Orchestra Rehearsal (1978) Script


Ooooh! Go on...

....try it out The acoustics are marvelous It was an ancient oratory Along there, are the tombs of3 popes

....and 7 bishops

It's a graveyard in here

In 1871...

....this oratory became a true auditorium

....for both vocal and instrumental concerts All the courts of Europe envied us for it For its acoustics Ooooh, hear it?

The sound is limpid, without echo Ideal for listening to music Without any reverberation

That podium was...

....for the world's great conductors...

....a mark of achievement What musicians!

And the people!

There were ministers, ambassadors, clergy They'd bring their own score...

....to follow the music And what beautiful ladies... elegant

....audacious Playing tricks again?

And the air was perfumed!

....there was another atmosphere...

The public today is no longer the same I must be boring you with this chatter

Everything is in place

Beautiful, eh?

But I'm only the copyist, second fiddle to everyone Another year...

.... and off into retirement

I'll return...

....only to attend concerts That yes!

I couldn't live without music

Good morning to one and all!

I heard some TV people are coming to do...

....a documentary about our orchestra. This beautiful...

....auditorium was once a church

....of the 13th century, as you must know There, you can see ancient tombs and...

I already told them Oh, I'm the first violinist Good morning, Mirella Can somebody help with this cover? It weighs a ton Here, let me Don't say anything. TV people are here

I'd like to know what they do with these chairs!

Dirty Filthy!

They'll break!

....Break wind!

I'm having a sauna at 4, no matter what

....a snake, a lion... about thirty positions in all

....but it's all a mental approach There's no hurry...

....You're doing wonderfully To me he looks worse than the last time Oh, Professor, with us again!

I'll bet the Professor here...

....that within 4 months...

Professor, my Uncle Quintilio...

....ravished them all for sixty years straight Big eater. Drinker. Exceptional stud Everyone said: he can't last Well, let me tell you, he's 93

....and still going strong

"One of Werther's sons?"

....begins with G What rotten people you run into...

....the light turned green

....but he just stood there I tapped the horn and said I was late for a rehearsal Then, as if eyeing a turd, he says:

"What's there to rehearse? It's obvious..."

"...you'll never learn"

You're listening to the soccer game? Not me...

....I'm too nervous Your barometer?

Let's see what old faithful says Oh, it's gone up another 15%

....the prospects aren't too good for my violin How's the octopus?

Ah, it's a battle! The thing's always there...

....lying in ambush What a bitch!

Go ahead keep up this shit about my nightmares Don't get pissed, Professor, it's bad for you Our neurosis is the that's strangling us

We paid a fortune for him, but wasn't it worth it?

What's that?

A depressant I've tried them all, no improvement

....perhaps worse

Why doesn't it play? -look...


"8 and a Half" is a psycho- analytical film? Get with it Brush up! What's with you?

How can I play? Hey, barometer...

....put the chair where it belongs so I can play No, sorry... It's too close to the stand.

I must sit there I must. Be courteous I forgot...

....my glasses I'm not here for courtesies, but to play! l, here! l, there!

This is my place You're offensive... THERE!


You sick in the head?... Stop it!

You stop!

....your attention please A distinguished guest:

....Television With technicians

....and director, for coverage

....of our orchestra rehearsal

....And interviews You're better off if we're not interviewed otherwise I'll tell Tell what?

That you get a kickback For your participation

....and your union representative agrees...

Compensation: nix No one made any agreement It's a special job! For special rates!

It's not special No, nothing doing!

We're not in agreement Theoretically, we could even accept

....but not the Union It's the usual hedging with State Television that's never solved Let your representative tell you Calm down, people...

We're already poorly paid...

....but TV wants us for nothing The public loves music and the ones who play it.

....but the minute it becomes a program...

For filming us, at least a token

....a gift No one is obliged

....whoever grants the interview

....grants it. Who doesn't want, doesn't grant How silly! Numbskulls!

Allow me to turn your attention to something...

What kind of representative are you?

What an insult! Dumb heads!

I dreamt there was a horse in my room That's not good

....Though it depends on the horse's color Shitheads!

You want to interview me?

I prepared it

....he helped me with it through

"The piano is like a king on a throne"

"Immobile. One must go to it"

"Bow down. Near the stool to it"

"It's like a mythological creature"... his doing

"A room with a piano becomes its room"

"It's an instrument of royal courts"

What was that, Sir?

I said I once played at court Before Victor Emanuel III And you weren't shot?

I don't want a piano, I mean I have one but...

....it needn't be mine All the pianos of the world are that piano To play mine alone...

....would be limiting... would be restrictive I think...

....that to realize one's self, one must...

....be aware

....that is, be more aware of people

....have more acquaintances Okay! I'm from Marina di Pisa

....but I took up the flute in California

....Where's it's played sweeter, less violently The flute is a delicate instrument The most similar to the human voice Even if they say that about the cello

....and saxophone

....and probably the drum!

It's funny because choral groups say...

....they sound like an instrument! But really...

....only the flute has that human quality What a mysterious sound... supernatural!

It even tames wild beasts Didn't Apollo use the flute to awaken the dead?

It's the instrument of magic spells, both solar and lunar

....why flutists are all so batty It's true. That's what they say Maybe because they blow and blow...

....and all that wind goes to their heads, right?

Everyone expects us to...

....do something strange, who knows why?

The trombone is a unique instrument

....with a grave voice, that admonishes with kindness And also very comical, accompanying clowns

....as they squirt water and take falls It's the instrument of angels!

That's true, in Renaissance paintings you'll see...

....angels with trombones Received by the Lord to trombone music...

....fantastic The trombone is the voice...

....of a solitary being I love to listen to it along the beach

....in wintertime

I have nothing to say, really I was looking at that hanging cobweb

5 or 6 yards long, isn't it?

With the trombones blowing...

....it swayed back and forth. Look, look, see it?

....the spider, up there?

....hanging from the thread?

See it?

Isn't it wonderful that we're here to make...

....a spider go on a swing Take a look at it That little spider...

....while the trombones played...

Can you spare a minute?

....for a frivolous question?

Is it true there are likes and dislikes between instruments?

Absolutely, definite likes and dislikes We get along with the bass

....because it keeps time, tight and even Without flourishes, trills or "arpeggios"

The piano is a chatterbox And violins bleed In Italy they concentrate less on rhythm More on singing. Neapolitans have a good sense of rhythm They're the best drummers Who invented the Tarantella? The Neapolitans I'd say the rhythm instruments...

....are liked

....they got humor. Yeah, they're friendly What he says is true That air of sufficiency...

The condescending tone...

The haughtiness... of a violin, or a flute

....as it takes its place, just doesn't exist with us Let a Neapolitan in an orchestra... and what's he become? The tympanist, the drummer

....it makes him feel happy A little rhythm even helps the Maestro... to get unwound. Even the oboe forgets that it's gloomy, and begins smiling

I don't want to be interviewed, or photographed I don't want to be mistaken for someone else

Try asking him Professor...

Would you mind answering?

Actually, you don't deserve it Without compensation, I shouldn't bother. However...

....go ahead Let's see... Tell me about your cello It's one of the essential instruments of an orchestra You might say that the violin and cello...

....are the foundations

....upon which all symphonic concerts are built The pillars. Am I wrong? -Yes...

I'll explain the violin...

The 1st violin is the brain, the heart of the orchestra And the clarinet is the cock!

Look, I'd say the cello comes close...

....to being the "ideal friend". It's...

....the true friend ....discreet, faithful.

Not like the violin The violin is seductive, fascinating

....but deceiving It's female Oh, what horseshit!

You don't agree?

No, I don't agree, because for us the violin...

....is the most virile instrument in the orchestra It's female!

Isn't "she" always seducing?

Well, if we want to play games...

....it's totally masculine

....it's penetrating, phallic!

I agree with my gentle colleague It's not at all feminine, there's nothing...

....languid about it. It's vibrant and always modern In the Conservatories it is still the preferred...


The cello is chronically sad The violin is the true diva of the orchestra I was saying that the first violin...

....is the star of the orchestra When unfortunately we have a conductor who doesn't keep...

....the tempo, and misses his cues

....one who lacks authority

....and we can tell immediately as soon as he reaches the podium

....and raises the baton It's the first violin... ....who controls the situation

....and guides the orchestra

....literally substituting... ....the conductor Whose hand does the conductor shake

....when the applause comes?

The first violinist's I once told a conductor:

"You're in love with brass"

"That's your speed: bandmaster!"

How does that fit in?

Getting back to the cello, it's certainly

....an instrument that will never betray you Once it has chosen you it remains faithful The bassoon... good for clowns I owe everything to the violin.

It helped me take wing ahead of time In what sense?

It helped me discover where dissonances lie

You're interviewing me? Then I'll go there That's my place Comb your hair before the red light goes on, Curly Yes, certainly...

The clarinet?

It led me out of the fog of my hometown.

A village... ....in the Po Valley: Gazoldo From August to April of the following year...

....it's invisible The bell tower vanishes, the school vanishes... and Let me explain: thanks to the clarinet...

....I traveled the world. And even met...

....the great Toscanini, who told me:

"Bravo, young fellow, finally..."

"I hear a nice clarinet sound." His words

"Finally, I hear a nice clarinet sound!"

And you said? -What could I say to a Toscanini who tells you:

"Bravo, finally I hear a nice clarinet sound"

What did he say?

Didn't you hear? "Bravo, young fellow..."

"finally I hear a nice clarinet sound"

Who was playing?

I was!

....a truly fantastic instrument

....engaging. Not only for its miraculous

....possibilities. With a trumpet...

....you can venture into incredible music acrobatics..

No! What's extraordinary...

....is that it allows you to express what's inside you

....joy, sadness... even silence Claudio, you better talk to this guy Pipe down, I'm being interviewed here!

A mistake... it happens The trumpet is a passport to... a greater dimension Who plays it, understands A dimension of fullness Everything is more intense, more sublime Ask any trumpet player... we're quite a few Tell him how we trumpets study harder than anyone What was that?

It's true We spend hours making our lips supple

....before we begin playing The margin of error allowed to other instruments

....isn't tolerated for the trumpet Aren't the strings just as demanding?

A clinker on a trumpet is death

....it has become a mania... I can't sleep...

....I'm a sleepwalker...

They found me wandering outside in pajamas

....playing the trumpet I'm always terrified of going sour You've worked quite a lot...

Hey, "paragraph 9"! You've had it with me You can go play in a jukebox There's no muzzling in without getting cleared through personnel You understand?

Yes, I'm the Union Representative for this category Glad to answer you.

We've freed musicians...

....from a state of intolerable servility The music worker today has reestablished

....his dignity He's not a minstrel, or the puppet

....of conductors and agents But an integrated worker, conscious of his contribution

....to mass culture How did we achieve this?

By safeguarding his prestige as a professional

....through union struggles From equitable salary demands to...

....the elimination of mediators!

Keep quiet!

From reconstructing the organic whole... of the orchestra

....to the shifting of progressive objectives...

I thought we agreed... What will I do with him...

A mouse!

There! Behind the painting It's behind there. -It's huge!

There it is!

Don't kill it!

They're opening all the sewers with their reconstructions Burn it! You gotta burn it!

Let's fry it Careful! Catch it It won't die. It bites I don't want to see it!

Let's stew it All right, throw it out.

You're disgusting Hey! Are we insured against rats!

To your places!

In place! The Maestro's here

Our respects, Maestro

How terrible! Please, no time now Put out dat light. Ja, I know...

....you from TV, but I'm against it Oboe!...

My feet are freezing

I forgot my wool booties at home Why you interested in rehearsals?

This is a workshop. Or it should be

....where we try to put something together What are we doing now?

....trying to construct something Exactly for what purpose, I've...

....never understood. You excuse me now We will talk after

That light, please

The strings, only strings

Violins, what's wrong, had an argument?

Everyone is playing...

....for himself. Maybe because

....you belong to different parties?

Why bother answering him?


Stop! Stop!

With finesse! We're not in Amusement Park Sentiment, but with elegance. You're violins

....not trumpets!

Flute, it's an E-flat

....not natural Here it says E natural It's an E-flat It's E natural Correct it...

For you it's always the copyist's fault!

Clarinet, not... uhaaa!

....more delicate, poetic Why laughing?

....not comic Maestro, the whole phrase is hilarious Composer's intention was not hilarity You laugh uselessly Listen...

Even he's laughing It's very funny You're funnier than the music

I'm sending you 4 clarinets Even if you need 1, you gotta take 4

After, I'll tell you later

Why didn't I stay in California?

Where are we?

....on a soccer field?

Take me for an umpire?

Too strong! Too penetrating!

Castrate yourselves He's right... the brass was too loud

He's a riot!

Put the sheets back, go on

I'm also sending a certain Ciccio Calamida He plays nothing, but you gotta take him because the undersecretary...

Why did he do that?

To give us a little break?

....many thanks Remember the one who threw his watch at me?

Tomorrow, though. If it's 400 I'll give you 20%

Sunday at the beach and bring the kid Let's try the "Gallopade"

....from no. 15

Alt! You got fear of strings?

Or low blood pressure? Da capo!

Alt! Oboe, too invading!

....give room to the others. Da capo!

You tickle the strings

....you must slice! Saw!

May I ask a question?

Do you know what you're here for?

I want compact sound. Da capo!

That's it! Like that Go on!

I don't hear! More life Let me hear the bass!

Don't fall behind! Weiter!

Genauso! Break through!


Toscanini clarinet, please be so kind...

....to repeat alone last four bars

....from no. 82 No, I played it once then twice. The third time...

....by myself is against union regulations The passage must be executed by the entire orchestra What's he running, a school?

I'd think less about unions and more...

....about music

And yet I insist If Wagner had to worry about

....unions and strikes

....nix music and operas It's not the union's fault if he wrote lousy music Ja... there's no peace

....no calm, no silence It's a shit life Smear that shit on your baton and then

....give it a lick

From 5-3-0 The saxhorn, please

What was that?


Not here Meaning what?

I don't know. He's not here He "couldn't" come, why is that?

You asking me?

I'll restate it Not he "couldn't", but he "wouldn't" come...

....in protest With the Union's approval So who plays, somebody's sister?

Leave our sisters alone

....let's keep the families out You said, "somebody's sister"

I only meant a...

....hypothetical saxhorn sister I don't grasp such subtle humor You just worry about your baton

....and we'll take care of our relatives

All right then, from 5-2-0 Not now The orchestra is upset

....I doubt they can continue rehearsing

What the devil do you want from me?

See me lose my mind, you want?

You want my ass?

Here, you got it!

The orchestra will take a double break

....20 minutes

The conductor? He's not too bad Bit hysterical, but within reason There's no need for conductors like that A metronome's better

The public should sit in with us They'd hear the orchestra as if watching a....

....battle in a movie

....or watching a real battle Ascetic. Tormented. Authoritative Magnetic... the identity of a great conductor!

Then there are the mystics, the priest-like The acrobatic How 'bout that lion tamer?

He'd turn into a harp, a violin, the drum

....a kettledrum, even the bassoon, what a riot!

When there's a TV camera...

.... you can't shut up My Maestro up there has to look at me

....otherwise I'm jealous

I'm on camera?

"We're the lilies of the valley"

"We're pure Romans"

....who's got friends? Who sees anybody?

You come in, punch a card

....and pick it up later It's a factory Me?

I thought I'd tour the world with this

....but I'm always here I'm sick of it...

....this ridiculous fart horn...

It makes me feel useless, it should be eliminated What's it good for?

It can even be dangerous I give my all to shape a sound

....and out comes another fart I think...

....it's the very symbol of obtuseness

....of a stolid mentality Of those relationships...

....in an orchestra, that inhibit

....any sort of contact

I wanted to say that many of us are from the provinces What province?...

I'm from Naples: "vaffanculo"

The actual truth though

....is that we're limited

....culturally We've no real interests in anything We spend our lives with a piece of wood or tin

....blowing away, or plucking Blow your philosophy someplace else Anyway...

All your gabbing about

....Unions, the organic whole, politics

....brass section, strings

....this or that conductor

....couldn't interest me less Because I can't get it up anymore That's the real tragedy

Drink, drink, it's great for the liver and the brain Just a drop of wine...

....picks me up A little drop can't hurt It's whiskey, I saw it

....and I even smell it Each to his own vices. Better to drink...

....than go molesting little girls They'll catch you one day. That's worse...

....than whiskey

I didn't choose the tuba

....it chose me I loved the trumpet. It gave me goose pimples You remember in the army...

....when they played taps

I'd get a lump in my throat

....and then go AWOL.

I'm very sensitive All art makes me cry And that's not all...

At times I could die Why?

The world is evil Now I miss my father!

What the fuck you saying?

Let's talk about the instrument The fact that everybody refused it, moved me Poor tuba... like a stray dog I felt akin to it

....sad, and solitary...

It's awkward like me We had to get together And we did. I did well, it was destiny!

....I'm attached to it

....we're true friends

When things are down we go by the window

....look up at the moon

....and play a little solo from Verdi Like to hear it? Eh?

A little piece, why not

People react and interpret sounds, each in their own way It's a personal thing An F-sharp, or a B-flat

....can make some people swoon

....and others vomit. That's the way the ball bounces Yes, true What a magnificent instrument the oboe is It's the oldest of all

....invented by the Chinese The most difficult The most delicate

....and most alone We oboists are isolated Envied, even disliked The orchestra has to reckon with the oboe The oboe sets down the laws The oboe established the diapason

....between the highest pitch

....and the lowest It's owing to this privilege

....that the violin hates the oboe

....and the oboe the violin It's an instrument

....of great spirituality He who plays it, develops...

....a sort of special power

An interior vision

....which permits him

....to perceive the color of sound I play...

....and see

....an aura of gold


....the color of sunlight...

like a spreading reflection It's true...

I once saw a thing...

....like a long streamer A supernatural experience!

Let him hear. You care to hear?

Certainly, if you're not bored

Maestro?... Excuse me

Another minute...

....he's taking a shower

With the permanent conductor they once had...

....the musicians didn't carry on like this Everyone wore a tie!

You were in trouble if you didn't Now I wouldn't be surprised if they soaked their feet...

....while playing. We had a strict rule Whoever went flat or missed his cue

....had to play standing For the length of the entire concert

....as punishment What? Sessions? Hour shifts?

....you worked all night Ah, how often I had to wait till dawn And the musicians, at dawn, dead tired...

....would applaud the conductor

....and thank him Oh, he was phenomenal

....he conducted with eyes closed, as if in a trance

....and yet saw everything. How?...

When he had to give a player a calling down

....he could find words that would skin him alive And make him ill for a month And with his baton? Such lashings...

....on the hands and fingers of those players who made a mistake It would hiss!

Yet, you know something? They were happy

....for those hand raps They'd come up like school children

....hands held out and say:

"My fault"

"Hit me too... Me too, I was wrong"

Those were the days!

You see what he's doing?


Maybe now it's right No one knows anymore

Maestro, there are...

What else you want to know?

I ask you: does music exist? No?

Then the world doesn't exist. Only our habits do You may go...

What meaning has music today?

You think people know what music is?

They consider themselves intelligent because they feel

....emotion in the gut. They're participating Beethoven makes them feel like knights in armor

Some seem to be jumping out of their seats

When I'm conducting, I'm always feeling ridiculous

As if dead. I feel like a ghost Better I don't say these things. Cancel it!

Today nothing is forgiven. One must be...

....always intelligent So let us say: music is... ....the world When I conduct I own the world.

I am a king You want to know really how I feel?

Like a sergeant who must go kicking...

....everybody in the ass But absurd laws forbid me...

....to be a sergeant

Certainly we have taken advantage of our privileged positions Excuse me...

Ach, warm as usual

....no ice

Talent is the child of whims and eccentricity

I once asked a musician to remove his ring

....the twinkling of the stone bothered me And this seemed a caprice, the whim of a divo That may even be But an exuberant character for an artist

....is a vital charge

....for leading others, for interpreting symphonies Prosit

But now this unique charge of the conductor is being contested The musicians?...

....don't look at them, don't see them Sometimes they have unbearable face

I'd put...

....a screen in front of some of them They're like wild dogs With wild eyes... No!

Better cancel that too

....or they shoot my legs

The time of greatness is "Kaputt"

I remember the first time I took my place at the podium My first, great impression was...

....the enormous silence that fell before me

As I signaled to begin...

....I suddenly realized, with great emotion, that my conductor's baton

....was tied to the sound of the orchestra Its voice came from within my hand It would pull the orchestra out of silence

....and to silence make it return This voice would rise...

....like a sea wave together with my arm

....moving through the air like a bird's wing And when my arm lowered, this harmonic voice...

....would fade again into silence

But now everyone is equal, and I should resemble...

....the first violinist with his butcher's hands So I have fits of rage And buy houses

Two in America One in Tokyo, in London, and Berlin...

In Paris, no houses. That's because...

I do not go along with the music of France That's why, maybe, the Customs at Orly...

....is always frisking me

....from head to foot

You have your interview? That's enough

You say "the conductor" but this word...

....has no meaning anymore A true conductor is like a priest He must have a church... with believers

....but when the faithful all become


I remember Koplensky my great maestro

....I was first violinist When he took the podium, everything was silence He would only look around...

....distractedly. But he already knew

....every line of the score in front of him He was music personified And we followed him happily, with absolute reverence To enact the rite of transubstantiation

....to change the wine into blood...

....the bread into flesh...

You laugh?

....I hope not Music is always sacred Every concert is a Mass

We were enthralled, and we...

....would forget all worries...

....at the first sign of his baton

....We were but one breath, we and our instruments

....a single vital force He would begin!

Nothing was more beautiful than his authority

We trembled...

....at the thought

....of a mistake in performing this rite An overwhelming emotion

....an immense happiness We could feel...

....our joy transmitting itself

....to the audience, which was immobile, holding its breath We didn't watch the conductor it wasn't necessary He was there, and we knew it

....we felt it

He was... within us

....so much love passed between him and us

A love which you can see...

....is now lost

I and my musicians only feel diffidence for each other The doubting...

....which destroys belief And then there's a lack of respect There's resentment. Because something has been lost

....never to be found

That's how we play together

United by a mutual hatred

....like a family in ruin

Maestro, the lights have gone out I know What now?

The break is over, we rehearse!

Go ahead, walk. Light my way

"Conductor, conductor..."

"Conductor, no more!"

"You'll only conduct us Bowed to the floor"

Claudio... you gotta do something

Now, the other eye!

Boys, what are you doing?


"Conductor, conductor... Conductor, no more"

"You'll only conduct us Bowed to the floor"

Conductor no more! No conducting allowed!

We were idiots...

....to study

....to spend a lifetime in a Conservatory That's right!

We don't need conductors, don't need music Nothing. Just a ring...

....in our nose like savages Music is a public service. It belongs to everyone Without class distinction


....how did this happen?

"Conductor, conductor..."

"Conductor no more"

"You'll only conduct us Bowed to the floor"

What are you doing?

You're crazy!

How nice...

....you're all sweated...

"Conductor, Conductor..."

What's falling here?

What's happening? -Worse yet, you're shifty, and corrupt. You've been bought You signed too I'm reporting you the Association. Immediately Down with music power!

Down with assembly line music!

It's gotta stop!


Take a look, what's on my head?

Let me taste

What is it you want?

Moron, it's raining!

I'll not be insulted!

What's he doing?

Look at how one can ruin his life...



Down with the baton!

Music belongs to us!

You don't exist! Who is he?

I ask you, who is he?

He doesn't exist. And if he does, he shouldn't!

There's blood. Wretches! Madmen!

"You're fucked, you're through"

"It's all over for you"

May I sit down for the interview?

I was first aware of the harp...

....in a dream. I was very little I didn't know what to think...

....of that small gold cage

One day, in a book...

....I saw Nero, and Rome that was burning

....and the instrument I had dreamt And then in a perfumed calendar there was...

....an angel flying and he played the same harp...

....of my dreams The harp!

For me it's a human presence I couldn't live in a house without a 60 harp I'd never fall asleep if I didn't know...

....it was nearby in the next room At times hands seem to run across it I hear it play

....it could be the wind

The harp is my very life Not only for what I have earned

....but it's my refuge

....my friend I've always lived alone. No men No one

....only the harp We confide, we talk...

....it answers me, I receive sensations

....fantasies... an overwhelming sense of joy

....and of sadness Mostly, it gives one...

....faith You become aware...

....that other dimensions exist

A child once asked:

"Where does music go when it's over?"

....only a child could ask that

"Orchestra - terror Conductor - death"

"Orchestra - terror Conductor - death"

"Orchestra - terror Who plays is a traitor"

Here's our new conductor!

Long live the Metronome!

"Metronome metronomous... Musicians - autonomous"

"Musicians at last freed from the past"

Down with the metronome. We'll establish...

....the tempo, the rhythm, the cadence We've had enough of their music

....it's degrading! We play it, we'll create it, we'll manage it I'll not...

....be directed by anyone!


....to the metronome!

Idiot! Give me that gun


You're hurting me. I have a permit Look in my wallet All right let's see it

....in his name A regular firearm permit Get up...

A Smith & Wesson!

Look up there... up there!




Help me...

Help me...

Oh, why?

....you are here...

....and I'm here...

Everyone must give undivided attention to his instrument

....that is all we can do now Somebody can help me?


The notes are saving us

Music saves us Hang on to the notes

Follow the notes

....one after the other...

In the way my hand...

....can indicate

We are musicians...

You are musicians...

....and we're here

....to rehearse

Have no fear. The rehearsal continues To your places!

In place, please

....thank you...

You must do less coloring with sounds Noise is not music Not a trolley car, I heard pots and pans Where are we?

....one a soccer field? You think I'm an umpire?

And where has the brass gone?

What's happened to your little lungs?

Where is all your breath?

....used it for stupid chatter?

Sustain the notes!

Gentlemen... DA CAPO!