Open Water 2: Adrift (2006) Script

Is it recording?


All right.

All right. Can we clear this area, please?

See that?

I talk, people listen.

Hi, babe.

Hi, babe. How are you?

I am good. How are you?

I am good. You having fun?

Yeah. Are you having fun?

You look mighty tan. Hey.

Oh, my God.

Do it again.

Do it again. Ready?

Hold on.

Hey, dude.

Zachy poo. What's up, baby?

Hi, Zachy poo.

I see.

You want to get in on this, Lauren?

Come here. Come on.

Who loves you, baby?

You do.

Of course.

Oh, I am going to throw up.

Shut up.

Are you a little jealous, Zach?

A little jealous?

I thought your girl was throwing me some rhythm there.

What do you mean "my girl"?

Yeah, what do you mean "his girl"?

Come on, you two.

I ain't nobody's girl.

Enough with the charade.

All right. Why are you still here?

Because nobody's following me.

Where are we, by the way?

Does anybody know?

El Matador, homey.

El Matador.

Seriously? Yeah.

You guys are my best friends.

No shit.


Hi, guys.

I am totally going to puke.

Guys, do you think... Guys, do you think we're going to know each other forever?

Nah. Shut up.

I fucking hope not.

Let's create some memories.

Come on.

Nice, Zach.

I can't drink, man. I got to do this to get high.

Oh, be careful. Come on.


Holy shit.

Pretty fucking funny, Zach.

Give me the camera. My fucking arm.

Hey, man. You all right?

Do I look all right?

He's over me.

Oh, that I don't believe.


No way any man could ever get over you.

Because I am great in bed, right? Funny. Boy.

Wow. When's the last time you saw these guys?

5 years.

If you don't behave... Oh, boy.

Hey, guys.


Nice touch.


Boy toys.

Hey, Lauren.


Hey. Wow.

What you got there? Hi.

Wow. You have a family.

Wow. Can you take her for a sec?


Good to see you. You, too.

You and Zach came together.

He just picked me up at the bus station.

My butt's still dizzy. Whoa.

There you go. Back to mom.

Wow, she's heavy. Cute kid.

Thank you.

And where's the birthday boy?

Hey, mom.


Hi. Who's this?

This is Sarah.


I am uncle Zach.

Yes. Oh.

Happy birthday. Thank you.

So good to see you.

I will second that.

James. Heard a lot about you.


Okay, let's go see this thing, huh?


Which one's the Godspeed?

I don't think it will be hard to spot.

Go on.

It's okay.

I promise.




You're always cheating.

I am only cheating if you lose.

Yo, dickhead.

Come on, Amy. You can do it.

I am right here, honey.

There you go.

Easy as pie. See?

Danny always said he'd be a millionaire by 30.

Even back in high school.

You said the same thing.

Yeah, but I was kidding.

Let's give ourselves the tour.

Where the hell is he?

I don't know about you guys, but I got to pee.

Watch your step, babe.

Hey, Lauren, I think I found...

I guess not.

Classic Dan.

He's having breakfast.

Well, it's about time.

Who's next?

This little vixen is Michelle.

Say hi.

It's nice to meet you guys.

See you in, like, two minutes.

That's all it takes.

Happy birthday.

Thank you. Great.

Our daughter is scarred for life.

She will either grow up to be oddly attracted to Popeye or a lesbian.

Yo. Where's my gift?

My presence is your present.


Do you have the receipt?


I wonder what this is.

He's 30 fucking years old.

Who modeled for these?

"Breast wishes." Very clever.

Can't wait to taste them.

I wanted to get you real ones.


This is a nice fucking boat, Mr. Rockefeller.

Business must be good.

You like, huh? Yeah.

Me, too. I like very much.

And I want to keep it that way.

No smoking on board, birthday boy.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Baby's brand-new.

How long you been running drugs?

I prefer to make my fortune the old fashioned way.

How's that?

With other people's money.

All right, so, this is just what...

Your getaway vehicle?

I like it fine where I am.

Hey, Sarah.

You want to take a nap?

There we are, huh?

Are you having fun on this big ole bed?

Who's my girl?

You are. Aren't you?

Now let's see if mommy can relax.

You have already done the hard part.

You think? Sure.

You got on board. You scaled the wall.

Your mommy's crazy, sweetheart.

I hope you will come visit me in the madhouse when you're older.

No. Your mom's acting human.

Party time, people.

Nothing like starting the day with a screaming orgasm, isn't that right, baby?

I don't know, you tell me.

Look at that ass, Lauren.

It's time for you to stop being the perfect, caring husband, because I am fine.

No more talk.

Time to get our groove on.

Are we getting old?

Not yet.


It's been one major adrenaline rush for us ever since we met.

So, uh, how many hours has it been exactly?

For your information, not that it's any of your business, we have known each other for exactly... um, babe?

Two weeks, one day, and four and a half hours.

She can tell time. I am impressed.

The natives are thirsty. Must feed the natives.

Quench your thirst with a nice shot.

The cleavers have arrived.

And just in time.

Screaming orgasm, June?

I think your mother may have dropped you on your head one too many times, Dan.

She's breast-feeding, you fool.

No shit. It's just O.J.

Oh, thank you.

Why are you wearing one of those?

To cover my monster boobs.

Monster boobs.

That wasn't very funny.

Yeah, I know.

All right, no, seriously.

I'd first like to thank you all for coming out here and accepting my most humble of invitations after all these years.

I appreciate it.

And I would like to propose a toast to our dear friend, with a great ass, I might add...


Happy birthday, old man.

Thank you.

Whoa. Whoa.

I dub thee captain for a day.

Hang on, hang on.

I am not done with my toast yet.

Here's to staying single, seeing double, and sleeping triple.

No disrespect.

None taken?

Salute. Cheers.



Come on, everybody. Let's dance.


Water's over there.

Let's do it.


Very impressive boat, Dan.

Yacht, Jimmy. It's a yacht.

So, you still cruising the world...

Aspen in the winter, Maui in the summer?

Last winter, Japan. Yeah. Instructing.

That was fun.

You can snowboard in Japan?

Yeah. Up north. Hokkaido.

Lots of Australians.


Man, this is wild.

Ah, careful. Easy, easy.

You all right?


Where are all the fucking dolphins?

What are you talking about?

Remember Flipper?

Fall in, they will save you.

Unless you save me first.

Let me guess. You're the king of the world, right?

Very original.

Zach, shut up.

There it is.


See, that life raft seats 8, and there are only 6 of us, Amy, so we're set.

Don't forget Sarah.

I am sorry. So, six and a half.

Actually, I think the orange kind of suits you.

I am hot.

Yes. You are.

I want to go swimming.

You boys want to take a dip?

I got masks and a knife. Who wants?

Ooh, yeah. We do.

We do.

Oh, cute.

Any special requests for dinner, my captain?

Yeah. Two mermaids on a stick.

And now for the piece de resistance.

I love her.

I am going to name her Delphine.

Told you we'd see a dolphin.

Oh, wow.

You coming, Dan?

I will be right with you.

You want one, right?

Duty calls.

Go enjoy yourself, please.

You're sure?

Fair. Mommy.

Gee, thanks.

All right. Let's get wet.

Should I take my cigarettes with me?

Wow. It looks deep.

Just kidding.

That's funny.

I am coming, sweet girl.

See you ladies in the water.

Last one in is the last one in.

I love it.

Let's go.

You and Amy seem really happy.

We are.

That's nice.

You know what they say...

You got to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince.

I think Amy's still kissing.



Well, you seem like a very nice frog.

So do you.

I don't mean a frog.

I mean, just pretty good.

I mean, just...

Good. I mean, you're pretty, You're good. Thank you.


She's beautiful.

Thank you.

I want kids, Amy.

You know... one day, when the time's right.

With Barbie?

What's wrong with having a little fun?


If I was single and a guy...

You don't need to be a guy to have fun.

In your dreams.

And to think, if I hadn't been such an ass in high school, It could have been me instead of James.

Yeah. Like I was the only girl in your life, right?

Why don't we head upstairs?

Why not?

Take that off.


Just, just come on. Take it off.

All right.

Okay. Now close your eyes.

No. Come on. Close your eyes.

Okay. Open them.


It's cool.

Yeah. Let's go.


So that's how it is, huh?

Oh, my gosh. That's no fair.

It's so stupid and so long ago.

I lost my top.

Oh, my God, I feel so exposed.

Most people are afraid of spiders or afraid to fly or scared of...

Scared of clowns?



Um, it's gotten worse since I had Sarah.

I don't want her to end up worrying about stuff like that because of my paranoia.

You know, my buddy Brad, He was afraid of circus clowns.

Was? Yep.

What'd he do?

Well, we...

We took him to the circus.

No. You let me down, Dan.

The water looks great.

Let me down. Let me down... No.

No, no, no. Amy, trust me.

Daddy, what's wrong?

Marco. Polo.


You're always cheating.

I am only cheating if you lose.





Amy, what the hell happened?

What the hell happened?

How did she get in the water?

Are you okay?

You're going to be okay, Amy. We're going to get you out.

You did this? Did you do this, Dan?

Are you all right?

We just jumped in the water.

What's wrong with her?

Is she going to be all right?

You're going to be okay, Amy. We're going to get you out.

Where's the ladder?

Where's the ladder? The ladder?

Should be...

Where's the fucking ladder, Dan?

I think it's on the other side.

It's not on the other side.

Or the back.

There's no fucking ladder.

Get out and help me up.

Any second.

We're going to get you back in the boat.

Real fast.


We're going to get back on that boat real fast, okay?

We got to find the lowest point.




We got to get to the lowest point.

Higher, come on.

Come on, Zach.

Hey, let's try...


Zach, what about that?

Damn it.


We got a rudder right there where the line is.

How's that look, Dan?


It's too high. Come on, Dan.

Hey. Hey.

How are you?

Using what? Water?

At least we're trying to think of something.

I am thirsty.

I want to get back on.

We will find a way.


Sar... Sarah?

Oh, she will be fine.

She could sleep through a hurricane...

And my crappy singing.

You know that.

A little higher.

I want to get out now, Dan.

I am getting cold.

Dan, help me.

Don't leave me alone.

I am tired and I am cold and I don't want to drown.

Come here. Come here.

That better?

You all right?

You look pretty silly with that thing.

I... I know.

I am going to have to take it for a bit, okay?

Come on, bro.


Too fucking slippery, man.

I am holding it the best I can, bro.

Do it again. Come on.

Yes. Yes.

Yes. Yes.

The air, bro. We're losing the air.


This was supposed to be fun.

I am sorry.

Well, there's a way.

There must be.

I don't believe it.

How could you be so stupid?

Would you get off my back?

I said I was sorry.

Oh, you did?

All right, everybody just fucking relax.

Okay, it can't be this hard. We will get on this fucker.

All right?

What you got?

Might be able to grab this.

Hell, yeah, you can reach that.

Got to time it with the wind.

You're really close.


Yes. Nice.

Nice, nice.

Yes, yes, yes.

Damn it.

Damn it.

I don't deserve this.

Fuck it.

We will think of something.

Hey, girl.

Glad to have you back.

It would be funny if it weren't so serious, huh?

How's she doing?

She's all right.

Give me your mask.

How are you doing?

Okay, good.

We will get you out of this water.


Any of you guys got a cigarette?

Listen, I smoke, like, 40 packs a day.

My lungs are trash.

You don't see me going under.


It's a lot harder to drown than you think.

You will be okay.

Michelle, we will be fine.

Thank you.

Come on.

Let's move around a little.

What was that for?

We will get the blood flowing.

That will warm us up.

For being here.

We should look for some other boats.

There must be some around, right?


Somebody will find us.

You all right?

Not really.

I will make it up to you.

Something just touched my leg.

What the fuck was it?


I don't know. There it is again.

There it is.

A shark. I know it's a shark.

Okay. Okay.

Just calm down, okay?

What do you see?

Maybe we should kick our legs...

Scare it away.

Or piss it off.

All right, nobody's bleeding.

It ain't a shark.

How do you know?

We're still here, aren't we?

Yeah, that's the problem, Dan.

I didn't plan for this.

No shit.

Don't you do some sort of pre-flight check, like a pilot...

Have some sort of emergency backup plans?

Obviously not.

Isn't that standard?


Who died and made you captain fucking Nemo?

You didn't notice either.

None of you did.

It's your boat, Dan, not mine.

If it weren't for you, Dan, Amy would be up there, and we wouldn't be here right now.


I said I was sorry, okay?

I should have checked.

I should have checked.

I should have checked.

What do you want me to say?

I didn't think. I made a mistake.

You spend millions on a boat, but you don't think?

I need some space.

Well, that's great.

We got loads of it out here, man.

You're MacGyver.

Why don't you build something?

Yeah. Why not pull a 747 out of your ass and fly us all out of here?

There has to be a way, because Sarah's still up there.

I feel cold.

I can't move my legs anymore.

Whoa. Whoa.

Please. Please.



You give me a minute?

I need some time to think.


What are you doing?

Michelle, what are you doing?

I am just trying to stay afloat.

Why does she get the jacket?

I need it, too.

Stop it.

We can... We can share it.


Get ahold of yourself.

What is this?

Best friends stick together forever?

I am a person, too.

I just don't want to die out here.

I don't... I don't want to die.

I don't want to die.

It's okay. It's okay.

It's okay. Come on.

I can't. Come on.

It's fine. Trust me.

Come on, Michelle. Trust me.


Now breathe.

Breathe with me, okay?


There you go.

There you go, see?

See, you're going to be fine.

Trust me.

Okay, now, I want you to breathe, Michelle.

Just breathe.

Breathe with me.

You're going to be okay.

There you go.

Our father, Who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name...

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, On Earth as it is in Heaven...

Give us this day our daily bread...

And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive those who trespass against us, And lead us not into temptation...

But deliver us from ev... evil.

For thine...

Is the kingdom...

The power...

And the glory.


Save your breath, Michelle.

It doesn't hurt to ask.


Blessed are those who ask for nothing...

For they shall never be disappointed.


He lets millions of people die every day.

Children die.

What makes you think he's going to save us?

Well, I ain't no saint...

But I'd like to think that there's something...

Something bigger out there... I don't know.

Because if there isn't... we're all fucked.

Mothers lift cars off their children when they get into an accident.

And people, they cure themselves of terminal illness.

It happens, okay?

Maybe it can happen to us.

It has to happen.

I am so fucking cold.

My hands are totally numb.

"Water, water everywhere, and... not a drop to drink."

A 75-foot nautical wet dream.


Lucky me.

I am just going to the Bahamas, man.

I am so thirsty.

Boats are bound to come by sooner or later.

Somebody will find us.

It's coming from the other side.

That's my phone.

That's my phone.

Get it.

Get it, get it, get it.

Answer it.

Answer the phone.

Careful, don't let it get wet.

I can reach that. Answer it.

Answer the phone.

Answer it. Answer it.

Ring, baby. Quick.


Happy birthday, baby brother.


Erica? Anybody? Can you hear us?

Help. We're drowning. Please.

Shut up.


Zach, can you hear me? Erica, hello?

Zach, can you hear me?

Erica. Erica?

Help us. Hello?

What did you do?


You hung up on her.

I did not.

What happened? Give it to me.

Try to call her back.

Bullshit. Call 9-1-1.

Come on. Come on.

Please. God damn it.




We might have been able to fix it.

It was soaking wet, Dan.

It was fucking fried.

Are you sure about that?

Maybe she heard something.

Heard what? "Hello?"

How's that supposed to help?

You didn't even tell her where we were.

I am serious.

We're going to drown out here.

How come nobody's listening to me?

We're going to fucking die out here.

Fucking die, you idiot.

Michelle, shut up.

No, you shut the fuck up.

Hey, come on.

Hey. Hey.

Knock it off.

Let's keep it together.

It's bad enough out here.

We don't need to be starting in on each other every second.

Leg cramp.

Which one?

The left.

Hold it up, hold it up.


That's better.


I have an idea.


Let's make a rope.

Come on.

Nude up, everybody.

Nude up.

Another one of your perverted stunts?

Give me some credit, Lauren.

We make a rope... out of our shorts.

Toss it up there, we will hook it onto something.

I hate to say it, but...

It might actually work.

Chop chop, people.

I am just...

I am so cold.

You're wearing dental floss, sweetheart, not a ski parka.

Would you rather drown?

Oh, shit.


Hey, stop.


Over here.

Hey. Stop.

Oh, god. Stop.


No. Come on. Come on.


Stop. Please.

She will be awake soon.

I need the knife.


Here, I will hold that.

Careful. Yeah.


Should I start tying?


Is there any way to get in from below?

How should I know?

You own a boat like this, you don't know anything about it?

It's a fucking yacht, Jimmy.


If it looks good, I buy it, okay?

Is that the answer you're looking for?

Because it's the only one I got right now.

I need the mask.


Hey, Zach.

You done with the knife?

Yeah. Thanks.

Let's tie this.

Tie it here.

Yeah. It looks good.


I am James Cousteau, explorer of the deep.

Is it a good knot?

You got to make sure it's a good knot.

I am going to go take a peek below.

Is it strong?

It's got to be able to hold me.

You all right?

I will be fine.

Give me the bikini top.

Tie knots... If you can.

I may have dropped something.

This is strong.

Wring it out.

We have to wring it... Yeah.

Go to your left.

Back me up.

You okay?

Wait... wait...

Here, pass it to Lauren.


Someone hold it here.

I got it.

Thank you so much.

Wait... Wait.

Oh, that's it. One...

Two, three.

Give me a "one, two, three."


Just a straight "one, two, three."



Here, wring it out a little.

Wring it out.

You're getting this too wet.

It's too wet, look.

It seems so easy.

Okay, you can do it.

On three. You can do it, Zach.


To the left a little.

Come on, come on.

"One, two, three."


You can do it. You can do it.

Come on, Zach.

You can get it, man.

Take it slow.


Son of a bitch.

Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

Oh, my God.

God damn it.

Yo, man.

What's that?

I don't know.

There's a square cut in the side of your boat, bro.


What happened? Wh...

What are you...

Are you all right?


Lauren. What happened?


Hey, James... Lauren?

Is he okay? James?

Is he okay?

James? What happened?

Support his head.

What happened?

Support his head.

Keep it supported.

I think he has a skull fracture.

Jesus Christ.

He needs a hospital and he needs it fast.

Enough of this bullshit.

James. James.

Give me the knife.


Dan. What is wrong with you?


Buy yourself a new toy when we're out of this mess.

What the hell are you doing?


Oh, my God.

Couldn't you just leave him alone?

Give me some of the rope.

God damn it, Dan, now.

Christ, I am... I am sorry...

What did you do?

It's just a stupid fucking boat.

What's wrong with you?

This is going to attract everything, isn't it?

He was just trying to get us out of here.


Sarah, I am here.

Mommy and daddy are here.


I am here.

Mommy and daddy are here. I...

I am sorry.

I am sorry. I am sorry.

Easiest thing in the world.

It means nothing.

Where's Michelle?


Oh, my God.


How you doing?

I feel cold.

Well, we are at sea.

Hold your head up, babe.

It's fine.

Maybe 20 years from now... we will look back on this and laugh.

It's too bad... that Dan forgot his camera.

His video camera.


Remember... El Matador beach?

Of course.

You were so...

So sexy that day.

Now I know you're delirious.

How much seawater did you drink?

I should have told you that then.

You can tell me when we get back to shore, okay?




Zach, breathe.

Zach, wake up.

Help me, Amy.

Zach, breathe. Breathe.

Wake up. Breathe.

Oh, no.


God damn it.


Is the boat worth more to you than your friends?

He's dead.

Zach's dead.

Michelle's dead.

But you still got your boat, right?

Oh, yeah, I am sorry.

It's a yacht.

It's a fucking yacht, isn't it?


It's a fucking yacht.

It's a fucking yacht.

Fucking yacht.

Stop it.

You're on his side.

No, no. Of course not.

That's what it looks like to me.

After everything he's done?

Old fires always burn, right?

James... I am just...

I am just worried about you.

Most likely to succeed.

I was voted "most likely to succeed" our senior year.

You guys remember that?


I didn't want Zach to hurt it, I...

I couldn't let him hurt it because...

Because it isn't mine.

The boat...

This isn't... This isn't my boat, This isn't my life.

I couldn't...

I couldn't rent something like this, let alone buy it.


I don't... I don't invest anything for anybody.

I am a fraud. I am a...

I am a monkey in a mailroom.

I am an errand boy. I am nothing.

I told Michelle I was a millionaire.

I told a hundred Michelles the same thing.

I walk into their bars in my $2,000 suit with a picture of my boss' yacht in my pocket, and I...

I promise to sail them around the world, and they always believe me.

You believed me.

And for once, just once...

I wanted to believe it myself.

I... I am... I am so sorry.


Jesus Christ, I killed him.

I killed them.

Oh, God, it's all my fault.

I loved him and I never got to tell him.

He knew. He knew.

Let him go.

No, no.


Okay. Okay. Okay.

God, no.

Guys, do you think we're going to know each other forever?

Is Sarah still asleep?

I think so.

She will be getting up pretty soon, won't she?


We will be back on board by then.

I will check on her before I go to bed.


She's a good girl, isn't she?

Just like her mom.

I think I am going to...

I am going to go for a little... swim.

To see if I can make it back to shore.

It's too far.

Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.

I am not going to die treading water, man.

That's just not me.

It's James, he's just...

There's pressure on his brain, Amy.


See you soon.

You're going to make it.

Yeah, so are you.

Okay. Take care, okay?

You look after them while I am gone, yeah?

Yes, ma'am.

Wish me luck then.

You won't need it.


Baby girl.


Can you hear me? I am here.

Your mommy's here, I... can you hear me?

Please stop crying, you hear..... me?

I am here, I just... I can't...

I thought I heard Sarah crying.

She's hungry.

How are you...

How are you doing?

I am all right.


I can't move my legs anymore.

The square cut on the side of your boat.

He was just trying to get us out of here.

What are you doing?

I... I want...

Try to find the knife.

Do you know how far we have drifted?

I got... I got to do something.


You don't. I do.

I will find it.



I feel tired.

Really tired.

My head hurts.

I think I am going to go to bed, all right?

Don't go to sleep yet.

You wait up for me, okay?

You stay awake.



Pretty sure...

I will wait up for you any day.




Don't cry.

I am sorry.

Don't cry.

It's okay.



It's raining.


It's okay. It's okay.

Sarah and I, we're going to...

We're going to miss you so much.

Grab it.

It should have been me.

It should have been me.



Climb up.

Climb up.

Try it again.

Come on. You can do it.


Oh, Sarah.

I know. I am sorry.

I am sorry I left you alone.

I am sorry. I didn't mean to.

I didn't...

It's fine.

It's going to be fine.

Going to be fine.

It's okay.