Only The Brave (2017) Script

Hey, it's Marsh.


When are you just gonna give up on that thing and get a new one?

Well, you know me.

Love a lost cause.

Where are you off to?

New start down at Tonto National Forest.

Ate up 40,000 acres yesterday.

Fixing to triple that today.

You got something to say to me before you walk out that door?

I guess I said some shit last night I shouldn't have.

Yeah. You did.



Because what?

'Cause you're smarter than I am, especially when we squabble.

And it pisses me off.

Well, I can appreciate that.

I bet you can.

I guess we both made some mistakes last night.

Yes, we did.

Let's make better ones next time.


God, I love you, Manda-bear.

I love you, too, Shortstop.

-See ya. -See ya.

Bla-blow wants to go with you.

What did you say to me?

Bla-blow wants to go with you.

Bla-blow wants to go with me?

Crazy little guy. Come here.

Can you take this little stinker?

-Yeah. -He's not a stinker.

-No, you're a stinker. -No, I'm not.

She's a stinker.

Eve. Say bye.

Bla-blow says good bye. Bye-bye.

Put me down. Put me down.

Oh, boy.

Go, Mack! Come on, buddy.

Get that can, would you?

Just 'cause you got a crack in your ass don't make you a cripple, Jesse. You get it.

Air Attack Helicopter 741 en route with a full tank.

Crew 7, can we get a ground fix on the fire?

Helicopter 741, this is Crew 7.

Fire's running north-northwest two miles out from our location.

Copy that, Crew 7. Thank you.

Confirmed. Clear to drop.

Good work, 741.

Copy that.

You saw men, take five!

Bravo Squad, take five!




Huddle up!

-Hey, agua me. -Yeah.


I've got to throw a new chain on the saw!



-Hot sauce. -You look like a bag of smashed assholes right now. You all right?

I had a crazy night, bro.

I finally hooked up with that gal Cheyanne.

-Yes! -Cheyanne?

The Cheyanne? The girl from the Emporium with the tattoos and the beautiful eyes?

-That's the one. -Outstanding.

What's up? Dude, Whitted, Mack closed that girl from the Emporium last night.

-Cheyanne? -Yeah.

I see her at church now and again. She doesn't talk.

Yeah, she doesn't need to though, right?

-I mean, like, unreal. -Hey, guys.

Guys, guys! The man is clearly an artist.

Let him share his gift. MacKenzie, proceed.

I mean, she went full-blown medieval on me.

I had to buckle in at one point.

-Oh, God. -I want to buckle in.

I mean, there was just one thing that she said that just threw me, though.

-Don't worry about it. -What? Dude, you can't say there's something and then, "Don't worry about it."

-What was it? -All right, all right, all right.

Postcoital, we're laying in bed. I grab the remote.

Okay? I turn the TV on. I'm flipping through the channel.

I end up on an infomercial.

In the background there's Mount Rushmore.

And I'm trying to make conversation at this point.

It's awkward. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

-And I'm like, "Wow, that's amazing." -Right.

Her rebuttal to this?

"Especially when you realize it's a natural thing."

-What? What? -That's not good.

-What? -You mean to tell me that this girl believes that the faces of our four presidents showed up on a mountain through the process of

-natura| erosion? -Yeah!

Wind and rain carved out the presidents.

-Many forms of intelligence, Mack. -I love wind and rain!

-Oh, my God. -Hey, honestly, Mack, this girl is perfect for you, man.

She's like a match made in heaven.

I'm proud of you. I haven't slept.

Whitted, where you at?

We got a chain left to finish the mop-up.

All right, just get it done.

Aye, aye, Papa-

All right, boys, back to work.

-Jesse! -Yeah, Supe!

I'm gonna go scout ahead! You got it!

Tree coming down!


This showcase is gonna burn, baby, burn!

Nicole, welcome to the showcase!

Zachariah, welcome to the showcase!

Guys, pay close attention to the first showcase, because it could go to either one of you. Here we go.

Good luck.

This five-station home gym centers around a fully adjustable weight set to help...

I can't read that shit. What's it say?

From Hatch.

"Saw Natalie working Murph's last night.

"Did you know she was pregnant?"

Who's Natalie?

Some chick I rolled with a couple months back.

...some rubber in your new car!

What are you doing?

What are you up to?


Bless your little black heart What's up, Supe?

The fire's gonna do a 180 off the line.

Division Charlie, it's Crew 7.

Go ahead, Crew 7.

Yeah, I think the fire's gonna go toward homes to the southwest.

What we'd like to do is take my crew down to the eastern edge of the creek and prep for a burn.

Negative. We've got an inbound hotshot crew to your division.

They'll make the call.

Copy that.

God damn it.

How y'all doin‘?

Eric Marsh, Crew 7.

My captain, Jesse Steed.

Well, this fire's gonna shift down here.

I figured you and your crew should go down and prep that creek for a burn.

I don't mean any disrespect to you California boys, but I was... Just been watching this line for a few days now.

The fire's gonna shift, probably jump over to that neighborhood right over there.

Okay, let me stop you right there, okay? Marsh, is it?

-Yeah, it's Marsh. -Yeah, well...

You guys are Type 2, and we are hotshots.

So, why don't you do what deucers do best, which is stay in the back and mop up our shit?


Maricopa County Sheriff's Office!

This is a mandatory evacuation!

Get in, Trevor!

-Hey, Supe. -Yeah.

You're not gonna like this one.

Smith and Landow are cutting bait on us.

What? God.

A few slots opened up on the Blue River Hotshots, and Ferguson's rolling out the red carpet.

Well, Blue River's a good crew. Ferguson's a solid supe.

They'll probably make double what we gave 'em.

We could've saved all these people's homes if we ran the play that you called.

The boys are pissed.

So am I.

-Hey, Sturgill. -Amanda.

-Where'd you find this one? -Tweaker lab outside of town.

-You arrest the guys that did it? -Didn't need to.

Dipshits blew themselves up mixing a batch.



There you go.

We were gonna put him down, but then Steinbrink said we should call you.

So, what do you think?

You're safe now.

I promise.

You're all right.

Lie down.

Good boy. Lie down. Come on. Lie down.

Who's this?

New friend.

Your friend got a name?

-Roscoe. -Roscoe.

You're dirty.

You're filthy.

-You smell. -So do you.

I've been thinking about inviting over some ranchers from the area, showing them the benefits of having the horses go barefoot.

Maybe I can drum up some new clients.

I'm pregnant with triplets.

Willie Nelson is the father.

I like Willie Nelson.

Well, that's good.

I'm sorry.

It's just some shit happened out on the line.

Yeah. Shit always happens on the line.

You want to talk about it?

Or you want to do your John Wayne thing?

There's nothing to talk about.

Same problem. It's just getting worse.

Have you reached out to Duane?

Well, maybe he can help you get the crew certified.



Why are you so good to me?

Hell if I know.

-Bye, have a nice night. -Thank you so much.


Yes, it's yours, I'm sure.


All right, how long have you been pregnant?

-Five months. -Five months? Are you serious?

Dude, you're not even gonna tell me, maybe earlier or something?

Brendan, 'cause I don't wanna hear it. I don't.

Well, look, I deserve a say in all this.

-Okay, then what do you wanna say? -I called you, I've...

Say something!

-I don't know. -You don't care about me.

You never did. You broke up with me with a text.

Yeah, I know. Look, I didn't know.

Yeah, and what if you did?

What would you have done?

Marry me?

All right.

Look, that is part mine, okay?

It is.

So, I'm gonna be responsible for it.

You're not responsible for anything.

My family and I have this on our own.

I want you to stay away.

If that's what you want.


We catch you doing that shit in here again and we'll make you choke on it.


Shit, B.

You okay?

I've been dreaming of this.

The day you bring me up here to the point.

Oh, God, would you stop?

What the hell are we doing here?

Take a good hard look out there.

What do you see?


Lot of good folks lost their home down at Cave Creek.

Bitch kicked your ass, huh?

But had I been able to cut and burn the lawn, we could've kicked hers.

Tough beat.

We've been training for over four years.

We've got all our hours, all our qualifications, can out-hump any hotshot crew out there, but until we're certified, we ain't nothing but a bunch of deucers.

We can't do anything. Can't do shit.

Well, I told you it wouldn't be easy.

Doing something that's never been done before takes time.

You know I lost two more good dudes to Blue River?

City council and mayor have got my ass on the chopping block.

We ain't got any more time.

Neither does our hometown.

Sooner or later, the fire, she's gonna come a-knockin‘, and when she does, this whole place is gonna go off like a powder keg.

And when she does, my crew won't even be able to set foot on the line.

Eric, that attitude that you got right there, that cost you a lot of friends in the department.

-I don't care. -Friends that cou|d've helped.

Come on, Duane, you're the Wildland fire chief.

You started this thing.


I need your help.

-Please? -Hey. Now, that's nice.

That's a good start.

Come on, we'll get this thing.

Look, listen, I'm in Camp Verde Jail.


Nah, it was just, like, a misunderstanding, or whatever, honestly.

But the bail's, like, a grand, so I was...

I was seeing if you could post that.



Now, there are two things that'll make the mayor move.

-Sorry, baby. -Fear and greed, right?

Yeah, but until the fire's knocking at his door, we don't have the fear.

Yeah, once the crew gets certified as hotshot, then the city, they can charge 49 bucks an hour per man when they're working a fire on federal or state land, right?

This is bringing money into Prescott.

Wait, don't they have to get evaluated so they can get certified?

I'm gonna get them their evaluation.

Now, if you're willing to commit your boys to working more than what the average hotshot crew covers in a season, I'm talking about a lot of overtime, now...

Yeah, it's no problem.

We'll work the full fire season, no breaks.

I'm so sorry.

You okay?

Yes, thank you.

It's not easy sharing your man with a fire. I know.

I'm just being a baby.

You know, I don't even know why, when I went into this with my eyes wide open.

Doesn't mean you can see everything that's coming.

It's important to him.

I'll make it work.

Hey. Just one.

Well, at least you don't have kids and grandkids to worry about.


...Sunday, 8:00 p.m.

Temperatures 115 to 122...

I don't wanna talk about it.

Yeah? Neither do I, Brendan.

What is this? I'll be home at 7:00.

When I get back, I want you gone.

Dude, are you serious?

Dude, what... Oh, my God.

You boys been beating me off with this scheme for the last three years, and the city still hasn't made a damn dime yet.

Huck, you saw the numbers.

This crew, it's a real moneymaker once they get certified.

Well, when's that gonna be?

As I understand it, they've done all the time and obligations needed.

This is the first city to ever start its own crew, so the Feds see us as outsiders, like a threat to their way of doing things.

They're trying to put us off by stalling our evaluation.

-That's right. -Look, the people of Prescott don't understand why they're paying for their own hotshot crew.

And the city council, well, they think it's overkill, like having a SEAL Team Six do the job of a sheriff.

The Rodeo Fire, it torched the rim above Payson before they could get on it.

The Indian Fire burned right up to our doorstep.

It's only a matter of time before Prescott is gonna be dealing with a massive wildfire.

-That's right. -And when it comes, the people living here, they're gonna be thanking their bold, long-sighted mayor that they've got their very own SEAL Team Six of hotshots to put it down quick.

Are the Rusty Pistols gonna play at the rodeo this year?

Wouldn't have it any other way.

Are you gonna ride that big old mule of yours to the show?

Oh, shit, yeah.

You got to the end of the season to get yourself evaluated and certified.

And you got next season to prove your worth.

But it's all on you, Duane.

Appreciate this, Mayor.

You will not regret this, sir. Well, I hope not.

Now, you boys keep your powder dry.

-Thank you. -Hey, Dave. Good to see you.

That's our mayor.

Hey, Brendan.

Your daughter Michaela was born six minutes ago. Congrats.

She's totally healthy?

-Nothing wrong with her or nothing? -No, she's perfect.

-How's the mom doing? -She's all good.

Listen, they're gonna put the baby in the nursery in a little while so mom can rest.

I'll come get you, okay?

-Yeah. All right. -All right.

-Thanks, man. -Yeah.

Wade Scott Parker.

So, your father's a captain on Chino Valley Fire?

Yes, sir.

So, I'm assuming you know the difference between structure and wildland fighting operations.

I do.

Wildland firefighters, they dig line, they cut trees, light backburns to corral the fire.

-They try to control it. -Yep.

We fight fire with fire.

What does the word "integrity" mean to you?

For shit's sake, Jesse, can we please get to the good questions?

What? Okay.

When was the last time you lied?

I guess to my mom, this morning.

About what?

I told her that this job isn't as dangerous as working structure.

Are you lying to me right now?

No, sir.

-You a short-timer? -A what, sir?

A firefighter's son looking to use my crew as a stepping stone to a gig on the structure side.

-No, sir. -Now, you'd better not be, 'cause if there's one thing I can't stand, it's that.

Yes, sir.

You got any running gear?

I do, sir. In the car.

All right, we're gonna go for a little hike in a bit, me and the boys.

Come along, we'll give you a look-see.

Thank you, sir.

-Why are you still here? -Sorry, sir.

I like him.

Nice shot!

-One point. -One point for these guys.

I got it.

Clown was in my EMT course. Serious burnout.

-What's he doing here? -I don't know.

Let's find out, shall we?

Brian, right? It's Brendan.


You were in my EMT class.

What's up? You...

You lost, or...

No, I was just checking.

You know, I heard you guys had some slots available.

Slots are all filled, man.

Sorry, dude.

-All right. Thanks, man. -Yeah.


We got one slot open. You want to interview for it?

Yeah. Right now?

Yeah, right now.

All right.

I'm Eric Marsh, superintendent of Crew 7.

Brendan McDonough.

When was the last time you used?

Don't think, just answer the question.

Three months ago.

-Ever use needles? -No.


Do you have your qualifications?


Wildland fire, fire science, and just completed my EMT.

You know the difference between Type 2 crew and Type 1 IHC?

Yes, sir. Hotshots are on the front line, and they get to engage the fire directly.


You got a record?


Felony larceny.

You ever do any time?

Three days.

And I'm on probation right now.

What are you doing here?

I made a lot of mistakes in my life, and I've done a lot of things that I'm ashamed of and I'm embarrassed by, honestly,

but I just had a daughter.

Her name's Michaela and I just really wanna give her what I never had.

If you give me a chance, I won't let you down.


All right. The crew's gonna go on a little hike.

You got any running gear?


What size shoe do you wear?

Ten. Hand 'em over.

They're... They're brand new, Supe.

Yeah, I don't give a shit. Hand 'em over.


Come on.

Come on.

They're... They're limited edition, sir.

Yeah? Okay.

There you go.

Thanks, man.

-Are those limited edition? -Shut up.

What's up with that Brendan kid?

You're not serious about him, are you? It's up to him.

This kid's a train wreck.

Mack was in his EMT class, said he's into dope.

I'm talking hard shit.

What you doing, Supe? We're trying to get certified as hotshots here.

All you rookies that are just coming on as slot contenders, I want you all to breathe in this beautiful vista.

Breathe it in deeply.

'Cause after you all get baptized, you're never gonna be able to look out into the wilds and see that pure beauty again.

Once you get a real hard taste of the bitch at work, there's only one thing you're gonna be able to see, and that's fuel.

So, think about that.

Meditate on it.

Then decide if this job is for you.

-Line it out! -Line it out!

-Come on, guys, line it out. -Line it out!

Line it out!

You think he dropped dead on the trail?

Definite possibility.

If that shit stain died in my new kicks, I'm gonna kill him, Supe.

Oh, well.

-Hey, Supe. -What?

Check it out.


Oh, my Lord.

All right.

See you 6:00 a.m. Monday.

You all right?

-Yeah. -Yeah? Can you drive?

-Yeah. -Okay.

Pound tons of electrolytes, take some Motrin, get some sleep, buddy.

You'll be all right.

Hey, I got your kicks.

You owe me 100 bucks.

Duane saw it headed this way.

Thought it looked lost, too young to be on its own.

She came through here.

Who dumps a young horse here to die?

Like it was nothing.

Well, we'll find her.

That way.

Let's go.

Ten minutes!

Come on, 10 minutes, shitbirds!

Hey, let's go, Bravo! Let's go, Bravo! Kick it up, max level!

You don't wanna be buying Alpha's rounds all night!

Come on!

Norris, pop quiz.

You're cutting a line on a side hill below the fire.

Debris and logs could start to roll down and cross your line. What do you do?

Build a cup trench and move the logs so they're up and down the slope.

There it is. Outstanding.

Hey, McDonough, pop quiz What's your 11th watch-out?

No, don't look at him. Look at me. What's your 11th watch-out?

The fire line you're cutting hasn't been anchored.

Wrong. That's the 8th.

-You're getting spot fires across... -That's 16th!

Alpha Squad, hold!

What's your 11th watch-out?

Unburned fuel between you and the fire.

Firefighters died for us so we could learn all these watch-outs.

If you get another one wrong, I will choke you out.

Yes, sir.

Alpha Squad, 100 off the deck. Now!

-Come on! -My bad, guys.

Let's go, Bravo!

Hey, McDipshit, can you get any more challenged?

You got dick right since you've been here.


-Goddamn donut. -McDonut.

I know you're doing this for your baby girl, but I don't know, dude.

I've heard some shit about her mama.

You sure that kid's even yours, bro?


Do it. Throw that punch.

Do it. Come on.

-Do it. -Quit on yourself.

Go home. Die.

All right, Bravo, get back to work!

That was way out of line, Mack.

I don't mind you sweating the rooks, but you don't bring in family.

You hear me?

Crew 7, keep it moving, keep it moving!

Deploy! DepbY! Deploy!

Rookies on the inside! Flames over that way!

Feet to the flames, feet to the flames!

Go, go, go!

Bottles and radios in the shelter!

-Let's go, let's go! Move! -Get rid of your tools!

-Go, go, go! Hurry it up! -Boys, let's go, let's go!

Come on, speed it up! Fire's chasing us!

-Move it, rookie, come on! -Go, go, go, go!

-Seven, six... -Everybody in!

...five, four, three, two, one!

All right, listen up.

Burnover is seconds away, and it sounds like 100 freight trains right on top of you.

The wind ripping like a hurricane, heat coming on LOGO-plus degrees.

It's the apocalypse.

And remember, stay locked down, bury your face in that cool dirt, 'cause as long as you can breathe, you can survive.

When this thing finally sweeps over you, it's gonna feel like the end of the world.

No matter what you hear, no matter what's going on...

What the...

-Who's in there? -Rose. Rose. ls that your sock next to your shelter?

-What? -That's Rosie's beat-off sock, sir.

I asked you a question.

No, it's definitely not my sock, sir. I don't...

Then why is your name written on it?

'Cause it's his sock, sir.

Mack, out of the shelter!

I don't wanna come out, Steed.

I don't blame you. Get out of the shelter, MacKenzie!

Come on, California boy! Come on up!

-Stand up. -You're such an asshole.

Do you think this is funny?

I wear anklets.

Ankle socks. Is he a joke to you?

-Hi, this is Marsh. -What's up?

Just running a deployment drill.

-What you got? -New start in the Chiricahua Mountains.

Ate up 9,000 acres since yesterday.

They ordered up a Type 2 ICS team.

So, mount up.

This is it, Eric, game time.

What do you mean?

I called in a favor with an IC that owes me.


You're being evaluated.

I'll hit you with the details.

Good luck.

Okay, got it.

I feel like your mother. You're my second-favorite son.

All right, gather up!

Got some news.

We're heading to a fire down south.

And we're getting our eval on it.

Settle down, settle down. Remember, when we do this, act like we've done it before.

Hey, Ryder.

Hey, I'm sorry I'm missing your birthday again, buster.

But you know what?

We're having a second party when I get back.

It's gonna be even better, okay? -"Good night, stars. Good night, air.

"Good night, noises everywhere."

When I come home a hotshot, what are you gonna do?

Babe, babe, I just... I just need a little motivation.

I mean, give me something deep, give me something nasty to think about.

I like it.

You got to go?


Okay, bye.



My girl, Cheyanne.



I mean, that is a world-beating piece of ass right there.

Look at those superstar titties of hers.

I mean, if we get certified as hotshots, she's gonna do things to me.

Do you understand?

Hey, bring it in.

Bring it in.

Come on, just nice and tight.

I hope you do understand, because we've been working to get this eval for over four years now, bro.

And a lot can happen to a little puke like you out on the line.

And if you do anything, I mean anything, to mess our shit up, something's definitely gonna happen to you.

Okay, good chat.

Look at you, looking like a cat eating shit out of a hairbrush.

This is it, Papa.

We're gonna crush this eval.

Yeah, let's just do what we do.

Weather's working against us right now.

Wind's gusting to 20 and the humidity is dropping.

Fire's got two heads at the moment.

Hotshot crews in Division Echo will look at cutting direct line here.

Division Alpha will build an indirect line here.

Now, that line is our trigger point.

If the fire crosses it, we'll look at evacuating the city of Portal, 5 miles to the northeast.

Good luck. Be careful.

Are you Marsh?

Yes, sir, Eric Marsh, Crew 7.

Hayes. Pleasure, sir.

-My captain, Jesse Steed. -Nice to meet you.

All right. So, what are we doing?

Well, it looks like we're in Division Alpha.

We're gonna cut a line along the base of this hill right there.

Yeah, there's no direct access there, so we'll helo in, spike out.

All right, well, let's see what you boys got.

Hey, don't puke, you pukes.

All right.

Bravo Squad!

Bravo Squad, watch that slope there!

Jesse, where you at?

Scouting two ridges over. Got brands coming in, spot fires.

Nothing crazy, but she's definitely headed our way.

All right, why don't you work your way back down to the crew?

I'm gonna go scout ahead. Copy that.

You got a high-speed, low-drag crew, but how long can you run them at that pace?

Well, as long as it takes.

Bad cut! Tree coming down!

-Fa||ing! -Fa||ing!

Division Alpha, this is Crew 7.

You got a spot weather forecast for me?

We have a storm cell kicking up from the south.

High-wind advisory. 25 to 30 miles per hour.

All right, copy that. Thank you.

Want a piece of my Carolina ass?

Come and get it.

Fire's making a run toward our line.

By the time she gets here, she's gonna be too strong to hold.

It's gonna crown that ridge, spot over, and run straight into town.

If we backburn this side of the mountain, by the time bitch comes over, she'll have no fuel to feed into.

That's a god-awful idea.

All the conditions favor the fire, and when that blaze comes down that mountain, it's gonna kick your ass and use your burn to get even stronger.

We won't be able to stop it.

Okay, well, our line's not gonna hold unless we burn it off.

But it'll slow it down, maybe give us a chance to get other resources up here.

Okay, what you don't understand, sir...

Well, what you don't understand is 40 years, son.

I was on the job when you were still shitting yellow.

So, if you think you're gonna make a big move and impress me, I'm telling you right now, don't.

Due respect, you're just an observer.

So, let us do ourjob, okay?

-No, you're not a... -No, no, step off!

Now. Step off.


What's y'a||'s comfort level?

-Are you down for the cause? -Let's get after it, then.

-Get some. -Boss.

Division Alpha, this is Crew 7.

ls that a rosary?

No, prayer beads.

Buddhist, huh?

Well, this thing goes sideways, nothing's gonna save you.

Not even Buddha.

Holy shit, dude.

Can't believe we're about to light up a couple thousand acres.

Chill, bro, this is what we do.

Once you light that fuse, you throw it deep into the fire, all right?

Yeah, cool.

Mack, Steed.

Putting fuel on the ground now. Make sure you stay ahead of us.

Copy that.

Here we go.

Nice. All right, uno més.

-Hey, you all right? -Shit.

-Dude, shit, go. -Bees, man.

-Bro, run. Bro, go. -Go! Go!

Run! Bees! Bees, man!

-Shit! -They're stinging my balls!

Who said that?

Dude, karma's a bitch, ain't it, Mack?

-Rose. -What?

That went in my asshole.

-Jesus. -You ever read the Bible?

Yeah. I mean, not like you, but...

Yeah, it's good.

Well, that worked.

No matter what Hayes thinks.

Get some sleep, Papa.

It's for my boy, Ryder. I bring him home a rock...

-Snag! -Shit!

Holy shit!

Everybody okay?

-Yeah! -Yeah, we're okay.

All right, keep it moving!

Thanks, man.


-Where's your chinstrap? -My what?

-Your chinny! -You can't fly without a strap, Donut!

Shit, I don't know. I just had it, man. Hey, we got to run.

I got no time for this. Mack, set him up!



I think this is yours!


However this shakes out, just know we saved all that.

Jesse. Jesse, what... What happened?

Hey, hey, settle down, Manda-bear. It's me.

Jesus Christ, Eric.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

I got my phone smashed up this morning.

So, you're on your way back?


How'd it go?

I think I really messed up.

What do you mean? What happened?

I called a play out on the line, and I know it was the right thing to do and I'd do it again, but I think it's gonna cost us our certification.

I'm really sorry.


Well, I peed in my pants today.


You what?

I peed in my pants.

Really? Yeah-.

I was working with a colt over at Sam Lapeefs ranch, and I had to go really bad, and the colt just reared up and came down hard on my foot.

-Are you okay? -Yeah.

I'm fine except I peed in my pants.

-Did anybody see it? -Everyone.

-They did? -I felt like a jerk.

And then I had to borrow pants from Sam just to get home.

You know how much I love you?

Go back to sleep. I'll see you in a little while, okay?

-Okay. -Thank you for that.

See you soon.

-Nig ht. Wight-night.

-This is Marsh. -Hey, Eric, how did it go on the eval?

Did you find out? Do you know if you're good?

-Dale. -What?

-|... I can't talk right now, Dale. -What?


Where is he?



Come in.


What the hell happened out there?

I did what I thought was right.

And the boys, man, were they a sight to see.

I've never been so proud.


-I mean it. Deploy now! -Let's go, boys!

-Move, move, move! -Fire's that way!

Come on, let's show him how it's done.

Hey, make some space, Rosie. Come on, man.

Face to the floor!

Twenty bucks I beat you, Mack.

Mack, what are you doing? Hurry!

Five, four, three...

-Come on, get down, get down! -...two, one.

Thirty-two seconds.

That's very, very good.

I know you boys had a rough go of it out there, but if you're looking for sympathy, the only place you're gonna find it is in the dictionary, somewhere between "shit" and "syphilis."

All right, come on out.

Here's the deal.

I spoke with Hayes.

He thinks your supe here is a real cocky sucker, but he thinks you all are one of the best damn crews he's ever seen.


You're hotshots.

Nice! Hell, yeah!

-Hotshots! -Sweet!


All right, hey.

We... We need a name.

How about Thumb Butte Hotshots?

-Boo! -I got it, I got it, I got it.

The Firelords.

-No. -Why not?

-That's the name of your band, bro. -Yeah, and we slay.

Yeah, you slay, in your mama's garage.

Granite Mountain.


Granite Mountain Hotshots.

-There it is! -Yeah.

There it is.



I appreciate you making the effort.

Leaving the stuff.

Yeah, yeah. It's no problem.

Wow, you look...

Yeah, I know, I'm pretty filthy. We were just...

We were doing a fire down south.


Yeah, I heard that you were working for Crew 7.

Yeah, actually, we just... We just got certified today as hotshots, so we're the Granite Mountain Hotshots.

That's amazing. Congrats.

-She's so pretty. -Yeah.

Do you wanna hold her?

Nah, I'm...

You know, I'm so dirty. I don't wanna mess up her clothes.

It's okay, really. It's fine.

-Here. Yeah. -Yeah, yeah, I'd love... Yeah, please.

A little gas.

She's so pretty.

Yeah. She looks like you.


I'm sorry.

It's okay.

You ladies better listen up and listen good.

If there's one thing I know, it's applesauce.

Go ahead and try that, darling.


That's right.

-That is good applesauce. -That's right. Yes, it is.

Best dang applesauce you ever had.

Okay, it was cute at first.

Now I just wanna scream. ls that yours and that's him?

-That's both. -That was. ..

-And who's that? ls that his? -This is the one we lost.

That's yours. Okay, keep that away from the kid. Make sure.

I'm gonna get some water. What? Okay.

Smoking is over for you. It's over.

Sound familiar?

You got that... Stay still, stay still.

Wait a minute. I'll wipe... I'll wipe that off for you.

You must be Brendan.

Yes, ma'am. I'm Amanda, Eric's wife.

So nice to meet you. I've heard a lot about you.

-How's it going? -It's good.

-Yeah? -Yeah. I...

You know, I really appreciate the opportunity.

And I really respect your husband a lot.

So, I hope to be more like him someday.

You guys have more in common than you think.

Hang in there.


Where are you taking me?

-I want to show you something. -All right.


For me?

-You gonna take care of this one? -Yeah.


-What's up, Mack? -What up?

Everything all right?

No, dude, far from it.

Anything you wanna talk about?

You remember my gal Cheyanne, right?

-Yeah. -Yeah, well, I came home and found the slut had been cheating on me.

'Right? Really?

But you know what the kicker is?

The kicker is she's banging some dude on Flagstaff PD.


-I mean, whatever, you know. -Whatever.

I mean, what I got to find is a new place, 'cause I moved out of our apartment into my car.


I mean, hey, I got an extra room.



You know, if you need a spot to crash for a little bit.

Right on, dude.

Man, I just got to kick out my buddy from the Flagstaff PD.


Funny 9W-

Yeah, his name... His name's... His name's Dave.

Man, I'll tell you, as true as I'm standing here and as strange as this is, I'm happY-

I'm happy and grateful to everyone, the families, my crew, Duane, Amanda.

You know, Granite Mountain is the first municipal hotshot crew in this entire country.

Can you believe that? That's saying something.

I'm not gonna sugarcoat it, this first season as hotshots is gonna be tough.

We're gonna be traveling all over the country.

We're gonna be working harder, going longer, so it's important that this Granite Mountain family pulls together and looks out for each other.

'Cause we can't do this without your support.

That's right.

Esse quam videri.

"To be, rather than to seem."

And everybody here has lived up to this creed.

No supe could be prouder, right now, of his boys than I am of you guys.

So, to commemorate this occasion, I had some tees made up.

All right?

Now, you can only wear them if you're a hotshot.


Okay, so it's sleeping with a hotshot, too, okay?

There you go.

There she is, little Michaela.

You want to show Mack your dog?

Your dad and Uncle Mack are stoked you're having your first sleepover with us.

-She's got a puppy... -Dude, what did you do?

I baby-proofed everything, like the bathroom cabinets, the kitchen, the whole house, basically.

-So, we're good. -That's awesome, man. Thank you.

Why not?

-She loves this dog, man. -Yeah.

Family, bro.

Let's get the bunny.

You like the bunny.

Yeah, he's a friend.

-Hello. -Dude, what took you so long?

-How's she doing? -She's, like... She's really hot, man.

-She's, like, burning up. -Oh, God.

I know. I know. It's okay.

This is your friend. She's your friend.

-Hey, bro. The other way. -Okay.

The other end.

-This? -No.


103.4! Dude!

No bueno, man.

Call the pediatrician number Natalie gave you.

I called him like five times.

-He's not picking up. -What do you mean, he hasn't picked up?

-I don't know, he's being an asshole! -We gotta go to the hospital.

Yeah, right, man.

It's my first night alone with her. Natalie will never let me see her again.

Yeah, you're right.

Turbyfi||! His wife, Stephanie. I think she's a nurse.

Hey, how's she doing?

Her temperature's coming down. Her coloring's good. She's fine.

Yeah, she's good?

Infants run high fevers sometimes. It's totally normal. Yeah.

All right. Good. Thank you.

Yeah, I didn't know that's how you took a temperature.

All right, men. I think we're good.

-She's... Yeah, she's happy, so... -Good, man.


I really appreciate you guys coming by.

It's what we're here for, bro.

Man, like, I've been through some pretty crazy, intense shit, but that was, hands down, the scariest thing of my life.


Welcome to fatherhood, dude.

Yeah, I'm gonna pump the brakes on having kids.

Just the thought of fire season starting makes me lonely.

Well, once this crew proves itself this first season, we'll be able to slow down a little bit.

You know, the other wives, they always say, "At least you don't have kids. It's so much harder with kids."


It's starting to get under my skin.

Really? Why?

'Cause those kids give them something to hold onto and love.

No matter what.

-You know what? -W hat?

If I could put you in my pocket, I'd take you wherever I go. Yeah.

-I would. -Don't do that.

Don't do what?

I want to talk about it.

Well, okay, what?



Having a family.

Look, we had an understanding when we got married.

-And you agreed to it. -Yeah, I know, I agreed.

I guess I never felt like I was worthy of being a mother before.

Yeah, but what makes you feel like we're worthy now?

Shit. Look, I didn't mean that you're not...

Amanda, I'm sorry, but my feelings about this still haven't changed.

-Yeah. -I thought we'd already...

The fire's crowning along Jericho Road, running north. We're gonna get in front, try to box her off and drive her toward the canyon.

Copy, Granite Mountain.

We have a heavy air tanker working in that area.

Assholes waited too long to get a handle on this.

All right, guys. First order of business, I want to protect this structure, and then we're gonna cut a line 30 feet off the road, all right?

Hey, we're flying solo on this one, so let's stay on point.

-Understood? -You got it, Supe!

Shit, he doesn't know we're here, man.

Take cover! Take cover!

Holy shit!

So much for protecting that structure.

-Y'all okay? -Everyone all right? Yeah?

-Fine. -Yeah.

All right, gear up.

Get to work.

Come on, let's go. Damn.

I'm heading out!

Why don't you have Marvel set up the spare room for you?

Drive home in the morning.

Come on, it's a long drive back to your place.

Thanks, Duane. I can't.

I got that big talk at the ranch in the morning.

So, got to go back and get ready.

Yeah, I'm sending some people over to listen.

I'd appreciate that.

Could use some new clients.

You'll get 'em.

All we're doing is lacing together this fuel.

Just slow strokes, back and forth.

Wide spread.

-Got it? -Yeah.

-You sure? All right. -Yeah.

I'll light you up.

Our last chain, all right?

I'll be up the slope.

Hey, Supe! My torch!


-What happened? -Hey, Supe?

I just tossed it. It was freaking out.

It's all right. It was a bad mix.

Steed, we're on our way out!

Hold off on the burners!

Copy that.

Come on!

Come on.

-Holy shit! -Yeah!

-That's an 8.5. -No way.

The last one was better.

Here she comes.

-Yeah! -That's another one!

-Shit! -Hey.

Hey, Supe, I just want to thank you for pulling me out earlier.

It was definitely an ass-puckerer, wasn't it?

No doubt, man. I thought I was done.

If this ain't the greatest job in the world, -I don't know what is. -You got that right, Supe.

Wait for it. Wait for it.

-That's a 10! -Yeah!

That's a 10.

All right, thanks for the ride.

You need anything, give me a call.


All right.

Confining a horse to a stall or a small paddock inhibits blood flow, and it damages receptors in the hoof capsule.

Horses are designed for movement.

Depending on the damage, I recommend a two-to-three-month transition period.

-Thanks for coming! -Later!

Why didn't you call me?

Why do I have to find out from Duane, who found out from a goddamn EMT?

Thought you were out on the line.

Didn't want to worry you.

And I was fine. I am fine. You're not...

Look at your face, your wrist.

-Look at the damn truck! -No, no, no!

Wait a minute!

You don't get to do this, okay?

I've had to learn how to live my life without needing you, and now you're pissed at me because of it?

Screw that! You don't get to have it both ways!

Hey, sweetie, come here.

Oh, no.

It's okay.

Daddy can't get a kiss from you? No?

Brendan, she's barely seen you for the past few months.

Yeah, I know. It's been a really tough season, and I'm, like, doing the best I can. You know?

I know, but she doesn't understand that.

You're doing great.

Young kids just need consistency.


-Who's a big girl? -Yeah, she is.

-Look at you. What? -What is that?

All right, we got a new start-up by Granite Mountain.

We're looking at the Doce Fire.

Started up 8 miles southwest of town.

-Kicked up big last night. -How big?

Over 1,000 acres burned already.

Burned through dry brush straight towards town.

We got a Red Flag Warning in effect, 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts and a relative humidity as low as 3%.

A real ass-kicker. Hell, yeah.

Two days off, right back at it, boys.

Hey, guys, listen up.

The state has ordered a management team.

IC has asked me to head up Division Bravo, so Steed is your supe on this next one.

Nice one. Yeah, Steed!

We got six hotshot crews coming in.

What's our deal?

Well, no one knows this area better than we do, and that's why I'm giving you guys a special assignment.

Fire's threatening Prescott, and we get stuck on some chicken-shit detail

-to protect a tree? It's lame, man.

Lame-ass tree is a national treasure. It's over 2,000 years old.

But more importantly, that tree is on our line.

If the fire gets past our line, it goes to our town.

Quit your bitching, Turby.

All right, well, now I feel like an asshole.

You are.


-Now, that's a tree. -That's something.

That is definitely a tree.

I thought it was gonna be bigger.

All right.

Let's prep 30 feet around her and burn her off.

-All right. -Come on, let's go to work!

Let's go, Alpha!

-All right, let's move! -That's right, Donut.

Next tree, let's go.

Hey, Donut, grab this other tree.

National treasure.

Take more, guys.

-Take more. -Good job, Bravo.

Hey, tie it in and let's go.

Keep the line tight, move.

This is our front door she's knocking on.

-Come on, move. -Yeah, let's go.

Let's get this nice, man.

Here she comes.

Spot fire! One scrape!

He)’, We got a spot!

I need two! Let's go!

Now that's what I call a line!

All right, guys, let's mop it up!

All right, Alpha! Get it on!

-Let's go! -Nice work!

-You heard him! -Nice.

Little Woyjeck!

Bravo, let's go, with me!

That's you, bro. Hey, nice work, nice work.

-Let's get something to drink. -Bottoms up.

Move up the hill and mop it up up here.

Alpha boys, let's go!

-Here we go. -Ready?

Hey, you're stepping on my asshole.

-Come on. -Tight.

Granite Mountain on two.

One, two...

Granite Mountain!

Hey, man, how are things with our little girl?

It's rough, man.

I mean, when we came back from that last fire, it's like she didn't even recognize me.

But Steed and Turby seem to have it figured out.

You know, whatever that is, I want a piece of it.


-Shit. -What?


That's a rattler.

No way did that just happen, man.

Where was your crew working when you got bit?

We were cutting line around an old tree near Granite Mountain.

-The big juniper? -Yes, ma'am.

My husband proposed to me under that tree.

Describe the pain, one to 10. It's pretty bad.

It's, like, moving up my leg right now.

So, Brendan, we're gonna move you to another bed here.

Gonna need you just to relax, let us do the lifting, okay?

Sir, I'm sorry, who are you?

I'm Eric Marsh, Granite Mountain Superintendent.

Hey, Donut, how you doing?

I don't know. Ask them.

Vitals look good, stable.

You give him antivenom?

-No, and I'd rather not. -Why?

I would like to save that bullet for when you really need it.

Antibiotics and a morphine drip will do the trick.

No, I don't want any morphine.

No painkillers, either.

The ride's gonna be a lot rougher without them.

-Are you sure about that? -Yeah, I'm sure.

Hey, Donut, what's your fifth watch-out?

Uninformed on strategy, tactics and hazards.

There it is.

You're gonna be fine.

I got to get back to ICP, okay?

I'll see you on the other side. Hang in there.

Don't you worry about your boy. We'll take good care of him.

You all are heroes.

Hang in there.

See you, Supe.



Yeah, man.

You got to go.

You smell like shit and you keep snoring so loud.

-Am I? -Yeah.

Yeah. Are you good?

Yeah, I'm good.

-Okay. -Yeah.

I mean, I love you, but you also smell pretty bad.

I get it.

I'm glad you're good, bro. Yeah.

I appreciate you coming.


Before I forget...

A little keepsake right there, man.


We hunted that bastard for 45 minutes, bro.

That's good luck.

It's good luck. Yeah, it's good luck.

-It is. -You take it, then.

Okay, really?

I mean, you can't let a brother get bit and let him tell the story, you know?

Nora, this is...

-This is my good buddy, Mack. -Hi.

-How you doing? Pleasure. -Nice to meet you.

You, too.

Hey, okay, you need to put that away

'cause your family's here.


-That's your nurse? -Yeah.

Dude, she's actually, like, really cool and smart.

Really? Yeah, went to college somewhere good.

-What? -I know. I picked her for you.

-Thank you. -I know your type.

Yeah, you do.

Hello, family.

-Hey. -Hi.

-Hi. How are you? -Good.

-Sweetie. -Look who's here.

Thought you could use some huggies.

-And some kissies. -I could.

Daddy get kissy?

-Yeah. -Sweetie.

-I missed you so much. -How you feeling?

I'm feeling all right.

-Yeah, he's gonna be okay. -What'd she say?

I think she's hungry.

-Okay. -Yeah.

We'll go get a bite, and then we'll come back.

Okay. All right, I'll be here.


-Bye. -Yeah. See you in a few.

I love you. Daddy loves you.

See you later.

Look at this. Made the papers.

Front page.


The whole town's talking about it.

You know, Brendan, there are lots of other things you could do that aren't as dangerous.

Your daughter needs you.

Yeah, I know.

An old cowpoke went riding out one dark and windy day

Upon a ridge he rested as he went along his way...

He)’, guys.

Hey, Mack. Gentlemen.

Yeah, don't kick my ass tonight.

Have a good night.

Their brands were still on fire And their hooves were made of steel Their horns were black and shiny And their hot breath he could feel...

He's alive!


-Welcome back! -He's alive!

There he is.

Hey, Donut!

Hey, you want a drink, man?

Hey, it's all on the house.

You're a huge pussy, man, you're huge, but I love you.

Hey, Donut, come on. Come on, show it to us.

-Yeah, yeah. -Show it to us.

Show us the wound. It's all bandaged.

-What? -Don't be afraid.

No, it's all bandaged.


Hold him down, hold him down!

Get it. Hold him down. Show it.

Just show it. It's okay.

I'm a doctor. No, you're not.

Look at this.

All right, all right.

One, two, three!

Ghost riders in the sky...

Hey, hey-

I love you, brother.

Glad you're back, Donut.

Let's have another big hand for Duane Steinbrink and the Rusty Pistols!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt Prescott thanks to our very own Granite Mountain Hotshots.


Now, l believed in you guys from the very beginning, - And I'm so gratified... Bullshit! see that gamble pay off for the old juniper and the citizens of Prescott, Arizona.

Come here, you fine thing.

Kenny, a shot of whiskey and a beer, please.

You got it.


-Why, hello. -Hello.

-How you doing? -You're Mack, right?

I am Mack.

Have we met?


What's up?

It just says your name on the sock stuck to your back.

Are you serious?

You've got some great friends.

-What? -What, man?

-We made it for you special. -Yeah, man.


-Hey, Supe. -Hey, buddy, how's your leg feeling?

It's good. Yeah, I'll be fine.

Good, good.

-Hey, Amanda. -Hey, Brendan.

Hey, I was wondering if I could talk to you outside for a sec.

-Yeah. Right now? -Yeah.

You're looking about as anxious as a cat about to shit a peach pit.

No, man, I just wanted to...

You know, I wanted to talk to you for a sec.

What? About what?

Well, I wanted to thank you for everything that you've done.

I didn't do anything. All good.

No, you took a big chance on me. I know that.

The world's full of people taking chances, Donut.

Jesus, Supe, why can't you just say, "You're welcome"?

'Cause I'm uncomfortable with gratitude.

I don't like it.

All right, well, too bad.

That's what this is, gratitude.

Okay. All right.

I can live with that, I guess.

Oh, God.

So, we good?

There's something else I do want to talk to you about.

I've been doing a lot of thinking, and after this fire season's over, I want to move over to the structure side.

And I was hoping maybe that you could put in a good word with Chief Ellis for me.


All right.

All right, let me just see if I got this down.

So, you brought me out here to thank me for giving you a chance that nobody on the face of the fucking Earth would give you, and your way of showing appreciation is to then say to me that, what, you're gonna quit on me and this crew?

Look, Supe, I'm having a hard time.

It's tough.

I'm having a hard time being a good dad and doing this job.

Okay, everybody's having a hard time because most of the men on this crew have families.

And I don't hear any of them bitching, do you?

Yeah, look, I can't speak to that, okay?

-I don't know. I... -No, you can't.

I didn't have a dad growing up.

He wasn't around for me, so when...

I'm not gonna do that to my daughter, man.

-That's it. -So what?

So what, Donut?

I mean, do you think anyone's gonna hire a cheese-dick like you on the structure side, an asshole with a record and a rep?

That's just never gonna happen.

And then what?

You're gonna be washing dishes, miserable?

How long you think you're gonna stay clean then?

Now, listen to me. Listen.

If you quit this crew, you're gonna either end up dead or behind bars.

Hey, come on, let's go. Come on.

-Are you all right? -Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

-Happens all the time. -Yeah.

Guys are always leaving crews because of family.


So, why are you so pissed at this kid?

'Cause a year ago he was a junkie, tonight he's a hero.

I mean, come on, this job saved his life, and now he'll probably end up right back where he started.

Well, if you think that he might relapse, maybe you should take him to a meeting with you.

Does he even know that you go to meetings?

It's nobody's business but my own.

Okay, so you're pissed 'cause you think he owes the job something more than his own daughter.

I didn't say that. Maybe it's 'cause he made the choice that you're avoiding.

His thing has nothing to do with me, okay?

I think it's got everything to do with it.

No, no. I don't... I don't want to do this.

Well, you know what? You've had one day off in the last month, which you spent sleeping, so when are we supposed to do it?

What? What?

I'll tell you what!

You live your life in a glass box with a sign that says, "Break in case of fire"!

You are 90% hotshot, you are 10% mine, and that is not enough!

What is that? ls that an ultimatum? ls that what that...

No, I'm telling you how I feel, and that's different.

I want a family with the man that I love.

You knew exactly what the deal was when we got into this, okay?

I've been straight with you...

Yeah, fine. I don't give a shit!

From the first day that we met!

We were in the same place then!

That was six years ago, and people are supposed to be changed by their relationships!

That's what happened to me!

I let you in!

I've been changed by you!

I'm a different person!

I have moved on from my addiction, and you are still fucking feeding yours with another kind of drug!

Where are you going?

For a walk!

I didn't know who else to call.

Sit down.

Do you know where I'm at right now?


I've been there.

I don't know what to do.

Yeah, well, you got to ask yourself, "What can I live with and what can I die without?"

You know what I mean?

No, I don't.


I don't know.

You know, when I was a Globe Hotshot...

Maybe 26, 27...

I worked this blaze near Big Timber, Montana.

It was night, and she just wasn't laying down.

Conditions going from mean to wicked.

And me and my crew pulled back into the black of this wide-open grassland set right at the foot of this sprawling forest, just a few thousand acres of tall, dense pine, all of it green and packed with resin.

And all of a sudden, this savage wind kicked up, and it carried with it this tidal wave of brands and fire, just sweeping through the trees.

And just in the blink of an eye, the whole stretch turned into a blast furnace, just fire everywhere.

And then, charging out of these flames, all of a sudden comes this bear.

And the bear's on fire.

And he's running.

And he just barrels right past us, and keeps running, hard-charging into the darkness.

That bear on fire

was the most beautiful and terrible thing I've ever seen.

I'm feeling a lot like that bear right now, Duane.

I'm yours.

I'm yours, Manda-bear.

Yeah, this is Marsh.


Hey, Jesse.

We got a new start down in Yarnell. Lightning strike.

Yeah, go ahead, ring the bell.

We'll see you in a few.

What's up?

A skunker down in Yarnell.

It's no big deal.


Yes, ma'am.

I love you, Shortstop.

You, too, Sugariits.

Go back to sleep.

I'll probably be home for dinner.

Not a skunker anymore, Supe. She's moving fast.

Jesse, this is gonna be my last year as supe.

The job is yours if you want it.

Fire's threatening homes in Peeples Valley, so we've ordered three more hotshot crews.

In the meantime, I want Granite Mountain to set an anchor here on the southwest heel of the fire.

Keep it from running at Yarnell if the weather shifts.

Now, there's a safety zone here at Boulder Springs Ranch, fireproof, built of nonflammables.

The vegetation's been cleared.

-Ferguson? -Yeah.

You and Blue River will cut here, east of Marsh's crew, and your fallback will be this two-track road.

We've established three trigger points.

First trigger for Yarnell evac should take an hour.

Second trigger, all crews retreat.

Third, no one should be near Yarnell, okay?

-Come on, keep it tight! -Tight!

-Tight! -Tight.

'Tight! 'Tight!

-Steeder. -Yo.

Tell me we're gonna be off this shit and home by tomorrow night. Please.

Hope so.

-He's got a big date. -Yeah? With who?

That barely legal hottie from the party?

That right? She got a sister?

Look, guys, back off. He met a girl that he really likes.

-No way. Who? -One of the nurses who took care of me.

She's, like, 27, gives a great IV.

She's nice.

-So, you closed? -Like I said, brother.

Not like that.

What, is she playing hard to get?

-More like hard to forget. -That's, like, the cutest thing I ever heard you say, man.

I know, dude.

This girl scares the shit out of me.

That's good, brother.

-That's how you know it's real. -Shit.

Hey, hold up.

-Hold up. -Hold up.

Gonna establish our anchor here.

Alpha down below, Bravo upstairs.

Not even 10:00 a.m., 105 and climbing.

Embrace the suck.

Operations, this is Granite Mountain.

We got clouds forming above Peeples Valley.

They start to grow, the fire's gonna get a lot worse real quick.

Our line's ready to burn right now.

Copy, Granite Mountain.

You got the green light to burn.

All right, copy that.

Tie it in!

-Tied in. -Tied in!

All right, Jesse, flip the torches, get ready for a burn.


Back to the anchor!

-Bravo Squad, swap that brush. -Get ready to burn!

-Let's go, guys! -Get ready to burn!

Hey, Donut.

Come with me for a sec.


I'm sorry about last night.

Now, I don't know how to explain, but sometimes we...

We don't see things as they are.

You know, we see them as we are.

You understand that?

Yeah. Think so.

What happened wasn't about you.

It was about me.

I was you.

I will help you out in anyway I can, so long as you walk the line.

Do you hear me?

Thanks, Supe.

All right.

Light it!

After we burn this off, we head back down, boys.

Woyjeck, put more fuel down.

Watch for spots.

Burners, pace off the guy on the line.


-God! -What an idiot!

Air Attack, Granite Mountain!

Your tanker just dumped on our burn.

Repeat, Granite Mountain.

You're putting out the wrong damn fires.

Hey, Supe, none of this shit's gonna light off now.

What's your move?

All right, tie it off here.

Take the line all the way up the ridge.

Hey, Donut, come here.

How's that leg, buddy?

Think you can handle a lookout?


Good spot right over there.

Just make sure you got your weather kit handy.

Keep an eye on those clouds.

You got it, Supe.

Heard you on the TAC channel.

-You moving the line? -Yeah, next hill over.

Goddamn air tanker really screwed the pooch.

We're moving to a secondary line, but we'll adjust to you.

You mind taking my lookout, Donut here, give him a lift?

No. Hop on.

Cool to hop in the back? You got it.

-All right. -See you later.

This side or the other, brother.

Later, Donut.

Don't miss me too much.

Get out of here, Donut!

Granite Mountain, line it up!

-Thanks, man. -You got it.

Granite Mountain, stand by for weather.

Yeah, how does it look?

Temp is 104, RH 6%, so I'll keep an eye on that.

Wind is 10 to 15 from the south, and those clouds are building.

Yeah, I see 'em.

Keep an eye on it.


Granite Mountain, winds are changing here.

It's 25 to 35 from the north.

Yeah, we feel it. What do you see?

Fire's picking up, and it's moving towards my location.

Okay, time for you to get out of there, Donut.

It just hit the ridge.

I'm gonna make my way back towards the dozer.

Copy that, Donut.

All right, hey, I'm at the dozer.


Hey, shit, man, it's too close. I got to move!

Donut, stay calm.

Follow the two-track road. That's your escape route.

Hey, my escape route's been...

Granite Mountain, the fire just hit the first trigger point much faster than we expected.

We need to move.

Ops, Granite Mountain.

Dozer and retardant line have been compromised.

-We're pulling back into the black. -Copy.

Granite Mountain, pack it up! Let's go!

Pack it up!

Donut, what's your position?

Come on, Donut, copy me, man.


Heard you on the radio.

Boys, I've got your lookout. Fire's making its push.

We're gonna go back and bump your buggies.

Thanks for looking out for our boy.

I'm gonna go up top, take a look up there.


Blue River, can you burn your line off?

Negative. Line is overrun.

Pulling back to Yarnell. Copy.

You get your supe truck. We got your buggies.

Let's go.

Granite Mountain, Operations. What's your position?

Ops, Granite Mountain.

Still holding in the black. Copy that.

Hey, so...

Next Thursday, my band's playing.

-Yeah, sorry, got a thing. -Don't...

With your immediate negativity, okay?

We're not coming, dude.

-Why not? -Because the Firelords suck ass, man. They're terrible.

We're not the Firelords anymore, okay?

-We changed it. -Yeah?

-To what? -Hour of the Wolf.

Still suck.

If it was the other way around, I'd be there supporting each of you guys.

Fine, fine.

Brewskies are on me.


Suddenly we're free.

Air Attack, Operations.

Where are those heavy air tankers?

They're inbound, but still 10 minutes out.

Come on, knock it out, man!

Granite Mountain, can you redeploy to Yarnell?

The fire's advancing on trigger point two.

How long is he gonna keep us safe in the black?

I mean it, Jesse, I don't want to stand around like a worthless piece of shit while this town burns.

Easy, brother.

None of us do.


What's the plan here?

Well, they're not doing anything to slow you down at all, are they?

Air Attack, Granite Mountain. What's the status on the air tankers?

Granite Mountain, air tankers have been delayed.

We got homes burning in Yarnell, and base camp's being pushed.

Jesse, I think we should move on to our escape route, head down to the ranch and work the fire from there.

We're the only crew in position to save these homes.

You and the boys down for getting back in the game?

You guys hear that?

-Let's go to work, Supe. -All right, back to work, boys.

-Back to work. -Come on, man, -this is what we were born to do. -Let's break a sweat, boys.

Let's get it!

-What? -Let's put this bad boy out.

Let's go, Ashcraft!

Ops, Granite Mountain.

I want to pass on that we're gonna make our way toward our escape route.

You guys are in the black, correct?

Yep. We're gonna pick our way through the black, and then on toward the ranch.

Copy that.

Donut, fire just hit trigger point two. We're pulling back

-to the restaurant. -Copy, Blue River.

Ops, Granite Mountain.

We're going down our escape route to our safety zone.

Is everything okay?


-We're just moving. -Copy.

Steed, you with me?

Yeah, we're with you. Coming off the black and into the canyon.

I'm almost at the ranch. Looks good.

Be able to reengage the fire from there.

All right, guys. Keep the pace and watch your footing.

Watch your footing.

-Watch your footing. -Watch your footing.

Come on through.

You, too. Let's go.

-Hey, how can I help? -Just wait here with my crew.

I'm gonna check in with Operations to get orders.

All right. Hey, thanks for picking me up.

-I owe you one. -Just sit tight, all right?

Air Attack, Operations.

We've got a storm cell that's developed to the north with heavy wind gusts toward the southwest.

Fire has just hit trigger point three.

It's making a run.

I copy, yeah. We're getting SO-mile-an-hour wind gusts here.

Hey, Supe!

Prepare deployment site right here. Now!

We can't go back up there.

There's no time, Jesse.

Deployment site! Right here, right now! Let's go!

Deployment site! Deployment site!

Breaking in on Arizona 16! Granite Mountain Hotshots!

We are in front of the flaming front!

-Burning! -Burning!

Burn around the perimeter!

Ashcraft, next tree!

Granite Mountain, we're gonna bring you the air tanker, okay?

You got it! That's exactly where we want the drop!

Operations, Air Attack.

Do you have a firm location on Granite Mountain?

Air Attack, Granite Mountain. How do you read me?

Air Attack, Granite Mountain!


Air Attack, Granite Mountain.

Okay, Granite Mountain. Air Attack.

Okay, I'm here with Granite Mountain Hotshots, and our escape route has been cut off.

-Come on, man. -We are preparing a deployment site.

We are burning out around ourselves...

In the brush.

And I'll call you when we're under our...

The shelters.

Okay, copy that.

So, you're on the south side of the fire, then?



_Dep|Oy! _Dep|Oy!

Get your feet to the fire!

Water! Get your water!

Feet to the fire!

Rookies on the inside!

-Jesse! -W hat?

You, too!

Oh, God. God, help me.


It's gonna be okay!

Okay. Okay.

Granite Mountain, Operations.

Now, I need you to pay attention.

And tell me when you hear the aircraft, okay?

'Cause it's gonna be a little tough for us to see you.

Okay, we're working our way around there.

We've got several aircraft coming to you.

I'll see if we can't take care of business for you.

Granite Mountain, do you hear a helicopter?

I got eyes! I got eyes!


Yeah, go ahead.

Medic on scene.

Nineteen, confirmed.

Okay, l COPY-

Let's go ahead and obviously secure the area.

We'll go from there.

No, no, no, no!

Bringing all the families over to Prescott Middle School.

Setting up a whole thing for the fallout.

That's where I want to go.

I don't think that's a good idea, Brendan.

Let me just take you to your mom's.

Take me to the gym.

-Yeah? -Duane, I just talked to the sheriff.

He's saying 19.

You're sure?

I'm afraid so.

But he told me that one of them got out okay. ls that confirmed?

I don't know. I'm so sorry, Duane.

I know. Thank you, Kathy.


It's just not good.

No. No.


Duane, what's going on?

Are they okay? I'm gonna find out right now.

Please, just hold on.

Huck, what's going on? What did you tell these people?


We can't tell them until the grief counselors get here.

Well, how long? Twenty minutes.

They're driving in from Phoenix.

We heard there was one survivor. ls that true?

Would you please tell me if my husband is alive or dead?

Okay, hold on, now.

Brendan, come on. Let me get you home.



-Should have been me. -No.

Yeah, he was better than me.

-They were all better than me. -No.

Don't say that.

Look at me. Look at me!

Don't you dare do this!

We can't do that.

Do you understand?

I'm glad that you're alive, Brendan.

Eric is, too.