Ong Bak 2 (2008) Script

In the Buddhist year of 1974.|

During the reign of King Rama II of Ayuthaya.

The Ayuthaya royal court became more powerful than Sukhothai.

This was a very large expansion for the royal court in the east.

The Ayuthaya army lay seige to the City of Angels for 7 months.

1 year and 3 months later...

You're on your own now, little master.


Don't let that boy escape!

Hey, stop!

Go... Go...

Get out... Get out... quickly, now!


Get down!

Let me go...

Let me go...

This boy is next!

Stop... stop.

He will be the next fighter!

I will give you one chance, little boy, to save your life.

Let me go!


Let's begin!

Your life is in your own hands, young boy.

'Teean... Wake up. '

'Because of you!'

'I want to be as skillful as my father!'

'When will you be back?'

Is this the boy?

Yes, father Cheang Kla.

There is a light in his eyes, when he fights... that reminds me of someone.

All the spirits will fear him.

He has a powerful destiny!

With his hands, as weapons... he will be the best of the best!

I'm Cher Nung.

I am the leader of the Pha Beek Krut pirates.

I am impressed with you.

You fought with the crocodile bravely and unyieldingly.

If you want to learn more about martial arts at my home, I will allow you to go there.

Or, if you wish to go elsewhere, I will not stop you.


Connect your mind and body.

Become one with your weapons, and use that power.

These are the things that you must practice at all times.

Every weapon has a different power.

Long and short, weak and strong... light and heavy.

The weapon is power.

Someone who can merge their mind and body with it, will be a great and powerful person.

The world and everyone in it will yield to their power.

I'm Cher Nung, the leader of the Pha Peek Krut pirates.

I have given you a new life.

From now on, you will always remember... that you are a Pha Peek Krut pirate!

In the test of dexterity and cleverness, Teean passes.

The next test is about fighting.

That's the way to do it, just like your father!

This place, is to prove the power of your mind.

Help me...

Let me go!

Help me.

Help me!

Help me!

Don't be afraid of me.

You don't need to be scared.

I will set you free.

Come with me.

I will help you.

Don't be scared... don't be scared.

Your life is in your own hands now.

Killing and compassion, are the last things that a leader must learn.

Brothers, sons and grandsons.

Today, the spirit god of Fah Mansong has sent a black ivory tusk from the king of elephants to us, as a sign of good fortune.

This special mystical object will bring prosperity to our community.

And now, I, Cher Nung, announce that, for now and after, in future times...

I give Teean, the position of second in command, after me!

Why doesn't dad teach me how to fight?

I don't want to learn dancing.

I don't want to go away from here.

I want to be with dad.

You need to leave, don't you know?

You will be a great person, you must believe me.

Show some respect, my son.

You have all had a long journey.

Let's go into the house.

It has been more than 3 months since Ayuthaya started to expand their power, and the situation in Ayuthaya town is still not under control.

The heir to the throne is deeply anxious.

Orders have been given to me to suppress rebellion in the conquered towns.

Why does Ayuthaya rush to expand its power?

The city administrator, Chao Praya Seena, does not seek to oppose the King's heir.

This all seems like Chao Praya Seena's idea.

His power is dangerous... but a person who abuses power is more dangerous!

This country will be aflame.

People everywhere will rebel.

This situation cannot be trusted.

From now on, only you and the master are to be trusted.

It is under these circumstances that I will allow, Teean to be left here.

Brother Bua...

I'm so scared, I have lost all spirit.

I now leave him under your protection.

I will try my best.

Both of you need to be careful.

Heung Sri. Klong Kri...

Take us out of here now.

Yes sir!

My name is Pim.

My parents are both dead.

Master Bua has looked after me since I was very young.

And you?

My father's name is Singh Adachoo.

He is one of the four top military leaders of Ayuthaya.

I told my dad I wanted to learn everything about weapons and fighting.

I wanted to be skillful, like my father.

But instead, he sent me out to learn about dance.

How can I ever hope to be a good fighter?

Why is the sound of my flute so dry?

Hey, stinky!

Scratch... scratch... Oh... and itchy balls too!

Yeah, I've got the same... I've got the same.

Up you go.

And gone, too.

Spin... spin... spin...

Hey... He disappeared!

I'll try the same.

Disappear too!


Do you think a person who learns about weapons will lead this country to happiness?

I only think that...

Learning about weapons to protect myself, to help good people, and kill bad people... can help this country be happy.


What you say sounds good.


There are a lot of weapons in this world.

Which one will you use to help your country and its people?

You don't need to answer me now.

Take this.

Let's get down to business!

Let go!


Son! Son!

Let him go!


Mother... Mother...

Who did that!?

It was you!

Or you!

Do you really dare?

Drink... drink... drink...

Let me live!

I don't want to die.

I have money, gold, slaves: You can take them if you want.


I will give you one chance:

The same one that you gave me.

Take him to the crocodile pit!


I don't want to die!

Help me... help me...

Set all the slaves free.

Thank you so much.

Teean... how long will you be gone?

Do you really need to go, Teean?

If you go, who I will play with? I don't want you to go, Teean.

Don't go, Teean...

Don't be scared.

I will be back soon.

Let's hurry little master.

Otherwise we'll be late!

I'm leaving now:


Why do we have to hurry like this?

Hey, Koon Kri!

Where are you taking the little master?

Don't you dare try to betray the leader!


Little master, get away!


Release me...

Release me now, and I will tell you!

I want to see my father!

Release me!

I don't wanna go... Dad!

Dad... Dad!


Help me...

You will die like your master.

Ratchasena, you tyrant.

Kill him!


Catch him!

You're on your own now, little master.


Don't let the boy escape!

Are you sure?

The day I met you at the crocodile pit, It made me think of someone else.

That someone was me... when I was younger.

That night...

The light in your eyes was strong.

A light like fire blown by the wind.

Today, it still shines in your eyes.

This is why, today, I gave you the position of leader of the pirates.

But if you have something else on your mind, you had better go and finish it first.

The Pha Peek Krut pirates and I...

will wait for the day that you return.

Dear governers, ministers, statesmen, and astrologers:

This is an auspicious time, according to the heavens.

I, the first king of Kruttha Thep, will open this ceremony to offer a sacrifice to the Sukhothai Angel, and remain the figurehead of the Kruttha Thep royal family forever!

This is for my mother!


And this is for my father!

Aooya Singhadachoo!



I have returned!

Your father's sword will not taste my blood that easily.

Do not waste your time.

I know someone who waits to kill you.

Just wait and see!

Now all of the Singhadachoo family are dead.

And only the son still stands alive, in front of me.

You should hurry and finish your task quickly.


A king who does not go back on his word, must keep his promises.

You must keep your promise, and let my family live.

Whether I live or die!

The man in black who stands before you now, is the one who killed your father.

Kill him.

Kill him now!

If you still have the energy.

You traitor!

You deserve to die!

If I had known it was you, I would've killed you long ago!

I'm the one...

The one who killed your father!

Take your father's life back.

My son.

Cher Nung!

Take him away!

But don't let him die too quickly.

Punish him and make him suffer.

Make an example of him, and let him die slowly!

Teean came to this point, because of his past deeds.

If enough of you put your hearts together to help him... and share in the belief that he should cheat this death.

Then his mind can be released from torment, and he can rest in peace.