Ostwind 2 (2015) Script

I have to go.

Just be sure to be back for dinner.





Fanny! Who else? Ryan Gosling?

I had that dream again. Naked in the school yard? Me too.

It's awful.

No. It was Windstorm.

He wanted to come get me, but then suddenly he was gone.

Something's wrong.

Mika, you haven't packed. We meet in an hour.

I know. Move! I'll be in the kitchen. A bientôt.

Croissant, croque monsieur... It's all colour-coded.

Red is art. Green is culinary.

Don't forget the remarkable particle accelerator.

Oh, Paris!

I'm looking forward to it, but Mika... She'll love it.

You can't spend every holiday traipsing about in horse manure!

You also need culture, savoir-vivre...

I'm going to have a peek. Right. And cheese... or baguettes.

Or, I mean, hello, red wine! Okay...

Pont-Neuf: "The Lovers on the Bridge".

Mika is gone!

Mika is gone? Where?


I get it. I'm out of here.

I know what you want.

But you have to come get it.

What's with you?

What's this?

Where did you get it?

Did you see his ears?

One is listening to you, the other to something else.

Right. He never does that.

Shouldn't I know what's up?

To be united with someone you have to set them free.

Then the bond will last forever.

That goes both for humans and animals.

Like that, Windstorm will always stay wild.

Give him time.

I'll give you salve for his scratches.

Thank you, Master.

Charlotte, think it over! You've ridden here since you were six.

I'm sorry, Mrs Kaltenbach. I know I owe you a lot... but Sasse has a counter-current system.

And a flood-lit arena. I want more for me and Attila.

Fine. Thanks for everything.

You called a cab? Yeah, two hours ago.

Didn't you get my message? I did. The tractor's broke. And so am I.

And a wheelbarrow won't do. Well, then... thanks...

Aren't you supposed to be in Paris? I had this funny feeling.

But everything's the same here.

It's so nice and quiet.


Somehow it's too quiet.

Where is everyone?

Many left for Sasse's Equestrian Centre with Michelle.

And when the Kaltenbach Classics were cancelled, still more left. No horse show?

Our waiting list used to be a mile long, but now...

Ask your grandmother. I have to go and feed.

It's absolutely perfect.

Kaltenbach is fine. Okay.

Now for black pudding.

So fresh it's almost still kicking.

Gran? Yes.

Windstorm has scratches on his belly. Do you know why?

Of course he has scratches. He's out in all weather.

And if I told one of my few prospective buyers that my only good show-jumper stands around in a paddock, completely neglected... day and night, they'd say I'd lost my marbles.

And I have.

Know what? Ottfried told me earlier he'd seen a unicorn in the forest.

A unicorn. Can you imagine? No. -Yes.

It was standing at the edge of the woods when Ottfried went to work this morning.

Marianne, please drop the fairy tales!

Grandma's acting weird, too. I can tell something's up.

I don't understand it.

But at least I understand you.



You seem to like her, eh?

We waited ages for you at breakfast. Your gran was real quiet.

In the woods I saw... What, a unicorn?

Yes. Nonsense!

I'd locked it in the castle with my dragon.

It must have got out. Coming through.

Seriously! You saw a deer.

No. There was a horse in the forest...

Mika, there are no wild horses here.


What's this? Non-vegetarian breakfast?

Come on, I'll show you.

There's a thief here. Will he fit in a mousetrap?

Rat-trap. It'll hurt his fingers real bad.

He steals food, halters... Yesterday even my jacket.

I'll ambush him tonight and turn him into black pudding!

Not black pudding, please!

You can see everything from here. And no one can see us.

I don't understand this at all. I just need... a brief extension.

You are three months in arrears with your mortgage.

There will be no "brief" extension.

Sorry, Maria, but there's no leeway left.

Klaus, no one ever got rich from equestrian sport.

I'll just say one word: Sasse's Equestrian Centre.

That's three words. Yes. Well, anyway...

I won't mention figures, but they're all in the black.

My niece rides very successfully there.

She's competing in the Sasse Classics.

Excuse me? It's a highly rated...

junior horse show.

Maria, do you have any valuables?

Expensive furniture?

What about the wonder horse you bought? Yes, precisely.

Winston or South Pole or North Face... Windstorm.

Yes. Bought for a quarter of a million. How about that?

Klaus, how long have we known each other?

I just need a few months' grace.

Two weeks. Then it gets auctioned. I'm sorry.

Are you coming, Klaus? It stinks here.

I guess this will be our last summer at Kaltenbach.

And what will become of Windstorm? Windstorm, Windstorm!

Nothing but Windstorm!

Is he all that interests you?

Do you never think of us?

Weren't you listening? They stole our horse show.

Your grandma's losing everything, my grandpa his mobile home...

All right! Nothing is all right.

And Windstorm is to blame.

You could have saved Kaltenbach. Me? -Yes, you.

If you'd ride with him at horse shows, instead of just fooling around with him.

Windstorm is a world-class horse. But just look at him!

But Mika has principles. And a huge ego.

That's not fair.

True. It's anything but fair.

Don't be so impatient. We'll find her.

Are you crazy? I almost had her. She didn't seem to want that.

Of course not. She's not stupid. What's it to you?

Is she your horse? What's it to you?

She ran away from me, okay? I can understand that.

I'll get her yet. Never. Not like that.

Oh really?

Really. Why are you out here near dusk... without a saddle... and without shoes?

Is it your forest or what? Kind of.

Sorry I didn't ring the bell. Let's go.

At least you took your shoes off.

Hey, Gretel!

You forgot something.

Where to? Oh... sorry.

What are you doing here? Waiting. About just now...

I acted real stupid.

I'm sorry. It's all right, Sam. I...

The thief.

Got you, you pig!

Fanny! Mika.

How come you're not in Paris? And on holiday alone?

Doesn't look so broke. It is, though.

Mrs Kaltenbach is in denial. And you and Windstorm can't change that.

There must be a way. What?

I don't know... kidnap someone. Rob a bank... a small but well-placed fire...

Easy, now. I'm kidding. Sort of.

No kidnapping tonight. I just want to catch the thieving rat.

A manhunt? Great!

It'll be a good story for the video-competition.

When did you first see the thief? Are you nuts?

Mika, do something. Listen, we spend the night here and see what happens.

Get some sleep. I'll take first watch.


We saw the unicorn. A-ha.

It's not a unicorn. That's what I feared.

Do you think she can stay in the woods?

She looks happy. I doubt it.

People insist on regulations.

Horses belong in stables, period!

But why? It's like always being grounded.

Like living in a closet.

Maria, you've been looking tired recently.

First this upstart steals my horse show, then he steals Hanns from me.

Hanns de Burgh? Yes, here:

"Astute businessman Sasse acquires a living legend to judge for his horse show: Hanns de Burgh... the Flying Dutchman." He takes all my best students...

Except... Yes. -... Mika Except Mika.

But that makes no difference now.

What do you mean?

My loan has been cancelled.

In two weeks Kaltenbach will belong to the bank.

Sadly that goes for your patch, too.

I should have told you earlier, but...

I... couldn't.


Too much!

Everything's fine. Consider it a warning shot.

I'll give you something for your circulation.

Take good care of your grandfather.

Wait, I'll help you Leave me alone.

"Good value harrows?" Oh!

"A horse show." Exactly.

50,000 euros in prize money! How awesome is that?

I never wanted to ride at a show again.

And if we happened to go to the Sasse-thingy-Centre...

I'm suddenly very interested in... Horses?

There are normal means of transport:

Buses, bikes, feet...

You wanted to go on a trip. In any case, it's the next left.

What the... Is that him?

Hanns de Burgh... Oh my God...


Hanns! Leopold.

Kind of you to visit my humble abode! Welcome.

Ready for a guided tour? I can't wait.


Looks like a torture chamber in here.

Do they really only ride here?

You look like Frankenstein's gran.

We'd be more than happy to employ you as a trainer.

So? What do you say? I learned to ride very nearby.

In Kaltenbach. Kaltenbach!

It's down-at-the-heels these days. Not doing well.

Both the place and the dame.

Good news for me. I might open a shop there.

Maria was a good teacher.

Old-fashioned but with an eye for talent.

I'm afraid we're out of her league here.

Doesn't she have a horse at the show? She has one, yes.


Who is this snotty brat?

Hello there! We are looking to register for the show.

Over there. Thanks very much.

Windstorm is out of shape. He can't do a showjumping competition.

An event competition. Event competition?

"Dressage, Cross-country and Jumping."

Oh brother! What now? Let's just forget this nonsense and pack our bags. No!

This is not a problem.

So the horse needs training?

But you can jump, cross-country's your forte, there's only dressage. Dressage!

Who'll teach her? My grandpa has other worries.

Norbert! Who?

Saved by a horse with no strength and a city kid with a calculator!

Sam. Sam!

Not the snow bunny...


You again!

Did you hurt yourself? What's it to you?


Why are you robbing us? I...

I'm just borrowing some things. Horse feed and so on.

Have you caught her yet?

Funny, huh? I'm in trouble if I don't bring her in soon. Big trouble.

But what would someone like you care? Someone like me?

Spoiled rich girl. Daddy buys her a pet horse...

You're a real human-whisperer. I saw your horse, remember?

How else would you have a real jumper?

What makes you think he's a jumper? It's obvious.

But he's out of shape, right? So what?

I don't care. I'm splitting. How do you know this?

I'm an old hand with sports horses. Racing and climbing would fix him.

Know why you can't catch her?

She's got four legs and I've got two. 'Cause you want to catch her.

Oh yes?

She can't run wild in the woods anyway. Why not?

Why? It's obvious. Because...

Are you crazy? Why do you want to catch her?

The owner wants her back. He's not someone to mess with.


I thought she didn't have an owner.

What if we make a deal?


I help you catch your horse, you help train mine.

Under one condition. What?

It stays secret. I'm in trouble already. How do I know I can trust you?

You don't. Take it or leave it.

See you tomorrow. At the clearing. See you then.

... the rider induces sufficient concentration in the horse, who then independently performs piaffe.

A transition into a liberating forward gallop terminates the effort without overtaxing the horse.

The motivation to respond to subtle pressure increases if...

"Rise and shine!"

Windstorm, go!

Come on!


Don't act lame.

Watch out, girl! Sorry!

Have you seen a horse? No.

Except this one, he's mine A-ha. We're just riding together.

You must be from the Kaltenbach farm.

I'm heading that way.

A wild horse was reported. Are you missing one?

No. Sure?

Maybe they saw a deer. We thought so at first, too.

Some weirdo even said something about a unicorn.

It was probably a horse. A white one.

Trampling about and eating our feed.

I'll keep my eyes open. Yeah, great.

Windstorm, come! A horse can't just roam the woods.

Says who?

I hope that woodland spirit wasn't putting me on.

I'll take that as a compliment.

Oh... hello.

Do we still have a deal? You'll help me catch her?

On one condition. Yes?

We don't catch her. What?

I'll get the rope.

We don't need a rope.

She needs trust.

Wait here...

How do you do that? I'm not doing anything.


She feels what you feel. Great. I'm tired, hungry and pissed-off.

Ah! Crap, damn. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sorry. Ow! You're right. -No kidding.

But I don't give in as fast as the others here.

Easier said than done. Easy?

I should be eating a croissant on the Eiffel tower!

Here I am in the wilderness trying to figure out how to ride gi-raffe, though horses scare me to death, so Mika can win the stupid horse show and save your asses.

"Piaffe." That's what I said.

Mika is lucky to have a friend like you. Huh!

And what Mika needs right now are friends.

To teach her dressage.

His build is good.

He's got balance, but his legs are weak.

I'd start with mountain and interval training for strength and endurance.

Counter-current training would help, too, but no one has that here, right?

It's best you start with that now.

I'll watch him run tomorrow, then we'll see.

Till tomorrow. Tomorrow.

What do I do while waiting?

Train your patience. And equanimity.

Equanimity? Is that something infectious?

What's her name? 33.

Funny name, I know.

The new owner called her that. And you?

Windstorm. Mika.


Ready for training?






Is that all right? For a rodeo, sure.

I taught him that. It's dressage, too.

Don't take it bad, but that's not dressage.

We really don't stand a chance.

Where have you been? Doing cross-country training.

I don't know how you managed it, but he's looking really good now.

You have a chance in cross-country... but in dressage...

I know, but it's so difficult...

And I promised Windstorm, no more horse shows.

The last horse show you rode was to help Windstorm.

Don't you think he'd do the same for you?

If you'd at least come along.

You don't need me anymore.

Just do it your way.

My way!

The basic idea of dressage is to become one with the horse:

To merge with him.

Harken to your horse, listen to what he says.

Try to sense what he's offering you.

You win his trust with play.

It's only through his trust that you can bond with him.

A horse can give you everything.

But only of his free volition.

Horses do not ask to be ridden.


All elements of dressage are natural to horses in the wild:

Passage, capriole and rearing...

Whatever you plan to do, he's ready for it.

Thank you.

No, thank you.

Do you know the feeling of wanting to stop time?

It's like when you feel completely free. When you are really free.

Then I wouldn't have to...

Okay. Time is standing still. Now.


Well... now!

Ready... Steady...


And now?

And now!

Okay. Let's get this over with.

Who's there?

I'm bringing you the horse. - Which one?

The grey mare from the Sasse Stud Farm.

33. At last.


Okay, get lost.

You have to vanish. Go!

Go! Get lost! Go on!

Ladies and gentlemen, friends of equestrian sport... welcome to the Sasse Classics!


Hanns! Maria!

It's been ages. Mr de Burgh, another photo, please. This is Maria Kaltenbach, my first and best teacher.

Hanns, I'm not here by chance.

I hear you're looking for a new coaching job.

Can you imagine coming to...

Let's talk after the show, okay? Okay.

If I see a horse I love, I can imagine many things.

Thank you. You must be my VIP guest.

Do you remember the first time I rode in your Kaltenbach Classics?

No! It was crazy!

Why are you here? Didn't I make myself clear?

You did.

But the Hungarian I brought the horse to, his stables... are a living hell.

Where is my horse?

He's not a breeder. He's a knacker!

Listen, my boy, I'll ask you one last time:

Where... is... the... horse?

You knew it.

That's what you get for giving a drifter a job.

Bring the horse back or I'll call the police.

Horse thieves get no mercy here! Don't touch me!

Leopold Sasse... Imagine, someone stole one of my horses.

Come on!


At the beginning of the trial, ride leisurely to the mark and smile to the judges.

Mika, a friendly smile!

That needs practice.

The dressage trial is coming to an end, would the last three riders make their way?

Once again: stop at the X, do a gi-raffe, then...

The music sounds familiar.

That's that. It's over. Let's split.

What? No!

You'd need to dance naked on Windstorm to impress those jerks.

We have no chance.

Then we'll do without.

And what now? I'm doing it my way.

We can't wait for the jury.

7.4 points, a fine score for Charlotte von Ridder and Glossy Lips... placing the host in the lead.

Now starting number 4, competing for Kaltenbach Farm.

Wh... what... - Please welcome:

Mika Schwarz on Windstorm.

I didn't know she does dressage. Neither did I.

Dressage without saddle or bridle? Unheard-of!


Unconventional. For sure!

Uh... yes.

Is this within the rules?


Bareback piaffe? Right.

That's what I want! Something special! But... -Yes!

Well that was... I'm not sure what it was.

Jury, the scores, please.

Ten points!

Ten points to Kaltenbach Stud Farm... for an inspiring presentation that may not entirely conform to regulations... but who cares?

I don't believe it! This is an out... rage...

This is just the beginning, chicas!

Crazy, crazy, crazy! That was rad!

Whose idea was that? Mine.

Most unusual. Kids... this is Hanns de Burgh. Hanns, my granddaughter, Mika.

I wanted to meet you... both.

An exceptional horse. If tomorrow he's as good at cross-country and jumping, then...

It runs in the blood. Right, Mika?

I would expect nothing less.

Well, then...

Hanns de Burgh, coach at Kaltenbach.

This is our salvation. I thought Kaltenbach was doing fine.


Ah! Sorry to bother you...

Why so formal, Heinz?

Come in, we're celebrating.

Don't tell a soul, but I think we'll soon have a new coach.


We found out who the nag haunting the woods belongs to.

It was obviously stolen.

Tonight we'll put an end to the apparition.

Why not celebrate with us instead of hunting defenceless animals?

I'm just informing you.

So no one decides to go for a ride tonight.

Thanks, none of us are going out tonight.

Hey, Hansel.

I thought you weren't coming. And I thought you might be gone.

Burnt bread?


When are you bringing her back?


She's mine, now.

And where do you live? Everywhere...


We moved from one racing stable to another, my mother and I.

She died when I was 15.

First I was at a home, now I work here and there...

Anywhere there's horses.

It must seem odd to a sheltered girl like you...

Who knows where she belongs.

I never knew where I belong.

I do, now, but... At our farm...

My grandmother...

Oh, never mind.

What's wrong?

Huh? I told you, 33's owner is not someone to mess with.

Let's go! We could talk to them.

The Hungarian's no talker! Hungarian!

You meant to take her to him and I helped you?

I didn't do it. I'll explain later. We've got to go!




Gee, Mika, where are you? We've got to go!

I hope you'll be on time at Sasse.

Call me.

Where can she be? I've no idea.

But something's been up with her for days.

What's up? With who?

Tinka... isn't feeling well.

Er, right, I don't know...

Maybe a sore throat.

Then you have to stay home in bed. Where's Mika? We've got to go.

We have big plans for today.

She'll be doing a warm-up ride before joining us there.

Oh, lovely! There you are.

Er... Philipp.

That's it.

Elli. Mama.

If you knew the trouble your daughter got me into.

Really? Where is our runaway, then? I'll tell you in the car.

You look great, like the Queen Mum out hunting.

OMG! Is she off to the troll show or what?

That grunge-look is so last year!

Mika! Where the hell have you been?

What happened?

I'm fine, okay.

Mika, concentrate. You're next up. - Riders 3 and 4... please come to the start of the cross-country course.

Help her, okay?

We can't wait to see our next rider, whose unorthodox dressage program captured the hearts of the jury.

Windstorm is a grandchild of the legendary Halla, who famously helped an injured rider win the Olympics.

Halla's grandson. He'll prove himself now.

For Kaltenbach Stud Farm... Mika... Schwarz... and Windstorm!

You lead, okay?

33... 33!



Now 30 seconds behind, a lead that'll be hard to make up.

This places her tenth.


1:45, a good time for the leg, but is it good enough for a ranking finish?

This horse is amazing!

Windstorm is almost racing alone!

If he crosses the moat cleanly, he'll be in second place!

He is unstoppable!

3:25:37! What a horse!

What a ride!

A great time. Incredible.


It's all over.

You can always move in with me.

What would a stableboy do in Frankfurt?

How long have I... been asleep?

17 hours, 34 minutes and 10 seconds.

What happened?

What about the show? You did great... except when you passed out. I'd have skipped that. Too dramatic.

We were far ahead, but since you couldn't jump...

These are serious accusations The word of a horse thief and that of two businessmen.

Who will the judge believe?

Milk? Sugar?

I'm afraid for 33... and Milan.

Milan, 33. I told you it meant something. Yeah...

You babble in your sleep. I should have told you earlier.

No kidding.

Maybe not him. What's that supposed to mean?

I'm her best friend. So what?

It's crazy, I never liked this house, but now...

I'm so sorry for you, Mama.

I'd so hoped for a victory for Kaltenbach.

I'm sorry, too, but not for my sake.

I'd have liked to preserve Kaltenbach... for Mika.

Of course you'll come and live with us.

We'll see about that.

Mrs Kaltenbach, a Mr de Burgh is on the phone.

Milan! Hey, my jacket!

My jacket.

The Hungarian has 33. The cops wouldn't help.

We'll go get her.

This is the guy who's been robbing us. Ah, Milan.

It was all for his horse, 33.


We have to go! We'll catch up with you.

Mika is gone, you superheroes. We've got to go!

I don't have a driver's license. But I do. -Come on!


She's in there, huh?



Move it!

Quick, let's go.

Come on!



Open the gate! It's locked.

Get out of the way!

Come on!

I have some business to settle.

I'll catch up with you. Promise.


It's so long since I was here, yet I feel right at home.

I'm pleased to hear it. As are the gentlemen.

Thanks for coming on short notice.

Given the circumstances, we'll gladly extend your credit.

My niece is a fan, would you... Sure.

How many years is the contract for?


How long will you be coaching?

Me? Here?

This is a contract of sale.

What did you think? I thought you were coming home... to train my granddaughter.

Mary, Mika is passable, but she's overwhelmed by that horse.

Windstorm is a rough diamond. I'm offering you half a million.

It's a generous offer. More than generous.



My final offer.

Maria, it's your salvation.

Sell him the horse.

Lovely day for a ride.

Highly strung, I like it.

Put him in the box. He might catch a cold.

He doesn't like walls. He'll have to get used to them.

I'm so glad Mama got this Dutch guy as a coach.

Saved by the bell.

It's so nice here.

That you say that!

Dear, up and about already?

Sure am. Heard the good news?

Yeah. The old bat signed.

That crazy Dutchman. Over half a million for a nag!

600,000 euros.

You could buy a house for that with a paved driveway.

Got to go. Not a word to anyone, okay?

Discretion's the thing.

I'm so relieved, Maria.

Yes... bye.

I was entirely mistaken.

I was mistaken, too.

You should have told me about your great plan!

I wouldn't have done the awful horse show and all the crap I hate.

I did it all for you.

And you...

Why can't you ever forget Kaltenbach and stand up for us?

I'm afraid that's what I've just done.

What? "The old bat signed."

Yes The old bat signed.


I didn't have to bid higher. She signed for 600,000.

I'm telling you. I've got it here in black and white.

Hold on.



My first horse.

A beautiful dapple grey, I'll never forget her.

Oh, Mama...

And what will become of Kaltenbach now?

Well, maybe it's time to finally let go.

A stud farm without horses?

What good is that?

Hello. Do you own this riding school? Stud farm. Yes.

We stopped these kids for speeding and 17 other infractions...

Mrs Kaltenbach! It's all my fault.

These two did commit several misdemeanours, but thanks to them we shut down a crooked business and freed 24 horses from terrible conditions.

We got the Hungarian. It was a hellhole.

We have a problem: the horses.

What my colleague means is, would you have room here for the animals?

The government will naturally cover the costs.

Yes, we do. Yes.

As it happens, we do have room, yes. Wonderful.

Yes. Thank you, thank you.

Then we'll bring the animals... The ones that aren't already here.

I don't pretend to understand what's going on, but let's get things ready for our guests.

Sam, we need fodder, hay...

I need to call Dr Anders. There is so much to do. My God!

A Centaurides: half woman, half horse.

Like you.

No shows, no competitions.

You understand horses as if you were one.

It might be time to give back to the horses.

And you can stay here.

By the way, someone's waiting for you back there. If you care.

You again.

I told them everything about the guys and their dealings.

They believed me this time and arrested the Hungarian and Sasse.

I should have done it earlier.

And what now?

I move on.

Well, we have loads of horses in need of TLC.

And loads of work.

33... needs a new name How about 34?

Can I have the butter?

What about... "Kaltenbach Therapy Centre"?

No, please no. No.

Magical Moment? Windstorm...

Windstorm has to be in it. Windstorm Stud Farm...

We shouldn't forget the horse...

Not for me. You have to eat!

Science needs calories.

My friend Hartmut, a scientist, a physicist... who is in contact with aliens...

No seriously, we need a name. Freedom... Something.

No, a real name. Free... -Mika, what do you say?

You think we'll have any customers?