Ordet (1955) Script



Father! Yes, what is it?

Johannes is out on the dunes again. Ls he? Oh, no.

I'm going to keep an eye on him. I'm coming with you.

I'm coming.

What's going on? It's your brother.

Johannes? No, Anders.

It must be Johannes again. Yes.

I better come along. Yes.

The poor thing. Johannes?

Doesn't he need our pity, so incurably insane?

Maybe he's happy like that. You can't mean it.

Put something warm on. Yes.

Your father's going, too. I'm ready now.

I'll have hot coffee waiting.

I expect we'll need it.

Woe unto you, hypocrites!

You... and you!

And you!

Woe unto you for your faithlessness!

Woe unto you, because you do not believe in me, the risen Christ, who has come to you at the bidding of Him who made the heavens and the earth.

Verily, I say unto you, Judgement Day is near.

God has called me to be his prophet before his face.

Woe unto ye of little faith, for only they who have faith shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Is Johannes... Yes.

What is that for, Johannes?

I am the light of the world, but the darkness knoweth it not.

I came unto my own, and my own received me not.

Why put the candlesticks there?

That my light shall shine in the darkness.

It's so sad.

He's quite mad - I mean, thinking he's Jesus.

I wonder if he'll ever recover his wits.

It's all that reading that's turned his head.


He should never have been encouraged to study.

I did it because he was gifted.

You wanted a priest in the family.

No, there are priests a-plenty.

What's needed is a man to stir people.

I saw his gifts, I thought he was the spark that could set Christianity ablaze once more.

I prayed with all my heart that he might have the voice of a prophet.

The reformer?

The renewer, yes, that's what I prayed for so earnestly.

See what has come of it.

We'd all better go back to bed.

Good night, father. Good night.

Good night, father. Good night, Anders.

I'll go and take a look at the sow.

Johannes will be his old self again.

How I've hoped he would get better, but he never will.

Why do you say that?

Miracles no longer happen.

Nothing is impossible for God, if we pray to Him.

Inger, I've prayed and prayed.

You must pray once more.

Jesus himself said that He will grant our prayers.

I know, Inger, I know.

But what use have all my prayers been?

Can you know what your prayers have set in motion?

Pray and pray again, even if you think your prayers are poor.

Good night, little Grandad.

Good night, Inger.

I'll sit up a little longer.

Inger... You do that.

Good night then.

I'm sorry for your father.

I'm sorry for Johannes. So am I.

But... But what?

Johannes may be nearer to God than we are, but your father...

I can't bear his godliness.

You're unfair to your father.

He's been unfair to me.

He's never reproached you.

No, but I know what he thought when I wouldn't participate in the piousness on this farm.

Mikkel, you do believe in God, don't you?

You know my views, Inger.

You have no faith? Not even faith in faith.

But you have something more important.

What's that?

A heart, and goodness.

Yes, faith is not enough if you are not a good person, too.

And you are.

But I have no faith. It will come.

Are you so sure? Yes.

Just you see how warm you will feel then.

And how happy.

It's nice to be happy, isn't it?

Yes, Inger girl. Now we must sleep, lass.

Good night, my big lad.

Karen, give that to the hens.

You two must help me. With what?

Well, Anne and I are thinking... Anders!

You haven't fallen in love with the tailor's daughter?

I have.

What's wrong in that, Mikkel?

Nothing, except it's the worst that could happen to you.

The worst? I don't mean her, she's sweet.

What is it then? What will father say?

That's why I need your help, if you're willing.

But what about her father? What will he say?

You know they don't share father's views on religion.

But if Anne and I love each other...

Mikkel and I agree with you.

But... But?

But what... eh, Mikkel?

Damned if I know.

You'll help me, won't you?

Of course we will help you.

Why don't you go and talk to Anne's father?

He's impossible to talk to. Try, at least.

Yes... yes.

I could try, of course. What do you think, Inger?

Yes. You try.

And I'll have a try with your father.

That'll be the hardest, but I'll try anything.

Thanks, Inger. I'm sure you'll manage.

And you manage the tailor. I'll go there now.

Goodbye. Good luck.

If only father doesn't become obstinate.

I'm more afraid of him becoming sad.

Shouldn't you be cutting the reeds? Yes.

Goodbye, my lass. Goodbye, goodbye.

Anyone would think we're just engaged. We are.

We have been married eight years.

Don't mess it up. Do I usually?

No, that was unfair.

Dear God, help me today also.

It's because the rain came in.


You made me jump. Did I?

What did you say? Rain's getting in through the roof.

It certainly is.

Blasted rheumatism!

Coffee at this time of day?

It's so cold, grandfather.


Biscuits, too. Home-made.

You like my biscuits, don't you? Yes.

Are you looking for this?

Yes, thank you.

I did fancy that pipe, but it needs filling.

It's been filled.

You can do that, too?

I can do everything.

Except have a son.

Now, now.

Here you go.


Grandfather... Yes?

A corpse in the parlour.

What is he saying?

Be quiet, Johannes.

Shut the door.

So shall my Father in heaven be glorified.

There, there.

There, there, Johannes.

What was that he said?

Who cares about what he says, Inger?

Do you want another coffee?

Yes, please. A small one.

Thank you.

The new pastor just went into the church.

He hasn't called here yet.

He'll come one day.

Are Mikkel and Anders cutting reeds?

Mikkel left just as you came.

He preaches a good sermon.

The pastor? Yes... but he takes rather too long to get to the "amen".

Yes, perhaps.


Yes? Will you help me?

Yes, I suppose, if I can.

You can.

You know Anne, the tailor's daughter?


What about her?

Wouldn't she be a match for Anders?

So that's why we're having coffee.

Not really.

But... wouldn't she?

I won't discuss it.

How can you be such a... Such a what?

...such a stick-in-the-mud farmer?

Like unto like, I say.

Grandfather, the only thing that matters is that they love each other.

Love comes with the years, Inger.

Dear grandfather, you know all about the world, but nothing about love.

Tell me...

Have you ever been in love?

In love?

At least a dozen times.

Just as I thought! What did you think?

You've never been in love.

Well, I've been married, I know that.

Yes... but surely with you and Maren...

It was only... What was it only?

It was a farmer's deal.


Maren was a good wife.

Just the right wife for me.

Forgive me.


If you'll agree to Anders and Anne marrying, I'll promise you something that will make you happy.

And what is that?

Fried eel for dinner on Sunday.

Well, that's a deal, of sorts.


And I promise you a boy this time.

Are you happy now?

You're good at making promises, Inger.

Do you agree? Inger, Inger...

Why go to so much bother?

Anders will get over it, and we'll easily find the right girl for him.

Then I'll tell you that he's not cutting reeds with Mikkel.

Isn't he? No.

Where is he?

So that's it.

That was the reason for the coffee.

Yes, grandfather, it was.

When he gets back we'll say, "Congratulations, Anders", won't we?

So Peter the tailor is getting a son-in-law today.

And you a sweet, capable daughter-in-law.

I haven't asked for one.

Do consent, grandfather.

When he went off without a word to me?

And you knew about it, but never said anything.

A conspiracy by my children, behind my back.

I'm damned if I'll consent.

Grandfather, where are you going?

Why ask?

Do any of you tell me where you're going?

Grandfather! Grandfather!

In his shirt-sleeves, too.

Go and have coffee.


And tell Hans to lay straw bedding for the mare.


There you are.

What's the matter with you, grandfather?

Borgensgaard is going to the dogs.

Nothing of the sort. Yes.

And Johannes will never be any different.

How do you know?

Mikkel won't be any different.

How can you compare them?

Anyway, what's wrong with Mikkel?

He's betrayed his forefathers' faith.

Mikkel is all right.

He has God in his heart.

And now Anders...

Sometimes I can't make you out.

You seem as if God has abandoned you.

Do I?

You're right, I'm not what I was.

And you do know why.

Because God didn't hear you all those nights you prayed by Johannes' bed.

No, you're wrong.

It wasn't God's fault, it was mine.

If I'd prayed with faith, a miracle would have happened.

But I prayed because I thought it was worth trying.

If a father can't pray with faith for his child, miracles do not happen.

But our Lord might manage it.

I don't believe it anymore.

Do you know what I think?

I think that many tiny miracles occur all around us.

Our Lord hears people's prayers, but He does things quietly, without making a fuss.


I'll go and meet Maren and little Inger. School's finished now.

Is it that time?

You'll come with me? I sure will.

Despite your rheumatism?

Damn that, I'm not a cripple yet.


Peter Petersen. Tailor.

The time is coming for me to go.

I hear the voice of winter.

For I also am only a bird of passage.

My real home is elsewhere.

If that isn't the little Anne?

Did you find anyone in?

Yes. You got the money?

Yes, I'll leave it over here.

You do that.

Anne, can you see to the birds?

They must need water.

Listen, Anne.

I think you've been crying.

Did you meet anyone?

I met Anders.

From Borgensgaard? Yes.

Did you talk to him?

Yes. They have fifteen piglets.

I hope you remembered what I told you.

Of course.

You know you must be on guard? Yes, father.

And not let sin prevail.

Yes, father. That's a good girl.

Anne, bring in firewood. Yes, mother.

You know what I've been thinking, Kirstine?

No, Peter.

Being young Borgengaard's father-in-law may have advantages.

Anne would never go wanting.

True, but I was thinking of more than worldly advantages.

Was it not?

What were you thinking then?

What if we humble folk were to win Borgensgaard for God's kingdom?

That would be a great joy.

The idea turned my head, too, but then I came to my senses.

How, Peter?

L found I was thinking of the worldly aspect, rather than the heavenly.

Thank the Lord for opening your eyes.

Thanks be to Him.

Gather up the fragments that remain that nothing be lost.

Come in.

Good morning. I was just passing.

The Lord be with you.


The Lord be with you.


Are you...

Do you not know me?

Are you the son of the house?

I am a mason.

I build houses,

but people refuse to live in them.

Do they?

They want to build for themselves.

They want to, but they cannot.

And so they live, some in unfinished huts, others in ruins, while the greatest number wander homeless.

Are you one who needs a house?

I am the new pastor.

My name is... My name is Jesus of Nazareth.


How can you prove that?

Thou man of faith, who himself lacks faith.

People believe in the dead Christ, but not in the living.

They believe in miracles of two thousand years ago.

But they do not believe in me now.

I am come again to witness for my Father in heaven and to work miracles.

Miracles no longer happen.

Thus speaks my church on earth.

The church that has betrayed me, murdered me in my own name.

Here I stand, and again you cast me out.

But if you nail me to the cross a second time, woe unto you.

This is quite dreadful.

Is it you, Anders?

Hello, Peter. What do you want?

Have you some sewing to be done?

Not that. What, then?

Well, Anne and me... I've come to ask you if I may marry her.

No. Definitely not.

Couldn't we ask Anne? No.

Why not? There's no point.

Aren't I good enough? No, Anders, you're not good enough.

What's wrong with me?

The problem is that you are not a Christian.

I'm not a Christian? No.

Not what we down here understand by a Christian.

I'm as good a believer as you and Kirstine.

But not of our faith, that's what I look for.

You'd better leave, we're holding a meeting.

Goodbye. Goodbye. Regards to the family.

Hello. Hello and welcome.

Hello and welcome in the name of the Lord.


Hello and welcome. Please come in and have a seat.

Hello, Pastor.

I'm the eldest son, Mikkel Bergen.

Hello. Welcome to Borgensgaard.

Thanks. Many thanks.

Have a seat. Thanks.

I expect everyone's out.

Would you care for a cigar? No, thanks.

Have you met anyone else? Yes... your brother, perhaps.

Johannes? Yes“.

I hope he didn't offend you. No, no...

But was he born like...

We don't like to talk about it, but I can tell you.

Something happened.

Was it love? No, Kierkegaard.


Well, Johannes was studying theology, and it was going very well, but then he became enmeshed in doubts.

It was too much for him? Yes.

A blow for the family.

Yes, you want to help, but there's nothing you can do.

Father's coming. Let's change the subject.

Good day, pastor. Welcome to Borgensgaard.

Thanks. Many thanks.

Hello and welcome to Borgensgaard.

This is Maren, and this is little Inger.

Just the two? At the moment.

A cup of coffee?

Another time, perhaps. I must go now.

Goodbye, Pastor. And thanks for your visit.

You're welcome.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

Let me...

Go and have lunch.

He seems pleasant enough.

That's what he's paid for.

Is Anders back yet?

Did you speak to father? Yes.

And you might as well know his decision straightaway.

Yes. Anders must find a wife, but a wife of our faith.

So you're afraid. Afraid?

If Anne's faith prevails on Anders, Peter the tailor will triumph.

Inger, you understand me.

When I took over this farm, there was no living Christianity in the parish.

I began on my own.

They railed against me in church.

No one supported me.

A battle was fought for years, until the faith of this farm triumphed.

Now I'm to open my door to those sour people down by the marsh who fought against me?

No. I'm damned if I will.

You understand me, Inger? Yes. Yes, grandfather, but...

I'm thinking of Anders. I know Anders.

Anders is a good boy, but he's weak and easily influenced.

That's why he needs a wife of his own faith.

And is bullied into giving up his love.

Watch your tongue, Mikkel.

Don't misunderstand your father.

My God, he's coming now.

Back from cutting the reeds?

No, father, I've come from...


Congratulations, then.

Are you crying?

He refused me, father. He refused me.

What are you saying? He refused me.

Who refused you? Peter the tailor.

Anders... Peter the tailor said no?

Definitely "no".

And in the end he pushed me out.

My son was refused Peter the tailor's daughter?

Why, may I ask?

Because“. Because I'm not good enough.

Why aren't you good enough?

I'm not of their faith.

So we up here at Borgensgaard are not good enough for Peter the tailor.

Well, I'm damned!

Are we heathens up here?

I wonder if Peter the tailor is brave enough to say that to my face.


Are you serious about Anne?

Would I let him push me out, otherwise?

A sensible answer at last! Inger, my coat!

You get ready too, Anders.

Tell Hans to harness the cart. It's done. You were going to the mill.

Yes, that's right.

You're the best father I could have.

Off you go...

Here you go. Thank you.

The Lord knows what he's thinking of.

A clean handkerchief... Inger, you think of everything.

And keep an eye on the sow. Yes.

And people say the age of miracles is past.

I must go and unload. And I must do the dishes.

We, who are washed in the blood of the lamb, know that the Lord works His wonders among us from day to day.

Is it not a miracle that you sit there, Jenssigne, assured of salvation?

Is it not a miracle, Kristen, that the Lord guided you from your former ways to submit your will to Him?

Miserable sinner that I am, is it not a miracle that I give witness to you?

Is it not glorious? Ls it not beautiful?

Is it not blessed?

Praise be, glory to such a God.

Come in.

Good evening. Good evening.

Welcome to our meeting.

I haven't come to your meeting.

I've come for a talk with you.

You are just as welcome.

Here you go.

Good evening. Good evening.

Have you come alone?

No, Anders is with me.

We were about to hear a testimony by Mette Maren.

We are ready, Mette Maren.

I just want to say that I wish that each of you may find the Lord as I have found Him.

I went in sin, and I was crushed by it.

When I was converted, I became the happiest creature on earth, and I praise and thank the Lord.

That's all I wanted to say.

That was a fine testimony.

Sit down, won't you?

Let us sing Number 13.

Sinner, cover not your ears.

Listen to the voice of the lamb.

Hark! Its voice is full of grace.

Come and rest against my breast.

Number 82.

The Lord be with you.

Hello, it's Mikkel Borgen again.

Isn't the doctor back yet?

Have you now?

He said that? So he'll be here soon.


The midwife's here, but she dare not do anything until the doctor arrives.

She has asked us to bring in a large table.

Wait. There's a car coming now.

It's him, thank God.

Good bye.

What's that?

Thank you. Goodbye.

Things aren't going well with Inger, the midwife says.

Let's see how bad it is.

Think all of you.

Come all of you.

God's judgement will be.

Salvation to all.

Good night, brothers and sisters.

Our next meeting in Jesus' name will be this day next week, God willing.

Good night, my friend. Good night.


Go and put the kettle on.

Have a seat next to your father.

Thanks. Hello.

Hello. Welcome.

A cup of coffee?

Don't put yourself out.

A fin of your pipe?

Don't put yourself out for that.

Anders? No, thank you. Not now.

Bacon's going up, Peter.

But eggs came down yesterday.

Have you got many hens, Peter?

About as many as you have pigs.

Here's the coffee.

Isn't Anne coming? I think not.

Why not?

I think it will make it easier for her to walk in the path of the Lord.

You hear, father?

You can drink your coffee in the kitchen.

I can if you like.

If you agree, that is. You can do it anyway.

We three will drink our coffee out there, as you seem to be master here.


On my way here I tried to see things from your point of view.

What did you conclude?

Our different views on religion shouldn't come between our children.

Anne will marry one of our faith.

We don't intend to take our Lord from her.

There's no point in talking, you never understand me.

And do you understand me?

Perfectly. I was once like you.

And that wasn't enough for you?

Right, Morten, that wasn't enough for me.

I don't wish to speak evil of you, or any of the others, but I'm damned if I can stand you.

What is it about us that you can't stand?

Above all, that stuff about conversion.

And what else have you against us?

I can't stand your undertaker's faces.

So I've heard.

You have a bright, jolly Christianity, while we are undertakers and killjoys.

But if you're so jolly, why do you look so sad whenever we meet you?

I feel light and free, because I know a place is waiting for me in heaven.

And the rest of us go straight to hell and everlasting torment?

Is that right?

Isn't that what you believe?

You've taken the words out of my mouth.

"And the dead rose up and began to speak."

"And He delivered him unto his mother."

Do you want to see the picture?

A beautiful picture.

You will see it better over there, Anders.

Can we have more coffee? Yes, Peter.

You take it in, Anne.

So you're bringing the coffee.

Should I, Anne? Yes.

Maybe just half, then.

Isn't your mother in the kitchen?

Yes, but Anders is there, too.

Thanks, dear.

Well, Peter...

Have you had second thoughts?

What about? About Anne and Anders.

No, not yet, at least.

At least?

Morten, are you still completely satisfied with your God?

I certainly am. Are you sure?

What are you getting at, Peter?

You are not satisfied.

Morten, come over to us.

Have you lost your wits?

You would gain peace of soul. Never!

When you return, dust to dust, it will be too late.

Come over to us. I'm damned if I will.

Morten, the Lord is the God of miracles.

He can lead you from unbelief and delusion.

Unbelief and...? Unbelief and delusion!

You say that about my faith?

Do you know the difference between my faith and yours?

You believe Christianity is being mournful and torturing yourself.

I believe Christianity means the enhancement of life.

My faith makes me rejoice in life.

Your faith merely makes you long for death.

My faith is the warmth of life.

Your faith is the chill of death.


One day it will dawn on you that we were seeking the true light.

What are you really seeking?

God, and nothing else.

It sounds good, but we regard you as being neither believers nor converted.

So in my judgement...

In your judgement? You are lost souls.

In Peter the tailor's judgement we are all going to hell.

Anders! Anders!

Yes, father? We're going home.

Shan't I have Anne, then? No.

And I say yes.

Devil take it if I have to drag her out of this penitentiary.

Come, Anders. Father...

We're going now!

And good night!

Oh, Morten, can't you see you are incurring God's wrath?

I won't listen to your wittering.

It's the Lord you must listen to. You must be tried still further.

Hello? Yes.

Yes, it is.

No, not yet.

They're just leaving.


I see.


Good night. I hope she feels better soon.

Who did you hope would feel better soon?

Indeed, indeed.

We live in a world of miracles. What do you mean?

Just as I say you must be tried still further, Mikkel rings up... And what?

...and says that Inger is seriously ill.


It must be the child. No.

Something extraordinary. I'd better hurry.

This time I hope the Lord will reach your heart, however hard he smites.

What are you saying?

God help me, you stand there wanting my daughter-in-law to die.

If there is no other way, yes, I wish it in the name of Jesus.

You do, do you? Don't!

There's only one answer to that! No, stop it.

Calm down, father. I have witnesses.

The great Morten! Do you deny others the right to exist?

Go to hell! No, I won't block your entrance.

You landowner lout!

Is she having contractions? She certainly is.


It's time for the anaesthetics.

Borgen, hold the lamp.

What has happened?

It's nothing.

She'll come round soon.

How's her pulse? Not too good.

Remove the mask.

Come and help me.

Take the heartbeat.

It's rapid.

Is the child still alive? Yes, so far.

But we haven't finished yet.

Will my wife be all right? Keep quiet.

Hold the lamp nearer.

Put the lamp down.

And get me a tub.

How big? That size?

How is it going?

Karen, fetch the little wooden tub my wife bought last week.

So the doctor's here. What about the midwife?

They're both here.

Anything wrong with the child? It was in the wrong position.

And Inger? If she is saved, we can be thankful.

Here you go.

Is it serious, father?

We two, Anders, are going to have a busy night.

Are we? Yes.

Praying. Yes, father. For Anne and for Inger.

For Inger. Anne, we can manage that ourselves.

Now go and lie down, and put your trust in God.

Won't we pray together, father?

My boy, when it's something really important, I prefer to pray alone.

Though, of course, it's always the Lord's will that is done.

Then came the Lord Himself, with His scythe and His hourglass.

All right, Johannes.

Why art thou afraid, thou man of little faith?

For I am not yet ascended to my Father.

Hold your tongue, Johannes.

And in His own country.

He did not many mighty works, because of their unbelief.

Go to your room.

Go to bed.

Well, Mikkel?

The child has arrived.

Was it a boy, as Inger promised me?

Yes, it was a boy.

You see, the Lord is...

He's lying in the tub, in four pieces.


If only you could pray to God.

You can do that, father.

What are you on about now, Johannes?

Did you not see him?

Who? The Lord?

The Lord...

The man with the hourglass and scythe.

He went with the child.

If you had believed in me, this would not have happened.

Now I can do nothing.

Oh God!

Oh God!

Oh God!

How great must thy need be, before thou hearest me?

Dear Johannes, if you want to make your father happy, go to your room.



What should I see?

Can you see him?

There he is.


The man with the scythe.

He's come back, to fetch Inger.

Will you be quiet?

Do you still reject me?

Johannes. Johannes...

No, no...

This is madness.

Yet what is madness and what is sanity?

Now you draw nigh to God.

One word only, it will cost you but one word.

No! No!

No! Go away!

They seek to gather grapes of thorns.

The vine they pass by.

Go to your room!

You are driving me insane, too.


Not in bed, Maren?

Yes, I am. But...

You shouted so loud, grandfather. Oh...

I woke you? Yes, because we've been moved.

You've been moved? Our bed is in your room.

Do you know why? No.

Because we're going to have a little brother.

Who told you that?

Mummy. Oh.

And were you glad?

Well, I wanted a little sister, but mummy said she'd promised you a little brother.

She said that?

Yes, and do you know what? Now she's very ill.


That's why our Lord decided the little boy won't come this time.

Did He? Yes.

Now you can go and ask our Lord to make mother better again.

Yes, but He's not going to. Isn't He?

No, because she's going to die tonight.

She's going to do what?

That's what uncle says, and then He's going to raise her from the dead, like the Bible man.

What's all this nonsense? It's what uncle says.

But now you must go and snuggle down in bed, little Maren.

Yes, grandfather. Good night.

Good night, grandfather. My dear.

I can't bear it in there.

Have courage.

I see how it will end. End?

Father, I don't think I can bear to lose her.

You're not going to lose her. God will...

Father. Yes?

If Inger dies... Mikkel.

...promise you'll see Anders and Anne married, so the girls have a home.

Almighty God, it mustn't happen.

Don't take Inger from us.

Let's go in to her.

I'll come with you.

How strong you are, dear old father.

Yes, but I'm holding God's hand, you see.


Uncle, will mummy die soon?

Do you want her to?

Yes, because you'll raise her from the dead.

I dare say it will come to nothing.


The others won't let me.

But what about mummy, then?

Your mother will go to heaven.

But I don't want that at all.

Little girl, you don't know what it is to have a mother in heaven.

Better than having her on earth?

You know it is.


If we get hurt, we'll have no mother to care for us.

Nobody can hurt a child whose mother is in heaven.

When your mother is dead, she will be with you always.

But she is when she's alive.


But then she is very busy.


She must milk the cows and do the housework.

The dead don't have to do that. Yes.

Still, I'd rather you raised her from the dead, uncle.

You would? Yes, because then we can keep her.

Child of man.

Please won't you raise her from the dead?

L will if the others let me.

Never mind about them.

How happy I'd be.

Would you? Yes.

Will you come and tuck me up? Yes.

And I'll get one of my father's angels to watch over you tonight.

And will you bless us, like you always do?

Yes, I will.

And He took them up in His arms and put His hands on them, and blessed them.

God, do not send death to us.

There now, Borgen.

Don't say it, Doctor. It's all over.

What? No...

She's sleeping soundly.

Let's hope there are no complications.

But. But...

Eternal praise and thanks.

Yes, it was a hard job.

It certainly was, Doctor.

Many thanks.

Now let's have some coffee.

Yes, of course.


Karen, lnger's going to be all right.

Make coffee - from beans, understand?

Doctor, may I take a peep at her?

Yes, but quietly.

Good evening.

Good evening, Pastor.

Welcome back. Thanks.

You know... Yes, I know the doctor.

I saw his car so I thought I would look in.

Good evening, Doctor. Good evening.

Thank you.

My son's wife was... she had to...

I think she was expecting. Yes.

The child died, but she is all right. I see.

Take off your coat, Pastor. Coffee is coming.

I really must get home. The doctor can give you a lift.

Yes, of course.

Sit down. I'll just peep in there.

No, thanks.

She's sleeping like an angel, Doctor.

Here you go. Thank you.

It's like a miracle.

My dear Borgen, I don't wish to hurt your religious feelings, but now I have some right to challenge you.

Which helped most this evening - your prayers, or my skill?

Our Lord's blessing, dear Doctor.

Ora et labora as the old monks used to say.

You, too, believe in miracles, Pastor? Naturally.

Miracles are possible, since God is the creator.

But... But?

Even if God can perform miracles, He doesn't do so.

How come?

They would break the laws of nature. God doesn't break His own laws.

What about Christ's miracles? Those were special circumstances.

Oh, really.

In special circumstances your God allows a little deviation, then.

No, my good Pastor.

It's strange. Doctors always believe what's least worth believing.

Here you go, Doctor.

The Lord make His face to shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee.

The Lord lift up His countenance upon thee and give thee peace, now and for evermore.


What was that?

Johannes, blessing the children.

I see.

I expect you know... you met him?

Forgive me, but don't you think it would be better for him in a home?

My boy is staying with me as long as I'm at Borgensgaard.

Johannes will get better.

You think so? Just give him time.

One day a psychic shock will clear out the rubbish bin of his subconscious.

He'll be his old self again? Exactly the same.

You see, the doctor, too, believes in miracles.

Yes. I believe in the miracles my science has taught me.

God grant that it happens. Let's hope so.

Well, I'll take another look at the patient, then we'll be off.

Yes. I'm ready.

My heartiest congratulations.

Thank you.

You must be rejoicing over God's work here tonight.

Indeed I am, Pastor.

It's been a hard time.

Yes, yes.

Yet I wouldn't willingly have missed it.

I understand.

Well, Doctor?

She's sleeping beautifully.

Now you should go to bed.

Good night. Good night.

On behalf of Borgensgaard, thank you for tonight.


Remember, Karen, two geese go to the doctor at Christmas.

I'm not a vet. They'll die under my treatment.

Are you coming?

Good night.

How is it going with Inger?

Well, Anders.

Much better than we expected.

That's good.

There he is again, the man with the hourglass.

He's come back for Inger.

Johannes, go to bed.


Now he's going through the wall.

It's the doctor's car headlights.

Johannes, Inger is sleeping.

Her life is no longer in danger.

Listen, it's the scythe.

He cut in error, the wrong swath.

It's the doctor, backing out.

Stop, will you?

Come back, do you hear?

You must.

He won't.

Go then.

In the hour of faith, you will be forced to bring her back.

Johannes, that's enough.

She has died after all.


Suddenly, in her sleep.

Inger dead?

You must be lying.

It's your nerves.

The doctor saw her only a moment ago.

Come and see for yourselves.

She went stiff and cold in my arms.

I saw her lips turn blue, her eyes glaze.

The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Shall we ring for the doctor?

If you think the doctor can bring back the dead, Anders, then ring.

He left here a few minutes ago.

Will you tell him that she has just died... lnger.

Thank you.

Good bye.

The Lord gave...

...and the Lord hath taken away.

She is not dead.

She sleeps.

You think so?

Do you want to see her sleep?

Show me the place where you have laid her.

If thou wouldst believe, thou shouldst see the glory of God.

The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away.

From God am I, the Christ, come hither and to God I shall return.

In the clouds of heaven...

Anders! Anders!

Give me a hand.

Is he dead?

No, father. He's not the sort that dies.

Even that mercy is denied us.

Mikkel, my boy...

Why should she die?

Why should we be torn apart?

It's all so meaningless.

Meaningless! Mikkel, you know...

What do I know?

Only that all I loved and worshipped is to be smothered in the earth, to rot.

To rot.




(JOHN 13, 33)



















Inger Borgen, faithful wife and dear mother has departed from us.

The funeral will be from Borgensgaard on Friday.

Mikkel Borgen. Maren. Lilleinger.

Our beloved daughter-in-law and sister-in-law, Inger Borgen with faith in her divine Saviour Jesus Christ, gone to eternal rest.

Deeply missed by all at Borgensgaard. Morten Borgen. Anders Borgen.

"But I say unto you,"

"that ye resist not evil,"

"but whomsoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek"

"turn to him the other also."

We must be off, if we're to get seats in church.

Yes, Kristine.

Do you remember when Morten Borgen was here?

Yes, why?

I offended.

I'd say it was Morten who offended.

Perhaps... but my offence was greater.


I should have turned the other cheek.

Aren't you being hard on yourself?


Christ said, "Leave thy gift before the altar, and go away."

"First be reconciled to thy brother."

Now let's be off.

We're going up to Borgensgaard.

Not to the church? No, to Borgensgaard.

Are you ready, Anne? Yes, I am.

Joyful, joyful.

Is the soul that's at rest!

None knows.

Their day of sunset blest.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Sings many a wild bird.

Which by sunset is caged.

And no song is heard.

In the bright morning.

Flowers dance, buds burst!

By dusk a hailstorm.

Lays them in the dust.

Many a babe smiled.

In the bright morning light.

That lay still and dead.

That very night!

It will be a big gathering.

The priest will be here soon.

We'd better let them finish their coffee first.


Well, Inger...

I suppose we'd better fasten the lid on you.



Mikkel, let the pastor say a prayer first.

Of course, she must be seen off with bands playing.

That must be the priest.

Shall I admit the public?

Mikkel, you are breaking my heart.

All right, we'll wait.

Hello, Poul.

There she is.

There must be some purpose in it, or it would never have happened.

Spoken like a true believer.

Remember, Mikkel Borgen, even pain can be beautiful.

Yes, all that about beauty is very important, of course.

No news of Johannes?

We've searched everywhere, but no one's seen a sign of him.

It seems you'd better prepare for the worst.

Pray God he's been granted his release.

Shall I let them in?

First let me just...

Death is the gateway to eternity.

Through that gate this young woman has gone ahead of her dear ones.

If we grieve, it is only because we are thinking of ourselves, our loss, as we have no reason to sorrow for her.

So you must be thankful for the bright and wonderful memories you have of her, for the bright and wonderful hope you have for her in the life to come.

And to you, Mikkel Borgen, I would like to say this.

If you can live your life with the memories you have of her, if you can raise your children in a way that would gladden her, then the two of you who loved each other will meet again and be united, never to part.

Shall we say the Lord's Prayer in silence?


Thank you for those heartfelt words.

There is nothing to thank me for.

Father, look.

Peter, is it you coming here?

Forgive me for intruding, Morten Borgen, but will you take my hand?

It was I that struck you.

I forgot my Saviour's words.

I have asked His forgiveness. So must you.

It's all in the past now.

No, because I must say something in front of this coffin, something you must all know before Inger is borne out.

I know you mean well, Peter, but enough's been said.

I want to say that lnger's place shall not remain empty.

Anne, come here.

Have you brought Anne? Here she is.

Only our Lord can repay you.

Now she is yours.


Now I have only my Saviour. I shall never be parted from Him.

Oh, Peter.

This does the heart good.

Be gentle with her here.

Anne, now you must be the sun that shines on us all.

Thanks, Anders.


Thank God!

Tears at last.

Karen, come now.

Because now it's all over.

Goodbye, Inger.

Thank you for everything.

It was all good.

We shall meet again soon.

Yes, Mikkel, we do meet again.

Goodbye for the present, Inger.

God gladden your soul.

Maren, say goodbye to mummy.

Goodbye, mummy.

She doesn't understand.

She's too young.

And the rest of us, Pastor, we don't understand, either.

That is true, Borgen.

Goodbye, Inger, and thank you.

Anders, the lid.

No! No, you mustn't take her from me.

You mustn't part us. No, Mikkel.

Come, Mikkel.

Her soul is with God.

You can see it is not here.

But her body, I loved her body, too.

Be strong and say your farewell.

Remember you are a son of Borgensgaard.

Goodbye, little darling.

Goodbye, Inger lass.


Yes, father.


Did you say "father"?

Is your vision restored, Johannes?

Has your reason returned?

Yes, my reason has returned.

None of you has thought of asking God to return Inger to you.

Johannes, now you mock God.


It is you who mock God with your half-heartedness.

If you had prayed to God, he would have heard your prayers.

What's this, over my dead wife's body?

Mikkel, my brother.

Why, among all the believers is there no one who believes?


You must rot, because the times are rotten.

Put the lid on, then.

Do hurry up, uncle.

The Child.

The Child.

The greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

Do hurry up.

Do you believe I can do it?

Yes, uncle.

Thy faith is great.

It shall be done according to thy will.

Look at your mother.

When I speak the name of Jesus... she will rise.

Hear me, thou dead one.

He's insane.

Is it insane to want to save lives?


Trust in God.

Jesus Christ.

If it is possible, let her return to life.

Give me the word.

The word that can return the dead to life.


In the name of Jesus Christ I say unto thee:




He is still the God of old, the God of Elijah, eternal and the same.

Eternal and the same.

The Child?

Is it alive?

Yes, Inger.

It is alive.

It lives with God.

With God?

With God?


I have found your faith.

Now life is beginning for us.