Orgies of Edo (1969) Script








It is the height of the EDO period and times are prosperous.

The people contend amongst themselves to display much pomp, but it's all empty pretense.

Behind everything lies depravity and sickness of the mind.

What an awful wound.

In the West, they have a method of cutting the child out so that they can save the mother.

Could that be possible?

I should try it.

However, it would mean losing the life of the child.



Thank you.

Kinu! Kinu!

I need some pocket money. Why won't you come home?

Don't cause so much worry for your older sister.


You're Oito, right? Yes.

What is it? Tatsumi sent us.

Where's the money you owe him?

I'm sorry. I don't have it.

Well, then, you can pay with your bodies!

Back off! Bitch!


Just give me a bit more time. The same old story.

If you don't pay up, we'll have to put you up for sale!


I'm not going to let you harass these ladies.

You bastard!

Son of a bitch!

Sorry to have caused you such bother.

No, I should say the same to you.

I saw those punks giving you a hard time.

Come to me for help anytime.

Hey, brother!

The fish has taken the bait. Now we just need to reel it in.

Yes, but you could've gone a bit easier on me. Look at this.

I won't forget that in a hurry!

Forgive me.

The rain came from out of the blue!

I've got some money for you. Hanji, you shouldn't have.

Once your debt is paid, you'll live with your sister again, right?



Hanji! No!


No! Let go of me, Hanji!

No, let go of me!


Why are you here so early? Well, I wanted to see your face.

You're such a pretty little thing.

Why are you pulling that face?

Well, actually... I'm in some trouble.

I owe some nasty guys a lot of money.

You mean the money you gave me was...

I was foolish to give you that money. Hanji...

What should we do?

What on earth should we do?

Don't be silly. In two or three years it'll be all right.

Two or three years? Yeah.

If they catch me, I'll cut off two or three of my fingers.

That should settle things.


Tell me how I can help. I'll do whatever you ask.

Oito, you really care that much about me?

I see.

I don't have much right to ask you this, but if you worked for a friend of mine you could make the money in no time.

Really? Let me do that then.

But do you think I could do a good job?

You'll be just right for it. Will you do it?

Excuse me. No problem.

Wait a minute!

Well, aren't you something?

How long you been doing this? This is my first day.

Today's your first day?

Stop it, please!

Stop it!

That was such fun!


What are you doing?

Has something happened?


My body...'s all dirty now!

Come now. I didn't fall for your body.

I fell for your beautiful heart.


But more importantly, Kinu stole from the mob and they're after her.

She really did something like that?

We need to do something about it.

If you're up for it, there's a place where we can make the money quicker.

And so I was sent to Yoshiwara.

I took the name Itoharu, and began a one-year apprenticeship.

But I knew that Hanji would be there for me afterwards.

Welcome! Thank you so much for coming.

What a beauty. What's her name?


Itoharu, is it?

She knows absolutely nothing about the art of being a geisha.

Oh, is that right?

That's fine, absolutely fine.

If she's a beauty, who cares what she knows about being a geisha?

Madam, call her over for me. Right away, sir.

Wait for me!

Look at you, Itoharu, sitting there with a smug look on your face.

What? Leave us alone!

Yaegaki has had too much to drink. Please, sit down.

I won't be ordered about by some greenhorn whore like you!

Yaegaki, I told you to leave us alone, didn't I?

Master, she'll do nothing for you.

Yaegaki, I apologize if I've offended you.

No need to apologize.

Have a taste of this.

A courtesan's value is determined not by her face, but by her body.

Let's find out who has the better body. Everyone can judge us.

Hold this, Master. Yaegaki!

She's taking it all off!

Now, Itoharu. Strip naked.

I couldn't do such a thing!

Enough of your nice manners! You were a whore, weren't you?

We want to see your body!


It's a bit less than last time, but I've saved what I could.

Please give it to Hanji. Of course.

You're well appreciated here.

There's something I need to talk to Hanji about.

Will you tell him I'd like him to come and see me?

Of course.

Thing is, though, he's shacked up with your sister.

You're lying. Go and see their place for yourself.

They're lying. Hanji wouldn't do that to me.

Hanji. Kinu.


This is so shameful!

After all I've done for you!

All I can say is, if you stick with him, he'll make a fool of you eventually.

Wait, Kinu! Where are you going?

Don't worry. Somewhere safer than here.


Don't touch me!

I... I've had enough.

You couldn't even wait for me.

I... I always knew you'd leave me one day.

I just refused to accept it.

Every day, when I went to bed with those men... my thoughts were with you every night.

Otherwise, I could never have endured a single night!

But this is my fate.

So I'll persevere alone.

But in return for that, Hanji, please make sure that Kinu is happy.

Be happy with her.


You've got it all wrong.

Me and Kinu, we're not in love.

You're lying.

We just drank too much and got carried away.

Listen, Oito...

Forget all about tonight.

Right? I'm begging you.

You're the only one for me.

Do you hate me?

You don't love me anymore?

Come on now, give it a rest! No!

You should know better!


I'm... carrying your baby.

Can you feel it moving?

How do you know it's mine?

A woman can tell.

You bastard!

Stop it!

You've disgraced us!

You tried to rip us off!

You bastard!

Bastard! Stop it!


It's nothing to do with me!

I'll make sure you never do it again!

Open your eyes. I'm going to wash them with peppers.

Stop it! Hanji!

How's that feel?

Please, stop!

Stop! He hasn't done anything!

If you need to blame someone, blame me!

Is that right? Well, let's do as you wish, shall we?

Hmm, Itoharu?

Who do you think you are, you disrespectful bitch?


Just not my stomach... Don't hit my stomach!

Itoharu, are you...

...are you pregnant?

Madam, she won't make you any money in this state.

We'll have to sort this out. Right.

Let her down.

Bet you don't even know who the father is!

Be brave. You'll feel better afterwards.


Courtesan, stay strong.


This comb...

...please give it to Hanji.

And please...

...please tell him to take care of Kinu.

Hey, Kinu.

Change my bandages, will you? I'm not your housemaid!

What did you say? I'm off to make some money.

Hey, wait!

Just be quiet!

You must be Hanji.

Who the hell are you?

You remember this comb?

It's Oito's.

She just breathed her last.

She suffered badly. She needed you. She kept calling out your name.

But, Oito...

Like with every prostitute, they'll throw the body in the Sumida River.


Wait for me! Wait!

Hey, it's that bastard Hanji.

You piece of shit! Fuck off!

What can I do?

What can I do to earn your forgiveness?

Here should do.


That's how whores end up!

Oito! Oito...

You're the one who stripped me naked!


You're playing a dangerous game. Stop it.

I've had enough of listening to you lecturing me!

If word about this gets out...

Your father's a respected merchant. Be quiet!


Chokichi, giddy up! Come on!

Faster, faster!

Faster. Faster!

So, you hired dwarves from the circus to attack the young lady?


She demanded that I do as such.

Being raped by men with abnormal bodies greatly arouses her.

Dutch doctors have reported similar cases.

So there are foreign women like that too?


I would like to see how accurate this textbook is with my own eyes.

I'll try not to soil your clothes.

Chokichi... Wash my front more.


Chokichi, do you want to play horsey again?

Madam, this is an illness!

Please let the Doctor examine you.

He's ready to see you.

You mean you told him all of my shameful secrets?

Please punish me however you wish afterwards.

Please listen to my request.

Look into my eyes.

Yes, look deeper.

Gaze into my eyes more intensely.

You are unable to look away from me.

Your eyelids are beginning to feel heavy.

You can't keep your eyes open any longer.

All the strength is sapped from your body.

You're feeling weaker and weaker.

You can't stay sitting any longer.

Something has taken ahold of you.

But your mind is clear.

You can remember all manner of things.

You can remember why it is that you lust for such lowly and deformed men.

You remember now.

You want to tell me everything. Now, tell me.

It was...

It was autumn, I was 17...


Don't move a muscle or I'll kill you.

No! No!


Help me!

Help! Help me!

The man with the burnt face...

...bound my naked body...

... and every day and night, made a plaything of me.

He was so vile, the mere sight of him made me shudder.

His skin was as scaly as a snake's.

But eventually, my skin longed for his touch.

Then one day, about two weeks later...

Son of a bitch!

The chief of firemen, who knew my family well, had been searching everywhere for me.

This man with the burnt face who had made me his slave was severely beaten.

When I saw that, I suddenly burst into a fit of rage.

Cruelty took hold of me.

However, I could never forget...

...the feel of that man's hideous body against mine.

The smell of his sweat.

Your heart is now free from the weight of the past.

You're drifting into a deep sleep. Doctor...

You can cure her, can't you?

Chokichi, we're relying on you nursing her.

If you can give her your love.

You need to stand by her, body and soul.

It's the only way to bring about a full cure.

I can't guarantee what the final outcome will be.

Now, I'll bid you a good evening.

You need to stand by her, body and soul.

You need to stand by her, body and soul.


Why am I naked?

I removed your clothes.

And then... I...

Then you did as you pleased while I was asleep?

Please forgive me.

But, Madam, I love you dearly.

Please understand how I feel.

I understand.

Please, find a man who looks like the one in this picture.


Don't you want to?

Don't you want me?

Please, Chokichi?


That will be all. You're dismissed.

Yes, Madam.


You'll bring that dark-skinned man to me again, won't you?

Madam... how can you flaunt your behavior before my very eyes?

Are you jealous?

Do you want me?

Well, then... do as you wish.

However, I don't feel a thing for you.

I'm not attracted to men like you with your perfect faces.

However, I don't feel a thing for you.

I'm not attracted to men like you with your perfect faces.




As you can see... I'm not a normal man anymore.


What are you going to do?

I'm going to disfigure your face like mine, Madam.

You'll be so hideous that no other man but me will want you.

I'll give you everything!

You will have me as you wish, but just forgive me!


It's... it's better this way.



Forgive me for what I've made you endure for so long.

I always knew...

I always knew the feelings you had for me.

But I couldn't act any other way.

I was dominated by my urges and the needs of my flesh.

Forgive me.

Please forgive me.


Say that you forgive me.

Say it.



I wanted to disfigure your beautiful face.

I am not of sane mind.

I was in a state of madness at the time.

Please forgive me.

I, Chokichi... will soon join you.

From now on, it will be just the two of us forever... a world where no one can disturb us.


I truly am...

...a most fortunate man.

Begin! Yes, sir.

Fools! When bulls see red, they charge.

If they catch you, they'll gore you to death!

Strip! Strip, strip!

You'll live if you strip!


The bulls will charge at anything red!


Running away?

Hand me my bow.

Who is she? I do not know, sir.

Her name is Mitsu, my lord.

How does it feel?

More, my lord. Please torture me more cruelly.


I've been looking for a girl just like you.

And I've been looking for a man just like you, my lord.

How rude to come here unannounced!

You're the rude one. What do you mean by that?

That lewd act you just performed.

You did with the dog what you do with the lord.

Yumioka... you saw?


Lady Yumioka, please wait.

What do you want? I have a request.

Please don't tell the lord about what you just saw.

I don't remember taking orders from the likes of you!

If the lord finds out, I fear his wrath.

People already gossip about his aberrant tastes.

It would be better for him if they didn't know about Okon.

Please listen to my humble request.

Very well, wait here.

Tell Okon she's wanted in the main room.

Lord, don't do this.

Be quiet and call her.

Call her!

Don't touch me! Let me go!

It is the lord's orders. You must obey!

Lady Okata!

Let go!

The lord has ordered it!

What are you going to do?

Lady Okata! Lady Okata!

How is it?

Are you suffering?

Does it feel good?

A dog could never replace me.

Be still!

Lord! Lord!

Punish me instead of Okon.

I beg of you. This is...

Silence! It would not satisfy me.

I understand, sir, but please be lenient with her.

Even if she didn't bear you a child, it's much too cruel that she's being punished by her servants.


...stop this, I beg you.

Fujishima! You have no right to give me orders!

No, sir, it's simply a request.

My lord, you haven't heard the whole story yet.

She was spreading rumors about your aberrant tastes.

Fujishima... is this true?


It's for your own good that I have not kept this secret any longer.


This is my response to your opinion!

My lord, do not sully your blade.

This is my last request.

Please find it in your heart to forgive her.

I don't want to see this!

Take Okon to the Chamber of Mirrors.

Please forgive me.

Forgive me! I shall not!

You haven't suffered enough yet.

Your skin can't breathe.

It's becoming painful to breathe. All you can do is wait for death.

My lord...

I can show you a game more enjoyable than anything else on earth.

Please forgive me!

What? A game more enjoyable than anything else on earth?


No lord has experienced this game that I'm talking about.

Well, show me at once!

It will take some time to prepare.


This isn't some trick you've devised to avoid the pain, is it?

I have a sense of honor.

I would never try to slip away.

Very well... I'll be waiting.

How on earth did you get lead poisoning like this?

I'd have expected the maids to have called the castle doctor, so why have I been summoned?

It's baffling.

I fell into the lord's disfavor.

He didn't want the castle doctor to see me.

I'm sure rumors of the lord's madness have reached the town.

Gentatsu, people say that your medicine is based on studies of anatomy from Dutch medical books.

Wouldn't you like to check the accuracy of the sketches yourself?

But dissection is forbidden.

I could help you in your research if you want.

In a dissection?

It's a unique opportunity to ascertain whether these drawings are accurate.

If I was allowed to study human anatomy, I could save a lot of human lives.

I want to try. I want to find out!

But how on earth can Okon help me in this endeavor?


Your belly has swollen recently.

You can feel your child moving, my lord.

I know.

Such a strange feeling.

My lord... you're embarrassing me.

Let me!

Keep quiet.

My lord, what is the game that Okon will show us tomorrow?

All shall be revealed tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to it.

Okon... Six months have passed.

I'm waiting to see the game you promised me.

Show me!

Please take some tea while you listen to me.

I will begin by telling you a strange story.

A strange story?

The woman seated by your side... Do you know who she is?

Mitsu the First Lady of the Castle, do you really know who she is?

There's more to tell.

Not only is she your favorite lover, she's also your own daughter.


What are you saying?

I won't stand for these jokes! It is no joke.

She's one of the twins that were born from your wife.

According to our beliefs, twins are considered impure, so your wife abandoned both your daughters.

I found Mitsu and had her educated to your tastes.

Then one day, she began to feel bliss in torture.

She became a monstrous daughter.

This is unforgivable!

Are you going to kill me?

Are you that fearful of the truth?

Silence! My lord! Please wait!

Out of my way!


What does a child born of incest look like?

The doctor is ready.

Why don't we cut it out and see?

Will it have a human face?

Or the face of a beast?

Are you too much of a coward to know? Silence!

Silence! Silence!

I want you to suffer. I want you to writhe in pain.

No matter how much it cries or fawns... will always be a cursed beast!

So, Gentatsu...

Cut her open and remove the child!

Do it!

She'll give birth soon. You will see it then.

I want to see! I want to see it now!

Will it be human?

Or will it be a beast?

Cut her open and take the child out! My lord...

Be reasonable. The child could die.

Let it die, then! It would be better that way!

I want to put an end to this!

Do it! Or do you refuse?

My lord...

I could never do such a thing, even at my lord's behest.

Not even the most important man in the country can order such a thing.

Gentatsu, if you refuse, then I shall do it myself.



I shall remove this child from your belly.

Ready? You wouldn't...


My lord, I'll do my best with what knowledge I have.

You will see the child. What?

Drop that.

Your child is alive.

Hand me the child.

Damned beast from a defiled belly!

I will not.

Even if it is a beast, the child is innocent.

If you don't hand it over, I'll just kill you, too!

My lord, have you lost all reason? This baby is your child.

Let it die.

Let it die.

I want to end this. I want to end this for good!



May it all disappear from this world.


Do you see it?

Watch the world burn!


My lord! This way!

The Genroku years, the golden age of the EDO period.

But behind everything lies depravity and a sickness of the soul.

You must live, despite your burden.

Resist madness.

And put all your strength into this precious life.