Ostinato destino (1992) Script

Orgasm! Orgasm!

Orgasm and creation. Orgasm and death.

Two ends. The beginning and the end a long story.

400 pages! I hope to I quenched your curiosity and answer the questions of all women.

Who told you that woman reaches orgasm ... only when they rape her?

My feminine side!

It must be very developed to come up with such theories!

It's as developed as it needs to be! I assure you I know what I'm saying!

You don't talk, you go crazy! Thanks for the insult!

That means I succeeded my goal!

I will succeed too my own! Succeed!

Are you crazy

Sit wisely! What are you doing girls;

Help, Ken!

Help, Ken!


These are crazy! Aid!


Ken, help!

Cesare, here I am!

Ken, at last! Where have you been for so long?

Fortunately you are here! They the crazy ones want to kill me!

They say I have no idea from orgasm!

Bums to say! What do they know? Women!

Italy is racist country;

I'm asking you! It's racist Italy?

And all with one voice they replied, "No! No!"

Okay, I accept that well-meaning.

Since it is not, who is committing violence against immigrants?

I'm not in a hurry, I'm waiting.

Who sets fire in their houses;

They live in terrible conditions! Racism is stupid!

We women must too let's figure it out first!

These people want it just to become our friends.

They want to give it to us all their love.

All the love they have.

Let's think about it for a moment this, women!

The men in our house what are they doing;

They light up with football, with alcohol.

They light up with everything, my friends, but not with you!

We need to wake up, girls! This is our chance!

Where can we find it a solution;

A very simple solution easily applied?

The immigrants! They are the real men!

These are the experienced ones lovers, with an insatiable appetite!

My friends, if you want to adopt an immigrant ... call us!

Call us!

Look at the camera and smiled.

And remember! The black, my friends ... she is losing weight!

I am the notary Eva Meyer.

Mrs. Rabaldi is waiting for me.

Come in.

Come with me.

I'm very excited. I have years to see Carolina.

He still does those the bad jokes?

I have been in the service for years of Mrs. Rabaldi ... and I've never done gossip against her.

Well done!

Mrs. Rabaldi!

Mrs. Rabaldi!

He doesn't listen to me.

You know that last suffered three heart attacks?

Open it!

Oh my god!



Carolina, answer me!

She is dead!

Passed away!

Not yet!

You never change. Eva!

Come on, be brave.

Carolina did not die. I probably overdid it this time.

I really like it, though to scare others.

He was always so delicate! So tender!

I noticed that he called you with your little one!

Come now, Eva! Don't you remember He was a nice kid in his youth.

We met a lot of them, didn't we?

Are these your children? Yes.

Lucretia and Cesare.

That year was that they tried to poison me.

And he? The youngest.

Tireless too! But I had a weakness for him.

In what position is it? Horizontal!

Always tireless!

Rabaldi Marcello. Present!

Now I know I found this I've been looking for a long time.

No one will separate me from you.

Wrong, Maggie! She is the last time we see each other.

What thing; Did I hear right? Can I know why;

I can't lie down with her woman more than 10 times!

I want my freedom!

That's how you deliver the weapons you?

I said goodbye to you, Maggie. Go to hell!

Why did you ask me? to come here?

Because I feel like I'm going to die. What are you talking about;

My time is approaching, my dear Eva.

And because it binds us such a long friendship ...

I just want to tell you my last wishes.

Hello, Pucci-Pucci! Aman this "dick"!

We have no light. It was cut the current from bad weather.

Is that why you called us here? You have to be brave.

Come on!

The housekeeper died! That was all;

Was that bad news?

He died with a joke that your mother did.

I'm not surprised at all!

He was the only one it always made her clean.

Mum! Do not overdo it!

Me, Carolina Rabaldi, having the brakes on ... and having arrived at the end of my life ...

I am announcing to you my last wishes.

You can't miss it the preliminary ... because I have a lot urgent work?

After all, we are heirs only the three of us.

Formalities are unnecessary! Close your mouth!


Try not to be so stupid!

You've spent your whole life to make your image!

Prove to me that he did not go wasted your time!

You are pitiful! Failed!

Among other things, you destroyed and my toy factory which gave joy to everything the children of Europe!

I hate children! Shit!

I wanted to finish you off ... but my girlfriend, Eva, said that the law does not allow it.

That's why I leave you the share which legally corresponds to you ... and I leave the rest to one of the three of you.

To the one who ...

Yes! So what;

I've even done drums for my career!

You told me that it wouldn't be forever!

I demand from a doctor better moral background!

I do not understand why you did it tragedy.

If my drums don't play, I'm losing millions! Did you understand Nice joke!

You find it funny to take I say it all whoever gets married within a year?

And she will have a child!

How could he treat me? that hard;

When I was little, he loved me. He was wearing my dresses!

Come on, Pucci-Pucci, it is not the end of the world.

You may like it when you will have a son.

You know that love does it work wonders?

In the meantime, I'll look to find a woman.

You will object to us for the will?


Enough, we'll drown him! No, not 3 minutes have passed.

It will burst with so much water! We will empty it later!


We drowned him, he doesn't move! Don't give up now!

She's not moving, I'm telling you! Come on!

Take your foot, it doesn't move!

Why denounce the will! I will be a child in pi and fi!

You are not happy about where you will be uncles?

Marcello! Sit down let's discuss it!

Where are you going; To find a wife!


Lucretia, do you have any idea? I'm thinking.

Wipe me!

Please let me talk! I want to tell you something important!

Tell the gorilla to leave me!

Maggie, give the signal and you will I open his head like a watermelon!

First, apologize to me. Sorry, Maggie!

Let me talk to you!

Maggie, it hurts! Let me!

Throw him out!

Not please! Must I make you an important suggestion.

I greet you, Marcello! Be well!

Poor boy! Did you hit

Madam, are you marrying me?

You don't have to get married to do some things!

Come here!

Did you see, my beauty?

What; Did Teresa leave? He went in Tibet to find herself?

No ... I just wanted to I ask her to marry me.

Does not matter... Thanks, ma'am. Hello!

She left... This is a lesbian ...

Francesca! No, she got married.

We fought with her and we don't talk.

Lucia! Nah, we're not talking about that either.

Fine! We missed that!

She may have done something, but I don't have the phone anymore.

What is the crazy woman doing?

Don't do it!

Miss, please! Don't do it!

Don't jump, wait! Life is beautiful, miss!

Don't do it! You are so beautiful!

Because you want to cut the thread of life?

Because you wanted to die you too;

Because I can't find a wife, they all reject me!

For a leap, they all come. But no one wants to get married!

For the same reason I wanted to die too.

Then we have something in common.

Do you like ice cream?

How is your family Are you having children?

Is anyone sterile? It matters;

Of course! What a wedding a childless marriage?

Why; Do you want to marry me;

Didn't you understand yet? You are a baby!

Other weak points?

He gets dizzy, is easily moved.

It didn't go smoothly!

He doesn't know how to swim! He is afraid of water.

Ever since we tried to drown him when he was little.


Because everyone is crazy one day he gets an idea.

Get him out of the way the sooner.

You will get your reward and you will disappear.

But watch out! Must to look like an accident.

I'm so sorry!

You just want it to hurt or suffer?

No, to God! Something in between...

We have arrived! Wait to open for you.

What game are you playing? It is not a game.

It's a surprise. You will be left with your mouth open!

Come on, give me your hand.

I will count to three and you will take out the handkerchief.

One two Three!

Do you like my house

My love!

Wake up my love!

What happened; You stumbled and hit!

My poor thing! My love!

That is true your house;

Do you like it? She's cute.

My gold, I can find out what game are you playing It does not show; Getting married your brother!

I understood, but we did not agree on that.

Don't worry, I'll get him out from the middle ... but after the wedding.

I do not understand what do you have in mind.

It is simple! I want a third from this property.

And as Marcello's widow, I will have it!

I would like to start pure, like newborns.

Let's not hide anything. Have absolute confidence.

You were honest with me;

I asked if you were honest with me.

Absolutely. You; Not me. I didn't tell you everything.

There is something you do not know.

Is it something bad? You will judge this.

I want to know everything. Say it!

I am married again. Twice.

I was expecting something worse. You scared me!

And where are the former your men?

They died!


Maybe the clams isn't it aphrodisiac?

Marina, don't you like it? something to me?

I don't know, my smell or something else;

No why;

Usually, after that, I sleep like a bird.

You were wonderful. Are you satisfied now?

I saw a horrible nightmare, that I see often.

I saw that I made love with a cold penguin!

I can't let go myself. I've always been that way.

If anyone tries to it unblocks me, I become dangerous.

How did your ex-husbands die?


He's drowning there! Run to save him!

Don't worry, ma'am! The children will save him!

Your chamomile, ma'am.

What a shame! Such an accident in the honeymoon!


Marcello, are you awake?

Marina, it's true what they say.

When you die, you see your life like in a movie.

I saw a lot of things I had forget. Nice and bad.

And I realized I didn't want to I'm dying, with the lie I told you.

I don't love you. The thunderbolt love was a lie.

I married you to get one a child.

Only then will I inherit everything my mother's property.

Marina, now you know the truth.

This is the only medicine for my anxiety!

I'm relaxing like that!

And with me no You have nerves, don't you? Close your mouth!

It is your fault! You chose it! I never liked it!

Of course! He has not been born yet the woman you will like.

Every night I dream of a hundred millions that I will lose because of you!

My problem is much more serious than yours.

I'm not stuck with money like you.

Money is a piece of myself!

When they take them from me, they are as if they cut off one of my arms, one of my legs!

There are very good ones intentions, my gold!

What happened to Marcello? The ...?

Here I am too!

My love, did you tell them? No my love!

We are expecting a child!



And they told me that you are a professional!

I learned that I would inherit them all if he becomes a father. Why not;

This will not happen! I will tell everything to Marcello!

You will tell him that you hired me to get him out of the way?

I don't think it's in your best interest.

From now on, we are at war! Take up arms!

I'm hungry like a wolf! It's as if I'm pregnant!

Marina, let's start again from now on.

Let's forget the lies. I want may our love be pure!

But what did I say?

Messier, I assure you the fillets they were well thawed!

Your mother was crazy. Okay, that gave her style.

But you; You were the myth city's!

And to have a child, did you get married the first time you met?

No past and relatives. Anna! This is not the time.

We know each other from children. You could marry me.

At least, it would stay between us.

As for my fertility, there are no doubts.

With that cretin Antonio, I had three children!

Can I find out what happened? Nothing...

Her body considered it embryo foreign body and killed it.

That's awesome! Of course, I'm sorry ...

It has a defense system who does not forgive.

Something like a killer!


She's cute.

Do not be like that! Please!

Calm down, my dear! We don't want melodramas here!

I don't like you!

Disappear, to don't make you crumbs!

Where did you find it? Is copy of the evil witch!

I scared him, that's why he died! What are you talking about;

We would immediately have another child, Marcello! You'll see!

I will not hand over the weapons! Let's get to work right away!

You missed this photo. Why did you cut it in half?

It's a game I'm playing always with my sister.

She has the other half.

You're great here where are you smiling!

Scorpio insisted "Please, take me to the other side! "

"I'm not." crazy to take you to the other side! "

"It simply came to our notice then and I will die! "

And Scorpio said, "I will I'm crazy if I bite you ... because you will sink and I will drown! "

And Vatrachina said "That's right!"

She took Scorpio on her back and dived into the lake.

When he reached the middle of the lake, Vatrachina felt a sting and before he dies, caught up and said ...

"You idiot, why did you do that? You will drown now! "

And Scorpio said "This is my nature!"

Mom, someone came! A thief!

Be quiet, to surprise him!

Yes! Then we will torture him! Sit down!

Aunt Marina! Hello girls! How are you?

Your gifts are on the table. Gifts!

Let's open it!

Marina! Hello, brother!

Do you still have tics in your eyes? It only catches me when I see you.

I saw you in my sleep at night. It was a very bad dream.

You were very sad, desperate.

Got married. I also lost a child.

And a stupid doctor, he said that I can't have children.

Of course I got married for the money.

After all, I will not fall in love never. I'm fine like that.

I can't understand that your passion for money.

Even with that, you are not happy.

Aunt Marina, you are a doll! I prefer mom.

What is love? Live with the memory of an idiot ... killed in his attempt to put out a fire?

You got the tick again! You are causing me this!

They started the same thing again!

Okay, I'm bad! That's how I was born.

I tried to change, to become like you. But it is not possible!

The reason I'm a monster is because you are inhumanly perfect!

Please, Marina, Do not be like that.

Mom, look! The cake is burning!


Marina, please Forgive me!

You don't know, but it happened the same two more times!

I always eliminate in the third month!

I can't accept that I will never be a mother!

Do not despair, they are solved much more difficult cases.

There are special centers. Where;

In Munich! There are techniques IVF!

They get the fetus and they conceive it IVF!

And after;

They implant it again after the third month.

Pregnancy continues and you give birth normally.

So, I'm kidding. When they will implant it again ... it will be very strong to die!

Well done, Angela! That's what I'm going to do!

Let's hope you change with motherhood.

Marina! When did you come;

If you had notified me, I would come to pick you up.

Marina, what do you have?

Why are you looking at me like that;

I want to delve into the mystery of childbearing!

It must be interesting this subject!

Time for work, Marcello!

Well done for them!

How many times do they do it? every day;

Many times a day. How many?

I haven't counted them. Badly! Too bad!

You are here to spy and give us a report, Pol.

Otherwise, you know what you will suffer!

I will show you on my show and my TV actresses will eat you!

You don't know it, but the world it is full of lonely women.

They are all dangerous and insatiable!

And there are dangerous men! Okay, I'll be more careful.

Well done, Paul!

Every day, drop a drop from it to Marcello's tea.

Yes, because I don't want to to understand it.

What are you doing; Will you tie me up?

Let me rest a little.

You will rest later. After what?

I can not take it anymore! Let's take a little break.

You're right!

Only a woman can to understand you.

You can't, anyway to do nothing.

The man can't be in a hurry. Truth;

Are you sure; Yes.

Very sure? Yes.

Let's see!


Look bad! The big lover became rag!

He may have been bothered by tea. The tea;

He drank three cups!

I know what bothered him. Put him to bed.

Go now and close the door.


Wake up my love! How do you become a monk?

In a nice monastery on the hill, in the fresh air ...

Do not despair, my love. I have good news.

What; We are expecting a child.


Did you vote now?


Why are you sitting so still? Help me get along.

How? How would I know; Slap him!

Can; Yes, do it!


Look how tender little baby!

Your wife's antibodies they are looking for it!

What do they want to do to him? Don't you understand yet?

I love it! Let's do something! He has to do it alone!

If he can resist three months, saved!

My baby!

Tell me the truth, Anna. Will make it;

Look how he's shaking poor out of fear!

Wherever he goes, sees only enemies!

My little one! Look at him!

Be careful!

Be quick. This is madness!


How long will this last? -6-8 days.

So much; And my girls? She's fine with grandma.

I do not have an other choice. Should not to understand that I am going to Munich.

They will understand immediately that I am not you.

Throw kicks at him! And put on makeup!

Everything will be fine, you'll see.

I am leaving now.

You told the taxi driver waiting for me?

Marina! Wait!

What if your husband want to ...

Do not worry! I made sure to not in the mood for long!

Who is;

What do you want in my room?

Why are you looking at me like that;

Haven't you seen me before? I went out to get some air.

I'm going to lie down right away! Well done!

Be careful, because all three first months are dangerous!

What are you doing now; That's where it is Cesare's room ...

Correctly! What a fool I am! Who knows where I have my mind!

Yes, who knows!

The bathroom!

Are you ok; I see you weird ...

I'm fine. Do not worry about me.

Good night!

Cesare! She wants to kill us!

Who am I;

I hope you are Marcello. Exactly!

Do you know what dream I had? Don't ask me much now.

I saw that our son he made it.

That he was born strong and we are happy.

Do not worry darling. Everything will be fine.

You did well to put this on the perfume. I like it the most.

Where's my yogurt? I put it in the cake!

Try a piece!

I made it!

Come on, try it!

Thanks! I needed it!

Finally, a breakfast worthy of our name!

Give it a try Paul.

Paul, try some cake!

GOOD MORNING Thanks! I'm starving!

Nice cake!

Marcello! What is;

This is the piece of Pol.

Don't worry, there is for all.

Excuse me. Thanks.

It's wonderful! I wouldn't say that ...

Did you wake up in a good mood? As never before!

An excessive life! It will definitely be delicious.

To try.

Very tasty! She's grandma's cake!

This is the room with games?

My mom used to say that fear he is a teacher.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Are you sure? haven't we met?

What do you say;

You have to be a witch! Sometimes, you change completely!

I'm always the same! Forgive me a little!

You changed perfume!

What does this button do?


My Manuela!

What a headache he is! Fresh air will do you good Marina, I don't know what's happening to me. I see you differently.

Did motherhood sweeten you? I want to change too.

I know, I'm lazy, useless, vicious.

Do me better I want you to like me.

You shouldn't like me. Then, to whom? You are my wife.

How long have you been kissing me?


Why not;

What is this here? Who put it?

Madam, I put it on. It has a microphone here.

Who gave such an order?

And this sudden rage in the kitchen!

He wants to poison us! Do I cook so badly?

I can not stand her! Um, me?

If he forces me to try again her jams ...

I will call the police!

It will overwhelm us all! You'll see!

Sooner or later, we will spoil them! Stop, calm down!

You chose it! You!

I asked her to kill me Marcello, not to make cakes!

I put in theirs microphone room.

I felt the need to I know what they're thinking.

Don't worry, surgery it is going very well.

You will soon be able to to see your son.

Take good care of it. This the fetus is worth millions!

Brand, I hope.

Faster! I look forward to seeing it!

Now you will see him! Be patient!

Here's your son!

Who is; Happy. That's what I called him.

Isn't it wonderful?

When he smiles, he is sweet!

Is he smiling now?

Of course, he smiles for you.


I brought it to you, little bastard!

In three months, you will be inside me again!

Lady, for you. Your sister from Italy.

Yes; What happened;

Why are you sad now? What did mom tell you?

Get the first plane and come quickly.

I learned something terrible! I will be waiting for you in the bathroom.

I'm dying for lust! It can not be done. Think baby.

Come! I think that I will die!

I do not understand anything. It hasn't been 3 months yet.

How do you know that? I know them.

I love you!

Marcello, I'm worried.

I do not know how to say it... There is something strange about the house.

Do you know what we will do? What;

From now on you have just trust me.

Eat foods that I prepare with my hands.

You will make me a cake grandmas;

The end has come! It will kill us one by one!

We will change everything! Let this crap go!

The house is needed fresh air, light!

Change is life!

How do you say change? in your language, Paul?

I'm writing a dictionary! Truth;

I translate into my language every Italian word I learn.

Wonderful! I really want to see it.

Where will my office be? You won't have an office!

People don't need it your lewd writings!

What thing; Excuse me, did I insult you?

Shut up, Cesare! You will swallow any fly!

What time is it;

It's late! I am going to have a shower.

I will not be left with folded arms. To see the plans!

Where are we going? You in Marcello's room.

You always liked it, didn't you? Yes, it's the most beautiful.

How dare you change decoration without asking me?

You weren't on?

I don't live without an office!

I brought it, ma'am! I translated 150 Italian words!

I was moved!

I'm going to take a shower. Again?

Please! Give me a kiss!

Cut it out!

Did you change perfume again? The previous one was better.

Leave me alone! The other was better!

No more sweets!

You are a murderer!

Didn't you see the house? They the three idiots ... it is one of the richest families of Italy.

Why kill Marcello?

Because he is an idiot! Boring to death!

With the character you have, where will you find better?

He is cute, tender. How are you in bed?

I don't know ... I'm refractive in these things.

Marina, get out of there! You're half an hour in!

Refractive ...

What does this mean;

You put on the perfume again that I love!

Leave it funny. Who's kidding?

I love this fragrance!

Madam, I can offer you these flowers?


Ken, what are you doing?

I gladly accept them, Ken.

Marcello, I'm worried for you.


I learned that your brothers they want to kill you.

I heard him say that Lucretia.

Did you say that? Wich one;

Whatever you want to kill me!

No ... Did I say something like that? Not to me.

I do not remember...

We will throw these away, they are full of dust.

You don't know, but Lucretia constantly inventing stories.

Madam, they are asking you on the phone.

That must be it your dictionary!

I bet it contains over a hundred entries!

-124! I told you before. Yes?

Forward? Ma'am, I'm Regina.

You must come here immediately. Hapi is not well.

She is going through an embryonic crisis, maybe because his mother left him.

He suffers!

Please come right here.

Who was it;

I am going to have a shower. Again?

It's a little weird today. Pregnancy is probably to blame.

Or the weather ...

Where are you going now; I'm going for a walk.

Stop the changes! I'm the boss here!

Or maybe you forgot who is he in command here?

I can not take it anymore!

I'm having a headache! My nerves too!

And I need to be clear some accounts with someone!

Come here, monkey!

You tell me what caught you and you brought her flowers?

Cesare! Did you have a manhood crisis?

I don't know, but I felt it the desire to protect her.

So this is it!

Me too, what emotions do i challenge you

Marina, where are you? Here I am!

I was worried, I didn't see you! Did something happen to you?

Get my passport, don't understand that you left.

And get on the phone tell me what happened.

Nice trip!

It's two!

What two? Cesare, were you very gentle?

How is that possible; I do not know!

Keep watching her. Should I tell you everything?

Checkmate! Why;

Rua-mat! I ate your queen and I matted you!

When you look at me like that, I can not focus.

Who are they; It's the ...

My sister's daughters.

You have a family and always you say you are alone.

Yes, that is perfect.

My father was showing it to her always as an example.

It must be very boring. I prefer you.


Don't do it, Angela, it is not in your interest.

What do you say now; You know, my dear.

You forget that we are twins. Hands off my husband because I will kill you, as soon as i come back christmas.

I bet he caught you again the tick in the eye.

Today you will live the most beautiful night of your life!

I will give my life too to make you happy!

We can not! Why;

I made a vow. Tama?

To give birth to our son strong, without problems.

What did you do?

Don't touch me until on Christmas night.

I'm going crazy, how can I stand it? I love you!

It happens to me for the first time something like that!

Do you love me; Yes!

Then you can do it a small sacrifice for me.

Then, Christmas is in a week.

Only once!

A little bit!

I connected the contacts.

What time will we do it? Around midnight.

At the time of spirits! Always romantic!

Is this pacifier golden? Of course not! How stupid you are!

I also have a note. Everything is alright;

Yes, go!

Watch out, my love! Do not worry.

I have begun to discern his characteristics. It looks like you!

What do you have; Don't you feel good? I'm a little nervous.

I have a strange foreboding.

You don't know, but my brothers-in-law hate me.

They would rather not be born never my son.

I travel with my passport my sister's... so as not to understand that I am here.

Very bad situation. I'm not jealous of you at all.

But you will see, as soon as he is born the little one, everything will change.

Why are you scared, Hapi? Did you see any black?

Damn, how do I get out now?

Where is the bathroom;

Finally, my love! It's Christmas night!

Tonight? Yes, tonight.

Wasn't I good to wait? You were wonderful!

I look forward!

I hope I don't disappoint you. It does not depend on me.

I know, it depends and from me.

I want them to be the most beautiful Christmas of your life!

You know I am in love with you;

And I!


Cesare sends you his wishes.

The lucky one! Go to the Maldives!

Mrs. Marina, you have a phone call from Munich. Your sister.

That's what the sisters do Christmas.

It's nice that we're not only children.


I am starting! I'll be there at midnight.

Waiting for me in the garden.

How is Marcello?

Marina, be tender with him tonight.

She needs your love. He expects a lot from you.

I don't make gifts, not even Christmas!

You made a mistake feeding his dreams!

I will return corpse and I have not no appetite to tolerate him!

I love him.

For the first time I envy you.

You can not understand how lucky you are You know I don't like it to be moved!

Happy Birthday!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Birthday to everyone!

Here you go! No thanks!

They are all magicians. They are coming from an astrology conference.

They also told me my horoscope. Yes?

I was told that they would be resolved soon all my problems!

They will dissolve like a cloud!

With the work you do, It is not difficult.

Do you allow me You don't believe it, so miss?

You are wrong to believe that you have everything under control.

Fate, however, is at stake bad games.


"You are not the only mother of my son ... but also personification of motherhood.

Yours, Marcello. "


Merry Christmas, Marina. Merry Christmas, Lucretia.


Lady! Aren't you okay? What happened to him;

I don't know, she cooked!

Help me get her up!

Where are you going; Come here!

The door!

Bring a glass of water quickly!

My love, what do you have?

Answer me! My love!


My love, you are Marina.

No, I'm not Marina. Marina died!

I feel it!

My waist was cut! Endless journey!

Yes, but it's safer from the plane.

Cesare! Ken!

Lucretia, how kind where you came to take us.

We have a lot to arrange.

No need! Marina no longer exists.

Why not? What did you dig, Cesare?

Why did you go to Munich?

Cesare, when will I be able to should i calm down And you idiot, what did you do? Come back to Munich!

Kill the fetus too!

Lukretsia, I can't take it anymore! My waist is cut off!

Lukretsia, feel sorry for me!

Were they your friends?

They were the greatest magicians of the world!

Then, why did they take it this plane?

Instead of asking stupid questions, hug your sister!

What do you say; Are you crazy I know, I was not good with me. But we are twins.

Stop, don't leave!

Where are you going; Listen to me! I want my son to be born.

I was mean to him! You you have to bring it to light!

Listen to me and try be cool.

I want you to make sure my son is born!

It is the last grace that I ask you.

What a pity, Angela! I would love to!

You want your son to stay forever in the bowl?

No, you had an amazing idea! You will give birth to my son.

And the legacy it will become ours!

I wasn't thinking about money. Seriously?

I have a different opinion. Must be your family!

Only your sister was more honest!

He gave it to me from the beginning I understand what a man you were!

Now I recognize you. At last, you became yourself.

Keep your money! Only for them did you get married!

Angela, sorry! I did not want to offend you.

Forget my name! Never say it again!

Marcello, are you stupid? Yes!

Poor Marcello, I understand how much you suffer.

Your wife left too with it, the legacy.

All you have left is to terminate the will.

We will all share it together, like good brothers, Marcello.

He's wrong, Lucretia. My wife did not die, she lives.

She will give birth to our son. Poor Marcello!

Marina was on the plane and it became a firework!

This was her sister, Angela.

The passport also proves it who traveled.


Don't sell me spirit bro!

But you forget that I am much smarter than you.

Remember that at school I only got bad grades!

Will he like it?

Your body is the same with your sister.

We will be able to implant the fetus successfully.

Examinations showed that there is absolute compatibility.

Will he want me for his mother?

Oh my god! Who is;

Regina! Aid!


Sister! Help me!

Someone is in my room! You are very lucky!

Only such a thing in the movies it happens!

Go back to your room go to sleep!


Can I find out what's going on? We probably have blackouts!

Go see! Will go me to see the embryos.

Thank you, you are an angel!

Who are you; I have never seen you here before!

Let the fetus down!

Old string! Give it to me!



Well done! You got it!



Take a breath, my little one. You're with mom now.

In a little while you will enter me and no one will bother you.

From now on, Mom will protect you.

No, you did well to take me. I was waiting for you to pick me up.

How are you doing; Are you ok;

Perfect! The surgery was a success.

In six months I will give birth your son and Marina's.

He wanted two moms and a dad to be born.

Now we can get all of mom's property.

Is that all you have to tell me? Marcello!

Marcello, can you hear me?

Only money is important in your life?

Now the child is mine too and I don't want it to be like you!

Don't do that, Angela. Don't worry, Regina.

I'm not crying.

I know it's not worth it. I want to go home.

Why am I sitting here? I want to leave today.

I will come with you. With you and Hapi.

Slow down! Caution! How exaggerated you are!

Where did you see the exaggeration? You pretend the disaster has come!

Isn't that a disaster? I will be disabled, I feel it!

Lukretsia, forgive me! I did not make it.

The fetus is safe in Angela's belly!

Use it!

Slow down, I'm in pain! You are incompetent!

This will be born the bastard!

And it will take all my money!

My money!

Are you happy now mum;

I will not give up, though!

I don't want to be an aunt!

I do not want!


Paul, please! You have become manic!

My head is about to break! A lot has happened.

And more will happen! Inform me.

Good to go. Say it!

Your brothers are gone too they will do everything ... so as not to give birth Angela your son.

Exaggerations! I know Lucretia well and Pucci-Pucci!

They bark, but they don't bite. They bite, if you let them!

They want to kill her at the carnival.

My God, Angela! I can not to sit here with folded arms!

If you don't stop them, you will lose the inheritance.

Who cares for inheritance?

I love her! I'm crazy about her!

You are the most beautiful of all the kingdom! And the best!

But I was left alone. And I'm scared!

Mum! The celebration has begun! Only you are missing!

This jacket!

What happened to you, Snow White?

You ate the poisoned apple and are you waiting for the prince?

You know what I'm thinking!

I can't stand the idea that I will never see him again.

You don't deserve it and you should pay dearly for his mistakes.

No! Don't talk like that!

Stop it!

Stop it!

You are welcome! Thank you, you are very good.

Hi Guys!


I am looking for you!

Don't you feel well? I have a bad feeling.

Don't worry, here it is all friends. Nothing will happen.

This is the most beautiful in the kingdom?

Did you get your role? very seriously?

What happens; Everyone fell asleep!

Regina and you?

What happens;

Yes, what's going on! What happens;

I like to sleep the world!

Eat this apple to sleep too!

With one difference! The others will wake up!

No! Come on, eat!


Slowly! Be careful!

Saw; We have arrived safe and sound!

Where is the celebration?

Where is the celebration? of the carnival?




Angela, where are you?


Hurry up! I am coming!

No more games!

I can't run in this outfit!

Shut up, stranglehold!

Snowman, let go of the nonsense!

Where did you hide Show up!

No light here?

Where are you;



Who's screaming?

Look where he hid!

Should I push her to fall? No, don't let him suffer.

Tell me, what is he doing now?

Eat the little monkey, come on!

Aid! Sorry about that!

No one is coming to help me;

No! We had fun!

Everything is your fault!



It's me, Marcello!

My love, are you?

Help me! I'm afraid! Don't be afraid, I'm here!

Give me your hand! I love you!

Here you go! We did it!

My savior!

I love you! I love you too.

Cesare, you know that you are stupid?

And they lived well ...

My baby!