Operation Christmas (2016) Script

( instrumental christmas music )♪♪

( instrumental christmas music )♪♪

You can do this.

I know you can.

You are in control.

You own this mountain!

Skis in a V...

It's easy...

Piece of cake.


Skis in a V,turn to slow down.

Skis in a V,turn to slow down.

Skis in a V,turn to slow down.

Turn... turn... turn!

Whoa... whoa... whoa!

Piece of cake.

Okay... Look out!

Turn, turn!!!



You okay?

I am so sorry.

You alright?

Are you okay?



( Laughter )

You took me out!

Well, um... you were in the way,sort of.

First day?


Take a lesson?

Technically, no.

I observed.

Well technically,you need one.

Sure, you are alright?

Aside from a bruised ego,yeah.


Well hey, don't quit.

It's fun once you getthe hang of it.

Me, quit? Never.

And I'll try and not take outany more innocent bystanders on the way down.

There you go.

Even if they are technicallyin the way.

( Laughter )


I can guide you the restof the way down the mountain if you want?


Hey, come on guys!

No, I'm perfectly fine.

I will make it downthis mountain on my own.

Skis in a bigger V.



Put your weighton your left leg!

Right turn!

It's okay, I've got this!

( Screaming )

Hey, you made it!


How'd it go?

I stayed upright, mostly.

( Laughter )

You up for another one?


Uh... and spend Christmas Evein the E.R.?

I don't think so.

You know I could, uh, show you a few things you'dprobably pick up pretty fast.

No... but thanks.


Scott McGuigan.

Olivia Young.

Look, I appreciate your offer but I don't like askingfor help.

You didn't ask, technically.

I got to go.

Yeah, yeah... Christmas Eve.


So... Merry Christmas, Scott.

Olivia... Merry Christmas.

That was the best!

You guys were great out there!

Snowboarding like pros.

And Charlie wasn't a totalchicken, for once in his life.

Danielle, it's Christmas Eve.

Maybe you could be niceto your brother.


I said he wasn'ta total chicken.

Two more kids classesfor tomorrow please.

Mom, our instructorsaid we're ready to take the gondola upBlackcomb!

Blackcomb? We'll see about that.

At the top there's a lotof beginner runs.

That's what we always do.

It's super fun!

Mom, this is Hayes.

We're going upwith her tomorrow.

She knows all the best spots.

And are her parents okaywith this?

Yeah, and it's just my dad.

It's fine.

Right Dad?

You making planswithout me again?

( Laughter )

Well, well...

You have fun?

New York Islanders...really?

One hundred percent.

Who do you like,The Kings?

Yeah, one hundred percent.


Never missed a gamewith my dad.

Do you guys, like... knoweach other or something?

Yeah, she almost killed me.


He was in the way.

I'm kidding, kidding!

We just had a minor collisionon the slopes.

That's all!

Mom... can we go getsomething to eat?

Yes sweetie.

Oh, and can Hayescome with us?

Our hotel is nearby.

Can we Dad?

We're just downat the Fairmont.

Come on, it'll be my treat!


Follow me.

Well I'm glad she made somefriends, gets her off that iPad.

Yeah, tell me about it.

Did I just say that?

I'm becoming my mom.

Well we can't letthat happen.

We'll make a pact... analliance kind of like NATO.

We'll pledge to tryto stay relevant.

So you're not, uh...

Married? No, not any more.

Neither are you.

Dating anyone?

Nope, I'm too busy.

So that means...?

So no, that means I'm notin a relationship.

Neither am I.

And I'm not interestedin one either.

And there you have it!

I just got to get out ofmy ski pants, I'll be two minutes behind.

Okay, I got them.


Oh it's been seven years nowsince she's passed away.

I'm sorry.

It's life.

She's the spitting imageof her mother.

So what do you do?

I'm a Sergeant in the army.

Says he's a mechanic,but that's not true.

But I am good at fixing things,right?

And he goes away a lot.

But there's always Grandma.

( Laughter )

Yeah, my mom is a saint.

Okay, I'm done.

( Both ) Not yet!

Now you got to write yourChristmas wish on the back.

That's right, 'case at midnight they light up thatbig tree outside.

They call it the wishing tree.

And they send all the wishesout into the universe.

Do they always come true?

Mine do.

But I use Santa as a back-upjust in case.

( Laughter )

So why Whistlerfor Christmas for you guys?

Uh, a certain someone cancelledlast minute.

She means my dad.

He decided to go to Belizewith his new wife.

So a friend of mine offeredus her condo here.

Soften the blow a little.

She keeps saying thatbut it's probably because we haven't spent a Christmasat home since Dad left.

Danielle, you're exaggerating.

No I'm not.

We always spend Christmassomewhere else.

Is it because he split two daysbefore Christmas?

That probably makes this timeof year a little bit sensitivefor your mom.

You know?

It's okay.

♪ Tis the season to be jolly,fa la la la la, la la la la. ♪ So... who's going to singwith me now?

♪ Deck the hallswith boughs of holly... ♪

( Laughter )

Come on you two, let's hearthat Christmas spirit!

♪ Tis the seasonto be jolly... ♪

( All singing ) ♪ Fa la lala la, la la la la. ♪ Good!

Just look at all thebeautiful families here at the Fairmont ChateauWhistler!

Oh, we're not a...

Christmas is allabout family, isn't it?

♪Don we now our gay apparel,♪

♪fa la la, la la la la la la♪ Daddy, it's timeto talk to Santa.

Yes ma'am.

Right, we're next.

You going to go see Santa?

( Laughter )

Alright, you're up.


Let's start at the top.

( Laughter )

You know thoseprincess baby unicorn dolls?

Okay, I also wanta new dollhouse, it's kinda broken down...

Hey, sorry if I, um... crossed the line sayingsomething to Danielle back there.

No, it's okay.

She's right.

We haven't had a Christmasat home in a few years.

How come?

I don't know.

I've been so concerned about...but they seem fine.

It's me.

It's been a struggle.

I think you've lost yourChristmas mojo!

( Laughter )

Yeah, I guess so.

Maybe Santa can help.

Want to go sit on is lap?

( Laughter )

I really wantgummy headphones because they're really yummy andwhen I'm listening to music I always get hungry.

Well do you havea Christmas wish?

I do actually.

A new job.

I've applied for several, any of which would getus out of L.A.

Okay, thanks!

But there's one in particularthat I've got my eye one.

So, we'll see.

Good luck.

So Hayes, what'd youwish for?

Oh no no, no no... we don't share ourChristmas wish until after they come true.

I see.

Do they always come true?

( Both in unison ) Of course,it's Christmas!

Maybe you're just lucky!

Maybe you're makingthe wrong wishes.

Yeah, you should talkto Santa about that.

He's a good listener!

I will do that.

Before it gets dark, I'm going to take Hayesup to what she calls her special place in Whistler.

You and your kids want to gofor a little ride and join us?



Here, come on.

( Background singing ) ♪ Joy to the World...

♪ the Lord is come How'd it go?


♪ Let Earth receive her King. ♪

♪Let every heart...♪ Back at the hotel,our fa la la la la was...

It was awful!

It was terrible.

It was so bad.

Should we try this again?

What do you think?


♪ Let men theirsongs employ. ♪

♪ While fields and floods,rocks, hills and plains. ♪

♪ Repeat the sounding joy.

♪ Repeat thesounding joy. ♪

♪ Repeat, repeat,the sounding joy. ♪

( Children laughing )



It's breathtaking.

I can see why Hayes calls thisher special place.

How did you manageall of this?

Guy that owns the company'sa former army buddy of mine.

Well thank him for me.

Never did I imagine I was goingto be on the top of a glacier!

Especially one 7,500 feetabove sea level.

Yeah, especially.

Over there... it's called Black Tusk.

It's a stratovolcano.


That lava dome at its summitwas formed about

170,000 years ago.

I think this is yourspecial place.

Yeah, I do.

I love it up here.

Just the size, the scope...it makes me feel like... like I'm a part of somethingway bigger than myself.

You know?

Just puts it all in perspective.

From up here, I can believein anything.

I can see that.

It's not so easy for me.

Why not?

I don't know.

I'm glad you guys came upwith us.

Me too.

It's getting late, we shouldmaybe head down.


You guys ready?


Woah, woah!

You alright?

( Laughter )

( Joy to The World )♪ Joy to the Earth

♪ The Saviour reigns.

♪ Let men theirsongs employ. ♪

♪ While fields and floods, ♪ Ricks, hills and plains.

Thank you.

♪ Repeat the sounding joy

♪ Repeat the sounding joy

♪ Repeat the sounding joy

♪ He rules the Worldwith truth and grace. ♪

♪ And makes thenations prove ♪

♪ The glories of hisrighteousness ♪

♪ And wonders of his Love

♪ And wonders of his Love.

♪ And wonders of his Love.

And now for the grandChristmas Eve finale!

The wishing tree!

Just wait, first they're goingto turn out all the lights in the village, and then...

All the lights?

Like... every single one?

I don't need my wishthat bad!

It's okay honey,it's okay.

Charlie's afraid of the dark.

Here... here, this is for you.



So you can always findsome light in the dark.

U.S. Army, ma'am.

So here, you can make asignal with this light for SOS, which means help.

You do short-short-short,long-long-long, short-short-short.


Here, you try.

Now anywhere in the world peoplewill understand that and they'll help.

So no more being afraid,okay?

Okay, go put your...

Go on, Charlie.

Okay, go put your wishes on!

Thank you for that.


Okay, come on guys!

Come on, Charlie!

( In unison ) Five, four,three, two, one!

( Cheering )

Look, all of them go!

All our wishes upinto the universe!

Merry Christmas bub,I love you.

Merry Christmas you guys,Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

( Laughter )


Did you make a wish?



And is the mojo back?

I think so.

Merry ChristmasSergeant McGuigan.

Merry Christmas Olivia Young.

Thanks for sharingyour day with us.

It was wonderful, really.

It was.

I got to get her down...

It's getting late.

( Laughter )

But if you think Christmas Evewas fun, wait 'til you see how we doChristmas day.


How can I say noto those faces?

You can't!

Alright, 0900 hours.

That's 9 A.M.

In the hotel lobby.

Here, let me get your numberjust in case.


Well, yeah you... look,if it ain't broke...

Go ahead.

Here, alright.


9 A.M.

9 A.M.

Alright guys, let's startto go, but not before...

( Laughter )

Now I'll get him.

You got a call, from base.


No, no honey!

Sorry Daddy!

It was an accident.

Do you want to usemy new phone?

No, it's okay.


Of course.

Yes sir, on my way.

You've got to go,like right away?

But it's Christmas!

I know.

But what about Charlieand Danielle and their mom?


Her name's Olivia Young.

Tall, blonde, beautiful.

She'll be here at9 A.M. with two kids, a boy and a girl.

Will you, uh, keep an eyeout for her?

Give her that note?

It's really important.

No problem.

Thank you.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Thank you.


Come on guys. This is goingto be so much fun.

Hey, wait here a minute okay?

Watch your brother.

May I call up to aguest room please?

Thank you.

Thank you for calling the Fairmont Chateau Whistler Resort.

How may I direct your call?

Scott McGuigan's room,please.

One moment please.

Oh, it looks like that guest checked out.

Checked out, when?

About two hours ago.

My name is Olivia Young.

Did... did he leave mea message?

No, I'm sorry, no message.

Okay, thanks.

( sighs )

Okay guys, change of plans.

Why, where is Hayes?

And her dad?

They had to leave,some family emergency.

But it's Christmas and we,the three of us, we're going to havean awesome day. Right?


Okay, get your stuff.

Come on, let's go.

It's going to be fun, come on!

Good morning.

Good morning. Olivia!

Good morning.

Good morning.


Morning, Kim.

Your office, now.

Is there a problem?

When you started last month, did I mention the Fort Wilcoxtoy drive?

It's our outreach program, your predecessor took care of itand now it's in your hands.

Oh, okay.

In December, it isthis bank's public face.

It's now your primary focus.

And if Fort Wilcox is happy,our board is even happier.

This will be your liaison atFort Wilcox, Sergeant McGuigan.

I'm telling you the truth!

Oh really.

In this day of cloud computingand wireless backups and SIM cards, you actuallyexpect me to believe that my phone number gotcompletely lost in the ether?

I had a flip phone!

You saw it, there's no cloudbackups with those!

I didn't know if you were okay,or if you just stood me up.

I mean, I thought we werehaving a good time in Whistler.

We were having a great timein Whistler.

And I didn't know if you didn'tget my note or if you stood me up!

But I still tried to find you.

Oh, you did?

Yeah, do you know how manyOlivia Young's there are in Los Angeles?

Young is my maiden name.

I go by my ex-husband's lastname Roberts for the house... the kids.

Oh... of course.

Look, I feel awful that youthink that I flaked on you.

Can we just throw all that outand start fresh?

When'd you guys move here?

Uh, about a month ago.

My sister Heather lives here.


Remember those jobsI was applying for?


This is the one I really wanted.

So your Christmas wishcame true?

Mmm... not all of it.

Well what was the rest of it?

Oh, we don't tell ourChristmas wishes until after they come true.

Olivia... I'm a soldier.

And when I get orders,I obey them.

Even on Christmas Day.

Look... we're going to beworking together a lot on this.

That is still an open question.

Well... if you decided thatyou want to be a part of it then you know howto reach me.

And now you knowhow to reach me.

( phone ringing )

This is unbelievable!

I mean... why doesn't thisstuff ever happen to me?

Did he say if he hasa girlfriend?

Did he mention it?

I didn't ask,he didn't tell.


I'm not interestedin a relationship.

You know what?

Sometimes I just want tothrow something at you!

( Laughter )

I didn't mean to hit youin the face, I'm sorry.

Yeah right.

Is Danielle still mad at you fordragging her up here from L.A.?

For putting her in a new schoolright before Christmas, for ruining her entire life?


Teenagers, so dramatic.

There was no oneas dramatic as you.

Don't worry about her,she'll be fine.

Why can't I?

Because you're too youngto stand in line all night to buy a video game!

Kelly's mom is letting her go.

Oh, wait!

Kelly's in L.A. and we're here.

How could I forget?

I guess that just provesthat Kelly's mom loves her more.

Or does that mean she lovesher less?

You're not funny.

I'm a little bit funny.

No, you're not.

Danielle? Charlie?


Wow! I thought I'd neversee you again!

This is so random!

Do you like,live around here?



Didn't your mom tell you?

She saw my dad this morning.

Hi Hayes, nice to seeyou honey.

My dad said you never gothis note.

Ahh, the infamous Olivia Young.


I was involved in the greatOlivia Young search.

There was a search?

I'll explain.

I'm Jill McGuigan,Scott's mother.

Pleasure to meet you.

He felt awful about leavingWhistler like that.

But orders come when theycome, it's the army life.

Yeah he, he told me today.

That must be difficult.

I've never thought of itthat way.

My father was a soldier,my husband, my son...

I'm proud of them all.

Of course!

Well I'm glad that he foundyou finally.

Anyway... I'm just...

Come on Hayes!

We have to go check out.


Lovely to meet you.

You as well.

Come on, Hayes.

Bye Hayes!

Okay, okay.

I saw Sergeant McGuiganat the bank... he's the liaison for thisoutreach program I'm doing.

I didn't tell you guysbecause...

Because you hated him.

No, I don't!

Because you're mad at him.

Well, I was...

Well... he tried to find you.

He left you a note.

Doesn't that mean something?

It does, butit's complicated.

We need bananas,and apples.

You already have apples.

Well then oranges.

Come on.


No, I'm getting bananas!


( laughs )

♪ Repeat the sounding joy.

♪ Repeat the sounding joy.

♪Repeat, repeat, the sounding joy.♪

Oh, toy drive.

Oh don't worry, it fills upas we get closer to Christmas.

With used toys?

Oh no, no!

Newer ones too.

We collect all sorts of toysfrom local branches, enough to fill a warehouse!

The base liaison handlesdistribution, it's quite the undertaking.

Where are you going?

We can do better.

These are the ground rules,Sergeant McGuigan.

Our relationship remainsstrictly professional.

This is going to be morethan merely a toy drive.

So we have 23 days to getthis done and I intend to make this thebiggest and best event Fort Wilcox and Coastal NationalBank have ever had.

So, I hope you're up for it.

Are you going to sayanything?

Sounds like a big effort.

Christmas used to meansomething to me, I want that back.

Do you know why I joinedthe army?

To serve your country,I suppose?

Yes, proudly, but it'smore than that.

I like the feeling of beinga part of something bigger than myself.

That's why I like the glaciersso much.

Is that why you're a liaisonon this?

Christmas is importantto these families and I just want to be ableto help.

So yes, Olivia Young...also known as Olivia Roberts...

I am up for it.


You know, Hayes was so excitedto see your kids at the store.

Mine were too.

Hard to believe they get soattached after just one day.

Okay, so Christmas trees.

I thought we were goingto the Christmas tree lot.

We are, I just have to doa few things first.

What exactly do you do here,in the army?

Part of a unit,the Army Rangers.

We are... on call, always.

Wherever we go isn't discussed,nor is what we do.

Olivia... the army and my unit, my countryand my family... it's all part of the same mixfor me.


Oh, Scott!

When I called you this morningI said there was no rush!

Hey, you send out an SOS,I show up... with help.

Help, what?

Becky Fowler, Olivia Young.

Nice to meet you.

You too!

Ooh! This little guy's a kicker!


At least Joe willbe home soon.

It's our first.

Olivia's in charge ofthe toy drive this year.

It's going to be morethan that.


Well thank you,this looks great!

And I love the lights outside!

When Joe gets back, he'sgoing to be so thrilled.

Um... Scott, I bakedsome cookies.

I put a dozen in each bagfor the two of you.

Can you go grab them?


I heard about you,last Christmas... Whistler...

He felt reallybad about it all.

You know about that?

Yeah, my brother'sin the same unit.

Got called away just likethat and they didn't come back until after New Year's.

Wait, so do you really neverknow anything about where they'regoing or why?

I've learned to connectthe dots.

Do you rememberthose hostages in Syria?

They were rescued andreunited with their families at the White Houseon New Year's day?

Oh... yeah, I saw iton the news.

Happy reunion,everyone in tears.

I mean, I was crying andI just watched it on TV.

It takes a pretty special teamto go in there and do something like that.

Are you saying Scottand your brother...?

It's never discussed,no public recognition.

No press conferences.

They're the heroesno one knows about.

Grabbed an extra bagfor your lazy brother but I swear, he mightnot get any of them.

( Laughter )

Hi! Come on in.

Oh, hey Sarah.


Is that Joey?

This is, uh, my neighbourSarah and her son Joey.

I look after him sometimeswhen she teaches yoga.

This is Oliviawith the toy drive!


She's helping the kidsget toys this year.

Do you know Santa?


Can you tell himI don't want any toys, I just want my daddy homefor Christmas.

Hey... we're going to Skypewith dad when I get home, okay?


Nice to meet you, Olivia.

Bye guys.

When does his fatherget back?

We don't know.

Two thirds of the baseis deployed and the family deploymentcenter is shut down.

Budget cuts, so... it's going to be a prettytough Christmas for the kids.

I'm going to try to change that.

Sergeant McGuigan... let's givethem a proper Christmas.

Yes ma'am.

Thank you for coming.

Oh, please.

Enjoy those cookies!

Oh don't worry, I will.

Thank you.


Tell Paul to stop being so lazy!

I will, trust me!

Bye guys.


( Laughter )

Good day!

Your sister's cookies.

Oh, thank you.

Olivia, this is Paul.


Olivia is in charge ofthe toy drive this year.

Oh great, well if you needhelp with anything just ask.

Perfect, thank you!

Hey, did you get my text?

Captain wants you at S.R. Inteleven though you're down.

Copy that.


And your sister saysstop being so lazy.

( Laughter )

Nice to meet you.

You too.

So I guess I can't ask howhe broke his leg, can I?

Sure, playing basketball.

Is that the truth?

Paul's an unbelievable soldier.

I'd trust him with my life,but not on a basketball court.

This is where he brokehis leg, in this gym.


What you do, what you don't talkabout, doesn't scare you?

Of course it does, butI don't let it stop me.

And I do talk about it,just not out loud.

You know, I have this placethat I go that helps me sortsome things out.

I'll show you,maybe you'd like it.

I come here before andafter every mission, and sometimes in between.

It's been a long timesince I've been in a church.

What if I don't...really believe anymore?

Well... we all gofor different reasons.

We don't have to go in if itmakes you uncomfortable.

( organ music playing )♪

( organ music playing )♪

( organ music playing )♪

( organ music playing )♪

( TV News ) In Kabul, as tensions escalate, the Secretary of State will be holding a press conference tomorrow.

I know where you were today.

What do you mean?

Hayes texted me.

She said you were withher dad... all day long.

Don't read anything into that.

We're working together.

( chuckles )


I know you like him.

Have some fun!

God, you can be soboring sometimes.

Don't you have homeworkto do?

Has he asked you out?

No! And I'm too busy anyway.

Hey... so, you're not mad atme anymore for making this move?

No, I'm not mad.

I'd like if we could spendChristmas at home this year like a real family.

I like this house.

Are you ever goingto finish unpacking?

( laughs )

( Announcement ) The trees are moving fast folks, get them soon before they sell out.

It's for the soldiersand their families.

I mean, many can'tafford trees.

We want to surprise themfor Christmas.

Don't you think we owe them thatat least at this time of year?

And in return, I will put upsignage for your business... in every local branch ofthe Coastal National Bank.

And, and have each one ofour tellers say...

Can I say something?

Yes of course, please.

How many familiesare we talking here?

As many as you canhelp with.

It's a lot of free publicityand good karma.

Do you know how many people comeinto our branches every day?

And just imagine the smileson those kids' faces.

Okay, okay, okay!

Let me check my inventory, see if there's somethingI can do.

Thank you!

Here's our contact info.

Great, thanks.

I look forward to your call.

Okay, moving on.

Grocery stores, toy stores,department stores...

Sergeant, let's go!

Hey, this is a pretty bigoperation you've got there in your head, isn't it?

Operation Christmas,very good.

I like that!

Hey Mom...

You hear back from them?

Your mom said Hayes neededhelp with something at exactly this time.

Is Hayes always so specific?


Yes... But my momsounded strange.

Something's going on.


Charlie... what areyou guys up to?

Madam, sir...please come in.

( Laughter )



This is amazing.

Welcome to Christmas dinnerin Whistler.

Your coats please.

So much work.

One, two, thank you.

Good evening.

I'll be escorting youto your table.

I can't believe it.

Look what they've done.

Yeah, it's pretty sweet.

The best spot in Whistler.

( whispers ) Don't be boring.

I won't.

Please... have a seat.

( Laughter )


The menu for this evening.

Prepared by our executive chef.


Oven roasted turkeywith stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashedpotato... our Christmas special.

And for dessert we haveChristmas Yule log cake, followed by chocolate dippedstrawberries.

Come on kids, let's getyour coats.

Where you guys going?

They're showing'It's A Wonderful Life' at the base auditorium.

You two can help yourselves.

Thanks Mom.

Thank you.

Come on, kids!

And... bon appétit!

This is incredible.

Well... to, um...



Oh... that's better.

Out of the work clothes?



You okay?


Well we've got to admit that the kids set us uppretty brilliantly.


But an Islanders fanand a Kings fan?

Clearly our kids knownothing about the real world.

Clearly they know nothing.

( small laugh )

In Whistler I said I wasn'tinterested in a relationship.

Oh, I remember.

What about now?

Well, I should tell you thatI have some issues.

Yeah, well... so do I,we all do.

I guess.

All we really have is the hereand now.

That's true.

Why don't we... do something that we did not geta chance to do in Whistler.

What's that?

So? How did it go?

It was wonderful, romantic...he's so sweet.

It's been a long timesince I've felt so...

Aww, finally!

Is this thing straight?


And it felt good.

There's just one questionthat I keep asking myself and I don't want to seemlike I'm diving in too soon or jumping to conclusions,but... do you think that I'm upfor this army life?

It's not for everyone,you know.

It's tough.

She seems the type of woman who's up for anykind of challenge.

Yeah she seems it, but...

Give it a minute.

She wasn't born to this lifethe way we were.

Come on, Scott.

If this is meant to be...

You're right.

Thanks Mom.


Playing it safe getsyou nowhere.

I mean look at me.

I wanted to be a singer,remember?

Oh in high school you werea star and then in college...

Oh I chickened out,I played it safe!

That is how this drama queenended up working at a lifeinsurance company.

Oh, man... but if I couldjust sing again... that would be the dream.

Well then you will sing again.

Sing for me!


Uh... Christmas carol?



♪ What child is thiswho lay to rest? ♪

♪ On Mary's lap is sleeping...

♪ Whom angels greetwith anthem sweet ♪

♪ while shepherdswatch our keeping... ♪

( Laughter )

( applause )

Yay, beautiful!

Thank you.

You have given me abrilliant idea.

Thank you, Heather.


But what is it?

A Christmas revue.

We'll make it a part ofOperation Christmas.

My daughter's schoolchoir rocks, my sister hasan amazing voice...

I'm not so bad on the piano.

And I'm really good at tellingpeople what to do!

( Laughter )

Okay, you're my assistant.

See, there must be dozensof people on base who have all sorts ofdifferent talents.

Christmas carols, skits,dancing... pure holiday joy.


At least it's something we cando while we're waiting to see if these stores or Christmastrees actually come through.

And, I'd like this showto be a fundraiser.

A fundraiser?


To raise funds to reopenthe Family Deployment Center.

I'll talk to General Holt,but... I like it.

Count me in.

Me too.

Thanks guys.

I love it!

I can't imagine General Holtsaying no.

That guy sings in a barbershopquartet, he's a great baritone.

So, you're in?

Olivia, I'm married to asoldier... of course I'm in.

I hope we can pull it off.

What's this I hear youhave getting stores to donate?

Ugh... we have spent the weekbegging, imploring, cajoling... and every single placehas had an excuse.

Yeah, it's the economyor they already support this cause, or that cause.

It just feels like we'vehit a wall.

I've never hit a wall thatcould stop the army.

My BFF Ann, from college... her dad owns Kramers.

The department store!


Clothes, shoes, toys, all made right herein our beautiful state.

Can you call yourfriend now?

I sure can.

Hey Sarah!

Ann, you're on speaker phone.

Hey Ann!

Let's talk Operation Christmas.

I'm listening. Let's hear it.

Shopping carts of food, bags of clothes for everyfamily on base, toys galore!

Big wow.

Sarah is amazing.

You're amazing!

Oh please, what Sarah did...

She wouldn't have done anyof that if it wasn't for you.

That's the truth, so can you please takea compliment?

If I was so amazing, then Mr. Sweeney fromthe Christmas tree lot would've returned at least oneof my dozen phone messages.

Um... it's probably morelike two dozen.

( Laughter )

I like this... us.


Nobody's around...


Hey guys.

Hey Mom, what's up?

Hey guys!

Hey Scott!

You did it!

Hey, uh, you Sergeant McGuigan?


Mr. Sweeney saysMerry Christmas.

Are you Mrs. Young?


Mr. Sweeney saysstop calling!

( Laughter )

He also says you can'thave a tree without all the trimmings.

Oh... Another three truckson the way.

That's great.


Thank you.

Thank you.

This is fantastic!

Now will you take a compliment?

It's amazing,you are amazing.

Oh, they are going to beso happy.

It has been a fantastic day.

You were right...

I was?

Being part of somethingbigger than yourself is an incredible feeling.

My choir director says we're in.

That's fantastic!

Can I be the wise man?

I think there should bea wise woman in there.

And that's me!

Excuse me...


Yes, Captain.

Do you sing Mrs. McGuigan?

Oh... no, no... tone deaf.

But I am good at sewing soI can help with the costumes.

That would be great,thank you.

This is going to beso much fun.



I still can't get over those trees.

Yeah, Merry Christmas!

I know, there's so many!

It's going to bea great Christmas.

I've never seen anythinglike it!

They're endless.


You've got to go,right now?

I'm just on alert.

And you can't say where?

Or why?

Hey... finish eating.

I made your favourite dessert... lemon meringue pie.

Alright, they're watchinga movie.

This is what I do.

Well we knew this time wasgoing to come eventually.


This life isn'tfor everyone.

No... no it's not.

But what it's taught meis to live in the moment.

All we really have isthe here and now... so let's make the most of that.

And tomorrow?

You okay, sweetie?

Yeah... just wonderingif you were okay.

Oh honey, I'm fine.

Come here.

It's just been a long day,you know?


What are you singingin choir?

I can sing it if you want.

Yeah, I'd like that.

♪ Angels we have heardon high, ♪

♪ sweetly singing o'erthe plains. ♪

( Both ) ♪ And the mountainsin reply, ♪

♪ echoing the joyousstrains. ♪

♪ Gloria

♪ in excelsis Deo.

♪ Gloria

♪ in excelsis Deo.

♪ Shepherds,why this jubilee? ♪

♪ Why your joyousstrains prolong? ♪

♪ What the gladsometidings be ♪

♪ Which inspire yourheavenly song? ♪

♪ Gloria

♪ in excelsis Deo.

♪ Gloria

♪ in excelsis Deo.

These past few days feltlike a military operation.

Couldn't have done it withoutall those guys you enlisted.

We've done everything!

Trees, lights, gifts, food!

And now we havea show to put on.

You done good.

We did good.

Listen, I'm probably goingto have to leave soon.

So we should maybe celebrateChristmas early.

Are you saying you're notgoing to be back for Christmas?

I'm saying I don't know.

Or you can't say, won't say,don't say.

No, don't make this harderthan it already is.

I'm just confused, okay?

I don't know how to feel... and I don't want you to go.

I'll be back.

Um... I should get home.


What about our early Christmas?

I'll talk to the kids.


Good day.

Sergeant McGuigan invited...

Mom... his name's Scott.

Okay... well Scottinvited us to...

I know, Hayes already texted us.

Early Christmasat their place.

Well how do you feelabout that?

Charlie and I think it's cool, we get to celebrateChristmas twice.

How do you feel about it?

Mom, seriously...everything has a risk.

Is he worth it?

I say yes.

And I also say that it'sokay to be scared... it just means you care.

There's more laundryin the dryer, please.

And when did you grow up?

Oh, you've done it now.

I have?

( clears throat )

And you can donate at any branchof the Coastal National Bank to support the troops and theirfamilies at Fort Wilcox... give them the bestChristmas ever!

Let's get the family deploymentcenter back up and running.

Coastal National Bank willmatch every dollar donated.

This is Operation Christmas.

So, Coastal National Bank willmatch every dollar donated?

You said if you were out toemail the president, so I did.

He liked the idea,gave me the go ahead...

I CC'd you on allcorrespondence.

Oh yes, I readall the emails.

General Holt calledthe president of the bank to thank him himself.

That's good, right?

The Family Deployment Centerhelps soldiers transition between here and thereand back again, all while supporting thefamilies during deployment.

General Holt startedit 15 years ago.

To have it back would meaneverything to him.

So I suppose it's onlya matter of time before you becomea manager... well isn't thatwhy you're doing this?

No, actually... everyone at Fort Wilcoxis so selfless.

All they do is give... they deserve a specialChristmas.


You know something?


I like you.

This is Scott.

Leave me a message.

That's not how you... show me how to use chopsticks.


Like that...

Yes, twist it.

And you want to flip it up in one motion.


Mom, are you okay?

It's time we finished unpacking.

Right now?

I jumped into all this stuffat Fort Wilcox and our own houseis still in disarray.

Okay, Olivia...

I need to feellike this is home.

So tonight, we are going tofinish getting this place ready for the holidays. Okay?



Home for Christmas!

But, I thought we were goingto Sergeant M's for Christmas.

Oh... honey, we are.

Early Christmas, we are.

But he's leaving soon andwe need to say goodbye.

I don't want to say goodbyeto Sergeant M.

Me neither,but it's his job.

It's what he does.

So... everybody get a box.

Here, let me take this little guy.

This is not your size...

I have to ask...how do you do this?

Faith... keeping positive, other army wives and husbands.

There's strength in numbers,you know.

I don't think I have it in meto deal with army life.

You guys are all so muchstronger than me.

But Olivia, I can see thatyou love him.

This life is so much differentthan I've ever known.

I would drive him crazy.

He's leaving soon.

Rangers don't leave the baseto play games.

You'll be on his mind,you need to talk to him.

♪ Away in a manger

♪ No crib for a bed...

What time did Scott sayhe was going to be here?

Soon, he's just runninga little late.

He'll be here soon.

Can we stop for a second?

I was hoping for something,I don't know, a little more upbeat.

How about "The 12 Daysof Christmas"?

Yeah, and then every memberof the choir would have a solo and that would take thepressure off me a little bit.

That'd be cool.

Excellent idea, guys.

Would you get them in hereand rehearse it?

You know Mom, you're prettygood at this.

Don't tell anyone but I have absolutely no ideawhat I'm doing.

My lips are sealed.

Hey Sarah!


You're bringing reinforcements.

The cavalry!

May I introduce the fabulousFort Wilcox dancers.

Love it.

And these guys are what I call all-purpose dancersand singers, whatever we need.

Fantastic, thank you.

Becky, would you take themover there and assign them numbers?

No problem.

Then there's me... I've beenin six musicals, two dramas, an Agatha Christie mystery and I've even played Tiny Timwhen I was little.

Sarah, you are extraordinary.

So does extraordinaryget a solo?

You should hear my versionof Santa Baby.


Yes, thank you!


Sorry I'm late.

I can't stay, we havea re-con briefing.

How's it going here?


Yeah, I see that.


Um... you hear anything?

Yeah, we leave tomorrow.

It'll be okay.

Sorry to interrupt,I need your help.

It's the dancers.

Go ahead, I have to run anyway.

Okay, um... I need to talkto you at some point.

And all of a sudden,there he was.

Ben... my handsome,wonderful Benjamin.

Home two months early...surprise!

Of course, I lose it.

With all of that mascararunning down my face, I looked like a blubberingraccoon.

The reunions make itall worthwhile, don't they?

I'm so excitedfor my next one.

You'll be havingyours real soon.

Actually, no.


Yeah, um... I just found outthis morning that Joe and the squadron arestaying on for a few more months.

Oh Becky, I'm so sorry.

I know he was going to behere for the birth.

It's okay, I'm just a littleemotional right now, so...

We'll be here.


I know I can always counton you gals.



You alright?

Oh... yeah.

Sorry, just tired.

So much on my plate.

Operation Christmas,the bank, kids... there should be more hoursin the day.

You don't need to pretend,Olivia.

You're one of us now,we get it.

You're worried.

Scott's a good man.

He deserves the truth.

I know.

What is it?


It's a Morse code signal light,come here.


It works!


Thanks Sergeant M.

You're welcome.Merry Christmas, buddy.

And Hayes, I made somethingspecial for you.

Danielle, phone!


It's an ornament!

Look Daddy, it's so pretty!

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Every Christmas Day we getone that has our name and the year on it.

Then we put it on the tree.

My parents started it withme and my sister so I carried on the traditionwith my kids.

There's something to be saidfor tradition.


Come on Hayes,put it on the tree.

Yeah, get a spot.

Come on!

Oh, that's a good spot.

It's beautiful.

I love you!

I love you too.

Merry early Christmas.

Merry early Christmas.

Well Danielle, you're up!

Merry Christmas.

It's okay, you can open it.

Danielle took it at the glacierlast year.

It's beautiful.

Really, thank you.

You're welcome.

I don't want this to end.

Well neither do I.

No Scott, please...let me finish.

For our kids...

I don't wantthis to end for them.

And they've grown so close,and...

I want that to continue.


I don't have it in meto live this army life.

I, I, I... just don't.

What, you're ending this?

Two Christmases cut short,I mean it just feels like... it wasn't meant to be.

I completely disagree.

It feels so meant to be.

Do you know what I seewhen I look at you?

I see a hero andan amazing man... and I need you to know how muchI respect that.

But I know what it feels liketo be left alone and I can't go back there.

I can't be with someone whomight have to go at any moment, not knowing whereyou are, if you're okay or not, if...if you're safe.

I just...

So you're afraidof the unknown?

Life is full of unknowns.

I could be a school teacherand get in a car wreck on the way to work,it happens.


It happened.

To my wife.

And sure, what I do puts mein harm's way a little more, I get that.

When I look at you,do you know what I see?

I see you.

Your kids are happy, you got a new jobthat you love, new friends, a senseof community... a sense of family... and a guy who's crazyabout you.

You're going to let, what,fear stop all that?

Olivia, what do you need?

What can I do?

Let us happen.

That fear is real for me.

I can't.

I'm sorry.

Mom, come on, you gotta see this!

♪ O holy night.

♪ The stars arebrightly shining. ♪

♪ It is the night of the dearsaviour's birth. ♪

♪ Long lay the world insin and error pining, ♪

♪ 'til he appeared

♪ and the soul feltits worth. ♪

♪ A thrill of hope the wearysoul rejoices, ♪

♪ for yonder breaks a newand glorious morn. ♪

♪ Fall on your knees, ♪ oh hear the angel voices.

♪ Oh night divine, ♪ oh night whenChrist was born. ♪

♪ Oh night divine.

♪ Oh night, ♪ oh night divine.

( applause )

Thank you, thank you.

And you on the piano,that was fabulous.

So, are you single?

Okay, well... that is definitelymaking it in the show.

Guys, we still need a finale.

Don't I know it?

But every idea I've come upwith so far...


That's one way to put it.

Well, better decideon something soon.


Aww, thank you so muchfor asking me to do that.

It was so fun beingon stage again.

You did so good!

Thank you.

But there is one thingI have to tell you and it's very important.


You're an idiot!

Everybody can seethat you like him.

Why can't you?

You love Scott.

You make it sound so simple.

Because it is.

No, it's not.

Yes it is!


I went into the church to saygoodbye and it tore me up.

I don't even knowwhere he's going.

To keep us safe.

Yeah, by putting himselfin danger.

I don't know howto live that way.

Okay, well hold on a second!

So you learn.

After your divorce,you just... you put up this wall that even Icouldn't deal with and, and then you wanted tobring your kids here and start a whole new chapter.

Well, wake up Olivia!

This is your new chapter.

Do not put up another wall,please.

Besides, did you ever considerthat maybe you won't lose him?

Just saying...

So, you're goingto deny yourself, and Scott, and the kids' happiness based solely on what if's?

On fear?

Putting your entire lifeon hold for something that mightnever happen?

I'm sorry, but thatis not my sister.

That... that is a coward.

And I only say thatbecause I love you.

Just think about it.

A lot of movement tonight.

You should've said somethingearlier at rehearsal!

Well, I didn't wantto be a bother.

No, seriously!

Let's get you to bed.

Get you some rest.


Get off your feet.

Yeah... oh!

The baby...it's time.

Okay, keys...keys?

But it's not due for another10 days!

Oh, he doesn't careabout that.


Which one is it?

Which one is it?

Oh... this, this oneright here.

This one?

Okay, okay.

Should I call 9-1-1?

Yes, call 9-1-1.

There won't be time,there won't be time.

Oh, okay!

We're delivering a baby!

Oh... Okay.


Get some hot water.

( Baby cries )

Meet our baby boy!

Simon Joseph Fowler.

He's incredible!

He has your nose!

( laughs )

It's too bad, huh.

10 fingers and 10 toes.

He's in perfect healthand so am I.

I am so sorry I wasn't there,babe.

I'm sorry you had to do thison your own.

Oh Joe, stop it.

I was fine.

I had Olivia and Sarahwith me.


I know.

Can you say hi?

Hi Daddy.

Oh my God.

( Crying )

Oh, there you are!

Come in!

A baby boy, how wonderful.

Yes, it's a miracle.

A Christmas miracle.

Here, let me take your coat.

Oh, thank you.

Come in, come in.

I'm exhausted.

Oh, I bet you are.


Um... any word from Scott?

No, no... we never hear.

Come in.

You know, uh... I disagreethat you don't have it in you, to love a soldier.

You just have to chooseto do it, that's all.

If you're in love,you choose love.

That's what my husband and I did and no one evertook that away.

I just don't know how.

Please... don't run away.

When Scott talks about you,his whole face lights up.

You should see that.



Why aren't you afraidfor him right now?

You think I'm not afraid?

I am.

So what do you do?

I try not to fret over thingsI can't control, and... if I lose perspective, I find a quiet placeand I pray.


I thought you might be here.

I love this church.


It's so peaceful.

Hey... I'm an uncle now!

Thanks for what you didlast night.

You're welcome.

It was an experience!

I wish I was there.

With Scott and my unit.

I'm a part of them.

What if something happensto your unit?

They don't come back?

You can't think like that.

We have a job to do.

You going to be okay?


I finally know what I need,not just what I want.

I'll be fine.


What are you doing?

Seeing if Sergeant Mgets my message.

I miss him.

I know, honey.

I'm sending him an SOSbut he's not answering.

We don't know where he is.

But he's probablyreally far away.

It might have to be a reallystrong light to carry a message that far.

But if he did see it, he would have to send a messageback home, right?

Because if he didn't, wewouldn't know he was okay.

If he sees it, he'll senda message.

I know he will.

A message back home.

Now I know how to end the show.

You're a genius.

A genius!

But, even a geniusneeds his sleep.

So... let's get to bed.


You know, if you wantto marry him...

Danielle and I,we're cool with that.

Just saying.

Sweet dreams.

Good night.

You too.

Good night.

Okay, can we get the armydrill team in here?


Where are they?

Are we really going to pullthis off?

Olivia, breathe, breathe.

In through the nose,out through the mouth.

And again, in throughthe nose... that's it.

We put togethera great team, the dance troupe isgoing to be fabulous.

This is not even close tomy worst dress rehearsal.

It's a great show.



Sorry, I'm late.

You can blame my boss.

But I am here now so whatcan I do for you?

Talk me off a ledge.


You've got a great show,don't worry about anything.

No, no, no... not that.

I was an idiot about Scott,you were right.

Do you think he'll forgive me?

Sure. And I'm always right.

But you know what?

Just relax, let's just puton a show.



Oh, General Holt... sir.

Olivia Roberts.

So nice to finally meet you.

Thank you for being here.

I have a favour to ask you.

Would you introducethe finale?

I'd be honoured.

And, uh... we may have alittle surprise for you.

♪ God rest ye merrygentlemen, ♪

♪ let nothing you dismay.

♪ Remember Christ, our saviour

♪ was born on Christmas day.

♪ To save us allfrom Satan's power ♪

♪ when we were gone astray.

♪ O tidings of comfortand joy, ♪

♪ comfort and joy.

♪ O tidings of comfortand joy, ♪

♪ Bump, bump, bump.

♪ God rest yemerry gentlemen, ♪

♪ let nothing you dismay.

♪ Remember Christ,our saviour ♪

♪ was born upon this day.

♪ To save us all fromSatan's power ♪

♪ when we were gone astray.

♪ O tidings of comfortand joy, ♪

♪ comfort and joy.

♪ O tidings of comfortand joy, ♪

♪ Comfort and joy, joy.

♪ Comfort and Joy, hmmm.

( Cheering )

Thank you.

Thank you all for being hereand making this happen.

The songs and the dancinghave been purely delightful on this eve before Christmas.

And I would like to send outa heartfelt army salute to Ms. Roberts and all the finefolks at Coastal National Bank for doing so much to givethese families such a very, very special Christmas.

( applause )

Can we turn the lights upon Ms. Roberts?

Where is she?

There she is,she's in the booth.

Ms. Roberts...


I wanted to savethe best news for last.

The bank just informed methat your fundraising campaign was a success and theFamily Deployment Center will re-open inthe New Year.

( applause )

It's great news!

I owe you my personal debtof gratitude, thank you.

And now... we have a littlebit of a special surprise.

Turn the lights on, please.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the MacArthurhigh school choir.

( applause )

Cue light in three.

As well as your brave menand women serving overseas.

( applause )

♪ Silent night,holy night. ♪

♪ All is calm,all is bright. ♪

♪ Round young virgin,mother and child. ♪

♪ Holy infant, sotender and mild. ♪

♪ Sleep in heavenly peace.

♪ Sleep in heavenly peace.

Put the projectionscreen down.

♪ Silent night,holy night. ♪

♪ All is calm...

♪ all is bright.

♪ Round young virgin,mother and child. ♪

♪ Holy infant, sotender and mild. ♪ Joe!

♪ Sleep in heavenly peace.

♪ Sleep in heavenly peace.

Why, why is the screengoing up?

Wait, it's not supposedto be going up yet!

He's here.

On behalf of everyoneat Fort Wilcox...

He's here!

And the men and women inuniform around the world...

Daddy! Daddy!

And the familieswho support them, we wish you the warmest andmerriest of Christmases.

I'm so glad you're home.

Oh, me too.

Look, I know thatthis is hard on you.

But I can't go away againnot knowing if you'll be here.


I'll be here.

I belong here, I love you.

I love you.

( Cheering )

My Christmas wishcame true.

( Both ) Mine too!

♪ Joy to the world

♪ the lord is come

♪ Let Earth receive her King.

Merry Christmas everyone!

( applause )