OSS 117 se dechaine (1963) Script

"Now that atomic peril weighs upon the world

and every soul fears the slightest unbalance of power could cause the planet's explosion,

Allied squadrons are in constant training.

The greatest force of deterrence in the West is its atomic submarine fleet, which has until now remained undetectable thanks to its mobility.

This new, well trained fleet, is today the best guarantee of peace in the world.

Indeed, from all corners of the seas and oceans, the nuclear missiles carrying submarines could launch at the enemy Who'd dare to start a war, those terrifying retaliation devices.

The Whole activity of the secret services is therefore focused on the strategic points of coasts Where the enemy could set up sensors able to track atomic submarines and ultimately destroy them."

Doesn't Brigitta come with us this morning? She does. She just went to buy cigarettes.

Look, here she is now.

Are you angry with me, this morning?

Start the engine. Will you help me with the gangway?

Tell me you don't intend to visit every grotto in Corsica.

I love undersea caves, they're so beautiful. Don't you think so?

Will you accompany us this morning, Brigitta?

No, I'd rather sunbathe.

Shall we go? See you soon.

Start the engine. But... Where is Roos?

Do as I tell you. Start the engine. Aren't you going to wait for William?

Do as I tell you. Now.

Put it in gear.

Where is William? Give me a cigarette.

Where are you going? To the police.

What the hell happened?

But... Where did you dive with that pupil of yours exactly?

In the middle of the bay.

Where there's virtually no danger. None.

But I had some minor trouble with the regulator on my oxygen bottles.

So you swam back to the boat? Yes. To change bottles.

I had signalled to R003 to follow me, so when I saw he wasn't coming up...

You dived again at once?

Since you stayed in the boat, all you know is that the two of them dived and Nicolas Renotte came back up alone?

Yes, he changed his oxygen bottle and dived again at once.

Please, sign here.

What could possibly happen to him? A stroke?

Yes, probably.

And the current took his body away? Yes, no doubt.

Here is Miss Brigitta Rindborg's statement.

Tell me. Those little undersea excursions are dangerous, aren't they?

No. But Roos was careless.

And not very good at diving.

Impossible. Renotte is lying.

Roos was one of our best divers.

And they killed him? There's no doubt about it.

He must have found What we're looking for. It seems that way.

And there's not a minute to lose.

If our adversaries manage to develop and experiment the detector...

They could neutralise our atomic submarines.

Which are the greatest retaliation force in the Whole Western world.

The balance of powers would be warped.

World peace would be threatened.

The situation is so grim and delicate, Hubert...

That, naturally, you thought about me.

Chatting with you is a genuine pleasure, old boy.

Before I even open my mouth, you guess What I'm about to say.

And you're going to buy me a holiday in Corsica, is that it?


And you think that this young man who dived with Roos?

Yes. So you think that this Renotte, fearing for his life as he is, will be inclined to confide in me?

That's very simple. You just have to convince him.

Very simple. Nothing could be simpler indeed.

You're so persuasive, Hubert Miss Johnson, would you come here please?

Here. You'll have to peruse these, the detailed instructions of the case.

I think you don't know Colonel Bonnisseur de la Bath.

I'm very glad to know you, Colonel.

My name is Hubert What's yours? Diana.

Diana... What a beautiful name, Diana.

Won't you ever change, Hubert? I wouldn't think of it.

Well, please don't forget that your investigation must only start when you're in Corsica.

088117... Miss Johnson.

088117 must leave for Corsica as soon as possible.

Get him a passport in the name of "Hubert Landon" and prepare everything for his trip.

I want him to leave this very evening. Before dinner.

Bonifacio - An undersea diving tragedy.

American tourist falls victim to his carelessness and inexperience.

Here are the documents of the Dauphine reserved for you, Mr Landon.

If you would follow me. To the end of the world, miss.

We're already there. It's this counter.

Couldn't it be Bonifacio?

It would be quite difficult to arrange, Mr Landon.

My name is Hubert What's yours? Gisele.

Gisele. What beautiful eyes you have, Gisele.

I've been taught that the client is always right, and you're a client.

For your eyes? Yes I am. But for the car, please sign here.

And for your eyes?

Right now, they're not for rent. Pity.

Here. Tipping is forbidden, sir.

Gisele, I'm not used to these small French cars.

Would you show me how it works? That is not my job.

I would drive you back here after dinner.

Our company only supplies cars, but be assured that I regret it.

I regret it even more than you do, Gisele.

You have a great command of the French language, Hubert I'm pan French, on my grandfather's side.

I knew it. Those eyes.

Are you looking for Renotte?

He'll be here soon.

Mr Renotte? Yes. What do you want?

Information about your diving lessons.

Look, this is the wrong moment. I have an appointment.

Let me go with you. We'll talk along the way.

No, it's better that you wait for me here. I won't be long. Come in.

Take a seat, make yourself at home, I'll be back in five minutes.

That would really surprise me. What?

If you came back here. Why?

Because you're not Nicolas Renotte.

Indeed. A bit of humour. I missed.

I'm a friend of Nicolas'.

He's right there, I'll fetch him. No. Not Without me.

Leave me alone. Get out of my way.

And now, you're going to tell me What you're doing here.

Go to hell.

What do you know.

What does this mean?

Do you know him?

Well, I'll have to go to the police again.

You're coming with me.

No. I don't want to be involved in a crime. I'm a foreigner here.

Yes, but you know that I'm innocent. I didn't kill him.

Yes, I know, but the police don't.

Well, there might be another way. Which way?

Through the bedroom Window.

You'll excuse me, Nicolas.

I don't feel well. I can't stay.

Alright, then go and wait for me on the boat, I'll join you in a moment.

You're wasting your time, I already did that.

Nothing interesting. No papers. Who are you?

Hubert Landon. I'm William Roos' brother in law.

Yes? And how did you come in?

It's quite simple.

The late... gentleman opened the door for me.

I insist: on that particular day, we weren't visiting any grotto.

He vanished in the middle of the sea. But Why?

He probably had a fainting fit.

William Roos recently undertook the full training of military undersea divers.

He was no amateur. What more can I tell you?

The truth. Nothing but the truth.

Look, I gave a statement to the police. You can read it in the papers.

I don't want to amend it, so leave me alone.

Go away.

Alright. If you want it that way, I'm going.

I'm going to the police.

Of course. There's a dead man here.

Obviously murdered.

The police are interested in that kind of thing, aren't they?

But you told me yourself that you... well, that he killed himself While you were fighting.

But I don't have to tell the police that.

What's your point?

I want the truth. Nothing but the truth.

But I already told you that I... No. I'm sure that you're lying.

Yes? What makes you so sure?

You lied when you said that Roos was a beginner.

An instructor who has such an accident during a normal diving lesson doesn't have to lie.

And he usually brings his pupil's body back.

Stop this nonsense.

I'm a peaceful diving instructor who lives a peaceful life in a peaceful country.

But the peaceful citizen of this peaceful country can't refuse me one thing. What?

To take me now to the exact place Where Roos disappeared.

Right now, it's night.

Let's say tomorrow at dawn. Is that alright?

Won't you leave me alone?

I don't want to die because of some idiots.

No. You're the idiot, Renotte.

Do you know what can happen to a nut?

I'm the thumb, the others are the forefinger. And you're the nut.

Think about it.

See you tomorrow morning? Alright.

And we'll dive together.

You too?

Shall I help you throw this through the Window?

I'd like that.

And don't forget: he had friends.

You'd better play my game, Renotte.

Tomorrow, 6 am.?

I told you to wait for me on the boat. I forgot my purse.

Mr. Landon is William Roos' kinsman.

Did I intrude? No, we were quite finished.

I had nothing more to say to Mr. Landon.

Please believe that I regret it now.

I hope I'll have the pleasure of seeing you again soon.

So do I.

Well... What?

Well, let's go in.

Say, Nicolas, the gentleman from the family, did he see the body?

No, thankfully, I had the time to deal with it.

He arrived when I was about to join you. Come, then.

Why? Since you came back, Why don't we stay here?

No, I can't stay here. Let's go to the boat.

As you wish.

The cavity seems to have extensions. Too late to continue.

Will resume tomorrow with Renotte. The spot is marked on the map.

If you don't tell me Whose payroll you're on, you're finished.

Who paid you to do this job?

Why are you waking me up? There's somebody on board.

You're dreaming.

See, you were dreaming. There's nobody here.

Why are you so jumpy?

Here. Look. What?

But this is Roos' equipment. Of course it is.

And it didn't come here by itself.

What does it mean? That I must keep quiet.

Do you think it's a threat? Probably.

In the meantime, I'm going to change moorings.

Do you want me to help you? No. Go back to bed.

I'm used to dealing with those things on my own.

Where are you going, Nicolas? What's wrong with you?

Have you gone mad? Where are we going?

You'll know when we get there.

You might have asked for my opinion. I'm not your Wife.

Well, you're free. You can swim, can't you?

How long since the Medina left?

I don't know. They must have sailed during the night.

Here's the plane I can put at your disposal.

How fast is it? 180 km/h.

We don't have any Boeing here. The prettiest girl in the world...

Do you know her? Unfortunately, I don't.

Alright, let's go. Let's go. Please go this way.

Please take the controls.

Turn round again, I couldn't see very well.

Won't they leave me alone?

Head for Nice.

Hello? Anybody here?

You? I wasn't expecting to see you here.

The free world is so small. Is Renotte here?

No, he went to Ciotat, to get spare parts for the boat.

Perfect. So you can have a drink with me. I'll be delighted.

Here's a document that our correspondent in Corsica just sent us.

Do you know this man?

Yes, He's Abossy. He was Abossy.

These days he was seen a lot with a man named Sacha.

Does that ring a bell?

Sacha Bounine. A White Russian.

The director of an export-import company in Nice.

Did a lot of trafficking with North Vietnam, North Korea and China.

What's more, the American services told me that one of their agents, William Roos, was also the victim of an accident, in Bonifacio.

They sent their best man there, under the alias Hubert Landon.

That's a lot of accidents and a lot of people in Bonifacio.

The punch line is that, you're also going there.

Try to see What it's all about.

And your Sacha. Where is he now? In Nice.

Well, maybe I'd better stop there on my way.

Don't waste your time, old boy.

Call Thibault in Nice.

Thibault is in charge of the Nice area for us.

I'm going to confirm that he must not let Sacha out of his sight.

Is that you, Thibault?

Sacha Bounine? I'm on the case.

I'll deal with him personally.

Do not fear, Pacha, I won't fail to tail him.

What do you do for a living? I pose for photographs.

In Paris? No, in Stockholm, my home.

Have you known this... this Renotte for a long time?

Three months. And you're his mistress?

A little.

That's a funny one. How can you be someone's mistress a little?

I sleep with him but I'm not in love.

What about William Roos? He was a very nice man.

Were you sleeping with him?


Because of Renotte...

He's a strange young man. You fear him, don't you?

He changed a lot. Since Roos died?

Brigitta, as I told you, I must find William's body for his parents, they'd like to give him a proper funeral.

Are you Willing to help me? Of course. But how?

Well, he marked the exact spot of all his dives on an undersea chart I think it could be found aboard the Medina.

I'll try to find it for you.

Thank you. But most of all, I'd like to meet Renotte.

As soon as possible.

Come tomorrow morning. Nicolas will be back very late tonight.

Will you have dinner on board? No, we'll go in a small restaurant.

And after that? We'll get back.

Where? His place.

What's the address? 10, Rue des Anges.

At What time will you be there? Around ten.

I'll come. But...

No, I want to talk to him tonight.

I take full responsibility, he won't know anything, I won't tell him that I saw you. I'll ring Renotte's bell around ten.

I don't know how he'll receive you.

All I'm asking is that you open the door for me.

I must run. I've got some shopping to do.

Sorry, wrong number.

The American arrived in Nice.

He'll be at Renotte's tonight around ten.

Do you think Renotte will be equal to it?

When the American gets there, give them a drink, so they'll talk more freely.

But before that, keep Renotte out of his place.

Make him stay at the restaurant until the time of the appointment.

Do you want to plant a microphone?

That's no concern of yours.

Do as I tell you and don't ask any questions.

Since both of them will be there... I'll be able to operate painlessly.

I like to avoid unnecessary pain. Here's a key to Renotte's apartment.

Did Brigitta give you a template? You're very perceptive, Ugo.

And of course you warned her...

I'd rather keep Brigitta ignorant of Whatever happens.

What kind of a job would you like?

In this, you'll find everything you need to... operate.

Will you prepare my bill? Right away.

We're in no hurry. I'd like another coffee.

You won't sleep again.

If I were you, I wouldn't complain.

What's bothering you? Nothing.

Of course there's something. You barely said four words.

I'm a little tired.

Who can it be at such an hour? Only one way to find out.

May I come in? Of course.

You again? Aren't you the stubborn type.

Yes, when I have to be.

I've already told you that I know nothing, so you're wasting your time.

I've heard that song before, Renotte.

Did you know that Roos kept a diary of your dives together.

So What? I found the diary.

Of course, it stops on the eve of his disappearance.

Roos writes about the grotto you visited that day and your intention of exploring it again later.

Stop bothering me with all that.

I don't want to hear about it anymore.

Come on, getting excited won't help.

Why don't you talk it over quietly While you have a drink?

But could I take some ice?

Right, make yourself at home, Why don't you?

You didn't have to invite him for a drink, now he won't ever go away.

It was the natural thing to do.

Would you get my lighter? I left it in the bathroom.

What exactly do you want to know?

Everything about Roos' death.

Since you'll end up telling me anyway, Why not now?

You're about to make a mistake.

And you're clumsy.

Come on, up the stairs.

Go in.

No, not that way. This way.


My compliments.

We're going to have a long conversation together.

Where is the other one?

Precisely What I was about to ask you.

This is Thibault.

Call me back at 88.36.82. I'll be waiting for you.

Now we're going to have that long conversation together.

Pick that up.

And the phone.

May I have one too? Please do.

Would you mind putting the bottle back on the table?

There we are.

Don't you drink? Come on, old boy.

There nothing like a good Whisky to raise your spirits.

What is your number?

Who's there? I want to speak to Thibault.

Come on, put him on the line.

I don't believe this. Is this you, Pacha?

Yes. This is Hubert Landon.

I mean Hubert Bonnisseur de la Bath.

What do you know. Are you surprised?

Is Thibault there? Yes, he's here, but he's in no condition to answer you right now.

Why? Is he ill? No, Pacha, just sleeping.

Why don't you wake him up? Well, it's not that easy, you know.

Why? Because... because he had one drink too much.

Impossible. Call him back tomorrow morning.

I'd have liked to know What he wanted. I'll ask him when he wakes up.

But, I... Where... What are you doing here?

This is my place.

But for God's sake...

Did you...?

I slept on that.

I had sweet dreams.

I merely... saved your life.

Look at your dress.

But... But I didn't fall into water. No. The water fell on you.


You were half frozen, you could have died of pneumonia, so I rubbed alcohol on you, from your head to your feet.

So you... No, on my honour.

I closed my eyes. Almost.

I saw nothing anyway. Well... nothing unusual.

Let's talk seriously. What happened?

Don't you remember?

I came to Renotte's at ten, as scheduled.

We talked and had a drink. Do you remember now?

I remember that but... after? Well, after, you fell asleep.

Why? I don't know.

Perhaps the Whisky was drugged. Why would Nicolas do such a thing?

Nicolas? Who mentioned Nicolas?

Who else could have done such a joke?

That's a way to put it. I would call it a very bad joke.

Mysterious double murder in Nice. Diving instructor killed in his home.

His presumed murderer was lying at his feet.

When will we be able to submerge the detector?

Tonight. Everything has been checked.

Boris. Are the control board connections in place?

Yes, the White switch controls the delayed mine which will block the way from the grotto to the beach three minutes after we leave.

And the black one would allow us to blow everything up, just in case...

I hope we won't need it.

Mayan speaking. This is Lucia.

Sacha just came here from Nice. Join us upstairs at once.

Something has come up and I think it's serious.

Here. Read this.

This house belongs to a town councillor.

Those, on the cliff, have been rented by estate agents from Paris.

Some Parisians live in one of them. The other one... I don't know.

Would you like me to order an identity check?

No. Certainly not.

Renotte's murder couldn't fail to open the American's eyes.

And he's also got Brigitta's in his hands.

Don't accuse me Without knowing. I couldn't act any other way.

The American came in the flat with another bloke, I just had the time to get out on the roof.

But Why didn't you inform Brigitta?

Why? Simply because I didn't trust her.

Well, I don't think you made the right choice.

Yes I did. The situation makes it right.

The fact that Brigitta was put to sleep strengthens her position with Landon.

If he had doubts about her, he won't be wary anymore.

It may be so. But now he's bound to come here with her.

Why don't we simply kill him, since we're going away?

I'd rather have him disappear... accidentally.

How hard could that be?

Tell Manuel to come at once.

Lucia, Brigitta told us that the American is looking for a map on which Roos marked the spot of his last dive.

Yes. It's among the papers that Abossy found at Roos' place.

You're going to leave for the Ajaccio airport Get ready, I'll give you your instructions later.

You asked for me, boss?

You're going down to Bonifacio.

You'll watch the hotel's surroundings and Mr. Landon's comings and goings.

He's bound to arrive today.

Would you please claim my suitcase? I'm going to fetch the car I rented.

Gentlemen prefer blonds?

She's my sister.

Yes, and from the same bed, it's obvious.

You'll give the map to the American. Your instructions are written in shorthand.

And you do know that, as is the case for all of us, your family will have to answer for your actions if you do not scrupulously carry out Mayan's orders.

Yes, I know.

Please sign here.

Do you collect them? What? Little sisters?

No, small cars.

You never drove the first one back and you're already renting another one.

I'm a faithful client, as you can see.


Here are the keys to your apartment.

Would you please fill in this form?

Go up and unpack. I'll park the car and fill in the forms.

Pardon me, sir, I knew a Landau in London. Freddy Landau.

I'm sorry, sir, but my name is Landon.

Please put those in the other room.

Could somebody park my car? Here is the form.

Pacha filled me in. Can I be of any help?

Certainly, yes. Did you make progress?

I inquired into seashore properties recently rented to foreigners.

Any result? Not much.

That's a pity.

I didn't thank you enough for all of this.

I couldn't possibly take you with me in your pyjamas.

I love this purse.

Which reminds me:

I found Roos' map on the boat. It's in my White purse.

Is this What you were looking for? Possibly. I'll have to check.

Check What?

Just with your memory, sweetheart.

Was it here? I think so, yes.

Brigitta, here's What we're going to do: this afternoon, we'll rent a boat, go there, and you'll help me find the grotto's entrance.

I want to, Hubert but... But What?

Why don't you forget all about this?

Don't you think it's leading you a little too far?

All those dead bodies around you. Around us.

I'm very stubborn. When I've begun a job, I have to finish it.

What job?

Yes. I've got to tell you something.

I'm not a member of William Roos' family. But...

No, I came to investigate for Lloyd's, an insurance company.

Roos was a rich man and, before he left, he took out a life insurance policy.

In order for his family to inherit, the body has to be found.

Do you understand now?

Are you quite sure it was here? Yes, I'm sure.

Hubert... It's you.

Alright, I understand.

You're working for them. You led me into a trap.

It's not true. I didn't.

What are you doing? Are you mad? I don't buy it anymore.

You're going to talk.

Tell me Where are the facilities that Roos discovered. Come on, talk.

Do you feel better now? Yes, a little.

Do you want more?

Hubert, do you understand now What happened?

But... What is this? Let's see.

Police. Inspector Simonetti, from the mobile brigade of Ajaccio.

Are you the man called Landon?

You're under arrest for the murder of Nicolas Renotte.

You're insane. There has to be some mistake.

A warrant for your arrest has been issued by the prosecutor in Nice.

Come with us. No. You don't have the right.

I'm an American citizen, this is madness.

You'll tell that to the examining magistrate.

Duval, take him away.

But... this is ridiculous. Wait. Leave me alone. You'll be sorry.

To Ajaccio.

Good morning, Forestier. Here's our prisoner.

How did it feel to arrest a dangerous American agent, Duval?

Now, my dear colleague, you're responsible for the dangerous agent, as you say.

It's out of my hands.

Thanks for your help, Simonetti.

Are you really sure that you don't need us anymore?

I'd like to use you but, legally, you cannot be involved.

But you're going to proceed all the same? You know very well that, officially, people like us... do not exist.

Hurry up: to the hotel. We don't have a minute to lose.

Can you book me a seat on the first plane to either Marseille or Paris?

What? From Ajaccio or Bastia, I don't care.

As is the case for all of us, your family will have to answer for your actions if you do not scrupulously carry out Mayan's orders.

Hello, miss? I'm calling about your reservation on the plane to Paris.

Don't bother. I can't go.

I can see the car. Brigitta didn't leave. That's a piece of luck.

Here she is.

She'll kindly show us the way.

A car going to their place. Let's hurry. Take the Wheel.

Did you lose something?

Well, old chap.

He's sleeping just fine? For the last time.

You don't say?

You've got something of a strike force. What do we do with him?

We're going to put him back nicely in his car. Will you help me?

Will you come in?

What's the matter with you?

Is he dead?

No, he's sleeping. I only used my persuasion force on him.

What shall we do with this one?

Put him in the trunk. It's always good to be neat.

Here's a nice toy for you. Could be useful. You never know.

Can you see those lights? It must be there.

Let's go.

The American escaped from us twice, Brigitta.

Can you explain it?

The first time, I was asleep.

Ask Sacha.

I know all about it. We already settled that point.

But today, undersea, there's only one possible explanation: you warned the American of What was waiting for him.

No. I'm not responsible if he proved stronger than your men.

You had to send more people, that's all. Enough.

Do you know What fate awaits you?

Me and my family, yes, I know. But it's unfair.

You'll explain yourself later. Before your judges.

In the meantime, go to your room.

Take What you need, destroy all traces of your presence...

...then join us here.

And hurry up.

Sacha. Put together all the maps and documents, then make sure that we didn't forget anything in the rooms.

Boris, did you check all the circuits?

Yes. Now we just have to plug the detector in.

Alright, disassemble the hardware left on the terrace, pack it in the cases...

...and go down to the grotto Where we'll join you.

This man will lead you to the grotto's entrance.

Keep at a distance with your rifle in order to block their way, and when they come out, don't miss.

Follow him. I'll take care of Brigitta.

She must be just ripe.

Come in. What do you want now?

You know that we're leaving tonight.

Mayan asked me to talk to you.

We'll have time to talk during the trip.

We won't be alone.

And, once there, we'll probably be separated.

Brigitta. Don't misunderstand me. It's our last night.

I'm not complaining. Leave me alone.

You're wrong. Mayan thinks you're guilty.

Only my testimony can save you. Or condemn you.

The choice is yours. Go away.

I'm the only one who was ever well disposed toward you, you know.

You, Mayan and his Whole gang: I hate you.

You didn't make such a fuss with the American.

Do you see, sweetheart how wrong you were to leave me?

Watch out.

Brigitta, What are you... Hands up.


Do you really think you'll succeed in pulling such a trick, Mr Landon?

Why not? Get up.

You are very optimistic. True enough.

And you're going to lead me to the grotto. Now.

Didn't Brigitta show you the way yet?

Throw down your gun, Mr Landon.

You were too optimistic indeed, Mr Landon.

How deep should we submerge the detector?

I'll tell you.

Are you satisfied? Yes, Lucia.

And if the detector yields the expected results I won't rate the chances of all atomic submarines in the world.

They only own this prototype detector, don't they?

Echo in Area Three. Range?

About 3000 meters.

It's them. The boat arrived. Activate the detector.

The trial was conclusive.

What about the automatic relays? In their place since this morning.

Good. You'll tune the boat's transmitter to this frequency.

Will it be long?

Two minutes after we get on board.

We'll leave directly after this last check.

What about the American? Mr Landon will be our guest.

Our services will know how to make him talk.

And then maybe negotiate an exchange.

Did you hear? Yes. But What will they do to you?

I'll be judged and convicted.

Neither Mayan nor Sacha will forgive me.

Device in place.

Time and place for the rendezvous, unchanged.

Am sending Sacha and Boris to tune your transmitter and proceed to a last check.

Over and out.

Go now and take the prisoners with you.

If you please, Mr Landon.


I trust you.

But be warned, that Boris has strict orders.

If you try to escape, you will be shot.

Please follow me.

As soon as you're on board, send us back the Chris-craft.

Will do.

What was that? The Chris-craft.

I thought I heard a shot.

Shoot. Won't you shoot?

We're going back. Hurry up. Turn the boat around.

Why did you kill him? Are you mad?

But, Hubert he was about to... That was stupid.

I wanted to take him to Washington, to hear his life story.

You can hear mine. I know almost as much as he did.

Take the Wheel.

Thanks all the same.

It's useless, Lucia. They're on to us.

All of What we've done for months is annihilated.

But... the facility? The secret machines?

They won't find them.

I know too much to be taken alive.

We know too much, Mayan.

Mayan blew the Whole thing up. And themselves too.

There's nobody left to accuse you now.

And your family has nothing more to fear.

Thanks to you.

Who's that man waving his arms?

Forestier. He's a fine fellow.

A friend of yours?

What are we going to do with him now?

Nothing, but I have to say goodbye to him.

And to you too.