Original Sin (2001) Script

"You cannot walk away from love."

That was the advertisement in a Baltimore newspaper.

And that is how he found her.

She was a young woman in need of a husband.

And he was a man who wanted a wife.

He's too late to talk sense to him now.

You can't marry her, Luis. You've never met her.

I meet her today. The boat from America comes at 6:00, we marry at 9:00 by 10:00, I'm back at work.

Ridiculous. This is ridiculous.

A man needs a wife, isn't that what you've been telling me?

Well, I sent for one. From America.

What does she look like?

Comes a day in every man's life when a band is playing and he's the only one who can hear it.

Today is your day.

I love you, woman.

She is not beautiful.

She is not meant to be beautiful...

She is meant to be kind, true and young enough to bear children.

Go. Go on. The sun will be up any minute. That boat will be coming in.

But what about love, Luis? Doesn't love come into this equation at all?

Love is not for me, Alan.

Love is for those people who believe in it.

Let's go.

Why are you laughing at me? You've been laughing at me the whole morning.

Never mind. You go! Go on!

No, this is not a love story.

But it is a story about love, and the power it has over our life.

The power to heal or destroy.

And this is where the story begins.

Mr. Vargas?

Luis Vargas?


You don't recognize me, do you?

Miss Russell?


Julia Russell?

But this, this picture...

I've deceived you. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have. I...

I was unsure.

You see... I...

I didn't want to meant to be interested in me just because I owned a pretty face. And...

So I sent another woman's photograph and not my own.

I see.

I do hope you forgive me. I meant to write many times. I tried.

But my courage failed me. So I...



Now I stand before you as I am, and you know the worst.

No, no.

Not the worst at all.

Only, not what I was expecting.

If my deception has altered your intentions...

If you're not satisfied in antway... No, no, no, no, it isn't that.

I am determined to make my way back to my home in Delaware.

If you say so, I will. Miss Russell...

Miss Russell...

you have been honest with me.

I will be honest with you, too.

I will admit to a deception of my own.

You are exactly the image of your photograph.

Yes, yes, I am.

But I wrote to you that I am a clerk in a coffee export house. I am not.

I... I own the house.

The business is my own.

You did not want a woman to be interested in you... just because you owned a pretty bank account.

Yes. Yes.


Then we have something in common.

We are both not to be trusted.

Of course, if my... if my deception has altered your intentions...

if you are not interested in marrying a wealthy man...

No, I think I could manage.

If you could manage a somewhat prettier wife.

I'll make the effort.

Miss Russell.

Mr. Vargas.

Now we have all the time in the world to get to know each other.

Well... No, not all the time.


No, we are going to be married at 9:00.

Well then we'd better hurry. Yes.

"Take this ring... as a sign of my love...

and fidelity... to you."




Ladies and gentlemen, a toast!

To our groom and his beautiful... enchanting bride!

Will you dance with me?


I... I don't dance.

I say you do.

May their life together be like this dance, harmonious, smooth.

Dance for life never ending and... Alan, enough is enough.

I'm almost through.

You're through now. Sit down.

Good luck to you. Thank you.

Would you like to see the house?

Oh, no. I can see it tomorrow. Yes.

You have to give me a few moments. I'm shy of these things.

I will give you as many moments, days, nights as you need.

And when you want me to come to you...

I will.

Not before.

You would do that for me?

If you say so, yes.


I will say good night.

Good night. Good night.

The room is there, to the right.

Yes. I think I'll find it.

Awake at last.

The day is half-gone.

I'm sorry. I'm not dressed.

I could wait outside, but then the coffee would get cold.

No, it's all right.

If someone brought me my coffee every morning before I dressed...

I would be very happy.

It would change the day.

But... you only drink tea in the morning.

I do? No.

When I said in my letters that I worked in a coffee company, you wrote back...

That was my sister.

She believed coffee to be a sinful pleasure so I pretended to agree with her and then she read all my letters to you, I could not always tell the truth and...

All the more reason to forget them. That's all behind you now.

What do you think?

About what?

Do you believe as my sister does... that pleasure could ever be sinful?

Why did you choose an American wife?


Here, we are the past.

And there, you are the future.

Why did you choose to leave it?

To escape the future.

Well, to become someone else, I think.

I am someone else with you.

Someone more like... myself.

And there, in his arms... she became someone else.

Someone more like herself.

I'm telling you man, I've never been happier.

There's no such thing as happily married, Luis.

It's an oxymoron, like "happily dead".

I thought you'd be slowly finding your way back to the whores by now.

Seeing some little "Creole" time. Not anymore.

Anyway you've had her for yourself long enough.

When do we get to see her again?

Well, we're going to the theatre next week.

An American touring company she wants to see.

Why don't you join us?

♪ Soon comes the morning when the knell is rung... ♪

♪ to take my living breath. ♪

♪ Come, come, the night is almost done. ♪

♪ Satan is near! ♪

♪ The shrieking, grim and... ♪

♪ hideous brim of hell to uncover. ♪

♪ Come, or you will share her wretched end. ♪

♪ Hellhound! Abominable monster! ♪

♪ Would that I had never been born! ♪

Wonderful. Wonderful.


Cheap melodrama.

♪ Was it we who forced our way to you? ♪

♪ Who was it sent her to her ruin? ♪

♪ I... ♪

♪ or you? ♪

♪ What evil thing has risen from the ground? ♪

♪ Father, let angels now have charge of me... ♪

♪ encamped around heavenly company. ♪

♪ She is condemned to die. ♪

♪ No, She is redeemed on high! ♪

♪ Hither, to me! ♪

Julia, my dear, you look flushed.

Are you all right? Yes, yes, it's the theatre.

I love it... even the cheap melodrama.

Will you excuse me?

Does she suffer from fevers?

She suffers from a little too much rouge.

Nonsense. A lady does not wear rouge.

No, a lady doesn't.

And a lady does not wander through the theater alone, either.

Excuse me.

Perhaps you will find the second act more appealing.

Excuse me, sir! The public is not allowed backstage.

Just no... Don't put your hands on me, sir.

That is my wife, damn it!

Luis, you've come to my rescue... Julia!

Just like a play...

What are you doing here?

Isn't it exciting? Look at all these mysterious contraptions.

Who was that man? What man? I was lost, that's all.

You made my heart stop.

Feel my heart. Feel how fast it's beating?


You'll be the death of me.

I hope so.

Places, please.

Ladies and gentlemen, places for act two.

Take me home now.

My own dearest sister.

I can't understand why you treat me thus. It is many weeks now since you left me.

And in all that time, no word from you to tell me of your safe arrival... whether you've met Mr. Vargas, whether the marriage has taken place or not.

What am I to think?

I have already contacted the embassy in Havana... and the authorities there in Santiago.

I know how you feel about her, but... you have to write.

You have to write, before she has the police on us.

Yes, you're right. I've been unkind to her.

Although she has never been kind to me.

Just... do it.

Do it, then it's done.

No, no, no!

No, no.

No, no!

It's all right. All right. It's me. It's me, Luis.

You were dreaming.

Are you all right?

That's it. That's it.

You were just dreaming, just dreaming.

It's all right.

It was just a dream.

A bad one, that's all.

That's all.

It was just a dream.

Are you all right? You need something?


I'm sorry.

You are here with me. Secure.

You're all right.

Will you stay?

Of course.

Of course.

It's all right.

Luis, don't go.

How is the queen of the house this morning?

Look. See? I've done it.

This is for the best. Thank you.

I'll have Sara post it this morning. No need. I can do it myself.

I haven't addressed it. I'll do it.

I have the address at the office. Then it's the sooner on its way.

Come on. Yes.

What will you do today?

I'm going to an English dressmaker at the Plaza Vieja.

You'll need some money.

Sign here, Señora.

Did yo wish to book this for both your personal and business account?

Yes, thank you.

I want my wife to have free use of all my accounts.

There you are.

How should I sign? Do I use my Christian name?

No, no, your married name.

And then you have to remember to repeat the signature exactly... each time you draw a check.

I will try.

Oh, man!

So, Luis, is it love after all or is it just lust?

Is there a difference?

Oh, yes.

To love someone is to give and then you want to give more.

And lust?

What is the lust, Alan?

Lust is to take and then take more.

To devour, to consume. No logic, no reason.

So... give, take.

Which is it?


I want to give her everything.

And I want to take everything from her.

Oh, Luis. You are a lost man.

No, no.

I think she is the one who seems to be lost.

How, why, I don't know. But that will change.

I can change that.

Mr. Vargas, is it?


Walter Downs. I didn't mean to startle you.

That's allright. They told me that I find you upstairs.

What can I do for you? Small matter.

Hardly worth your trouble. I've been engaged by Miss Russell.

You mean, Julia?

No, Emily. Julia's sister.

In Delaware.

I'm a private investigator.

I recently arrived from Wilmington.

I understand. I mean, I know Miss Russell has been distressed.

But we have written to her several weeks ago.

I'm sure when she receives the letter, she will be much relieved.

Then Miss Julia is all right?

Yes, more than all right... and more than Miss Julia.

She's Señora Vargas. She is my wife.

So you are married?

Very good news. Happily married.

Oh, yes. I can see that.

What a mystery a happy marriage is.

A bloom in the cheek, the spark in the eye.

It shows, I guess. Oh, yes, indeed.

And miss Russell will be pleased to hear of it.

I would appreciate if you can tell her that.

I will indeed.

Thank you.

And I'll be even more convincing in my report when I've met your wife.

Yes, yes.

Why not?

You see, We will be home on Sunday afternoon.

You want to come by for a coffee?

Yes, I will.

And please convey to your wife how much I'm looking forward to seeing her.


Oh, yes please outside On the terrace.

Thank you. Go, go.

Do as she says.


Oh, Just in time.

This one is for Sunday paseo, and this one for weekdays. What do you think?

Fine, fine.

And the rest?

This one I like.

What do you mean? There are seven days in a week.

What about your trunk? Is there nothing in there?

No, nothing good. Anyway, I've lost the key.

We'll get a locksmith. It's an easy job. Actually...

I'll do it myself.

No, I want to show you something. Come here.

You have to leave now. I'm going to kiss my husband.

And then we're going to take a bath.

What do I smell?

My perfume.


A cigar.

I tried one.

One of my cigars?

I wanted the taste of you in my mouth.

You have no shame at all. No.

No, there is no shame in loving each other.

Do you love me? Julia?

Do you love me?

Or are you not the loving kind?

I forgot to tell you.

We have a visitor coming on Sunday.

We do?

Yes... a genuine private investigator... coming all the way from Delaware.

So, Emily sent him.

Yeah. Detective Downs.

Detective Downs, did you say?

Don't be worry, he only needs to see that you're well... and happy and truly my wife.

And then this nonsense will be over. When will that damn bird stop screaming?


Careful, careful, careful.

It's coming, it's coming.

Oh, no.


Don Luis, look. He's dead.

He was just singing.

Well, he's not singing now, is he?

Looks like he got his little neck broken.

Take him away. I don't want Julia to see him.

How does a person die on this instrument?

I believe that... the turning of the wheel breaks the neck of the person.

And if it doesn't?

Does the person then strangle?

Are you afraid?


Julia is not afraid.

But Bonny is.

I don't understand.

Who is Bonny?

Who is Bonny?

I'm looking for Mr. Vargas.

That is a question that Luis would soon be asking.

Mr. Vargas?

My name is Russell.

Emily Russell.

I am Julia's sister.

So you understand how upset I was to receive this letter.


But... l thought you would be pleased to receive it.

This letter, sir...

Which was written in answer to the one I last sent her... and which is signed in her name... is not from Julia.

Of course it is. Of course.

I mailed it myself.

This letter was not written by my sister.

Miss Russell.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Don't be upset, please. I swear to you... Swear as much as you like.

That is not Julia's handwriting.

That is the handwriting of a stranger.

A person unknown.

At least to me.

Where is she? Señor, I was going to send for you.

Where is she?

Go away. Go away.

Oh, señor. Get out!

Where did she go, Sara?

I don't know. She sent me to the post office.

And when I come back...

She's not coming back, is she, Sara?

She never was here.

You've been married to a dream.

A dream that stole your soul.

Luis! What is it?

Your wife appeared at five minutes to three for a last-minute withdrawal.

As you have instructed us, I gave her full access to your accounts.

Your balance at closing time was...

51 American dollars and 40 cents in one account... ten dollars in the other.

As I explained to your wife, to have closed the both out completely... your own signature would have been necessary.

I'm sorry.

Don Luis?

God must have been angry with you that day... he let you look in that woman's face.

I want her back, Sara.

I want her back.

No, no, cariño. What for?

What for you want her back again?

No, this is not a love story.

But it is a story about love.

About those who give in to it, and the price they pay.

And those who run away from it because they are afraid... or because they do not believe they are worthy of it.

She ran away.

He gave in.

Mr. Vargas?


Walter Downs.

What a happy coincidence.

Oh, yeah.

I remember you.

And the authorities here, they could do nothing?

Oh, no, no.

After all... there was no crime.

She was my wife. She... she just took what I had given her.

Your money.

And your love.

And you did not suspect?

It seems that, that I know a lot less about women than I thought I did.

And I know too much.

Consequently, I've not much use for them... apart from the necessities.

For real intercourse, I prefer the company of men.

Listen to me.

Could you find her?


But I am, at the moment... engaged to find the real Julia, the one you were meant to marry.

Have you found her?

Have you found her?

Not yet.

If you do... if you do... she might lead you to the Julia I married.


And vice versa.

As much as you want I will pay, if you can find her for me.

That's all I want.

And then I assume you have made up your losses.

As much as you want, I will pay, I said it.

I will pay it.

Yes, I believe you would.

And if I did find your Julia?

If I brought her to you... or you to her... what good would it possibly do you now?

Money's gone.

The love... ruined.

What could you possibly want with her?

What could you possibly want?

I want to kill her.

Yes. Yes, I do recall this lady.

Slim and dark and very...

I remember, coming along the deck and the breeze catching her skirt.

She was coming towards me.

Then she quickly held it down with her hand and as she passed, she smiled.

I believe she was traveling with a troupe of American actors... touring the island.

Oh, yes, I remember.

Because she rolled up some lettuce in her napkin.

I thought it was strange.

But then she explained it was for her bird.

She was traveling with a bird.

Oh, yes. Yes, I remember her.

A lady with a birdcage... but this doesn't look like her.

She was young and very pretty.

Oh, yes, that's her.

And the real Julia never appears, because... she is dead.

You mean...

You mean murder. Yes.

Or she could have had an accomplice.

These women often have an accomplice.

Someone she might use and then discard.

Someone who might even now be in pursuit of her, just as you and I are.

And this is where it happened.

Here in Havana.

This way, gentlemen. And welcome to Havana.

Mr. Downs will be in room 37 and Mr. Vargas will be just down the hall in room 42.

Thank you.

I'll hook myself up with the local authorities... and see if any dead bodies have turned up recently.

You're welcome to join me.

No, no, thank you.

Havana is a very accommodating city, especially during Carnival.

I suggest the Opera Restaurant, sir. It's just across the street.

Thank you.

It's very popular with the American tourists.

Why don't you do something pleasant tonight?

Treat yourself to a good dinner, a good cigar and a good whore.

I prefer to be alone. Thank you.

So I'll leave you on your own then.

Good night.

Here you are.

Privacy, and a view of the room. If you see anything... or anyone who interests you, let me know and I'll see what I can arrange.

Thank you.

If I could have my coffee every morning before I dressed, I would be very happy.

It would change the day.

I would be very happy.

It would change the day.

Then that is what you shall have.

When we are married, you shall have everything you wish.

Married? Your wife might have something to say about that.

This way, Colonel, s'il vous plaît.

S'il vous plaît indeed, you silly mountebank.

You're about as French as my asshole! Edwin, curb your tongue.

Yes, ma'am.

May I help you, sir?

I thought I saw an old friend of mine.

Colonel... Yes. Colonel Worth?

Oh, yes. This way.

No, no, no. I...

I wouldn't bother him now.

Is he staying at the hotel?

No, he's at home in Havana. He lives at avenida Medios.

I believe his fiancée is at the hotel.

His fiancée?

Yes, Miss Castle.

Yes, yes, yes.

I see. Thank you.

My dear, I don't have that kind of money.

But, my dear, you do.

Your annual expenditures are $200,000, more or less.


How do you know that?

Because, under favorable conditions, you could realize at least 1.5 million pounds of sugar worth in good seasons.

Five cents a pound... No, don't, don't.

Don't make me talk about business now.

I've been waiting for this all night.

Now, don't watch.

Be kind, my dove.

Be kind to an old man. I am kind.

Kind as I have ever been.

Will you undo my dress, please?

Oh, yes.

Let me have that pleasure.

That's enough. Thank you.

Thank you... for a wonderful evening. Good night.

No. Yes.

I'll behave. I'll only sit and watch you.

You see...

I sit... and I watch.

Is that what you want? You know.

You are very tiresome and I am very tired.

Good night. No.

No. Good night.

No. Yes, goog night.


Mayn't I stay? Please, let me stay.

Darling dove, I'm weeping.

My heart is pudding.

I'll go.

But my pudding is all broken.

Good night... my little dove.

Good night.

"Parting is such sweet sorrow."

It's only me, Julia.

You haven't forgotten me, have you?

Who's Billy?

Just a fellow.

There must be quite a few fellows in your life.

Billy... me... the Colonel.

Did you marry all of them?

No, just you. Oh, Liar.



Well, what is it, then?

What is it? Yes.

What are your plans for me?

My plans?

I just came here to kill you.

My God.

All right, do it.

There. There's my heart. Don't hesitate.

Your money's gone. Do it.


Like the woman you murdered?

What? No.


You were with her on that boat! Believe what you heard from me.

You were seen together!

I wasn't alone. She told you all about me, didn't she?


I told him!

And he came to me next morning, he told me that she had met with an accident and I have to take her place and So I did.

Another man?


Friend? Lover?

An accomplice...

You saw us together, backstage, at the play.

My friend, my accomplice and... yes, yes, my lover.

He was an actor, like myself. Actors playing parts.

I told him that night, I told him I didn't want to go through with it.

I couldn't go through with it anymore.

Why not? Why not?


Because I was...

Damn it. I was falling in love with my own husband.

Again. Again.

I could have... l could have bought him off!

I could have kept him away!

But you made me write to her sister and then it was all over!



It's how I live. It's all I know.

I took the money and I gave it to him.

No... And then I ran.

What does it matter?

What does it matter?

It's over.


Liar! Thief!


Yes! Yes. Don't you see...

Don't you see...

Don't you see that I cannot breathe without you?

I cannot live without you!

Don't you see that? Don't you see how much I love you?

I'm sorry.

Where am I?

Who are you?


My name is Bonny.

Bonny Castle.

Bonny Castle.

Is that your Christian name?

It would be... if I were Christian.

But I'm not.

I was never baptized.

I was a foundling.

And so was Billy.

We were raised in an orphanage outside of St. Louis.

And he gave me my name.

He saw it on a picture postcard from Scotland.

It had a drawing on it, of a "bonny castle", it said.

When we were 14, we ran away together.

Like brother, sister, father, daughter, husband, wife.

He was my salvation. No.


I don't want to know.

Not now.

You are Julia Russell from Wilmington, Delaware.

You were born... the day you stepped off that boat... and became my wife.

But then... then I am not Julia Russell at all, am I?

I'm simply your wife.

Who is it? I don't know.

It's Edwin, my dear.

Am I too early?

Don't hurry.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than to wait for you outside your door.

Unless, of course, you were to let me in.

Colonel Worth. Good God!

May I help you, sir? You are not dressed, sir.

No, I am not.

I am engaged at the moment in a private function.

A function for which clothes are more of a hindrance, not a help.

A private function?

Yes, sir.

With Bonny? A private function?

Good God, man!

But I'm... I'm being rude. Please, please come in.

No, sir. Are you mad?

Mad? No.

I am only curious to know what exactly is your business at my wife's door.

Your wife?

Did you say, "wife"?

Edwin, Edwin be careful.

He has a fearful temper.

I beg your pardon, sir. I do.

I beg your pardon.

I am an old fool.

I didn't know.

I'm sorry.

Good morning to you, sir.

Good morning.

Good morning. Good morning.

You see?

You have no past.

It is gone. Finished.


You have only me now.


There you are. You weren't in your room this morning.

I have some very interesting news.

So do I.

"A woman's body found."

"Foul play suspected." How's my Spanish?

Julia Russell?

Stabbed in the neck with a small knife, then thrown overboard.

Probably the work of a man, but could've easily been a woman.

The blade of the knife was still in her throat.

And so your wife... is now officially a fugitive.

Not only you and I are pursuing her, but the police, as well.

Cheer up now. This is good news.

It won't be long now before she's caught.

She... didn't do this.

I believe you still love her, don't you?

Of course.

How could you hate her so much if you did not still love her?

Trust me, my friend. There's no such thing as love.

Or only misguided feelings and emotions.

It was my knife. He used my knife.

Yes, yes.

It wasn't me, I promise you. I believe you.

No one else will never believe that I'm innocent.

Listen to me.

No one else matters. Not to me.

What are you thinking?

Of you.

Welcome to Cardenas.

Right this way. This is the entrance. It's very elegant... in a very good part of town.

Mostly Americans and tourists from the Continent.

I think you'll find all the furnishings you need included.

A bedroom... a sitting room, a very good kitchen.

Here in Cardenas, you are close to Havana... but very far away.

We are known for the waters and for the healing powers of the sun.


What a happy accident.

Yes, yes indeed.

What brings you to Cardenas?

Not a rest cure, I assure you.

No, of course not.

There were reports of a woman answering a certain description.

She was seen boarding a train heading East.

You haven't seen or heard anything, have you?

I've lost my taste for women of that description.

Glad to hear of it.

Listen... can I offer you a piñales?

What's that?

A drink.

A drink.

There's a cafe down the street.

The sun is warm.

Your face, for instance, is quite moist.

The body was positively identified by her sister.

Very sad, but very accurate.

Two moles high on the inner thigh... and a gold crown on a back tooth.

And on her left hand, a small, round scar.

Very interesting.

Will you excuse me? I have to use the convenience.

By all means.

Do as you must.


Come here.

Come upstairs. We...

Ah, Luis.

I am disappointed.

And yet full of admiration.

Where is she?

Who? No.

She's not here. You called her name.

Wait, wait. You have no business here.

Downs, please. Be smart and leave. Get out while you still can.

She's mine, Luis.

Give her up, before it's too late.

You are aiding a criminal!

And you are very close to becoming a criminal yourself.

Come to your senses, man.

You saw it. She's not here. Now, please.


Don't lie to me, Mr. Vargas.

I can smell her on you.

Her perfume, stinking on your clothing.

You just left her, didn't you?

That's it. Get out.

Did she throw her arms around you? Embrace you, like this?

Did she rub her cheek against yours, like this?

Did she kiss you on the mouth?

If I kiss you now, will I taste her on you?

You would do this for her?


Wait! Wait.


Speak of the devil, and she appears.

My God. What have you done?

What have you done? It's... It's him.

It's the detective.

He came here for you.

What are you doing? Don't touch him.

Don't touch him!

Did he come here alone? Yes.

No one saw him come in?

I... I... I...

I... I don't know.

Christ, Julia.

I've killed a man.

You need to go now, go to the train station.

Secure two seats on the morning train east, no matter where.


I will contact the estate agent and tell him that we've changed our minds... and there's been an emergency.


Yes, what?

I've just killed a man.

And I just bought a hat.

But I don't dwell on it. I don't go around and saying over and over in my head, "I just bought a hat."

"I just bought a hat." It doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter.

It's done. Help me.


That I should do it. I'll bring him down.


No, you need to go to the station before the window closes.

Come here. Put these on. Yes, yes, yes.

Yes, I'll hurry.

No. No, don't hurry.

Go slowly, enjoy the walk and no one notice you.

Understand? Yes.



You finally got what you deserved.

Jesus! Aren't you glad to see me?

Aren't you glad to see old Detective Downs again?

Should I be?

I got very good notices playing this part in Chicago.

Or don't you remember?

Let go of me, Billy.

You thought I was... really dead... didn't you?

Did you think there were real bullets in that gun, huh?

Did you think they were real the night he came to murder you?

I couldn't risk his putting out your lights, not before I caught up with you.

Let go of me, Billy. Never.

Not untill you come back on the game. What game?

The skin game, darling. Skin game.

There is no game.

Oh, yes. I see it so clearly.

No, no.

What do you see, huh?

I see him running out of money. I see you arranging that.

I see him doing the only thing he can do.

I see him going to Santiago, selling his share of the company.

I see him coming back with money.

I see us... finishing what we started.

You and me together.

We're gonna make you a rich widow.


He's worth a hell of a lot more than we got out of him the first time, darling.

And he's such an easy mark, devoted as he is to you.

Bound together as you are by mutual crimes and various... misdemeanors.

Let go of me, please. Beg.


Please, let go! Beg.

It tickles my dick when you beg.

He says he loves me.

No one loves you, Bonny.

No one could.

Except for me.

He does.

I think he does.

Not enough to live the life of a fugitive.

Back alleys, cheap hotels...

It won't be like that.

Oh, how then? Happily ever after?

A nice, respectable couple, living on Main Street?

Sunday dinners, walks in the park with children?

Christ, what's he done to you?

Who do you think you are?

Who does he think you are?

You're a whore, Bonny.

A man puts his hands on you, and you're wet.

True or not?

You were born one and you'll die one.

Sooner or later if the police catch up with you.

You wouldn't do that to me.

I was your first man, Bonny. Your very first.

And I will be... your last.

One way or another.

There's no future with him, darling.

Face the truth.

You can't live his life.

And he certainly... can't live yours.

Let him go.


Let him go.


Let him go.




I was so hungry.

What about him?

We have to get rid of the body. No, it's done.

It's done?

You mean you did it yourself?

I packed all our things, as well. I left one suit out on the bed, for the train.

So did you get the tickets?

The tickets? Yes, yes. Good.

We go tomorrow in the morning.

Back to Havana. 7:00, yes.

What an adventure.

Come to bed.

You must be exhausted.

I know I am.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Yes?

Have you no conscience at all?

I mean...

Yes, of course I do.

But you see, I don't let it get the best of me.

It's just something that happened. Something it had to be done.

And when something has to be done, you do it, right?

So, here's to us. A short life, but an exciting one.

Good night.

Listen to her talk.

Listen to the words that came out of her mouth.

You mean Bonny?

Yes, Bonny.

Did you have no control over her?

No one had control over her.

No one did.

No one, except for Billy.

And he wanted the rest of the money.

They found a house in the poor section of town.

Bonny said they would go unnoticed there, and she was right.

There were many things that would go unnoticed in that house.

All she had to do was get Luis to Santiago... and it would all be over.

No, no, you don't understand.

We've run out? Yes, I'll go tomorrow to Santiago.

I'll take the first train in the morning.

What will you do there?

We need money, don't we?

Whatever you say.


I don't want you to go to Santiago.

But, but... I have to go.

I don't want you to go.

I have no choice.

Yes, you do. You have a choice.

Once again.

When my hand strays to my breast... Hearts.

My left eardrop. Diamonds.

My right eardrop. Clubs.

My throat. Spades.

Little finger of my left hand. One.

Little finger of my right hand. Ten.

When I do this, it means they have nothing.


King, queen, jack. Yes.


Oh, you're a natural.

But, listen to me... This is the way.

This is the only way. This is our way.

This is you and me, together.


Now... tell me what I'm holding.

Would you like some more whiskey?

Too rich for me.

Yes. Why not?

Why not, indeed? All right.

He wins again.

I'm sorry, gentlemen.

More champagne.

Does the lady mind if I remove my coat?

No, do and say as you please.

Try and forget that I am even here.

Easier said than done.

Can I get you another drink?

Will you ask the lady to retire, sir?

What do you mean?

Do you have to be told?

Take your hand from my wife. Please, sir.


If there is one thing lower than a man who cheated at cards... it's a man who use a woman to do his cheating for him.


Well, my dear...

let's see what other tricks you might know.

Are you all right?


Should I...

Should I call someone?

You are so kind.

You are so young and innocent and kind.


No one is innocent.

You have a story as well.

Will you tell me... if there's time?

I have no story.

Not like yours.

Well, it was Bonny's story now.

And look what she had done.

He could not live in her world.

And she would never fit into his.

Dear Alan:


You have just purchased my share of Vargas-Jordan Coffee Export House.

The price I have settled on is everything that was in the safe... which I believe is very much in your favor. I'm sorry.

Luis! Wait!

I'm sorry I couldn't wait to discuss this with you. But... as you may know, I am now a fugitive from justice.

More than that, I cannot say.

What are you talking about?

What have you... Murder.

I have done murder.

No. Yes.

I did it for her.

And the truth is... that I would do it again.

Good luck to you.

And thank you for having once been my friend.

Go on. Go on.

God help you.

Will you light me a cigar?


I'll make us some coffee.


What happened? There's a rat.

A rat? There's a rat. It ran right over my foot.

Do you see it?


I didn't see it. No?

What are you doing?

I'm going to the pharmacist.

At this hour? Yes.

It's 9.00. It's closed.

No, there is one the private open till 10:00.

Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait. I won't be long.

You can't save him, darling. If that's what you're thinking.

Why not? Why can't we just go?

I have two tickets for us on the train.

Tonight, midnight. We have the money.

Leave him.

Oh, Bonny, it doesn't suit you, this kind of compassion.

How could I trust you? There'd always be someone between us.

Why? Why hurt him?

He's a part of you that must die.

You need to kill it, or I promise you, it will kill you.

What are you doing? Billy?

I'm going back with you, to finish the job and have done with it.

You'll have the police all over us. Then do as you're told.

Do it now.

Say it. Billy...

Say you're mine. You're mine. Say it. Billy, I can't.

Yes, what? Yes, what?

Yes, I'm yours.

You startled me.

You took a long time.

What are you doing in the dark?


What are you thinking?

I was thinking that if I ever lost you, my life would be over.

There would be nothing left for me.

Except to die.

Don't say such things.

Did you find what you were looking for?

Yes, I did.

I had to go all the way across town.

I'm going to go change.

Wash your hands and go to bed. I'll bring the coffee.

There you are.

How do they die, do you think?

From the poison? Yes.

I don't know.

It's take a long time?

I suppose it depends on how much you give them.

That's right.

Is it painful?

I really don't want to think about it.

No, no, no, of course not.

We don't want our conscience to get the best of us, do we?

It's something that has to be done.

And when something has to be done... you do it.

Is your coffee too hot?

I saw him.


I followed you.

You saw who? Where?


Shall we... shall we just play the game... or just speak the truth?


The truth is best.

All right, then.

Is he here?



Outside, waiting. When I turn the lights off.

When I am dead?


I... I led him to you in Havana, didn't I?


How'd he know I wouldn't kill you then?

He put blank cartridges in your gun.

Like a play.

All of it.


From the moment I met you.

Not all of it, no.

Do you laugh at me behind my back, the two of you?

Do you laugh at me for how stupid I have been? How...

How blind?


Laugh now when I tell you this.

I loved you, Julia.

Julia is not here. Julia is dead.

Laugh when I tell you that I still love you.


No, not me.

You don't love me.

Oh, yes.

Oh, yes, you.

Not Julia Russell. Not...

Bonny Castle.


I love you as I know you.

Because I know you.

As you are.

Good and bad.

Better and worse.

I told you this already, but you didn't believe me.

Tonight you will.

To us.

A short life and an exciting life.

Don't do this.

No other one.

No other love but you.

From first to last.

Start to finish.

Don't change, Julia. Don't ever change.

No, no, no.


Let's go. You hold on.

Let's go.

You disappoint me, Bonny.

What do you think?

Do you think those are real bullets?

Do you speak English?

Do you speak English? Yes!

He needs a doctor.

What about him?

He's dead. He needs a doctor.

All right. I'm calling the police.

Stay, stay, stay.

I love you.

I love you. I love you. I love you. Do you hear me?

Say it. Say it again. I love you. I love you. I love you.

I love you. I love you.

I love you, Luis.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

No. You hold on! Hold on!

No, no, no.

Don't go! Stay! Stay!

Please hold on. Please hold on.

And this is where the story ends, at least for me.

Even though he is alive now... how could I get to him?

Do you believe in forgiveness?


And redemption for the human soul?


Even for someone like me?


I believe so.

Well then, I will see him in heaven, won't I?


Will you hand me my shawl, please?

Yes, of course.

Now pray with me.


I wore this on my wedding day.

But my heart was not in it then.

I'm sorry, ma'am. It is time.

If I may?

What the hell!

It's the priest. But he left an hour ago.

I saw him.


Well, I must say, it is a pleasure to be in such lovely company for a change.

Oh, the pleasure is all mine.

Thank you, gentlemen, for letting me attend.

And you, sir, may I say, it's a lucky man who has found such a wife.

Yes, I am.

And perhaps, later on...

I will tell you the story of how we came to be here.

It is an... interesting tale.

Some of it is even true.

But for now, all I can say... is that from the moment I saw her...

I loved her.

And no matter the price... you cannot walk away from love.