Out of Bounds (1986) Script

Is anybody there?

(HORN HONKS) -Woohoo! Yeah! -Daryl has to work!

-Woohoo! Yeah! -Daryl has to work! (LAUGHTER)

Let me tell you something. This damn farm's done pretty well by you and that boy.

-I want to sell the place. -Well just who in the hell is going to buy it?

I don't care. You don't want Daryl to go to Los Angeles, do you?

Hell no, I need him to work the farm!

You didn't want Tommy to leave either. You wanted him to waste his life here just like we did.

This farm has fed and raised them two boys and Tommy up and left and you want Daryl to do the same thing.

I want Daryl to have a better life than we did.

-I don't want him to go. -I don't care what you want. I care about the boy's future.

We have used our life's savings trying to keep this place going.

Now I am sick of you, I'm sick of this place and I'm getting out before I'm too old to start over.

I know it's me you're really sick of. Well by God, that goes two ways.

Tommy's gone, Daryl's leaving and so are you.

By God, it doesn't leave me much choice. I'm getting the hell out, too.

Honey, I want you to write down this number.


-Where is it? -Missouri. I'm going there for a while.

Write down this number.

Area code 816



In case you get hungry along the way.

Whatever happens, I'll always love you.

-Where are you going, Dad? -Camping.

-For how long? -A little while.

-You, uh, you got enough money, son? -Yeah, I got money.

You know

sometimes things don't work out the way you want them to.

-God knows, I wish they did. -Yeah.

Would passenger Daryl Cage please identify himself to the flight attendant

in the forward cabin.

-Mr. Cage? -Yeah.

Why don't you come with me?

I want you so bad.

We've landed.

Must have been some wild dream. What was it about?

Come on, you can tell me. I mean, I have really strange dreams all the time.

I have a reoccurring nun dream. These nuns are chasing me through a tunnel and when we come out the other side, they're penguins.

You're quiet. That's okay. I don't like people who talk all the time.

-I'm an actress. -Mmm?

Mmm. Did you ever see Massacre in Blood City ?

-No. -No?

Cycle Sluts from Hell ?

-No, Ma'am. -No, Ma'am?

-No, Ma'am. -Where are you from?


-Life's a bitch, ain't it? -Sometimes.

I can't tell you what a great experience it has been talking to you.

-Yeah, you too. -See you later! Bye!

-Uh, hey, you uh... -Oh thanks! Jeez.

Hey! Hey! There's $50 missing!

No, I'm joking! Lighten up.

So look, um, if you get bored while you're here, why don't you drop in and see me?

-I work at the Beanery. -Uh, what's your name, by the way?

-It's Dizz. -Hey

I'm going to be here in Los Angeles all summer.

Oh, you are? Could turn out to be a real hot one.


-Daryl! -Hey, man.

-It's good to see you. -Thanks.

-This is my wife, Crys. -Hi, how are you? Good to see you.

-Hi! Tommy talks about you all the time. -Oh, does he?

-Yeah, you've grown up. -What can I do, man?

I used to sling this kid over my shoulder. (LAUGHTER)

-Did you have a good flight? -Uh, yeah, it was okay.

-You look great. -Thanks.

-Do you have anything else? -That one.

Great. All right, let's get out of here.

-Okay, you're okay. -Thanks.

Sir, your stubs don't match.

Hey, slow down, man!

There it is. The dream house.

I built it from scratch.

So, uh, what do you think? I built this for you.

Ta-da! It's your own private place.

You can't even see it from the street.

You two go ahead. You have a lot of catching up to do.

-Good night. -See you later.

Come on. Get in there.

-How'd De Witt do this year? -Three and eight.

-That's not bad. -Yeah it is.

-You never lost one, though, did you? -No.

-Badass. Still wearing the ring? -Yeah, I am.

You never missed a game, did you?


-How are things at home? -Pretty bad.

Mom left. Dad went away.

-Well, I guess it was just a matter of time, huh? -I guess.

-How come you left, man? -I left for a lot of reasons.

I wanted you to come here and live with us, after we got married.

-But Mom and Dad said no. -They never told me that.

I guess they were afraid to lose their last son.


I want to tell you some things.

Nothing bad, just...

Hey, it's okay.

I guess we could talk about it in the morning.

We're just glad you're here with us.

Holy shit.

Oh, my God.

Hey Tommy! Tommy! Some weird stuff's happened.

There's some crazy stuff in my bag. Where are you?

Hey, Crys!


Hey, Cage! Your septic tank's overflowing.

I didn't do it!



Hey, what are you doing?

187 at 439 Valleyheart. Male Caucasian 18 to 20 light hair blue jacket fled the scene on foot. Considered armed and dangerous.


-Operator. -Yes, police, this is an emergency.


-Police emergency. Where are you calling from? -I don't know.


Go on, get out of here!

-Freeze! -Put your hands over your head.

-Look out! He's got a gun! -No!


-Get the hell out of here! -Sure!



I'm sorry about that gun. It's just something I had to do.

Hey, I'm really lost here, man. Do you think I should go to the police?

Are you out of your fucking skull? They almost blew you away.

-They think you did it. -I didn't do it. I didn't do anything, man.

-Don't you know anybody else in LA? -No.

I don't know anybody. That's what's crazy. I've never even been here.

-I can't believe this. -Wait a minute. I do know a girl.

I met a girl on the airplane coming here. Her name is Dizz or something.

Anyway, she said she works at a place called the Beanery. Do you know where that is?

Yeah, I know where it is.

Hey, kid! Don't be messing with that!

The suspect, a white male 18 to 20, was seen fleeing the premises carrying a red bag.

Police refuse to speculate on any motive other than robbery.

A neighbor who was wounded was temporarily hospitalized, but has been released.

Reporting from the Hollywood Hills, this is Bill Press.

Back to you in the studio.

So, here we go. Rock'n'roll chili and an Elvis Presley shake.

-It's about time. -And a Chuck Berry burger with fries.

-I had the Buddy Holly burger with onion rings. -You did?

Trust me, baby, I know what I ordered.

I must've written it down wrong.

I would get a jet pilot when I'm in a rush.

Oh, cut me a break, okay? I'm an actress, I'm not a waitress.

Oh. Well, try acting like a waitress and bringing me my order.

Mmm. Right away.

-So busy... -Dizz.

Hi! You sure got bored fast. Toast, I need it toasted. -Listen, listen.

-What? -I need your help.

Right now? Not right now.

-Dizz, I'm in a lot of very serious trouble. -Well so am I.

These orders are piled up and I don't know where they go.

Hey, hey, listen to me. I'm seriously in a situation, and it's life-or-death.

I'm not playing any games. I need your help.

And I need for us to leave here now.

-You need me? -Yes I do.

-Let's go. Would you take my station? -Yeah, okay.

Hey, brain trust! Where's my Buddy Holly burger?

Buddy ate it.


Oh boy, you are in deep shit.

-Listen to me. They think I did this murder. -What do you want with me?

You're the only person I know in Los Angeles, Dizz. Look, I wouldn't have come to you if I didn't need your help. My brother's dead.

-Think we ought to make a move? -No, not until we're sure.


Hi, baby. Didn't hear me knocking, huh?

Aren't you going to open the door?

I've got some magic dust for you.

Playful, isn't he?

The little guy bit me.

It's okay, fella. I'm not going to hurt you.

There's a kid out there on the street with 10 keys of heroin that belong to me.

You talk to your friends, and find out if anyone's seen or heard from this guy.

You can do that for me, can't you?

Good girl.

Cute little fella.


(BUZZ) Hey, Dizz, it's Mark Gerchick

director of Teenage Bloodsuckers. Are you busy tonight?

I thought we'd make some sparks, huh?

What a troll! Oh, yeah. One call.


Sweetie-pie, you keep an eye on him.

What a mess.

(BEEP) We're sorry. Your call cannot be completed as dialed.

Please check the number, and try your call again.

The suspect is armed, and considered extremely dangerous.

Police have just released this composite drawing. He is believed to be at large now in the Los Feliz area.

-Operator, is 816 the correct area code in Missouri? -If you have any information, please contact the Los Angeles Police Department.

Sir, that number is no longer in service. Hello?

-Hey! -Hey, what are you doing?

-I saw your picture on the TV. You killed them! -What do you mean you saw my picture on TV? What's that supposed to mean?

Well if that's not how it happened and you're so innocent, then why don't you just go to the police and leave me alone?

Look, I already tried that once and they blew me out of a phone booth, practically, okay?

-Oh, right. -Hey, you don't believe me?

-No I don't. Why should I? -Because I'm telling you the truth.

Look, I hardly know you. I mean, there are a lot of freaks in this world.

Yeah, I'm learning that. You take care, huh?

Hey, Iowa!

Where are you going?

Come on, get in and I'll give you a ride.

Come on.


-On TV they said it was a robbery. -No.

No, I was at the airport and I got the wrong bag and it was full of drugs.

-That's what happened. -Well what did you do with it?

-It's safe. -That's good. Don't you think you should call the police and let them know where the bag is?

They don't want a bag. They want me.

Well, at least you've got to call them, okay?

(PHONE RINGS) Homicide. Lieutenant?

Lieutenant Delgado.

Yeah, look. My name is Daryl Cage. My father is Harlan Cage.

My brother Tommy and his wife Crys picked me up at the airport. He grabbed the wrong bag off the thing. We got back to his house and when I woke up there were drugs in the bag, and they were dead. That is the truth.

-Where are you? -Let's forget about that, all right?

Look, if you want me to help you, you've got to help me. Come on in, tell me the story.

Yeah, look, I think we tried that once and I got shot at, okay?

When the officers told you to freeze, you pulled a gun.

I found that gun. When I pulled it out, I was trying to give it to them.

If you're innocent, you've got nothing to be afraid of.

-Yeah, I want to talk to you alone. -Where?

-Daryl! -Police! Freeze!


Move it, move it! Come on, let's go!

-Are you all right? -I don't know. All this stuff is just happening too fast.

When I talked to Tommy, I never...

I never got to finish what I wanted to say.

He told me he always wanted me to be with him. Then he got taken away.

My mother, my father, I can't go to them.

They don't even matter anymore.

Look, you don't need the cops to help you find who killed Tommy. We can do it.

All we've got to do is get the word out on the street that we've got their smack and they're going to be finding us.

How do you get that word around?

There's a whole network of people that can help us. We've got to connect with them.

People like this guy Marshall that I know. But Daryl, if we're going to pull this off you're going to have to change a little bit. If we're going to find them you're going to have to play the game by their rules. Can you handle that?

I want to find them, wherever they are, and wherever they're going.

Well, we can lose the scarf. That's, that's good.

That's better. Tres chic.

It's classic. Let's go.

Hey! Come here.

-Do you know why there's a crosswalk on that corner? -Yes, officer.

-We were just in a hurry. -Haven't I seen you before?

-No. -Take the shades off.

-What? -I said, take the shades off.

-Don't let me catch you jaywalking again. -Yes, sir.

So far, so good.

So, if you hear of anybody looking to score big, here's my number.

-Yeah, rad. -Take care, now. If you hear anything, shoot us a call.

You got it.

-"Shoot us a call"? -Yeah, I heard it on TV.

Look, if we're ever going to pull this thing off you'd better just let me do all the talking.

Hey blondie, why don't you come with me, huh?

I couldn't find Marshall. Come on.

¶ Water was running Children were running

¶ You were running out of time

¶ Under the mountain A golden fountain

¶ Were you praying at the Lares shrine

¶ But oh

¶ Your city lies in dust

¶ My friend ¶ So listen, if you hear anything or you see anything would you let me know?

-You got it. -All right. Let's go.

-So, how's he doing? -Who?

-Cage. -Oh you? Yeah, you're not doing bad for a farm boy.

¶ Your city lies in dust

¶ My Friend

¶ Oh

¶ Your city lies in dust

¶ My friend ¶

-Hey, baby, what's happening? -Yo, Marshall!

Dizz, what's happening? You're looking so sleek this evening, girl! How you been?

Whoa, check it out, baby, what's happening? Stone fox, what do you...

-I hear you know some people. -Now who the fuck are you, man?

Hey, I got 10 keys of smack. It doesn't matter who the fuck I am. Who the fuck are you?

I know just the dude that you need to be speaking with, my man. Now, I want you to check me out at the Stardust Club. You make it after midnight, okay?

And I'm going to take care of you, okay? Now you be cool.

-There you go. Take care. Be cool. -Later.

Later, baby, you take care. Yeah.

You find anything new?

We've been through the house a second time. The foreign prints we found on the neighbor's shirt match the prints we found on the dead woman and the ones in the hallway and in the bedroom.

-And there's still only one set of foreign prints. -Mm hmm.

Then the kid is the only one we can place in this house.

-Did you locate a Harlan Cage? -I talked to a sheriff in De Witt.

There's a Cage family there, but he can't locate them.

Maybe the kid's telling the truth. Maybe his brother did pick up the wrong bag.

Maybe. Maybe he picked up the right bag, and the kid killed his brother in cold blood.

¶ Well I can hear you

¶ I can see you

¶ But I can't feel you

¶ Touching me, yeah

¶ Oh, it's obvious there's

¶ No one you can trust

¶ To tell your tales of love

¶ Goodbyes ¶ Do you think maybe you could buy me a mouse, because he broke my mouse's neck?

That's him!

-Marshall. -Dizzy. Tonight is your lucky night, dude.

-Why's that? -Money talks, man.

Bullshit walks.

Where is he?



Whoa! What's that?

Hey! Gaddis!

(LAUGHING) That was intense!

What are you, mental? Huh?

-What do you think this is, a fucking video? -No, now we know who they are!

No, Dizz, now they know you we are.

So what are we going to do?

Hey look, I really appreciate your help and all, okay?

Hooking me up with all these people. I couldn't have done this without you.

But it's just too sick and it is too serious, and I have to do this alone.

What, you're just going to blow me off now?

I mean, I've only driven you all over Los Angeles.

I even lost my job because of you. And now you're just going to blow me off.

Oh, that's great. Figures.

My brother's gone, okay?

And I'm here alone.

And if we make another mistake they're going to nail me.

And you know what else? They're going to nail you. That's serious.

Well, then we gotta make real sure that we don't make any mistakes.




You crazy son of a bitch!


What's happening? How you doing there today? Very nice to see you.

In a hurry?


-No. -Relax, man.

We're all friends here.

Yeah. Get in the car.


If it's about that kid...

I want him.

I don't know where he is. I swear.


(SCREAMING) I'll find him! I'll find him!

-I like you, Marshall. -Yeah?

-(SCREAMS) -Just don't get on my bad side.

Don't ever get on my bad side.


This is definitely heroin!

I think.

How much is it worth?

Ten of these? I don't know, a million! Maybe more.

Okay, so what are we going to do now?

We gotta get to a wide open space. You know, somewhere not near here at all.

We gotta get away from here.

Oh, I got it. I know exactly where we can go. We can go to San Pedro.

The docks down there? It'll be ideal.




This is Marshall.

Yeah, we got a message to call you.

Listen to me, you little prick.

Nobody fucks me over.

I want my shit back tonight.

Well look, I don't want any more trouble with you or the cops anyway, okay?

If you can just give me a couple grand so I can get the hell out of here I'll be fine.

Sure, kid.

No sweat.

See how easy I can be?

Lead rain, Lemar.

Lead motherfucking rain.

Okay, it's San Pedro.

By the docks.

Pier E.

Pier E, I got it.

What took you so long to tip us?

I did that so you wouldn't scare him off.

If what you're saying is true

you're way out of bounds.

One careless move and he'll blow your ass to pieces.

And anyone else who gets in his way.


Go home, okay?

I don't want to go home and just leave you here by yourself.

Look, I don't want to see you get hurt.

Get the hell out of here. Go on.

Get the windshield for you?

You'd better just be reaching for your dick, Lemar.

Hey! Hey!

Where's Gaddis?

He's looking for some kid! Made off with our smack!


He didn't get it.

There's the kid!

Dizz, get out of here!

Police! Freeze!

Come on, move it! Move it!


(PHONE RINGS) Hi, it's Dizz. You know what to do so do it after the beep.



No, you blew it, Daryl.

-Hey why don't you believe me? -Doesn't fucking matter whether I believe you or not.

Two of my men are dead! That makes you an accessory to murder one.

Now you listen to me. You better start playing ball with me, boy.

Or else I'm going to nail your fucking ass to the wall.

Hey man, I'm telling you everything I know.

Bullshit! You've been short-stroking me from the very beginning.

Now I want to know, who are those two other guys, huh?

The one we found toasted in the car and the one who cut down my men.

Look, those are the dudes who killed my brother. I never saw them before last night, man.

What about the girl?

She has nothing to do with it. She's only helped me while I've been here.

Okay, now you listen to me.

You listen to me good.

We only found one set of foreign prints at the murder scene.

If they turn out to be yours, then there's no evidence that there was anyone else in that house, but you.

Daryl? Daryl?

Scare you, Gil?

Jesus, Roy.

I'm your worst fucking nightmare, right?

You look like shit.

You got any painkillers?

There's a few percs in the medicine cabinet.

You still too wasted to fly?

Going to be making a run to Mexico real soon.

Go ahead, Gil.

Use it!

Doesn't look like any sign of him.

Or your smack.

What about the girl?

I got her address.

You're cute.

-You know that? -Mm-hmm.

Hey, Dizz, it's Mark Gerchick.


Look, she works over at the Beanery.

Sometimes she eats here. You seen her?

-Hey. -Yeah? -You know a gal named Dizz?

-Yeah, I know her. -Where's she at? -I don't know.

-Where's Marshall? -There's a lot of Marshalls in Hollywood.


-I'm looking for him, man. -Walk down to Bates and Lakeford.

It's the corner house.

It's the kid from last night.

If he's got the stuff, this could be it.


That was a real stupid stunt last night.

Now, I want my shit!

Where is it?

Where's Dizz?

Lieutenant? She identified the Cage kid leaving the house.

Well, make sure you get her name. We'll want to talk to her later.

Yes, sir.

I'm looking for a kid. He's got a lot of smack?

And some girl named Dizz. You seen them?

You know where they are?

-Be back here in half an hour. -I wanna go home... -Do it now!

Oh, Dizz.

DIZZ: I was so afraid. I thought I'd never see you again.

Now I gotta get a new set of wheels.

No, now they have the stuff.

Life's a bitch, ain't it?

How'd I do?

Not bad.

For a city girl.

Sunset Towers, across from Party's.

I come up here sometimes by myself.

I'm really sorry that you had to become involved in all this.

'Cause this, man, this...

This has gotten crazy.

I'm not sorry. Don't apologize.

I bet compared to the girls back home I must seem really strange.

I hadn't known that many.

Come on, you must have a girlfriend back home.

Well, actually, these is this girl I actually have been kind of seeing.

She's kind of an actress type.

She's kind of wild.

Daryl, there's something I've really gotta tell you.

I haven't been straight with you.

I'm not really an actress.

I'm not.

I mean, I didn't get any of those parts that I went out for.

I didn't get that part in Massacre in Blood City or anything. I made it all up.

I know you probably think I got lots of friends here and I know a lot of people but they don't know me.

I mean, my name is not even Dizz. It's not, really, it's Darlene.

I really couldn't give a shit about those things.

Any of that stuff.

Daryl, I've been alone for a long time.


Don't move.

Out with the gun.


Drop it.

Kick it over here.

You want me to blow her away?

Where is it?

-It's in the bag. -Get it.

Get it!

Toss it over here.

Nice and easy.

Pick it up.

Get over there.

Move, you little motherfucker.

Turn around.

Bye, kid.

Easy, kid.

No, wait.

Ed Hurley, Drug Enforcement, Daryl!

Don't hurt him, he's a cop!

My partner and I have been dogging Gaddis since New Orleans.

Fuck you, okay?

Because you've been using me as bait the whole time.

Kid, I didn't even know you existed until yesterday.

I still don't know who the fuck you are!

I think you're talking a lot of shit!

He's getting away. If you're going to shoot me, go ahead.

-Get Delgado! -Be careful!

-Yeah. -We're going to Mexico.


Stop the car, stop the car! You've got to help me! You've got to help us!

Just called Drug Enforcement New Orleans. About Morano's death?

Turns out he and Hurley have been on suspension for the past two months.

Boys down there think they're dirty.

That means that kid's out there all alone.

They're coming for me.

Where is he?

Resnick just brought a second set of prints from Tommy Cage's house.

I put them through the computer.

They belong to him.



Hurley and the kid were seen headed West towards Venice.

They got the girl downstairs. They're bringing her up now.

You recognize him?

Yeah, that's him!

Okay, you come with me! In the car, come on! Let's go. Let's go!

Get out of here! Go!


Give it up, Gaddis!

You have any idea what this stuff is worth?

Sorry it's gotta be this way, kid.

I was really beginning to like you.

It's just business.

Go for it, kid.

Maybe you'll be quicker than your brother was.

A knife?

Life's a bitch, ain't it?

There's two dead bodies inside.

That's what we were all running around about.

Now you got it.

Are you going to be all right?

Yeah. What about you?


Guess you're going to go back to Iowa now?

Well actually, I was kind of hoping I could stay here with you for a while.

I would really like that.