Open Your Eyes (1997) Script

Open your eyes. Open your eyes.

Open your eyes. Open your eyes.

Open your eyes. Open your eyes.

Open your eyes. Open your eyes.

Open your eyes. Open your eyes.

Open your eyes. Open your eyes.

Why are you telling me about this dream?

You said I could tell you anything I wanted.


Anything else you should tell me?

Nothing you don't already know.

I was about to turn 25... and I liked eating, sleeping and making love.

Like everyone else.

You know what everyone does when they wake up.


Where are you going? Out.

Don't record anymore messages on my alarm clock.

Why not?


Because it pisses me off.

Come on, damn it.

I'll beat you. We'll see about that.

Don't pretend you're poor. You've got three cars and you always drive me in this junk.

Come on, I'm in a rush.

I hope you have no commitments. I'm doing a bunk.

No, but I've got a meeting with my partners.

Why do you think I'm wearing this costume?

To show off, which is what you like.

That's not true.

First of all, did you bang her?


You were with someone last night.

Last night? I was alone.

Why do you care? I don't.

You can do whatever you want with your life, man.

Thank you very much.

Okay, enough. Let's change the subject.

Did you bang her? I told you.

I was alone. So that means you did.

Is it the one you won't shut up about?

Who? Nuria.

My God, I can't believe it.

Csar is repeating a woman.

She must be awesome in bed, huh?

She's not bad. Son of a bitch.

You should tell me the secret.

The secret? The Coca Cola formula.

One of the ones you like. Now you're changing the sub...

So, did you get some today?


That's my problem. I'm not getting any!

And then I'm amused when you ask them what they like most about a man.

"He must be smart, he must be honest, "he must be likable." Bullshit!

You wouldn't score so much if you were like me.

That's enough. You're not ugly.

Many would trade their face for yours.

You're completely normal.

That's it, I'm normal. That doesn't mean I'm handsome.

You are handsome. I'm acceptable.

When you're alone you're like an anorexic girl.

They think they're fat, and they end up going crazy.

Sure. When is a woman going to claim you so you'll clear the field for the rest of us?


Why not?

If you ever find the one...

The one doesn't exist. Shit!

How could I miss that?

God's punishment for talking too much.

You'll see.

Who are you talking to? God.

Do you believe in God?

Don't start with that.

I just asked you a question.

Don't answer if you don't want to.

I don't believe in God.

Then, how do you explain what happened?

What? Your face.

There's no explanation for that.

I think there is.

You think I'm crazy.

I only believe in what I see.

And you haven't let me see your face yet.

Nor will I.

Do you really think you're a monster, Csar?

Come on.

Let me see. Shove your hand up your ass!

Calm down, you brat, okay? I'm sick of your bullshit.

Leave me alone. I'll fix you with a few punches. Leave me alone!

I can't do my job with you in here.

Please, leave us alone under my responsibility.

You're just a daddy's boy who's always...

My parents are dead, moron!

Now you're making stuff up not to admit what you did.

Is that true?


That you're a daddy's boy.

My father had a restaurant chain.

I'm not to blame for that.

When did your parents die?

Fifteen years ago, in an accident.

And now you're loaded. So they say.

Then I don't understand why you don't want a lawyer to defend you.

They claim they can get one of the best.

But they just want me to stay here forever.

Who are they? My partners.

Those who've sucked on my blood since I was a kid.

Now they've got everything. They've made me incompetent.

That wasn't them. It was me.


Let's see, Csar. Do you know why you're here?

For wearing a mask, I guess.


You're here because you killed someone.

Don't you remember?

Tell me.

Don't you remember? Okay, enough!

Everything must be clear if you want us to get along.

I don't want us to get along!

And that's the solution?

Refusing to talk, locked in this... sty?

We're talking now, aren't we? After two months.

I've been here for two months eliciting words from you.

Read the files.

I have, but I want you to tell me, if possible, sitting in a chair.

You'll always be like this? I like the floor.

It's the only thing that seems real.

What about everything else?

Everything else is a lie.

All of this seems like a lie. Including you.

You're not even wearing a gown.

Do you think I should wear one?

Doctors do.

I took it off so you'd forget I'm a doctor.

So you'd like me better. Well, it doesn't work.

I don't like you at all.


Now we're such close friends...

I have no friends.

Please tell me what happened that night.

The sooner you talk, the sooner I'll leave.


Congratulations, and all that stuff people always say.


And this girl? Where did you get her from?

She tried to steal from me. It was my book.

Okay. Csar, Sofa. Sofa, Csar.

Happy birthday. Thanks.

Here's your present. Thanks a lot.

We both bought it.

Then, thanks to both of you.

Stop flirting with her and open it.

I'd rather open them tomorrow.


Drinks? Sure.

I'll take this upstairs.


What are you doing here? Congratulations, darling.

Thank you very much.

But I don't recall inviting you to the party.

Very thoughtful of you.

I've brought you a gift, too. Aren't you going to open it?

No, thanks. I know what's inside.

You're different today.

Nuria, it's not at all funny that you came unannounced.

Or that you went into my room.


Do I have to apologize? No.

You have to go.

I understand. I know what's happening to you.

You don't want anyone to see you twice with the same girl.

Your reputation would go to hell, wouldn't it?

You nailed it.

You must have checked out some hottie.

Of course. Who?

That brunette you were talking to a moment ago, right?

She's not bad.

I don't care.

I don't need anyone to see me with you.

Hold me. Hold me.

Come on, just a kiss.

Just a little.

Come on.

Until when? Next Friday?

I doubt you remember what a weekend without me is like.

I'm sorry, I have to attend to my guests.

Hurry, that brunette's going to take a while.

She seems to be one of those.

One of those? Yeah.

The ones who can't find the zipper.

Hi. Hi.

What do you want? To open this.

Hold on. I'll pour some for you.

Since when are you the bartender?

Don't you know I work in hospitality?

Is something wrong?

Is it too obvious I'm hitting on you?

A bit. I just have a little problem.

A woman's harassing me. You don't say.

And I need to bother someone to get rid of her.

And I'm the lucky one.

Shit! She's there.

Where? Don't look.

Where is she? Look over there.

So yes, sure.

Sure. Yeah.

Here we are. Here we are.


Pretend we're talking about something interesting.

You nod, you say yes.

And... okay.

Nice conversation. Very nice.

Especially because I think she's coming over.

No way.

I need to use the restroom. I'll tell you where it is.

Look ahead... I don't see her anymore.

Right here.

Come on in, ma'am. I'm not going in there.

I will. See you later.

She's here. You're a...

Okay. We're safe.

The downside is there's no drinks here.

I think you're messing with me and you just want to hook up.

Well, that too, but it's secondary.

What matters now is to be safe.

Can't you tell her you're not interested?

No way! She doesn't care. She never gives up.

It must be hard for her. Yeah, sure.

What's your major? Dramatic Arts, like Pelayo?

For now. Set design?

Interpretation. Wow.

You want to be an actress? I am one.

Is there a problem? Well, yeah.

Aren't you ashamed? Ashamed?

Why would I be ashamed?

Actors aren't honest people.

You're capable of showing feelings you don't have.

Or that you make up, at most.

Right now you may be thinking, "Jeez, he's so annoying. How will I get rid of him?"

You think? "And he's got a hotel."

But you're a good actress and you don't show it.

Hey, Pelayo.

You caught us. Come in.

How's it going? Good. I'm a little wasted.

Drunk. Why are you locked up in here?

Sofa is defending me from a certain psycho who's roaming out there.

She seemed dangerous.

Okay. What about you?

I'm drinking. Women don't chase me.

We're out of liquor.

Want some?

Shit. I'll go get more. Hey.

I'll get some for all of us.

Well, um... I'm leaving.

What do you mean?

I drank too much and I'm not okay.

Bullshit, Pelayo, this is just starting.

It just started for you. Pelayo... you can't go. You're my guest of honor.

You're a son of a bitch.

Where's that coming from? Are there no other girls?

I go take a piss for a moment, you start talking to her and...

And what?

And nothing. I don't want to look like a fool.

Explain right now what the hell's wrong with you.

Why did you have to hook up with Sofa of all people?

No one's hooking up with Sofa.

Sure, so I'm blind, right?

You're a bit drunk.

I'm drunk, but I'll tell you one thing.

I like Sofa very much. I like her a lot, dude.

In fact, she may be the one.

But if I'd known it would mess up our friendship, I'd have told her to fuck off.

Same here. Sure.

Pelayo, where are you going?

Home. Already?

Yeah, I'm beat. Hold on, I'll go with you.

Don't, it's...

It's not necessary.

You're leaving too?

I have to get up early tomorrow.

I can take you home later.

Stay. You're in good hands.

What's with him? He's drunk.

Did we upset him? Of course not.

Are you sure?

She doesn't seem very happy.

Didn't you have to get up early tomorrow?

I'm doing too much for you tonight.

Maybe that means something. Yeah, that you're shameless.

It's just a moment.

Enough for my friend Nuria to give up.

This is my house.

If you mock it, you're out. Why would I mock it?

It's no big deal, but rent's a bargain.

You like clowns? They're not clowns.

They're mimes.


I have a cat. I hate cats.

They're almost as fake as actresses.

Said the hotel owner.

How do you pay for this?

Do your parents help you out? Did you get any acting jobs?

He's nosy. Don't you think, Pancho?

I'm an arms dealer. No kidding.

I always wanted to see how an arms dealer lived.

Well, now you know.

How do you want me to tell it?

You wouldn't understand. Not even I understand it.

She started to make coffee and I started to snoop around.

And suddenly, I felt that stupidity apparently, many people feel.

I like it. What did you feel?

That I loved her. God, I'm ashamed to even say it.

Sorry, I didn't hear you.

I said I like your place. And I like yours.

We can switch.

I doubt you'd like it so much in the morning.

Besides, I meant because of the decor.

I don't know, your place is more... more personal.

And warmer. Warmer?

Yeah. You thought my house was cold?

A little. Do you think I'm cold?

I don't know.

But my house is. Which is it, then?

If you expect me to praise you, you'll wait a long time.

You think you're so clever.

Maybe. You're so wrong.

I don't need you to tell me what my virtues are.

No, I'm sure you know what they are.

But you'd like to know that I've seen them too.

You wish.

I'm not arguing over something so silly.

That's better.

You would've lost. You think?

I don't want to argue, either. In fact, I'll propose the opposite.

Not to argue? To name each other's flaws.


I hope you're doing right by me.

You've never been depicted more faithfully.

Okay, mine's ready.

Holy shit.

This is how you see me?

Was it too much? Sign it.

Let me see mine.

It's beautiful.

But it's not a cartoon.

I wanted you to see.

I didn't know you drew so well.

I'll sell it to you. For how much?

Since it's you, I'll settle for... one kiss.

That smile is going to kill me.

It'd be very wrong for us to hook up tonight.

Why? Pelayo, remember?

He's your best friend.

He doesn't need to find out.

Besides, he'd do the same.

I see friendship comes first for you.

It does.

That's why I wouldn't tell him.

Some people claim they settle for a normal duration of their lives.

But "normal"... means different things depending on the period.

What are you watching?

I'm watching TV. was living just 25 years.

Nowadays, that number has tripled.

Thus... What is he talking about?

I've seen that before.

It's a feature about cryonics.

"Cryo" what?

It's when they freeze you or something. Like Walt Disney.

Brr! How cold!

Hey, handsome!

Cause a landslide by being here.

It's not dangerous. It's firm land, and it's very solid.

You're leaving?


I'll leave you my number.

I'll call you tomorrow, anyway.

What for?

Okay, then I won't call you.


What is it? Come here.

I'll tell you a secret.

Come here.

Hi, darling.

You've been following me? Of course.

No. I had a feeling we'd run into each other.

Okay. How was it with the brunette?

Very well. Why?

Your face. I'd say you didn't sleep with her.

Let me guess.

You didn't, but you don't care, either.

Is that so?

You have all the time in the world to win her over.

In fact, you surely made plans for tomorrow or the day after.

Brilliant. Right? And there's more.

Tell me. I hooked up with someone, too.

But he didn't measure up.

So I was left wanting more.


Until you see Miss Universe again, you could do with some fun yourself.

I think I'd rather go to sleep.

Come on, Csar.

It's your birthday. You deserve a prize.

Don't insist. I'm going home.

What's wrong, Csar? Are you afraid?

Do you want some? It's from the party.

No, thanks.

Play the good boy now.

I don't need a fix to have fun.

I've seen that.

You shouldn't take that, you're driving.

Suit yourself.

What's happiness to you?


To me, happiness is this. Being here with you.

Isn't it to you?

I don't know, Nuria.

I'm not in the mood for significant talks right now.

It's just your mind is elsewhere.

Isn't that right, honey?


Just one thing bothers me.

What is it?

That you don't know anything about me.

You just know I'm Nuria and I'm a good fuck.

Two very important things.

You probably don't even have my number.

This is a start. I'll see your place now.

We're almost there.

Tell me, do you believe in God?



Hi. Hi.

How are you?

How was the ride home? Okay.

I had a horrible dream.

That you never saw me again?


I'm leaving your place, heading to my car, and it turns out that slut has been following me.

Who? That Nuria? Yeah.

She tells me, "Do you want a ride?"

She insists, and I don't know how to say no, so I get in her car, and she starts revving up... Then, boom!

She commits suicide with me in there.

That's awful. That's not the worst part.

The worst is my face ends up completely ruined, like the Phantom of the Opera.

I couldn't wake up.

I was a monster.

You're a monster anyway.

Am I? Yeah.

I'm a monster too.


How was your place?

Was there anyone left?

Why would there be anyone left?

There was a party at your place, remember?

A party?

Dreaming sucks.

That was a nice dream. A park...

Some kids playing, a woman who loves you.


Then you wake up and you want to die.

At first, I didn't even have the strength to react.

I'd been in a coma for three weeks.

You were very lucky.

You could've died.

Like Nuria. So what?

It would've been better. Besides, did you see her body?

No one showed it to me.

You think she survived?

I'm like you.

I only believe in what I see.

Csar, show me your face, please.

Why are you asking that now? Look...

It's true you were in an accident.

It's true you were disfigured.

But now you're perfectly fine.

No. Take that off.

Doctors redid your face.

They had no fucking clue!

In the accident, you not only lost skin and part of your muscles, the impact on your head was so hard, it caused multiple fractures.

We've held the bone structure with metallic string, and over it we've reinserted the muscles that could still be salvaged.

That's all very nice, but I know this.

You've explained it to me 150 times.

But you never tell me when I'm having surgery.

I've been waiting for over two months.

You've already had surgery. Three times.

I wouldn't call this surgery.

I'd call it... well...

I don't even know what to call it.

Even though the symmetry isn't perfect, we want you to understand that what we did with your face is, pardon my honesty, very hard work.

We can't work on skin that's pure scar.

No, there has to be a way.

Which way? Seriously?

You're the doctors, aren't you?

A transplant, I don't know!

There's a fibrosis issue, and if we operate again, there's a risk of causing new damage.

We'd need absolute precision.

And that is impossible right now.

Let's see. I'm no idiot.

Nowadays, people remove their breasts or get new ones.

They get hair implants.

They change their face, even their skin color.

You're telling me that in the wake of the year 2000, you're not capable of performing a simple operation and fix this... this shit? It's not that simple, Csar.

Remember that... Don't talk to me like that!

Don't treat me like a kid!

I'm not just any patient, and this isn't Social Security.

I'm willing to pay whatever is necessary.

You're the boss here.

They say you're the best in your specialty.

Then make something up, damn it. Experiment with me.

I've seen patients who've lost all of their functions.

Who can't even speak.

At least you can look yourself in the eye.

What's the point of that?

I want to die every time I look in the mirror.

Your case isn't so severe.

You just have to learn to accept yourself.

And who's going to accept me?

Tell that to the people who look at me on the street!

Are you going to tell everyone that looks don't matter?

That beauty is inside?

I'd like you to see something.

What's this? A facial prosthesis.

We resort to it in cases of extreme rejection, like yours.

This is bullshit.

It's not the best solution.

But it's all we can do for the time being.

I want a face! Not a mask.

We're not miracle workers.

That's what the fucker told me.

But in the end, they did it.

What? They worked a miracle.

So it seems. "So it seems"?

Things just are or are not. They either did it or not.

I'm really tired. Why don't you just go?

I'll be back next Tuesday. Should I bring you anything?

No. Okay, then. Until Tuesday.

A notepad and a pencil.

But don't say I asked for them.

I don't want to owe them anything.

Have I changed that much? Because I can recognize you.

How are you? How am I?

You're playing a part right now, but I don't know which one.

Your mouth is smiling, but your eyes are trembling.


Truth is, you're very good. A good actress, I mean.

I asked you how you were. You don't have to answer.

Well, I'm alive.

How do you expect me to be? And tired.

Tired of waiting for you to call, at least to say, "You had really bad luck, man."

I've been really busy. Bullshit.

I was afraid you'd be uncomfortable if I called you.

No, you were afraid you'd be uncomfortable.

You were afraid you wouldn't be able to look at me, like now.

That's not true.

Sometimes, I've dreamt of this moment.

Which moment?

The moment we saw each other again.

In my dreams, we were just like now. Like this.

In the park. Although, well... there was something different.

Was there?

In my dreams, it doesn't rain.

I have to go, Csar.

What are you doing tomorrow night?

Studying. I've got a lot of work.

It's Friday tomorrow. We could hang out.

I don't know. Like I said, I'm busy.

Okay, then. See you.


We can hang out if you want.

If you want.

The client is put in a maintenance capsule, while the legal process for his or her transportation is worked out.

In the warehouse in Arizona, United States, a team of specialists prepares the body to be frozen...

which substitutes blood for a liquid solution that allows for the preservation of organs.

The client is put in the capsule, where he or she will remain until medicine allows for his resuscitation.

Honestly, I'd think it over a couple of times.

It's a proposal that's hard to take in.

How should we approach it?

Surely, we find ourselves in the face of an unprecedented event.

A new challenge for humankind.

It's understandable that the first reaction is that of rejection.

Now we have the means to do it.

We have the technology.

But above all, we have enough moral maturity to understand what this step means in human evolution, to look into the future and end with certain taboos that no longer make sense.

Inherited from ancient religions and old, useless memories.

Thanks for being on our show.

Thank you too, for...

Hey. Hey.

What is that? I know, it's a bummer, right?

But I was advised to wear it because of infections.


What's up, dude? What's going on in your life?

I spend every fucking day arguing with doctors.

You should go out more. I'm trying.

What are you drinking? Rum and Coke. Want some?

Okay. I'll get it for you.

I'll go to the restroom. Okay.

Dude, take that off. Why?

Because, can't you see? Try as you might, you won't be able to hide your face.

I told you it's so I won't get an infection.


Dude, if I'm embarrassing you, you can just go.

No one asked you to come.

Sofa asked me to.


She didn't want to be alone with you.

Why not?

Dude, you're giving her a hard time.

Because I'm having a hard time!

Tell that to a therapist, or to me.

You don't have to tell that to a girl you've only known for a night.

Is that what she told you?

Is that what she told you?

That bitch. Csar, come here.

Can I have a scotch and Coke?

What scotch?

Excuse me? What scotch?

Why don't you say that while looking at my face, motherfucker?


Another one. This one's on me.

Why? Because.

Change that mask, dude.

Hey. Hey.

Where were you? Around.

Pelayo went looking for you.

Whereas I was looking for you.

What for?

Nothing in particular.

Just to... buy you a drink.

Do you want a drink? No, thanks.

Is it too obvious I'm hitting on you?

I just have a little problem.

A woman's harassing me and I need to bother someone to get rid of her. Shit!

Shit! She's coming here.

Don't look, don't look.

You just keep talking. Pretend that we're...

I mean, act like I'm here.

Keep talking... Blah, blah, blah.

What a nice conversation we're having.

So, here we are.

Just talking about life...

That's enough, please.

Where were you? Around.

I'm going to go. I'm exhausted.

You guys stay if you want.

This is where I leave you, guys.

I'll drive you.

No, I live close by. I'll walk.

My bike's right here. No, thanks.

Why not? You don't have to.

Don't be so annoying.

She wants to go by herself. Shut up, you're drunk.

I may be drunk, but I'm not an idiot.

Besides, I'm not drunk.

Seriously, you don't have to come with me.

Okay, suit yourself. You're the one who's drunk.

We'll call you to hang out some other day.


We could go to the movies.

More often. Okay. Great.

Okay, then.

No, don't kiss me.

I'll intoxicate you with my drunken breath.

Okay. I'll see you around, then.

Sure. I'll see you around.

I'll see you...

It's not cold at all.


I think I'm going to go. Where are you going?

I just remembered I left my bike somewhere else.

Hold on, I'll go with you.

No, what for? You're almost home, man.

Come on. See you tomorrow.

Pelayo, hold on a second.

What? It's just...

I don't know, it's just... Dude, you've drank too much.

We'll talk tomorrow.

When I wake up tomorrow, I'll wish I were dead.

Of course you won't. Get some rest, you need it.


You're my best friend, man.

Son of a bitch.

Open your eyes.


It's me.


What are you doing here? I'm sorry.

What for?

I love you.

Come here.

What's wrong?

Nothing. I just can't believe this is really happening.

What about Pelayo?

I don't know. He left with you, didn't he?

Yeah, right.

Come here.

God. What a feeling.

What do you mean?

Don't you ever feel like you've already lived a moment?

Yes. Why do you think that is?

They say it's a glitch in your brain.

I've been here before.

It usually lasts a few seconds. Then it goes away.

I don't want it to go away.

I see you haven't wasted time.

It's all I have in here.

Gorgeous. Is it Sofa?

How much longer will I be here?

You can't ever be sure.

I'd never imagined a place like this. It's a nightmare.

It's a psychiatric correctional facility.

I shouldn't be here.

I remind you you've been charged with murder.

I don't even know what I did. Tell me.

Does the name Ellie ring a bell?


Do you know any girl with that name?

No, why do you ask?

A couple of guards mentioned that last night you kept repeating it.

I must have been dreaming. What do you dream of?

I don't remember. It might be important.

Why would it be?

Let's see.

I can prove you didn't know what you were doing, but I need an explanation for all this mess, whatever it is.

There's no explanation. I told you the other day.

What did you dream of?

I don't know.

I only remember bits and pieces.

First, I'm in some kind of office.

A secretary leads me to a study.

There's a picture there of a sunset and a man.


I don't know.

I'm shown a bunch of papers.

What papers?

I don't know.

But I sign them.

This office you're in, is it your company's?

No, I don't think so.

So you've dreamt of a place you've never been before.

Well, yeah. That happens a lot, right?

Could those papers be the ones you signed with the doctors?

No, the thing with the doctors was surreal.


They asked me to go to the hospital one day.

When I get there, the whole surgical team is there to welcome me.

For months... they had stared at me, torn between indifference and helplessness.

Now they were all smiles and kindness.

That same motherfucker who said my case was impossible started explaining something about a surgery.

They'd brought a new system to the clinic.

Something groundbreaking.

In just half a month, they said I could walk out of there with a fully recomposed face.

You didn't believe them?

Not at first.

I thought it was just a show to take more money from me.

But they showed me all the paraphernalia they had for the surgery.

It seemed like science fiction.

I only saw wires, buttons, monitors.

Truth is, I never knew exactly what they would do to me, but I thought I had nothing to lose.

Those people were used to rhinoplasties, liposuctions, micro hair grafting, but my surgery was much more than that.

In less than a week, my life had taken a 180 degree turn.

One night, I was on the floor, drunk, wishing I was dead... and the next morning, my wishes started to come true.

Like in movies.

Sofa loves me and doctors find a miraculous formula.

I don't know. It makes sense I didn't trust them.

Didn't trust who? Didn't trust what?

I don't know. Life has many turns.

Happiness comes when you least expect it.

I once met a guy who was completely alone, and suddenly, he was married with two daughters.

Jeez. That's your idea of happiness?

Well, that depends on each person.

What's happiness to you?

What's happiness to you?

Don't ask me that kind of bullshit.

But in those days, you were happy, weren't you?

So what? My life is shit now.

All I can do is eat, take a dump, sleep and dream of my memories.

It's good that you remember.

How's it going? What do you mean?

Don't be silly. You said they'd remove your plates today.

And they did. So?

Well, my ears are where they should be.

Csar, don't scare me.

Take the plates off.

You take them off.

But how did they do it?

Hold on.

I just want to tell you that I love you.

You're going too fast... considering we met yesterday.


My birthday was yesterday, remember?

I met an incredible girl. Her name's Sofa.

But today I woke up perfectly fine, and now I'm with this girl again.

What is it?

What is it?

If you want me to move, you have to insert a coin.


It's curious. We never appreciate the good moments until they're gone.

Maybe that's why they're good.

Because we don't stop to think about them.


What happened with Pelayo?

What is it?

Hold on, man.

Ready. About time.

Do you want anything else? No, thanks.

How are you, Pelayo? Okay.

How are you, Pelayo?

I'm okay. Are you sure?

Believe it or not, I'm not as screwed up as it seems.

I'm used to you winning all the time, you bastard.

Besides, Sofa's no big deal.

You said she was the one.

Are you sure?

I must've been drunk. Okay.

Besides, we're friends, right?

You bastard.

Dude, what's with your face?


Damn, your stitches are bursting.


You're retarded.


What's wrong?

I hate dreaming.

You're tickling me.

What is it?

What are you doing?

Where's Sofa? What?

What did you do with Sofa?

I'm Sofa. You bitch!

You're crazy. Where is she?

In a moment, I'll call the police.

You'll have lots of trouble if Sofa doesn't turn up.

So you survived the accident.

What accident?

Whose body was it they found?

I didn't have an accident.

No, it wasn't an accident. It was attempted murder.

Too bad you didn't see my face after that, bitch.

Why are doing this to me? What does it change?


You're the same psycho who crashed my party to ruin my life.

I'm the same one you made love to a while ago. I'm Sofa.

Don't ever say you're Sofa again, okay?

Don't ever say that name again!

You won't tell me where she is?

You'll never tell me.


I love you.

Hey. What's up?

You may go. I'll continue with him.

Okay, let's see if I make myself clear.

Where were you last night? At my house.

I already told him.

At your house... with whom?

With a girl.

The girl I questioned before?

No, that's another one.

I was with Sofa.

The girl I talked to is called Sofa.

That's what she says, but it's a lie.

Who is she, then?

She's... Nuria. Nuria?

Nuria who?

I don't know, she never told me her last name.

Then... you were at your house with a girl called Sofa.

And suddenly... I go to the bathroom, and when I get back, she's in Sofa's place.

Where is Sofa now? Ask Nuria.

She's posing as Sofa!


You don't know her last name?

What's wrong? Who are you going to believe?

Her or me?

All I can say is that the girl's papers are in order. We've let her go.

You let her go?

And I can assure you her name is Sofa.

Sofa Cueto.

She lives at 2 Quiroz Street, second on the left.

No. What do you mean, no?

I mean, yes, but that's another girl.

I'm telling you I know the real Sofa.

And I'm asking you to tell me where she is.

Because where law is concerned, that girl you're talking about doesn't exist except in your imagination.

I can't believe this is happening.

On the other hand, the girl had signs of having been beaten up.

She was at my house, posing as my girlfriend!

For some reason I can't understand, she didn't want to press charges.

I can't believe it.

So now she's the victim.


Do you take drugs? God.

We know you underwent psychiatric treatment recently.

Because I had an accident that wrecked my face.

She caused it!

From what I see, your face looks just fine.


It doesn't matter. I won't keep talking to you.

Young man.

I advise you to see a psychiatrist.

What's wrong with you?

What the fuck is your deal?

What are you talking about? If you wanted to dump her, you didn't have to do all this, you son of a bitch!

Don't ever touch Sofa again!

She's not Sofa, she's Nuria!

Nuria is dead! Okay.

Calm down unless you want to spend the night in a cell!

Don't ever talk to me in your fucking life, asshole.

I don't know what they told you, but I swear Nuria is more alive than we are.

They didn't tell me anything, Sofa did.

Listen to me.

You talked to her on the phone, right?

Let go of me. She's not Sofa, Pelayo.

Nuria can imitate her voice!

She's got her documents and even her apartment.

She didn't tell me on the phone, dumbass.

I just dropped her off at her home.

And she was just like this girl.

Nice picture, right?

Are you going to tell me that isn't Sofa, either?

But this is...

Are you pulling a prank on me or what?

Dude, you're not right in the head.

I'm not right in the head?

I'm not right in the head?

You're the ones who are crazy!

You're all crazy! Let go of me!

God... What's happening?

It's my partners, isn't it?

They paid all of you off. This is a fucking conspiracy!

Look at you, man.

You never regained consciousness after the accident.


Are you telling me...

Are you telling me this is the girl you ran after that night, motherfucker?

Is this the one? Yeah!

You stole her from me.

You need a shrink!


I'm not in the mood for any crap.

There's an explanation for all of this.


Who are you?

You must have seen me on TV.

What do you want?

I'm here to help you. First of all, it's very important that you calm down.

Calm down?

You have to conquer your fears and regain control.

What are you talking about? I'm perfectly well, you know?

Who said you're not?

Them, everybody.

They say I'm crazy.

No, no. Of course you're not crazy.

But what if I told you that you're dreaming?

No, no. And why not?

Look, I know what's real, and this is real.

How do you know? You don't know you're dreaming until you wake up. I just know it.

My dreams are a lot simpler than this.

There are no simple dreams.

Look at these people.

They seem to be talking about their stuff, don't they?

Completely unaware of you.

Yet they may be there because you wanted them to be.

In fact, you could have them... help you, or on the contrary, destroy you.

I want them to shut up, and you, too.


What's happening here?

Someone tell me the truth, damn it!

The truth... you may not be able to bear.

It had to be a setup, some big joke to drive me crazy.

They were all conspiring. Nuria, Pelayo, the police, the guy from the bar. Who was he?

I don't know.

You say you saw him on TV.

On what show? I don't know.

I don't know, one about freezing dead people.

Freezing dead people?

Cryonics or something.

Like what they did to Walt Disney.

I may be able to help you remember.

Is that a threat?

Lie down.

What's that? A syringe.

Don't worry.

My arm itches.

It's just a sedative. What for?

All of this is a tall tale.

If you had trusted therapists a bit more, perhaps now you wouldn't be where you are.

What's that?

You're making me nervous. You don't have to be afraid.

I'm not afraid.

Stop talking and focus. Come on.

Okay... I'm getting dizzy.

Bye, Csar.

Very well. Now, let's see if you'll tell me about that dream.


In my dream, it's not raining.

The dream about the office.

Ellie. That's right.

Tell me who Ellie is.

A secretary.

Ellie is a secretary?

She tells me to go in.

They're waiting for me.

Who is?

That French guy from TV.

Hello. Please sit down.

A contract. Ellie.

Csar, who is Ellie?

You won't regret it. Sign here.

What do you have to sign?

Leave it to Ellie.

What have you signed?

What's wrong?

What's wrong, Csar? Why are you crying?

I'm going to die.

You're not.

I don't know how many. How many what?


Hold on. You were taking pills?

I don't know how many I should take.

You took pills to feel better?

I don't want to...

On three, you're going to wake up.

One, two...

I thought up until now you'd told me the truth.

What do you mean?

You said you weren't taking anything.

Csar, I'm going to ask you one last time.

Did you take drugs? Jeez.

Why does everyone insist...

Don't make a fuss as usual, and tell me the truth.

I have to know what you were taking.

I didn't take anything. Can't you see?

Your brain may have suffered some kind of disorder because of the pills.

I didn't take any pills!

You said you did just a moment ago!

It's just a dream. Why do you give it more importance than it has?

Can't you tell apart dreams from reality?

I can!

Really? Don't make me laugh.

People rising from the dead? Living people disappearing?

You, turning into the Phantom of the Opera?

Tell me one thing.

Do you also remember what you did to Sofa?

It wasn't Sofa. I don't care who she was.

What did you do to her?

Do you remember?

Oh my God.

What are you doing here? I thought you were a thief.

Who are you?

I'm Sofa. Sofa?

You're not Sofa.

Csar, all of this will be over soon.

We'll be together again.

You'll forget Nuria and I won't be afraid of you.

Then... I'll get some water.


Yes, Csar, I'm Sofa.

I'm Sofa.

I want to see you! I want to see you!

I want to see you!

Sometimes, you dream you're with someone.

For instance, your father.

And in just a few seconds, he becomes your mother.

And then... the newspaper seller from the corner.

And yet, you feel you're talking to the same person.

And although you thought you were home, suddenly, you realize you're at school... or in a hospital, or in jail.

Dreams are like that.

And sometimes, your mind behaves as if in a dream.

Do you know what alienation is?

Don't give me that crap. Tell me I'm crazy if you want, but this isn't alienation.

Then what is it? Tell me, because I don't know.

I don't know what's inside here, I don't know why you killed your girlfriend, I don't know who Ellie or that man from the TV are. I know nothing.

That makes two of us.

Will you keep coming after the trials?

I thought you didn't like me.

What will you testify?

Why are you asking me that?

The first hearing is next week.

Temporary mental alienation.

I think it's the least harmful for you.

It won't do much good, anyway.

They won't believe me that easily.

Even I don't believe it.

What do you think?

I think you're very sick, and you should stay here for a long time.

Don't worry.

They'll give me 20 years, at least.

Csar, believe it or not, I care about you a lot.

Look, kid, I'm interested in your case.

I'm sorry for what happened.

I've even come to think someone's gaslighting you.

But I can't and I shouldn't overstep my role.

I'm a psychiatrist. You don't sound like one.

What do I sound like? My father.

Lecturing me all day. Your father is dead.

That's what I mean.

By the way, what happened to that happy father with his two daughters and his beloved wife?

I don't know. I never saw him again.

Listen to me. Hire a lawyer.

Bye, Csar.


The main Spanish investment, but the most original and emblematic.

He's got more economic presence... depending on the period.

In the Roman Empire, for instance, the normal thing was to live only 25 years.


Who's got the remote? Who's got the remote?

Give it to me!

Give it to me!

It's another way of giving people what they've been looking for for thousands of years.

What's wrong?

There's a computer with internet access in the Infirmary.

I asked to use it, but you have to come with me.

Why do you want that?

I know what Ellie is. Let's go!

Hold on!

Ellie isn't a person. It's a company, damn it.

How do you know?

"Ellie" is actually "I.E."

It's an American company.

What are you doing now?

There's a program online to trace acronyms.

We'll find information about I.E.


We have to check one by one. Hold on.

Life extension.

Damn it. I have the feeling I've done this same thing before.

That's because of a brain dysfunction, a brain glitch. No, not this time.


This is it.

The photo you dreamt of?

I can't have dreamt about it without having seen it first, right?

Cryonix. It's a cryonics company.

I'll print it out.

Hold on. I'm lost now.

I don't understand what this has to do with your case. Here's the key.

Look. There's a branch in Madrid.


I'll go take a look. No, I have to go with you.

I can't get you out of here.

I know sometimes they release you under custody.

Make something up so they'll let me.

It's not that easy. You can do it.

You know more than you're letting on.

I know nothing. I just have a feeling.

What is it?

I have to go there, no matter what.

I'm going to be very clear.

We're not at the hospital anymore. I'm armed, and my mission is to stop you from doing something silly, so if you do, I'll shoot you in the ribs.

I've been here before.

Follow me. Let's go.

You've got 20 minutes.

It's all like in my dream.

Hello, good morning. How may I help you?

We'd like to talk to Mr. Duvernois.

This is my son.

He's just really shy.

Mr. Duvernois isn't here right now.

But first of all, you already know what cryonics are.

More or less.

Here are some explanatory leaflets.

You can read them in the waiting room.

One of my colleagues will be with you shortly.

Thank you.

"Live limitlessly.

The future is for the foresighted."

What is this? Some kind of cult?


It's the Biostasis or preservation of humans under cold temperatures.

Biostasis is the bridge to take our patients to a time in the future when technology

"will allow for their resuscitation."

You pay to live forever.

Jules Verne was laughed at, too.

Csar, all of this is absolutely impossible.

How do you know? Have you been to the future?

This company promises the same thing the Church has for centuries.

Immortality. Only instead of priests, they are quacks.

What's that got to do with you?

You're not cryogenized. You're alive.

Here's the contract, if you want to look at it.

The process is very simple.

You can die anytime.

Today, tomorrow or in 20 years.

We don't care about that.

From the moment you're pronounced legally dead, Life Extension takes over your body and takes it to our warehouse in Arizona.

There, you're frozen at 108.4 degrees below zero.

This is what we call total suspension, and it costs $240,000, from which... thirty thousand is allocated to the freezing process, and the rest is placed in an investment fund so the interest can cover the maintenance costs and the resuscitation costs when this becomes possible.

If it becomes possible.

Frankly, we believe resuscitating dead people will be possible someday.

What's this? What?

Clause 14. Artificial perception.

Yes, that's another possibility we haven't fully developed yet.

Look. This is a life.

Birth and death.

Imagine you suffer from a terminal disease.

Naturally, you want to keep on living, but you don't wish to live in the future.

You're not interested. You want to keep on living your current life, in the present.

Okay, so you die, we freeze you, and when we're capable of resuscitating you, we commit to make you live... a dream.

A dream?

We'll reenact everything so it seems real.

Your family members, your friends, your city, the whole world, including this office.

But it'll be just a virtual reality.

Besides, we'll make sure you don't remember dying.

Or signing this contract, of course.

How? Very simple.

By erasing it from your memory.

Thus, you'll live linearly, as if nothing had happened.

And you'll live it as you see fit.

At will.

You will decide at all times.

But... what would happen if there was a glitch?

What if the dream...

What if the dream became a nightmare?

Your subconscious can always play a dirty trick on you, but... we're not sloppy, you know.

We're a serious company, and the VR technology progresses by leaps and bounds.

Look... honestly, signing clause 14 is basically signing up for paradise.

I know it's hard to believe.

But Jules Verne was laughed at, too, wasn't he?

Excuse me.

Where do you think you're going?

To the restroom. I'll keep an eye on you.

I'm with him.

He's dizzy, there's nothing to worry about.

Csar, please calm down.

This is a dream.

It's the only explanation.

It's not a dream. What he said is impossible.

It's impossible now, not in the 30th century!

This isn't the 30th century!

This is 1997. That's what it seems.

It's what I paid for. Listen.

This isn't a dream. Look at me.

If this is a dream, I don't have a life of my own, I'm a lie!

You're only in my head. No!

Csar, I'm real. How do I know that?

Can't you tell dreams from reality?

Does this look like a dream? Tell me, does it?

I'm working very hard on this case.

I'm risking...

I haven't killed anyone. It's all a nightmare!

Trust me, damn it!

It's not a dream. They're wrong.

Who? I don't know, damn it.

Those who programmed this confused Sofa with Nuria!

They're not showing me my real face!

I'm sick of hearing that. Your face is perfectly fine.

The guard is right. You act like a child hiding behind that mask.

What game are you playing? Take that off already.

I don't want to. I don't care what you want.

I want to see you. Don't you realize?

It doesn't matter what you see, but what I see!

It's my dream!

If you say it's a dream again, I'll have you committed.

Enough of that. Show me your face now.

You owe me that.

Csar, please look yourself in the mirror and tell me if you really think you're disfigured.

God, why do you insist on seeing something that's not there?

You're perfectly fine. I'm a monster.

What are you talking about?

Many would trade their face for yours.

You're completely normal. Forget normal!

You're handsome! No!

Csar, listen to me. Maybe what you're going through is like anorexia. No.

Some girls insist on believing they're fat, and they end up going crazy! No!


I want to wake up!

I want to wake up!

I want to wake up!


Stand still! Don't shoot!

It's a nightmare.

Hold on a second, you! You can't get out of here!


Hey, hold on!

It's a dream.

It's a dream.

Don't move!

Drop the weapon!

I want to wake up.

I want to wake up.

Don't move! I want to wake up!

I want to wake up! I want to wake up!


Antonio. What?

You're crushing me.

I think I shouldn't move, considering I've been shot in my back.

How do you know that?

Well... because...

What the hell is going on here?

What the hell is going on here?

Damn it! I told you.

It's all a dream. Shut up.


I know what this is.

It's one of those hidden camera pranks from TV.

Very good, seriously! You've done an awesome job, I loved it, but that's enough!

There's someone there. Where?

Up there, on the rooftop. I don't see anyone.

Where are you going?

Come on, Antonio, stop going round and round.

Otherwise, you'll go crazy.

Hello, Csar.

I think it's about time I introduce myself.

My name is Serge Duvernois.

I'm a Life Extension representative.

We met... 150 years ago.

That's nonsense!

Has the entire world gone mad?

There is no world.

Everything that exists is inside this man's mind.

Including you and me. Sure.

I'll kick your ass and see if it hurts.

Try it.

They can make you disappear right now, like every other person.

And may I ask who "they" are?

They are the company, Life Extension.

They know everything we're saying, they even know what's going through Csar's mind right now, an instant after he thinks about it.

Then tell me.

Why haven't they made me disappear yet?

It would be virtually incorrect.

Considering you just saved his life.

"Virtually incorrect"?

Do you think I'm an idiot?

No, on the contrary. You're a great guy.

And a very necessary character for Csar.

A character.

Where are you going?

To look for someone. There's no one left.

People are no longer necessary.

Why didn't you wake me up before?

You just had to ask.

Of course, this was extremely difficult, since technically, you weren't supposed to know you were dreaming.

Since when?

Remember that day at the club?

That night, when you fell asleep on the sidewalk, was the one chosen to make the connection.

What connection?

The connection between your real life and your virtual one.

A connection lasting 150 years, whose passing you didn't feel because you were dead and frozen.

When you woke up, nothing was real anymore.

We erased what actually happened from your memory.

What actually happened?

You never saw Sofa again.

And the doctors were never able to reconstruct your face.

You woke up on that street with an awful hangover.

You locked yourself up in your place for months.

Until one day, you learned of our existence.

You came to the office, you signed the contract, and...

you killed yourself.

And I paid for this?

I paid for Nuria to be resuscitated as Sofa?

I paid for my face to be monstrous again?

I paid to live this nightmare?

You paid to live whatever you wanted to.

We just added the setting and the characters.

Your hell was of your own invention.

I tried to warn you at that bar.

I told you everything depended on your mind.

I just have to wish for it.

For instance, can Antonio come back now?

There's no one in the building!

You couldn't have made four million people disappear!

You've overcome your fears.

If you want, we can give it another try and make you like the best of dreams, with money, with friends, with Sofa or any girl you want.

You just have to ask.

I don't want to dream anymore. It's not a dream!

Csar, listen to me.

This is real. This guy is a fraud.

Let's go find people on the street.

Don't listen to him. It makes sense he acts this way, but it's all a show. In reality, he feels nothing.

I feel nothing?

I feel nothing, you son of a bitch?

What do you know?

Don't listen to him. He's not real.

Yes, I am real!

I have a wife and two daughters.

His personality was designed so that he will say what he's saying right now.

Where are my daughters?


Csar, the company offers you another chance.

In 1997, it was impossible to reconstruct your face.

But out there, it's the year 2145.

You wouldn't believe the things surgery can do.

If you want, you can wake up and live in the future like a normal person.

In the future? You have to choose.

How could I wake up?

How would you wake up from your worst nightmare?

No, Csar, stop listening to him!

It's all set up by your partners!

They want you to kill yourself!

He already killed himself once.

It'll be a mere formality now.

I'm going to do it.

Okay. Any wishes before... you die?

That people out there can read my mind.

Who are you? I don't know.

Don't suffer anymore. It's all in your head.

It's all psychological.

Come on, Csar.

What will happen to them once I wake up?

Extending this goodbye is useless.

You think they're your friends, but they're just images.

That man isn't really crying.

I didn't remember that I suffer from vertigo.

Then don't look.

Goodbye, Csar.




Open your eyes.