One of the Good Ones (2019) Script

I heard this poem once.

No one sees life beyond the sunset.

Everyone stares as the sun goes down.

If you stay there, wait a little longer, the sun comes back up but no one is around.

No one is around.

Oh, cap's on it.

Oh my God.

Santa Monica pier!

Not that close. Come on.

Let me look.

Oh, wow.

No one should be watching this. Turn this off if you're watching this.

Everyone is gonna see this.

Oh Marilyn!

Hello. You are so pretty.

You are so pretty.

Okay, enough.

I just found out we're not getting married.

Oh, man. It kind of is breaking my heart.

At least it has been documented.

It's a good thing.

Not now.

Okay, all right.

I'm actually full. I don't need to eat that.

Do you wanna get a milkshake though?


You want to get a milkshake? Yeah.

Will you split it with me? I don't want milkshake.

I'll watch you... No.

All right.

You filming yourself? No, I mean I'm filming myself so when I'm gone you can watch this. Oh my God.

And you can think I'm cute.

Just minutes on minutes on minutes and he's smiling at the camera. She's doing it again.

Hi, Sammy.

When I'm back home, you can watch this when you miss me and you can be happy.

I don't even wanna try anymore.

Then get a dating app.

No, absolutely not. I'm downloading it.

No! Oh my God, Megan. No, stop. Stop, stop.


And the password.

Password should be Megan the moron.

Okay. I'm actually gonna do that.

Okay, good.

And then pick top three hot photos of you.

Easy. Got it. We can make it five then.

All right. Okay, okay.

Oh my God.


Oh my God.

Look at this kid.

He's cute.

See? You can thank me later.

I guess this could be fun.


Oh, hey.

You said not really the phone call type so I thought maybe Facetime.

Facetime is like the third basic communication.

What are you doing?

I'm not really doing anything.

You look gorgeous.

So do you.

Well, I'm only kind of couple more days and I'm thinking that we should hang.

Oh, are we hanging? Yeah.

We'll see.

Well, I did want to call you and talk to you about something before we did hang out.

Okay, like what?

Like what I'm doing in town.

I think I know.

You do?

I mean no one under the age of 35 lives in Malibu for a few months.

It's got to be like some kind of rehab.

Am I right? Smart girl. Very smart girl.

Thank you. But, technically, it's not a rehab.

It's a sober living facility.

Okay? What's the difference?

Well, a rehab is like super intense 24-hour, no margarine, there is no contact with the outside worlds.

But, you know, rehab, like, or a sober living facility, little more accountability based.

Still lot of rules but, technically, I can leave to hang out with somebody.

That is if you still want to. I don't know if it's like a turnoff or whatever.

Oh my God, it's 3:30, how did that happen?

Wow, we've been talking for a long time.


Well, I should go.

I have work tomorrow.

Yeah, I better get some sleep, too.


Text me when you wake up.


Okay, just text me whenever you want tomorrow.

Okay, I will.

Goodnight, Sammy. Goodnight.



Hey, JJ.

Who are you talking to? Hey, Mr. Carroll.

Hey, come on, it's Billy.

Everybody can see you smiling. Look at that smile.

I can see you smiling from four blocks down.

Now who is it? I'm talking to my mother.

Okay. Well, look at... let me look at mom.


Mommy's cute.

What was she, two years old when she had you or what?

Yeah, actually it was a modern miracle.

Well, you are a modern miracle.

You know it's a wonder how you ever ended up here.

Yeah, yeah. You ever think about that?

All the time.

Yeah? I'm almost done actually. So, I'm excited about that.

Yeah. I'm proud of you.


Let's walk. Okay.

I don't see you walking.

I'm walking.

Come on. I'm walking.

Regarding Jake, there's a new assistant counselor.


I'm getting some word back that you've been... you've been taking advantage of his newness.

I don't know about advantage.

It's a strong word. Uh-huh.

Oh beautiful, isn't it? Yeah.

How you feel?

I feel good. Yeah. I feel good.

Almost made it to the end.

You pushed through, JJ. You pushed through like you meant business. I am proud of you for that.

Thank you. I am.

I appreciate that, Billy.

The court back home reached out to me.

They want my opinion on your progress.

I told them... I told them you're doing better.

Thank you. I... Yeah.

I appreciate it. I mean-

I also told them you're not ready for custody, yet.

Wait? What? JJ-just need-

You're keeping my kid from me? need a little more time.

No, no, Billy, Billy... I'm thinking about your daughter.

I'm thinking about Lexi. I've been here over five months, man.

I'm thinking about her, okay? She needs a dad that's a hundred percent.

And I want you... I am a hundred percent.

That's why I'm here. A hundred percent fully at the end of this.

That's why I'm here, Billy.

Okay, okay, just a little more time.

Come here.

Forget it.

Wake up! Wake up!

How about you come home with me? You can meet my daughter.

Lexi would love you.

You wanna meet her?


Hey, mom.

I'm okay.

It's just this... I guess they told the courts I'm not ready for custody.

Where... where did they tell her I am? On vacation?

She said she wants to be with me on vacation?

That's really... that's really sweet.

No, I tried calling but she won't let me talk to her.

No, she won't even let me talk to her on the phone.

No, it's... it's... it's like for nothing.

If I came out here for Lexi and then I can't even see her.

I just want to be done.

Like with all of this, I just want to be done.


Yes, I promise.

I promise I will try and have some fun.


I love you, too.

All right.


Sam, look at this- Hey.

It's cute, right? Yeah, it's really cute.

What size is that?

A small.

You should put on hold for yourself.

Right? I'll put it on hold for later.

Yeah, yeah.

So, I'm going out with that guy tonight.

Amazing! Where you guys gonna hang? I don't know yet.

But I wanna ask you a quick question.


So JJ is in rehab and... He's in rehab?

Well, it's not a real rehab it's like a sober living facility.

But I didn't want to tell you because I knew you'd freak out like you are right now.

I'm not freaking out.

Kind of.

You kind of are.

Okay, okay, I'm not.

Um, do you think that it would be okay for me to get a drink with him or is it like bad because he's going to rehab?

Why do you want to hang with a guy in rehab if you can just meet another guy?

'Cause it's literally perfect.

He's just gonna be here a few days, we'll have some fun and then he's gone.

It's nothing serious.

He's perfect.

That's either brilliant or twisted.

Thank you.


Hey. How are you? Good.

How are you? Good.

Do you want to get in and we can go? I don't think so.

What? I want you to get out of the car and hug me.

What? Oh my God, no, just get in the car.

I'm not getting in till you get out and hug me.

No! Just get in the car! You wanna go? Cool. Come on.

Oh my God.


Feel good? Yes.

Should we go? Yeah, we can go.

Okay, great. Let's go.

Are you hungry? Where are we going? Yeah.

Okay, do you like sushi? No, I hate it.

What? Really? It's my favorite.

I think it's so gross.

I don't think this is gonna work.

Yeah. Me either.

Just pull over, I can just hop off now. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'm kidding. Go. Go, go, go. You can go wherever you want.

Okay, perfect.

You look beautiful.

Even better than your profile.

Really? Yeah, you can't always say that for people.

Some people... Yeah.

You see their profile and you meet them in person, it's like-

They catfish you.

Do you feel like I... I live up to my photos? Absolutely.


Oh, you?

Yes, me. Oh, oh, we're not talking about me anymore.


You think you live up to your own photos? Wow.

Yeah. Wow.

No. Someone is a little stuck up.

I like your tattoo.

Mm. Don't look at it.

Why? 'Cause I don't like to show people.

Now why would you get a tattoo, something that's gonna be on your body probably forever, and you don't want anyone to see it?

'Cause I got it when I was seventeen and it's really dumb and I want to get it removed.

Okay, fair enough.

Do you have any tattoos? Yeah, I got a couple.

Show me.

Oh, cool.

I actually want to get a lip tattoo.

Yeah? I heard that those wear off after a while.

That's what they say. I've had them on like six years.

Did it hurt? A little, but I can handle it.

Mm-Hm. Yeah.

I wanted to get another one while I was in town but just didn't get a chance.

How you've been so far?

Six-month program and I'm... I'm almost done, so about that long.

Has it been difficult, the program?

Uh, yeah.

Yeah, it has in some ways.

But I wanted to do it.


I got a daughter at home.

Really? Yeah.

Wow. Is that weird?

That's cool. I have some friends that have kids.

Yeah. I'm gonna be that dad right now and I'm gonna show you a picture.

I would love to see a picture. All right.

Gosh, she's beautiful! Yeah, right?

Yes. What's her name? Lexi.

She's so beautiful.

That girl... little girl's my princess.


I miss her so much.

So is her mom still on the picture?

Wait, you're not married or something, are you? No.

No, no, no.


Lexi's mom and I haven't been together in a long time.

We're friends though.

Do you guys think you'll ever get back together? Nah.

I think we're better as friends than when we're together.

That's good, for Lexi at least.

My parents separated when I was really young.

Was hard on me but you get over it.

You have any siblings? Nope.

Only child right here. Okay.

That explains a lot.

Rude. Yeah, it does.

I'm just teasing.

I have a big family though.

Yeah? You close with them?

Yeah, super close to my siblings, really close to my mom.

You close with your parents? Yeah.

Actually I'm really close with my dad.

Was really hard on him when I moved out here on my own.

He wants me to move back and work for him.

He does investment banking.


You gonna do it? I don't think so.

I don't know. I don't really know what I want to do.

Well, if you could do anything in the world what would you want to do?

I don't know.

Anything in the world.

I want to do a lot of things.

It's hard to say these days, you know? What's hard about that?

Figuring out what you want to do with your life.

Like, think about it... our great-grandparents never had dreams of being millionaires.

I mean they just worked a really hard job they hated to put food on the table, to provide a better life for their children.

Then our grandparents just wanted to make enough so that their kids, our parents, could go to college and be doctors or lawyers or engineers and they did.

And then we come along and our parents tell us that we can do anything we dream of, which is a lie, but we believe them and we try and fail at doing these things we think we're good at but never actually get any work ethic or drive, never becoming functioning members of society.

And then internet and social media comes along and people are creating websites and apps and becoming the youngest billionaires of all time.

People on reality stars make millions of dollars for being themselves on TV.

And suddenly we all feel like if we are thirty and don't have a few mil in the bank then we're a failure.

I mean our grandparents would have never even dreamed of being millionaires by thirty, maybe not even ever.

But for us that's the norm. I mean that kind of pressure is ridiculous.

So, no, I have no idea what I want to do.

I'm just working retail right now.

Feels like such a dead end.

Make enough money at this cool store to pay rent in LA? It's expensive out here.

Well, my dad helps.

A lot.

Kind of pays my rent.

I know how it is. My mom helps out with my daughter a lot.

I'm gonna order another drink.

Okay. You do that. I'm gonna go to the bathroom.

Okay. All right?

All right.

You good? All right. Yes.

I don't want to talk about this right now.

No, we... we don't have anything to talk about.


I... I don't have an attitude.

Do not bring my daughter into this!

No, I'm not drinking.

Dude, I'm... I'm done talking. I'm done.

They say when you drink tequila at the bottom of the drink you can see your future.

Future? You know palm reading?

Yeah, that looks not good. So, uh...

You're embarrassing me.

We are in public.

It's gonna happen tonight.

What's gonna happen? What?

What? You know.

We need... we need another round.

This is great. I know.

I like this.

You look like you want to get out of here.


What do you want to do?

We can go somewhere else or we can go back to my place for a drink.

But if I go back to your place, how am I gonna get back later tonight?

You can spend the night if you want.


You realize if I spend the night, they are gonna kick me out, right?

Don't do that. No. I don't care.

Do not get kicked out because of me. I don't care.

Look, I only have three days left, okay?

All I have is a couple of interviews and grabbing my bags.


No, you should finish.

I already did my time.

Unless you just don't want me to come over. No, I do. I just-

You promise? Yes.

There is one small problem.

If they kick me out I want to have a place to stay next three days.

That's fine.



On the couch.

On the couch.

You know how to use that thing?

No, not really. Just saw over there. It's helpful.

Yeah, let me see it.

So this camera actually takes thirty five-millimeter film.


Yeah, you let it here in the back, you only get thirty-six exposures per roll.

I mean thirty-six photos? Yeah.

Okay. Like with digital you can take as many photos as you want.

I've done that before.

I know how that one works.

So look in there.

Okay. And do you see the light meter on the right? No.

Like the numbers on the side? Yeah, yeah, I see the numbers.

So that's a light meter. Okay.

Now you press down on this button. It will show you what to set the aperture to.

This is 2.8. Okay, perfect.

So I'll move it to 2.8.



Now look through in focus and then shoot.

Did you cock that back?

Okay, here, let me see.


No, no. Come on, come on.

No. No, no, no, no, no. Let me take one-

Let me just take one. No.

Be careful! No. Relax.

Just relax.

You're bad.

Remember, I totally wanna do this.


That's great. It better be.

That better be beautiful.

JJ, it's Billy.

I want to talk through some of the stuff we talked through earlier.

Give me a call, please.

Hey, you need to call me right now.

Look, I'm trying to cover for you, man.

You're gonna throw all this away.

You're better than this.

Call me right now.

So I'm officially kicked out.

Damn. Sorry.

It's not your fault.

So here's my house key.

If you want to go get food or something.

I don't think there's really anything to eat in the fridge, but help yourself to whatever.


And feel free to text me or call me or whatever.



You're not gonna steal my stuff and go sell it on Craigslist, are you?

No, actually, your Harry Potter books and that gorgeous painting of Miami Beach are gonna be just fine.

Oh, you can actually sell the painting, I've never really liked it anyway.

We'll have to split the profits.

Oh yeah? Now what are we gonna do with all that money? I don't know.



Well, I gotta go to work. So, goodbye.

Bye, dude.

Bye, dude.

Hey, I can't come in today.

Oh, hey. Hi.

You forget something? No, they had extra cover.

They didn't need me come in today.


Yeah. What do you wanna do today?

I'm down for whatever.

Want to go see a movie?


So anything you want to see?

I don't know. It's what's live. Okay.

Hey, do you mind if we go by the rehab and pick up my stuff?

Yeah, sure, we can go to the movies on the way back.

Did you go through my stuff?

I just was brushing my teeth and I saw them in the drawer.

I didn't take any.


Do you... do you take those? No, honestly, I forgot that they were even in here.

Are you mad at me?


Why would I be mad at you? I don't know, I just feel weird.

I get that.

I've had a lot of weird moments with the family over the years.

There's a time when nobody trusted me, not even my own mom.

I'll throw them away.

You don't have to do that.

Well, what should I do?

If I wanted to, I could have somebody here with pills in less than thirty minutes.

But it's just not how I want to be anymore.

It's not me.

I think you can put them back in the drawer, just leave them.

You can even count them if you want.

Are you sure?

Do you trust me?


Ah, shit.

Hi, man. Hey, bud.

You know I think you're making a mistake here.

You guys are the ones who kicked me out, remember?

If you'd come back last night like I told you to, we could have figured it out.

Yeah, it's too late now. No, it's not too late.

My God, JJ, you got a lot of good in you.

You wanna throw it all away for this? You know maybe I should meet her.

No. No, no. You know, just one...

You don't need to meet anybody. I just want-

You don't need to meet anybody. I just want to-

Relax. Relax.

You just want to introduce myself and you think I'm gonna embarrass you, don't you?

No, you are embarrassing me. Listen, listen...

I'm talking low, you're talking loud.

Okay? Okay. She hears you, she doesn't hear me.

Listen, listen. Yeah, go ahead.

What? I'm just gonna spend my last couple of days with her.


I'm gonna go home.

Yeah? And I'm gonna be fine, okay?

Okay. Thank you.

And do you think you could hang on your sobriety with that and you think you can get Lexi back? I'm fine.

Yeah, oh I know you're fine. Thank you. Thank you for everything. Thank you.

I still believe in you, JJ.

All right.


What was all that about? Nothing. Let's go.


You good?

Is that what you're wearing? Wow.

Where are we going? We're going out.

Do you want me to change? No, I think you look great.

You can wear whatever you want. Thanks.

Let's go.


Here you go, guys. Thank you, man.

You're out here making some fans.

Too soon. Sorry.

Too soon quite literally. You wanna cheers to that?

Yeah. Cheers to that. You're leaving soon.

Too soon.

We'll start off easy.

Okay? Mm-Hm.

What's your favorite color? Yellow.

Favorite movie? Hmm,

10 Things I Hate About You.

Good one.

Thank you.

Do you believe in true love? Wow, that escalated quickly.

Well do you like that there's only one person out there just for you?

Not really.

Do you?

I used to.

My grandma always told me that you have three great loves in your life and that they all teach you something.


How many have you had? Just one I think.

You think? I feel like there's something you should know about it if you've had it, right?

You care to share? No.

No? Okay.

We can move on. Thank you.

What is your greatest fear? Good one. Um...

Probably drowning.

So dying a slow death? No, just death in general.

So you're afraid to die? No.

I guess just what comes after death, just nothingness, you're just gone.

Yeah, people cry for a day or two but, eventually, you're forgotten like you're never even there.

I take it you don't believe in heaven then.

Oh, I think heaven was invented by hurt people hoping that their loved ones are still out there somewhere that they'll see them again someday.

But I could be wrong. Hopefully.

Who knows?

Wanna play pool?

So what you wanna do today? I wanna see L.A.

Okay. What do you want to see? I wanna see the Hollywood sign.

Oh, maybe one of those star tours, you can see the famous people's houses.


Come on, be a tourist with me today.

Ah. Please be a tourist with me today.

Ah. Please be a tourist with me today.


Yeah! Oh my God!

Reporting live from the scene right now.

Looks like there has been a volcano eruption--What? on observatory... Start over.


Shall I move my hair? No, I like it.

There you go.

Let me tie it.


You just don't look like an addict.

What? To me.

I don't look like a drug addict? Yeah.

Is that offensive about that?

What does a drug addict look like? You really want to look like a drug addict? Well, what does that look like?

I don't know. You just don't look like it to me.

What does a drug addict look like? I don't know.

Do you mean like a face tattoo?

Said the tourist.

JJ, say something funny.

Um... It's not funny.

I can't think of anything.

Somebody left their shoe.

Just too bad, you know.

You don't appreciate anything anymore.

There she is.

Okay, put it away.


This is actually scary!

What are you getting? Smells nice.

There's good oakiness to it. Um, yeah, earthy tone.

Maybe some... Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah!


Were you popular in high school? Very.

Were you really? Were you not?


it's hard to say.

I just feel like I was friends with, like, a lot of different groups of people.


But I guess like my group of friends would have been considered like the burnouts, you know.

Like we were invited to the parties, but we just never went.

We like just did our own thing.

So that's like kind of cooler than being popular, right?

I guess it depends who you ask.

If you ask yourself, I guess, yeah.

I'm asking you, so what's the answer? I don't know.

I think you're pretty cool. Thank you.

Mm-hm. That's all I need to hear.

Well, there you go.

I love this movie. I've seen this movie so many times.

Never gets old.

No, never.

Just so good.

I have a crush on him.

I did. Yeah?

In Jumanji.

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!

I've always really liked older men.

Like my first crush...

Okay, continue. Really, my first crush was Mel Gibson in The Patriot.


Which it would have been normal for it to be like Heath Ledger. Mm-hm.

We are officially out of wine.

Let's go get some more.

You want to? Yeah.

Are you going to? Here I am.

JJ reporting live from the scene of the crime.

Oh God! Apparently, someone has stolen all of the wine...

No! In all of Los Angeles.

What are we gonna do? We have suspicion that it is a young woman under the name of Sammy.

And she's ran off with all the wine.

Oh my God! We are now in pursuit.

We're gonna go live on the scene.

Why would she do that?

She's an alcoholic.

She needs it.

She can't get enough of it.

Look at her!

Oh, drinking so...

Look at her.

Look at her, she's right here.

Caught red-handed! How much did that...?

Why would I ever, you know?

Here she is.

Our last night together.


Bye. Bye, over you.

She's really rude to me, but I think deep down she cares about me.

So, you're excited to go back home? Definitely.


I miss my mom, my little lady.

But I'm a little scared to go home.

Really? I don't know, this is the best I've ever been.

It's the longest I've been sober. That's for sure.

But being here with you-

I don't know. Do you ever wish you could just pause time?

Just stay in one moment for a little while and just... just-

I don't know.

When I was in school I wanted to go to prom so bad but my parents were separated at the time and my dad was being really strict and wouldn't let me go.

But the cutest guy asked me to be his date in front of the whole school.

Yeah? What'd you do? Well, I couldn't say no.

So, I begged and begged and finally he said okay.

And it took some convincing, but even helped me buy a dress and everything.

Good man.


It was the most beautiful night and I never wanted it to end, but it did and the next day at school the boy that asked me to prom wouldn't even talk to me.

What a jerk! I know!

But life isn't prom.

Life is going to school the next day.

Yeah, I guess so.

So, do you mind me asking how it all started for you?

What started? Your addiction.

I mean, if it's too personal, you don't have to... No, that's fine.

I learned to talk about it a lot in rehab, you know.


Actually it's fine that you're talking about high school because that's where it all started for me.

Really? Yeah.


I know it doesn't seem like it but I was quite the football player back in the day.

Were you? I was.

Shocking! Whatever.

I was 16 and there was a big game.

I was running down the sideline and I got hit hard, seeing stars.

The next day, my back was hurting so bad I couldn't even go to school.

Went to the doctor and not really much they can do.

So, they handed me a couple of bottles of pills, some Vicodin, some Oxy.

At first, I just took them when needed.

There was just one time my back was hurting pretty bad.

I took a couple of extra

and I felt amazing.

Not a care in the world, no stress, no anxiety.

It's like you're floating.

Not too long after that I found myself trying to get hurt in games.

Hitting people as hard as I possibly could.

Of course, the coach loved it and everyone thought I was this great player, but I was just trying to get injured.

I just wanted to get more pills.

And they would just give you more? Every time.

Every time.

That was ten years ago.

Those little pills stole ten years of my life.

What made you wanna stop?


I lost custody a while back.

I haven't seen her in...

I haven't seen her in a long time.

But I'd do anything for that little girl.

Well, then she's lucky to have you.

I don't know about that, but I know I'm lucky to have her.

She makes me want to be better.

You make me want to be better, too.

How'd you sleep? Good.

Yeah? Yeah, how'd you sleep?

I slept great.

How's the caramels?

So good. So good.

Yeah, so good.

Are you ticklish? Are you ticklish there? Right there, yeah.

Who isn't? Do you want your Runyon?

What's a Runyon? Means like a popular place to go hike.

Oh, hiking. Okay.

Isn't it funny, how in life, you can go like your whole life without ever talking to someone and then you meet them and you can't imagine your life going on without talking to them anymore?

It'd be weird like if I never talked to you again from this point on.

Oh my God! Who is this guy? It was terrible.

Seems like a horrible friend.

It was so bad, I thought I was going to die.

Hey give me your key.

Why? Just give it to me.



Hey, look just give me my key. Come on, let's go.

All right.

Hello. You're so pretty.

You are so pretty.

Okay, enough.

I just found out we're not getting married Oh, man. It kind of is breaking my heart.

At least it's been documented.

It's a good thing. Not now.


All right, I'm actually full. I don't need to eat that.

Do you wanna get a milkshake though? What?

You want to get a milkshake? Yeah.

Will you split it with me? I don't want milkshake.

I'll watch you... No.

Have your milkshake.

Okay, fine.

Here we are, in Hollywood, California.

In case you don't know, this is the very site that they shot Pretty Woman right here.

What? Is it actually? No.

Wow. She looked out that window.

Yeah, folks, it's the truth. And she said, big mistake.

Huge. Huge.

Come with me.

I'll show you more.

Ow! I really twisted my ankle. Really? Can we watch that? We got to watch this, hold on.

Guys, blow. Give me a spare.

Oh, Marilyn!

I love you, Bob.

Oh, okay.

So much.

Come on.

I love you, man.

You know that Bob Hope, he's like not American.

Who is that? Wait. Repeat what you just said to me right now.


She just asked me who Bob Hope is.

We got it on tape.

Oh, shit! It is a problem.

Hey. Hey.

What are you doing out here?

I couldn't sleep.

How come?

I guess I'm just sad I'm leaving tomorrow.


You want a cigarette? No, you know I don't smoke.

There's only one left.

It's a lucky cigarette.

You never told me what's your greatest fear.

Once when I was a kid, I got mud on my favorite shoes.

It was a rainy day and I was playing with my brothers out in the woods.

It was those shoes that had all those squares and lines on the bottom and it would have taken forever to get it all out.

So, I went and found my little brother.

He was pretty young at the time.

I thought I could convince him to do it.

I told him how he was good with sticks and he had better focus than I did.

So, he agreed.

That kid sat there for over 40 minutes picking out the mud out of my shoes.

Finally, he got tired of doing it and he gave the shoes back to me, but he- he got a lot of it out.

I'd always thought it was because I was so good at convincing people of things and that I could manipulate situations.

But now that I look back, I realize,

he's just a better person than me.

I didn't convince him of anything. He just felt bad and he wanted to help, you know?

There are powerful people in this world.

But there's also just good ones.

People that want to just help people, you know?

My biggest fear is that I'm not one of them.

I think you are.

One of the good ones.



I'm not.

I'm not.

Yes, you are.

All right. I want to know the things you like about me.

Oh, my God! I do.

Please tell me. No.

Please just tell me a few things you like about me.

No, stop.

Okay, I'll tell you a few things I like about you.

I love when I kiss you and you push me away because you can't handle it.

I love when

I talk to people and you get really flustered because you have social anxiety.

That's so rude.

It's a problem, you literally talk to everyone you see.

It's cute.

What's the third thing?

So, you're gonna miss me? Maybe a little.

Oh, you got to remind me, you need to give me your address.


I'm gonna send you something.

You don't need to send me anything. I want to.

You're gonna like it.

Look, we should discuss some things.

Okay. Like what?

Like what this is? What do you mean?

Well, you are going home so some things are gonna change.

What has to change? I still want you to be in my life.

And I want that, too, but I think we need to be honest with ourselves.

I mean, you're gonna be a million miles away, you have a kid.

This was really fun, but maybe it's all it should be.

You really wait until the last minute to tell me that, huh?

Just throwing it away. What?

You are.

I just think it'll be easier for the both of us if we don't talk when you go home.

But why are you so afraid to commit? Commit to what?

To anything.

What does that mean? Look, I like you.

I think we're good together and I think I want to try.

Okay, so you're gonna move here? I don't know.

What about your daughter? We live completely different lives.

How would that even work? I don't know Sam, but that's okay.

It's okay to not know sometimes, but you quit before you even try. You don't know me.


You don't.

Get out of the car.


Get out of the car and hug me.

Come here.

You're amazing.

Maybe you think you're not worth it or something, but you are.

You're worth trying.

Maybe you don't want to with me and that's okay.

I'm gonna get over it.

But give somebody a chance.

I feel so lucky to have these last few days with you.

He told me he loved me.

He did?


Do you love him?

I think. I don't know.

I just wish he was staying.

I get that.

That must be hard.

I told him we shouldn't talk anymore.

Why? I just feel like it'll be easier.

I feel so connected to him. It'll just be so hard talking every day and him being so far.

He has a kid, a whole life there.

Yeah that makes sense.

I'm sorry, babe.

Is there anything I can do? No, I'm fine.

Have you talked to JJ? No.

Well, maybe you should.

Maybe he thinks you don't want to talk to him.

Hi, JJ.

It's Sam.

Um, I just wanted to see if you got in.

Okay, and if you got to see Lexi.

So, yeah. Just give me a call back.

Okay, yeah. Call me. Bye.

Where you from? I'm from Miami.

Miami? Wow, you don't seem like a Miami girl.

Well, what kind of girl do I seem like?

That's a loaded question, right? Yeah. Yeah.

I take that as a compliment. It is.

Okay, cool.

There's really no way... No, but I want to hear it now.

That's yeah... You're not gonna... you're not going to give it to me?

Maybe second date.

Is this a date? This is... This is not a date.

It's fine. That was fine. We're in a hallway.

There's people around.

We're in a hallway.

You're right. Yeah.

Wow! I'm bad at this.

Sorry. No, you're doing so good.

You are.

You are. You're very generous.

It's true.

What are you doing in L.A.?

I don't know.

Same thing everyone's doing.


Feeling kind of low.

Want another?


What else you got?

You wanna do some blow?

Seriously? Oh my God!

It's fine. It's fine.

Sam, open the door!

Seriously? Oh my God! Okay, hold on.

What? What are you doing?

Nothing, nothing. This isn't you.

What isn't me? What? Come on.

Chill. You get away from her.

You don't even know her. Okay, okay, okay, Megan. Stop.

Is this about him?

JJ? No. That was just for fun. I don't even care about him.

I don't.


Why won't he text me back? He's just like every other guy.

He got what he wanted now he's over him... just over this shit.

Sam, that's not what happened at all.

You're the one that told him that you guys couldn't talk anymore.

What was he supposed to do? You said that he had a kid and this whole other life.

And if you wanted to be a part of it, then you should have said something in the first place.

But, first, you have to be honest with yourself.

I'm trying, okay?

No, you're not. You're making a fool out of yourself.

You know, just go home.

Do you believe in true love?

Wow! That escalated quickly.

Well, do you like that there's only one person out there just for you?

He's just gonna be here a few days.

We'll have some fun and then he's gone, nothing serious.

Bye, over you.

She's really rude to me, but I think deep down she cares about me.

I really do.

Yesterday, I found my beloved JJ dead on the bathroom floor.

He had battled the disease of addiction half of his young adult life.

I lost a son.

Lexi lost a father.

Gerald lost a brother.

Many lost a friend.

Rest in peace, my sweet JJ.

Did you go through my stuff?

Do you trust me?

Can you give me your address?


I'm gonna send you something.

You don't need to send me anything.

I want to.

You're gonna like it.

Whoa, I just got it on my camera.

I took a really small bite. I caught a crime.

Caught red-handed. I got it all on camera.

You want more coffee, babe? I'm okay. Thank you.

What? Okay.

Are you filming yourself? No, I mean I'm filming myself so when I'm gone you can watch this.

Oh my God! And you can think I'm cute.

Just minutes on minutes on minutes of you smiling at the camera.

You're doing it again. Hey.

Hi, Sam.

When I'm back home you can watch this when you miss me and you can be happy.

Aw, thanks, baby.

This taste's awful.

Aren't I cute?

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