Our Little Sister (2015) Script

A work call so early?

But it's no big deal.

Sorry we can't eat together.

I'll pay you back when my temp job pays.

There's no rush.


Welcome home. How's our big sister?

I don't think Sachi slept much last night.

You should let us know when you're staying over.

It just sort of happened. "Happened"?

Some things just happen to grown-ups.

Thanks for the lesson. You're late!

Why are you always late when it really matters?

Do you understand?

Yes, yes, yes!

Chika! Time to get up.

In Yamagata?

Apparently Dad worked in a hot springs hotel.

Kind of sounds like a made-for TV movie.


"Murder in the Secluded Hot Springs," right?

Nobody killed him.

Was it "that woman" who called?

Apparently "that woman" died.

Chika! Don't shovel your food.

So, he was living in Yamagata with his current wife.

His third wife? Wow!

You'll get high blood pressure just like Grandma.

But your pickles don't taste salty.

They're not supposed to.

Apparently, he left behind a daughter.

Meaning, our little sister?

I guess so.

What about Dad's funeral?

I can't go because of work.

Really? It's no big deal.

You could go, couldn't you? And take Chika with you.

I am not looking forward to this.

He was our dad, but I hadn't seen him in 15 years.

Dad was kind, right?

He used to take us to the zoo.

But they used to fight a lot at night.

I remember seeing Sachi comforting Mum so many times.

I hardly remember him at all.

You were still little.

A little sister... You always said you wanted one.

That was when I was little! It's a little late for that now.

I know...

Why did he move here, of all places?

Eh? What?

I said, this is the middle of nowhere.

Are you the Kodas?

I'm Asano Suzu.

So, you're...

I'm grateful for you coming all this way.

It's a little steep, but it's a shortcut.

It's like a mountain! I know.

It's there.

She said that's it.

Wow, it's fancy.

We're here.

Welcome. Thank you for coming so far.

Thank you for having us.

Thank you.

My mother will come and see you later.

Thanks for coming to the station.


She's mature for her age.

More than us, eh?

This way, please.

Oh, it's cool.


I want a beer! It's so pretty! The river's right below.

I wonder if you can fish here. Just give me a beer.

Are you all right, Yoko-san?

Hush now!

You made it. After working all night?

A friend drove me here.

That's the girl?

Hello, I'm Koda Sachi.

I'm Asano Suzu.

Your little brother?

Yes, but he's my stepmother's son.

I see.

Excuse me.

Hello, I'm Koda.

Are you the oldest daughter? Yes.

Hello, I'm Asano's wife.

Thank you for joining us, I know you're busy.

Thank you for caring for my father. Not at all.

It was your father who looked after me.

Before the funeral procession can begin, you need to address the guests.

Can you manage that?

I can't...

Please do it for me, Uncle.

But then again...

How about Suzu-chan?

Yes, that's a good idea. She's his daughter, after all.

That's not the right thing.

But she's very mature.

Suzu-chan will manage just fine. She's smart.

No, this is a grown-up's job.

If you want, shall I do it?

Just address the guests?

I understand.

I'll do it.

Can you manage, Yoko?

I can manage, Uncle. I'm his wife.

Oh, look at the smoke.

You're right.

Smoke from a crematorium is so old-fashioned.

Dad must've been happy here.

So many people came to see him off.

Everyone mentioned how kind he was.

He was kind and useless.

He guaranteed a friend's loan and went into debt.

He sympathised with women and started affairs.

His widow, Yoko, is a lot like our mother, isn't she?

But she nursed him until the end. We should be thankful.

You're right.

I'm sure she barely visited him in the hospital.

I bet she stayed 10 minutes at most, after delivering his clean clothes.

But in her mind, that's attentive nursing.

Only a skilled nurse knows... Excuse me!

What is it? I have something for you.

This... I found it in Father's desk.

Is that you, sis?

The fireworks at Kamakura.

Oh, I remember this trip to Enoshima.

Chika, you got lost on this trip and caused such a fuss.

You even pooped at the visitor centre.

Really, did I?

Goodbye, then.


Do you have time?


Where's your favourite place in this town?

I wonder if the kid'll be all right.

I just wonder if she'll make it here.

She's unrelated to Yoko.

What a beautiful view.

I came here often with Father.

Doesn't it look similar?

It looks just like our Kamakura without the ocean.

Right? It brings back memories.


You're the one who nursed Father, right?

I'm sure he's grateful to you.

Thank you so much.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Do you like it here?

I'm not sure, I haven't lived here that long.

That's right.

But now I understand why Father wanted to live here

Here it is.

See you. Take care.

Yes. You, too, sisters.

Suzu-chan, why don't you come to Kamakura?

We could live together, the four of us.

Our house is really old, but it's huge.

We all have jobs, so we can take care of you.


You don't have to answer right away.

Think it over. See you again.

I'll come!

Hey, sis, she's here!


Watch your step there.


Are you tired from the long trip? I'm fine.

Your room's upstairs. Put your things up there.

You're next to me. Thank you for welcoming me.

Come on.

Thank you. This way, this way.

Yoshino, help me fix lunch. We're not ordering out?

Noodles should be home-cooked.

Lotus root and eggplant tempura, please.

I have eggplant. Great.

I'll help.

You should unpack your things, Suzu. You're the only one who can.

You're our little sister now, no more Suzu-"chan".


Yotchan's room is at the back. This used to be Sachi's room.

It's a little small, but it faces south.

I wonder if the desk'll fit. So many tight corners in this house.


That's Grandma and Grandpa. They were both teachers.

She looks like Sachi-san.

Don't tell her. She hates being told that.

Oh, really?

Every time she argued with Mum, that's what Mum told her.

Hello! Oh, he's here.

We're done moving.

It's hot!


He's the manager at Max's Sportswear.

Are they dating?

I don't want to think about it.

I can't figure out her taste in men.

Oh, the Junior Soccer team?

Yes, when we lived in Sendai.

You should try out for The Octopus.

It's our local boys' soccer team. Girls can join from Year 9.

We're fans.

More fresh cooked noodles.

Thank you so much. I didn't help out at all.

Not at all. You look out for Chika.

Your pickles are so good.

Are they salty enough? Yes, they're perfect.

Did you play soccer?

Just a little mountain climbing.

More than a little. He was part of the Manaslu Expedition 7 years ago.

Wow, really?

But after that, I got lost on Mount Everest.

I lost six of my toes.

Six toes? Want to see?

No, thank you.

Want to take a look? You can touch them, too.

Take a picture?

No, thanks.

Take your seats.

Sit down!

I'm Asano Suzu, transferring from Yamagata.

Nice to meet you.


Take your seat.

Yamagata is in the northeast.

Do you know where it is on the map?

You can ask her yourselves about the town she moved from.

Teach her all about how we live here.

What clubs were you in? I played soccer.

Soccer? Cool. So cool.

I play basketball. Me, too.


Mr Hamada told me to give you the Octopus team application.

Fill in your parent's name and get their signature.

I only have my older sisters. Is that OK?

That's totally fine.

Great, thank you. Sure.

Signing up?

If I pass the admission test.

They look tasty.

She's not a pet, you know.

I know that, Great Auntie.

Did you talk to your mother?

No, why should I?

Yes, well, if my older sister was still alive, I'm sure she'd have said the same thing.

I don't want to repeat myself, but it's a lot of work to raise a child.

I'll be fine. I looked after Yoshino and Chika.

Sachi, you should really think about it.

She may be your little sister, but she's the daughter of the woman who destroyed your family.

That doesn't matter. She wasn't even born then.

At this rate, you'll never get married and move out.

You're slow, Masashi. Let go of the ball!

Nice intercept!


It's outside the post, Futa. Switch it out!

Sorry! Don't worry.

Nice pass, Asano.

She saw where that pass was going.

She uses both legs.

She's great.


Balancing body weight. This is how Neymar does it.

Who's this, then?

Zidane! Right!

Futa's the captain. His family is all boys, he has two brothers.

I kind of thought so.

The coach, Yasu, works at the hospital like Sachi.

So he's a doctor? Something like that.

Fried mackerel for getting on the team.

It looks delicious.

This is Mrs Ninomiya. She's always looked after us.

Since they were tiny kids.

Eat your fill, OK?

Thank you so much.

It looks so tasty. Thanks for the food.

The new team member? Sachi's sister.

There's definitely a family resemblance.

Delicious! Right?


So your little sister's moved in?

That's a bold move. But typical of you.

I'm glad I went to the funeral.

Otherwise, I wouldn't have met my sister.

It's good to listen to friendly advice occasionally.


When's your next night off? How about dinner?

Yes, I'll check the shift roster.

You seem a little tired lately.

My part-time job keeps me busy.

But how's your little sister? Meaning?

Isn't it tough?

She's just your half-sister, right?

But she has such an open heart.

I bet she's just acting that way. Why?

Sorry for the wait. Your rice croquettes.

You decided to renounce the inheritance, right?

That's what Sachi decided.

And with you taking care of Suzu, the widow's got it made.

But that was Suzu's decision.

Maybe the widow coached her.

No way!

You only see the bright side.

It's a huge house.

But it's so old and creaky.

Summers are fine but winters are cold.

And there are no locks on the doors. For real? Unbelievable.

It's like a girls' dormitory.

Yoshino? Oh, welcome home.

I just got back. The "dorm matron".

This is my older sister. Hello, I'm Fujii.

Hello, thanks for looking after my sister.

Not at all.

See you. See you again.

Goodnight. Goodnight.

Goodnight. Bye.

What's that face for?

He's decent compared to your exes. What do you mean, decent?

That sounds like I only date useless men.

That's not what I'm saying.

Meaning what, then? That you indulge men and ruin them.

What do you mean, "indulge"?

Giving them money, paying for dates.

Welcome home. Hi.

How I spend the money I make is none of your business!

Then stop getting drunk and going crazy because some bar host dumped you.

You have no idea why some of us drink. I have no wish to know.

She pisses me off.

I'll take my bath first, for two hours!

I've had my bath.

Are they all right?

They may fight, but they're always on the same side when it matters.

Evening. Welcome home.

Suzu, which bean paste did you prefer?

The grainy one. Right.

I like the strained one.

Where's Yoshino? In the bath.

How come she went first?

You take so long, you should go last.

Drama queen!

Big sis!

Big sis!

Stop screaming, you're not a child anymore.

It's just a hearth cricket. A what?

You don't know it? I don't.

It looks like this.

Like this? Let's go and have a look.

Don't be scared!

Morning, Suzu. Good morning.

It's cold today.


Is this all plum wine?

Let's see, now... We made these last year and these the year before.

And Grandma made this batch 10 years ago.

It's so pretty.

Chika, stop pouring soy sauce over all your food.

Why didn't you wake me up? Don't you care?

Sorry, Yoshino-san.

The alarm didn't go off. I heard it.

Did I turn it off?

It's your own fault.

Oh, no, it's already ten past. Calm down.

Shut up. Anybody seen my moisturiser?

Not me.

Sit down. Don't have time.

Isn't that my blouse you're wearing?

Oh, is it?

Take it off!

Let me borrow it, just for today. No, I haven't even worn it yet.

You wore my boots the other day. When was that? It doesn't suit you.

Suzu, eat up. Too old lady-like?

How dare you call it "old lady-like"?

"How dare you?"

Wear something more flashy.

I'm off. I'm off.


Don't forget this. I forgot.

Off you go.

What now? Forgot my wallet. Oh, found it.

See you later. Bye!

Yoshino, the rubbish! You do it, sis!

Watch your steps!

I'll never make it. You'll make it if you run.

Yoshino-san, quick! The train's coming.

Will you be on time, Yoshino-san? What?

Who cares? My job doesn't matter.

Hey, Suzu, you can stop calling me "Yoshino-san".


Not "Yoshino-san", just Yotchan.


How's school? Got a boyfriend?

Oh, well, no...

Hurry up and get one. It'll change your world.

Really? How?

It makes even the shittiest job seem all right.

Thank you very much.

Thank you for waiting. Ticket holder 56...

Thank you for waiting. Customer with ticket 56, please.

I want to close out this account.

Yes, certainly.

Please use this form to fill out your information.

Get a move on.

I've been paying that guy the money you loaned me.

Please find another guy, one better than me.

But Yamanoi kept climbing mountains even after he lost ten fingers and toes.

That's right, Hamada. Let's climb again.

But not everyone can be like him.

Check these out.

They match yours. Just a different colour.

No way. Matching shoes!

I'll come to the match. OK.

You'll come to the match, right? Of course. Good luck.

Thank you.

Play well.

Have you seen Arai?

She was just here...

Oh-oh, what's she done this time?

How could she record 120 litres of urine volume for Mr Sato in Room 211!

That's crazy.

It's no laughing matter.

Mrs Ninomiya?

Oh, Sachi! Long time, no see.

Long time, indeed. Are you feeling all right?

My stomach's been hurting me a little.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

You know, my mother died and so much else has happened.

It's nearly a year ago.

Please come to the cafe again soon.

It brings back memories.

I just remembered, your sister came in the other day. Her name's Suzu?

Yes, she said your fried mackerel was truly delicious.

She's so bright and lively.

She laughs a lot.


She's really popular at the cafe.

That's great.

Welcome home. Evening.

It's so cold.

Did you manage to study at all?

Yoshino-san started getting really upset.

She probably got dumped again.

She never gives up on bad romances.

You'll catch cold if you don't change and go to bed.

I'm fine. I'll just sleep here.

I'm fine, too. Goodnight.

Not you as well, Chika? You're impossible.

Goodnight, then.



You can always talk to me about any problems, OK?

OK. Thank you so much.

Here you are. Thanks.

Someday, I want to walk under these autumn leaves with a cool guy.

Sorry. Me too, with a cute girl.

You're such a romantic.

Not bad so far.

Asano, your marker's really slow, so go after him one-on-one.

Ozaki, as soon as it opens up, invade their space.

The team's changed since Suzu joined.

Right! Futa's moving better, too.

Do you think those two are, you know...?

What's "you know"? You know...

Oh, that "you know"?

Move back!

Stay on her.

Hey, Asano!

It's wide open.

OK, Asano!

A Terminal Care ward?

We've had so many requests.

Next autumn, we'll convert the fifth floor into that ward.

When they moved forward with this plan, you were the first person I thought of.

What do you think?

Please think it over.

I will.


The potatoes are good, from Hokkaido.

I'm making potato salad.

Terminal care is important.

But it's really tough taking care of patients facing certain death.

I'm in Paediatrics, so I want to save as many lives as possible.

You should really think the decision over.

I will.

So, about tomorrow...

The Night Aquarium, at Enoshima.

The thing is, my mother-in-law told me that she's unstable again.

Hospitalised again?

She's not back in the hospital, but I need to check in on her.


You should do that for her.

I'm home.

Suzu, are you all right?

Suzu? Oh, no...

What happened? Oh, hi, sis.

We celebrated her scoring a goal with some plum wine.

But it was the batch I spiked with hard liquor.

It looked the lightest...

How much? Just this one glass.

I hate Yoko-san!

Dad's an idiot!

I feel hot.

I feel sick.

Hold it in.

Hold on, you'll be fine. Over here, here.

In here!

She's been keeping all her troubles to herself.

She lived through a lot.

She's just like you when you're drunk.

I don't get that bad.

Look, she smiled.

Look, she has a beauty spot here.

You're right.

She has such long eyelashes.

Her ears look just like yours, sis.


I'm sorry, Suzu.

It's your fault, Chika, but it's your fault, too, Suzu.

I wanted to taste our homemade plum wine.

OK, then.

When the plums ripen next year, I'll make you a batch without alcohol.

The plums are from our garden?

Yes, that's right.

You can see our plum tree from here. Didn't you notice it?

Look, there. It grows a lot of plums.

And caterpillars, along with the plums.

Amazing. I can't wait to pick them.

Eh? The caterpillars?

No, the ripe plums.

We have to pick bugs and disinfect. Every living thing takes effort.

Grandma always said that.

We have six more months to wait.

I look forward to it.

You puncture them like this...

That's right. To bring out the flavour.

Here it is.

It's so heavy!

Yes, they're really heavy.

You look desperate!

They're cooked.

Turn them over.

Thanks for your help! Thank you!

That was great.

Thanks. See you.

Thanks for the whitebait. Don't tear the bag.

How do I look?

Great. Like a businesswoman.

So tell me, what does "Customer Care Specialist, Financing Section" mean?

It means that from now on, I can go out and meet clients with the section chief.

Live for your job? Is that bad?

I'm not saying it is, if you're serious.

I'm dead serious.

I hope you're not taking the job because you got ditched by some guy.

I can't compete with someone who's dedicated decades to her job.

Watch what you're saying. Listen, you...

Thank you for the food!

Help yourselves.

How is it? Delicious.

Right? Fresh whitebait is a rare treat.

Your first time? Yes.

Thought so.

Yoshino, sit properly at the table.

Suzu, don't shovel your food.

She's copying you, Chika.

A little higher, a little lower.

OK, it's prettier with the dandelion.

Dandelion. Pretty.

Paste it however you want.

Cute, great.

I'll paste this.

Measure it first, Chika.

Oh, right.

Cut it out!

Hey, stop it!

Any shells?

Look at Suzu's footprints.

They're so tiny. Cute.

Good evening. Welcome!

This is the first time you've all come in together.

We had a craving for your food.

Thank you for remembering.

Let's see...

I'll have a beer. And the marinated mackerel.

I'm so sorry, we've run out.

I'll have the fried mackerel set. And a beer.

How unusual.

I'll have the same.

Me, too.

No beer for you, Suzu. I know that.

Check this out.

You've been promoted!

Not really.

So you've been to the beach? Yes.

She's still a child.

But you used to line up all your shells here.

Did I?

And you got scolded for getting sand all over the table.

And Chika peed in her pants there.

That's right, what a mess.

I ran home for your clean clothes. Stop teasing me.

What do you want, Chika? I don't know...

Shall I decide for you?

Let's see... No, don't.

What shall I get? Cheers.



Which teacher do you want? Which teacher?

Not Osawa. Definitely not.

Good morning!

I heard the news!

What news?


I don't know.

Morning! You're in our class.

Me, too!

That's good news!

Lucky you're in Asano's class.

Why's that?

Aren't you dating? What are you saying?

I already told everyone.

What are you talking about? What a mess...

Are you really dating him? I'm not dating him!

My favourite dishes are stir-fried beef and roasted beef tongue.

I want to win at the summer contest.

Thank you.

Next, Seto.

I'm Seto Tomoki. Please call me Tomoki.

I'm on the baseball team. My hobby is skateboarding.

I'm aiming for the national championships, so cheer for me.

Thank you.

Chief, I bought this, for client visits. These, too.

I thought I should dress for business.


I've seen many people give up, having to go bankrupt, losing everything.

But your factory still has potential.

Really? Your future isn't pitch black.

Then again, it's not exactly bright, either.

I feel a little bit better.

Right? Yes, a little.

I recommend you go ahead and terminate your debits with the Sagami Bank, and...

So, you had a younger brother?

Mother cut him off from the family and he left years ago.

But he suddenly called me, demanding our mother's inheritance.

He's probably deep in debt somewhere.

But I told him, "All I have is this cafe."

And he said, "Sell the cafe, then."

I'm really hoping she can find a way to hold onto this place.

For her, it's her one and only treasure.

It's nothing special.

But it is my mother's legacy.

I see.

I'm sorry to trouble you with all this.

It's our job to deal with people's troubles.

I think you're still hiding something.

They say beautiful women keep all the secrets.

My eyesight's getting worse.

Shall we admire the cherry blossoms before your eyes get worse?

Sounds good.


You worked at Metropolitan Bank before you came to our bank, right?

Why did you leave?

I suddenly realised it just wasn't where I belonged.

Has that happened to you?

What are you staring at?

Got a date, Yotchan?

I wish. But I'm not in the mood for that right now.

So I'm not doing this for a man, I'm doing it for me.

A good pedicure lifts your spirits. Shall I do you?

No, thanks. I'll ruin it playing soccer.

Just your little toes.

That tickles!

Don't move.

First time?

When was your first pedicure?

Me? I was 6 years old.

So young-

When Mum took me to Yokohama, she bought me a bright red nail polish.

When I wore it to school, they found out when I was in the pool.

The teacher got so mad at me.


We were worried that we wouldn't get much whitebait.

But it's the best season now. Eat up.



Isn't it?

Whitebait on toast is a tasty combo.

This is your original recipe, right?

Yeah, that's right.

Is your cafe old?

It's been 20 years since I took over.

Did they have whitebait toast back then?

Originally, I used to eat it for my lunch, but a customer saw me and ordered it.

That's how I started serving it.

I think my dad used to go that cafe.

When I lived with my dad, he used to make it for me.

Then, do you want to go back tomorrow?

If it bothers you, maybe you should ask him.

No, it's OK.

Then, why don't you ask your older sisters?

It's hard for me to talk about my dad with my older sisters.

Cherry blossom season's over.

Up north in Yamagata, they're just blooming.

When they found out my dad was sick, they told him he might not make it till cherry blossom time.

But he fought to stay alive and we enjoyed the blossoms in the hospital.



Do you have time? Sure...

Where are we going?

A tunnel. A tunnel?

Shall I get off? It's all right.

It's the tunnel! Right?

The blossoms are huge!


It's easier this year having Suzu here.

You never help anyway.

You're right. I'm so glad we got a little sister.

Right up there, there's a big one.

This one? Watch your footing.

In front of you.


Look at it. It's so big.


This lot is for Great Auntie, and this lot for our neighbours.

A so-so harvest. With all these?

When Grandma was alive, there were a lot more.

There were so many, we gave them to all the neighbours.

This plum tree's getting old.

I think Grandpa planted it the year mum was born.

It's 55.

55 years old?

Yoshino, you answer it.


Hello, Koda speaking.

Oh, hello, Great Auntie.

Yes, we're fine.

Hang on a moment.


It's Great Auntie.


Mother's coming?


Well, it is her mother's memorial service.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Don't overthink it.

But she didn't come for the first or the third memorials.

She said it was too far and cost too much.

Where is she now?

Sapporo. - How long's it been?

14 years or so.

She left us when I was in high school.

Maybe she needed time.


Mothers and daughters, eh?

Mothers and daughters...

Mother-daughter ties are harder to break than marital ties.

Marital ties aren't easy to break either.


What shall we do for supper? I haven't prepare anything.

Shall we order in?

Great Auntie called again. Mum's going to stay over there.

She should stay here, it's her house.

Maybe she feels too guilty.

It happened years ago.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

Should I attend tomorrow?

Maybe I shouldn't...

No, it's not your fault, Suzu.

She's just afraid to see us.

Don't worry about it.

Go and take a bath.

Go ahead.

I will, then.

Just don't make a scene, OK? What scene?

Remember when you got hysterical at Grandma's funeral?

I didn't get hysterical.

You're childish that way. Look who's talking!

I wonder what Mum'll think of Suzu.

I don't care what she thinks.

I knew you'd say that.


Thank you for coming.

She's late.

Great Auntie's with her so she should be fine.

She's up to her old tricks of forgetting and losing things at the last minute.

Hurry up, Miyako! You're always late.

Just wait, Auntie.

It looks bad, the chief mourner arriving late.

Mum. Mum.

It's been so long. Sorry I'm late.

I couldn't remember where I'd put my necklace.

I thought so.

Chika, you changed your hairstyle.

I like your hair colour, Yoshino. Maybe I'll try it, too.

Thanks for attending today.

Sorry I've been out of touch for so long.

Mother, this is Suzu.

Pleased to meet you. I'm Asano Suzu.

Oh, so you're... Oh, I see.

Hello. I'm these girls' mother.

Remember me? We met once last year.

Yes, you're my sisters' Great Aunt.

Have you got used to living here?

Are you eating all right? You're really get along with this lot?

You don't have to bring that up now. But it's important.

Didn't you get along with your stepmother?

Great Auntie! My stepmother was kind to me.

And you're not lonely?

No, it's like I'm the youngest in the girls' dormitory.

My, you're so witty!

Sorry about today. I put you in a spot.


I put myself in a spot.

Are you getting along with those three?


Sachi's a tough one.

She grew up instead of me.

She's very kind to me.

I hope you get along.

Oh, it's finally all over. Well done, all.

Don't let it melt.

Where's that child?

Ah, Suzu-chan, have a seat. Eat it before it melts.

Thank you. Please.

Memorial services are exhausting.

You managed to drink enough.

I was just getting started.


So many people came.

That's because she was a teacher.

She taught so many students and she really looked after them.

It used to be so lively here.

Auntie, you're here, so it's good timing.

I'm thinking we should just get rid of this house.

Get rid of it? You mean, sell it?

The garden needs so much work.

The girls will all get married, and an apartment's easier to manage.

Don't be so selfish?

You have no right to do anything about this house.

You never once helped out with the gardening.

What do you know about managing? You dumped us and this house.

What are you so angry about?

I just thought it'd be a good idea.

That's enough of that.

Why do you always say it like that? Of course I feel bad about it.

But it all started because your father got involved with another woman.

Stop it, both of you.

With you, it's always someone else's fault.

You couldn't divorce because of us. Grandma said no, so you didn't take us.

But what could I do? It's all true.

Act your age and stop whining like a child!

That's enough, both of you.

Sachi, be careful what you say.

She's your mother, after all.

And Miyako, you share the blame for him taking up with another woman.

But... No buts! This conversation's over!

Thank goodness my sister's dead.

It's pitiable.

It turned out exactly how you worried it would.

Those two have never got along.

Mum brought it up so suddenly.

But, you know, moving to an apartment could be good.

I dream about living alone.

If you want to move out, go ahead. I won't stop you.

It's not like we're all going to live here together forever.

Is that happiness?

Now you sound like her.

Do you hate it here?

That's not what I said.

But one clay, Chika and Suzu will leave.

Even you.

It's my...responsibility...

...to look after this place.

Nobody asked you to.

Let's stop.

What are you so pissed off about?

You just want to show Mum that you're in charge. It's just your spite.

What do you mean, spite?

When have I been spiteful?

Like taking in Suzu, just to spite Mum.

You may not mind, but I feel bad for her having to witness that today.

I'm hungry. Let's have something to eat.



I'm going to cook supper. Will you help me?

Oh, they serve sukiyaki.

And shabu-shabu.

Oh, I can't look.

They've no scallops.

How about clams?

Too expensive.

I just hope Suzu doesn't regret it.


That she came to live with us.

I'm sure she doesn't.

But she takes things so seriously, just like Sachi.

Even though she's the youngest. Too bad she's not more like you.

What do you mean by that?

That's enough onions.

This is the first and last meal my mum taught me how to cook.

The reason it's seafood curry is, because you don't have to cook it as long as meat.

Just like her, she never did like to cook.

I'm sorry...

...about my mother.

Don't apologise. It's nothing to do with you.

Falling in love with a married man...

My mother was a bad person.

I'm sorry.

We've ended up hurting you.

But you see...

...nobody could do anything about that.

It's not anyone's fault.

We're home! No scallops, so we got baby clams.

And we got your custard cake with extra chocolate.

What are you doing home? Are you feeling sick?

No, I'm fine. I'm on the night shift tonight.

What are you doing here?

Things got out of hand yesterday and I never gave you these.

This is for you.

This is for Yoshino. And Chika.

And these are for Suzu-chan.

Are you not coming in? I have a plane to catch.

And I want to visit my mother's grave.

I see.

See you. Take care of yourself.

Wait! I'll come with you to the grave.

Auntie scolded me.

She told me the house belongs to you all now.

I didn't realise.

I felt suffocated, living there.

I never thought that house would become so precious to you.

Why did you suddenly mention selling the house?

Oh, forget it. Just pretend you never heard me.

I know it's been a long time.

Forgive me.

For being a bad daughter.

Looks like it's stopped raining.

It's been years since my last rainy season.

No rainy season up north?

I hear you still make plum wine every year.

Auntie's really impressed.

Helping to make it every year was such a chore, but when we were done, I knew it was summer.

Do you want to take some with you?

Wait at the station. I'll be right back.

Be careful not to slip!

I'm fine!

Sorry to keep you.

This is from this year's batch, and that's from Grandma's batch.

There's still some left?

That's the last of it.

Beautiful colour.

Brings back memories.

I'll really savour it.

See you. Come back more often.

I'm sure Yoshino and Chika wanted to talk to you more.

You should visit us, too.

See you.

It's so big.

Food's ready.

How is it?


It might taste even better with some cheese.

You're right. I'll try that next time.

My sisters don't like it very much, but sometimes I get a craving for it.

I was too little to remember Mum's seafood curry very much.

That's why...

...for me, curry is Grandma's fish-sticks curry.

This reminds you of Grandma.


I told a lie.


Whitebait over rice.

Actually, Dad used to make it for me a lot in Sendai.

I see, so that reminds you of Dad.

I don't remember much about him.

I remembered a little bit when you showed us his photos.

You have lots more memories of him than I do.

Good ones.

And maybe bad ones, too.

Tell me sometime about Dad.

He loved fishing.

Fishing? Really?

On weekends, he always went to the river. He took me with him sometimes.

So to keep the cafe, you need to pay your brother 12 million yen.

Your personal assets for all your accounts are 6 million yen.

If our bank loans you 6 million yen...


Actually, I'm closing the cafe at the end of the month.

Physically, I'm not doing so well.

But honestly, I never thought this would happen so quickly.

So you're going to focus on your medical treatment?

No. I'm having no more treatment.

You know about the new terminal care ward in the hospital?

I have a bed reserved.

Even if we lose this place, I'm going to serve her fried mackerel at my cafe.

At least her brother can't lay claim to her recipes.

That makes me so mad at whoever God is.

And why did it have to be her of all people?

Well, then...

Time to draft a new proposal.

I think she should make a will.

A will?

A brother like that, I bet he won't even pay for her funeral.

Then she needs a formal will.

That way, even if she can't protect her mother's estate, at least her own wishes will be protected.

Let's do that.

If God can't figure things out, then we have to.

He was so stable yesterday.

He died so quickly.

You never know what will happen with patients in the terminal phase.

Thank you, Sachi. You really helped.

I was so surprised.

That Arai was so gentle with him.


She treated him like he was still alive.

Saying, "Farewell now."

"It must have hurt."

"I'll be gentle with you."

She put so much care into every step of the procedure.

I didn't notice at all.

Tanabe, on our ward is like that, too.

He's useless most of the time, but the patients trust him more than any of us and tell him secrets.

I think I always focus on people's uselessness.

But you hold yourself to the same high standards, I admire you.

I was always the class president.

Do you chew your chopsticks?

The tips are ragged.

My mum used to tell me the same thing when I was a kid.

I found a nice pair of chopsticks at the store the other day.

You bought them for me?

Why not? You should have.

Buying chopsticks for a man is something you have to think about, if you're a woman.

Oh, I see...

I should be going home. I work the day shift tomorrow.


I'm thinking of going to America.

My advisor from my residency is in Boston.

He can teach me the latest treatments for paediatric cancer.

Come with me.


I'll divorce my wife.

I'm sorry to bring it up so suddenly, but...

I've been thinking about it for a long time.

This won't work.

Not drinking? After I'm done.

It's strange that you're more interested in work than drinking.

Welcome home.

Evening. Welcome back.

Pears. It's a guy.

She bought lots of apples when she got dumped before.

Oh, I remember.

I wonder what he's like. I wonder what's up.

How would you understand?

His wife's illness preventing him from getting a divorce is just an excuse.

But can't you understand he doesn't want to abandon her?

But you two got involved anyway. That's not kindness.

He's doing the same thing that Dad did.

He's a weak and useless man.

Dealing with someone who's clinically depressed is a real challenge.

You don't know what you're talking about.

Don't stay up too late just because you're on summer holiday.

Where are you going, Yotchan? Who cares?


What is it?

I may have hurt Sachi. How?

I told her that falling in love with a married man makes you a bad person.

Don't worry. I want the three of us to talk!

About Sachi!

Yes, let's do that.

What a pain!

Chika! Plum wine on the rocks!

I'll mix it.



Can I come in? It's about work.


You've seen a lot of people die at your job, right?

I'm wondering what that's like.

If you got emotional about everything, you couldn't do your job, right?

But it's not like I can just block it out and forget about it.


I feel better.

It's not like it's better to get used to it.

I don't think I should ever get used to losing a patient.

Thanks for the lesson.

I like this.

Then it's yours.

It's not your dress for dates?

I don't have to rely on outfits to win when I want to.


Listen, sis.

Don't worry about this house.

Chika and I can look after Suzu.

It's not like it used to be.


Otherwise, you'll turn into a mum before you're married.

You're right, I'll try not to.

Please, you've got your sisters waiting behind you.

You should say that to me before you're drunk.

How could I bring it up when I'm sober?

Suzu, the fireworks are tonight, right?

Wait a minute.

Oh, a summer kimono.

The pattern looks good on Suzu. Right? Just like I told you.

It fits her perfectly, too.

Was this yours? Yes, it was.

You can have it. Really?

Of course.

Show it to Futa. To Futa?

Who's that? Is he good-looking?


He seems honest.

Honesty is always best.

Oh, yeah?

My soccer uniform's fine. Some other time.

This was Grandma's. It brings back memories.

What are you doing?

It smells like Grandma.

Does it? Let me, let me.

It does not.

I'm sorry.

I can't go with you.

I knew you'd say that.

It's my fault for taking so long to make up my mind.

It's mine, too.

It's not anyone's fault.

I want to get serious about working in terminal care.

I see.

Apparently my father said he couldn't face us at the end.

That's why Suzu had to care for him all by herself.

If I'd been by their side, I might've been of some help...

...to my father and to Suzu.

She's been through a lot.

She had her childhood stolen from her.

The same thing happened to you.

Your childhood was stolen, too. By the adults in your life.

You think so?

You should take it back, gradually.

Even though I can't help you.

I'm off.

Thanks for the meal!


That's the last time we'll be able to eat your fried mackerel.

I'm sorry. I'm open till the end of the month.

We'll be back.


Thanks again!

Sorry for the trouble, but take this marinated mackerel home.

Yotchan's favourite.

Say to her, "Thank you for everything."

Yes, I will.

I'm jealous of your father and mother.

Why's that?


...they left a treasure like you behind on this earth.

I'm not a treasure.

Don't say that. Or the gods will spite you.

Now, go and enjoy yourself.

It's really beautiful when the fireworks are reflected on the sea.

See you soon.

Thank you for the food.

Come again!

Careful, Suzu.

Pass me that.


Wow, they're so big!

It's close!


How sad we're watching them from our bank's roof.

You're right.

Without overtime, you could've watched them with your boyfriend.

I know.

Long day. Long day for you, too.

So cute.

It's a heart.

Do you want to climb mountains again?

I've had enough.

Then let's go carp fishing.

You want to?

Like this?

As soon as the float starts sinking, go for it!

Like this?

Like this.

Gently? Yes, gently.

Is it all right for me to be here?

What are you talking about?

When I lived in Sendai, and when I lived in Yamagata, I always thought...

...someone's always hurting just because I exist.


...it becomes unbearable.

I'm the youngest of three brothers.

Both my parents had really wanted a girl, but I was another boy.

They were both disappointed.

That's why I'm the only one with so few photos.

That's not what you were talking about?

That's what we're talking about.

See you.


You look pretty good in that summer kimono.


Till tomorrow.

I'm back.

Welcome home!

How did the boys like your kimono?

No big deal. You're blushing!

What are you all dressed up for? Let's have fireworks.

She's wearing Grandma's.

It's a little conservative. Perfect for you.

Fireworks, just for the four of us. Yes, let's.

Watch out!

All done.

Looks so pretty.

So lively.


What if someone came by?

Do you like it sweet or sour, Sachi?


Strong or weak?


We did a good job, for our first try.

Want to try it?


It's sour!

You're still a child.

Compared to you, I am.

Don't be cheeky.

You initialled this plum.

You initialled this "C-H-l" plum. No, that's Chika's.

No way!


Sachi at 3, Chika at 3, Yotchan at 3, Yotchan at 5, Sachi at 6, Sachi at 9, Chika at 11...

Chika at 12, Chika at 13.

Yotchan at 14, Sachi at 15.

I guess you're a little smaller.

Hey, no cheating!


"15 years old."


Are you all right?

I don't remember climbing so far.

Is this the right way?

What if we can't make it home?

Here it is.

You're right.

It looks like that other view.

When I was little, I came here with Dad a lot.

And after he left, I came alone.

You try, too, Suzu.

I'm fine.

Come on.

Dad's an idiot!

Mum's an idiot!

I wanted...

...to spend more time with her.

You can talk about your mother.

You can stay right here.


I want to.


Everybody head straight home.

See you.


That was a good funeral.

She led a good life.

With you by her side, I'm sure she went peacefully.

In her photo, she looked so good.

She looked pretty.

You took that picture, right?

That was on our last date.

The cherry blossoms are from that boulevard, right?

Even in the hospital, she used to say, "Those cherry blossoms were so pretty, then."

Even when she knew she was going to die soon...

"I'm so happy that beauty still looks beautiful to me."

That's what she said.


If you want to hear stories about your dad, come secretly to the cafe.

Yes, I will.

Dad said the same thing.

Before he died, about the cherry blossoms.

That he was happy that beauty still moved him.

He must've had a good life.

I wonder what I'll remember at the end.

I'll remember men... Or drinking, I guess.

Typical of you!

You, Sachi?

I wonder...

Maybe the garden veranda.

At this rate, you'll never get married and move out.

Ask me, too.

You have strange tastes.

You're mean.

You, Suzu?

I have a lot. I made a lot.

But you're still a kid.

Compared to all of you.

There you go again.

In 50 years, we'll all be old grandmas.

Sounds like fun.


...was really useless.

But maybe he was a kind man.


Because he left us such a lovely little sister.


You're right.

I'm sure you're right.

What? Did you say something?

Nothing at all.

Careful, Chika.