Open Water (2003) Script

Hey, Don. lt's Daniel.

Listen, don't put the boiler in until l get back.

The framing inspection isn't for a couple of weeks, so we've got plenty of time.

And l'll check in with you guys in a couple of days, okay?

Take care. Bye.

First thing l would do is try to find another producer.

There's got to be somebody else in town who can help us out, just for the pre-game.

Hold on just a second, Cal.

Hey, just one second.

l got to go.

Call me back if you need me. Good luck! Okay, bye.

Hey, l'm so sorry.

What's up?

Hey, l got stuck on the phone with Cal.

Yeah, the crew hasn't even made it to the arena yet. lt's not good.

l don't know what they're gonna do.

-Are all the lights out? -No, they're all on.

Just checking.

Are you sure you want to lug that thing with you?

-l don't even think we can get online there. -No, we can. l checked.

All set?

Let's just try to remember...

lt's Cal.

Hey, just a second.

This is supposed to be a vacation. l know. And, boy, do we need one.

Hey, what's up?

Well, that could work.

-l'm gonna get wet. -All right.

-Hey. -Hey.

We're all set for the morning. We have to be at the dock at 8:30.

-Did you have a nice shower? -Yes.

Great. l'm so glad l made you bring this.

Scattered thundershowers tomorrow night, late.

Looks like it's gonna be crowded on the boat tomorrow. l hope it's not a cattle boat.

We'll just do our own thing. Did you ask?

No, but they seem pretty relaxed. Why is it so hot in here?

Air conditioner is busted.

That figures.

-We didn't come for the room. -That's for sure.

Considering how much time we had to put this whole thing together, l'm amazed we got anything. l'm not complaining.

Yes, you are.

All right, l'm done. Want to check your e-mail?

No. l'm on vacation, remember?


All right, then.

That tasted good.

Nice face!

-You, too. -Yeah, it's different. l'm a girl.

-Yeah? -Yeah.

So how are you?


A little stressed still, l guess. ls this about work?

Yeah, work, life.

Maybe l can get you to think of something else.

You okay?

l might not be in the mood.

Seemed like you might be a second ago.

Could go either way, l guess.

Maybe l can give you a little nudge.

Yeah, l'm not in the mood.

That wasn't the direction l was trying to nudge you in.

Sorry. l'm just tired.

lt's been a long day.

We can talk.

No, you're right.

We should get some sleep. l'm wiped.

Very funny.

All right, ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome aboard the world-famous ReefExpIorer.

My name is Davis. l'm going to be one of the guides onboard the vessel today.

Also, driving the boat we have Linda and Junior.

Junior's gonna be the next guide onboard our vessel.

We are going to be heading out to a dive site called Magic Kingdom.

Now, things you want to look for down there on this dive, spotted eels, spotted morays, we look for stingrays in the sand.

There's angelfish, parrotfish, trumpetfish, dark beauties. ls there any big fish like sharks or anything?

Yeah, we're going out in the open ocean, so chances are you probably might see a shark or three.

But, you know, like l tell everybody, if you see a shark and you don't want to see it, close your eyes. No problem.

Sharks over here are not very aggressive towards human beings, so therefore you don't have to really worry about sharks.

-Okay. -Okay?

All right, other than that, guys, enjoy the ride out.

Okay, guys, if l can just have your attention for just a few minutes.

We are going to be entering the water in a minute.

Once we assist everybody into their gear, what we want you to do is to have the buddy system enter the water first.

Once the buddy systems are in the water, we're gonna have the guided divers.

And myself, Linda and Junior is gonna help you guys get into water.

Linda is on surface support, so if you surface a distance away from the boat, you want to let her know that you are okay.

This is how you let her know you're okay, by giving her a big "O" over your head. lf you're not okay, you do the international distress signal.

The international distress signal is simple, very easy to do.

All right, it's like this. "Help!"

Okay? All right?

Very easy, very simple.

Once everybody's in the water, l want you to make your way over to that white float ball.

The white float ball will be out at the stern of the boat.

-We want you to... -May l sit over there?

-Excuse me, sir. -l'm sorry, l'm sorry. Go ahead. l'm sorry. ls that your mask? l'm sorry. l'm sorry. l'm sorry. l'm done screwing up.

-You didn't bring your mask with you? -l brought it. l don't know what happened. lt's just that it's supposed to be here. Sorry.

Sorry, everybody. l'm just, you know, anxious to dive. l don't want to... Do you have extra masks on the...

-Linda, did you bring an extra mask? -You have an extra mask, Linda?

No, l don't have an extra mask.

-Junior? -Anyone?

-Does anyone have an extra mask? -No.

-You can't dive without a mask. -Yeah, l understand that.

Thank you, Travis.

Davis, Davis. l'm sorry, guys. Go on.

All right, guys. The dive is going to be at a maximum depth of 60 feet, so, therefore, we're gonna be down there for about 35 minutes.

l'm gonna put my stuff on in the water.



You ready?


Are you okay?

Yeah, l'm okay. l can't equalize my ears.

Okay. Are you going to abort the dive or try again to equalize?

-You okay? -l don't think l can go down.

All right, do me a favor. lnflate your BC, put the regulator in your mouth and swim back towards the platform.


Up, stand up, stretch your knees out.

-How was it down there? -We didn't get down.

-You didn't. Why not? What happened? -Didn't get a chance.

-Couldn't clear it. -Yeah, l couldn't get my ears to equalize. lt's rough sometimes, l know. lt's happened to me a couple of times.

-You all right? -You feel all right?

Yeah, l'm good. Thanks.

You mind if l borrow this? ls it okay? l mean, l'll bring it right back.

-Safe and sound. Yeah? -Sure. Go ahead.

Thank you. God bless you. You're wonderful. l love you.

-Sir, are you going down now? -Yeah, yeah. Linda, l'm going down.


The only problem l have is you don't have a buddy right now. l don't need a buddy. l've been diving all my life.

Unfortunately, you do from our boat, sir.

Your boat.

Give me a break. Find a buddy for me.

Someone down there coming back up. Can you dive with me? No?

Unfortunately, if you don't... lf l don't find a buddy, l cannot let you go, sir.

Hell or high water, l'm diving, Linda. Find someone for me.

Come on, dive. Dive. Yeah.

-What's your name? -l'll go with him.

-l'm Brian. -Can you go, Brian?

-All right, thanks. -Brian?

-Yeah, that's it. l'll go. -You just earned yourself a cigar, buddy.

Let's put this puppy on.

-All set? -Yep.

-Sir, your regulator. -The regulator.

-This way. -Gotta have one of those.

Have a good dive.

Thank you.

There's a place in heaven for you. l love you. Thank you.

Let go of the regulator. Don't worry about it, l'll take care of it.

That was great, my man.

-You all right, Seth? -Yeah, l'm good. You good?

-Yeah. -Thanks, buddy. l appreciate it.

Thanks a lot. You are an angel. l needed that.

-Did you see that shark down there? -Yeah.

Great. Did everybody enjoy their dive?


All right. Good.

We got everybody.

Daniel, where's the boat?

That's a good question. l guess it's one of those.

You've got to be kidding me. lt better be one of those.

-Well, which one do you think? -l don't know.

-Did you get us lost? -No.

So we're in the right spot?

Yes. l'm 90% sure.

90%? Why only 90%?

'Cause the boat's not here.

There is a coral head exactly 42 feet below us. l marked it on the way down.

Yeah, l can still see the stalks.

The stalks?

Yeah, there's a three-pronged, like, forked thing right below us.

You're unbelievable.

You can find some obscure, little coral formation in the middle of the ocean, but you get lost going to my mother's. l need an incentive.

You love my mother.

They obviously cannot see us.

-Think it's time to swim? -Swim where?

l don't know. l think that one's the closest.

-Honey, it's a bad idea. -Why?

Because we are not sure if that's our boat.

And if it's not our boat, then that means we could be swimming farther from our boat.

Besides, you know how far away that is?

-lt's really far. -lt's further than that.

And if it's not our boat, they could pull away at any time.

And then our fucking boat, wherever the hell it is, will have a hell of time trying to find us.

-You going somewhere? -Just my face.

l hate to tell you this, but l didn't see anything that looked like any kind of coral formation.

Could you just show me? l'd just feel better.


You see? l didn't see anything.



You don't see it because it's not there.

-So does that mean... -Just since we've surfaced, we're drifting.

Shit. Well, what does that mean? Should we swim?

-God damn it. We wasted all this time. -Honey, l hate to tell you this, but swim or not, we're going where this current decides.

Are they moving?

-Hey. Yes. -God.

Please let this be them.

-lt's gotta be, right? -Finally. Yes.

-They're coming right this way. -Yep.

You realize that's the distress signal.

We're in distress.

Thank you.

Daniel, did you just pee?

-Yep. -You're so disgusting.

You said you were a little cold.

Daniel, was that a shark?

Maybe. Or a dolphin. lf it was a dolphin, you'd be on your way over there to play with it, you obviously think it was a shark.

-That's all we need right now. -lt's okay.

You were petting a shark less than an hour ago.

Please, that was nothing but a big, old catfish.

lt was more than two hours ago.

You know, now l'm starting to really get cold.

Oh, God. lt's okay.

Oh, Jesus Christ! l thought he said they never come that close.

They also said the boat would be here.

lt's gone. lt was probably just curious.

A couple of bodies floating out in the middle of nowhere, l'm sure that's not something he sees every day.

Daniel, where the hell are they?

You've gotta be kidding me. lt makes me feel better.

-But what do we do if it comes back? -l don't know.

Do we splash? Do we stay still? You're the one that watches Shark Week.

-First off, we should be in a cage. -No, we should be on land.

Sharks are...

-Sharks are attracted to wounded fish. -Okay.

So l guess we should just not splash around too much.

-Just sort of... -Stay still?

Try to stay still.

Oh, God.

Okay... l can't stand not knowing what's under me.

-l'm just gonna look, okay? -Okay.


Katharine Hepburn and Nick Nolte in Grace QuigIey,

and Nick Nolte and John Malkovich in MuIhoIIand FaIIs.

How's that for quick?

That was quick.

All right. lt's your turn.

You know... l really just don't feel like playing.


Feel hungry?

Of course. l'm starving.

-Shit! -What?

Something just bit me...

-What? Where? -...or stung me or something. l don't know. lt's right down by my ankle.

God, it kills.

God damn it! lt burns! l don't see anything.

-Did it get you? -Yes!

-What is it? -l don't know, but the fucker really stung me. lt hurts.

What do you think l was trying to tell you?

-Let's get the hell out of here. -Okay.

Okay. Wait.

-l think we're away from them. -ls that far enough?

-Anything? You got anything? -No.

-Damn, those fuckers stung. -l know.

-Where'd they get you? -On my hand and on my leg.

-Through your wet suit? -l don't know. l guess so.


Are you okay?

No. l'm not okay.

Are you okay? l mean, how can we possibly be okay?

Come on, honey. l know, l know, l know. l'm sorry.

This really sucks, but we're going to get through this, okay?

Okay. l know, l know.

God, okay.

Okay. l've just never heard of anything so fucked up in my entire life.

Who's ever heard of two people getting left in the middle of the ocean before? l have actually.

-You have? -Yeah.


Dive magazines. lt's a lot more common than you think.

Well, thanks for telling me when we got certified.

-Over there. -Oh, my God.

Daniel. God. Please, please, please, let this be them.

God, l don't even care if it is them. Just let them see us and pick us up.

-Come on. -God.

l don't think they can see us.

Damn it.

Wish we had more sun.

-They can't see us. -l know.


They're leaving.


Stay close to me.

What if they don't know we're missing?

There's no way.

They took a head count on the boat. l saw it.

Our stuff is onboard. We have their tanks.

And we know we've drifted. lt may take them a while, but they will find us.

l hate to tell you, but l think my Dramamine is wearing off.

-You're getting nauseous? -Yeah.

-Honey, l could kill those fuckers. -l know. lt's just all this going up and down of the waves, l think.

You're probably getting dehydrated.

Yeah? But we can't drink the water, right?

No. l should've told you that before.

You didn't, did you?

-A little. -Honey, stop. lt will give you diarrhea and make you even more dehydrated.

Great. Shark Week?

Disasters at Sea, History Channel. l guess this means l'm gonna have to stop complaining about you watching so much television, huh?

Glad to know l'm gonna get something out of this.

l'm really, really not feeling well.

Oh, man.

You think maybe if l took my weights out, then it wouldn't pull on me so much?

Just keep the belt, drop the weights.

Let's see them try to charge us for those.

Hey, we should put our gloves on.

How are your stings?

They're there. lt's actually the one thing l think the salt water is actually helping.

This glove isn't helping, though.

-God. -Your stomach's bad? l really don't feel very good.

All right, why don't you lay back for a little bit?

-Yeah? -Yeah. Just lay back.

-l'm sorry. -lt's okay. l got you.

-Just relax. -Okay.

-There you go. -Okay.

-Just for a few minutes. -Just relax. Close your eyes.

Daniel, l have to pee.


At least we'll be warm for a minute.


Daniel! Daniel!


God. Daniel.

Daniel! Daniel!




Daniel! Over here!


-Susan! -Daniel!

Thank God.

lt's okay. lt's okay. l got you. l got you.

Oh, my God. What happened?

-l don't know. l don't know. -Are you all right?

-l'm fine. You okay? -What happened? Where did you go? l must have fallen asleep and we drifted apart.

-Jesus. -l'm sorry.

You scared the hell out of me.

-l'm so sorry. -lt's okay. lt's okay. l'm just so glad you're here. Oh, my God. lt's okay.

How long were we sleeping? God, l'm so out of it.

-Jesus, we've been in the water... -Stay over here.

We've been in the water for seven hours.

-God. Daniel, l feel something on my leg. -What?

-l don't know. lt hurts. -ls it your sting? lt's the wrong leg.

Oh, my God. lt really hurts. Let me just try to get... you can take a look.

-l don't see anything. -l can't... ls it on the back?

-All right. Let me take a look. -l just... l can't tell. lt hurts all over the whole thing.

Just leave it alone, okay? Don't tap. l don't want you to keep touching it. l'm not touching it. l'm not touching it.

-Well, something is touching it. -lt's not me, honey.

-l'm not. Here, my hands are here. -Something is tapping.

-Something is tapping on it. -l will take a look.

-l'll take a look. -Jesus!

God. l feel sick.

l'm sorry, honey. l threw up.

That's okay.

Fish got to eat, too.

Speaking of which, that thing pecking at your leg, it's just a little cleaner fish.

So, what about my leg?

Just a little cut.

-But, l mean, how did l get cut? -l don't know.

Maybe you rubbed up against my knife while we were sleeping or something.

Come on. lt wasn't a shark, was it?

-God, no, honey. -Oh, my God. Are you sure?

No. lf it was a shark, your leg would be gone.


At most, it was a teeny, little barracuda just checking to see if you tasted good.

God. ls it deep?

No, it's not deep.

-Let's swim out of this puke. -Okay.

Come on.

-ls that far enough, you think? -Yeah.

-Baby, l'm sorry. -l'm sorry. l know how much you hate to throw up.

You want to rinse your mouth out a little bit?

-Yeah. -Just don't swallow any, okay?

Just spit it back out.

-Oh, man. -Oh, my God. l can still feel that tapping.

-What, the fish? -Yeah.

-Try not to focus on it. Just relax. -Okay.

-There you go. -Okay.

What is it, honey? Are you okay?

-What is it, honey? -lt's a leg cramp. lt's a leg cramp.

Can l help you? ls there anything l can do? l got it.

We are really falling apart, aren't we?

Oh, my God. Honey. Oh, God.

They're gone. They're gone.

-Jesus, Daniel. What kind are they? -The big ones.

-No, l'm serious. Are they the bad kind? -l have no idea.

Oh, my God.

No, no, no. Be still.

-Don't splash around. -My God. This can't be normal.

Honey, honey. Honey.

Are they gone?

God, l don't know what's worse, seeing them or not seeing them.

Seeing them.


This is truly un-fucking-believable!

And the best part is that we paid to do this!

We paid to be out here!

We paid those incompetent fuckers to drop us out in the middle of the fucking ocean!

We wanted an ocean view. Boy, did we get it?

Those fuckers.

You feel better? l wouldn't exactly call it better.

You finished yelling? l could be.

Well, good. You're not the only one stuck out here, you know.

-What? Are you mad at me? -No.

-Why? Because l was yelling? -No.

Fine. You be mad.

lt's a great vacation, honey, isn't it?

So now we've entered no-talking phase, huh?

Could you maybe answer one last question?

Has this somehow, over the hours, become my fault?

Let's just drop it.

Of course.

You believe what you want to believe.

But l know for certain that we were in the right spot. lt's not just a matter of being in the right spot. lt's being there on time.

We were on time! We were early! He said 1 0:30!

Do we always have to cut it so close?

For God's sake, can't... Would it kill us once just to stay with the group?

Do we always have to do everything differently than everybody else?

God, we shouldn't have spent so much time with that goddamn eel.

That was a nice touch, adding "we."

Especially, since you wanted to have nothing to do with that fucking eel.

Do you honestly...

Seriously, honey, do you honestly think that we got left behind because we were late? l'm serious.

Do you have any idea how idiotic that sounds?

So now l'm an idiot? We are where we are, aren't we?

Yes, fine. Yes, because of me.

You refused to swim.

My God. There were boats all around us, and you refused.

And now, look. Look around us.

We are stuck in the middle of the ocean with nobody.

Even if we had been swimming for the last five hours, we would not be any closer to a boat than we are now.

The only reason we are even out here in the first place is because of your fucking job!

-What? -lf it were not for your job, we would not have thrown our plans out of the window, rushed around at the last minute and settled on this fucking trip!

We would be at home in the middle of our hectic lives, which right now sounds like heaven to me.

And in a month's time, as we planned seven months ago, we would be where we were supposed to be in the first place, and paying less than we are now to be shark bait!

God damn it.

l can't even believe you'd bring all that up right now.

You were the one that picked the dates.

Yeah, of my whopping two choices, this was the better date.

-l wanted to go skiing. -Oh, God.

l can't believe how far we've drifted.

You think the current will take us over there?


How's your leg? lt's okay.

You know, relatively, but it's okay.

All right, let's go for it.

l love you.

We're gonna be fine.

Other people go on vacations and spend their days just laying around, eating and drinking.

That sounds pretty great right now.

Actually, yeah, it does.

But we have a story we're gonna be telling for the rest of our lives.

-Daniel. -What?

Look. Wait.

Oh, my God.

Wait. There are five of them.

-Look. Oh, God. Oh, God. -Where did those come from?

You know how dry my mouth gets when l'm diving, l wanted to put them in the dive bag, but you had them, so l stuffed them in here at the last minute.

l never thought anything could taste so good.

Just hold me for a second, okay? l gotta make sure we don't lose these ones.

-l got you. -Okay.

-You're done? -Yeah.

-Oh, my God! -What is it? Are you all right?

Oh, my God.

-l don't see it. -Are you okay?

-Are you okay? -l don't know.

-My God. Daniel. Oh, my God. -Oh, my God.

-l'm bit. -Honey.

-l'm bit. The fucker bit me. -My God. Are you all right?

Okay, okay, hold on, hold on. l'm gonna go look.

-l'm gonna go look. -No!

-Let's see if l can... -No, no, no.

-My God! -Stay where you are.

God, it fucking hurts.

Just breathe, okay? Stay right there.

-l'm gonna go look. -lt hurts. l'm gonna look. Okay?

-Let's see. l got this thing... -l'm gonna go look. You keep breathing.

Daniel, listen to me. l'm going to go look. You breathe.

-l'm breathing. -Okay. Just stay where you are. l can't see.

-My leg is still there, right? l can feel it. -Okay... Yes.

Okay. Okay. lt's all right, honey. lt's okay. lt's not so bad, okay?

-You gotta... You gotta put something on it. -Okay, it is bleeding, so... Okay.

-lt's bad, isn't it? -l'm gonna... No.

-lt's bad, isn't it? -lt's not that bad. lt's not that bad.

-Okay? lt's not that bad. -Put something on it.

All right, l'm going to tie something around it.

Just keep breathing for me, okay?

-l'm breathing. -All right.

-God, it fucking hurts. -l'll tie my weight belt around it, all right?

l can't... Can't...

My God!

God! Fuck.

-This can't be happening. -lt's okay.

-How can this be happening? -lt's okay. l got bitten by a shark.

We could actually be eaten alive by sharks out here. lt's okay. l mean, do we know anybody...

We don't know anybody who's ever been bitten by a shark.

Listen, it's all right. lt's only just, like, three or four guys, and they're on these shark shows.

They're always surfers! My God!

Hey, it's all right. lt's not that bad. You're going to be fine. Okay?

You're going to have a nice scar to show your friends, and that's it.

Okay? Okay, look at me.

Look at me, baby. That's right. That's right.

You're fine. lt's not that bad. lt just hurts right now.

The salt water's gonna make it better. lt's all right.

-Just look at me. -Oh, my God.

lt's okay, baby.

Oh, baby, it's okay.

-God, please. -Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done... lt's okay. You're okay. lt's okay.

-Just hold on. Just breathe. lt's okay. -lt hurts. lt's okay. lt's okay that it hurts. lt's okay that it hurts. lt's okay.

God. Something is rubbing against my foot.

-My God. -What? What?

-lt's big. -What is it?

-lt's big. lt's a big one. -Yes, it's big. l can feel it.

Jesus. God.


-lt's behind. -Yeah. lt's behind you.

l love you. l love you.


Daniel, are you all right?

Daniel, stay still. All right? Just stay where you are. lt's gonna go past us. lt's gonna be okay. You hold on.

You hold on, Daniel. You don't leave me out here by myself.

You promise me you'll hold on.

-My leg! -Daniel!


Hello? Hello? lt's the manager. Hello?

-So what's the final weight on it? -21 3.

Hey, Lou, give me a nice, close-up jaw shot here.

How's that?


Don't you wanna see the shark guts?

Let's see what he ate.

Check it out.

-What's the yellow thing? -Man, they really do eat anything. l wonder if it works.