Ong-bak 3 (2010) Script

I'm Chernang, king of all the bandits here at Garuda Wing Cliff.

My blood is not for your sword to drink.

The man in black in front of you was the one who killed your father.

I was the one who slashed your father's throat.

Let me repay your father's life with mine, my dear son.


According to the rules of this land, all his rights have been revoked.

This rebel shall receive thirteen punishments, until he no longer breathes.

Start the punishment.

Crush every bit of his bones.

Let him follow his father to hell.

Add one part medicinal plant to three parts salt.

Don't forget to put in some peppers.

Don't worry, the angels will protect you.

You'll get well soon.

Hey. Take a look at each patient.

Why do they seem to have similar symptoms?

Didn't you hear what they said? They were cursed.

I see. That's why Master Bua made a pilgrimage to break the curse.

The curse. The curse.

Hey, Men, go away. Go away.

I wasn't making any trouble.


You must come back, Tien.

Who will I play with if you're gone?

I won't let you go. I won't let you go.

I curse you.

You will meet a miserable end.

I curse you.

You will meet a miserable end.

I curse you.

You will meet a miserable end.

Let this decree be uttered with these sacred words, in front of all the gods gathered here today who bear witness to this holy ritual.

May the gods protect all who stay loyal to me.

But anyone who ever thinks of betraying me and this land, shall be cursed to meet with a miserable fate and shall be tormented forever.

I curse you.

You will meet a miserable end.

I curse you.

You are a great fighter like no other.

Come work for me.

And I will grant you everything you wish for.

What royal grace you've bestowed upon me.

But there is nothing I desire, Your Highness.

Take your reward.

You are not in any position to negotiate.

You're just a crow.

How dare you negotiate with a King Garuda like me?

Have you been having nightmares lately?

The curse in the nightmare will haunt you for the rest of your life.

I know who put the curse on you.

Only I can break that curse.

You must come to me.

Cut off this rebel's head tomorrow.


Kill him.

Halt the execution.

By Royal Decree. . .

. . . I have come to take this prisoner from death row. . .

. . .by the command of the King of Ayothaya.

How could Ayothaya do this to me?

I believe there must be a traitor

who has been plotting against Your Highness.

Rest assured, Your Highness.

I have sent the assassins to take care of this matter.

I curse you. . .

You will meet a miserable end.

Bring the injured in here. Quickly.

Please heal this man.

This way.

Quickly. Give me a hand.

Quickly. Bring me some medicine, water and clean clothes.

This sword is for my father, Lord Sihadecho.

Get the rebel's head.

How dare you?

My Lord.

Do we still have any hope?

Tien was born under an ominous sign.

What he did in a past life causes him to suffer in this life.

The corporeal body is still waiting for the mind to be free of wrath.

Wandering around, fending off the revenge of karma.

I'll have to try to alleviate his tortured fate.

If we could unite the power of our minds.

to create a symbol of faith, in order to prolong his life.

The merit created might please the enemies of his past life clearing the path for his tormented soul to get back to its body.

I give you everything.

Oh, he's alive.

He woke up.

He woke up. He's alive.

See? He's alive.

Anyone who thinks of betraying me

shall be cursed to receive a miserable fate forever.

Don't worry, Tien.

You're much better now.

It won't be long.

It won't be long until we can dance together, Tien.

Go away.

Get out.

Are you crying?

I'll go with you.

Go. Go away.

Are you crying?

Go. Go away.

Oh, it's high.

You want me to jump? OK, I'll jump with you.

Go ahead. Quickly.

Huh? Quickly. Let's go.

Ha. I'll go with you.

Oh, wow. It's high. It's high, huh?

I said go away.

Go away.

I've changed my mind.

Let's get back.

Go away. Get out.

Don't cry.

Laugh. We should laugh.

Get back.

Get back. Come on.

Go ahead and jump. He's not going to follow you.

Hey. He hasn't got any hair.

Right now, an insane person like Men could understand the world better than a sane person like you.

Staying here is better than jumping.

I'm at my wits' end.

I'm alive, yet my life is worthless.

You were born with an ominous fate that causes your suffering.

But now, my name cannot help rectify my fate.

I can't accept having to live like this.

Your name only symbolises its meaning: light.

Tien. . .

. . .take a look in front of you now.

The light of wisdom is driving away the darkness.

Look at the ground.

Now you can see your own shadow.

If you have been scared by the shadow that's been following you, just remember, wherever the shadow is, the light is always nearby.

Father, what should I do now?

Follow me. Seek solitude. Practice meditation.

Enlighten your mind.

Tien, why do you want to use weapons?

I want to be a great warrior like my father.

Your father is a great warrior.

But that didn't help him to find peace in his life.


A weapon is a tangible form of power.

Anyone who can fuse his body and soul with it shall possess the greatest power in the land.

Do you think great warriors can bring peace to their homeland?


Leave me alone.

I'm at wits' end.

Tien, your name means "candle." It's a symbol of light in Buddhism.

Light means wisdom, that eradicates the darkness of ignorance.

The benightedness of the mind.

Wisdom helps bring enduring peace to this world.

I've brought you

a pretty lady.

Do you want her?

I can dance alone.

What are they doing?

I know.

Now I understand what your intention was, why you taught me the arts of dancing.

It's therapy for the body and mind.

I owe you a depth of gratitude for changing my life.

It's your mind that's finally opened to change.

Change the enemies into dancing partners.

There are many things in this world that you have yet to learn.

Greed. Wrath. Infatuation. Desires. Lust. . . and ignorance.

Always be careful.

These sins are the causes of suffering.

They cause all living creatures to be stuck in the perpetual cycle of birth and death.

How can I stop these sins?

Through training.

You need to train yourself to cleanse and purify deep into your mind.

The mind is the chief.

The body is the servant.

The consciousness is the controller.

The mind comprehends.

Be aware, then let go.

Your mind will remain untarnished.

My castle welcomes only you, Your Highness.

Stay here.

I'm honoured that you have paid me a visit.

What do you really want?

Power, and everything you own.

I curse you.

The power. . . is mine.

Kill him.

All of you. Go inside to kill him. He must not live.

Power should be possessed by ones who deserve it.

You wicked crow. Traitor.

I curse you.

You will meet a miserable end.

Miserable end.

Miserable. . .

. . .end.

Submit yourselves to me.

I am your king now.

You have a guest.

Come on.

Here he is.

Don't be shy.

Over there.

Capture him.

Capture me?

What did I do wrong?

Oh, a lot of people.

I stamped on your foot.

And I'm taking it off.

Your nose is bleeding. Your mouth too.

Don't pull it out.

Oh, there's a rope.

Let me play too.

Got it.

Must have broken his balls.

Oh, the same rope.

Oh, where are you going?

You are the chosen one to fight and drive away ignorance.

Stop your evil acts.

Finally, you have come.

I'm here to stop you.

You want to stop me?

There is no way you can stop me.


None of your mighty gods can withstand my power.

I can smell the grudge and vengefulness in you.

No. No.

Let me go.

Let me go. Tien.

Your life belongs to me.


Your life is coming to an end.

You can't escape it.


I feed off the grudge and vengefulness in your heart.

You can never overcome me.

I have come from emptiness.

I shall return to emptiness.

You can't escape it.