Order of Chaos (2010) Script

Yours is the 17th proposal I'll be seeing and to be honest, not one has blown me away.

If you want to have a real shot at the Browning bid, you'll have to get one thing.

These aren't pit hands hiring a tax attorney to scour their lunch receipts...

Jesus Christ, I want one of you little boys to show me what I'm paying you for.

Yes, ma'am.

When I talk about an 8-figure company looking for... they can call their own, I'm talking about growing up, realizing that the Federal Reserve is the World Bank loaning us money, and our federal government has had to bail them out.

Yes, ma'am.

This is the end of the world I'm talking about, leaving the taxpayers-- and let's be frank, the well-to-do-- with a deficit that we'll never see paid back.

The interest alone turns us into indentured slaves, for fuck's sake...

Now, let's talk numbers.

Yes, ma'am.




We'll see every Tom, Dick and Harry with a 401 get defaulted.

Yes, ma'am.

Yes, ma'am. I'm stepping into the shower right now.

I'll see you in 45. Thank you.



I'm Rick.


You just move into 404?

I did. Nice building.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you, John.

Have a good day.

You too.

This is John.



John, Ms. Craig is waiting.

I want you to look them in the eye and tell them everyone cheats on their federal income taxes.

Nobody wants to pay them, and thanks to the Internet, everyone knows there's no law requiring them to do so.

But tell them that your specialty as a tax attorney is creating the loopholes while appearing under the radar.

Which equals money.

What did you think of the proposal so far, though?

I think that there was not one single moment where I truly felt you pull out your dick and state what my firm brings to the table.

Thank God you have time to put together a new proposal.

Ms. Craig, Mr. Tayson for 3:00.

Sell the illusion, John.

I'm expecting more.

Hey, honey.

Hey, are you on your way home?

Yeah, I'm just finishing some things up here for a while.

I'll call you when I leave, all right?

I love you.

The pharmacy called. Your prescription's ready.

So while you're out, pick up what we need for the barbecue tomorrow.

And don't forget the specific kind of steak my dad likes, okay?

Okay. Bye.

Sell the illusion.


You know, I thought I saw you three separate times today.

But every time I'd turn to do a double take, you'd have your back to me.


What are you doing here?

Oh, my garage door opener isn't working, so I thought I'd come by here, check yours out and make sure I have the correct code.

Wake up, man.

I'm yanking your dick.

I work here. I started today.


Yeah, I know. What are the chances?

That's unbelievable.

You work here? In what capacity?

Well, um, to the best of my abilities, I'm an attorney.

I don't have this.

My office.

That's wild.


You definitely have a better view than me.

What did you say your last name was?


Jonathan Puliti.


Grandpa called you Johnny boy, I'll bet.

Um, that's Irish.

Puliti is Irish?

Putting "boy" after a name.

Danny boy.

Um... look, I just got hit with a bunch of work here.

I should get back to it.

Are you a fucking pussy? It's Friday.

John, I'm in San Francisco for the weekend.

Have the 2004 inquests sent in a PDF so Charlotte can look them over and have the draft mocked up for Tuesday.

Yes, ma'am. Hello.


Rick Carlson.

Cynthia Craig. Welcome aboard.

Sorry I haven't had a chance to introduce myself to you.

Just one of those days?

One of those days.

I'm hoping to smooth some of that out around here.

I'm counting on it.

Fink and Meyer put up a hell of a fight about not letting you go.

So you want to talk shop or get out of here?

Excuse me?

It's Friday night.

I'm sure you want to get your life.

I'm set up across the hall and Johnny boy here is walking me through all the appropriate office protocol.

If you have some time on Monday, we can get acquainted.

What's going on in San Francisco this weekend?

It's my mother's birthday.

Big 7-0.

70, Jesus!

Tell her it's the new 50.

I like that. Makes me 30.

Makes us the same age.

I think it makes you about 10.


Yes, ma'am?

Go by Mr. Carlson a drink.

Yes, ma'am.

Have a good weekend.

I will.

Have fun.

I give you one week, then you're fired.

Good thing you're not making the fucking decisions.

Let's get a drink.

¶ Searching for sound in every hole in the ground ¶

¶ I found you standing there ¶

¶ Lost in the crowd ¶

¶ Lost beside me ¶ A toast.

To fate.

All right, to fate.

So what's your story, John?

How did you wind up the head lapdog for the famous Cynthia Craig?

Well, I don't refer to myself as a lapdog.

Hey, don't take offence to it, all right?

It's a complement.

She's got reputation for busting balls, and on my first day, I hear the name Jonathan Puliti 15 times.

I'm curious.

So why did you ask me what my last name was back in the office there?

John, do me a favour and relax.

There's 75 lawyers that work in our building.

You're not the only John.

Plus with the whole next-door neighbour mind-fuck thing?

It was too much.

Well, I'll tell you, nothing's ever been handed to me.

Ask my fiancée, she'll tell you I'm a verified workaholic.

That's fair enough.

So Fink and Meyers, huh?

For a boutique firm, they carry a lot of weight.

Why did you leave Chicago?

Weather sucked.

Hi. Hi.

Oh, man.

Ladies, Johnny boy.

John, this is Tara and, sorry, what was your name again?


Chrissie. Chrissie, this is the birthday boy.

Happy birthday.

Excuse me, can you get us another round for my friend and I, and whatever the ladies are having? Ladies?

Pink martinis.

Pink martinis, two.

So are you celebrating your birthday?

Or are you drowning it?

Uh, well.

He's celebrating.

So, what do you guys do?

For fun or for work?

For retarded children.

Oh come on, that's evil. Don't.

No, what do you two do for fun?

Well, I like to get out of town on the weekends.

I like to go dancing.

You dance while you're out of town on the weekends?

Perhaps, but only with strange men.

Of course.

Yes. What about you? Strange men, or--

No, I am the strange man.

¶ Something in the back of my mind ¶

¶ Said I shouldn't be there ¶ All right, let's get naked!


¶ Something in your eyes told me I should stay ¶

¶ What do you want me to do? ¶

¶ What do you want me to do? ¶

¶ What do you want me to do? ¶

¶ What do you want me to do? ¶ Hey, now the party can start.

Rick, ladies, I'm sorry. I really have to take off.

Sorry, but you've got to drink that.

You can't go, it's your birthday.


Look, we're going to have a toast.

One quick toast, real quick, all right?

Come here, sit down.

To Johnny Puliti.

Happy birthday, buddy boy.



John, come here.

Come on.

What is it?

I got you something.

Oh, for my birthday?

A present? You shouldn't have.

Look under the table.

What's under the table?

It's your present.


What is it?

What you have there?


What's the matter, you don't want to open your present?

You got me.

I got you?

Okay, one more toast and then I got to go.

I'm sorry, I'm engaged.

Well, that's too bad because I thought that we had something.

We've got drinks. Toast!

Won't you come over here?

Don't be shy, come on.

¶ What do you want me to do? ¶

Oh man, that was great.

Come on.

No, I've got to go. Really, thanks for the fun.

We'll have a nightcap.

Seriously, Rick, I can't.

See you Monday.


Wait, did you give that girl money or something?

It was her idea.



Come on, man. Things like that...

...don't happen to me. What did you do?

I said, "Show John your pussy."

You just said it?

It's the end of the world, man. Do what you want.

Sorry, hold on.

Hey, honey!

Yeah, I'm just-- I'm right by the elevator.

No, I didn't see that you called.

Ms. Craig insisted that I get a drink for a colleague and...

Look, I'm right by the elevator.

I'll be there in two seconds.

Okay. Bye.

That's why I don't have a relationship that lasts longer than six months.

Yeah. She's...

We're engaged.

You mentioned that.

Um, I have so much on my mind, you know?

I'd rather just not fight.

As long as you're happy, right?

Hey, peace is the only battle worth waging, you know?

I envy you.

Stable job, stable girl.

It's all you can hope for, right?

We're definitely stable.

Now, I mean.

She's a few years older than me and when we met, I thought I needed stable and more mature to calm me down.

Can I be honest with you, John?


You're boring the shit out of me.

Wake up! Wake up.

Look, man, get in there and finger bang her like Lenny Kravitz.

The two of you could use it, okay? All right?

Yeah. All right.

See you Monday. Monday.

Where have you been?

Sorry I'm so late.

Go walk the dog.

Jennifer, could you bring up those veggie burgers, please?

Hello, I'm right here! Mr. Grumpy.

Hey, let me handle the steak.

Get yourself a beer.

Want one?

Yeah, grab me another. Yeah.

Dad, will you put these on for John?

Oh right, the vegetarian cuisine.

Don't start!

What? What?

Thank you.

How's the work going, John?

It's going.

I'm working on a pretty complex deal right now.

Working for The Man.

As opposed to working for the DMV?


John, why don't you invite that friend of yours over?

A co-worker of John's just moved into the building.

He's...uh... he's kind of, I don't know.

He had him out till 1:00 in the morning.

I don't know if I can handle two lawyers while I'm eating.

Daddy. Marty.

Goddammit, I'm messing around!

Who wants a steak?

Spying on me?


Bitch, you scared the daylights out of me.

I knocked on your door.

I wanted to see if you wanted to join us for a barbecue.

And I was spying on you.

Wanted to see if you were home.

Let me get some shoes.

You've got a better view than me.

You got any pets?

I've got a dog... and fish.

Fish are cool.


Work, though.

Yeah. Animals are better than people.

They don't bullshit you.

You wouldn't bullshit me, would you?

Think you could ever kill someone?


You know, like self-defence or whatever.

I've never really thought about it.

I've got enough anxiety as it is and I've never done anything wrong, so I doubt it.

So you think that killing someone, even in self-defence, is wrong?

I don't know. Why do you ask?

Are you on meds?

I'm not judging you.

I used to be.

I just got a vibe, that's all.

I've been on prescription drugs for most of my life.

It was first for ADD, and then ADHD, manic depression, and now it's hyperanxiety.

What about you? You said "were"?

Until I found out what mind control is.

The shit's poison.

I didn't realize you're a doctor.

I'm not.



I self-medicate now.

With what?

Not giving a shit.

Look her in the eye.


You're a dog person.

Everybody, this is Rick.

Rick, this is Jennifer, my fiancée.

This is her mother, Sherry.

This is Stephanie, my sister... who likes bad boys.

This is her father, Marty.

How are you doing, Marty?

Shiny watch.

Watch out, Marty has an aversion to money and those who make it.


I'm just messing around.

We have that kind of relationship, don't we, Marty?

I guess we do.

Rick, please.

I'll grab you something.

Saint Peter's like, "Sister, Sister... we're all gonna get into heaven."

It's getting pretty late.

We should close this thing down.

Yeah, it's so late.


It was nice to meet you.


I'm just going to clean up.

Interesting girl.

What does that mean?

Nothing bad.

By the way... thanks for entertaining the troops.

Families are fucked.

That Marty guy is an asshole.


No, not "whatever."

I don't really care about the dynamic in there, but I used to be a lot like you.

Don't let people push you around in your own house.

Nobody pushes me around.

I'm not judging you.

My philosophy is "know thyself."

That's it.

Look, you're on the John train.

Your life is the track that you're heading down.

The most anyone can ever do is have their train running right next to yours, right?

Because that's their life.

If you know in your balls where you're headed, if you know who you are, then all you have to do is look to your left and look to the right and see who's keeping up.

Everybody else can kiss your fucking ass.

It takes balls to be an individual.

Society doesn't teach you that skill, but it rewards it, and that's how successful people live.


Sounds like you've read a lot of self-help books.

Come on, John. Say goodnight.

I've got to go.

Hey, I'll see you tomorrow.

Come on, Rick.

What the hell?

Run along.

The little lady's calling you.

I'm fucking with you, man.

I'll see you tomorrow.

All right.


Thanks for being real with me.


Take out the trash.

I don't want to wake up to the smell of all that food in the morning.

Rick is... interesting.

Yeah, I like him.

I don't know what kind of a lawyer he is, but he's definitely interesting.

A little arrogant, though.

By the way, you will be apologizing to my dad.

For what?

You know what.

That rude comment you made about him and money?

Jennifer, I'm tired, I've got a lot on my mind, and your dad is an asshole.

Why don't you give him the speech and tell him to get off my back?

Excuse me?

Don't be dramatic.

See you in a bit. Come on, boy.

She had no idea she was on camera?

It was her idea.

Flip off after the money shot? It's priceless.

Yeah, that's one of my girls likes it a little weird.

One of your girls?

I'd say we're fuck buddies but we don't get along.

Johnny boy!

Hey, come check this out. Come here.

John, Ms. Craig wants to see you.

Sorry, guys, duty calls.


Charlotte got the PDF and she needs to go over some of the wording with you before we send it off.

Yes, ma'am.

So how was your mom's party?

Excuse me?

Your mom's party? San Francisco?

Fine. Thank you for asking.

John, between us, did you have that drink with Mr. Carlson, Friday night?

I did.

Something's come to my attention, but I'm unable to get any details.

I wanted to ask you what your opinion is of Mr. Carlson.

I'm not quite sure I understand.

Well, I'm not speaking Greek here, am I?

I'm asking you what your assessment is of Mr. Carlson.

What kind of person is he, in your opinion?

Well, I think he is a very interesting person.

I don't know what kind of tax attorney he is but--


But, well...

Why don't you quit speaking Greek, and look at my face when I'm talking to you?

Thank you.

I haven't really had enough time to get to know Rick, but I can tell you he's intelligent.

He reads people very well.

Almost annoyingly so.

Is there something specific you had in mind?

What of his temperament?

I'm not sure I could say.

We've only had a few conversations.

This stays between me and you.


Thank you. I appreciate your candour.

That's all.

And John?

You're my first in line for the Browning's bid.

Yes, ma'am. Thank you.

You've got three weeks for a new proposal.

Can I call you back?

What's happening, man?

That's disgusting!

How does God turn coffee into piss?


Could you not stare at me, please.

You're not a faggot, are you?


I don't care if you are, I just think they're disgusting.

That's all.


Why are you so uptight?

Are you in some kind of trouble?

Not that I can tell.

There isn't anyone in here I should know about, is there?

Why do you ask?

Ms. Craig was asking me about--

She was asking my assessment of you and her tone was strange.

What is your assessment of me, John?

I told her you seem intelligent.

Listen, I got into a fight when I was in college.

The powers that be decided that they should put that on my permanent record.

Now, I don't talk about it, but it does come up because I am in the pseudo-business of law.

Why is that such a big deal?

Because I was drunk and started the fight.

Serious shit in Texas.

It's fucked up.

You ever been in a fight?



But I'll bet every day you probably feel like you struggle with everything, don't you?

Yes, I do.

That feeling goes away the second you start fighting back.

We're getting a drink tonight.


Who? What are you, a fucking owl?

Me and you!

It's Monday.

John, how old are you?

I have no idea who you are, do I?

I was sent here to destroy you.

Come on, man.

I'm a fucking nerd.

¶ Wrapped up in my arms ¶ Ahh!

¶ Breathing, breathing down ¶

¶ Push it all around ¶

¶ My heartbeat hits the wall ¶

Fucking ass in your face!

That's what I'm talking about!

¶ Easy, easy, easy ¶

¶ Easy, easy, easy ¶

¶ I touch myself while you touch yourself ¶

¶ Now come on ¶

¶ Easy, easy, easy ¶

¶ Easy, easy, easy ¶

¶ Touch your skin, baby ¶

¶ Come on ¶

¶ Oh, come on ¶

¶ Wrapped up in my arms ¶

¶ Push and pull it down ¶

¶ Push it all around ¶

¶ My heartbeat hits the wall ¶

¶ Teardrops on your thighs ¶

¶ Tell the world that it's easy ¶

¶ Easy, easy, easy ¶

¶ Easy, easy, easy ¶

Go home.

Come on!

Let go of my arm.

Come on!

Let go of my arm! You're fucking annoying me.

All right, I'll see you later.

Hope there's not a body in there.

How you doing?


Listen, I don't know if this is really any of my business, but is John okay?

You kidding me?

In the three weeks since you've moved here, he's turned into a drunk asshole.

Yeah, about that.

I don't think it's such a good idea if John goes out with me and the boys after work anymore.

Excuse me?

Well, we all blow off steam, but with John, I think he bottles up all of his stress and instead of letting it go, he just piles up more shit on top to cope, you know?

It's just, it's not healthy.

It's not. Look, he's had problems.

Are you okay?

I'm worried.


The first thing I want to do is kick his ass.

But he lets people push him around so I try to go easy on him.

What's bothering him?

Well, you know that contract he's putting together?

Yeah, the Browning CEO bid, right?

It's a lot of money.

...bail-out... ...$147,000...

...parasite... ...parasite...


Show me your pussy.


Good morning!

Hey, you want to go to the beach?

What's up?

What's up?

Not much.

Not much.

It's kind of cold.

Yeah, I've got blankets.

Hey, John, Jennifer.

These are my neighbours. This is Kelly.


Yeah, I seen you somewhere, I think.


So what do you guys think?

You want to go? Yeah, no?

I should do some work.

My proposal's due tomorrow.

Suit yourself.

Um...all right.

Well, have fun.

What were you two talking about?

I thought you had to work.

I do have to work.

Look at me when you're fucking talking to me.

Considering what I'm bringing to this relationship financially, you either start treating me with some respect or get the fuck out of my life!

I'm tired of being your little fucking lapdog.


Listen, I don't expect you to understand this, okay?

But Rick and I have a good friendship.

We give each other feedback in some very serious areas.

That guy has some issues he's dealing with.

When I see my fiancée acting like a little girl in front of him, it pleases me off and it belittles our relationship, okay?

So I'm just looking out for you.

Now look, don't forget to walk the dog.

Come on in, John.

Good morning.

Just give me the final number.

It's a little dramatic.

It's the future of my law firm.

It's pretty dramatic to me.

Yes, ma'am.

There may be a few areas where my interpretations could be skewed in one direction or another.

Yeah, that's what you didn't get, John, and this is what I was afraid of.

The number I'm looking at here is $147,000 above the number I looked at earlier this morning.

To you, that doesn't seem like a lot of money, but to the client, we're talking about $147,000 less on taxes.

Means there's more money to spend on tax attorneys.

I appreciate the work you did on the proposal but it's not going to happen.

It's not going to happen?

Because you didn't take what you could get.

Because I'm not a parasite?

Everything lives off something, John.

I worked my ass off on this proposal.

Hey, look at me.

I respect you.

All I'm asking is that in the future, you go one step further than what you've been taught.

Take the rest of the day off and think about it.

Learn from your friend Rick Carlson.

He got the bid?

He wasn't even asked to and he put together the most aggressive proposal I received.

Listen, 134 million dollars.

284 million dollars.

150 million dollar discrepancy.

Now, when you have a free-market trade, you've got two opposing sides.

You've got one that's going to look at a red line.

You've got another one that's going to look at the other side of things and think something's wrong.

You know what? Give me a minute.

I thought you were honest.

I haven't lied to you in any way, John.

No, but you lied in your proposal for the Browning's bid.


That's a lie, and I know what that number represents.

You know, I don't have to justify myself to you, John.

Are you all right, man?

Am I "all right"?

Yeah, you just seem a little stressed out.

I'm worried about you.

Jennifer's worried about you.

How do you know what Jennifer's worried about?

Because I've been fucking her, that's why.

Say it again, motherfucker!

Say it! Say that again--

Get off of me!

Hey, get off of me!

Hey, are you out of your fucking mind?

He's talking about fucking my fiancée!

What the hell is going on?

He stole my information!

He's talking about fucking my fiancée!

And I want him out of here!

Get him out of here! Get him out of here!

Wait a minute! Listen, listen to me!

I am the victim here!

Listen to me! Open your eyes!

Open your fucking eyes!

I am the victim here, Cynthia!

He's a fucking snake! Woo!

I am the victim!

... More use of chemical weapons.

This is how they give their statements to the public and into the world.

I don't know how they came to this conclusion or anything, or the think tanks that are paid millions to go through these scenarios. He then goes on to say...

...information chips implanted in the brain...

...electromagnetic pulse weapons...

Come on!

The middle class is becoming revolutionary.

You're making me sick.

...population of countries in the Middle East increasing by 132%...


...Flash mobs...

What the fuck are you looking at, motherfucker?

...flash mobs, which are groups rapidly mobilized by criminal gangs or terrorist groups.

Now, let's just go over this little paragraph here.

As I say, look at how this is presented to the public.

This is standard predictive programming...

...that's giving you fear, on one hand, without explaining exactly why...

If you're going to sit here, you have to feed the meter.

I'm sorry, I'm just on the fucking phone.

Thank you.

You're kidding me.


Are you kidding me?

I warned you.

Come on, are you kidding me?

I said I warned you.

This is bullshit. Come on, stop writing my ticket.

I'm taking down the numbers--

Just stop writing the fucking ticket!

Stop writing the fucking ticket!

Are you a fucking machine?

I'm just doing my job.

Are you a fucking machine?

Stop writing the fucking ticket!

Fine, whatever.

That's less money for me to spend on immigrants, right?

We were here first.

No, no, no.

The Indians were here first, and we came and raped you and you became a Mexican.

Have a good day, seńor.

You're a fucking parasite.

Fucking bullshit.

Come on, pick up, Steph.

Hey, it's Steph.

Leave a message and don't bore me.

Hey, it's me.

Hey listen, there's some crazy shit going on, Steph.

You remember that asshole Rick you were flirting with?

He just--

He just stole my fucking job and I'm freaking out right now.

Do me a favour and run his name through the DMV system there.

He should have a criminal record.

I know of one incident--

I know one incident for sure in Texas that did happen.

I just don't buy that he happened to move in across the hall from me and happens to work in the office across the hall from me and then steals my fucking job!

And I'm going to kill him or something.

His last name's Carlson.

There are probably a million Rick Carlsons, so I'm going to find out his middle name and kill...

God, I wish you'd answered.

He's trying to break up my engagement.


I'm sorry.

This is the longest message in the world.

Listen, I'm cool, Steph.

A little nervous breakdown on the phone.

I'm fine.

Listen, I'll call you later. All right? Bye.

I've just...

God! Rick, you scared me!

What did you just say?

I said, Oh God, John, you scared me!

What are you doing?

Who were you talking to?

My dad.

Do you lie to me?


Do you lie to me?


Do you love me?

Of course.

Which me?


Which me?

I'm worried about you, John.


I know. Rick told me.

Why are you so worried about me?



What do you want, Jennifer?




Tell me what you want.

What do you want, Jennifer?

I want to be like we were.

I've been a mess since you first met me.

Let me ask you something, and think before you answer because if you lie, I'll know it.

Did you ever show Rick any of the papers I've been working on?

God, no, John!

Did you ever talk to him about my business in any specifics?

Be honest, now.

I did.

The other day, in the garage, I was saying that I was worried about you and we started talking.

You and Rick started talking.

Say his name so you can hear it, Jennifer.

Rick and I started talking about you.

And we did talk about your business, but only in the context that it was bothering you.

Well it sure as fuck didn't bother him because thanks to you, I lost my contract!


You cheated on me.

You defied the trust of this house.

I only told him that I was worried about how stressed out you are!

And why am I so stressed?

Because I'm working my ass off to keep the shit that we already have because we're in debt!

Because I'm the one fucking person on this planet who doesn't rob and steal and lie and cheat!!

And for that, I'm considered weak?!

Okay, maybe you're so used to being a victim, John, that you can't see when people are genuinely trying to help you!

You're crazy!

Did I hurt your feelings?

Want to know the truth?

Rick's been trying to get me to fuck around behind your back since the moment we met and I didn't because I treat people the way I want to be treated.

And if I treated you with the kind of disrespect that you've been treating me, I hope to God that you'd throw my ass over this fucking railing!

Now I'm giving you 3 seconds to get the fuck out of this house!


I see you.

"Richard Vellum Carlson."

Vellum Carlson.

Fucking Carlson.

Ha ha, very funny.

What are you doing?

What are you doing, huh?


You miss me already?

Rick, what are you doing?

Talking to my other girlfriend.

¶ Deep down in the mud where the dead fuck ¶

¶ I'm calling your name ¶

¶ I bow my head to the ground where my lips suck ¶

¶ Till our breath is the same ¶

¶ There's a moment I'm crawling like an animal ¶

¶ Something tells me this is the time ¶

¶ There's a moment I'm crawling like an animal ¶

¶ Will you come for me? ¶

What's so funny?

Just looking at all the drones, man.

You know what I'm saying?

Not really.

Then you yourself are a drone.

¶ I did my time ¶

¶ I threw it away ¶

¶ I followed the signs so I could look in your eyes ¶ Where have you been?

Tara, my love.

I haven't seen you in almost two weeks.

That's because you never turn around.

I've been following you.

That's creepy.

That's creepy.

Where's your friend?



Listen, I found out some fucked-up shit about Rick.

Can you keep a secret?


You never messed around with him, did you?


I got a call from a girl that Rick was with.

Rick's HIV-positive.


I know, it's terrible.

Don't say anything.

Of course not. But, my God, Chrissie!

She should know.

Yeah, I'll...

I'll tell her.

Is he okay?

He's so depressed.

I know him though, he's going to act like nothing's happening and keep spreading it around.

I know, it's stupid but I went out and got myself checked.

You're clean, right?

I'm clean as a whistle.

I was just freaked out.


You want to go smoke?

Yeah, let's smoke.

Hey. Vellum.

How's it going, Tara? Good to see you.

What was that?

Who gives a fuck?

¶ Time to kill ¶

¶ Precious time ¶

I'll call you.

Ricky, boy.

You better take the stairs.

Don't be a dick, John.

Sorry, can't talk.

Got to go job-hunting.

I didn't do anything against you.

Oh, love and war.

Dog eat dog.

Business is business.

I'll see you, Vellum.

Grow up, cockhole.



Is this--?

Okay, sorry. Thank you.

Hello, is this...?

Yeah, I heard you had a job available?

Okay, sorry.

Thank you.

... and I heard that there was a job.

I'm a lawyer, okay?

I'm a lawyer, okay?

To be honest, I've had problems of my own.

I heard that you had a job available?

... pretended to be my friend and he had my fiancée betray me.

... I'm sorry about that, goodbye.

You ever hear of knocking?

I own half the stuff in this place; I don't have to knock.

Seattle, come here, boy! Come here!

Good boy.

So were you even going to call me?

Why don't you go play with Rick?

We've been together 3˝ years, John.

I think I deserve a little better than this.

You want what you deserve?

Just say the word and I'll give it to you.

Yes, is this --

... I heard there was this job.

Okay, sorry.


Wow, Ricky, my boy.


"Dear Ms. Craig...

"Please use discretion

"with the following attachment.

"I thought you should know...

"your head lapdog...

"a little bit better.

"Thank you for firing me.

"It feels good...

"to tell you...

"to fuck off.

"You are...

"a stupid cunt...

"with a dried-up...

"bird's nest pussy.

"That's why I'd start...

"with your ass...

"and end... in your mouth."

"Dear Ms. Craig, please use discretion with the following attachment."

And send.

Time to celebrate.

Hey, Tara, it's John.

Call me, I want to see you tonight.

Will you just listen to me? Stop!

No. You go get your fuckin' dirty dick tested and then I'll listen to you, you fucking cocksucker!


What the fuck?

All right.

All right

All right, just a minute, Seattle.

Told you that was disgusting.

You want to fuck with me?

Stay out of my life, you fucking asshole!

What, you find that annoying?

What did I do to you?

You pretended to be my friend.

Fill my head with your stupid, fucking shit!

Why don't you admit you're a fucking liar!

I was your friend, you fucking pussy!

I told you to stand up for yourself.

I told you you could do whatever you want.

This is the real world, John.

You fucking disgust me!

I have lied to you, John.

I never had a prescription for meds or had trouble with people disrespecting me because I'm an individual.

But I invested in your weakness.

I had to stoop to your level just so I didn't go fucking crazy.

I trusted you, man.

You got information from my girlfriend that you used to get a job that was rightfully mine.

You're a parasite!

You're a fucking liar!

All you do is fucking suck!

You fucking told Tara I had AIDS!

Because you lied to me!

I lie to make myself smaller.

You lie to make yourself bigger.

Who is evolution going to choose, John? Huh?

You crippled a man, Ricky.

You crippled somebody.

You don't know anything about it.

I know I never hurt anybody like that.

Andrew Jackson was a lowlife fucking drug dealer who I was buying Coke from and he hated me because I'd always show up and I'd fuck around with his friends.

"Hey, what up, nigga!"

One day, we got twisted.

He reneged, no pun intended.

Shit got out of hand. It happens every day.

This is the real world, John. No right or wrong.

You get what you give.

You know that little e-mail you sent Ms. Craig?

Ms. Craig wants me to get a restraining order against you.

Me, the bad guy, needs protection from you, the good guy.

Who is God going to choose, John?

Now let's just go over this little paragraph here.

As I say, look at how this is presented to the public.

This is how they give their statements to the world.

Middle classes becoming revolutionary...

giving you fear...

giving you conclusions... fear... programming... conclusion... conclusion... conclusion.