the elevator before kenji fell.

Asthma patients, you say?

I figured you'd be able to tell.

That hospital's sent us bodies for a year now.


Yellow all over.


Even the eyeballs.

A tough way to go.

Swollen left leg, bad heart. You die bit by bit.

It's gradual, but you lose consciousness quick.

An accident.

A car wreck.

Sorry. It's not pretty.


What's this one?

What about her?

Mimiko mizunuma, age 10, asthma attack.

Marie mizunuma.

That's her mother's name.

Can I use your phone?

Do you know her address?

I do, but no one's there.

It was just her and the kids.

After the death, she vanished.

I never got paid for the funeral.


You've reached the mizunuma's residence.

We can't come to the phone now...

It's always voice mail.

Just in case...

I'll put you on file.

Hello, natsumi?

Long time, no see.

Do you know anyone called mizunuma?

What? That's airing tomorrow.

Check this over.

If not, don't worry.

I don't think you should goon TV.

Bring him in earlier, then.

And check the set. He always complains.

Do you really believe in that medium?

No way, not now. Will you take the blame?

What can you do for me?


That looks good.

Maybe too bright. I've got to go.

Something darker.

Natsumi, wait!


It's my sister's notebook.

She worked at a child guidance clinic.

July 18th, mimiko mizunuma, asthma attack.

July 21st, nanako mizunuma, ingested thumbtacks.

That's her kid sister.

Mimiko, asthma attack.

July 26th, nanako, burns on upper thigh.

July 30th, nanako, pesticide in right eye.

Taken to er at kagami hospital, nine events in July alone.


No, I can't come in tomorrow either.

In that case, I'll resign.

I'm fired.

Child guidance clinic so, Mrs. mizunuma abused her own daughters.

Probably. But it wasn't deemed abuse.

After all those visits? Why not?

Nanako's illness and injuries were frequent, but nothing was hidden.

There was always a call from the mother or mimiko.

Also, by all accounts, the mother gave devoted care, up at all hours.

Munchausen syndrome by proxy?

You're well informed.

That's what ritsuko suspected.

What's that?

Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

A mental illness. Making a healthy child ill, on purpose.

Why on earth would she do that?

To fulfil a need for attention.

A devoted mother caring for a sick child gets respect, sympathy and praise.

So, you make your kid ill?

Abuse in early childhood is one cause.

There's a rumor that she stood by, doing nothing, during mimiko's fatal asthma attack.

Poor mimiko.

She was so good with her sister.

Isn't this weird?


You can see more of the face now.

The police don't have time to chase culprits for crimes yet to happen.

But natsumi might be killed. Is that right?

I told you they wouldn't help. What's that?

If they'd investigated my sister's death, there'd be no more victims.

What do you mean?

They all had candies in their mouths, right?

They're all victims of the same crime!

Stop playing the cop and mind your own business.

Want a candy?

I'll go to the studio alone. What?

Go cancel your phone. Stay away.

But natsumi...

If you're scared, go to your parents.

I haven't been back there...

Since I left high school.

I'm coming with you. Hey!

Trust me, you'll be fine.

Excuse us.

You'll be okay. Pull yourself together.

Put a mic on her.


No entry to outsiders. Security, take care of it.

Natsumi, come with me.

One minute to air! Natsumi, wait!

Excuse us.


One minute left. Camera four, camera two, one minute.

Here she is.

Everybody ready?

Stand here, please.

Thirty seconds to go!

No, I'm busy now.

Ten seconds away. Nine, eight, seven, six...

Five, four, three, two, one...

The time is already upon us.

Viewers, what would you do, warned of your own death, in your own voice?

Tonight we investigate the death warnings that have shocked the world.

We bring you a special live broadcast.

A young student, forewarned of her death...

Tonight, April 23rd, 10:39 pm.

In only 38 minutes.

Psychic researcher, masakazu hirayama.

Dr. Akira isobe...

Aren't you going to watch?

Tell me if you see a monster.

I wonder...

What kind of cop are you?

The recipient of the call, natsumi konishi.

Over here, please.

Can you talk?

We have a lot to discuss.

I et me cut to the chase.

You recently lost two friends?

Yes. That's correct. Okay.

Both events have one thing in common.

They had calls from their own cell phones.

That's correct, too, yes?

The calls came from the future...

She's great on camera.

It's too elaborate fo be a hoax.

In your case, it wasn't a message...

But these images...

Were sent.

Start playback.

I went out drinking with her a few times.

Surprised? Sure...

To have two people from your college die...

Often, communication between people...

A psychologist would say that, but this is a matter of the spirit world.

Why can't you understand?

With less than fifteen minutes left...

What on earth will happen to her?

Join us after the break.

And, five, four, three, two, one...

We're into the break.

Very nice.

I messed up. You were fine.

Our distinguished guest now joins us.

Please begin.

I knew about this before.

Five years ago, I caught a fever.

I met you then.

You were holding a parasol, crying.

I'm completely on my own.

Aren't you going too far?

It's nothing to do with us.

No! You can't go in!


Let me go!

Go to commercials!

No! Hold off! Don't go to commercials!

Keep going, okay?



Come on! Let's go!

Let me take you.

Yumi Nakamura

You have one new message.

Left on April 24th at 7:13 pm.



Get some rest.

Call your friends.

Have them come over.

I'll wait for them.

I et's have a drink.

Can I have a beer?

Tomorrow, we'll... Everything's useless.

There's no escape.

This time tomorrow, I'll end up like her.

Don't give up.

What can we do in sixteen hours?

What are those marks?

Have you...?

Did your parents do that?

My mother.

Didn't your dad stop her?

He was hardly at home.

Grandma tried to protect me, but...


Go get grandma.



I'm sorry.

I ook!

What is it? What's up? Are you okay?

Are you okay? Hey!


It's okay.

I'm sorry.

They vanished. They left all their stuff.

It's such a nuisance.

Return it when you're done. Okay.

Leave your shoes on. We'll redo the floor.

Marie, mimiko, nanako mizunuma

I ook.

"As of November 23rd, "we're shutting off your cell phone service."

How come there's voice mail?

Where's it connecting to?


Go on home, get some sleep. I'll take care of the rest.

Musashino foster care

That's her.

Nanako where's your mom?

Nanako? She doesn't speak.

It's not congenital.

Maybe it's because of the abuse.

Is Mr. bear sick again?

Any word from the mother?

Not once in six months.

That tune...

It's from a kids' TV show.

Where's your mother? Do you really not know?

I'm sorry.

That was wrong.

I understand.

Any idea where she might have gone?

Most of her spare time she spent at the hospital.

She knew the old place better than the younger nurses.

What's on the old site now?


It's not been demolished yet.

It's me.

I told you to go home.

I can't bear to do nothing.

The old hospital is still there.

I'm going to see it.

Wait, I'll go.

The address?

Got it. You go home.

But... 1'l.

I'll be with you when the time comes.

Will you be okay?

See you later.

Thank you for your help.

April 24th, 6:49 pm

kagami hospital





Incoming: Yumi Nakamura


Yumi, it's Mel

are you okay?

Let's get out of here.

You'll die...

In 56 seconds.

55 seconds.





Dialing: Yumi Nakamura

It's her cell phone.



It's over.

It's okay now.

It's probably her body.

Better not to look.

She wanted to be found.





Dear brother?


Dear brother...

There's a separate sky for every one of us.

Mother, I understand.

I won't run away.

I'll be a good girl.

I'll stay with you.

I'll be right here.

I'll be a good girl.

She's been dead about six months.

This cell phone had all the victims' numbers in it.

We contacted the daughter's institution.

The principal has something to show you.


Would you come with us?

But... We'll get her home safe.

This way.

Hope this... was hidden in her things.

Where's that?

Her apartment.

Don't worry.

I'll get you to the hospital.

Sorry, I'm late.

So it was you... all along.

It wasn't your mom who hurt you...

But your big sister, right?

Answer me.

But she always gave me candy.

"Get well soon," she'd say.

Mama, I can't breathe!

It wasn't Marie who killed them. It was mimiko.

What do you mean?

Maybe be the mother was the first victim.

Mimiko accessed her mother's cell phone.

Hang on, that's impossible.

I can't get through to yumi. Send someone quick.




It's Mel yumi, are you okay?

Yumi, are you okay?

Yumi, are you okay?

Yumi, are you okay?


Yumi, are you okay?

Yumi, are you okay?






What's wrong?

Where's mimiko?

So, you're okay?

You're really okay?

I'm so glad.

I'll get you... to the hospital.

I always believed there was but one sky

Then why is it so different when I look with my heart?

A heartrending shadow is cast forever on our love though blind to the future I take the road not marked on any map goodbye, my love, I'll miss you goodbye, my love, till next time goodbye, my love, till fate reunites there'll be a new sky somewhere belonging to loneliness

Goodbye, my love, we part goodbye, my love, walk away goodbye, my love. I can't help but turn my head our footsteps continue under separate skies directed by takashi miike