Operation Dumbo Drop (1995) Script

Oh, walk that walk Come on, talk that talk Come on, tell me, baby Come on, tell me that you love me

'Cause I love that talk On your feet!

I'm Doyle. You're my ride.

Let's go.

Boom, boom, boom, boom

Captain Doyle, sir.

Straight approach to the LZ is out.

Beaucoup NVA.

We're gonna have to take the scenic route.

Hey Well, my temperature's risin'

And my feet on the floor

20 people knockin'

'Cause they're wantin' some more Let me in, baby I don't know what you've got But you'd better take it easy this place is hot I'm so glad we made it So glad we made it You gotta gimme some lovin'

Gimme some lovin '

Gimme some lovin' every day

Well, I feel so good everything is sounding hot You better take it easy 'cause the place is on fire Been a hard day and I don't know what to do Wait a minute, baby it could happen to you And I'm so glad we made it So glad we made it You gotta gimme some lovin'

Gimme some lovin '

Gimme some lovin' every day Yeah


Old Grandpa Charlie's got a 51.

He's down there every day, hopin' and waitin'.

Couldn't hit the broad side of a...


Bye-bye, Charlie!

Bye, Charlie. Whoo!

You better take it easy 'cause the place is on fire Been a hard day nothin' went too good Now I'm gonna relax, honey Hey!

Got another?

Hey, hey, so glad we made it You gotta gimme some lovin'

Gimme gimme some lovin'

Gimme some lovin '

Thanks for the ride.

Bad rat? Rat here no good.

Make people sick. Stick to snake.

No! No, thanks.

You Captain Doyle? Yeah.

I'm Jhon.

Where's Captain Cahill?

Up trail, but you rest.

We eat, then go.

I'll wait for you at the top.

Try it with a 60-pound pack.

Not your fault, huh?

You not used to air up high.


You know Captain Sam?

Uh-uh. I know of him.

Where I'm from, everybody knows of him.

He's a legend. So where is he?

Cahill. Sam right there.

Where? Which hut? Where is he? No, no. Sam right there.


Captain Samuel Cahill, Sog-op 39?



You're the guest of honor.


Took you longer than expected.

We're waiting for you.

Have a little trouble on the hill?

Um... They always have a wine ceremony to celebrate the arrival of an important visitor.

Of course, they'd have a wine ceremony to celebrate the arrival of Tuesday.

It's numpai, rice wine.

It tastes like a combination of sugar water and vomit.

It's a little early in the day to be hammered, isn't it?

You have to drink it. All of it.

And whatever you do, don't spit it out.

It's an incredible insult to the chief.

If that's it, maybe we could go...

Not quite. You have to meet Po.

Po. Po, Po, Po.

Po? Yeah.

He's a village elder or what? Kind of.

Here he comes.

Don't turn around, and close your eyes.

Po wanna touch your face.

Excuse me?

You don't want to insult Po.

It's worse than spitting out the wine.

Close your eyes.

Close my eyes.


This is serious NVA territory, Captain.

They know the Montagnard are helping us, so they come around here all the time looking for any excuse to give 'em hell.

Rule number one. Don't give them one.

That's why you couldn't fly here directly.

Why I only come here when it's safe.

And rule number two?

Never forget rule number one.

I think I can remember that.

I leave here Saturday. That gives me a week to get you ready.

Oh, I'm prepared, Captain. I can do the job.

And how you gonna do it? By the book?

There's a better way?

Look. I got a few things to tie up.

Jhon'll show you around and answer any questions.

Captain, I didn't come here for a village tour.

My orders are to go to the trail.

You don't start movin' the big stuff until after midnight.

Until then, Captain Doyle, I suggest you start getting to know this village.

These people have been the difference between life and death for me.

What's that?

The forest gave us so much, we pay tribute for protection of the good spirits.

So, she's not just a big pet?

No, no. We use elephants.

My father, his father, his father, forever.

War drive elephant south.

Dak Nhe lucky to have one. Dak Nhe are blessed.

I'm happy for you.

Look, let's...

Let's go see the trail. Sam say we go later.

Yeah, I know, but you're gonna be working for me now, right?

Forget Sam. Where's the trail?

I forget.

Candy you got?

No, no. Get... No. No candy. Get away.

Please. Candy. I share.

Candy! Candy!

Candy! Candy! Candy!

All right, all right, all right.

I only have one.

Understand? One.

One... Hey!

Oh, this is great.

That's it?

Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Disappointed? I was.

I expected something a little bit more established.

That's the beauty of it.

You call in an air strike, blow the heck out of it, and they move it.

They use it to supply an entire army.

It never stops.

Oh, look at that.

Shoulder-fire surface-to-air missiles.


Second set of SA-7s we've seen come south this week.


You bring bad spirit!

It wasn't my fault!

Doyle! It wasn't my fault!

The kid took the candy.

He stole the candy, and then he ran off.

It wasn't...

Okay, it was my fault. It was my fault.

I'm sorry about the elephant.

If I could bring him back to life, I would.

We no want you. You go!

No, wait. Fine!

I never intended to work for them in the first place.

Maybe you can. Maybe I can what?

The tradition here is that at high noon on the last day of Wapasat, the new moon festival, the king of fire enters on top of the village elephant.

Now we have to do it by Friday. That's pushin' it.

Wait. Do what by Friday?

Duan, I give you my word that when the king of fire enters the village this Wapasat, he will not do so on his own feet.

He is going to get you a new elephant.

I am not getting them an elephant. No, no.

These people have risked their lives helping us.

Well, then let's get them a tractor.

A tractor would last eight minutes in that big...

Well, then don't get them anything.

Oh, come on! What are you talkin' about?

You've been in the jungle too long!

What about you? Will you both shut up?

The village provides important support for operations in the region.

If we don't get them an elephant by Friday afternoon, we lose the village.

We don't need the village. It's as simple as that.

Well, maybe we don't need the village, but then again, maybe we do.

I think we err on the side of caution this time, Captain Doyle.

You two go out and get them their elephant.

We'll need some men, sir. Five should do it.

You get two.

Two of the very best and brightest I can borrow.

Now get out of here.

Whatever you do, don't embarrass me.

Don't worry, sir.

Now, hold on a second.

Aren't we forgetting something?

Who's gonna lead this delightful little operation?

I am. I am.

Well, I'm sure you both have very good reasons.

Thing is, I really don't care.

So odds or evens?

One... Evens.

...two, three.

You'se a son of a gun on, baby You'se a son of a gun Spec-4 Ashford?

No, sir. He's in the hooch.


Haul your butt out here!

Sir? He ain't comin' out.

Why is that, Red?

Well, he's short seven days.

Goes back to the world next Monday.

This man is taking no chances.

He ain't even come out of his hooch for two days.


Grenade! Oh, that's really funny.

Who's the hilarious son of a...

My mistake.

Pack your gear and be ready to move out at 1300 hours.

You've been reassigned.

This is some kind of joke, right?

It's a joke, all right.

You can't reassign me.

Sir, I'm catching the freedom bird in seven days.

168 hours.

I'm so short.

I'm so short... 1300 hours, Ashford.

Dang me, dang me They ought to take a rope and hang me High from the highest tree Woman, would you weep for me?

Oh, man! Dang it.

Spec-5 Farley?

Yes, sir!

So what's the mission, sir? Unless you can't tell me, like if we're operatin' on a need-to-know basis.

We are, and you don't. Yes, sir.

Where you from, Farley?

Iowa, sir. Or as my Uncle Fergus likes to put it, I owe a hell of a lot of money on them farm loans.

He doesn't say much about it since the thresher accident.

My mom likes to say you can hardly tell anything happened unless you get up real close, but I beg to differ.

You been on a farm?

Yes, sir. My daddy owns a dairy farm, seein' as I bein' from the Corn State.

So you've had experience with animals.

Yes, sir. Just none of 'em good.

I don't know what it is, animals just don't seem to like me.

Never have, probably never will.

And that didn't make life easier growin' up on a farm. Tell you that.

Shoot, one of the main reasons why I joined the army in the first place.

Get away from all the dang animals.

Gilman, hey, I need 25 submariners at 300 per. Okay?

Gilman, may I remind you I have friends with absolutely no regard for the sanctity of human life, okay?

I say the word, I have your head in a bag on my desk tomorrow morning.

Hang on. General, it's done.

425 per.

Pleasure doing business with you, sir.

Yes, sir, and give my regards to your lovely wife and daughter.

I didn't mean anything by that, sir. I just...

Sir, I got, I gotta go. I got a call on the other line.

All right, thank you.

Gilman, so where were we?

I think I had your head in a bag.

350? Done.

All right. Send them to General John Richardson in Da Nang, please.

Thanks, pal. And, oh, by the way, Gilman?

I'd still let somebody taste your food.

I thought you were dead.

You mean you hoped I was dead.

What can I do for you guys?

You're a requisitions officer. Well, we require something.

Not even funny.

We need an elephant by tomorrow.

Or you don't think you can do it?

Oh, please.

Spare me the "I-dare-you" crap, Cahill.

Everybody knows I can get anything anywhere anytime.

Just so happens I'm startin' five days of R and R.

This time tomorrow, I'll be sittin' on a beach in Hawaii, my friend.

You're getting us the elephant.

Or what?

You gonna still try to hold that business with the 64th over my head?

Come on. So the pork was a little off.

A little off?

I know men who spent a week on the latrine because of that pork.

It's old news, Cahill.

I got too many friends in high places to go down for something small-time like that, now.

Oh, I know other things about you, Poole.

Let me tell you something, Cahill.

There isn't anything you know that's gonna keep me from gettin' on that plane to Honolulu.

180 miles in the middle of a war.

We can get a truck, drive it up close to Dak Nhe.

That'll take about three days.

And another day to walk it in.

We'll get there by Friday.

Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of air travel.

I lined up a cargo plane to meet us at an airstrip near Ban Don, okay?

We fly the elephant down to this old CIA airstrip about a three-hour walk from Dak Nhe, then your Montagnard friends have their elephant by 2:00 this afternoon, I'm sitting on the beach in Waikiki in time to see the sunset.

And you wanted a week! Good job, Poole!

We're coming up on Ban Don now.

There's no place to land in the rice paddies.

We'll have to go to an LZ behind the village.

It was real hot here two weeks ago.

Probably okay now.

Probably? We're gonna land on a "probably"?

Lock and load!

Hey, this isn't that bad.

It's kind of, kind of peaceful, really.

All right, move out.

Well, Cahill, you want elephants, I give you elephants.

Beautiful elephants, I might add, at no extra cost.

Knowing you, Poole, they're probably big puppets with men inside.

Let's go.

Y B'ham?

Let me handle the negotiation.

Already talked to this guy on the radio.

Thinks he's tough, but I'm gonna crack him like a walnut.

Oh, you're killing me.

What's the problem? I thought you could negotiate anything.

I can with leverage. Problem is we don't have any.

He doesn't care if he sells the elephant or not.

We don't make his price, he blows the deal.

What's his price?

Problem number two. He wants 60,000 piasters.

The requisition form Captain Doyle gave me is only good for 50, so...

That's it? Hell, 10,000 piasters.

That's only about 150 bucks.

We can raise that between us.

No. You tell him 50,000 is our final offer.

We can do it.

Private funds can't be used for an official purchase as per regulations. It's also an order.

Understood? Tell him.

I get it. It's a perfect way out for you.

You blow the deal, and the mission is over.

It's what you wanted from the beginning.

We're going back to the LZ and call for a ride.

Let's go.

Poole, let's move it.

Okay, 50,000.

You're quite a negotiator, Doyle.

Gracious sir, perhaps now we could go to the river and pick our elephant.

River? 50,000 no get elephant in river.

50,000 get you Bo-Tat.



Bo-Tat is she, not he.

Boy is Linh. Boy go with Bo-Tat.

What? No, boy no go with Bo-Tat.

Boy go with Bo-Tat.

We're going to a village far away. I'm sure Linh's family...

Boy has no family. All killed.

In the war?

No. Hit by falling star.

Yes, in war.

Which side?

It matter?

I think it's better if the boy stays here.

He not belong here. From north, not our people.

We might as well take him with us.

No, no. We are not taking a kid with us.

He'll be my responsibility.

No, Captain. All right.

Anyone else here know how to work an elephant?

I was in love with a fat woman once, but she never listened to me.

Oh. Mr. Y B'ham, you must know how to work an elephant, right, sir?

I live with elephants all my life. I learn nothing?

Is this guy sarcastic, or is it just me?

Great. Would you like to come with us, sir?

20,000 piasters.

Deal. Good job, Doyle.

I think Mr. Y B'ham would be a wonderful choice.

Just one problem. What?

He doesn't stare into space because he's a wise old soul.

He does it because he's blind as a bat.

Y B'ham not blind. Y B'ham can...

Y B'ham is blind.

10,000 piasters?

It's a nice view. What nice view?

All I can see is an elephant's butt.

Parlez-vous francais?

Any luck?

I tried Vietnamese, Cambodian, French, and three dialects of Jeh.

Keep an eye on him.

He's on an elephant. He's hard to miss.

You know what I mean.

We don't know which side killed his family.

It could've been us. He might hate Americans.

We don't know, and until we do, he can't be trusted.

Doyle. He right. Linh can't be trusted.

Linh not trust Americans. Americans not trust Linh.

Everything's number one, a-okay.

Uh, that elephant just came along to say good-bye, right?

You're not actually thinking of putting that on my plane?

What's the problem?

What's the problem?

It's an elephant.

Yeah, but, Major...

No, no, no. You see, you cannot put an elephant on an airplane.

Suppose it starts to panic and starts moving around?

I lose trim, the plane goes down.

We all buy the farm.

That's important, what he just said.

I... No, no, no.

It's not getting aboard the plane unless it's dead.

Now, I'd be happy to oblige...

If you've all grown too attached to it.


Linh, it's okay.

No one's gonna shoot Bo-Tat.



Do you have a package for a Dr. David Poole, DVM, on board?

Yeah, I do.

Here we go, gentlemen. Animal tranquilizer.

She won't move an inch.

Bo-Tat's gonna take a big nap-nap.

Hey, nice try, but I don't care.

See, my orders say nothing about lifting an elephant.

Gentlemen, you have a good war.

Ahem, Major, maybe you should read this.


This operation's top-secret.

That's why you never heard anything about our large mammal friend there.

As a matter of fact, if anybody asks, you're moving a shipment of tuna.

Tuna? Tuna.

Moving an elephant.

What elephant?

You got 10 minutes.

Gentlemen, I'm responsible for anything that goes onto that cargo hold.

Now, if that thing even twitches, you're gonna see an elephant fly.

Hey, that's funny.

All right, yeah. What's with the letter?

John Westmoreland. Top priority. Got eight left.

Now, couldn't get elephant tranquilizer

'cause the only place that has it is the London Zoo.

It would take too long to ship, so...

And what's that? Water buffalo tranquilizer.

It's not as strong, but my vet guy says you just give her a little bit more, it should work.

My word.

I guess we give her one now, and then we give her...

One later if she needs it.

Well, how are we supposed to get her to swallow one of these?

Well, ahem, actually, according to this, she's not supposed to swallow it.

Well, Dr. David Poole...

Oh, no, no, no, no.

I told... I said I would help you guys out, but putting my hand up an elephant's ass was never part of the deal, no.

On three? Oh, no.

Please, please, please, please. Okay, what do you have?

Evens. Okay.

One, two, three.


Don't you move, you big suitcase.

Oh, that's horrible.

You weird.

Good thinking, Poole.

Well, come on, let's go.

Let's get her on the plane before this stuff kicks in.

Come on, come on.

Linh thought you joking.

Bo-Tat not get on plane.

Excuse me?

Bo-Tat no like be in plane.

How often does she fly?

Bo-Tat no like plane.

The kid's right. Let's get a truck.

The plane is here. We're taking the plane.

Bo-Tat no like plane.

Kid... - I'll handle it.

Well, then handle it.

Hurry up. She goes down out here, you'll never get her inside.

Linh... You nice American?

You think you number one?

You number 10. You all number 10.



Let's go, come on.

Heads up.

You number 10. Tell her to lie down.

What'd you do to Bo-Tat?

Tell her to lie down so she doesn't hurt herself.


What'd you do?

She's okay, Linh. She's not dead.

You killed everything. You killed everything.

Hey, hey, hey! You killed Bo-Tat.

She's not dead. You killed Bo-Tat.

You make it die. You killed Bo-Tat.

You killed Bo-Tat.

She's fine.

She's just sleeping.

Your love, lifting me higher Than I've ever been lifted before So keep it up Quench my desire And I'll be at your side, forever more You know your love your love keeps lifting me Keep on lifting H.A., what's the first thing you're gonna do when you get home?

First thing?

Hug my mom and give her a big kiss.

Second thing.

Second thing? Get her some Kleenex.

She gonna be bawling her eyes out.

So what about you, Captain? What's waiting for you back in the world?


A hammer.

My brother's got a roofing company in Fort Lauderdale.

Wants me to be a part of that. I can't wait.

Been dressed in green too long. Time to get a real life.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, what are you kissing? What is that?

Oh. It's nothing.

Come on, what is it?

It's stupid. It's, uh...

When I first got to 'nam, I was in the main administration building in Da Nang, feeling scared and nervous like we all do and thinking about home.

Was walking past this Coke machine, a bottle of Coke just dropped down, so...

Drank that bottle of coke and kept the cap for luck.

So has it worked?

Well, I don't really believe in that stuff, but, you know, two years without a scratch. Who knows?

I'll... I'll buy it.

Nah, man, I couldn't.

Come on, uh... $20. I'll buy it.

Keep your money, man. I...

Uh... $40.

Well, hell, if it means that much to you, I mean...

He just got it off the bottle he's been drinking.

Captain, Major wants a word with you.

Hey, Farley, look at this great big beautiful beast.

How can you not like something like that?

Well, sir, I tell you...


Yeah, we got a nasty headwind.

Give baby the other dose, Captain.

Poole, we have to give the elephant the second pill.

Farley had a little run-in with the second pill, Captain.

Well, how much longer will she stay out?

One of these things is supposed to knock out a water buffalo for six hours.

And Bo-Tat's about the size of three water buffaloes...

How much longer do we have, Poole?

We got another hour, easy.


I, uh...

I was using the metric system.

Tell me you did that.


It's awake!

What was your first clue?

Dump it.

Whoa! Grab him.


Come On, come On, come On, come on!


Hey, hit the button! Hit the button!

Get back there and shoot it!

Shut it! We're gonna die!



Back in the pit, pilot boy.

All right.

Bo-Tat! Bo-Tat!

Bo-Tat! Bo-Tat! Bo-Tat!

Hey! Hey!

Hey! Hey!

Wait! Wait a minute!

You can't leave me here!

Hey! Hey!

I'm going to call LBJ!

I knew it! Argh!



Guys? Wait up!


No, no, no. Bo-Tat scared. Bo-Tat need me!

Yeah, well, all I need is for you to run off and get lost.

Let me go! Doyle, let him go.

If I let him go, we might never see him or the elephant again.

Well, if you don't let him go, you'll never see Bo-Tat again.

That's for sure.

I'll go with him.

All right.

Come on. Yep. There we go.

Bo-Tat understand American.

Bo-Tat, we're going to take you to a beautiful land high in the mountains where you'll be loved and respected.

Where the air is cold and fresh and the water is cool and sweet.

It's the land where you came from, Bo-Tat.

It's where you belong.

Come with me.

We're about here, which means we're not that far from Tuy Hoa, maybe about 10 miles.

We can get there tomorrow and get ourselves a truck.

An elephant on a truck for 150 miles in the middle of a war.

Piece of cake.

Gilman, you know those solid gold dog tags?

They're yours. All you got to do is get me out of here.

Argh! Man, I just can't spend the night in here.

Just send... Poole!

Poole! Hang on a second...

Poole! Give me that! What are you doing?

Rustling up some accommodations, Captain.

I can have beer and steak and, and padded cots here in like, half an hour.

Maybe even some ice cream.

And then, I figured, since you guys don't really need me anymore, I could sort of head back with the pilot.

If all the enemy within five miles doesn't already know we're here, they sure as hell will when a Huey lands.

Come on, give me a break, will you? I got you the elephant.

I'm supposed to be sitting on a beach right now worried about my tan line, not out here in Booneyville worrying about snakes.


You're right, Poole. You shouldn't be here.

Give me the radio.

I'll call General Richardson.

I'm sure he can get you reassigned.

Break out rations, gentlemen. This is home tonight.

I'll bet you wish you had your lucky bottle cap now, don't you, you smart ass?

What you doing?

H.A. is going home soon, Linh.

He wants good luck to make sure he gets there safe.

You want good luck?

Don't tell me, you have an ancient Vietnamese bottle cap you're willing to sell me.

Linh not sell anything.

Here, elephant is good luck.

You want good luck, you touch Bo-Tat.

Yeah, right.

So what's bad luck?

Um, don't whistle in dark.

Snake will come out and bite you.


It get worse.

Yeah? If you see owl at night, someone in your family die.

Wow. So that's the worst?

No. No?

Owl nothing compared to crow.

You see crow any time, that very, very bad luck.

So what happens when you see a crow?

I tell you, if you see a big black bird, you run away.

You know what?

This country's really beautiful.

I mean, I am shocked.

Yeah, it is great, isn't it?

Kind of reminds me of home. Oh, yeah?

They got a lot of rice paddies in Cornpone, Iowa, do they, Farley?

Oh, no, that's Arkansas.

I just meant... You meant what?

Tell me exactly what you meant.

Tell me exactly what it is about this place that reminds you of home, huh?

What is it? The spirit-crushing humidity?

The disease-bearing insects? Or is it the special feeling that comes from the knowledge that at any given moment, a sniper's bullet could come spiraling towards your forehead?

Is that it?

Poole, I'm getting this weird feeling you don't like it here.

What's wrong with you?

I love it. Everybody loves it.

Bet you're the only American in Vietnam who would rather be someplace else. Enough.

Hey! Hey, come on! Give me...


Let's keep moving.

Where are you going? Hey!

They're going to help.

For the love of... Cahill, don't get me wrong.

I would like nothing more than to skip through the countryside, doing good deeds, but we don't have the time.

We have to get a truck, remember?

It won't take long.

Besides, we might even get something out of it.

Maybe they'll give you the stump.

You go play good Samaritan, I'm going to go to the road and do our job, okay?

Go. Go play. Go play.

Bye, now.

Where is everyone?

They'll be back in a minute.

Big stump.

America won something today, and we didn't even have to shoot anyone.

Oh, yeah? Well, we lost two hours, and we still don't have ourselves a truck, so...

Yeah. How about an old diesel with a 16-foot flatbed?

You think that ought to do?

One of our developing agencies gave them a truck.

But they rarely can afford gas, so they gave it to us for pulling out the stump.

Hang on, sloopy sloopy, hang on Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Give it to me So how long you had Bo-Tat?

Forever. She belong father.

Huh. What happened to your father?

He die.

Well, how'd that happen?

Do you think it was our side?

I don't know.

I hope not.

Hang on, sloopy Sloopy, hang on

Hang on, sloopy Sloopy, hang on Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Hang on, sloopy Sloopy, hang on

Hang on, sloopy Sloopy, hang on

We got a leaky radiator. I'll try to patch it.

Poole, I speak the language.

It's a joke.

Anymore joking, I'll call you know who.

Hey, stop!

Bo-Tat need move.

Food. Water.

She hungry.

She thirsty.


All right. All right.

All right, H.A., Farley, take her down to that fountain there and give her some water.

We'll give her food when we get it.

Ah! Oh... Bo-Tat!

Jeez, what you been eating, baby?

One... One minute?

Drink up, Bo-Tat, we don't want to stay over.

One moment?

Okay, I'm sorry.

Hey, Farley, where's she goin'?

Oh, no.

Captain Doyle! Captain Cahill!


Bo-Tat! Bo-Tat!

Linh, stop that elephant!

Come back here!

Stop! Just stop!

Excuse me. Watch out for the elephant!



Oh, man!

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Hey, um, sorry about your chickens.

Linh, we need to turn the elephant back this way.

We need to bring it back...

We need to bring the elephant back this way.

Turn him around and bring him...

Hey. Hey! Hey!

Whoa. Whoa... Whoa! H.A.!


We gotta go this way!

Let's go.

Wait, we haven't even done the...

Oh, my God.

Let's go.

- You better think - Think Think about what you're trying to do to me

- Think - Think, think Let your mind go, let yourself be free Let's go back, let's go back Let's go way on to way back when I didn't even know you You couldn't have been too much more than 10 Just a child I ain't no psychiatrist I ain't no doctor with degrees But it don't take too much IQ To see what you're doin' to me

- You better think - Think Think about what you're tryin' to do to me, yeah Think, think Let your mind go, let yourself be free Oh, freedom Give me your hand.

Come on!

Wait up!

Come on! Captain, slow down!

- Freedom Freedom Freedom Hurry! Hurry! Come on, Farley!


Ew. Go. Go!

Whoa... Ugh!

That doesn't sound very good.

I know. We don't have time to stop.

If they weren't after us before, they will be now.

That guy at the feed depot wasn't the only NVA.

They try to blend in but they all got that same damn haircut.


Hey, where's he goin'?

Poole, where you going? Saigon.

Get back here.

Poole, do you want me to call General Richardson?

Yeah, Cahill. Yeah, I do.

Okay? Call General Richardson.

Let me get him on the line here for you, okay?

Because I am sick and tired...


That's it. I've had it, okay?

Okay, I was on a plane that almost crashed, I came this close to being killed by an angry mob, and now... Look at my uniform.

It's covered in elephant crap.

So, if you think that I really give a damn whether or not you call General Richardson and tell him that I slept with his wife...



Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Hold on, hold on. Hold on, hold on.

You slept with the wife of General "Kill 'em all"

"and let God sort it out" Richardson?

I thought it was his daughter.

Oh, yeah. He would have been fine with that.

First off, Poole, Saigon's the other way.

Second, the nearest town in any direction is Hau Bon, which is 30 miles upstream.

And third, the only hope in hell you have of getting out of here alive is to stay with us.

It's cooked.

What are we gonna do, Captain?

We wait.

Things come along when you need 'em.

My motto's "Have a little faith."

Yeah, well, my motto is "Explosives and plenty of 'em."

Load the truck with all the claymores and grenades we've got.

String one of the claymores trigger wires to the door.

NVA comes along, goes to open the door, kaboom.

If we're lucky, it might even take out the bridge.

Lucky for who?

The people around here use this bridge every day.

That's enough already. We're in a war here, in case you don't remember.

If you're right about the NVA being after us, they're gonna be coming down that road for one reason and one reason only.

To kill us.

Their lives are my responsibility, so excuse me if I don't get all choked up at the thought of disrupting some local peasant's daily commute.

How do you know the NVAs gonna be the first ones here?

What if it's a bunch of school kids who are goin' home?

You ever think about that? No!

Why? Because guys like you don't think things through!

Me? What about you?

You've got five people and an elephant risking their lives so you can go home with a clear conscience.

You're afraid when you're up on the roof with your brother in Fort Lauderdale and you're lookin' back over your sparkling military career, you're not gonna like what you see!

You're afraid Vietnam's gonna wipe out everything you did before, so you want to do one good thing before you go.

Which is great.

But your one good thing isn't pulling a kid out of a burning building or diving on a grenade. It's this!

And because it's this, it means it involves us!

But you didn't think about that, did you?


Why? Because guys like you don't think things through!

Hey, come on, sirs, break it up.

Break it up, sirs.


Oh, God! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!

Pull me up! Give me your hand. Give me your hand.

Give me your hand. Pull him in!

You okay?




I'm real happy about my decision to stick with you guys.

Uh, at the risk of rekindling hostilities, what do we do now?

Like I said, have a little faith.

Ha ha ha ha

ls that my ears, or has your singing actually gotten worse?

Must be your ears. It was already as bad as it could be!

Have a little faith, my eye.

You knew this boat was coming.

My first tour, I was stationed at Hau Bon.

Every Wednesday afternoon, Monsieur Goddard and the Marie Antoinette would drop in.

He gave us the best intelligence on the location of the VC we ever got.

What... What can I say? I love America.

Yeah. Hey.

You gave the VC their best intelligence on our location, too.

I can't help it, you know. I love everybody.

Would anyone like some wine here?

Yeah. Yeah.

Wine? No!

What is this, the opening of an art gallery?

No. This is a war.

The Green Beret motto is "Free the oppressed," not "Eat, drink, and be merry."

Yeah, now it is.


What did I do? What did I do?

I should be on some high-priority mission with a group of crack commandos.

Instead, I'm in an episode of McHale's Navy, starring Dumbo, Mr. French, and the Three Stooges!

Đúng lại.

That mean stop. - Dúng lại?

Đi. That mean go.


You try.


Đúng lại!


You know two of three most important words for elephant.

What's the third?


It means get off me.


Can you get more of that water buffalo tranquilizer?

You really enjoyed that, didn't you, Doyle?

Linh was right.

You are weird.

Poole. Yeah, yeah.

As much as you want. Okay.

We get off past Hau Bon tonight.

Tomorrow we take one of these trails which, God willing, isn't in enemy hands, over one of these ridges, down into Pleiku.

Friday morning we fly Bo-Tat to the airstrip near the village.

By noon we walk her in.

Piece of cake.

Get down!

Stay down! Everyone stay down!

Farley. Hold your fire. They're out of range.

They're gonna have us in five rounds.

I know this. I'm artillery.

Give them a moving target. Zigzag.

Keep moving.

Linh, what's wrong with Bo-Tat?

She hurt here.

Oh, sh...

Oh, no, she's seasick.

Look out. She's gonna blow!


Years from now my kid's gonna ask me, "Daddy, what's the worst thing you saw in the war?"

After this, there's no contest.

Can't you get this tub to go any faster?

You are going to sink my boat.

Maybe not.

Gilman, who would I actually know that could get me your head in a bag?

It was a joke, pal.

Yeah, I was kidding.

I love you, man. Like a brother.

What are you, nuts? Where am I gonna find a Triumph Spitfire in the middle of Vietnam, you rotten little rat?

I... Okay, okay, I'm sorry. I apologize.

Okay. All right, you got it.

Just patch me through to firebase Cheo Reo now, okay?

And direct to artillery.

I don't have time for channels or anything.

Okay. He's puttin' me through.

Son of a... Heh, heh. Right here. Hang on.

Uh... Yeah.

We're on the Song Ba River being pursued by NVA in a boat.

What? Yeah, this is Hotel Alpha.

Who's this? Barney?

Hey, Barney, what's up, man? What you doin'...

H.A.! H.A.! I'm sorry.

Uh, Cheo Reo, we need your help pronto.

Request fire mission and expedite.

Call for battery fire at grid coordinates, Bravo Romeo 354, 1105 timer.

Fire one marking round.

Barney, that was perfect, man!

No, it wasn't perfect. It almost hit us!

Give him the coordinates.

Captain, we're moving. Those coordinates are gonna be perfect.

Right about... Better be right.

Fire for effect!

Better be right. Now.


Whoo! Whoa!


Hey, hey. I'm gonna start callin' you The Brown Bomber!

You wanna try it on?

I found a place where we can spend the night.

Hey, sir, what is this place?

An ancient temple.


Actually, it's Tam Giáo A little Buddhism, a little Confucianism, and a little Tao.

What's with all the elephants?

The elephant is the God in Tam Giáo.

Not a god.

Father of God.

In beginning, elephant were white, and they fly in the air with the clouds and the rain.

One day, elephant fly down and go into side of Queen Maya.

While she sleep and dream.

She have baby.

Prince Siddhartha, the Gautama Buddha.

Elephant, father of God.

Linh, that story you told was great.

I... I loved the bit about the flying elephants.

Uh, just one thing, though.

It might be better if you started, "In the beginning", "all elephants were black."

All right, this is our only option.

We have to take this trail over this pass into Pleiku.

Is the pass secure?

I don't know.

We could find out at this village unless you think five Americans and an elephant waltzing into town might arouse suspicion.

Hmm. Not at all.

We could send in Linh. No one would suspect him.

No, we can't do that.

Why not? You know why.

We can't take that chance.

I got it. Wait.

Doesn't matter to me who killed your family.

I imagine it doesn't matter to you, either.

VC killed mother and sister.

But Linh not know who killed father.

Linh and father going home.

There was big light.

Everything happened fast.

People yell, shoot gun. Father hold Linh tight.

Bo-Tat run.

They shoot Bo-Tat.

Father and Linh land apart.

Father get up, run to Linh, and fall down.

He shot.

Linh not move.

Bo-Tat save Linh.

Men shoot Bo-Tat more times.

Bo-Tat no stop for many miles.

Bo-Tat save me.

Were you hurt?

You said you couldn't move.

No, I said I not move because I too scared.

Father die because I not help him. I scared.

No, no, Linh, that's not why.

Yes, I scared!

Of course, you were scared.

I'd be scared. Anyone would be scared.


It wasn't your fault. Who fault?


People far away, Linh.

People who've never been here.

Linh no understand.

How did you get to Ban Don?

American take Linh.

Said take Linh back to mountains someday.

Never did. Lie to Linh.

I'm gonna take you back to the mountains, Linh.

I promise you.

Linh father was a good father.

Number one father.

I'm sure he was.

I'm sure he was.


Oh, man, I just went to go take a whiz.

I didn't want to desecrate the temple.

Forget about it. It's done.

He probably went to get some food or something.

Whatever the reason, they're gonna find out we're here pretty damn soon.

He's just a kid.

I know. I have to go get him.

I'll get the elephant to Pleiku and we'll meet you there.

Excuse me, guys, uno momenta.

But how are we gonna move old Bo here, huh?

Linh taught Farley the basic commands.

No, he didn't.

Okay, sir, he did, but...

Take someone with you.

I screwed up. I'll go.

Th... That's funny. My... My legs don't work.

Ah, hell. I'll go.

Kid's got my watch.

Okay, do the foot. Get... Get her to do the foot and get up.

Let's go.

Come on. I don't... I don't know that one.

All right. Can you guys give me hand?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Here, take the gun. Take the gun.

Put your foot on my leg.

Okay. One... Do you wanna jump in?

On three, H.A. One, two, three.

Okay, come on.

Okay, I'm up. I'm up. Good job. Good job. Okay.

I don't know about this, sir.

I guess that means she's ready.

I think she's mad. Come on.

This way. Take us around the village.

Farley, this way.

He didn't teach me how to turn.

Then stop her.

Okay, okay. Uh... Di!

I mean... I mean, dee d'ng. D'ng.

Dai! Farley!


Tell my mom I love her!


Stop, darn it, you crazy animal!


Whoa! Ahhh!


Farley, you are a driver.


You all right? Huh? Yeah.

They worked him over pretty good.

He hit me this many.

So, when I tell him you in Hau Bon, he believe.

You told him we were in Hau Bon?

Kid, why did you come here?

You want to find out if trail okay.

But Linh is the only one who can ask.

Before Linh caught, Linh find out trail okay.

You trust Linh now?


I trust Linh now.

You guys do this hug a lot.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Bo-Tat!



Aow! Walk that walk Come on, talk that talk Come on, tell me, baby Come on, tell me that you love me Canceled?

What do you mean the mission is canceled?

Turns out Doyle was right.

We don't need the village.

While you two were off on safari, the Ho Chi Minh Trail moved again, and intelligence estimates are it's gonna stay where it is.

The village is of no further strategic interest.

"No further strategic interest"?

Major Pederson, sir, we're so close.

Let us finish what we started.

We just have to fly the elephant to... To where, Cahill?

To that old CIA airstrip near the village?

The NVA blew the heck out of it three days ago.

You have no place to land your elephant.

The airstrip's gone.

End of mission!

What about Linh and Bo-Tat?


The boy and the elephant, sir.

Well, you ship them back to where you picked them up.

Where are you going?

I can't tell you.

Why not?

'Cause if I tell you, you'll try to stop me.

If you don't try to stop me, you'll be court-martialed.

The mission's been canceled.

I have a feeling the Captain's gonna ignore that.

What are you gonna do, steal a truck from the motor pool?

If that's what it takes. Oh, hell!

If we're gonna steal a truck, we might as well steal a plane.


You worried because there's no airstrip?

We don't need one.

Remember when we first went to Pederson and I said, "Let's get them a tractor"?

What if we had?

How would we have gotten a tractor in?

Tractors don't need airstrips.

Poole. Yeah?

Okay, we're gonna need parachutes... We?

Yeah, Captain.


H.A., Farley, are you in?



You take one step toward Dak Nhe with that elephant, you can kiss your sweet military career good-bye.

Yeah, well, maybe we all need to do one good thing before we go.

Easy. Easy now, easy.

Hey! Shh.

This is insane. Bo-Tat's not a tractor.

Poole, did we just hear a heartfelt human emotion come out of you?

Yeah, it was. I feel bad for her.

Don't tell anybody I said that, okay, you guys?

It's top secret, okay?

So top secret, we're not even getting clearance from the tower. Radio's silenced and nobody knows anything.

As a matter of fact, this never happened.

Sir, they've stolen a 123 out of Pleiku. When?

About five minutes ago, sir. Damn it!

Get on the radio and tell 'em to get back.

That whole area is jammed with NVA anti-aircraft.

Yes, sir.

Don't be nervous, Poole.

I just never have jumped before.

Well, neither has she. Does she look nervous?

All right, listen up.

Bo-Tat and the crate are on a static line.

Now, the drogue will trigger the parachute to open the second she's out of the plane.

Now, you three are gonna jump before Bo-Tat.

Free fall for a count of 10, and then pull.

Okay? Got it?

We want to make sure you don't get tangled in Bo-Tat's lines going down.

And we want you to be clear of our large friend before she lands.

Now, Captain Cahill and I are gonna stay on board until Bo-Tat gets off.

Once she's off, we're gonna go, okay?

Any questions?

Linh get one?

Well, no, Linh.

You have to stay on the plane.

Well, maybe he... Linh could take mine, and, uh, I could, um, stay on the plane. I mean...

But Linh go with Bo-Tat.

I'm sorry, Linh. It's too dangerous. You can't.

You promised you take Linh and Bo-Tat home to mountain.

You will go home.

You'll see Bo-Tat in a day or two.

But first you have to go back to the base with the pilot. There's no...

You lie! You lie!


Hey, you're right.

I did say I'll get you home, and I will.

I'll stay with you on the plane.

I'll get you to the mountains.

I'll get you back to Bo-Tat.

You just can't go with her now.

Oh! Whoa! Whoa!

Here comes another one!


Take us down below the radar.

This isn't a fighter. This is a cargo plane.

Do it!

Ahhh! Ahhh!

You can't drop from this altitude.

We'll go back up when we get closer to the village.

No, now.

Do it now! Now!

Ah, jeez! Looks like we're all gonna be jumping.

Can you get us in over the village?

One pass, then we bail.

We're going now!

Get ready.

Change of plans, Linh.

We're coming in on the village!

I'll be right down.

Stand by!


Yeah. Okay.

Go! Go! Go!

I... I can't go, guys. I... I left something back inside.

I gotta... I can't do this.

I'm an office guy, man. I work in an office behind a desk!

Isn't this great, Chief?

It's moving!

Isn't this fun, Poole?

That was great!

No! Bo-Tat!

Hold on tight.


Hold on!


Get it! Go!

Hold on, Bo-Tat. Hold on.

I'll get you.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!


Yeah! Thank God!

Please, God, get me through this.

I'll never lie again. Please. Uh. Oh!

Hoo! Whoo-hoo-hoo.


Farley, you're dead. Swear to God.

I'm gonna kill you.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Whoa! Whoa! Ahhh! Ahhh!

Linh like hug. Hug good.

Be careful. Be careful.

Keep everybody back. All right. Very good.

ls she okay?

Everything number one a-okay!

Hey, where's H.A.?

Get me a ladder!

Back her up, Linh!

Come on, sweetheart. We gotta get you ready for the ceremony.

Good girl.



Drop your weapons!

You bring elephant very far.

Very admirable.

I congratulate you.

Too bad you go to all this trouble for nothing.

Bird, if I were you, I'd get the hell out of here.

Elephant going to die.

Drop your guns! Drop your guns! Drop... Drop 'em!

Roger, Whiskey Tango. Over.

Crossbow-6 out.

What did he say?

Well, the good news is that capturing Nguyen and his men has made you a hero.

And the bad?

Recon photos are indicating that the trail has moved back this way again.

Pederson wants you to stay.

That is bad news.

I have to go now, Linh.

You not like it here.

I love it here.

I love this place more than any place I've ever been.

You not like Linh.

You know that's not true.

Then why you 90'?

Just like you had to go where you belong, I have to go where I belong.

You forget Linh?

When I forget how to breathe.

Take her easy, Linh.

Safe trip home.

Oh, thank you. Good luck.

Thank you.

Hey, hope to be in special forces too, one day, sir.

Thanks. Good job, soldier.



Ever need anything... Okay.



When you're standing on a roof with your brother in Fort Lauderdale,

I think you're gonna like the view.

You watch Bo-Tat?

Yeah. I'll watch Bo-Tat.

Have fun.

The horsefly.

I seen a dragonfly. I seen a housefly.

See, I seen all that, too.

I seen a peanut stand, and heard a rubber band I seen a needle that winked its eye But I be done seen about everything When I see a elephant fly With the Wind.

When I see an elephant fly