Ostwind 3: Aufbruch nach Ora (2017) Script



Are you asleep?

She isn't really asleep? No! Of course not.


She's just thinking.

Mika! What? Who? Where?

I paid for the full package, came all this way to find out what's wrong with my horse, and now?

This! Hah!

Your horse is fine. The problem is you.

Yeah, like I need to hear that sort of thing!

Come on, Empedocles. We're leaving. Right! Walk on!

We... are... walking... for... wards.


You see how he ignores me? You see? Yes.

Yes, because you do the same to him. What?


At Kaltenbach we allow our horses a great deal of freedom.

By that I mean that we adopt...

What's it called?

Huh? Natural horsemanship.

Isn't there a German word for it? "Natural riding art".

That'll do. There she is!

I've seen her on YouTube. Mika, come over here and say hello.

Hello. Sabrina here.

She'd like... Shaquina!

This young lady would like to learn something.

Horse whispering. Yes, of course.

Oh, sorry!

Archie, stop! No! What are you doing? Stop!

Of course, "freedom" doesn't mean the horses run around as they please.

Of course not.

Of course!

Hello, Windstorm.

Oh, yeah? Did he get over the fence again?

Well, he is a jumper after all.

He's lonely since 34 has been indoors. She didn't want to be outside.

Horses can be like that.

You have to do something. What? I deal with people all day.

People with stupid questions and stupid... hats.

What's that?

I dream about it. Almost every night.

It's really strange...

Like it's calling me.

How stupid does that sound? That's something you're good at.

Trusting in your dreams.

You really don't know what it is?

Huh? Some kind of whorl. He's always had it.

That's funny.

How can someone know so much about horses and yet so little?

It's his brand mark.

It tells you where Windstorm is from. And?

Where is he from? No idea. There are thousands.

You'd have to look it up in a book.

Hello? Where are you? I need you!

Lady is so cheeky! Do horses go through puberty?

She antagonises me. He won't do as I say.

I simply lost control.

He just doesn't listen.

Outrageous! Cheeky!

Naughty! I'll ask my husband for a new one.

I'm sorry. I've had a tough day.

What's wrong? They're so thick-headed!

They say the horses are the problem, but it's them!

But, Mika, that's what we're here for. But...

It's not the way I imagined it. Yes, it's different. For me too.

Sometimes you just have to change.

Try out new things.

Try out new things?

You haven't ridden for years though you could!


It's just...

Windstorm is lonely.

I don't know if it's the right place for him.

Is Kaltenbach the right place for you?

What? Mika, you have a very special gift.

But here that's not all you have. You have a responsibility.

Your mum never felt right here and I didn't notice that.

I don't want to make the same mistake again.

Is it a mistake?



Your grandmother won't be pleased.

What that? My special recipe.

Good for the heart.

Talking of hearts, by the way...

Windstorm is unhappy, and I...

And I can't help him. Mika.

You can't be everything for Windstorm. You're not a horse.

Even if you sometimes forget that. Ever wonder where you belong?

Of course. That was a long time ago.

Back then I couldn't see the wood for the trees.

So I went away, somewhere where there weren't any trees.

I took a journey.

But... I don't know where I would go.

Work that out for yourself.

Do you still have that dream, Mika?

There's somebody else like you.

Okay. That was a ridiculous idea.


"The silver thistle of Ora.

Brand of the Ora stud farm in the province of Cádiz in Andalusia.

Ora is one of the last places where wild horses live."




"Goodby"... is actually spelt B-Y-E.

I'm sorry.

I wanted...


It's okay. I think it's good.

I just don't want you to ride at night.

So I thought I'd accompany you.

Where are you going?

To Andalusia.


Do you know how far that is? Just as far as the sea?


As far as the sea.

And? Do you know the way?

It's all here. Fanny would be so proud.

I want to see where Windstorm comes from and...

Find out where you belong?

You think... people belong anywhere?

I think we belong where we are.

You can sleep.

Nonsense. I'm wide awake.

Come with me.

I have to go back to 34. Why? What's wrong with her?

Don't worry about it.

All that matters for you now is in that direction.

An adventure awaits you.

Come with me.

Some things you have to do on your own.

Off you go.


"Adiu" is spelt with an E too.

Fanny! Where are you?

In the wardrobe. I had to put up with a two-hour French manicure.

They're crazy, these Frenchwomen!

But she won't find me in here. Fanny!

Fanny! Oh, God!

But... where are you?

On a boat going to Cádiz.

Andalusia. - Is that Windstorm?

Yes. We're going to Ora. On an adventure.


He really mumbled, didn't he?

This isn't working.



In Friedrichshafen, on Lake Constance, I ate the best spätzle noodles ever.

But spätzle noodles need a good sauce.

Without the sauce, they're nothing.

They taste best with marinated roast gravy.

And with it... Okay then!

It's been nice chatting, but we have to move on.

And where are you going, chica? Well... Ora.


I haven't heard that name in ages. You know it?

Every Andalusian horse fan, every Andalusian, knows the race.

Spain's fastest and wildest horses ran in the Ora Race.

They said that the horse that won the Ora Race was the "soul" of Andalusia.

But like many old traditions,

that, too, was abandoned.

You mean... Ora doesn't exist anymore?

Chica, I'm sorry.

You're about 30 years too late.

The race course runs somewhere a few kilometres north of here.

Somewhere? Can you be more precise?

Good luck, chica!

You're a girl! Bravo, Sherlock. Yes, I'm a girl.

You can speak German! Double bravo!

So, where have you been?

We've waited a week for you. Waited? For me?

You Work & Travel people always have a screw loose.

Work and what? Okay, nice and slow so you understand.

You're Sonja, right? You're from Germany, like us?

And you want to work here?

Right! I'm Sonja.

And you are? Sam.


You got a problem with that?

Of course not. It's a nice name.

You don't look 19. I'm small for my age.

Shower and loo are outside. Works starts at 5:30.

Meals at 11:30 and 8:00. Questions?

Can I make a phone call? I don't know, can you?


Hola, everyone!

Sonja? What? Who?

Right! Yes?

I'd like to welcome you here.

I'm Pedro, the ranch owner.

You already met my daughter Samantha.

Yes, Sam... antha.

Is that you in this photo?

We don't talk much. We work hard.

And eat well.

Sit down, wherever you like. - Si! Grazie!

That was Italian? I mix them up.

We have very few rules here.

I love rules.

The next one.



I'll find...


Sorry if I've woken you up.

I had another annoying dream.

You're trembling.

It was only a dream.

Are you ready?

It's cooling.

Get lost! Hey!

Are you crazy? What were you doing?

None of your business! It is! You probably did it to mine.

He never forgot it.

I brought him back here, of all places.

Because I thought...

I thought...

Hey, Sonja!

My name isn't Sonja.

You came all the way here just because of the brand mark?

We had to get out of the woods. Too many trees.

Well, now everything makes sense.

What was going on back there?

I failed again. That was going on. Why?

You couldn't hurt him. That's okay. No.

Horses are our business, and it's not going well.

Things are tough for Dad and he doesn't like us getting close to the horses.

Why brand one horse late at night?

Horses live wild here, and we have to catch one every now and again.

Especially colts.

We must control numbers. Wild horses? But how...

Go! But...

Later. Say nothing!

Remember. Work starts at 7:00.

Mika, for the hundredth time, what's wrong? Call me back.


Fanny, shopping! No more "Fanny!" No more shopping.

That happened to you too, right?

Hey, little one.

We have to repair those fences. The pastures quickly get overgrazed.

Listen... Where exactly are the wild horses?

Forget about it! I've said all I want to.

Okay? We're here to repair the fences.

Mika, come in. This is Sam.

Roger, over, Alpha.

How far have you got?

Almost finished.

Don't move until I come get you. Don't go beyond the end of the fence.

I wonder what's beyond the end of the fence.

Oh, great.

You thinking what I'm thinking?

What bit of "don't move" don't you get? Well...

Both "don't" and "move", I'd say.

Out. We have to work. Come on!

Don't be a wet blanket. Or, be a wet blanket!

I haven't been here for ages.



Why don't you come here?

I'd come here all the time.


Oh, I don't know. It's complicated.

It's on land my dad has to sell.

Apart from that...



She's been gone two days. Who?

Calima, and her foal.

A dominant mare doesn't leave the herd.

And I saw your tyre tracks. We don't have her. She's your horse.

No, she belongs only to herself. But you probably can't understand that.


How... Wait a minute!

No! Hey!

Who was that? My aunt.

And what does "Levante" mean? It's a wind. An easterly wind.

Wait for me!

Sam! Sam, Sam, Sam!


For me? You shouldn't have.

What is it? A silver thistle.

It grows everywhere here. Here?

What is "here"? What's it called?

Ora. This is the Ora Spring.


My dad and Tara used to be inseparable.

But she got crazy ideas about handling horses.

When my dad bought that mare from Germany it all kicked off.

What? The fight between them.

And that mare? Was it Calima?

Halla's daughter, a really crazy horse. Totally... wild.

Hurt everyone, including Dad. No one could get near, except...


They wanted to give her away or put her to sleep.

One night, Tara took her away, to the wild horses.

She lives with horses behind the spring, in my great-grandparents' house.

She's totally crazy. What? No!

No? Weren't you looking properly?

She threatened her niece with a gun just now.

Calima is Windstorm's mother, right?

Sam, where the hell are you?

Oh, damn!

I have to speak to Tara again. No! Absolutely no way!

And not a word to my dad, okay? Where were you?

The colts need moving.

Why is your hair wet? Water bottle.

I was clumsy and dropped it.

And what's that?

Nothing. I'm into botany.

You know that's dangerous. And why.

If you're so interested in botany, there are three fields of hay to mow.


I'd like to make a toast.

I have good news.

The mayor and I have come to an agreement.

You know the decision to sell the land was a hard one for me.

But I know that it will be in good hands.

With friends.

Tara vanished in this direction.

"Water Flow"?


It's all right.

I'm fine.



The sleeper, born with the gift of understanding the language of horses.


I thought I'd be seeing you again.


Of all the ones who were caught, I worried about him most.

He has such a sensitive soul and a strong will.

It's a dangerous combination for life among humans.

So he was born here and then caught? Mm-hm. Then my brother sold him.

He has valuable genes. However, he was lucky.

He found you.

Or I found him. You found each other.


Come with me.

I'll introduce you to his family.

That's why you came here, right?

I think so.



A herd is like a single, living organism.

Each horse plays its part.

Each bears responsibility for the community.

You think they remember him?



They're responding very well to Windstorm.

Every movement, even just a flicker of the ear.

He certainly remembers them.

But like any horse that joins a new herd he will learn to find his place, to negotiate, to make requests or even demands.

Most people assume a stallion leads a herd, but it's actually a mare who is the herd leader when they flee together or are in search of water.

Without a herd a horse feels vulnerable and lonely.

Do you feel that? Yes.

He looks so happy.

It's his family.

Mine too.

And what about Pedro and Sam?

I don't need any people.

I think that we need both. People and horses.

My brother stole the foal and Calima, although he knows what she means to me.

People like that? I don't think he has her.

I can sense her fear.

But Sam says... Sam!

Sam repeats everything her father says.

The problem is they only consider what they can get out of the horses instead of what they can give them.

My brother thinks only of money.

That's true. He's sold the spring.


Without the spring, the horses can't live here.

Ora is the beating heart.

Well, then we have to talk to him. No.

We do.


We need help.


She's dehydrated.

But her leg isn't broken. You didn't find her a minute too soon.

A few more hours and we'd have been too late.

He found her.

Don't touch her!

Should I let her die? You'd prefer that? Is it more natural?

I don't need you. Go away.

The wound is infected. Your herbs are no good.

Give me her or shoot her. I don't care. You never did care.

This happens when horses run wild.

They get injured and die.

That's your "freedom"! Your greed makes them die of thirst.

What are you talking about?

You sold Ora, the water. How could you?

I haven't sold the water.

I gave the land back to the community.

I need the money, for my horses.

"Your horses, your water." None of it is yours. None of it!

As you wish.

But be quick.

She's suffering.

No! I don't believe this. This isn't about you two.

She'll die if she doesn't go.

And I think that you have sold the water.

Water Flow? It's all around the spring.

A helicopter was there.

That can't be!

He promised me it'd stay as it is.

It just can't be.

Let him take her.

They really spoke?

Well, I wouldn't exactly call it "speaking".

And what's that?

Oh that. I completely forgot. Sonja's here.

I mean, the real Sonja.


Sonja? I have two questions.

Who is Sonja? And who would call this thing a shower?


Another non-Sonja?

Wild! That much just can't happen in a single week.

Impossible! Sadly, not.

You can't leave her alone five minutes. Yeah, I've noticed that.

Is this thing finished or what? We shouldn't be here.

Thanks for coming so late.

Want to eat something?

Sit down.

Pedro's seabass paella!

I won't say no to that.


I want to withdraw from our deal.

You never said you'd sell the spring. You promised me my sister...

I promised nothing. Read the contract.

We shook hands on it, as friends.

I'm the mayor. And I'm a businessman.

That's how business is done. You should be grateful to me.

Tara will finally get out of that ruin.

That "ruin" was the home of our great-grandparents.

And you know as well as I that her horses can't survive without that spring.

You're naive, Pedro. You really thought the horses could stay?

Wild horses! Water Flow is going to build a bottling plant here.

They don't care if they have to shoot coyotes, wild pigs or horses.

What was that?

My stomach, probably.

This paella leaves a strange taste.

But we're finished anyway.

I assume?

Yes, we're finished.

Water Flow! That's crazy! You know who that is?

Of course. Don't you read the Financial Times?

- Business Weekly? National Geographic? Fanny!

Okay. Water Flow is a food and beverage firm.

They buy water sources from poor communities who don't know how valuable water is.

But they're going to shoot the horses.

And what's going to happen to Tara? He didn't want this...

Hey, we're going to stop this. Right?

Yes, of course.


Let's see.

Right then... We could chain ourselves to trees.


An explosion might...

Yeah! Do you have anything... old?

A Medieval dig, a Celtic castle?

A pharaoh's tomb? A pharaoh's tomb? No.


If the land had a cultural monument, it couldn't be sold.

It'd be protected. Damn!


Does it have to be a monument? Can't it be an old custom?

Something linked to the land? Like the Maritime Festival in Piraeus.

Then I know how we can save Ora.

The Ora Race. A race that hasn't been run in ages.

But it can take place again, in Ora. A horse race? How surprising!

So first of all we have to talk to your dad.

He's with Calima in the stable. Okay, fine. And, Mika...

Remind me we have to make posters.


Might that be... Tara.

But she hasn't come here as long as I can remember.

I wonder what she wants.

She's come for her horse.

Hello, dear sister.

She lost a lot of blood, but she...

She has a strong heart.

I still see it after all these years. What?

How much you mean to each other.

For a long time, I didn't understand it. Or I didn't want to understand.

The fact you preferred horses to people made me angry.

I was really angry as well.

I'm so sorry.

I sold Ora and can't go back on it.

Tell him. No!

Yes! Now!

I... I mean to say, I...

Okay, we don't have a pharaoh's tomb but if we bring back the Ora Race...

The Ora Race... Yes.

Ora will be a cultural site and the government can't sell to Water Flow.

Right? Roughly.

According to Section 23, Paragraph 2 of the Spanish Culture Law cultural sites cannot be sold.

That would have been a wonderful idea. "Would have"? What's the problem?

Prehistoric washing instructions?

This was the starting and finish line. The horses turned at Ora.

That's the spring, Ora. And next to it is... a sun.

And that is...

A moon? A full moon in the daytime.

That's when the race started. Full moon and sun.

How often does that happen?

Every three to five years. There's the problem.

That's too long to wait. No. I'd say it isn't enough time.

How long until it's full? Five days.


What's up? We can work this out. I mean...

It's a bit overgrown but we'll manage.

We need to do some weeding, mark the course, that's all.

Someone will come. It has to be at least 200.

Two hundred? Yeah.

That's the criteria for a cultural site.

Didn't I mention that?

Five days!

Two hundred people! Impossible!

Who's that Sonja?

Tourists love hiring donkeys.

No, that's...

Sam! Yeah?

Sam! What?

Different Sam.

Your grandma was really worried and driving us crazy, so I volunteered.

Everything's been great, apart from the donkey.

No more donkeys! Sam.

Yeah, and how are things here?

Well then, let's do it! Wasn't he listening?

Weren't you listening? The horses need the water.

And the race can save them.

What's up with you? Man!

We can't organize it in five days. Nonsense!

Mika learnt dressage in four weeks. It's true.

That was impossible. You can do dressage?

Sam's right. We have to try.

And if anyone can organize 200 people in five days, it's Fanny.

What if no one joins up?

Sorry. How annoying of me.

Say anything and I'll break your teeth.

It looks... Very...

Flouncy? It's our national dress, okay?

Look! Ow!



163. Merci!

164. Grazie!


Not sure we'll make it. Nonsense!

Tomorrow's another day. It doesn't start till noon.


And? Fewer trees in the way now?

Different trees.

I wish you were here.

I don't have to be there to be there.


Still miss you though.

Tell me something about home.

Same as ever. Archibald chased the postman yesterday.

I don't think we'll ever get mail again.

I miss you too.

- See you soon. See you then.


I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare them off.

I'm sorry.

The Ora Race!

I never thought I'd see it again. Hello!

So you found what you were looking for, chica?

Yes, I think so.

Are you participating? No!

I'm here on work for the government.

Culture Department.

How many do we have? Count again. We have 195.

It's almost noon.

I don't think we'll sell any more tickets.

I'm so sorry, Pedro.

But it has to be 200. Or I can't sign the protection contract.

Yes, I know.

But the Ora Race will still take place! No.

It won't. Pedro, I'm disappointed.

I thought I had made myself perfectly clear.

This race is taking place on land that belongs to Water Flow Inc.

I'm afraid we do not authorize it. He's right, unfortunately.

If the legal conditions aren't fulfilled there's nothing I can do.

Please stop the event and leave our land.

Felling of the trees starts today.

Just one minute! This is our land.

If you're here, you need to buy a ticket.

Don't be silly, little girl, yeah? I'm not silly.

And I'm not little.

All right then. Gentlemen, we don't want to be rude.

Do we? Here.

Now, if you don't mind...

One moment.

And? It's 199.

I'll give you a sign.

Er, excuse me?

Is this Work & Travel?

Sonja! Am I too late?


Adrian Muñoz, Andalusian government representative.

The land you're on is a protected site.

I don't believe it.

The race can begin!

You have to get on his back.

The horse that wins the Ora Race... is said to be the "soul" of Andalusia.

Where is she? Can you see her? No.

Mika, where are you? Here I am.

What? Why?

It's his race.

I'm with you.






I just got confirmation from Madrid!

Effective immediately, the Ora Race is officially an Andalusian cultural treasure!

What have you got in here?

Only necessities.

Hey, I've known her longer.

Well, then...

Have fun in Barcelona. Thanks.

Thanks for everything.

You're really leaving already? Yes.

I have to go home.

Thank you. You two saved much more than just Ora.

You'll always have a home here.

And so will he. We really have to go now.

I... have something here for you.

I made it for you. From Windstorm's tail hairs.

It's not a friendship bracelet. Course not.

Thanks anyway.

I'll miss you. Come back soon.

Come on.

I'll take you home.


There you are. We just wanted to say goodbye.

I have to go home now.

I know.

They're grazing back there.

It's getting late. We really should be going. Come on.


I know it isn't always easy to have our gift.

To sense things intuitively that other people don't even notice.

Like describing colour to a blind person.

But we mustn't stop trying.

We're only human.

And we do need other humans.

You know what the hardest thing is?

Having to do the right thing though we don't want to.

Yes. And that's the reason why you came here.

Not to say goodbye to me.

And not so that Windstorm can say goodbye.

You're here... to say goodbye to Windstorm.

Come on.


You don't need it anymore.

Go on then.

Go ahead!

I'm fine, honestly.


Be free.





You're back!

Hi, Gran.

Where's Windstorm?


What are you doing?

I was thinking that maybe... it's about time.

Gran! Really?

But I can't do it by myself.

I need your help. Of course! I'd love to. Right now?

No, we've plenty of time to get round to that. But...

Over there is somebody else who has been waiting for you.

You're just in time.

That's why I had to come back to 34.

Windstorm has become a father.

It can't stand up.

If it doesn't stand up, then it won't survive.

Hi, little one.

You look a lot like your daddy.

Come on.

It hasn't got a name yet.

How about 35...? No.

No way.

I set Windstorm free.

He doesn't have to be here to be here.

Was it tough?


But he belongs there.


We should call the foal Ora.

It doesn't seem to have a problem with that.