Out of Blue (2018) Script


The catastrophic death of a star brings new life to the universe.

In order for us to live a star must die.

We are all stardust.

Do you know your place in the universe?

And for so long we thought that Earth was the center of the solar system and the Milky Way like spilled milk across the sky but we discovered we aren't the center of the universe.

Do you know where you are?

What kind of neighborhood does our galaxy live in?

What other kinds of neighborhoods exist in the universe?

Can you explain your place in the universe?

Most people can't get out of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Ninety percent of the matter in the universe is invisible.

It's unidentified.

There is much we can't see detect or comprehend yet we spend our lives trying to get to the heart of this dark energy.

This dark matter.

And you can tell a lot by looking.

Two one, two one, anyone on this frequency?

Go ahead.

Hey, good morning, we got a call of a person down.

Oluseyi Observatory.

I got here a body on the floor, looks like gunshot.

Copy. Homicide will be there. I'll call the coroner.

Hey, y'all. Hey.

Hey. Good morning.

Oh, you getting them for you? Yeah, the big one's mine.

Of course. These boots I'm wearing.

Roof was open.

The observatory manager covered the telescope on arrival.

ID'd the body as Associate Professor Jennifer Rockwell.

No sign of forced entry.

Officer posted to the external ladder to the north side..

One of the Rockwells?

Yes, daughter of Councilman Colonel Tom Rockwell.

War hero, Rockwell Electrics.

She held an open all lecture last night.

We got a list of attendees, crime scene waiting for instruction.

It's the signature of the .38 caliber killer.

Weren't even born yet, Silvero.

Usually a sock stuffed in the mouth to keep her from talking.

What do you reckon, Hooli?


What's up?

She never gets affected.

No, it's, uh..

...it's a burger last night, it's not sitting right.

The observatory manager call it in?


Dr. Ian Strammi, he's waiting in his office downstairs.

English dude looks like he's been in a fight.

Attacked her, she fought back?

Open roof.

So rain could drench the evidence.

Tony, get talking. Mm-hm.

So you guys work pretty closely together?

We're colleagues.

And you went home last night from here?

W... well, I... I didn't go straight home.

I was with Sabrina White, J... Jennifer's assistant.

Sabrina White?

Yes, w... we, we drove to the lake to look at the stars.

We were talking all night.

Poor Jennifer. Poor Jennifer.

She just..

Excuse me.

I'm Detective Mike Hoolihan.

I'm leading this investigation.



A... abscess.

Came on overnight.

It's... agony.

I don't, don't know why I'm talking about my teeth..

Jennifer, Jesus Christ.

I don't think Jesus had much to do with this, Dr. Strammi.

You got one on the go.

You covered the telescope?

Well, w... what was I supposed to do?

It was raining.

Telescope would have been wrecked.

It was raining cats and dogs.

I... it was clear last night.

Jennifer was... so happy.

Seven lima yankee echo one four two victims vehicle secured white Thunderbird convertible, red interior..

♪ I'll be seeing you ♪

♪ In every lovely summer's day ♪

♪ In everything that's light and gay ♪

♪ Ah I'll always think ♪

♪ Of you that way ♪

♪ I'll find you ♪

♪ In the morning sun.. ♪♪

Don't touch anything. Sorry.

Nice to make your acquaintance, Detective Hoolihan.

Yeah, you're a case closing legend.

I'm Stella Honey, new reporter for Channel Two.

We'd like a statement.

Hm. I'm not the one to see.

You sure about that?

You ever think about retiring?

Why don't you just wheel me out into the sun, Janey?

My whole life's been homicide.

Now, that's no Ian Strammi.


Afraid of the dark, detective?

It's merely an absence of electro magnetic waves.



Are you sure you don't want a lawyer?

Yes, ma'am, thank you.

I don't think I need one.

Everything hidden, hm?

Cameras, microphones.

Excuse me. I think you need that, professor.


Hot, I... I've been obsessing all night over an idea.

If I may I'd like to get back to that idea.


Not... not too much an idea as an extremely speculative proposition to do with time dilation.

W... what's your subject?

My subject involves considering the possibility that ours may just be one of many universes.

Call me the down to earth type.

We didn't used to accept the Earth went round the sun, detective.

What happened to your sock?

What's this about?

You are a person of interest.

How long can you keep me for?

How long you and Jenifer Rockwell been going together?



Wait, J... Jen..

J... Jennifer's okay, right?

I'm sorry to inform you that Jennifer Rockwell was found dead this morning.


Who says why?

You say how. How did it happen?

And who. Who did it?

Over controlled hostility type. Yeah.

Duncan Reynolds is that dude.

Everyone's shocked, says what a nice polite guy he is.

Well, he ain't cooperating so, we're gonna have to hold him overnight.

Make him sweat.

I still got my money on Ian Strammi.

You believe his teeth story?

He'd lie about his hide if he could.

He'd lie through his teeth.

I was with him. Ah.

Not like that.

We were just talking.

Discussing Schrodinger's cat all night.

I'm super fond of my cat, but I don't think I'd be able to have a conversation about her all night.

It's not a real cat.

It's a thought experiment.

Cat in a sealed box.

In my experience, usually what's in a sealed box is dead, Miss White.


She gave me this.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

Pardon me if you think I'm shadowing you Detective Hoolihan.

All the meetings in this city and you walk into this one.

Not many held this late.

Started drinking as a kid.

Saw my brother get shot and killed.

Gave up drinking a year ago for good but today I wanted a drink so bad.

Never tried this before.

Your first meeting.

Some creepy guy's already hit on me.

Told me to fake it till I make it.

They say women in these meetings can find men police can't find.

That true?

You hungry?


Mm, I drink to be reckless, crazy, trashy.

I loved it.

End of story.

More to it than that? Always is.

Mm, um, let's see.

I was, uh, fostered out repeatedly you know, that kind of thing.

Ever trace your birth parents? Mm-hm.

Funny, you being a detective be easy for you.

I... I just know it ain't pretty where I'm from.

So you detect the hell out of other people's lives but your own's a mystery.

Why did you become a cop?

Felt safe.

Safe she says.

I thought it was danger money you guys got paid.

I... I never wanted any other job.

My real life began the day I got into the academy.

You remember nothing?

I got this, it's all I've..

I've had this all my life.

That's it, I... I can't remember where it's from.

I couldn't live like that remembering nothing.

Positive you can?

I'm, I'm not giving you a scoop and I'm not gonna be your sponsor.

Hey, I got jamais vu today.

Congratulations. What is it?

Jamais vu is the opposite feeling of deja vu.

When I woke up, felt like I was seeing things for the first time.

Even though it was the same things in my same old apartment.

Right now reporting live Channel Two this is Stella Honey.

You're here. Now you're there.

Right now it's a bit of a whodunit and that's all I'm at liberty to say.

We are here at an active crime scene where police are trying to look for clues.

Professor Jennifer Rockwell was the daughter of decorated Vietnam veteran and prisoner of war survivor Councilman Colonel Tom Rockwell owner of Rockwell Electrics.

Run by his sons Bray and Walt Rockwell past winners of Louisiana's family company of the year award.

Jennifer's mother just received a Woman of Substance award for her charity work.

Associate Professor Jennifer Rockwell was recently the recipient of an award for her research into black holes.

Police do say that they have suspects in this case but the investigation is still ongoing.

You know..


I... I understand you have a suspect in custody..

...and I'd very much like to see him.

Colonel, you... you know I can't let you do that.

Yes, I know, I'm..

I'm just talking like a quick look.

I just..

You see, um..

...see your daughter laid out like that..

In the face, uh..

Well, you know, she, uh..

...pretty much was my whole life.

Whoever did this will be brought to justice I promise you.

I just want to, um..

I think I'll ever, uh..

Um, you know that love, I won't..

I won't have that again.

Did you discover Jennifer was seeing someone else?

This is important to establish.

If she was, they could be involved.

Maybe I should get a lawyer.

We are vigilant about protecting your right.

Getting an attorney we have to stop this conversation.

But if we can continue talking getting to important details about Jennifer..

...maybe you can help me figure out who could have done this horrific thing.


She, um..


What? S... she..

She wanted to make..

...make love under the stars.

I... I was in a rush..

I was in a rush thinking about my idea and, uh..

...after I... I, I ran all the way back to the house.

I must have gone and forgot my sock.

Did she ever use drug?



Do you?

Get me a lawyer.

What? Get me a lawyer!

We don't get you lawyers.

You make a goddamn call and you get yourself one.

So the coroner said the last meal was burrito uh... shot at close range.


Angle of trajectory, undetermined.

Oh. Shame, no joy in finding the weapon.

What about intimate injuries? Mm-mm.

Defensive wounds? Mnm-mnm.

But he did find semen.

I asked him to look for traces of cream.

Cream? Moisturizing cream.


Did you find if anything was missing from the scene?

A... scarf.

Red scarf?


How did you know that?

No one mentioned it and Sabrina White's only just given up her cell phone with the footage.


Jennifer's a w... well-coordinated woman.

I... I... I won't share the scarf with suspects yet.


Mm.. The scar..

The catastrophic death of a star brings new life to the universe.

In order for us to live, a star must die.

We are all stardust.

"We are all stardust."

Clearly had money to burn.


Did you see this?

Only pictures of them.

There's... there's no photos of the family.


I mean, what do you do with all this?

I mean, you can't take it with you.

The smell..

Oh, Sorry, Hooli.

It's the only thing I could find to revive you.

Mm. What happened?

I skipped breakfast.

Ugh. Easy.

You okay?

I'm good.


Did, did Jennifer ever run with the wrong kind of crowd?


Oh. No.

Is there something or anything that you know that you don't want to tell us about? Hm?

When she was in the eighth grade she wrote an essay called "We Are All Stardust" and it's true. She educated me.

Heh. She..

She told me that your hand can come from a different star than your n... nose can.

So you see we are all... stars.

There is much we can't see detect or comprehend but we spend our lives trying to get to the heart of this dark energy.

This dark matter.


Hey. I gotta go. Bye.

What you got? It's a hat.

That is Colonel Tom.

That's a hat, but it's no proof that that is Colonel Tom.

But it definitely belongs to somebody unaccounted for, that's for sure.

Watch this.

I saw something similar to this brooch pinned to a victim of the .38 caliber killer.

Okay Silvero thought this scene had similarities to .38 historics, too.

I did.

Face blown off like a mask.

All victims female, same age, type.

Well, look here y'all, I think we need to keep our focus on Duncan Reynolds and Ian Strammi.

Especially Strammi.

I just feel this one here's closer to home, Hooli.

Okay. Hm.

Hit me with your theory.

.38 caliber killer.

If he was in his early 20s back at the start of the spates, he'd be old now.

Guess he could have died back in the '80s when the killing stopped.

Constitution ran a story about it.

Leaving a sock on the scene.


The sock at the crime scene was Duncan Reynolds'.

Doesn't rule the .38 killer out.

Or a copycat could have used the sock that Reynolds left behind.

.38 killer always took an excess of souvenirs trophies, the killer's way of nourishing his fantasies to relive his crimes over and over again.

This isn't some one-on-one crime scene class.

Just saying.

You sure there's nothing missing from the crime scene?

Done plenty of news stories on cops fucking up.


Where the hell is it?

Where the hell?


My grandmother swears by this stuff and always has.

You were up all of the night in question in your car, by the lake, looking at the stars with Sabrina..

...talking about a cat?

Yes, well, Schrodinger's cat can get quite complex.

It's a cat in a sealed box.

You do understand that it's not done for real.

Oh, I know what people do for real.

It's just something we, we think about.

Yeah, I've seen those types too.

Again, you were up all of the night in question talking to Sabrina, and your cheek goes boom.

Look, I swear to you, on my children's lives I spent the evening with Sabrina White.

I don't know how else to say that.

So the question now is, what is the difference between this location and this, for us?

It collapses into a definite particle?


That is what happens but why?

Observation changes the result.

Exactly, very good, Miss White. Very good.

We could, we could say it's an indication that the universe only exists and behaves the way it does because we're looking at..

Class dismissed.

What? What's Schrodinger's cat?

You kidding me?

A cat in the sealed box with a radioactive force and poison.

Waiting for it to release or not.

Could be alive or dead.

In my quantum mechanics world the cat could be alive and dead.

I guess it could take all night to understand that.

It's kind of quick to be back at work.

Shouldn't you be at work, detective?

I am at work.

The lawyer says I shouldn't be talking to you.

When you saw Jennifer that night what was she wearing?

Don't you wanna help me get whoever did this?

What... what was she wearing?

A... a, a... a vintage dress. Red shoes.

You know all this.

What else was she wearing?

Uh.. Panties.


An old silk scarf that her father gave her.

You took the scarf?

Why? Why would I do that?

When you're always looking for ideas it surprises me you had no ideas as to who killed her.

I hope it's going to rain on Sunday.

I gotta turn on my soccer mum routine.

Feel like I'm leading a double life.

Me too.


What you see is what you get with Mike Hoolihan.

Oh, my gosh, these damn lights.

What's up? Did y'all see this?

Walt, the... the brother?

He said

"I did wonder if there were people in Jennifer's life we didn't know."

What does that mean?

Rockwell Electrics, please hold.

Can I help you?

Oh. You're that detective person.

Oh, that's a dime a dozen I reckon it's paste, mass-produced, '50s, early '60s.

When I'm not working my fingers to the bones around here I'm an online auction carrier.

Oh, is... is, is this yours?

Oh, who knows? You can't account for everything around here.

Did you get it out of that box? That's my yard sale box.

Probably mine, I guess.

How well did you know Jennifer?

I never really paid her much attention.

You know, until this.

This put her in a different light.

Who did it?

And why?

Well, what do you think?

Jealousy? She had it all.

I mean, she was brought up in a diamond encrusted bubble.

You know, Miriam smothered them with her nerves.

Just sickly kids. Colonel Tom, you gotta respect him.

He's a decorated soldier. All those medals.

He was a prisoner of war for three years.

I can't imagine the things that he's seen.

You know, he tried to give them a backbone.

They married twins, them two. Anyway, toodle-oo.

Are... are Walt and Bray here?

Oh, yeah, we have not stopped working.

There's no time for mourning.


New to me.

Doesn't look like it's worth much.

Laurel Ann's?

I'm always finding her junk.

Must be a hard life, seeing what you see breaking bad news all the time?

I wanted to ask, Walt, y... you said you thought there were people in Jennifer's life y... you didn't know?



It seemed to me there had to be people other than us.

Other than you?

Yeah. Pretty straightforward.

You wanna expand?

The thing is, uh..


Walt meant someone we don't know.

Some kind of a freak she came into contact with.

No one that knew Jennifer would hurt her.

You want it?

Not sure it's your thing.

Stop. Stop.

What is it?

I'm not sure yet. Just play it again.

Play it again.

Stop it.

Folks, the past is messy.

It intrudes like a unwanted relative spilling wine and gravy at the supper table.

But we cannot grow as a city or a people without honest contemplation of our messy past.

Besides, street re-namings are costly and disruptive.

If we hide away everything it brings into discussion not so much are we the city that care forgot but more along the lines, are we the city that forgot?

With eyes wide open we should truly remember our past and not create a false version of it.

William Faulkner said it best, he said

"The past is not dead, it's not even past."

Beginning what astronomers believe is a dance of death.

Black holes have shaped the universe we know.

It's like we're following the energy.

Like a trail of clues leading closer and closer to this black hole's dark heart.

Dark heart.

Dark heart.

She wanted to be cremated.

So she talked about this?

Oh, yeah.

"No mausoleum or shallow grave for me," she said and she was laughing, she was just a kid.

She was always... adventurous.

Even as a baby, she loved spicy food and she was always trying to get me to try it.

I can't abide spicy food.

Do you recognize this?

Should I?

And I keep thinking that Walt wants to tell me something.

Walt was the first to talk.

As a child, he... he beat Bray to it.


This empty feeling, hollow it's... it's like a fluttering.

I can't think straight, I can't concentrate can't see things right in front of your eyes.

You get these images in your head and you...

You need to rinse them from your mind.

You think that's Jennifer?

Everyone thinks that, it's my husband's mother.

He was just a child when she..

When she..

Come on, come on.

When she..

There is much we can't see detect or comprehend yet we spend our lives trying to get to the heart of this dark energy..

...this dark matter.

Tony, Tony.

Did you know that your nose could come from a different star than your hand and that we're all here because a star died?

It would be against God to believe that.

It's not a belief, it's a fact.

I don't buy it.

I thought you believed you were a bit of a star Silvero, a '70s star.

You're one to talk, Joan Jett.

What's your special interest in the .38 caliber killer?

One of his victims was murdered in the apartment house I live in.

All the women had the look of Jennifer Rockwell.

White, blond, of similar age their faces blown off at close range.

He was dormant for decades so I thought came out of retirement maybe?

But now... my bet's on Duncan Reynolds.

Motive, jealousy.

And nothing, nothing came of your interviews?

No. Not a witness in sight.

Okay, sir, stay on the line for me, hon I've got an ambulance and a rescue unit and a police officer en route.

Yes, okay.

Where is she bleeding from?

Ah, all over, uh, her face..

Do you see a gun, sir?

No, no gun. No..


Do you see that?

What is that?


I... I should have searched myself, what were these guys doin'?

Playing with their drones.

To the right and.. Hey, hey, hold it, excuse me.

What do you want? And I want you, you...

Hey, hey, get off me I haven't done anything.

Tony, get him off.. Get him off.

Colonel. Hey.

Hey, Colonel. Fuck!


Get him out of here, get him out.

Watch my leg. Colonel, please come with us.

I got to the scene to... to Jennifer and..

...the gun was just lying there and I don't know, I don't know what I was doing but I... I panicked.

I recognized the gun because it was mine.

I kept it in the drawer of the desk.

Someone must have known it was there..

...and they took it so they could pin this terrible thing on me.

I had to bury it. I mean, what would you have done?

You wiped the gun down?

Why leave the gun behind?

Yeah, that's unusual for a perp to leave the weapon on the scene, no matter what's at stake.

I guess that's why Strammi took it

'cause he did it.

But there's no sign of a struggle, none.

And that's likely to be somebody she knows.


I'm surprised he's even a doctor.

Strammi's so stupid..

I can't believe he didn't shoot her twice and put the gun in her hand set her up.

What, what?


What, what? And he's such a dope.

I'm surprised he didn't shoot her and then give Jennifer the gun and make it look like she did it.

The one person I never..

...put in the frame.

The only person we know for sure..

...who was there.

And what if..

...the powerful recoil when Jennifer...

Now, if Jennifer...

The recoil forced the gun to be thrown..

...from her.


...sees his gun so far from the body he waited this whole time and he takes the gun.

Jennifer killed herself.

There's no suicide letter.

Don't need one.

It's a myth, two-thirds never leave one.



♪ I'll be looking ♪

♪ At the moment ♪

♪ But I'll be seeing ♪

♪ You.. ♪♪

This is the only thing that seems right.

I'd like my ashes put in the trash and I, I am sorry but hey, it's all relative.

Hey, uh, Ballistics called got a partial print of Jennifer's on one of the bullets.

You were right.

And I should have got to this sooner.

You did it by the book.

Well, let me see your pen thing that little knife thing.



Case closed.

You may have pulled the trigger..

...but something..

...someone got you there.

The only way we can enter into a black hole is, is with our minds.

I guess it went and blew hers.

I don't want your ashes..

...thrown in... in the garbage..

...that's... it's brutal.

A cosmic nod to Hugh Everett.

Everett developed the theory of parallel universes he requested the same.

It's all in that, uh... he sung..

...he fronts that band..

...they did that, they did that song, Railroad

"Railroad Man."


It's a cool band.

♪ Feel like an old ♪

♪ Railroad man ♪

♪ Ridin' out on the Bluemont line ♪

♪ Hummin' along old dominion blues ♪

♪ Not much to see ♪

♪ And not much left to lose ♪

♪ And I know I can walk along the tracks ♪

♪ It may take a little longer but I'll know.. ♪ Are you sure you're okay? Yes.

It's fine.

♪ I feel like an old ♪

♪ Railroad man ♪

♪ Who's really tried the best that he can ♪

♪ To make his life add up to something good.. ♪♪

Are we allowed to be in here?

It's not a crime scene.

It seems like one.

I blame my father.


For jump starting her interest in vintage and giving her stuff.

Do you think he gave her this?



It's quite a statement, it's all relative.


Typical Jennifer.

I mean, you don't think her family life played any part?

She seemed pretty well adjusted when it came to them.

♪ I'll be seeing you ♪

♪ In every lovely summer's day ♪

♪ In everything that's light and gay.. ♪♪

This is her writing.

It's, uh..

...from a psychology book.

"He may only know himself as persona

"this is all that is shown to society..



Public image.

Guys, you know what that says to me?

I never knew the real Jennifer.

How pitiful is that?

In this stunning case, there's now been a twist from homicide to suicide.

She was an inspirational figure in the department and she would have wanted us to carry on.

That first semester she seems..

...uh, something was up, I don't know.

I went to dinner with her and her parents and the twins wins..


Her father like presided over the table like a high pressure quiz master.


And he literally, like firing questions.

You know one of the twins cried because he got a question wrong.

But she was a total go-gettter and won every prize going, just perfect.


...it was as though she was some..

...you know, um..

...wearing a mask.

An episode of crime is a police matter.

I mean, to... to survive a prisoner of war camp it... it takes a... a... a certain kind of man.

I think something happened between Jennifer and your father that night.

Why would she go and do this?


...she may have thought she was only killin' herself.

But you know what?

It's as though she went and killed everyone around her.


Why would she do this?

♪ I'll ♪

♪ Be seeing you ♪

♪ In all the old ♪

♪ Familiar places ♪

♪ That this heart of mine embraces ♪

♪ All day through ♪

♪ In that small cafe ♪

♪ The park across the way ♪

♪ The children's carousel ♪

♪ The chestnut tree ♪

♪ And the wishing well ♪♪

I remember when you solved your first how it felt..

...giving the victim's families a chance to know to grieve..

...giving them closure.

I hate that word.

Look I don't mean to pull rank but I had a complaint come in from Bray Rockwell.

Lay off the Rockwells.

Jeez, Hooli, uh..

I'd feel like I was doin' my job if you pay a visit to the doctor.

You're right.

Yeah? I'll go.

You'll go?

I'd like to ask you about the state of mind of a former patient, Jennifer Rockwell.

Were you surprised by her suicide?

Every 30 seconds someone in the world kills themselves.

Many mask their depression.

Could be personality disorders that went undetected, childhood trauma.


Can I help you with anything else, detective?


I'm all set.

Jennifer served as a model of intellectual power..


...and honesty.

It's heart breaking to reach the point where someone we thought we knew well and loved..

...must remain fundamentally mysterious to us in their passing.

I'd like you to take a moment..

...and look at the person next to you.

Who is that person?

Do you really know?

That person is the biggest mystery and the greatest miracle you'll ever meet.

You're not naturally a brunette, are you?

You were blond?


Is there something you need to tell me, Mrs. Rockwell?

Ever dress like a woman?

There's many ways to be a woman.

Miriam, wh... why do you think she did this?

Did she find something out something to do with her father?

You know what happens to nosey girls, eh?

They lose their noses.


I used to do that to her when she was little.

She was the sweetest baby.

He wanted her to love him so much.

He was always trying to... to get her to love him.

What if she hid something that happened to her like, when she was a kid or... or something?

Like, with her father.

I don't think it's that simple.

What's so simple about that?

When we saw water we thought of surface tension, fluid motion protons, molecules.

Most people... stop and smell the flowers enjoy the colors.

We thought of spirals..


...golden angles.

You know, you two aren't as different as you seem.

Really, you're both..

You're both lookin' for clues.

You, on the ground.

Her, in space.

If a universe can be imagined..

...it exists.

Jennifer's in another universe.

She believed in the multiverse.

It comforts me.

She only killed one of herself.

♪ I'll be seeing you ♪

♪ In every lovely summer's day ♪

♪ In everything ♪

♪ That's light and gay ♪

♪ Oh I'll always think ♪

♪ Of you that way ♪

♪ I'll find you ♪

♪ In the morning sun ♪

♪ And when the night is new ♪

♪ I'll be looking ♪

♪ I'll be looking ♪

♪ I'll be looking.. ♪♪

It's like we're following the energy like a trail of clues leading closer and closer to this black hole's dark heart.

It's okay. Okay.

I need to talk to the colonel now.

He's not here. I need your help.


And here, can you take this?

Uh, I'm really, really hungry.

Uh... uh, I wanna go to that place that Jennifer goes to, her favorite, okay?

Did you see the way she looked at me?

Like I couldn't feed my own daughter.

Mrs. Rockwell..



I wanted my daughter..

...to have the life I never had.

I did it all for her.

I am not the woman people see.

Just like my husband is not the man people see.

What do you.. What do you know?

Only choice, put on a brave face.

Like a mask.

He never gonna believe I've left him.

They that love beyond the world cannot be separated by it.

Death cannot kill what never dies.

There... she got what she wanted.


...you're in denial.

Is that what it's called?

I thought they called it grief.

You need this to end.

You can make it end.

I'm going back..

...back to where I came from.

Seems you should do that too... hm?

Hey, hey.

Man trouble?

You got it.

Suicide of successful beautiful woman, ka-ching.

Got me enough brownie points to finally get a commission on the .38 caliber killer got public interest written all over it deserves a new angle.

You play hunches, you gotta.

So much evidence washed away destroyed over the years never collected.

Cast your eyes on this.


Never been attributed..

...but thinking maybe this was the .38 caliber killer, too.

"Sarah Fenton, 17, a volunteer at the Bywater Blind Society

"was accompanying a blind woman, Heather Tolkington when she saw a man flee the victim's home."

Sarah got interviewed.

Nobody cared before about what I saw that day.

Ma'am, I'm here to re-address that.

Never took serious by no one.

But in my eyes..

...double steps.

"Handmade mask."

"One of a kind."

You're not back on the sauce again, are you?





Right, left right, left, whoa!

.38 revolver, J-frame.

Now this one's a little heavier than most so you could use it to bludgeon.

The great thing about a revolver is it never jams it's always gonna work for you.

The first thing you wanna do is this release here like that, this is where the shells go in here.

I'll take it.

Bywater, Gretna. Where's that?

Elmwood, Hopedale, all those places should mean something to you, colonel a war hero, with war wounds to prove it.

I'm not a hero.

The heroes are the ones that have their names written on the wall.

Hey. Hey!

What are you, nuts? What are you doin'?

It's crazy that a war wound can change sides.

Cane here, cane there.

Okay, listen to me, Sherlock, okay?

You can use a cane in either hand.

Jennifer said, "We spend our lives getting to the heart of this dark matter."

She found out about you. You pushed her to it.

Now you just take it easy. I'm warning you.

You stopped killing when Jennifer was born. Why?

'Cause like those women, she had the look of your mother.

Now just keep my mother... She had the looks of your...

Just keep my mother out of it!

Leave my mother out of it... Oh, what are you gonna do?

What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do, huh?

What are you gonna do?

She had the looks of your..


I guess you got a little overheated.

One of those incidents.

I'm sorry, I have them myself. Um..

I get a little sensitive about my mother.

Jennifer, uh..

...she... she... she didn't mean to do it.

No way. Um..

Didn't mean to do it.


That night I don't know what..

I mean, there was something that just..

...just, um, like it grabbed me, some..

A feeling, like a feeling? Yeah.

An overwhelming feeling..

...of dread.


And... I don't know why I..

I mean, you and I have seen things that... thankfully other people don't have to see.

But we're forced to hold back our... our feelings.

But I still, for the life of me don't know why I didn't follow..

...follow, you know, my instincts.

Oh, I've..

...spent my whole life you know, just trying to take care of everybody my whole life.


It's all I wanted to do.

No. No.

I'm on the wrong track.

I'm on the wrong track.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I might have guessed this was your type of place.

Bourbon, double.

I'm wrong. I'm just wrong.

We're all human.

Jennifer used to say that.

She... she couldn't believe that the universe was here solely for our benefit.

I mean, does it all come down to this?

♪ Strange as it now seems ♪

♪ Of zombie voodoo gris gris ♪

♪ And the witch-queen of New Orleans ♪

♪ She lived in a world of magic ♪

♪ Possessed by the devil's skew ♪

♪ From a shack near the swamp lands ♪

♪ Made of mud and brick ♪

♪ Marie stirred her witches brew ♪

♪ Marie Marie la voodoo veau ♪

♪ She'll put a spell on you ♪

♪ Marie Marie la voodoo veau ♪

♪ She'll put a spell on you ♪

♪ Marie Marie la voodoo veau ♪

♪ She's the witch-queen ♪

♪ Of New Orleans.. ♪♪ Come on, come on.

What's the story, Mike?

There's always a story.

I just..

I screwed up.

I just..

I screwed up.

Hmm. Just wrong.

Just wrong. I reckon you are.


The kind that drinks to forget..

...just like I used to, hm?

Perhaps. How did you find me, huh?

I'm always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Maybe it's a story of a woman who began to believe there was only one way to really know the darkness of the cosmos.

Or maybe, it's a story of a woman with such a severe personality disorder and nobody even knew who she was.

Or she just didn't wanna be visible anymore.

Maybe she just snapped.

Couldn't take the things she saw anymore.

Thought she was goin' crazy.

Or maybe, underneath it all..

...she really knew.



Whoa, whoa. Whoo!

What? Oh.

Janey. Okay, I'm coming for that.

Did you finally pay the bill?

Hey, Tony. Trouble maker.

Thank you. Enjoy.

Enjoy. Well, yes.

It look like we're back in business.

Yeah. Yes. Thank you.

Now I can see him.

Well, don't you wanna know if it's dead or alive or dead and alive?

Can't take your cat, Mike.

Well, think of it as a... a thought experiment..

...for a little while.





Observation changes the result.

Like a trail of clues leading closer and closer to this black hole's dark heart.

I need to see somethin'.

You're nothin' more than cosmic contamination!


I gotta see somethin'.

Oh, I knew it. I knew it.

Look closely at that, look at it, look! Look at that.

Through the eyes of a fuckin' crazy lady cop!

It's from a murder victim.

My father collects all kinds of objects.

It's one of a kind.

And he has lots of objects from his victims.

He gave Jennifer things to wear from these women.

Putting them in plain sight..

...gave him a sick kick!

I think you all knew about this..

...for a long time.




...what did your father do to you?

He didn't do anything.

He didn't touch..


But he always kept you thinking that he might.

Like Schrodinger's cat.

Will it happen? Won't it happen?

Will it happen? Won't it happen? Will it happen?

He's a psychopath!

He fooled us all.

But not Jennifer.


I thought she killed herself..

...because she found out what he was.

But I think she wanted to show him..

...the perfect daughter he made..

...so she blew her perfect face right off.

♪ I'll ♪

♪ Be seeing you ♪

♪ In every lovely summer's day ♪

♪ In everything ♪

♪ That's light and gay ♪

♪ Oh I'll always think ♪

♪ Of you that way ♪

♪ I'll find you ♪

♪ In the morning sun ♪

♪ And when the night is new ♪

♪ I'll be looking at the moon ♪

♪ But I'll be seeing you ♪♪








Hey, sweetheart, wanna come with me?

♪ Sometimes when this place gets kinda empty ♪

♪ Sound of their breath fades with the light ♪

♪ I think about ♪

♪ The loveless fascination ♪

♪ Under the Milky Way tonight ♪

♪ Lower the curtain down on Memphis ♪

♪ Lower the curtain down alright ♪

♪ I got no time ♪

♪ For private consultation ♪

♪ Under the Milky Way tonight ♪

♪ Wish I knew what you were looking for ♪

♪ Might have known what you would find ♪

♪ And it's something quite peculiar ♪

♪ Something shimmering and white ♪

♪ It leads you here ♪

♪ Despite your destination ♪

♪ Under the Milky Way tonight ♪

♪ Wish I knew what you were looking for ♪

♪ Might have known what you would find ♪

♪ Wish I knew what you were looking for ♪

♪ Might have known what you would find ♪

♪ And it's something quite peculiar ♪

♪ Something shimmering and white ♪

♪ Leads you here ♪

♪ Despite your destination ♪

♪ Under the Milky Way tonight ♪

♪ Wish I knew what you were looking for ♪

♪ Might have known what you would find ♪

♪ Wish I knew what you were looking for ♪

♪ Might have known what you would find ♪

♪ Under the Milky Way tonight ♪

♪ Under the Milky Way tonight ♪

♪ Under the Milky Way tonight ♪♪