Only Angels Have Wings (1939) Script

Heave the starboard line!

Heave the port line.

Make fast starboard line.

Hi. Looks like more passengers this trip.

Keep your fingers crossed. We may have some luck.

What did you say? Pardon. The boat sails at 4:00.

Hi, Rafael.

Here you are. Two sacks this time.

How's the talent this trip? Very bad.

Not much to choose from, huh? You can have my shares.

This all you've got on board? There's not one you'd give that for.

Wait a minute! Look at that!

What a pretty mouse! Who hung that on you?

Oh, no. We have had some bad weather. I fell against a doorknob.

You oughta cut its fingernails.

Boat leaves at 4:00 in the morning. I'll be here.

I thought you said... You chump. That's the doorknob.

We've got work to do.

Be careful, boys.

Wait a minute. Take it easy.

There's a strong character for you. Probably the wrong approach.

Come on, we'll try again. Easy does it.

Lady, we've decided to appeal to... What?

It wasn't me, lady. He thought it up by himself.

We were just gonna buy you a drink. Are you Americans?

I thought you were a couple of...

Gee-willikers! Why didn't you say so? I'm gonna buy you a drink!

Then you won't need this. Come on.

Sure good to hear something that doesn't sound like pig Latin. Where're you from?

He's Les Peters and I'm Joe Souther. New York and Kansas.

What's your name? Lee.

Lee what? Bonnie Lee from Brooklyn.

Look out.

What was that? Fifth Avenue bus line.

Too bad you didn't break your neck.

Who saw her first?

Here you are, Dutchy.

Meet Miss Lee. How do you do?

Miss Lee, this imposing gentleman is the postmaster and banker of Barranca.

I've always wanted...

Also the owner of this general store on your right... proprietor of the bar on your left... and chief cook and bottle washer of this hotel and restaurant you see.

That hardly seems enough, Mr...

John Vanrider is the name. Please don't pay any attention to...

How 'bout a drink? Sure! Sit down.

Make yourself at home. What are you going to have?

How's the local Scotch? I carry only the best, eh, boys?

Make mine bourbon. Me, too.

Well me, too.

My Scotch is good. I drink it myself.

Why don't you have one with us?

I will.

Does it seem good to be off that boat!

What are you looking at? What's the matter with me?

Nothing. You're sure easy on the eyes.

You mug! You heard me use that two weeks ago.

It still sounds good. What are you fellas doing down here?

Same as everybody else, working for the Dutchman.

What's that? We fly mail and things here and there.

Fliers! I was wondering why you were carrying those guns.

Do you think we're a couple of banana cowboys?

Where's the flying field down here? Right outside the door.

Skoal! To us.

Down the hatch. Happy landings.

What are you doing down here? On your way back to the States?

Yep, if I don't get a job in Panama. A professional!

I quit a show at Valparaiso. These are on me.

Don't do that. I said I wanted to buy you a drink.

I'm paying for these. You better let him pay.

Wait a minute. If you take his money, I'll never step foot in this place.

Joe, where are you going to eat?

I'll starve, but I won't come in here again.

I better take his money.

If you take his money, I'll never come in again. Who asked first?

I'm going to pay. He asked first.

I meant what I said. So did I.

Where you...

The drinks are on the house! Satisfied?

Very well satisfied. That's a shame. He's so cute.

Dutchy, come on back. No more monkey business.

Bring a bottle. No, you better take it easy.

What for? One of you has to fly the mail tonight.

I thought Tony was first out. Tony has a touch of fever.

It's either you or Joe. Can you beat that?

Dutchy, pick a number.

What for? Anything up to ten.

One to ten? Number?

Oh, no. Not me.

If you want to gamble on who goes up in that weather, pick someone else.

All right, Bonnie. Anything up to ten.

Not me. I feel the same way he does.

Nobody's worrying about who's going up. We're worrying about...

Who's gonna take you to dinner.

Who said anything about staying for dinner?

We'll send you a formal invitation.

Les, odd or even?


That's too bad.

Well, Bonnie, how do you like your steak?

I don't know if...

You mean real American steak?

I don't want to brag, but how do you think I keep those boys down here?

I guess I'm staying for dinner. That's the girl!

Why do I always say "odd," and it always comes out...

I hate that noise.

Joe Souther, you're up next.

That's you, Les. Joe Souther.

Sorry, kid.

Joe, stand by. Tex says it's clearing.

Not me. Les lost. I'm having dinner with Miss Lee.

Miss Lee, Mr. Carter. How do you do?

Hello, Miss Lee.

Sorry, Joe, but the mail goes out on schedule. So do the pilots.

Since when, Geoff?

I want Les to check over that stuff that came in on the boat today.

When did you think that up? Just now.

Geoff, the boys gambled and he lost. Let him go.

Is that an order? Yeah! No, no...

Who is running things here anyway?

That's what I mean. Joe, get going. Miss Lee and I were having dinner.

Don't worry about Miss Lee. I'll take up where you left off.

Look here, mister. I've got something to say about this.

Chorus girl?

No, I do a specialty.

So much the better. Pick up that stuff on your way back from Las Cruces.

See you later, Miss Lee. You will, will you? I might have...

Who does that guy think he is?

That's the boss. As you may have gathered.

He's not my boss and... Bonnie, I hope you win.

I'll be seein' ya. Good-bye, Joe.

Be careful. No chances.

Dutchy, find something to worry about. That's what you should be doing.

Hi, Lily.

I've got to go. I'll be back soon.

So long. Bye, darling.

How can he fly in this fog?

It's just on the ground. He'll pull up through it. Only 200, 300 feet thick.

What he's waiting for is the heavy stuff farther up in the pass.

Sounds like double-talk. I guess it does.

The only way inland from here is through a deep pass.

It's up... You can't see it.

It's 14,000 feet at the low spot. Wind and clouds make it a bad place.

That's why we keep a lookout part way through to tell us when it clears.

Calling Barranca.

Here it comes.

Go ahead, Tex.

Stand by. She's moving fast. How's it look down there?

All right if the wind doesn't shift.

Hold on. I'll take a look outside.

Big breaks now. This looks like the last of it.

Okay, she's open.

Let 'em fly!

Oh, it's the most wonderful thing I've ever seen.

Yes. Reminded you of a great big beautiful bird, didn't it?

No, it didn't. That's why it's so wonderful.

It's really a flying human being.

You're right about one thing. A bird has too much sense to fly in that muck.

Joe Souther. Calling Joe Souther.

Go ahead, Geoff.

Radio check. One. Two. Three. Four... Four. Five. Six.

Seven. Eight. Clear as a bell, Papa.

On top at 400 between layers.

Geoff, there's a heavy fog bank laying off the coast. Anything else?

No, that's all. All right, Joe.

Hi, Les.

Geoff. Hello, Kid.

The wind's swung around. It's bringing that fog bank in.

Yeah? Yeah.

Calling Lookout. Calling Lookout. How much time?

Better move fast. Go ahead, Geoff.

How's it look up there? I was going to call. Better hold Joe.

I can't. He's already gone. You ought to see him by now.

I can't see the tip of my nose.

It's closing in again. You can't fell what this stuff will do.

Stand by to put out a flare.

Never mind the flare. Joe heard every word.

What'll I do? Come back?

Yeah. It's thick down here. When you get over the fog, I'll line you up.

Geoff, tell that beautiful blonde I'm still in the running.

Stick to business!

I want to order two steaks for dinner. How 'bout it, Dufchy?

I heard you. Tell him it's all right. It's all right with me, too.

Joe, you're all set.

Okay, here I come.

Plug in the field set. Get going! Yes, sir.

Get the big light ready. Turn it straight up.

It's cold out here. Light those tubs!

Joe Souther.

Okay, Geoff. Coming down.

On top of the fog at 1500.

Higher than I thought.

Watch. We're turning on the lights.

Turn 'em on. Here they go.

Can you see them?

No, not a thing. I can't even see the glow.

Must be thicker than it looks. Won't hurt to take a stab at it.

Baldy, shut off that piano. Yes, sir.

Keep it quiet back there! Yes, sir.


Joe, pay attention. It's closed in down here.

You're west of the field.

Fly due east.

Flying at 1500 due east.

Due east at 1500.

Joe, blimp your motor.

Joe, you're passing over the field.

Go one mile, turn 180 degrees and start letting down.

And watch out for the lights!

Sounds a little that way.

Yeah. Joe, you're a little south. A little south.

Okay, Papa, turning north.

Turn off that light.

Keep it quiet back there!

Here I come.

Twelve hundred.

A thousand.

Eight hundred.

Six hundred.

Joe, you're coming in too high! You'll overshoot the field!

Make a turn, Joe.

Go further back and try it again.

Okay, I'm turning.

Can't you see the lights?

Nothing that even looks like a dim candle.

His line was okay.


Joe, your direction was perfect. Be sure to keep the same line.

All right. I'm turning.

Here I come. Six hundred.

Cut it up in hundreds.

Five hundred.

Four hundred.

Take it easy, sonny.

Three hundred.

Gun her, Joe!

I'm down to 100 now.

That doesn't sound like...

Joe, pull up!

Say, that wasn't right, was it?

No, not quite.

Joe, you had the wrong line. You're way off...

Okay, Geoff.

I saw the lights. I'll get it next time.

Nothing doing. Don't take more chances. You've got three hours of gas...

Three hours? She'll almost be on the boat by then.

I told you to stick to business.

Get on top and cruise around until it opens up here.

Right. Don't let him do it.

Geoff, give me one more chance. I think I see a hole.

Yeah, I do see one! I'm coming down.

Joe, please don't! Stop.

Joe, you've got your orders. Stay up there and do as I tell you.

Quit worrying about that blonde.

It's all right. I see the lights. I'll make it easy.

There he is! Joe, pull up!

Mike, get the wagon. Take big shears in case you have to cut him out.

Les, get the mail.

Baldy, telephone the police. Have them clear the field. Hurry up.

Well, you did all you could.


Mr. Wise Guy.

Oh, do something! He may be alive! Don't just stand there!

Pull yourself together! Haven't you caused enough trouble?

Calling Barranca. Calling Barranca.

Go ahead, Tex.

Geoff, did you get Joe down all right?

All except for one tree that stuck up too high.

Oh. Sorry.

Joe, you crazy fool!

Nobody could tell you anything. You knew it all.

It serves you right. I don't feel sorry for you. Not a bit.

No skin off my nose.

If you can take it, I can.

I'll take a look over there.

Okay, Kid.

Sparks, I forgot to tell Les. Have the mail put in #7.

Get it out and warm it up.

Calling Lookout.

Go ahead.

Any change, Tex?

No, just about the same.

All right. We're all set to go down here.

Okay. I'll let you know.

Wait a minute.

What? You're not going to...

Go ahead and say it.

When you got me into this flying business...

I was doing pretty good.

I made good money, I ate good. I slept good nights.

In a week, you'll either collect or lose your shirt.

I'm not thinking about that.

I can't go on killing nice kids. Not if I lose a dozen shirts!

Think you're the only one that feels that way?

Then why do you send them up in that kind of weather?

Because I'm running an airline!

And I'm not running it any different than anybody I ever flew for.

Look, Dutchy...

Joe died flying, didn't he?

That was his job.

He just wasn't good enough. That's why he got it.

I ain't built like you are. I shouldn't be in such a business.

We can't go on like that.

Why not? You've got another pilot coming in on the next boat.

Oh, Geoff!

You're a hard man. Much too hard.

Cut it out. Cut it out!

Look. What's the use feeling bad about something that couldn't be helped?

Give me a match, will ya?

I told you, Joe just wasn't good enough.

If he hadn't got it tonight, he was bound to get it sooner or later.

Then you had no business to let him fly.

What, ground that kid?

He'd sooner be where he is than quit.


Look, Dutch...

Joe had a sister in the States, didn't he?


I owed him $100.

Here. Send it to her.

You don't owe him no money.

How do you know? Well, I...

Because he's got two months' pay coming, why should he loan from you?

All right, if you've got so much dough to throw around... why don't you get that plane out of hock?


Take it easy, fella. We'll get along.

How 'bout that food? Make it snappy. We're hungry.

Kid, how is it out there? Everything's all right.

Yeah? Come on, let's get a drink.

Baldy, I'll take those.

Hello, Pancho. Hello, Geoff.

Just a minute. I can use that.

Gangway, Charlie. Hello, Geoff.

Mr. Carter.

Do you really think...

Do you really think it was my fault what happened?

Sure, it was your fault. You were gonna have dinner with him.

The Dutchman hired him. I sent him up on schedule.

The fog came in. A tree got in the way.

All your fault.

Forget it, unless you want the honor.

Hello, Lily. Oh, Mr. Geoff!

Throw this down. You'll feel better. Bottoms up. Salud.


It's pretty good. The best I've ever seen.

Bonnie, look at this. Hiya, Gent.

All right, meet Miss Lee. Gent Shelton.

Hello. How do you do?

Fine. How are you?

Where you been? At the warehouse checking spare parts.

Oh, I get it. Did I send you down there?

You'll think up some other job to get rid of me.

I missed the excitement around here. You did.

Haven't seen a better one. She's a good one.

What'll you have to drink? Anything. You name it.

How about you, Miss Lee? What did you say?

You want a drink? No, I don't want any.

Have one anyway. Pancho? I'll have one, too.

Send over some drinks.

Right. Gangway, please.

Here's your steak, miss.

Here's the other one. Who wants it? I'll take it over here.

Give me some coffee. You want some coffee, miss?

That looks all right. You're here in time for the fireworks.

How can you do that?

What? Eat that steak?

What's the matter with it? It was his!

Want me to have it stuffed?

Don't you realize he's dead?

Who's dead? Yeah, who's dead?

Who's Joe? Anybody know Joe?

What's the matter? He was talking and laughing with us, and now he's...

Let's break the news to Mother And tell her there's no other You...

How do you like that?

Wait a minute, you little fool. Why don't you use your...

Stop it.

I don't know how you can act like this when that poor kid...

I know. He's dead. Yes, he's dead!

That's right. He's been dead 20 minutes.

And all the weeping won't make him any deader 20 years from now.

If you feel like bawling, how do you think we feel?

Go outside and walk around. Stay there until you put all that together.

Was that you they were razzing in there?

Don't feel too bad about it.

I did the same thing when I first came.

Mister, can you kick real hard? Maybe you won't need it.

I think I'd feel better.

All my life, I've hated funerals.

The fuss and bother never brings anybody back.

It just spoils remembering them as they really are.

When I see people actually facing it that way, I have to act like a sap.

This flying business is new to me.

You have to have some crazy way of looking at it to go on.

Does this sort of thing happen often?

That depends on weather and luck.

We've drawn space twice in the last three months, not counting this one.

I suppose they'll be at it again tomorrow.

Tonight if it clears.

They must love it, flying, I mean. Why do you think they come here?

It's like being in love with a buzz saw.

Not much future.

What is there about it that gets them?

I'm not a flier. You better ask the Kid.

Miss Lee, Mr. Dabb. She wants to know why you like flying.

I been in it 22 years. I couldn't give you an answer that would make sense.

What's so funny?

That's what my dad used to say. Flier?

No, trapeze. High stuff. He wouldn't use a net.

Not much future in that, either.

Yes. We found that out.

Tell me about this headman, Geoff. Does he go up, too?

Only when he thinks it's too tough for anyone else.

Well, just goes to show you how wrong you can be.

The Kid could tell ya. He's Geoff's best friend.

I can tell you, he's a good guy for gals to stay away from.

Thank you. I'll remember that.

What's it gonna be? How about "Some of These Days"?

How's it go?

There's no B flat. It goes like that.

What do you want? I came for that drink you offered me.

Oh. Grown up yet? Hope so.

Charlie? Yes, sir.

Go ahead, Gent.

You're gonna miss your baby That's awful! Can't you hear that?

Yes, I know. Will you go away please? We'll get it.

You want to hear how it really goes?

Sure. Move over.

You better be good. Won't be as corny as you.

Boys, you take the pickup with the horn. Make it slow and easy.

Rest of you watch for the breaks. Ready now? Here we go.

I'll take it!

Hello, professional. It's part of the specialty.

Yeah? Here's to you.

Got a match? Yes.


Who's Joe? Never heard of him.

Anyone know "The Peanut Vendor"? Yes, sir!

Give me those, honey.


So long.

I'll take care of it.

All right, Mike. Good night.

Here's all the stuff that was turned in.

I gave his clothes to the men on the field.


He didn't have much to show for all...

Take your pick.

I got a drawerful of that junk already.

I'm gonna get some sleep. The Kid's sitting in for me.

Good night. Good night, Sparks.

See anything you'd like to have?

I don't need anything to remember him by.

You want a drink, help yourself.

Good-bye, Miss Lee. Good-bye, Dutchy.

Drop in again when you come this way. Thank you. I will.

Well, good-bye, mister. It's too bad Barranca's so far from Brooklyn.

What's your hurry? It's a few minutes past 12:00. Your boat leaves at 4:00.

Here. Say when.

When are you gonna get some sleep?

After your boat sails.

Aren't you wasting your time?

That's a point that's open to argument.

That's what I'm afraid of. Those arguments.

What's the matter with 'em? They're too one-sided.

No hard feelings.

Your apology is accepted.

How 'bout taking along a souvenir?

Why not?

Help yourself.

You've got a good eye, lady.

Somebody must've given you an awful beating once.

Go home.

Good night.

You're a queer duck. So are you!

I can't make you out.

Same here. What was she like, anyway?

Who? That girl that made you act this way.

A whole lot like you. Just as nice, almost as smart.

Chorus girl? Only by temperament.

At least you're true to the type.

Sit down. Make yourself comfortable.

Still carrying the torch for her, aren't you?

Got a match? Don't you ever have any?

Nope. Don't believe of laying in a supply of anything. Thanks.

Matches, marbles, money or women. That's right.

No looking ahead, no tomorrows. Just today.

Is that why she gave you the air?

Who? That girl.

I wouldn't ask any woman to...

You can think up more questions! Here.

What wouldn't you? What?

Ask anybody to do.

Did you ever know a woman that didn't want to make plans?

Map out everything? Get it all set?

I don't blame them, I guess.

It's the only way they can run a home and have kids.

I suppose you think that's easier, less dangerous than flying.

I don't know. I never tried it. Didn't you ask her to?

Who? That girl!

I told you. I wouldn't ask any woman.

What if she were willing?

That's what they all say.

Women think they can take it, but they can't.

The minute you get up in the air, they start calling the airport.

When you get down, they're waiting for you so scared, they hate your insides.

What if she were the type that didn't scare so easily?

There's no such animal.

How do you know?

The girl I was telling you about came as close to it as anybody I met.

One night when I was lost in a fog, I was glad to get my feet on the ground.

What do you think the "welcome home" speech was? She was hoping I'd crashed.


She couldn't stand the gaff. She'd rather see me dead, have it over with.

Told me if I didn't quit flying, it was all off.

You wouldn't, would you? I'm still flying.

Wonder what happened to her.


I don't know for sure. I heard she married another flier.

Is there anything else you'd like to know about me?

Would you like to go over to my room?

Got the letters from home. Pictures of my father and mother.

Pictures of me the first time I went up in the air.

Pictures of my first crash.

Any pictures when you were a baby?

I don't remember. Want to go and look?



Keep going. Follow your nose. It'll take you to the boat.

I've got to stick around here.

So that's where we were going.

Take care of yourself. What?

Tex just called from the Lookout. He says the pass is clearing.

Did you wake Les up? No, because...

Tex says it's nobody's picnic.

All right. Wind up #7. Put some coffee in it.

I already did.

So long, Bonnie. Have a nice trip.

Wait a minute. You're going up yourself?

Sure. When will you be back?

Takes three hours each way. Won't be back till after your boat sails.

I'll look you up in New York.

What? What?

You'll look me up in New York? Sure.

I'll see you there. What did you say?

When are you coming?

Next week, 2:00.

I like that saying good-bye. Let's try again, huh?

So long.

Things happen awful fast around here.

Is it going to be dangerous?

What do you want to do, put a net under him?

Well, lady, you're really better off this way.

Sure, I guess...

Look, I hardly know the man!

Sure. But you'll get over it.

Good-bye, Miss Lee. I gotta keep tabs on him.


Calling Lookout.

Hello, Kid. Did Geoff get down all right?

Sure. He's all right.

That's good. I couldn’t see him when he passed here.

Signing off.

That was a pretty quick trip you made.

I still say it was a pretty quick trip.

Shut up. It wasn't slow.

Morning, Charlie. How 'bout a hot cup of...

What are you doing here? Having my breakfast.

Is your boat still here?

Has it sailed? How'd you get left behind?

I just...

Go on. I just told the man.

Told him what?

Put my trunk on the dock.

Why? Well...

I couldn't stay over without having anything to wear. Could I?

What's so strange about that?

Doesn't it seem strange to you? What?

Getting off that boat. Doesn't it?

I don't know.

The girl that got off that boat's the perfect stranger to me.

I don't know.

I don't know whether this is me or another fella.

By all rights, Bonnie Lee oughta be asleep on that boat far out to sea.

She's not so far out to sea as you think.

Who? The boat.

Kid, put some more gas in #7.

Have Santa Maria hold the boat until we get there.

Where's your luggage? Where is it?

Over there. Good.

What are you waiting for, Kid?

Boat doesn't stop at Santa Maria. Why not?

They have no bananas. "They have no bananas"?

Yes, they have no bananas.

Oh, shut up.

Don't worry, mister. You don't have to bother about me. I'm cured.

There's a first time for everything. What do you mean?

I've never quite made such a chump out of myself. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I...

No, I'm not either. I'm glad. You're not making sense.

You're telling me.

If I'd taken that boat, I'd have gone remembering a swell guy.

Someone who lived up to a screwy ideal that I... I don't know.

I wouldn't ask any woman...

You wouldn't ask any woman to do anything.

That's right. There's something else I wouldn't do.


Get burned twice in the same place.

There's another boat leaving next week. I'll be on it.

Good. I'm gonna get some sleep.

Well, if you're gonna be here, we've got to find someplace for you to park.

Yeah. I guess so.

Can I have a nice room with a bath?

I'll see what I can do.

You know, I always did like a bath... better than a shower.

Morning, Doc.

What are you doing here?

What are you...

Yeah. Thanks, Doc, thanks.

What's he saying?

He's waiting for a call from a San Felipe mine.

Hartword's son's had an accident.

How bad? We're waiting to find out.

Can't take a chance of putting a plane there.

It's worse than getting a piano over a transom.

Come on in.

Who's gonna meet the southbound boat? Why don't you send Les?

Better go yourself. You've got that new flier coming in.

What's his name? Mac something. What is it, Sparks?

MacPherson. What is it?

What's the difference as long as he can fly?

Can't afford to be fussy down here.

Go on. Go and meet the flier. All right.

Tell Charlie to get me some breakfast. Yes, sir.

Sparks, try Hartword again, will you?

Here's the mail.

And his name is MacPherson.

How'd you find that out? He told me.

Where is he? Putting his things in his room.

I'll be out in a minute. All right.

Don't strain yourself. Yes, sir.

Your room all right, Mr. MacPherson? It'll do.

Let's get you acquainted around here.

Boys, this is Mr. MacPherson, our new flier.

Welcome to our fair city. Les Peters.

This is Gent Shelton. How do you do?

Mike, this is Mr. MacPherson. Our head mechanic.

How are ya? How are ya?

Too early to buy a drink? I guess not. Let's sit down.

Where are you from? Mexico City.

What kind of stuff they using there? The same old...

Well, well, look who's here!

Felicia! Elena! I didn't know you came in that boat.

Mac, you'll have to buy more drinks.

This is Elena Silva and Felicia Torres.

Mr. MacPherson, this is Mike.

Get a good sleep? No!

Geoff, Mr. MacPherson is here. Glad to see you.

Excuse me. Hello!

How are you, Lola? Not Lola. Felicia.

That's right. Felicia, how's Panama?

Geoff, it was Puerto Rico.

Is that where it was? Yes.

I can't remember names. I'm better at faces.

Your name's not MacPherson. It's Kilgallen.

You're not so bad on names after all.

You heard him.

Bat Kilgallen. That's right.

What about it? He's not the first guy to come here under a different name.

No, but he's the first pilot who bailed out of his plane... and let his mechanic crash.

Habit of yours, being right, isn't it?

Look... Cut it out, Les.

Hey, did you know the Kid was working down here?

What? He is.

I don't think there's anything funny about that.

You're right, there isn't.

But I had to come a long way to find it out.

Of all the cast-iron crust. Don't flatter me.

What's the Kid got to do with it?

Nothing, except it was the Kid's younger brother that was killed... when this guy took to his parachute.

I've had enough of this. Me, too.

Elena, we're gonna move.

Coming, Geoff?

No, this is good enough for me. Not so particular, huh?

I don't think even you can spoil good liquor.

Thanks. I'm not used to these small favors.

I'm sorry I said it. I'm not used to being around people like you.

Here it goes. That's the Kid coming in now.

Quiet, Dutch. You better make yourself scarce.

For your information, the Kid carries a gun.

Aren't you getting careful of me? I'm not worrying about you.

It'll be inconvenient for me if they slap the Kid in the hoosegow.

I have to meet him sooner or later.

Maybe you're right. Well, it's your funeral.

All passengers aboard the boat.

I remember. It was Puerto Rico.

So long.

Whew! It's hot on the ground. Give me some cold water.

Who's got a match?

What's the matter?

It's like walking in a graveyard.

Hello! You the new guy? Welcome to our city.

My name's...

Hello, Kilgallen.

Long time, no see.

That's right.

I thought there was some...

Look, you...

I'm all right.

Two years ago, I'd have broke your...

Keep out of my sight. I may still do it.

It's none of my business, but I don't know why you stopped him.

You're right. It's none of your business.

Judy, I want you to meet these people.

Gentlemen, this is Mrs. MacPherson.

Mr... My name is Shelton.

This is Les Peters, and this is Mr. Vanrider, our boss.

Mr. Vanrider met us at the boat.

And Geoff Carter.

Mrs. MacPherson.

Mr. Carter.

I'm sorry, Bat, but I forgot to ask you for the trunk keys.

Yes, you did.

I'm afraid I interrupted something. Not at all.

There you are. I'll see you in a few minutes.

I'm glad to have met everyone.

No, she doesn't know about me.

Come on.

You're not gonna put this guy to work. That, too, is none of your business.

Who's running this airline? You are.

That's what I mean. You don't seem to remember that.

Did you get old man Hartword yet? No, the line's still busy.

You do some queer things, Kilgallen. MacPherson's the name.

That's what I'm saying. Why didn't you tell her what you've done?

Let's get this over with. When does the next boat leave?

Have you got enough dough for your passages?

That's fine.

I wonder if I could. What?

Cram you down their throats. That bunch in there?


I wouldn't mind choking a few of 'em.

Hello? Yes, Mr. Hartword, I've been trying to get you.

I've got to get my boy out of here, or bring a doctor in.

I'd like to help you, but I can't take a chance on losing a plane.

The Dutchman's hard up. You get a doctor here, you can write your own ticket.

I'll take responsibility for the plane.

Yeah? Wait a minute. Fella?

Want a chance? What do you think?

I'm not promising you a job, but you'll make your passage home.

That's all right with me. You got a deal.

Right away. Put up some smoke so we can tell about the wind.

Sure. Good-bye.

Sparks, get the doctor. You're taking a doctor to a boy who's hurt.

It's a bad place to get into, worse to get out.

Have you got a map? I'll get you one. Here we are.

Here he is. Hello, Doc.

Tell the doctor this is no cinch. He doesn't have to go.

Here we are, and here's the mine. It's situated on a small plateau...

Sure, Doc.


That's right. I go!

He's evidently going. You hurt his feelings.


He was quoting Shakespeare from Henry IV, I think.

He said, "A man can die but once. We owe God a debt.

If we pay it today, we don't owe it tomorrow."

He's no fool.

Get going. They'll be waiting for you after you say good-bye to your wife.

How do you get over this stuff? Where?

There's a pass there, 14,000 feet. See it?


When you land, come in short or you'll run out of ground. There's a big drop.

Thanks. Okay. For what?

I'll get things ready for him.

Tell the Kid I want to see him. All right.

Hello, Kid. Put down those shades, will ya?

Hey, what about this guy Kilgallen, MacPherson?

Come over here.

Not putting him to work, are you? We'll talk about that later.

Sit down.

Giving me an eye test? Yeah. Read that fourth line.

You're not worried about my eyes? I have been for some time.

Because I didn't know him right off? Quit stalling. Go ahead.


That's very good. Stay there.

I got a new one for you.

Fourth line on this.


Try the fifth.


Now read it backwards.


That's better than I can do. What about this guy...

Wait, you're not through.

Take a shot at this.

Where'd you get that? Mike made it.

Here you are.

Line them up.

They're together now.


How'd I do?

Not bad.

What about Kilgallen?

He's not staying here, is he?

Why not? Why not?

I thought you'd be the last guy to ask me that. He's no good.

Take it easy, Kid.

Think he's any worse than a guy who'd double-cross his best friend?

I don't care about myself. Anything you do is all right with me.

But if the Dutchman loses another plane, he's cooked.

Cooked? I thought he was rolling in dough.

Why do you think the new trimotor is still at the dock?

I did wonder about that.

Look, Kid, here it is. Dutchy made an agreement.

He'd get a long contract and a subsidy.

You know what that would mean? Plenty of money around here.

No more secondhand junk to fly, no more pass to monkey with.

These new jobs can get over the top of those peaks in any kind of weather.

That would be nice.

When did the schedules start? Six months ago.

Then you're... Only one more week.

Or until the northbound boat arrives.

That's why you've been forcing things, huh?

Why didn't you tell a fella?

Dutchy. Dutchy? How?

He was afraid if you guys knew the spot he was in... you'd take unnecessary chances.

What a guy.



You were right about my eyes.

I couldn't read those cards.

I learned it by heart.

What about the new one?

Dutchy told me where you hid it.

The old fool. Double-crossing himself.

He wasn't thinking about that.

He was thinking how you'd feel grounding me.

You're through flying, Kid.

After 22 years.

Well, I guess that's long enough for anybody.

You're gonna need that Kilgallen, aren't you?

I might.

Well, if you do... you can forget how I feel about him.



There's a lot of things you can do around here to help me.

Sure, I know.

I can help Mike.

I can...


Calling MacPherson.

Go ahead.

Radio check.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

Okay. Report when you get there.

Fasten your belt.

Your belt.

Calling Barranca.

Calling Barranca. Go ahead.

MacPherson speaking. We got down all right.

The doctor says we got to get this fellow to the hospital right away.

They're loading him in now. His father's coming along, too.

Can you get out of there with that extra weight?

I got a little help from the wind.

I'll go off the ledge, and use the canyon to pick up flying speed.

Let me know if you make it.

Brace yourselves and hang on to him. This will be quite a drop.

Calling Barranca. Go ahead.

MacPherson speaking. We got out all right, all in one piece.

What'd you want me to do, pat you on the back?

Signing off.

Come in.


It seems very natural.

Yes, it does, doesn't it?

Like my hair this way? I thought it was different.

I could hardly believe my eyes. I had no idea...

It's a small world.

Hello, Geoff. Hello, Judy.

I'm not so sure we should've done that.

Same old goo. You haven't changed a bit.

Were you surprised to find me married?

No, somebody wrote me something about it.

I thought you'd had enough of fliers.

So did I.

You getting along all right?

I'm very happy.

Did you tell him about us?

He never asked me.

Judy, I wish you luck. If there's anything I can do for you...

While you're in the mood, would you do something about our room?

What's the matter with it?

Remember the one I had at Catalina?

It's even smaller than that, and no bath.

Well, I'll do what I can.

Mrs. MacPherson, Miss Lee.

Miss Lee has to know everything. She'd probably like to ask you some questions.

I would not!

Never mind!

Still at it, aren't you, Geoff?


Oh, you mean...

No, no. She's stopping over between boats.

At your invitation? My invitation? I wouldn't ask any...

Any woman to do anything.

I've heard that before.

You can't keep that up forever.

You'll meet someone sometime you'll have to ask.

I haven't so far.

Cut it out! Cut it out!

You all right?

Yeah, sure.

Take him in there. Come on, Kid.

You'll do. Thanks.

Why don't you two pick on somebody you can handle?

I think it's busted. Yeah?

Try to move your fingers.

Not a wiggle.

That's fine. What started this?

The Kid came in, had a couple of drinks.

Gent and I got to squawking about working with this fellow Bat.

One thing led to another... Gonna quit?

That was the main idea. Next thing, I wound up on the floor.

That guy acted like he was crazy. You'd be crazy, too.

Why? I had to ground him.

He's through flying.

Oh. His eyes?

That's tough.

No wonder he went nuts.

You better take that to the hospital. Just a minute. I want to talk to Kid.

Me, too.

Mr. Peters?

What did you say about working with my husband?

I didn't say anything, did I? Why should you?

I guess you misunderstood, lady.

Look, Kid.

We didn't know anything about... Geoff just told us the bad news.

Yeah? Still figure on quitting?

I guess if you can stand that guy, we've got no right to kick.

Okay, forget it.

I just didn't pick out a good place to land.

I'm sorry about that other thing.

What about me? I didn't get this by walking into a door.

Kiss it and make it well.

It's better already.

Les, get that arm down to the hospital right away.

Well, you're another guy short.

That's how it goes.

I certainly am a great help to you.

We'll get along all right. Maybe I could teach Dutchy to fly.

Who, me? No, no. I don't want to.

Who's running this airline?

Geoff, please. Include me out.

It's not a bad idea.

Geoff, I don't want to fly.

Cheer up.

Hartword said to give you this check. If it's not satisfactory, let him know.

Wait a minute.

Oh, yeah, I forgot.

What about my passage money? You don't need it. You got the job.

Maybe I oughta pat you on the back.

You don't have to. Just do what I tell you to do.

You mean, anything that's a little too tough for somebody else?

Yeah. Yeah, that's about it.

Look, I'm knee-deep in friends around here... but you're one guy I can send out in any kind of weather, on any job... and only worry about the ship getting back.

On those terms, you still want the job?

I don't know any other way I'd want it. Good.

Go out and look around the field. Get acquainted.

Anything you want to know, ask Mike.

And if he won't talk to you, tell him it's orders.

Yes, sir.

Dutch, come and get it.

Now you can get that ship out of hock.

I'm afraid we need more than...

Isn't that too much? Not for that kind of flying.

Geoff, I don't know.

If you want to thank somebody, thank him.

One way you can do that is to get him a decent room.

I haven't got a thing. What about the one on the balcony?

Miss Lee is in that.

Right next to me? I thought you...

Stop thinking. Get her out of there! If you want.

I do. But get the ship first. Yes.

Get it here as fast as you can. Sure.

Hello. Hello, Bonnie. How you doing?

Oh, not bad... after spending the night in that mouse auditorium I'm sleeping in.

Just about enough room for me and a flint gun.

I thought we'd fixed you up good. You did.

Mr. Carter had other ideas.

Well, you warned me.

Say, isn't that girl the one he used to be in love with?

When it rains, every third drop falls on one of them.

I can believe that all right. They come right out of the woodwork.

More power to him.

Oh, sure.

You don't think I care anything about that, do you?

Well, I don't. See?

I'd like to tell him what I think of him, that's all.

All you have to do is raise your voice a little.

Is that him? The old master himself.

What's he doing?

Testing a smashed-up plane that Mike stuck together with a little glue.

Or did you use baling wire this time?

Don't worry. Those wings will stay on.

We'll soon find out.

He's not trying to do that.

I can't see. What's happened? She's out of control.

He's out of it. There's your chance. Get out of her.

Jump. What's he doing?

He's going to try to land. He can't make it.

Get set for the crash, Mike!

Why doesn't he jump? Why should he? He's made of rubber.

He wants to see how high he can bounce. Shut up!

I'm getting too old for...

What's the matter?

I don't know.


Can I come in? Sure.


This is good for the stomach.

It won't help for what ails you.

You didn't tell him what a baby I was?

No, I skipped that one.

You won't tell him, will you?

After that sample, have you still got your chin stuck out for more?

I know I'm a fool, but I can't do anything about it.

He won't quit flying, Bonnie. I wouldn't ask him to.

You don't believe that, do you?

You'll have a hard time making him believe it.

Think you can take that sort of thing day after day?

You love him, don't you?

Yes, I guess I do.

Why can't I love him the way you do?

Why couldn't I sneer when he tries to kill himself... feel proud when he doesn't?

Why couldn't I be there to meet him when he gets back? Why couldn't I...

What do you do when he doesn't come back when you expect him to?

I go nuts.

Gee whiz, you're a great help.

That's fine. What's up?

They report a low formed over the ocean. It's going to bring that storm here.

When do they expect it? We might get the first tonight.

How big? Don't know. I'll get more dope later.

Fine time for dirty weather. Poor Dutchy.

No use moaning about that. Help Mike and Pancho with that new ship.

What good is that if the storm hits? Tell them to stay with it all night.

Someday I'll get a straight answer, and I won't know what to do with it.

Geoff, wait a minute.

What? They're loading #8 with nitroglycerin.

You're taking it to the oil fields. Baldy, anything you've got.

We shouldn't fly that with the mail. I know.

Nothing in my contract says I'll fly nitroglycerin.

You get a buck and a half to do it. Not me.

What? Listen, I saw a guy blow a tire once.

I was down the other end of the field, and it broke a bottle in my pocket.

Where's your map?

I don't like that stuff. Who does?

I'll do anything else. I know.

Here you are, MacPherson.

Once you're through the pass, the oil fields are 200 miles north.

Give me a match, Dutch.

You weren't kidding me the other day, were you?

Dutch, figure out Gent's time. What?

You're through. What's the matter with you?

You can't blame that boy. I'm not blaming him. He's fired.

Sorry, Gent. No, I don't like that. The way...

How about clearing the field before MacPherson takes off?


My goodness, yes! You said it.

I didn't think of that at all.

How's this stuff packed? All in rubber.

Here's a trap door if you want to get rid of it.


None of that stuff for me.

Watch it for a minute, will you? Sure.

Hello, Judy. I'd like to talk to you.

What's on your mind? Bat. He's carrying nitroglycerin.

Don't worry about it. He's good. I know, but it's dangerous.

Not while he's in the air it isn't. Run along. Let Bat do the worrying.

Don't be like that with me.

Why does he always get things like this to do? Please, Geoff!

I told you I was happy, but I lied. Why don't people want to work with him?

What's he done that makes people act the way they do?

Why ask me? You're the only one I can.

Please! I've got to know.

Can't you see what... Calling Barranca.

Calling Barranca. Go ahead.

Wind's coming up. Doesn't look good. It's closing in fast.

Yeah? Have you seen MacPherson yet?

Went by a couple minutes ago.

All right. Calling MacPherson!

You'd better run along. No, I'm staying.

Calling MacPherson.

Is your weather good or bad? There's a chance to get through.

I didn't ask that. Is it good or bad?

Bad. Turn around and come back.

When you're in the clear, dump that nitro.

I can get this down all right.

You heard me. I said dump it! And watch yourself while you're doing it.

There's a flock of birds in the pass.

Look like condors. Why not have him drop that soup on them?

Not a bad idea. You hear, MacPherson? Yeah.

Tex will line you up.

Feeling better, Judy? Thanks, Geoff.

Now will you tell me what he's done?

No, you'll have to ask him.

You think that'll be easy to do?

Keep on the left, and start dropping after you pass that second peak.

That oughta move 'em! Drop the rest before you get back.

Too bad I couldn't get through. I left the mail on the ship.

Stand by. You're taking it up again as soon as Tex clears you.

Calling Lookout.

Go ahead.

MacPherson speaking.

An hour out of Las Cruces. Clear ahead.

Clear here. Signing off.

Calling Barranca.

Go ahead. MacPherson coming back.

An hour out of Las Cruces. Okay, Tex.

When he gets back, only one more trip and you've got your contract.

Yeah, only one more trip.

If this rain keeps up, we're gonna need pontoons.

Anything else? Yeah.

Get those motors ready. I want to run a test on 'em.


What are you doing here? Just looking for a corkscrew.

Don't you think you'd better get some sleep?

Seems like an excellent suggestion.

Look what I won on the punchboard. We'll make a nightcap out of it... as soon as I can find a corkscrew.

Lock the doors. Judy's lost her equilibrium.

Yeah. You're apt to lose something else if you put that stuff on top of it.

I don't care. I'm getting used to losing things.

Did you ask him?

That why you're celebrating?

He wouldn't tell me. Said it had nothing to do with us.

It's seems that that's that.

It's all over.

You're going to let him go it all by himself, huh?

Did you ever hear the word "trust"?

I did once, but I forgot it.

I don't blame him for not telling you.

Maybe he wanted to find out what he'd got.

You're no good, and you never were. Give me that thing.

Give me that before you cut your hand.

I used to wonder if I was right when we broke up.

I don't have to worry about it anymore.

What did I do?

You don't know what I'm talking about, do you?

You've got some listening to do, and I'm gonna make sure you hear every word.

It'll do you good.

What do you care what he did? Why do you have to know all about it?

Come here. Wipe your eyes.

If it's so bad he can't tell you, how do you think he feels?

Why don't you think of his side of it?

You're just like all the rest. You don't know what it means to stick.

Blow your nose. You're all right.

Go to bed.

Hey, you! Don't come in!

What are you doing here? Taking a bath.

I know that. You've got a nerve!

You can't take a bath in a wash basin. Why pick my room?

It's the only clean one I could find. I'll be out in a minute.

Hurry it up, will ya? I'm hurrying.

What's all this? What?

All this cooking! That's coffee.

Don't touch it. It's hot. You'll burn yourself.

I told you. Let me see. Go away. Go away.

That is a burn. Put butter on it. I don't want butter on it!

My grandmother always used butter. I don't care. It's still boiling.

What's this all about? I wanted a nice cup of coffee.

It's cold and rainy outside, and nice and warm and cozy in here.

Wouldn't you like to have one? No, I wouldn't. Get out of here.

Take this thing with you. Oh, don't...

I thought you never did that. Did what?

Got burned twice in the same place.

Geoff, I want...

Oh, I'm sorry. I'll go. It's all right.

Maybe I'd better go. No, please don't.

I didn't intend to.

You don't understand. I wanted to thank Geoff for something.

There's no reason for you not to know.

You were right. I'm no good.

I was only thinking of myself, not how to help him.

I'm glad you didn't tell me what he's done. I don't ever want to know.

I just want another chance. Why don't you tell him that?

I will. When will he be back? Two or three hours.

That's a long time.

If it's too long, tell Sparks I said you could talk to him on the radio.


I knew you ran everything here... but I didn't know you had a matrimonial agency on the side.

Just goes to show you how wrong you can be.

Where do you keep those pictures?

What pictures?

Those pictures of you when you were a baby.

We're right back where we started.

That was a million years ago. I know you better now.

What's the matter with your foot? I slipped on the porch.

Don't walk around on it. There's nothing the matter with it.

Let me put you down. It's not sprained.

I just lost the heel off my slipper, that's all.

Why didn't you say so?

Don't I have the darndest luck, losing one heel right after another?

You're a queer duck. So are you.

Geoff, you don't have to be afraid of me anymore.

I'm not trying to tie you down.

I don't want to plan or look ahead.

I don't want you to change anything.

I love you, Geoff. There's nothing I can do about it.

I just love you.

I feel the way about you that Kid does. Anything you do is all right with me.

The Kid?

He doesn't ask you for anything, or get in your way or bother you, does he?

Drives me nuts.

Hey, Geoff!

Oh, sure. Come in.


Sure, come in. We might as well be in Grand Central Station.

I could've made a fortune with a hot dog stand right here.

I'm sorry. The boys are ready to test those motors.

Oh, all right.

Will you have yours with mustard? Or perhaps mustard and no hot dog.

This has got to be done, Bonnie.

Here you are. See if you can find it. It's somewhere in that box.

What? That picture we were talking about.

And keep the coffee warm, will ya?

I didn't know. I'm sorry.

Boat's in. Thanks. I heard it.

Calling Lookout.

Calling Lookout.

Go ahead. Stand by. The boat's here.

#4 taking off when the mail comes. You can't get through this stuff.

We'll try to go over the top. That doesn't sound good to me.

I almost forgot. I need another generator belt.

What happened? Napoleon ate a piece out of the spare.

What's he doing in there?

I brought him in to keep him from blowing away.

Rig up something yourself. With what?

Don't ask me. Take a piece out of Napoleon's hide.

Okay, I'll find something.

All set out there? All ready.

Can't do any more. Took out all the seats, stripped it clean.

Fine. Yeah, I got 400 pounds.

You know, that's more than twice what I weigh.

Oh, yeah.

I don't suppose there's anything else you can do.

Now, look here, Geoff. I heard you the first time.

You're not going. Forget it. Why not?

I'll toss you a coin for it. Heads, I go.

Everybody off.

Wait. Go away.

Why are you so anxious about this? I'm not anxious.

How do you like that? Heads on both sides.

Really? No kidding?

That's right, it is. "That's right, it is."

No wonder I'll be buying you drinks all year.

I wanna go with you, Pop. Please.

Okay, if you feel that way about it. Gimme, gimme.

Put another bottle of oxygen in the ship.

I already did.

I'll take a cup of that, Charlie. Yes, sir.

Who went down to meet the boat? Why ask me?

What have I got to do with it? You are running this airline, aren't you?

MacPherson's gone to pick up the mail. Good.

For your information, I want to ask you a question.

Don't you think you're crazy to fly in that kind of weather?

Get the lights ready on the field. I told you so many times I don't...

Whatever you do, don't think you have to do it for me.

I know what it means, but I'd rather be broke.

I don't care whether we get that contract or not. Understand?

Don't strain yourself, Dutch. Here.

What's the use?

Hello, Bonnie.

What's this?

I started that lunch wagon we were talking about.

Be careful of the coffee. It was hot when I put it in... so don't burn yourself again.

Thanks, Bonnie.

Have a nice trip, Geoff.

See you next week, 2:00.


Where're you going? To the room.

What for?

My boat's in. I've got to finish packing.

Oh, yeah.

Isn't that the outfit you came ashore in?

How'd you remember that?

Got a match?

Don't you think it's about time you started carrying some?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry to be so silly.

I wanted to do this just the way you do.

I was all right until you asked for that match, wasn't I?

You sure were. Just remember it up till then.

Look, Bonnie, are you sorry about anything?

Are you? No.

I'm not.

So long, Bonnie.

Geoff, I can't let you go.

This has got to stop.

No, I can't.

Come on.

I won't let you go.

You're not going to go. You're going to stay right here.

I won't let you kill yourself.

You're going to do it to keep me from doing it?

You're just like all the rest.

No, I'm not!

What have I done? Go away, Bonnie!

Darling, I didn't mean to. I know. It's my own fault.

What's going on? He's shot.

Where's the first aid kit? Over in the corner. Does this hurt?

Did you send for the doctor? Get him right away.

Who did this? I did.

How'd it happen? I didn't want him to go.

Well, he's not likely to now. That sure looks bad.

What is this, a sideshow? Clear out of here. Go on.

Don't get excited. Get me a drink, will ya?

Put some water on the stove. Hold that, Sparks.

It didn't come through. It's still in there.

Here you are, Geoff. Thanks. What do you say, Kid?

It's all right, but you're not gonna do much flying with it.

You're crazy. Am I? Try to move it.

You've joined the rest of us cripples. Soon there'll be none of us left.


You don't think I can fly her alone, do you?

You're not good enough alone.

I'm a lot better than anyone you've got left.

How you gonna get through that stuff? Over the top in the new trimotor.

Will she go that high? I don't know.

I'll see that you find out.

Kid was going with me.

You think I might get lost, don't you? I'll see that you don't.

You don't have to go. It's not that kind of job.

That's fair enough.

There's the mail. I'll see you on the field in five minutes.

I'll be waiting for you.

There's a parachute, if you want it.

It's okay.

All clear.

He'd rather take that out at the hospital.

Tell him to probe for it here. Calling Barranca.

Calling Barranca.

All right. Go ahead.

Thirty-five hundred.

Still on instruments.

Calling Barranca.

Eight thousand.

On top first layer.

Calling Barranca.

Fourteen thousand.

Picking up a little ice. Free to climb three-twenty.

Barranca. Calling Barranca.

Fifteen thousand, six hundred.

Fair sailing.

Okay, Papa. Never saw one of these yet could go through the side of a mountain.

There she goes!

What have we got under us?

You're safe till 6,000.

I'll wait till the air's heavier.

You want me to try it again? No use.

She's not good enough by more than a thousand feet.

Calling Barranca.

Calling Barranca. Go ahead.

Tell Geoff we couldn't make it. Got to 16,000 and the bottom fell out.

Tell them to come back. Heard you. Not coming back.

Going through the pass.

Don't be a fool. Tex says it's closed in tight.

I've been flying in a blind for two months.

Won't do any harm to do it once more.

Come back. Those are orders. Hear? No dice.

Signing off.

Tell Tex to watch for 'em. Calling Lookout.

Go ahead. Watch for #4. They'll try the pass.

They can't make it. It's closed in thicker than glue.

All clear below.

Get in one of those chutes and jump.

Is there any reason I can't go, too?

You don't have to.

Which way is the pass from here?

Ten degrees north... three thousand up.

I can hear 'em. They're starting through.

They're in the pass now.

Kid, answer.

Calling Barranca. Go ahead.

They just went by, feeling their way. I tried to talk to them, but no answer.

Keep trying.

Kid! Kid!

Yeah? Get out quick and jump!

Something broken. Can't move.

Jump yourself.

Not this time.

Oh, you fool!

Geoff, #4's on fire. Left outboard and nose motor.

I don't think they can make it.

Plug in that outside set. Give me a coat!

Turn on the lights to the field.

Calling #4.

Calling #4. Look, there they are!

She's coming down!

#4, jump! Bail out!

Get the mail! All right. Grab this mail.

Take it easy. He's hurt bad.

Come on.

Okay, Doc, that's fine.

Cut it out. Come on.

Tell this guy to stop fussing with me. I'm all right.

Let him alone, Doc.

Cigarette, Papa?

Sure. Here.

How's the other guy?

Hands burned, and one side of his face.

He's all right, Geoff.

Could've jumped but he didn't.

Just sat right there. Took it like it was an ice cream soda.

Buy him a drink for me, will ya? Sure, I will.

Hadn't been for those birds, we'd have made it.

Sure you would.

I'd make a windshield at an angle, and they'd bounce off.

Not a bad idea.

Make you a present of the profit.

When I get on my feet, we'll work it out.


Your neck's broken, Kid.


Wondered why I couldn't feel anything.

Well, guess this is it.


What is it? Get that bunch out of here quick!

Get out, hurry up.

You, too, Doc. Use both feet.

What is it, fella? Come on, you can tell me.

I didn't want them to see me. Sure, sure.

I'm not scared, Geoff. Of course you're not.

It's just that... it's like doing something new... like when I made my first solo.

I didn't want anybody watching then, either.


I don't know how good I'm gonna be at this.

Do you want me to go, too?

I'd hate to pull a boner in front of you, Geoff.

Sure. Sure, I know.

Here you are.

So long, Kid.

So long, Geoff.

Hi, Dutch.

Got a match?

Well, this...

Here. The final paychecks.

The field is closed down.

We are licked.

Okay, Dutchy.

Calling Lookout.

Go ahead, Geoff.

Let me know when it clears, Tex. We're all set down here.

What about the Kid, Geoff?

Broke his neck. Took off a few minutes ago.

Deal me in. Get a seat.

I took care of everything out on the field.

Thanks, fella. Give me a drink.

You send for me, Carter?

Yes. The Kid asked me to buy you a drink.


Baldy, put it on the table. Wait a minute.

Why not have it with us? Sure. Why not? How about you, Judy?

Thanks. Come on, boys, set 'em up.


How are the hands coming?

Not bad.

Here you are, fella. Look out. You'll spill it.

Got it? Okay now?

Can you make it? I'll be all right.

Here you are, Judy. Thanks.

Come on, drink hearty. Here's how.

Here's everything I could find.

Help yourself.

No, I don't want any.

Not much to show for 22 years.

So long, Sparks.

Going, Bonnie?

Nobody asked me to stay.

Imagine, all the things happening to me in the last few days... and I haven't got a picture to show for it.

Aren't you gonna say good-bye to him?

I think you ought to.

You do?

I think he'd want you to.

Are you sure?

He might not act like it, but I think he would.

Well, if you think I ought to.

I think you should.

I don't mind doing it if you say so.

I do say so. You do?

Well, I guess I'd better go ahead and do it, then.

Hello, Geoff.

Hello, Bonnie.

I just thought I wanted to...


Sparks thought that before I go, I better...

I don't know.

That's all I wanted to say. Just...

He said you'd like it, but I don't know. You never...

Oh, Geoff, you're crying.

Please, don't.

I'll never be able to...

Never be able to what, Bonnie?

I'll never be able to say it if you...

Say what?

I was going to say good-bye.

Geoff, do you want me to stay or don't you?

Well, Bonnie... Calling Barranca.

Calling Barranca. What's the matter down there?

Calling Barranca! Go ahead.

Geoff, storm's breaking up. Wind's dropping down to a whisper.

Yeah? Wait a minute. Hey, Sparks!

Sparks! Get him, will you?

How's the pass? Clearing fast as a cat licking cream.

What do you want? Wind up #7. The pass is clearing.

How 'bout it?

Stand by. It won't be long now.

Moon's breaking through.

Here she comes. She's shinin' harder than $700.

Let 'em come!

We're coming. How 'bout it? You and me?

Why not? Let's get going.

What do you think of that? What is?

The pass is clearing. We've just got time to make it.

How are you going to fly? I've got one good arm.

And I've got another. I don't know...

Cheer up, Dutchy. Our contract's as good as in the bag.

Come on. So long. Keep that coffee warm.

I won't be here. I'm going on the boat.

Nobody asked me to stay. They haven't?

No. And you wouldn't ask anybody to do anything, would you?

That's right.

Here, we'll flip the coin for it. Tails you go, heads you stay.

Heads. What about it? I won't stay that way.

You won't?

I'm hard to get, Geoff. All you have to do is ask me.

Here's a souvenir for you. I like that saying good-bye.

So long, Bonnie.

Son of a gun.

Hey, Geoff!