Osanago warera ni umare (2017) Script

Papa, hurry up.

We're there.

Papa, come on?

I told you, we should have come earlier.



Papa. -Yes.

Good morning. -Good morning.

How are you? -Fine.

You keep growing. -Yes.

How tall are you? -154 cm.

Soon, you'll be taller than Mom.

Papa, how are you doing?

I'm quite fine.


Saori. -Look here.

You don't seem comfortable.

I'm a grown man riding with kids. -You're fine.

I'm too old for this. -It's OK.

We have a table there.

Papa, hurry.


You always have just a hot dog for lunch.

That way we'll have more appetite this evening.


Okay, let's eat.

What is it, Papa?

You're all grown up now.

I'm in 6th grade now.

Time flies, can't believe it.

It's the same for Kaoru, right?

It's not so surprising when you see someone every day.


Another? -Another?

Saori Ok?

What if you had a younger sister or brother?

I won't happen, Mom won't have a second kid.

Just suppose Mom and step-dad wanted another kid.

Mom is 40 already.

She can still give birth.

You'd be opposed to it?

I'm not against it. It's great.

For your mom, you and the baby would be hers.

But for your step-dad... you would be... well I'd become redundant... then.

It's possible.

But dad wouldn't do that to me.

Papa, are you taking me to a nice restaurant later?

Yeah, what do you have in mind? -A place where they serve saké.

Sure. -Really?

If you don't tell your Mom.

A shortcake, please.

Yes, right away.

The elevator is about to arrive.

The door is closing.

Papa, you're back.

Good evening.

Papa, come with me. -What is it?

Hurry up, come.

Come quick.

Isn't it beautiful? Are you proud of me?

(Sister) (Brother)

-It's awesome you used soft pencils?

Yeah, I did.

Good evening.

You told her you're pregnant?

Did you tell her?

I shouldn't have?

It's quite early.

It's boiling.

Papa, sit here.


I sit on your lap.

OK, but I'll have to go.

Which one is better?

Which is what?

For a baby, a boy is better or a girl?

This one is better.

A boy is better.

Because if there are already sisters... another girl looks silly.

I see.

There are cakes in my bag.

Really, great.

Eriko, no running in the corridors.

Mom, let's eat Papa's cake.

What did he bring today?

It's awesome.

He doesn't seem to want it.

It's delicious. -A cup of coffee?

I'd rather have a beer.

You'll want a glass, right?


You're not eating your cake?

It's your favorite.

The news was a shock.


I regret I told her.

How about a strawberry?

Hey, Kaoru.

Come over here. You haven't greeted Papa.

Kaoru, you don't want your cake?

Kaoru, you want some beer?

You always ask for a sip.

Let's have a toast.

A toast to what?

What are you talking about?

Mom I'd like to have tea with milk.


Eat your cake.


How about juice.


Saori, A baby will arrive in our home in December.

For you it will be a half-sister or brother.

The truth is, Papa too is a little confused about this situation.

Adding again...

Still working?


Pregnant women crave soft drinks.

Didn't she?


Your ex-wife.

Did she? I can't recall.

Honestly, my pregnancies with Kaoru and Eriko are remote memories.

So, this one revives memories.

It's okay, they're just memories anyway.


It all belongs to the past.

I'm going to bed.

You know...

I don't mind another child.


... Papa too is a little confused about this situation.

Adding again another kid in this messy family... in addition to Kaoru and Eriko... is totally unnecessary.

Hey, Naka.

Let's go for a drink.

I'm sorry I have to decline your kind invitation.

Please forgive me.


I need to tell you something.

Your position is in jeopardy.

In what way?

Your name is on the transfer list.

I opposed them.

Our company's new business development didn't yield much.

I see.

They want to cut off people from the management positions.

They look at management positions with relatively high wages.

That directly concerns you.

I may well be next on their list.

I'm prepared for it.

You think so?

You'll lose all your advantages.

What can I do?

You'll have lunch at the warehouse, you'd like that?

If the salary is the same, nothing changes.

You have no idea.

Now, you never work at night or on weekends.

Now, you're enjoying paid holidays.

You can skip our drinking parties... go to the cake shop in front of the station and go home...

for me, I have neither dinner with my kids... nor free time to take them out on Sundays.

I don't even consider these a father's duties.

Of course, if I could afford it I'd enjoy it.

People say that kids mimic their parents.

For me, my absence educates them... shows them that their father is working hard.

But once the kids grow up...

It's too late for the amusement park, taking baths together... holding them in our arms.

When do you see your kids at all?

I can guess.

At the main office... they used to think you were their most promising asset.

Did they?

The elevator is about to arrive.

Good evening.

Papa, you're back. -Good evening.

Papa, I have something to ask you.


Kaoru told me to ask you.

Ask what?

I'm bringing Papa. -Good evening.

Come on, ask away.

When Mom was pregnant, you didn't know if it was a boy or a girl?

That's right.

What did you want most?

Of course, I prefer girls.

But you had no way to chose.

Before you were even born I knew you would come.

Not having you would have been sad.

I knew you'd say that.

Is that so?

It's all lies anyway.

Kaoru, who is lying?

Don't you see?

Tell me who is lying.

Tell me. -Come.

You think I'm lying?

Eriko, your bath.

Don't say silly things.

What is silly?

You know...

We were waiting for Eriko to be in elementary school to tell you.

I'm not complaining.

But you are.

Take into consideration that Eriko is still a small kid.

So, you'd be willing to pay... for my silence.

What are you saying?

I hope you don't tell her silly things.

Is this an order?

It is.

You have a right to give me orders?

As if you were my dad.

Can I give you orders too?

Let me see my dad... my real dad.






What's up?

I wanted to congratulate you.

What about?

Nanae-san, her 4 month of pregnancy.

What is that?

Well, I heard it from Nanae.

I'm at work, I'll have to hang up.

Mr. Tanaka, join me.

There you are.

Kaoru, come and eat some cherries.

Are you joining us?

Come on, you love cherries.

Come on, they're your favorite.

OK, I'll have mine with you?

Who is it?

Ah right, we saw that show.

We did.

That was great.

You remember Eri-chan's reaction?


What? you don't trash your seeds in Eri-chan's bowl.

Put them there.

You can use a tissue.


Eriko has a bruise.

Did you notice?


Her left elbow.

They sat in front of TV.

Kaoru pinched her.

I was so angry I almost hit her.

She treats me like an enemy now.

But I know what her real problem is.

It's about the baby I'm expecting.

She gives angry looks at my belly.

What can I do?

I should have told her myself I was pregnant.

You told your mother about your pregnancy.

So you can't complain.

But you know, Mom started like...

Kaoru and Eriko are still very cute... but it would be so great to hold another baby grandkid.

So, I decided to tell her about my pregnancy.

You're upset?

Mom was so happy.

And it was great to see her so happy.

Hey, are you listening?

The elevator is about to arrive.

Let's go together.


Come on.

Don't run in the stairs, it's dangerous.

No offense, I already have a dad.

I'm here for you.

You like to see yourself that way... but you are not my dad.

But, I became your Papa.

It's been so for four years.

And I will always be.

Think what you want... but it won't work for me.

So, what will you call me?

I don't even need to call you.

I might not even need you at all.

It would be odd to call you uncle.

Kaoru, wait for me.

Everybody, good morning.

Good morning.

I called everyone for a meeting today.

They all have their production line chart, right?

Tanaka, how many do you do in an hour?

712 items.

The average is 850.

Sato, how about you?

1040 items.


Personally, I score a poor 1015.

Tanaka, if you can't reach the average...

I'll have to reduce your salary.

Do I earn more if I have a good score?


It's just about storing our orders on the shelf...

A trainer to teach the new guys.

That's right.

The transfers are decided for April, in 2 months.

Mr. Tanaka will transfer in May.

For a few months... it could even be years...

Everyone, let's cheer him up.

Hang on, hang on, hang on.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.


Maybe it will last a few years They're serious? -Well.

It must really be depressing.

You want to have a drink?

Tell me... can one have fun without drinking?

I go to a karaoke.




A small karaoke booth.

Hey, let's go.

We take two booths?

Of course.

I thought so.

The bus is starting.

How about near the station?

Good evening.


Good evening.

You're so late.

Thank you.

You drank saké.

You're drinking some more?

You know where Mr. Sawada lives now.

Don't call him 'Mr.'.

You know his address?

I don't, we divorced in disastrous circumstances.

I'd better forget about him, plus I'm pregnant.

Is that good for you?


Maybe it would be good for Kaoru to see her father.

You are drunk.

She may have a point... isn't it wrong to cut off all contacts with her biological father?

It's for the best.

It's better if she thinks he's dead.

He's probably alive.

I won't force a meeting, but... as long as she's asking to see him.

She doesn't really want that.

What happened, really?


Better than letting her meet her father... if you stopped seeing Saori, it would ease the conflict.


Don't sleep here.

Are you really okay?

I'll wait for you in bed.

Until I am happy... what will it take...

I do not know...

I'd rather not see... but I know you're there... you appear and disappear...

After the tears...

There will be laughter.

Someone said so...

It should be true.

Take me as I am... and smile to me...

Oh yeah.


You've come back late recently.

You know...


My salary won't increase.

Maybe it will drop again.




I'm transferred from May...

I started working in the warehouse


From May?

The warehouse?

We take orders from customers online Pick the items.


A computer gives the instructions... we pick up the item.

I'm working like a robot.



A flourishing sector.

You wanted me to resign.


Our future would be uncertain.

Do you still want to have my child?

I want to have your child.

Eat it all.


You have some too.

You're going?

Yeah, see you.

See you.

What are you wearing?

Have a good day.

You have something special today?

Have a good day.


You mentioned Sawada.

Did she say something?


In the toilet.

I was preparing breakfast this morning...

Kaoru suddenly came.

She asked me with a soft voice...

My old dad, what does he do now?

And then?

I told her I didn't know.

She seemed perplexed... and that's all.

What got into her.

Did she tell you anything?


Goodness, you're OK?

You're not hurt?

Obviously, I'm fine.

I am going.

What happened?

I'm going.







It's me.


Sorry to bother you.

Could you cancel your visit with Saori in August?


I see her a few times a year.

I'll set up other visits in fall and November.

Hey, wait.

Saori agreed to that?

I'll tell her now.

What happened?

Something happened?

You finished your day?


I'll be in front of your company.

I'll be there in 5 min.

Wait, I'm not there.

I am working on a site.

Let’s meet in Shinjuku.

At the subway station near your home.

A little after six.

Let's meet at the West Exit.


Mr. Tanaka... hang up.


13 years before

good evening.

Good evening.


We haven’t talked recently.



Would you resign at the university?

I'm fed up with the late hours.

I won't pressure you to use my name.

You don't have to.

How are you?

I hate when you sleep there.

I want you home early.


I'm drunk.

What is this?

You had an abortion?



Wasn't that a decision we should have made together?

Say something.

Isn't that strange?

You didn't even tell me.

You didn't consult me.

I don't want to have a kid.

I want kids.

I'm not ready yet. -You could have told me.

I'm not ready to settle down.

We're talking about a kid... -It is my life.

This is my life too.

If I stop working now, I'll always regret it.

You don't have to.

How shall we raise the kid?

There are many ways to raise a kid.

Isn't that strange?

You don't know what a baby practically means.

What would become of our jobs?

I'd have to stop... -We find someone to raise our child.

These people are easy to hire.

If I have a child, I will regret everything.

Why regret everything?

Everything, everything I'll lose everything.

What the...

I'm in.

Don't come inside.

I'll be pregnant.


Both teaching in university, you can afford a great car.

And I work in a psychology clinic.

I should take an appointment.


Forget it.

It's been years.


You're a geezer now.

No, I'm not.

Get in the car.

What's the problem with August?

Esaki was just diagnosed... with a terminal cancer.

So, it would be good if Saori... spent her summer vacation with him.

It's over?

The doctor said... he won't last until September.

Last time I saw Saori she didn't mention anything.

At first, we thought he had a strained muscle in the back.

At the end of May we went to the hospital... it had already metastasized everywhere.

How old is he?

41 Nearly 42, a critical age.

These things happen...

I didn't take it seriously at first.

You're still the same.


Driving a fierce car.

We used to drive at night.

You were a student.

Was it a second-hand Nissan?

We had to save to buy it.

We'd drive to the sea on a whim.

Listening to songs.

We drove to Kujuku Island.

You were driving and drinking at the same time.

So crazy.

Those were happy days.

We were young.

Hey... you stopped smoking?

I quit in March.


For a healthy family, etc.

And I'm 40 now.

I have to take care of myself.

You're a good father now.

Am I?

You're a good father.

If only, because you don't have cancer.

A great dad.



Wait until fall to see her again.

Until then, don't be overwhelmed by stress... take care of yourself.

Between an ex I divorced after two and a half years... and a husband who dies after six years of remarriage... which one is more traumatic?

I am.

You never ask me.


How I feel.

My husband is hospitalized... and I'm meeting with my ex, you know how I feel?

You're not interested.

It's not that I'm not interested.

You've always been like this.

You want to know the reason, not what I feel.

If you say so.

You've always done that.

Why did you get an abortion?

Why didn't you discuss it with me?

Why can't you settle down?

You kept asking me.

What I felt when I had the abortion...

alone... what I felt when I made that decision...

these feelings.

You never asked me.

I'll tell you how I felt at that time.

"Now I have the rest of my life to regret what I just did."

So many regrets.

So many.

I so regretted it.

I wish I didn't kill that baby.

I wish I didn't have Saori.

I wish I didn't divorce.

I wish I didn't marry, the first time.

I wish I didn't go to university.

I wish I didn't go to the States.

I wish I didn't remarry.

This is an endless litany.


There's one thing I don't regret.

Esaki... when he first told me he had a back pain...

I said let's go check it up at the hospital.

What about you?


Do you have any regrets?

Your wife loves you...

Mine hasn't cooked like this for years.

Do you mind?

(pregnancy magazines)

You want a cup of coffee.


Someone offered it to me.

It smells really good.

It comes from Hawaii.

Unfortunately, it's decaf. it's good anyway, I guess.

A great smell.

Is there cocoa?

What happened?

Tell me.

I hate this place.

Come on.

You just got out of bed?

I want to meet my dad.

What happened?

I don't want to live with indifferent people.

What are you talking about?

Come on.

What happened?

Tell me.

Explain yourself. -It's OK.

Please, Kaoru, sit down.

Let’s talk.

Sit down. -Leave her.

What is that?


How did you come to hate this family?

Because of me?

I don't know.

I hate it.

Mom and Eriko annoy you too?

I don't know.

You hate the fact that a baby is coming.

I don't know.

Kaoru, I’m sorry.

Look Mommy is apologizing, I'm sorry.

You feel lonely?

I'm sorry Kaoru. -Back off.

What are you doing?

Are you OK?



You just...

What did you... just do to me?

You're fine, please, sit down.


I’ll have you meet your old dad.

Let's sleep on it.

Don't do that.

Since you are not my dad.

Come on.

I always had just one father.

He's your Papa.

He is not my father.

He's your Papa.

He is not my father.

What are you talking about?

He is not family.

He's your Papa. -He is not.

What are you talking about? -Don't quarrel.

She's like that because you listen to her whims.


What do you want?

Do not touch me.

I'm tired of this.

Darling. -Stop this.

You're both angry.

Go to bed.

What are you trying to achieve here?

You'll see him.

Go to bed.

You'll let her see him?

Shut up.

You can't.

Kaoru, wait.

I heard you are working here.

Are you cooking for the US military?

I cook for the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.

Ah, the Japanese forces.

The Japanese Forces were based here 4 years ago.

Kaoru surely doesn't want to see me.

But she does.

She has no clue who I am.

Kaoru doesn't need to meet a man like me.

Don't say that... would you have time for a visit?


No way.

Did you remarry?


I don't need that.

Nanae is OK?

That broad... sorry, I shouldn't call her that.

Don't you think your wife is irritating?

She didn't want you to come, right?

She was so complicated.

The little girl too.

Why are they like that?

They made me feel trapped.

I have my peace now.

Even if it's not always easy.

I don't need anyone in my life.

Why did you get married?

I realized only once married.

I'm gonna strangle that brat.

There, there.

You sleep already.

Don't do that.


Don't hit mom.

Shut up.

Please, stop.

All of you, shut up.

There, there, there you are.

So lovely.

You are so lovely.

Turn around.

Kaoru, we're going to the matsuri, quick.


I'm not going.


My head and my belly ache.

Are you OK?

Are you OK?

No fever.

You'd be better off in bed.

OK, it's gonna be the three of us.

I'm not going.


I have work to do.

I feel bad about that fight last time.

It's fine.

Papa, they are coming. -They are?

Ah, so many people.


Are you OK?

I'm coming in.

I switch on the light.

Are you OK?

How do you feel?

I wanted to tell you something.

Do you really want to meet Mr. Sawada?

Or you just say that because you hate me?

If you really want to see him... -I want to.

Actually, I'd rather you didn't see him.

Then tell me...

Why do you keep seeing the other one?

She has a new father too.

There's no point in you seeing her.

Why then?

You're being selfish...

You don't want me to see him.

I'm asking you.

Please, let me meet him.

I hate this home.

Why this sudden dislike?

Look... we're strangers to each other.

This home is a lie.

You think so too.

I don't think so.

That's why you see that Saori.

It's not like that.

You'd rather have her here instead of me.

So, let me meet him.

And he's my dad.

I obviously need him.

More than a stranger posing as a dad.

Obviously, I need to live with him.

You see, Kaoru...

When you were small... he beat you.

He broke some of your teeth.

If your Mom hadn't divorced, you'd be dead by now.

You're mean. -Sorry.

It hurts.

Why do you say this?

Stop. -It's so mean.

Ugly lies.

It never happened.

Why do you say this?

Are you OK?

Your belly aches?

Are you OK?

Are you OK?

You need a pill?

Are you OK?

Leave me alone.

Kaoru-chan, are you ready?

Are you scared?


She's afraid of men.

When I had just divorced...

She could hardly go out.

Even with my late father, she couldn't.

And today...

I told her we'd go to the park with a friend... that he was my favorite man in the whole world...

I was very cautious.

I hadn't heard Kaoru laugh like that for so long.

Let's get married.

Thank you so much.

Kaoru is sick?

Just a belly ache.

That's because she's sick?

You can ache without being sick.

The goldfish, they're just for Kaoru and me.

We forgot the baby.


I'll buy it tomorrow.

You want yours in another bowl?

No, of course not, they need to stay together.

He is not my dad, I told you already.


He can't enter my room casually. -Kaoru.

I need a lock, I'm scared, I can't sleep at night.

He loves you both. -Enough with that, get out.

What happened?

Did you fight with Kaoru?

Mom, can I see Kaoru?

Yes, go?


She wants a lock.

A lock?

Since she's becoming a woman...

I wanted to offer her something.

She said... she wanted a lock.

She needs a lock to feel safe at night.

What do I do?

There's nothing you can do.

Can't you see?

This family is becoming weird.

It was weird from the start.

That's mean.

Yesterday, I met with Mr. Sawada.

I asked him to meet Kaoru.

What is that?

Don't do that.

Please stop that.

Kaoru is rejecting me.

I think she should meet her father.

She doesn't want to meet him.

She has nothing to do with him.

She doesn't mean what she said... don't take it seriously.

But she is serious.

I'll ask her about it.


What's wrong?

What happened?

What did you do?

I just told her something.


That we were abandoned.

That we were abandoned at birth.

Kaoru, you're going too far.


This man is not your dad. -Don't say that.

He's just a stranger. -Enough.

Mom betrayed our real dad.


We're abandoned. -Enough.

What is that?

I promised you you'd see him, so stop.

My belly aches, get out.

I want to sleep.

Excuse me. -Yes.

Could you give me a cigarette?

Thank you, I'm sorry

'Name your baby', magazine


Let's bury this with them.

Is it OK?

It's going to be a boy, so we don't need this.

The doctor said that to Mom?

It's kicking she said, it's a boy.

Let's bury the goldfish.

Goodbye goldfish.


Lay it so. (baby sister)


How is Kaoru?

She went to buy a lock.

So hot.

You rarely drink whisky.

You know...

we can trash this lock.

It's moving, touch it.

I went to the hospital, today I am a bit concerned.

Do you know pregnancy hypertension?

In extreme cases the mother and the child could die.

I have protein in my urine.

So, I'm more vulnerable to it.

The doctor told me to be careful, I don't know what to do.

The doctor said age could play a role.

I don't know, what did you just say?

I am talking about pregnancy hypertension.

I'm not a doctor, why do you ask me about this?

I get it, you don't know, but...

Since this is your child...

Because you see... if the pregnancy is so hard on you, you need to abort it.


It bothers you and it bothers me too.

No way.

I have been thinking... we can still get out of this safely...

You scrape the baby, we divorce. -No.

Abortion + Divorce = All solved.

It's not working, you and me.

But we're fine, we're fine.

No, no, no.

You may be fine but I can't cope.

I'm lost.

You say: "What can I do? What can I do? ", I have no clue.

I'm lost with Kaoru.

But that is... that is... we don't know what she says to Eriko.

It pains me but we have no choice, it's abortion and divorce.

No way.

I will pay for everything.

Alimony, daily and medical expenses.

Don't do that, could we talk?

What is this about?

A lock on her door? She hates me that much?

Give me...


I'll trash it.

If she hates me so much, I'll fix this.

Please, don't be like this.

Please stop.

Please stop, please.

It's fine.

Don't do this.

Let me go.

Kaoru, tell him you don't need that lock.

Say it.

Tell Papa you don't need a lock.

Don't do this. -Enough.


Don't get in the way.

Stop. -Ouch.


Mom, are you OK?



He's as brutal as the other one.

I'd rather have my real dad.

You'll have to pay for this.

How much do you want?

I'll have to make time for a brat who doesn't care.

No amount of money would seem excessive.

I ran away from Nanae 6 years ago.

I never looked back.

You're bringing back a ghost.

I don't need that.

I am sorry.

My life turned into a disaster when I married Nanae... and when Kaoru arrived it got even worse.

Since you showed up my luck is gone.

I lose all my bets.

I owe my bookmaker $1000 today... if you don't come up with that figure, forget about Kaoru.

Did you lose?

I lose, I win, it's routine.

Did you leave Nanae for gambling?

It's the opposite.

I was so miserable with her, I started to gamble... started to see women and drink.

In short, everything to drive her away.

Usually, you'd come home after work, right?

I'd walk back late I'd see the window... the lights were always on.

She was waiting for me, every day... always waiting for me.

Often, I was on my way back...

I'd see the window from the road... and decided to go back to the station.

I will meet with Kaoru.

But in exchange...

you seem to have a good position.

A thousand isn't much for you.

For your lovely daughter, it’s not expensive.

I don't know...

So, leave me alone now.

Wait, wait, wait.

Sorry, sorry.

You can withdraw cash anywhere around here.


If Kaoru wanted to live with you, what would you do?

Give me $4,000 upfront... and I'll accept to talk about it.

Sunday at 10 am... there is a department store in front of the station.

Please be at the top floor.

Could you tell me... how much money this is?


Please keep your promise, Sunday, you'll be there.

If Kaoru knew she would be surprised...

That her father is ready to sell her for 5,000.

The way you say it...

I'm joking... I'm joking.

The elevator is about to arrive.


What happened?


What happened?

Don't cry.

What happened?

Mom said she saw you.

So, I had this impulse to see you, sorry.

When did you meet?

With your Mom?


In mid-June, I think.

She said you had dinner.

We didn't.

I wanted to check with you.

Step-dad knew you two had met...

Mom went to see you... but he said it was OK.

We always tell her it's OK... she can meet you occasionally.

He says that too?


And lately he's been so down... he says that he's too young to die.


I don’t feel sad.

This feeling is strange.

As if he was a teacher or a close neighbor dying...

I understand the sadness of the situation but...

A long time ago I imagined Mom could die... and suddenly my heart sank in a bottomless ocean...

I was shivering in my futon.

But this time it's different for step-dad.

Every time I visit him, I apologize in my heart.

"I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry", I say.

Because it's a fact, he will disappear.

He sees my face, even though I don't speak...

The breathing apparatus goes "shhuu, shhuu"...

"shhuu, shhuu" it's like my heart repeating "I'm sorry, I'm sorry"

You see... even if you don't cry... in such sad situation you have no fault.

Mr. Esaki understands that.

If one day I had to die of a cancer...

Maybe Kaoru and Eriko wouldn't cry, that's how it is.

After all, they're not my real daughters.

It's frightening.

What is that?

A power outage.

If the trains stop, we're screwed.

We'll wait here.

Do you mind if we wait here?




I am with Papa now.

Where are you?

You're OK?

Hurry up.

What a shower.

Good evening, Dad.

Why did you bring her?

Kaoru went to cram school. I couldn't leave Eriko.

I'm not alone, we need to go some place.

Wait a minute.

Who is she?


Kaori's dad is at the hospital with cancer.

We have to take her there.

The trains stopped. There are no taxis.

Please, do you understand?

I'll drive you, move aside.

Saori, get in.

Come on quick.


I'm sorry I'll go back alone.

Come on, quick, don't make it harder.

What are you doing?

It's OK?


Where are we going? We're not going back home?

We need to go some place.


Where are we going?


I want to go home.

Don't bother Papa when he drives. -Tell me.

-Where are we going? -Quiet please.

Come on.


Your name is Eri-chan?

Who are you?



Why are you with Papa?

I'm a friend of your dad.

A friend? That's strange.

Papa is an adult, you're a kid.

Adults and kids can also be friends.

Papa, is it true?

My name is Saori.

There is also a Saori in my kindergarten.

You're still in kindergarten? You're a little girl.

But at Christmas I'll have a younger brother.

Eriko. -He will be born then.


Yeah, right Mom?

Is that so?

You'll have a baby.

You didn't care to tell me... although I'm your daughter.

Daughter? Who's daughter are you?

Tell me.

We're here.

Thank you very much.


I'll call.


Go with her.

You are friends.

Saori, I'm going there with you.

I'm sorry for the circumstances.

Now, I can cry... for step-dad.

Now I hate that he has to die.

I want to stay with him forever.

Papa, would you meet my dad?


Please, I want you to meet him.


This is my Papa.







Mr. Esaki.

Thank you for raising Saori.

Thank you loving her, taking care of her.

Daddy, Daddy.


What Saori said was right, I'm her father.

It is true.

Dad was married to someone else long ago... she gave birth to Saori.

And your Mom too, before she met me... she was married to someone else.

She gave birth to you and Kaoru.

You get it?

But now Papa's only wife is your Mom... and Mom's only husband is Papa.

And I'm your only Papa, to you and your sister.

You get it?

Mommy and Papa's favorite girls are you and your sister.

You both come first.

I hope you can understand this.

So what Saori told you earlier...

I get it, so, Saori is my friend.


Right? Am I smart or what?

You are really smart.

If he asks you... you tell him that Mom and Eriko are well.

And tell him... to take good care of his health.

I'm going.

See you later.

It's hot.



I didn't burn it.


Did it. It's hot.

Smells good.


Ah, great.

Look the tail.

You lost its tail.

Look at this.

So cute. -I made it.

The cat came out good.

It's really great.

After the snack we'll go out.

Where to?

The department store.

There's no need.

Need or not, it doesn't matter... but I think I should go.

That's weird.

And now, you take it out.


Give it to Papa.


Wow, is that a turtle?


I'll eat this one and then I'll eat one of your sister's.

Can I eat it?


Thank you.

You like it.


He says it's delicious.


Tastes like turtle.


We'll meet here in an hour.

What do we do if he's still there.

They should be in the amusement park now.

Let’s go.


Kaoru went to the amusement park?

You can ride a car there if you want.

Who shall I be playing with?

With friends.

I want this one.

Get on.


This one, OK, I insert the coin.

Ok There you go.

Be careful.


You're not with Kaoru?



Is that Eriko?


I don't even remember her face.

She's grown so much.

Kaoru went this morning.

I wasn't bored.


I hadn't seen children playing in a long time.

There are these machines, you insert a coin... you hear a rattling and a capsule comes out... it contains a silly toy.

Kaoru used to love them.

I took her a few times to the park...

She didn't care for the big toys...

She went straight for the rattling machine.

She'd play until my pockets were empty.

I'm surprised to remember so much.

Insignificant moments.

I'd better stop talking about that.

Stop talking about what?

When Kaoru was playing.

If you wanted me to raise her I'd need a million.

But if you had to pay that much... you're better off raising her yourself.

Kids are a pain in the ass.

Noisy... bothersome.

But you like children a lot.

I like only my children.

She needs another coin.

Forgive me.

You mind if I do it?


I took a bunch of coins.

I was kidding.

Do it for me.


Papa, the car stopped.


Is that man a friend of Papa's?

Yes, he's a friend of yours.

You mean Papa's friend.

Your friend gave us one dollar.

You say "thank you".

Alright, I insert it.

Ok. -Go.

There you go.

Thank you so much.

I gotta go.

Mr. Sawada.

Next time Kaoru wants to meet you, I will contact you again.

Would you please meet her?

Six-grader girls, what kind of persons are they?

For example, their size, I have no clue.

Precisely these girls.

So big?

Please, offer this... not to Kaoru... to Eriko please.


I'm glad you came.

I don't have to trash it.

I'll give it to Kaoru.

It's for little girls, she'll laugh.

I will give it to Kaoru.

Mr. Sawada.

I'm grateful.

She's already done.



Papa, a dollar.


I insert it.

Ok There you go.

Go ahead. -We're back.

Is she back?

She should be here.



Eriko, come with Mommy.


How was it?

It was great.


I see.

It's a present.

Open it.



Just tell me what it is.

I don't know what it is.

What do you mean?

It's from someone.

Who is that?

You know.

(for Kaoru-chan)

Let me sit down.

Kaoru I told you already.

Please don't lie.

Keep your promises.

You didn't respect that today.

How are you feeling now?

You get it?

Let's decorate it with flowers...

The other room...

The end of sadness...

What is it? oh yeah...

The end of sadness...

Please enjoy every day...

Oh baby...

Papa. -Eriko.

I was here all along waiting alone. -Really?

Big girl.

Thank you.

It's so hot.

So hot.

They say, it's the baby's heartbeat.

He's not born yet?

When he will be born... you'll hear him cry.

What's Kaoru doing?

She's coming from Chiba.

It'll take some time.

Why did she have to go to grandma's place?

Kaoru need some time to think.

That's how it is.

Is she moving to grandma's place?

She'll have to wait until she finishes high school.

There will be rehearsals during the holidays.

What is a rehearsal?

A rehearsal is an exercise.

It's coming soon.

Silly Kaoru.

She should hurry up and come soon.

He's born? -He's born?


Kaoru-chan, he is born.



You can see the mother.


Please come in.


Hold him.

They're your sisters.

The sisters can touch him too.

The dad can touch him.

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