Opera (1987) Script

No! I can't concentrate.

Please, maestro, i'm sorry, but I can't carry on like this.

Let's take it from number 37.

Oh, my god! No, no!

Maestro, please let's take it from

Stop! Stop!

I can't stand it anymore!

It's ridiculous. Poor thing. Are you hurt?

It's ridiculous! This is Macbeth by Giuseppe Verdi!

I've never seen such lousy direction.

We have a problem? Yes, you!

This isn't one of your crummy movies! Birds on stage, back projection, laser beams!

What is this? An opera or amusement park?

I have to sing! How can I do that with a raven on stage that hates me?

I can't imagine why it should hate you, Mara.

Neither can i! But it never takes its beady eyes off me.

It shrieks, whistles, flaps its wings.

It's deliberately destroying my performance! It's just a bird.

Yes, and birds should be with other birds and not in the opera singingmacbeth!

Where is my manager?

I'm here, Mara. I am going back to the hotel.

Come on, Mara. Please, don't be like this.

I'll rest till 7:00. I shall be ready to sing at 8:00.

Ready to sing, without ravens or any other nonsense. A real opera!

What do we do now?

Oh, carry on with the rehearsal.

If something like this happens again, i'll take my ravens and leave.

Okay. Maestro? Please, please.

We'll take it from the

Thanks to you and your so-called brilliant and original direction!

Ladies and gentlemen, the great Mara Giacova...

Has been knocked down by a car!

Is she badly hurt? Call an ambulance. Hurry!

What a disaster! What are we gonna do?

Hello? Is that you, betty?

Yes. Tonight you make your debut as Lady Macbeth.

What? Are you happy?

Who's speaking?

Is this a joke?




Come on, betty, come on. Get ready.

In exactly one hour, you've got to be on stage.

Mara Giacova has had an accident. Here.

Someone already called. I thought it was a joke.

Why are you crying? Are you scared of making your debut?

No! But Lady Macbeth. I'm too young. My voice isn't right.

You'll be a smash hit.

I'm afraid I won't reach some of the notes.

Trust me. I'm not only your agent, i'm your friend.

I know what you're going through. Just opening-night nerves.

Don't let them show. They're all coming to see you.

Don't show them how "inconfident" you are, okay?


Well, my dear Betty, are we ready?

Mara's unfortunate accident is going to speed you towards your destiny.

Tonight you will make your debut in Verdi's Macbeth.

Do I see tears?

Tears of happiness, I hope.

Don't tell me you're afraid. Afraid you'll fail?

I'm too young for the role.

Verdi's first Lady Macbeth was only 17.

Anyway, you know the opera by heart.

I watched you at all rehearsals working so hard preparing yourself...

As though you were the star and not the understudy.

Don't worry about the orchestra. They'll only need half an hour's rehearsal. Excellent.

Come on. Stop it! This is your big chance.

I know.

Think of your mother, how happy and proud she would have been...

To see you in a great opera following her career.

If people like you, next you'll sing in New York and Salzburg.

What happened to Mara?

She got hit by a car, or so I heard.

Ah, you are listening to Prokofsky's recording of Macbeth.

Did you know it was a production of ours?


It's the opera. Macbeth brings bad luck.

What are you talking about? Everyone says it. Macbeth brings bad luck.

It's a great opera, but I would much rather make my debut in something else.

Don't let Patini hear you say that. It's true!

Shut up! So you think this opera brings bad luck, hmm?

I don't know. It's what everyone says.

Well, i don't say it.

Look, you have a wonderful voice, you are very beautiful, And you're making your debut in a great theater.

You must make the most of this opportunity.

It usually only happens to people in the movies, huh?

Mm-hmm. Don't throw it away.


Five, four, three, two, one, now!

Let her through, let her through!

There's too much smoke.

There's too much smoke!

Dino, cut the smoke. Cut the smoke!

Wait a second. No! The scar should be on the other side!

Betty goes on in another two minutes. Okay, two minutes for Betty.

Two minutes, two.

Oh, what are you doing? Leave it!

Leave it! Put it in the center.

Oh, no, no! Stop it!

That's okay. Just go away.

Be careful! Be careful not to ruin the costume.

You've finally returned.

What are you doing here? You're not allowed in here.

This box is for stage personnel only. Come on. Let's go.

What the hell do you-

Stay where you are. Betty?

Keep your positions. Keep going.

It was an accident. Nothing more. Okay?

Give it here.

Okay, maestro.

Well done, Betty! You're so beautiful!

That's enough, Mara! Don't be childish.

You're a star! You really think so?

Bravo. You're wonderful! Wonderful!

Betty, my sincerest compliments. You were sensational.

Thank you.

There'll be a first-night party later on. Thank you.

Betty, you were magnificent. Thank you, maestro.

Will you be at the reception? Yes.

Marc, the press are here.

What about the accident with the lights?

The shouting and the screaming! What shouting and screaming?

You didn't hear it? It came from one of the boxes. No.

Betty? Oh, Marc!

Marc, wasn't she great?

I know we've had some trouble, but it's got nothing to do with Macbeth.

The only bad luck Macbeth has brought you is fame.

I know. My mother was a singer.

You better run along. People will be waiting for you.


I mean it! Betty, you were fantastic! You were great!

I just love Verdi's music. I really do!

Oh, god, you were wonderful. Just wonderful.

Just that damn, damn director! I can't take him anymore.


You work here in the theater?

Ah, no. Excuse me.

Ahh, you're a fan of mine. Yes.

The first. First what?

Congratulations. Fan.

You were wonderful. Thank you.

Do you want an autograph? Oh, yeah.

I'd like that. Thank you.

Excuse me.

What name shall i- Excuse me.


Alan? Mm-Hmm.

Thank you.

Are you a foreigner? Oh, no.

Everything is ready, inspector, and they're all waiting for you.

Okay. So you are a policeman, not a fan.

Can't a policeman be a fan? It's just-

I'm not an expert on opera, but...

Your voice is-

Thanks for the autograph.


Hi. What did the cop want? Hi.

My autograph. Why is he here?

Who knows?

Oh, maybe because of the accident with the lights. One of the stagehands died.

What? Yeah, it's pretty weird.

Leave your costume there. Marc says it needs a few alterations.

Listen. I don't want to go to the party alone. Would you feel like taking me?

Please? Sure, i'd love to!

I almost forgot. You were great tonight.

And it looks like i'm the last one to congratulate you.

So you think it would be okay if I had a kiss? Even if i'm only the stage manager?

What do you say?

Did you really like me? Really?

Like you? I loved you!

From the great Mara Giacova.

With her best wishes. Thank you.


The great Mara Giacova can say she was literally struck by the curse of Macbeth.

"Good luck, little snake."

Ooh, you can certainly feel her sting there!

Looks expensive.



What do you think it is?

Who knows?

Frog slime?

Acid? Poison?

Hey, what's wrong? What's wrong?

You idiot!

Yuck! Ginseng! Giacova would bathe in that stuff!

Filthy damn birds!

I'm sorry, I can't. It's not your fault.

I'm a disaster in bed. I don't know why. I'm sorry.

According to the legend, opera singers are incredibly horny.

You know, really. They say they make love before they go out on stage.

That way it sort of... relaxes their voice.

You know, sweetens it up a little.

Either i'm a lousy opera singer or-

Have I offended you? No.

Well, I mean... now that you're famous, It seems like things are a little bit different between us.

No, don't say that. It's not true.

What a place! It looks like a museum.

It sort of is. I've got a rich uncle.

It's his place. He's stinking rich, and he lets me use it whenever I need it.

Want some tea? Yes, please.

All right, i've got rose, jasmine, Or mint. Jasmine.

Jasmine. Okay.

No! Mint!

Take a good look. If you try to close your eyes, you'll tear them apart.

So you'll just have to watch everything.


Why did you lock it? Are you feeling okay?

No, no!

What the hell is going on?

It's not true you're frigid. You're a bitch in heat.

Hello? There's been a murder.

At 66 Viale Pegaso.

Who's speaking?

My god! Look what success has done to you!

Come on. I'm gonna get the papers. I want to read the reviews.


Something wrong with your eyes?

Stage lights? Yes.

The lights. What lights?

Okay, it wasn't the lights.

How do you turn on the heating?

Here, here. Thanks.

That bad, was it? I can't tell you.

It was so- I can't tell you.

Trouble in love?


What love?

Whenever a woman has a problem, men always presume it's love.

You sopranos are famous for-

Whoring around? Now, wait a minute-

Look, i've already heard that story tonight.

Some people think that we make love...

Just before going on stage to improve the voice.

Wrong. As far as I am concerned, anyway, totally wrong.

You mean, you've never made love?

Of course I have.

It's just- It's never worked.

Anyway, you also work in movies, And you movie people are legendary when it comes to-

That's true.

I always jerk off before I shoot a scene.

Come on. You have to talk about it sooner or later.

And then I ran away, and that's when I found you.

The strangest thing about what happened tonight-

All the terrible things i saw...

Are from a nightmare i used to have as a child.

I used to dream of a man wearing a black hood.

Tonight I saw that same hood.

You said you called the police. Yes.

Did you give your name? No.

Told me everything? About what happened tonight? Yes.

Why? There's more, right?


I'll check the other rooms.

Have you got a boyfriend? No.

Someone who might get jealous? No.

Not that I know of. Why? There's someone watching your windows with binoculars.

Where? Come and see.

Ah, he's gone.

He was there, under the street lamp.

I could stay if you want me to.

Don't you have someone waiting for you?


She's probably having a fit because you're not home yet.

I'll lock myself in. Don't worry.

Make sure you lock all the windows.

I'll look around in the street. If i see anything suspicious, i'll phone you.

If not, see you tomorrow.

What is it?

There is someone out there.

A woman and-

Who's there? Who are you? Who do you think I am?

I live here. I'm one of your neighbors.

Who was that man? Was he looking for me?

No. It's nothing.

I told you, nothing!

Who do you think she is?

A neighbor, like she said.

Put the chain on. All right.

Don't want to lose another star.

Who is it?

Who's there?

Who's there?


Is that you, marc?

Marc? Is that you?

Oh, my god! Why did I sing that role?

I shouldn't have. I shouldn't have!

It was my fault.

Why, why did I do it?

Don't cry, betty. Don't cry.

"Stormy reception formacbeth."

"Brilliant debut by a young singer...

Who at the last moment substituted Mara Giacova."

"Revolutionary but crazy sets."

"Doubts regarding the direction."

Go back to horror films. Forget opera."

Ha! Ha. They're pulling you to pieces.

At least it's only on paper.

And she, a total unknown, Gets nothing but praise. Well, she was very good.

Last time, when they lauded Cecilia Gasti and blasted your direction Ofrigoletto, You were very pissed off, but not this time.

How come?

You want to take the girl to bed, don't you?

Listen. To be here with you this evening, I took two flights and turned down a fashion show.

Fragments of the same feathers mixed with traces of blood...

Were found on a carpet in Stefano Brini's apartment.

Ah, who was he? Your-

Stage manager. Ah, yes. Stage manager.

Killed, or rather... butchered last night, Between 1:00 and 2:00.

Who saw him last? Hmm?

Well, there was a first-night party.

Oh. Did he leave alone?

I really don't know. I wasn't there.

I see. Then who did go to the party?

Did you? Yes, I did.

What time did he leave? I think he left with betty, our singer.

Is betty here? No, but she will be soon.

We have to rehearse. If there's nothing else I'm not finished.

You're mauricio, right? The one responsible for the ravens.

Yes. How many were killed?

Three. Inspector, I think i know who killed the ravens.

Who? Mara Giacova. She hated them.

No, no, no. What are you talking about? Don't be ridiculous.

Ravens are very vindictive. They don't forget.

They remember for years and years, and at the right moment, zap!

This production of Macbeth has been hit by so much bad luck...

And so many coincidences, it staggers the imagination.

I don't want you to think i'm a superstitious type, But it's Macbeth that brings bad luck.

Everyone knows that.

I could tell you about dozens of strange incidents.

A lot of people seriously believe the opera to be cursed.

I've seen a lot of your movies. Yes, you're really an expert in this field.

I'd be very interested to know your opinion.

I think it's unwise to use movies as a guide for reality, don't you, inspector?

Depends what you mean by reality.

Excuse me, but i've got to fix this dress.

The next performance is the day after tomorrow, and i've only got two hands.

Even with ten hands, the costumes would still be a pile of shit.


All right, mr. genius director!

I'd put most of the blame for what's happening...

On our fancy-pants, whimsical director here...

Who thinks Verdi was a twit and Shakespeare a total asshole.

I'll fix the dress, all right, but not for you, mr. director! For Giuseppe Verdi!

Come on, Marion. Let's get out of here.

All this turns you on, doesn't it? What are you talking about?

You're a sadist. Oh, really?

Everyone I know who knows you says the same thing.

That must be very boring for you.


Oh, just the person i wanted to see.

What's happened to my costume? Look at this mess.

Someone tore it apart. Who could have done it?

Someone who doesn't like the opera, or that asshole Marc's version of it.

This time our director OD'd on weird.

It isn't like the movies.

There, when you come up with something original, everyone congratulates you.

Oh! Oh, god!

God, what a mess! Somehow it's gotta be mended.

And since they didn't call in the dressmaker, it's up to me.

I'm sorry. You'll have to try it on again once i've finished.


We're lucky, though. Most of this junk jewelry's still intact.

Listen, Giulia, i'll be back in a minute. Okay.

Mira, I must see you. I'm frantic.

Me too. My phone hasn't stopped ringing. Everybody wants you.

Everybody! Rome, Vienna, Paris!

That's wonderful, but I have to talk to you about something else.

Something really serious. There's a maniac who's after me.

I need your advice on what to do. I'll give it to you now.

Go to the police. No, I can't.

I'm in terrible trouble, and I don't know what to do.

I must see you. I must!

Yeah, all right. I'll come by this evening.

Betty, what have you done?


That you?

Who's there?

'Tis you. Come here, look. Come.

Hey, look what I found.

What about it? It's gold! I never sewed any real gold on this thing.

It's yours. No, I never saw it before.

How did it get on my costume? Don't know.

Maybe whoever ripped up the dress, dropped it.

Give me that.

It looks like there's a date on it...

And an inscription. A name? Let me see.

Oh, the writing's tiny. The letters are almost faded away.

I've got a magnifying glass somewhere. I'm sure I have.

It should be in-


It should be here.

Any luck? No!

Where did I see it? I'm positive I saw it.

Oh, wait.

It is in here.

Oh, where is it?

What happened? Betty? I'm all right. Don't worry.

It's gotta be in here, because I saw it in a drawer.

Hey, listen, you keep on looking here. I'll check the ironing room.

I found it!

I found it.

You enjoyed it last night, you whore.

You opera singers are all whores.

There's a date.

It's an anniversary, i guess.

Where have you-

Oh, my god!

Here. Is this what you want?

Is this what you want?

Here. Have it!

You bastard!

No, no!

It's, it's-

I'm gonna take you whenever.

Whenever I want!

Hi there. Hi.

Let go of me! Leave me alone!

These marks- Who did this to you?

Is this another manifestation of the curse of Macbeth?

Or did it happen last night?

So it did happen last night.


Why didn't you tell me?


It was worse than anything i could ever have imagined.

I just wanted to forget, cancel it from my mind.

Not see anything.

Not feel anything.

Not think anything! I just wanted to get away!

I understand what you're saying.

Listen, i'm here to help you, not to persecute you.

And I promise, we'll do everything we can to catch this man, But I need your collaboration.

I don't know what he looks like.

He ties me up.

Touches me.

Makes me watch. But he never lets me see his face.

This afternoon...

At the theater, he killed Giulia, the wardrobe mistress.

Christ! I'd better get over there. No, please!

Don't worry. We'll get to the bottom of this. I'll be back.

Don't leave me alone. I'm afraid.

All right. Calm down.

Now, go upstairs and lock yourself in.

Wait for my assistant, Daniele Soave.

All right.

Remember, Daniele Soave.

Who is it? This is Daniele Soave.

Did the inspector tell you that i'd be coming? Yes, he did.

Good evening. May I come in?

Yes, of course, please.

Don't worry about me. My eyes hurt, so I put some drops in them.

It's okay if I take a look around?

Yeah, go ahead.

Just give me a minute, and i'll be right with you.

Are you nervous? A little.

No, a lot. Well, i'm here now, so you can relax.

I will. Thank you. I have a great system for relaxing.

You are feeling very calm.

Calm and relaxed.

Concentrate only on the music. Only on the music.

Breathe deeply.

One, Two, Three, four.

Did you call, miss? No.

I'm listening to a tape. Oh. Well, if you need me.

I'll get it.

You expecting someone?

Yes, a friend. Check who it is before opening the door.

Of course, but I know it's her.

Is that you, Mira?

It's her.

I read the papers. How terrible!

And getting worse. Keep your voice down.

Is someone here? Yes! Vienna and Paris!

Mira, the killer killed again this afternoon.

Giulia, the wardrobe mistress. I was there.

Now I understand why the police are keeping an eye on you. Who told you that?

What? That the police are keeping an eye on me.

The officer downstairs in the hall. He asked me who I was, where I was going.

His name is... Soave.

Daniele Soave? Yeah, that's right.

But he's in the living room.

Who's in the living room? You're not making sense.


Then who is he, Betty? I don't know.

He could be the maniac! He's gone. He was in there!

Call the police. The phone's over there.

I'm too scared to go in.

He may be hiding. Wait!

Let's get out of here.

Wait. What if this one is real, and the one downstairs is the maniac?

We'll walk right into him. And what if it's the other way around?

I do not desire to find out either way.

You're right. I didn't even get a good look at him.

Oh, no!

The kitchen! It's a heavy door.

The knives! We can defend ourselves.

I got one.

I'd like to see him get in here now.

We can always scream.

You're a singer. You could scream the roof off!

This building is ancient. The walls are three feet thick. No one will hear a thing.


Right. All right, right away.

Open this door! It's me, Daniele Soave. He's not there!

Come on, open it. The maniac's in the apartment!


Why should I trust you? You could be the maniac.

I'm a cop, damn it. I'll show you my identification.

Here. Look, can you see it? No. No, I can't.

Wait. Now you can see it. Anyone can get one. It's a fake.

No. Come on. Let me in.

No, you're fooling me. Go away!

Go away! Look, my gun. It's police issue.

I've seen you before. I know you. Please!

No, not the gun! I want to see your face again!

Come on, betty. You may as well open the door now.

One way or another, i'm coming in!

Betty! You bastard!

Son of a bitch!

You're not going to get me! You're not!

I'll kill you!

You are feeling very calm.

Calm and relaxed.

Concentrate only on the music.

Breathe deeply.

One, two, three, Four.

Daniele Soave.

So he was the policeman.

Betty! Betty! Come on. Come on!

Quickly! Quickly, climb up here. Quickly!

Quickly. Come on!

Where does this lead to? To my apartment.

What were you doing in here?

I discovered it. It's the old air-conditioning system.

I can get to any apartment i want.

Are you angry? No, of course not.

This apartment is empty.

I watch you all the time. Really?

Yes. I like it when you sing.

You have a beautiful voice. Thank you.

I watched that person trying to kill you tonight.

Why do you come up here? To get away when my parents fight.

So they hit each other. Mm-hmm.

Here we are.

He's gone. You are very clever.

You're the clever one. You saved my life.


Alma! It's my mother.

Who are you? What are you doing here?

Oh, it's you! Mom, this is Betty.

Do you remember me? No, I don't remember you.

Last night. You were outside my apartment.

All right, you didn't see me.

Listen, something terrible has happened.

Yeah, you coming in here. Did you let her in, Alma?

Yes, she did. She's my friend.

I have to call the police. Get out of here.

But she's my friend. I don't care-

Please, where's the phone? Did you hear me?

Get out!

All right, i'm going. But you call the police.

You're so filthy! Disgusting!

You're disgusting! You're always naked!

That's enough! Go to your room.

What are you doing here?

Marc, did you hear what happened?

Yes. I phoned your apartment. I spoke to a policeman.

I didn't think you'd come here.

I just wanted to run, hide.

Everywhere scares me, except here.

I feel safe here.

I'll sleep in my dressing room. Oh, Betty?

There's going to be a lot of noise.

The stagehands are working.

I've made a change in the show. What change?

I don't want you to worry, but i've thought of a way to identify the killer.

I don't know why i didn't think of it before.

We have an eyewitness.

And if the maniac's in the audience tomorrow night, I've got him!

What if he doesn't come?

Oh, he'll come.

I'm so tired. I just want to sleep.

"To sleep-

"Perchance to dream.

"Aye, there's the rub, "For in that sleep of death what dreams may come...

"When we have shuffled off this mortal coil...

Must give us pause."


Is that you, mommy?

I just had the same nightmare that i used to have when I was a child, But I can't decide whether it's just a dream...

Or the memory of something that really happened.

What do you think of it?

Relax, everything's fine. Don't worry. We'll get him.

But when? Any time now.

Five. Six. Seven.

Any time now. Ten.

Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen.

Fourteen. Fifteen. Sixteen.

Seventeen. Eighteen. Nineteen.

Twenty. Go.


Is this supposed to happen? Is this part of the plot?

It's flying above you.


I told you i'd get him, didn't i? You're a genius!

It's the policeman.


Why on earth would he do it?

Not a sound.


Just like your mother.

Your voice is the same as hers.

Your body, even your skin.

Oh, god. How much I loved her.


I don't want to kill you.

She taught me a cruel little game...

Of killing and torturing.

Only then could I have her.

I was her slave.

Calm down!


Sit down.

Shh. Come, come.

When I saw you last night, I thought it was a miracle.


Sit still!

But there was something missing.

You weren't the star like she was, so I had to get rid of Mara.

Aah! All I wanted was your love.

But people don't understand.

And now it's all over.

How could you love me, a monster?

No! I don't want you to look at me anymore.

It's better I die.


I want to burn! No one will ever find me.

I'll disappear.

No one will ever find me.


Smell it? Gasoline.

Are you afraid?

I am.

I'm afraid of pain.

Will you help me?

Here. Take it.

Hold it steady.


Good! Hold it. Higher.


To your left. To your left!

Too far.

Good. Now... shoot. Shoot!

What are you waiting for?

Haven't I hurt you enough? You want to hear more?

I strangled your mother. She was too greedy.

She wanted more blood, more cruelty, and she wouldn't let me touch her!

And you know what? I enjoyed killing her.

I can't get out!

Oh, my god!

I can't get out!

I can't get out!

Quickly, quickly!

He's dead! Oh, my god, he's dead!

Paris means a lot to me.

We'll make this Traviata unbelievable.

How do you want to play her?

Tender? Timid?


Guten tag. Guten tag.

Well? I don't think the problem exists any longer.


I knew it!

There has been a new and surprising development...

In the case of the crime at the opera.

You'll no doubt remember the report that suspected maniac killer, Inspector Alan Santini, Died in the fire that destroyed one wing of the theater.

The police now inform us that the charred remains...

Of the body they had presumed was Santini's, are not human at all...

Oh, my god. But those of a theatrical mannequin.

The authorities now realize that Santini planned...

This imaginative, dramatic coup de theatre...

As a delaying action to give himself time to escape.

A nationwide hunt is already underway for Santini, Who is considered to be extremely dangerous.

The police forces of neighboring countries and Interpol are giving their cooperation.

Betty, he's not dead! He's alive!

He's here! Run! For god's sake, run!



No! No!

I am like my mother.

I realize it now.

I wanted you to win, to kill him.

I'm exactly like her.

Come. We must get away.


Before someone finds the body, huh?

Come. Let us go.

Hold your fire! Let's grab him! Quick!

He's got a knife! Quick!

It's not true! I'm not like my mother!

Nothing like her! Nothing at all!

I didn't commit any crime! I just wanted to free their souls!

We've got to get him onto the copter.

He wanted to kill you, huh? He wanted to kill you.

Did you know we were coming? Yes, I did.

I saw your dogs running through the trees.

We've been on his trail now for two days.

I saw you were talking to him.

What did you tell him to stop him from killing you? Nothing.

A lot of nonsense. Lies.

He's a madman.

Totally crazy.

I no longer wanted to see anybody.

I wanted to escape altogether...

Because I am different.

I don't even vaguely resemble others, any of them.

I like the wind, butterflies, flowers, leaves, insects, the rain, clouds.

There, my beauty.

Go free.