Outbreak (1995) Script

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Come this way.

Men wounded in battle we can deal with.

But this strange disease....

Thirty men dead yesterday.

Eighteen, the day before.

We need supplies.

Plasma, penicillin.

We'll get you everything you need, doctor.

You're Americans.


...get me out of this shithole.

Hey, buddy, that's what we're here for. We're gonna take you home.

But first we're gonna take a little blood sample, all right?

I'm gonna die, right? No. You're not gonna die.

Tell my girl I love her.

I'm not gonna tell her. You're gonna tell her yourself, all right?

The soldiers inside are in the early stages of the disease.

By tomorrow night they will look like this.

Mother of God.

I'll authorize an immediate airdrop, doctor.

It's even worse than I thought. Get the plane here by 1900 hours.

Well, shouldn't we at least--? Get the plane, Billy.

Come on. All right.

Isn’t this your last day?


I bet that feels good, right?

Oh, come on, now, it's almost over.

Almost over. That's it. Attaboy. Doesn't that feel good, Lewis?

Doesn't that feel good? Oh, you're such a good boy. Yes. Come on.

Sam, are you there?

Pick up the phone if you're there.

We got a situation in Zaire. It doesn't look good at all.

You guys stay there. I'll be right back. Hemorrhagic fever, high mortality.

We picked up a satellite relay from Cairo. I said stay! No!

Sam. Hi, Billy. What's up?

Looks like we have a Level 4, Sam.

How many dead? Don't know. There aren't any numbers yet.

What do you think it is? Too early to say.

The World Health Organization is preparing a team, but I want you there first.

Taking you off Hanta and flying you to Zaire.

Okay, let me get my crew together. I'll get back to you. Bye.

I can't believe this. You're wet. Right?

You guys are wet.

Which one disobeyed me first? Lewis, it was you, wasn't it?

You guys are busted. You look very guilty.

Come on. Lewis, come on.

No. Sit down.

How you doing?

Hey, boys. Hey. How you doing, guys?

How you doing, guys? What are you doing?

Where are you? You miss me?

Come here. Come here. Who wants some breakfast?

Your paper.

You here to get your stuff? Come on, boys.

Bagels, huh? Who wants bagels?

Who wants some breakfast?

Who wants some breakfast? Yeah. I've, uh.... I've got to go away.


Zaire. They think there's been some cases of hemorrhagic fever in a village there.

Is Casey going? Yeah.

And Jaffe. The whole crew.

Most of it.

So you want me to take the dogs? It's just three or four days.

Okay, but I'm going to Atlanta on Friday. If you're late, the dogs go with me.

Fair enough. Come on.

What are you gonna be doing at CDC?

Working BL-4.

Same as you.

My job.

Well, I'd like to think of it as my job.

And I won't have the Pentagon breathing down my neck.

This is mine. Take it.

And the rest of your stuff is in boxes in there.

I can hang onto it till you come back...

...or whatever.

You know that you're giving me all the pictures of us?

Yeah. You can keep them.

You keep them.

I don't want them, Sam.

Well, I don't want them either, Robby.


Oh, yeah. I want a turn-up. On the mark, lieutenant.

Yes, colonel. Let's move it.

Come on, let's go! Let's go!

This plasma goes in the rig under the right wing.

Casey. Where is Jaffe? Wife went into labor. I put him on leave.

Who's gonna read the tissue samples? You don't trust me?

Come on. Fine.

You want the hotshot scope-jockey they sent out of Walter Reed? Frankly I'm hurt.

Who cut his orders? The old man himself.

Hasn't been up this early since Nixon was in office.

I'm gonna tell him you said that. I'll deny it.

Good to see you, sir. Sam.

Thought if I showed my star around here it might speed things up for you.

Is it working? No.

Personnel file on your new man.

Plus telex traffic to date, and satellite photos from the last bird over the area.

Sam. Sir?

Get in, get out.

As much as I hate having you around to make my life miserable...

...I really don't want to lose you to some bug.

One question, sir. Go on.

What have I ever done to make your life miserable, sir?

You got up this morning, didn't you?

Thank you, Billy.


Major Salt.

May I say what an honor it is to have this opportunity--

Sit down. Your background's first-rate.

West Point, helicopter flight school. How many hours did you log?

Eighty-five, sir. Married?

Yes, sir. Good luck.

You've never been in the field?

No, sir. But I'm fully trained and highly motivated.

No, I'm talking about landing in a hot zone. It's a unique situation.

Have you ever seen the effects of hemorrhagic fever?

No, sir. Allow me, sir.

Major. Yes, major.

When the patient gets the virus he complains of flu-like symptoms.

In two or three days pink lesions appear all over his body, along with small pustules...

...that soon erupt with blood and pus. A milky substance begins to--

These lesions become full-blown, feel like mush to the touch.

There's vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding in the nose, ears, gums.

The eyes hemorrhage, internal organs shut down. They liquefy.

Very good, major. We've read that in a book too...

...but in about 16 hours you are about to see it.

In the flesh, so to speak.

I feel confident I can handle anything we encounter.

If one of us panics, it puts us all in danger. He's under orders not to die out there.

And that's one set of orders he's actually planning on following.

That must be it.

He's losing it.

No. No. Just hang on. Keep his helmet on.

Don't take your helmet off. I can't breathe!

Keep your helmet-- Casey.

Keep his helmet on.

Don't let him expose himself, Casey.

Goddamn it. Isolate him. Isolate him.

Don't worry...

...it's not airborne.

Sam Daniels, USAMRIID.

Benjamin Iwabi.

We've been expecting you.

We came as soon as we could.

Not soon enough.

The village is dead.

Do you know the incubation period?

No. But it kills in two or three days. The mortality rate is 100 percent.

Jesus. Could an infected person have gotten out of the village?

If he did, he'd be dead or dying in the jungle.

And it's 50 miles to the nearest village.

First case? Patient zero?

A young man called Murazo.

Worked with a white man to build a road into Kinshasa.

And when he returned, he was sick. I see.

And he drank from this well.

From there, it spread through the entire village.

Did you identify the carrier? The host?

No. When we arrived, the boy was incoherent.

He died two hours later.

He couldn't tell us how he got it.

He's not sick.

He's a local juju man. Witch doctor.

He stayed in his cave a whole week.

I'd like to talk to him too. No, he talks to me.

You see, he believes that the gods were awoken from their sleep...

...by the men cutting down the trees...

...where no man should be. And the gods got angry.


...is a punishment.

Alarmingly high fatality...

...all localized within a 3-mile radius.

Incubation period short, appears contained.

Alarmingly. Casey, you didn't put "alarmingly."

It's an adverb, Sam. It's a lazy tool of a weak mind. Period. Done.

I want to add this:


...this is the scariest son of a bitch I've ever seen.

And you know I've seen a lot.

Fine. Fax it to Ford's house.

Sorry, sir. It's all right.

I've never seen anything like it before.

I put the team in danger, sir.

We're still here.

I got scared, sir.

You know, fear gets a bad rap, Salt.

I don't want anybody working with me who isn't scared.

Okay? Well, then I'm your man, sir.

Sir, I sent you the fax six hours ago. Sam, I am not going to issue an alert.

I don't wanna bust up your party, but you gotta issue an alert.

You said it was contained. I said containment was probable.

You should be monitoring the airports-- Remember 1989?

You found two lousy cases of Congo fever in Nairobi...

...and we put a note in every American kid's lunchbox. Remember?

Yeah, I was wrong. You were wrong.

What about 1992? Lassa fever?

I was wrong. Yup. Wrong again.

But you're right about this? I could be--

Yet you waltz into my party smelling like dirty socks...

...snatch me away from Senator Rosales, whom I need not remind you...

...is head of the Senate Arms Services subcommittee in charge of our budget.

Forget Ebola, forget Lassa. This bug kills so fast, Billy...

...you could be dead in-- Keep your voice down.

Now, that is exactly my point, Sam. What?

It is the very lethality of this virus which is working for us here.

These people don't live long enough to spread the goddamn thing around.

So you're right, it is contained. I hope so.

Just-- I'm through talking, okay? Okay.

Because you never understood the concept of real time. What day is it?

Sunday. And what day did you say you'd be home?

Friday. Thursday, Sam.

I said Thursday. I meant Thursday.

Because Thursday and Friday sound so much alike, even I confuse them.

Why didn't I just go to Atlanta like I said I would?

Because you're a decent human being. If you--

Fuck you, Sam.

You said you were gonna be home Thursday so I could fly Friday...

...go to my apartment on Saturday, buy a toaster, treat myself...

...and maybe on Sunday have a day of rest.

Now, I have to go to the airport at 2, won't get in till 7.

It'll be too late to buy a toaster. It'll be too late to--

Know what? I can't unpack...

...because I have a 9:00 "Hello, how do you do?" cocktail party.

Lewis, move over. Get over. Get over there. Get over.

Get over! Move over! Get-- You're scaring him.


That's because you let him get on the couch.


Okay. We can go now.

How long are you keeping the dogs?

Sam, the dogs are going with me to Atlanta.

But they're my dogs too. I miss them.

Okay. Do you want the dogs, Sam? They either go with me or stay with you.

We're not gonna split them up and we can't share them. Decide.

A negotiation.


Wait. Wait. Wait.

You win.

You keep them.

Okay, we can go now.

Wait, wait, wait, I just wanted to tell you something, it's important.

Now I forgot.

Sam, I'm gonna miss my flight. Wait a minute, I remember.

When you go to the pet store, remember that they like those medium-size bones.

No, no, I know. The little barbecued ones, I know.

That's right.

You look tired, Sam.

Was it that bad in Zaire?

Could've been better.

You be careful.

I wish you luck.

You better tell him to go.

We can go now.

No, Casey, that's not what I said. You're not getting this. Try to be objective.

So let me just understand this.

You didn't want photos, but you wanted the dogs?

You're missing the point. Was there a photo of the dogs?

Could have taken that and solved your problems.

I open my heart and you make jokes. I'm not.

When we got the dogs, they were puppies. Cute.

That's not my point. Still cute.

Now that we're no longer together, they're not ours.

The dogs are a case for the Supreme Court.

Just asking if you think I'm right or wrong.

We're about to look at the most deadly virus you and I have seen.

Your mind should be in that neighborhood. Right or wrong. It's a question.

She's starting a new job at the CDC.

No, she's got the same job as you at the CDC.

Good for her. Anyway, she's starting a new life.

She's happy. She's not coming back.

It's nobody's fault. It's over. Move on. Frankly, I'm sick of hearing about it.

All right, all right. What do you mean, it's over?

Oh, you really need to seek some help.

I think a state-sanctioned divorce signed by both parties...

...is evidence something was off.

Did you talk to her? Did she say it was off? Do you know how I managed...

...to remain friends with the two of you? How?

I don't have conversations like this. Not asking you to take sides.

She didn't take the dogs to be mean, I'm asking you your opinion.

What is this? What?

You didn't check your suit. There's a tear in it.

Kind of takes your breath away.

Thank you.

Good morning, colonel. Good morning.

I took the liberty of bringing in the samples myself, sir.

Casey, we got an early riser. Hey, I was up at 4.

Okay, let's go to work.

I want to separate those samples, thaw them and throw them under the scope.

Done. We'll have the results in a couple of hours.

Very good, major.

Listen to the way it rolls off your tongue. Motaba.

Well, you know, it sounds like a perfume.

One drop and you'll feel so different.

Your lover will melt in your arms. Here, try a sample.

Quick hands.

But not as quick as mine.

Don't mess with this stuff. You gotta be ready for anything.

Nothing in here that can't kill you. Including the air.

Okay, sirs, here we go.

These were taken over a period of eight hours.

Normal, healthy kidney cells before meeting the virus.

In the space of an hour, a single virus has invaded, multiplied and killed the cell.

In just over two hours...

...its offspring have invaded nearby cells here, and here.

Continually multiplying.

Jesus Christ, five hours?

It infects the cell, replicates and kills this fast?

These numbers can't be right. Ebola takes days to do this damage.

Sirs, the numbers are correct. I wish to God they weren't.

One goes in, millions come out.

Every cell is dead.

Now we see them individually...

...searching for their next victim...

...until there's nothing left to kill.

Mark this day, Salt.

We could spend our whole careers waiting to see a new virus.


...Mr. Motaba...

...up close and personal.

I hate this bug.

Come on, Casey.

You have to love its simplicity.

It's one billionth our size and it's beating us.

So what do you want to do? Take it to dinner?

No. What then?

Kill it.

You know, Colonel Daniels is not going to like...

...us going behind his back like this. Then we'll kill him.

Lighten up, Billy. We have no alternative.

You're so goddamned sentimental. That's the trouble with this country.

Sir, the micrographs are ready.

They're ready.

Oh, my God. It's our African friend. It's back.

We have to be very careful now, Billy.

We wiped out a whole camp to keep this bug secret.

Right. Lock it up. Shelve it.

You know about this, I know about this, nobody else.

Get your friend Daniels off the case.

I don't want that nosy little bastard messing up 30 years of our work.


Hi, Marilyn. Is he in there? Colonel, just a minute, please.

Come in, Sam.

Lieutenant, would you be kind enough to get us some coffee?

Would you like anything, Sam? Why am I off Motaba, Billy?

Nothing for the colonel. Yes, sir.

Sit down, Sam.

Now, did you or did you not say that Motaba was contained?

It's gonna pop up again. We don't have a blood test...

...don't know how it's transmitted, diddlysquat.

There's a fresh outbreak of the Hanta virus in New Mexico.

CDC needs help, so we're sending you. No. Send Peterson's team.

Don't tell me who to send on an assignment, colonel!

I told Senator Rosales I'd send my best man. That's you.

Now, get the hell on out of here. We've got baseline information on Hanta.

What am I gonna do there? Trap rats, Billy?

We got the bug growing. We got most of the protein isolated.

We'll have an antibody test within a week. Casey put the bug in rodents and rhesus...

...if everything goes well, we'll know the genetic sequence within a month.

If you leave us alone, we'll map this guy down to its last gene. Make you famous.

Sam. Yeah.

Odds of Motaba causing any more problems are a million to one. You know that.

No. I don't know that. Well, you should.

And you would if you didn't harbor this morbid desire to face the end of the world.

You know it's the biggest thing we've ever seen.

Jesus, you're killing me.

Fresh, brand-new virus. You're still killing me.

Put it over there.

Whoa, it's bumpy, baby.

It's okay, baby.

You'll be out of here in no time. Mm-hm. Yeah, I promise.

When did you get it? Just today, Rudy.

We still on? Yeah, I still want it.

Great. Great.

Oh, I see. So your ship came in again, eh, Jimbo?

Our ship, Neil.

Our ship.

Africa, land of great beauty and untold riches.

Absolutely untold. Keep it that way.

Take care.

Tell them to send out an alert. No, I won't.

Why are you fighting me? I'm not gonna base one of my first...

...official decisions on a hunch when the Army won't back you.

It's not a hunch. I'm faxing you the epidemic. I got a lab full of dead animals here.

There's no response to intravenous acyclovir, okay? They're all dead.

Of course they're dead, you stuck them with the same needle.

Where's the evidence it's coming here? I don't need evidence, I got a feeling.

You got a feeling. Your feeling is in my notes.

This is not complicated, it's simple. This thing kills everything in its path.

Tell them to put out an alert. This is starting to sound familiar.

Is that an order, colonel? I cannot believe you're taking...

...a virus, turning it into a family matter. This is not personal, Sam.

Robby, look, I can't do this back and forth. Once in your life, take a chance.

You know what, Sam? I did. I married you.

You hung up, didn't you?

Shit. First it was the dogs, now we're fighting over a virus. I can't believe it.

What is the matter?

You know, music is supposed to soothe the savage beast.


Oh, Christ, you little shit.

Rudy. Hey, fella. Welcome back.

Look, look, look. All right. Put it on the shelf.

Let's have a look.

You got the papers and everything? Yeah, papers. That's a good one.

Look at her. You asked for a monkey, I got you the monkey.

What do you mean, look at her? What do you mean, what do I mean?

I told you a male. No, you said, "she."

I said, "male." Customer's already got a female.

He wants to breed them.

Goddamn. You okay?

It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

All right, all right. Look, I'll sell her cheap. No, no, no.

I've done a lot of favors for you. We had a deal and you screwed it up.

I can't even sell that one. Here, look at this.

Well, it serves you right. What am I gonna do with her?

The warning will be included in our weekly report, Dr. Keough.

That doesn't go out till Wednesday...

...Colonel Daniels believes this is serious enough to send out a special alert.

Do you know how much it costs to send out a special alert to 400,000 health workers?

In '89, he predicted Hanta and it hit.

Well, I suppose I understand your allegiance to your ex-husband...

...but both you and I know...

...that the chances of this virus showing up in the U.S. are virtually nil.

Go on, girl.

Yeah, it's freedom.

Look at the trees.

Look, it's like home.

There you go.

That's it.

Oh, no. Don't give me that look.

No. No, go on.

No. Wha--?

I'd keep you, but I'm already hitched.

Come on. Go on. There you go.

That's it.

Folks, this is Captain Carter again.

At this time I'd like to ask you to return to your seats...

...as we're about to commence our approach to Boston Logan Airport.

Hey, buckaroo.

We should be on the ground in 25 minutes. So cute.

Hey, mister.

Are you gonna eat the rest of that cookie?


You can have it, sheriff.

No, no, no. Bobby, don't bother the nice man.

It's no problem.

I don't want no trouble with the law.


I missed you so much.

You look like shit, baby. What's the matter?

I don't know. Something I ate, or something.


What is it?

Sweetie, talk to me. What is it?



Morning, Rudy.

Lucrecia won't touch those shredded beef wafers so we'll have to go back to the veal.

What's wrong?

Rudy, can you hear me? Come on, help me. Squeeze my hand. Looks like toxic shock.

Fred said he was fine yesterday. Come on, Rudy.

I've been reading about bad strep cases in Newsweek.

Maybe I should subscribe. Henry...

...get me a blood culture, chemistry profile, and a blood count.

Goddamn it. Come on, Rudy!

--wins it with his second home run...

...of the year by a final score of 6 to 3.


Well, here are the totals for tonight's game for the San Francisco Giants.

Three runs, seven hits, no errors and four left--

Ah! Fuck!

What about AIDS or hepatitis? We'll have the blood tested.

I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.

Maybe give me gamma globulin? I wouldn't want to give anything to my girlfriend.

Flowers would be nice on occasion, don't you think?

Well, you should eat. You shouldn't eat that crap. It's bad.

Come on, you know you want one. Here. You got something for me.

E. coli outbreak in Michigan in a steak-house franchise.

And a couple fevers of unknown origin up in Boston.

Their infectious disease docs can't figure them out.

Wouldn't be African explorers back from Zaire, would they?

Yeah, right. Yeah?

No, just a couple American kids. No unusual travel.

Bet you some atypical strain of Lyme and those Boston doctors missed the boat.


...get me on a plane to Boston.

Right in here.

Right over here.


Jimbo, can you hear me?


We're here to help, but we need to know how you got sick.

Can you talk to me?



Jimbo, were you in contact with any animals?

Doctor, should we call a code? Turn it off.

What is this? I'm here to find out.

We're gonna need a post. No way.

I'm not gonna cut myself and get what he's got.

I don't do autopsies. You?

I'll do it. Oh, God. He's dead, isn't he?

Oh, God, please... Honey.

...please don't let him die. We're doing what we can.

I need you to help me. Look at me, Alice. Jimbo, say something.

Alice, did Jimbo tell you anything?

Oh, God. Oh, God. Did he talk to you?

Very slow.

Maximum sharps precautions.


Give me the scalpel. You assist me.

He worked at an animal quarantine facility in San Jose. Might have gotten it there.

We're monitoring all of his co-workers.

The host could be there, don't let anybody out of that place.

We're isolating everybody. I've quarantined the med staff...

...EMS crews, girl's neighbors.

Christ, Sam, I opened this guy up, it looked like a bomb went off inside.

His pancreas, liver, kidneys, spleen, all the organs were liquefied.

Christ, I should have forced the alert.

You tried, but it wouldn't help those kids. Get tissue samples to our labs.

I'll confirm that it's Motaba.

Robby, is anybody else showing symptoms? No, not yet.

CDC has a Stage 3 alert out. If there are any new cases...

...God, we'll find out about them.

Oh, what about that girl?

She died when I was in post. She wasn't on the plane.

So the first time she had contact with him was at the airport.

Plane got in at 9:00, she was admitted 6:00 the next morning.

At the most, we're talking a 24-hour incubation period.

God, this thing moves so fast. Sure, but that's good for us. We can see it.

Nobody gets sick within 24 hours, we're in the clear.

This doesn't sound like you.

What? Imagining the best-case scenario.

Why not? I still think there's hope for us.

Honey, are you all right?

I'm gonna get something to drink.


What's your problem?

Excuse me.

Water. You have to wait your turn, sir.

Help me. I need water.


We caught it early, and you're gonna make it. But I need you to fight.

Dr. Mascelli. Dr. Mascelli to ER, stat.

Look who's here.


You gotta fight, okay, Henry?

Gotta fight.

Doctor, she got sick really fast, doctor.

I thought it was the flu. She fainted.

Doc, she's burning up. It's gonna be all right.

They keep coming in. What's wrong with these people?

I don't know, Emma. I don't know.

Get me the county health department, now.

Are you sure? Are you sure?

Every last one? Okay, great. Thank you.

Okay, the airline passengers checked out clean.

No further infection at Boston Municipal. We're in the clear.



Robby, Dr. Reynolds.

Fifteen cases.

There's another outbreak? Besides Boston? Yeah.

I don't understand why you're reluctant. CDC, USAMRIID...

...are the only agencies capable of dealing with a virus like this.

That's why I want to get out of here tonight.

Sorry, Sam, can't do that.

Why in God's name would you keep me out of there?

It's a civilian matter, Sam. CDC is on it. Let them do their job.

We don't have a charter.

Fuck the charter. It's not about a charter. People are dying. It's about being a doctor!

It's about that sacred oath that we took, remember?

We've been friends 20 years.

Yes, we're friends, Sam, but I'm also your boss!

I run this outfit! It's not run by committee! You do what the hell I say you do!

I'm your boss. I have my boss. Is that clear to you?

Yeah, get your boss on the phone.

Tell him to put me on a plane before the two of you kill a lot of people.

I'm gonna suggest that you shut up now before you say something else.

Don't forget who you're talking to. I don't know who I'm talking to anymore.

Am I talking to USAMRIID, the Pentagon, the CIA, McClintock?

Dugway? Tell me who I'm talking to. This conversation is over.

Can you tell me--? You're on a plane to New Mexico.

I suggest you get packed or whatever you have to do, and I suggest you do it now.

All right, sergeant, who screwed up? Why wasn't my pilot given the new orders?

New orders?

General Ford called me 0200, told me to get my ass to Cedar Creek, California.

I got you going to Albuquerque--

No, I'm not going to Albuquerque! I'm going to Cedar Creek!

Get General Ford on the phone and you get him to confirm.

No, don't get a confirmation. Give me that phone.

No, I better a-- You know what time it is?

It's 2:30.

That's right. You redirect on my orders. Call and change my flight plans.

Put your finger on the phone. Your finger on the phone.

This could mean my stripes, sir. Gonna mean your ass if you don't.

Finger the phone. Finger it.

Thank you.

The governor's asked the president for federal help.

So you can proceed there with the 1st Battalion of the 8th Infantry.

We need transmission rates of every possible carrier.

Insect, marine, animal, human. If this thing is spreading...

...we need to know where it's going and how fast it's getting there.

And Billy...

...they placed us in a hold mode for Clean Sweep.

Donny, you and I both know we can throw these people a lifeline.

No, we have to proceed with conventional containment.

And you have to maintain an absolute media blackout.

Control your subordinates. Is Daniels in line?

Yes, sir.

I'll believe that when I see it. Anything else?

No, sir. Good luck, Billy.

Get the supplies. Bring them in.

What could be holding them up? There they are now.

Ray Fowler, Chief of Police. This is Mayor Gaddis.

Hi, I'm Dr. Keough from CDC. This is Dr. Aronson and Dr. Ruiz.

Cedar Creek is a small town, doctor. We're like a family. Everybody's scared.

I know and we're here to help you in any way we can. I'll be in charge.

I thought he was in charge.

Sam. Hi, Robby.

They just set up the BL4 mobile unit.

What are you doing here? I thought Ford sent you to New Mexico.

He did.

We have got everybody running.

I am running out of everything, people.

We're keeping the patients isolated in here.

There's so many.

So many, so fast.

Apparently they all got it at a movie theater.

Dr. Daniels? Yeah.

There's something I think you should see. This way.

The patient was admitted a week ago after a car accident.

He's had no contact with anyone in isolation.

It's all right, honey.

It's airborne.

General Ford? I'm Lt. Colonel Briggs, sir. Welcome.

Thank you, colonel. The SITREP?

Well, since 0620 this morning we've had an outer and inner perimeter established.

No one has violated our cordon. Before, I can't give any guarantee.

Colonel, there are 2618 people in this town.

I want every one of them accounted for by 0900. Guarantee me that.

Very well, sir. We're on it.

Quarters in here, sir.

By the way, Colonel Daniels is in town against orders.

Locate him. Arrest him. Yes, sir.

Clear this area, now!

Hey, we have rights!

Stop. Stop. What are you doing?

You can't do this to us!

This is a different strain.

This one is the one we got from Jimbo Scott, the one from Zaire.

This new one is the one from Cedar Creek.

They look the same. But...


...and closer.

See the differences?

The spikes here and here. Yes.

The protein code has changed, which allows it to survive longer in the air.

So it spreads like the flu.

Okay, Casey, tree of death.

Assuming the new strain originated with Seward...

...bing, bang, bong, he infects the whole theater.

Go back further.

He's a medical worker. He was sprayed with a blood sample taken from Alvarez.

And Alvarez tells us what?

Zip, he was dead before we got here. But listen.

Alvarez died of the original strain.

Seward died of the new strain.

These are too close together on the tree for the virus to spontaneously mutate...

...so I think...

...that the host animal is carrying both strains.

Pretty good. Pretty good. Alvarez, Jimbo, what's the connection?

I can't find one. Wait a minute.

Alvarez worked at a pet store. I'm just learning this now?

We just got it, Sam.

Jesus, if the host is there, then it's carrying antibodies to both strains.

I'm at the pet store.

Salt, get on the new strain from scratch. Yes, sir.

Casey, blood test. Right away.

Damn you. Get back here!

General, you got a minute?

There you are, Sam. Colonel Briggs, take this man into custody.

We're in deep shit, Billy. The virus has aerosolized.

What are you talking about? It's gone airborne.

Colonel, would you excuse us? Certainly, sir.

Motaba is only spread through direct human contact. Now, you said that yourself, Sam.

I know what I told you, but now we're facing a new strain.

What? It spreads like the flu.

Impossible. Fine.

Go to the hospital, check it. Go without a mask, you'll see more clearly.

You got 19 dead, you got hundreds more infected and it's spreading like a brushfire.

You gotta isolate the sick, and I mean really isolate them.

We gotta get everybody else back into their houses.

We're doing that! No, we're not doing it!

Because I just drove through 100 people!

If one of them has got it, then 10 of them have it.

If one gets out of Cedar Creek, Billy, then we're in deep fucking shit!

And we're already in deep fucking shit!

If you're gonna arrest me, arrest me now! All right, Sam!

Don't threaten me.

Don't threaten my crew.


Leave us to do our work.

All right, Sam. All right.

You were never here. No, I was here.

I followed the bug here.

I've always been here.

And you remember that.

The U.S. Army and the CDC report...

...that the virus which has struck this Northern California town...

...is being contained while they search for answers.

A tight quarantine has been established for the protection of neighboring townships...

...and extends to the Pacific Ocean, just a scant mile away.

You are entering a restricted area.

Turn your aircraft around.

This is a no-fly zone.

Careful of the glass.

Return to your homes!

Do not congregate in the street!

Return to your homes!



Could this be the host?

This monkey's sick. It can't be our host.

We need to run an ELISA. Let's get back to the lab.

No one is permitted to leave the town.

Anybody attempting to do so will be placed under arrest.

I repeat, we are turning you around.

Hey, hey, what the hell is Bobby doing?

Tommy, follow us.

We gotta get out of here. Kids, get down.

Remain calm. We are turning you around.

Go for it, Bobby.

Gotta get to the trees.

Halt your vehicles. Halt your vehicles, then dismount.


They're bluffing. Keep going. Keep going.

You have entered a restricted area. We will fire.

This is your last warning.


Jesus Christ, they're shooting. Damn it, people, there's no place to go.

Go! We're almost there!

What the hell are they trying to do?

Get out of that vehicle, now!

Come on. Let me see your hands!

All right, lady, get out! Come on! Let's go! Move! Move!

Salt, how are we doing? Just a moment.

Tell me as soon as you got something. Yes, sir.


Sir, this monkey's been infected with the original strain.

No antibodies, nothing.


That means the monkey caught it before the mutation.

Maybe he was on the boat next to the real host, maybe he caught it at Biotest.

Not Biotest. CDC's turned that place inside out. All Motaba negative.

No, test it again. My people know what they're doing.

Robby, get your people over there, tell them to test it again and again.

And after they've tested it, tell them to test it again.

Welcome home.

Military have escalated their quarantine at Cedar Creek...

...doubling their presence in this small town.

Authorities remain silent about the details of the situation...

...continuing the media blackout.

We can only guess at the seriousness of the spread of the disease.

Our sources number the dead as low as 10, as high as 50.

It's like a war zone out here, and we can only imagine...

...the fear and frustration of the citizens of this once very quiet rural town.

Their voices too are silent to us. All phone communications have been cut off.

And those we can hear...

...those with the information, will not speak. It is, in a word, frightening.

A military curfew is now in effect.

Return to your homes immediately.

Anyone found on the streets after 1900 hours, or 7:00 p.m...

...will be arrested and confined.

Return to your homes.

You will be safe there.

Return to your homes immediately.

The town has been secured. All civilians are in their homes.

Only minimal protective gear is required for all military personnel.

Got it? I got it.

Bring it in.


She was one of the first ones infected.

What's E-1101?

It's an experimental antiserum from Yale Virology.

I figured it might be worth a try.

I read the journals. I haven't read a word about E-1101. Where'd you get it, Billy?

You know I can call Yale in a second. I want to save these people same as you.

I'm using everything in the arsenal.

We have to work together, Sam.

Are we?

Are we what?

Are we working together, sir?

Oh, shit.

Don't waste your time making phone calls, Sam.

Salt? Excuse me.

Salt, come here. Yes, sir.

Give this to the rhesus and put it with some virus and pull it apart. Yeah?

Yes, sir. What is it?

What's it look like? It isn't orange juice.

No, it's not.

Colonel? Yeah.

What is it?

I don't know.

Maybe he'll tell us.

If you're feeling sick in any way...

...you should hang a pillowcase or any piece of white cloth on your front door.

Soldiers will take you to a testing facility and you'll know the results within hours.

Early stages resemble the flu.

Coughing and high fever.

Anyone showing these signs should report them immediately.

Doctors have the situation well in hand...

...and are working day and night to find a cure.

I'm only gonna be gone for a few hours.

Well, I might have to spend the night.

So you girls be good, okay?

Make sure you brush your teeth before you go to bed.

Erica, don't touch your mommy. Oh, baby, I can't.

I love you.



Positive, damn it.

The whole damn town's infected.

Watch your step.

Just follow the line.

This way, folks. One straight line. Down the hall.

Out into the field.

This way, folks. One straight line.

You will be given paperwork to complete.

Stay in the tent to which you are assigned.

We'll keep you informed.

You'll be allowed to contact your families as soon as possible.

Do not leave the tent to which you are assigned.


No animals have been removed from here for the last 14 days.

I double-checked the storage lists, the manifests, the vet profiles. Nothing.

Talk to every single employee. Every one. Somebody's got to know something.

The source of this whole mess is there.

The host is there, Casey. He didn't talk to everyone. You said he did.

Sam. This coffee sucks.

Why don't you try to get a little sleep. Why don't you?

I slept back in July. Well, I got work to do.

Don't tell me when I need sleep, Casey. I don't tell you when you need sleep.

What happened, Casey?

Oh, nothing. I just got a sudden case of the willies.

You okay? I can finish up.

No, no, no, I'm fine. I'm fine. I just-- You know, I hate them willies, you know?

They ought to call them "the Sams," don't you think?

You're tired, huh?

Yeah. Yeah.

The most optimistic projection USAMRIID is willing to make...

...for the spread of the virus is this: 24 hours...

...36 hours...

...48 hours.

The curtailment procedure must be viewed objectively.

Be compassionate, but be compassionate globally.

Thank you.

All right, all right. Please. Please.

The President's ETA from the East Asia Economic Summit is in 20 hours.

He wants a recommendation by then from this group.

As I understand it, you want to firebomb the town of Cedar Creek...

...population 2600, with something called a fuel-air bomb...

...the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in our arsenal.

The way it works, it explodes, sucks in all available oxygen to the core...

...vaporizes everything within a mile: men, women, children and one airborne virus.

Destruction complete, case closed, crisis over.

This Constitution of the United States, I've read it cover to cover.

I don't find anything in it about vaporizing 2600 American citizens.

But it does say, several times...

...that "no person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property...

...without due process."

So couple things before Clean Sweep is even considered:


...unanimous, unwavering support for the president on this one.

And I mean public. Stand shoulder to shoulder with him.

He goes down, you go down!

And the second thing is...

...I want an army of experts citing hundreds and thousands of lab experiments...

...telling any idiot with a camera that there was no other way!

You got that?

No member of this government is gonna go sneaking off to the Washington Post...

...telling them how they were the sole voice of opposition.

If there is a voice of opposition out there, I want him in here. Now.

Those are the citizens of Cedar Creek.

Go on! Look at them! These are not statistics, ladies and gentlemen.

They're flesh and blood!

And I want you to burn those into your memories.

Because those images should haunt us till the day we die.

1918. Remember your history, Donny? The great influenza pandemic.

Circled the globe in nine months. Killed 25 million people.

My father lost three brothers in that. So?

What if there were men who could have stopped it, only they didn't?

How do you think history would judge such men?

Oh, baloney.

FDR stopped Stilwell going into Indochina. He caused the Vietnam War.

What's history say about him?

Truman dropped the bomb on the Japanese. Saved thousands of American lives.

Now your revisionist historians say he dropped that bomb to scare the Russians.

Those men were at war, Donny. We're not.

We are at war, Billy. Everybody is at war.

I have a presidential green light on Operation Clean Sweep...

...and I am going forward.


...these people are Americans.

Twenty-six hundred dead or dying Americans.

If that bug gets out of there, Billy, 260 million Americans will be dead or dying.

Those people are casualties of war, Billy.

I would give them all a medal if I could...

...but they are casualties of war.

That'll be all, Joe. Come on.

Neil, is it? Yes, sir.

I have to ask you a few questions. Have a seat.


Jimbo, Jimbo, Jimbo, how did he get it?

You know, maybe we're on the wrong track. Maybe Alice gave it to him.

No, his tissue sample showed twice the viral amplification of Alice's.

So we're stuck. We're doing the best we can, Sam.

No we're not. We're not.

Look, let's wait for the comprehensive results to come in.

Just-- Robby.

Yeah? Can I ask you a personal question?

What did you do with the dogs?


Please don't tell me you put them in a kennel.

Think I tied them to a tree and left a five-pound bag of dog chow nearby?

That's what you did when you left me. Sam, we're gonna start over, okay?

It's Alvarez, Jimbo, Biotest.



Guys, guys, the monkey. Turn around.

Oh, my sweet Jesus. He should be dead by now.

I guess the orange juice worked. It doesn't work on humans.

No, it doesn't on Cedar Creek Motaba, Sam.

This monkey was infected with the original strain.

You're right. And do you know what that means?

This is no experimental antiserum.

E-1101 was designed to kill African Motaba.

And they had it all the time.


Casey, come on, buddy!

Salt! How's his breathing?

He's gonna arrest!

We need blood, fluid, oxygen, ice, now!

Come on, Casey.

Let's go. Put it in his armpits. Come on, Case.

I need to get in there.

Under his armpits. Pressure.

I need his arm. Give me his temperature.

I need pressure.

Tell me what his temperature is. 106!

We need suction! We need more ice, now!

Okay, Casey. Let me in here. Come on.

You slept long enough. Come on. Come on.

Open your eyes! Open! Open! Open!

Open! Open! Open! Look at me. Look at me.

Casey, right here. Here I am, here I am.

Here I am. See me? There you are.

There you are. How you doing?

I had a wonderful dream, Auntie Em.


You were there. You were there.

Stay here. Stay with me.

Yeah, you were there too. You had about 106 fever. We're going to take you down.

Stay with me. Come on, don't fuck around.

How many brain cells did I kill?

How many? About a billion.

Now I'm only as smart as you.

What can we give him to kill his sense of humor?

We gotta get a line! We gotta get a line!

Hold him. Hold him.

Hold his head! I got it.

What? What? Talk to me. What?

It didn't get past the outer glove. Just hold him down and give him a line.

What do you mean?

Come here.

I was with him. I should've known something was wrong.

Maybe it didn't puncture. It did.

Let me see. It did, Sam.

Okay, let me get some iodine on it. I did that already.

We'll get it. I did it, Sam!

Oh, God.

Oh, God, I know how to work with needles. I just....

Why didn't I wait? Robby.

Okay, listen to me. Sam, not now, okay? Not now.

Robby! What?

Listen to me! There's nothing to say, Sam.

There is.

Watch it.

Yes, Sam?

You knew about Motaba all along. E-1101 was the antiserum.

You could've stopped this outbreak before it mutated. But you didn't.

We couldn't. We?

We. We?

We. That's all you need to know. No, you gotta tell me what the host is.

We never found the host. We had to synthesize the antiserum.

Sure. To protect the troops. But now the virus comes here and two kids die.

We could've stopped it then...

...but we don't because we have to protect the perfect biological weapon.

But then the virus mutates and we can't stop it now and we could've then.

The decision was made in the interest of national security.

At the time, it was felt that we could afford a certain number of losses.

Robby's infected.

I'm sorry.

Is "we" sorry too?

Billy, "we" is responsible for a town dying.

"We" is a party to Casey dying.

My wife is dying.

Isn’t she your ex-wife, Sam?

I'm sorry. What's your point?

My point is your penchant for distorting the facts.

You and Robby are, in fact, divorced.

Who is "we"?

"We" includes you, Sam.

Unless you resigned from the Army the last week.

You don't just do research and it ends there, Sam.

We have to defend ourselves against the other maniacs...

...who are developing biological weapons.

That's the way the game is played.

Yes, it was a terrible mistake to withhold E-1101...

...but we're beyond that now.

We've done all we can as doctors.

We have to go on...

...as soldiers.

You're gonna wipe out the town.

You're gonna eradicate the mutation and then your weapon is intact.

That's why the troops are moving out, right, Billy?

It's already been ordered.

When is it, Billy?

2000 hours.

By order of the president.

What do you mean, the president?

He was shown the projections.

He was advised by an expert panel of virologists.

I wasn't there.

It's not about a weapon, Sam.

When the president saw that within 48 hours...

...this virus could be crawling across the White House lawn, he gave the order.

I wasn't invited.

Suppose you had been, Sam...

...what would have been your advice?

What? Colonel...

...Ruiz called. Yeah?

Apparently he scared a security guard into telling him Jimbo Scott...

...smuggled an animal out of Biotest.

Jesus. What kind of animal? He couldn't say.

Had to be small enough to fit in the back seat of a car.

Colonel, we do know it came in on a ship from Africa around September 1st.

It's something at least, maybe it's enough We gotta find that ship. You better pack, we got work to do.

Yes, sir.

Colonel Briggs. Yes, sir.

Daniels was here? In here?

Yes, he was, general. Why was I not informed?

Sir, you were sleeping.

I am never that asleep, Briggs.

Now, you find him and you arrest him.

Code blue. Emergency Room 3, stat.

We are so close now, Robby, we have a real chance.

I know.

Do you believe that? I believe you, Sam.

You gotta go. Okay.

Listen to me...

...I don't know how to say this...

...but if I'm not back by 1800...

...and you're not symptomatic...


What are you saying? Leave town.

Robby, have you seen the troops moving out?

They can't do that.

They're doing it, Robby.


Sir, I think we should go very soon. Like, right now.

Let's go.

Where's Colonel Daniels? In the hospital?

Yes, he's upstairs, I could--

Upstairs. Let's go.

How many hours of flight school? 60 hours plus, sir.

Actual flying time? Every minute. I was yanking and banking.

Anybody seen Colonel Daniels?

Colonel Daniels. We're looking for Colonel Daniels.

Have you seen him?

Tall, big guy? Sure, sure.


I want the rotors re-checked.

Let's see some activity on these birds, people.

We got four flights to pull today. Sir.

I want a fuel niner-three and I want a turn niner-one. Let's go.

Sergeant. Can I help you, sir?

Sergeant, where's your pilot?

General Ford just called from CP.

We've got helicopter priority to deliver flash traffic. Where is he?

My pilot, sir, he's, he's, he's....

Your pilot's what, sergeant?

Sir, my pilot's taking a leak.

Taking a leak? No shit.

Well, in that case, we'll just wait in the Loach.


Tell him to squeeze it off, sergeant. How about you give him a hand, sergeant?

Yeah, okay. Mr. Robertson.

Mr. Robertson, get out here on the double. Mr. Robertson.

Anybody seen Colonel Daniels?

They're down below. Let's go.

They're in the helicopter. Pull them out.


Stop that chopper. That's an order.

Stop them. Hold your fire. Hold your fire.

Watch it.

Hit the decks, troops. We're airborne.

Com Center, flight line. Com Center. Com Center, flight line.


Get us to San Francisco, Salt.

They'll be on our tail, so follow the coast. The fog might give us cover.

Fog, sir? Yeah, fog. You've flown through fog, right?

I read about it, sir.

Daniels commandeered one of our choppers.


Dare I ask how?

Don't waste time thinking about it, Briggs. Find him. If he resists, shoot him.

I understand, sir. Wait, wait.

Donnie, you don't have to do this. He's a carrier of the disease. Do it now.

I'm doing it, sir.

Donnie, you go after him like this, the press is gonna swarm all over it.

You're creating a panic.

You always have the wrong priority, Billy.

He's not infected, Donnie. You damn well know it.

I know that he has been in direct contact with Motaba patients.

You know something beyond that?

You should have arrested him when you had the chance.

Launch AWACS.

Yes, sir. Shut up.

Yes, sir. Holy shit.

I got it. Back up, coming through.

Make a hole, people.

Back it up.

Colonel Daniels from USAMRIID. Sorry.

Yes, and I'm George from Sioux City, South Dakota. Back of the line, colonel.

We got a terrible epidemic. We're from Cedar Creek.

We're from Cedar Creek, California. Cedar Creek, site of the viral infection.

George, you heard about this virus? Need we say more?

No. We need all the bills of lading...

...from ships arriving from Africa in the last 3 months. George.

Shall I cough on you, George? No.

Mrs. Pananides. Now you're talking, George.

Mrs. Pananides... What?

...I think these men need some help.

Biotest has to be very careful in its paperwork.

Live cargo, federal regulations. Thank you.

Here's our list. Compare it with your Biotest list.

You ready? Yes, sir.

Number one, Petrov. Same.

Number two, Venus. Same.

Number three, Patricia. Same.

Number four, Tae Kuk.

Tae Kuk. No, sir.

No? No, sir.

San Francisco a week ago, carrying a monkey.

Delivered to Biotest. Negative, sir.

It's not on the list? No, sir.

That's our vessel. That's the boat. Sir, sir.

The Tae Kuk has set out to sea already. So what?

How are we gonna locate it? I got a friend in the Coast Guard.

I can make a call, easy.

How close a friend?

Closer than his wife would like.

Get me on that ship. It can't be far, it just left this morning.

You want me to fly you out to sea...

...drop you onto a freighter? Sir, with all due respect, that is idiotic.

Idiotic? Let me ask you a question, are we fugitives from the law?

Right. Idiocy is our only option. Find the boat.

So, what is this?

She's a monkey. Her name's Betsy.

A monkey? I could tell. I'm feeding her, see?

She lives in the woods. Do a lot of monkeys live in the woods?

No, just Betsy. She comes to visit me.

Does Betsy like apples like my little monkey loves apples?

She does.

Tae Kuk, Tae Kuk, this is Army Helo 1350 on guard.

Say your position, over.

Try another frequency.

It won't work, colonel, they'll be monitoring marine channels.

Have to rely on the Coast Guard reports. Just don't get negative.


You sure you got the coordinates right? Yes, sir.

How much fuel have we got? Don't worry about it.

This bird will go 400 miles without refueling.

Wait. What?


Tae Kuk, Seattle.

That's it. There it is.

Thank you, Mrs.-- What's her name? Pananides.

Thank you, ma'am.

I can't land this thing on that ship, sir. You gotta get me on it.

I'll get you close enough, colonel. Close enough for what?

Close enough to jump, sir.

You're not serious.

All right, you fly, I'll jump, colonel.

Just get closer.

Just get very close. Yes, sir.

Colonel, that lifeboat down there is your best shot.

How do I get back up here?

Just get them to clear me an area. Or I can throw you a rope.

Just kidding, sir. Trying to keep you loose.


Get me closer!

Does anyone here speak English? English?

A little. I need information...

...about an animal that was on this ship.

Okay, you don't understand.

Look, this is a medical emergency. I'm an American Army doctor.

Doctor. Doctor. Doctor. Doctor.


Come. Look.

Is there anyone else sick on this ship? No. No, sick.

Can you take me to this man's sleeping quarters?


Where's his locker?

There's our host.

Hey. Hey.

How are you?

I'm good. I'm good, Case.


Yeah, case? ...you should be nice to Sam, you know.

He's got a big crush on you.

I'm so scared.

Would you please hold my hand?

I'm right here, Casey.

The president's scientific advisors at FEMA...

...have assured me that there is no threat...

...of the further spread of this disease at the present time.

In a related story, the two men who escaped...

...from the Cedar Creek quarantine this morning...

...and are believed to be infected with the disease--

Stay back. Just relax. This is a military emergency.

Back up. Back up.

It's all right. It's all right.

Back up. Everybody back up. This is a military emergency.

Stay calm. Stay calm.

Everybody stay calm. It's all right. It's okay.

That's the guys.

Two, get your camera on them.

Tell me which camera to talk into? Right there.

My name is Colonel Sam Daniels, I'm here with Major Salt.

We are not infected with the Motaba virus, but many other people are.

We have identified the animal...

...carrying the virus and we need your help in finding it.

The animal who is carrying the Motaba virus is a monkey.

This is a photo of the animal. Can you get in close, please?

Can you get a shot of it, please?

Somebody? Get in as close as you can.

It's a small monkey, about the size of a cat.

It has a white face, it has dark fur running down its back.

Please do not attempt to capture it yourself.

Don't even go near it.

What you can do is if you see this monkey...

...call this number at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta.

The area code is 404, and it's 555-9653.

Again, if you see this monkey...

...do not go near it. Do not-- Kate!

Hold your fire.

Right. Palisades.

Dr. Reynolds, I just want to read this back to make sure I've written it down correctly.

That's 211 Sycamore Road, Palisades...

...and the woman's name is Jeffries.

Thank you very much. Thank God that woman called the CDC.

You're not kidding. What have we got?

Jimbo takes the monkey to Cedar Creek, tries to sell it but can't.

So he drives to San Francisco, he gets on an airplane for Boston...

...but without the animal. Must have released it somewhere.

Right in between Cedar Creek and San Francisco is what?

Palisades. That's it. That's it.

We're there. There it is.

That's it. There it is.

We're there, colonel. We are there. There it is.

Intercepted a phone transmission. They're headed there, I got two teams on standby.

Good. A potential screwup you managed to avoid among many others you have not.

Who do you think should handle this now?

You, sir?

You kiss ass with the best of them, Briggs.

You hope to make general on day? Yes, sir.

Well, you won't. Now, get me on one of those choppers.

She won't come.

She won't come, except to me.

I'm her only friend.

I trust you are the very best helicopter pilot in this man's army?

Yes, sir. That's a relief.

Viper 2, Lead, left echelon.

Viper 2, line the skids, I'm at your six.

We're looking for a Loach, side number 1350.

1350, sir. Make this easy for me, all right?

Yes, sir.

Katie. What?

Have you ever been sick?

Yes. It's not much fun, is it?

No. Well...

...there's a whole lot of people that are sick right now. A whole town.

And you know how much that you love your mommy?

Well, that's how much I love my wife.

And my wife is one of the people who's very sick...

...and I want her to get better.

And-- Is it Betsy?

--Betsy can help make everybody better because she's got this medicine inside her.

And that's what makes her very special.

Do you understand?

You won't hurt her? No.

She'll just go to sleep for a little while. That doesn't hurt, does it?

No. Promise you won't hurt her?

I promise.

If I hurt her, you can punch me in the nose.

A serious punch...

...for a very serious nose.

All stations this net, this is Viper 6.

The commander in chief has issued final authorization.

We are ordered to proceed.

Some of us have doubts about what we are about to do.

We'd be less than human if we didn't.

But the fate of the nation...

...perhaps the world, is in our hands.

We are the last line of defense.

We cannot, we dare not refuse this burden.

I'm confident that each of us...

...each of you, will do his duty.

Viper 6 out.

Viper Command, Sandman is rolling. Over.

God forgive us.


Here, girl.

Here, Betsy.

Here, girl. Here, Betsy.

Here, Betsy.

Betsy. Here, Betsy.

Here, girl.

Oh, God, be careful.

Here, Betsy.

He won't hurt her.

Here, Betsy.

Here, girl.

Here, Betsy.

Here, Betsy, girl.

I can't stand this. Betsy.

It won't be long.

Here, Betsy.

There you are.

Careful. Careful.

Here, Betsy. Here, Betsy.

No. Jesus.

Come on, Katie, move. Come on.


Oh, baby. Move.

Come on.

Betsy, come on.

Here, Betsy. Here, girl.

Shoot. Damn it, Salt.

We're approaching the destination, sir.

Fellas, our fugitive is a carrier of the disease...

...and we're going to take him into quarantine at Travis, all right? Let's go.

Big Eye, Big Eye, Viper flight is airborne, do you see us?

Viper, Big Eye. Paint you flight of two. Standing by. Over.

Come on, major, don't give me any shit and listen carefully.

Put Ford on the phone, tell him it's Colonel Daniels, it's urgent.

Sam? Where the hell are you?

Billy, we're on our way back. We got the host.

You what? We found the host, Billy.

Thank God.

Sir, you've got to call off the bombing.

Well, I'll buy you some time, that's all I can do.

You get your ass back here quickly, safely. Yes, sir.

Sam, you may run into resistance on your way back.


That makes it a little tough to get back safely, doesn't it, Billy?

Good luck.

Let's go.

Problems, colonel? Of course.

Sandman flight, this is Viper 6.

Stand down, stand down. Return to base.

Viper 6, Sandman. Roger. Return to base.

Salt. Yes, sir.

Take a look.

Is that resistance? That's resistance. Hold on.

There's our Loach, sir. Where?

Army 1350, this is Viper Lead at your 8 o'clock. Acknowledge. Over.

Viper, I hear you.

Army 1350, stand by to turn into formation...

...to accompany us to Travis Air Force Base. Over.

Travis? On whose authority?

Mine. Who are you?

Major General Donald McClintock, senior officer in this area. Over.

I didn't know you were behind us. You'll be happy to know we have the host animal.

We are headed back to the lab at Cedar Creek.

Your orders are to accompany me to Travis Air Force Base. Over.

General, you don't understand, there's nobody sick at Travis.

Don't make this difficult for me, Colonel Daniels.

They're lining up in attack formation. They don't want us anywhere but down.

I don't think you want to destroy an Army helicopter over California in broad daylight.

With all due respect, colonel, if you do not follow us to Travis Air Force Base...

...I will blow you out of the sky.

General, with all due respect, fuck you, sir.

Under my authority, go weapons hot.

Viper 2, This is General McClintock.

Go weapons hot.

Hold on, colonel. We're going low.

Anything I can do to help? Just don't make me nervous.

The river bends to the right. We've gotta cut them off. Viper 2, break right.

Two, breaking right.

I don't see them back there. I think we lost them.

Oh, shit. Hang on colonel.

Two is masked. No shot, no shot.

See that bridge up ahead, colonel? Yes.

Over or under, sir?

Why don't you decide, I'm really not up to it, I'm--

Hang on. I would have said over.

Wires, wires. Two is off left.

What should I do, sir? Just stay on him, get him out of the air.

Don't go under the bridge!

You're missing him. Fuck.

Go into it. You're missing him.

Hang on, colonel.


That's it, sir. That's it. We got it.

If you're in trouble, I want to know. Hang on.

Salt, you gotta warn me before you pull a stunt like that again.

I didn't know I was gonna do it until it was done, sir.

Viper 2, where are the hell are you?

Lead, Viper 2 closing in on you now.

He just pulled a 180, he's coming right back at you.

Viper Lead, they're coming straight at us. I'm going weapons hot.

Holy shit! Break, break! Break now!

Where's he gone? I don't know, sir.

Son of a bitch. He did that on purpose.

Salt. Yes, sir.

Are those rockets on the side of this thing? They are.

Fire a couple into those trees.

Hey, look there.

Lead, we got fire in the trees at 2 o'clock.


Viper 2, Lead. Can you get down there and search for wreckage?

Lead, Two. Negative. It's too thick down there.

Big Eye, Viper. We think the Loach is down. What do you see?

Viper, we had three contacts and then an explosion.

Now we've only got two.

Everything else is ground clutter on the highway. Over.

Flying a little low, aren't we, Salt?

Avoiding radar, sir.

She's still out. How you doing, Betsy?

Salt. Sir.

Use the E-1101 as a map to synthesize an antiserum.

I'll get right on it. Got an awful lot of people here.

I'll copy it big time. I want liters of it.

Yes, sir.

I want everything in place if Robby responds.

You got it? Yes, sir.


Sir, there's no sign of wreckage.

We've been decoyed.

You son of a bitch.

How are you doing, kid?


You're gonna be okay. We found the host.

You don't have to say that, Sam.

No, it's true.

Would I kid you?

Salt's cooking up the good stuff.

So let's hang out for a while.

Sam. Okay?

I love your face.

Keep talking to me, Robby.

Robby. Robby. Robby.

Please don't leave me, Robby.




Sam, don't. No.


It's okay.

Colonel, I got it.

Your helmet. Come on, come on, put it up.

We got it.

Okay. You ready?

Say when. Now.

I got it. I got it.

Get the lab geared up. Yes, sir.

Make more, we got a town waiting.

It's gonna work, sir. Go, go. Come on. The time's now.

You delayed the bombing. That more of your sentimental bullshit?

For God's sake, Donnie, there's a chance we can save these people.

You're nuts. Sandman 1, Viper 1. How copy? Over.

Viper 1, Sandman 1. Send your traffic. Over.

We had the antiserum and didn't use it.

Don't you think that's gonna come out? I can defend that.

It's not about saving our asses anymore, Donnie.

You are to proceed immediately with Operation Clean Sweep.

Is that understood? Over.

Daniels knows about the African camp.

Roger, Viper. Sandman is proceeding. Out.

Salt. Her temperature's coming down.

It's working, she's normalizing. Come here. But, sir, they're coming.

I picked up a transmission. The plane is in the air.

They're coming, colonel.

Come on.

Where are we going? Come on. Come on!

Where are we going? Gotta get through to the pilot.

Can you do it? Yes. Guard channel.

Every aircraft has it.

All right, get this thing up. Where are we going?

I don't know. Get us in the air.

Shouldn't we contact the command center? We have the antiserum.

Don't care. They want to bury the town. This is crazy.

They want their weapon. Kill all those people?

They want their weapon. Sit and watch all those people die?

Yes, they want their weapon.


Viper, Sandman. We are at the IP commencing bomb run now.

Three minutes to target area. Over.

Sandman, Viper Command. Bomb release is go.

I say again, bomb release is go. Over.

Where are we going? What are we doing?

Get me on the Guard channel, I wanna talk to the pilot.

Go. To the aircraft approaching Cedar Creek...

...this is Colonel Sam Daniels, a doctor with USAMRIID.

Do you read me? We read you. Over.

Okay. You must not bomb this town.

I repeat, do not drop the bomb.

We have produced an antiserum.... That son of a bitch.

Sandman, Viper Command. You're being spoofed by com chatter.

Charlie Mike, over. Viper Command, Sandman.

Authenticate Hotel Alpha. Over.

Sandman, this is Viper Command. I authenticate...

...Juliette, over.

Unfortunately, your commanders do not have the current data. We do.

We have an antiserum. As we speak, it's being administered.

Every infected person within a matter of hours will have their dosage...

...you must abort the mission.

This is urgent. Answer me. Do you read me?

You cannot bomb this town. You must abort.

I am talking to the pilots in the bomber. Do you read me?

Do you read me?

Where is he, Briggs? Can you hear me?

Can he prevent the bombing? Can he cause them to abort their run?

If he gets in the way of that inbound aircraft.

You get something up in the air and blow him the Christ out of there!

Now. Yes sir, major.

What have we got in the way of Stingers? Can we not stop his transmission?

Do you read me? You must abort.

They won't answer you, colonel, they've been trained not to.

You hear me, don't you, guys?

I'll say it one last time.

These people that you're gonna bomb are not the enemy.

We can kill the virus without killing these people. And I swear to you on my soul...

...that the president does not have the facts.

He does not know we have a serum that is working.

Do you really think he wants to blow up the town?

Oh, Christ, guys, if you think I'm lying, drop the bomb.

If you think I'm crazy, drop the bomb.

But don't drop the bomb just because you're following orders.

What you haven't been told is your superiors have another agenda.

Don't you understand that below you in Cedar Creek, there's a biological weapon...

...that they've been manufacturing illegally for the last 30 years?

Hey, I guarantee you...

...that the disease has spread beyond the perimeters of this town.

People, we're in a state of national emergency.

You can't tell me that virus-- We are under executive orders.

--what the serum is. See it through.

And if you incinerate Cedar Creek, you incinerate the serum.

Billy, can you hear me?

Why don't you do something? Call this thing off Don't kill all these people to protect your lie.

This is murder, Billy, any way you fucking slice it.

If you manipulate the truth, the president, the country, the Constitution...

...then it's not just a town you're killing, it's a big piece of the American soul, sir.

Billy, why aren't you at Cedar Creek, man?

Colonel Daniels, this is General Ford.

I remind you that you are interfering with presidential authority.

Sandman has a specific line to the target.

If you are in his way, he cannot complete his bombing run...

...and there will be hell to pay. Do you understand? Over.

Why'd he say that? Beats the hell out of me.

Billy, are you dumb or something? You just told him how to stop the--

Okay. Okay.

Colonel, there it is.

I see it.

Okay, man, you up for this? Yes, sir.

Viper Command, he's over the target area. Please advise. Over.

Sandman, Viper Command. We have final clearance.

Do not deviate. Over.

Guys. I'm talking to the pilots coming toward us in the bomber.

I know what you're about to do doesn't come easy to you, but what...

...I've been telling you is truth, so help me God.

You will release that weapon on time and on target!

Whatever you do in the next 30 seconds will be your testimony to life.

Sandman, Viper Command. You know what's riding on this.

Please, try to remain calm.

Okay, guys, no more words. But we're not moving from your path.

Do you hear us? I said we're not moving from your path.

I've never seen anything like this, I swear to God. Never seen anything.

Sandman, Viper Command.

I don't care if you have to fly through those bastards.

This is what you've been trained for. Hold your course and drop. Over.

You'll have to take us out with you.

We're not moving!

They're dropping it.

Thank you, guys.

Sandman, Viper Command. How did you release that weapon?


Viper Command, this is Sandman. We have detonation over the water.

It might have been wind shear. Over.

Sandman, you understand that it is my belief...

...that you have deliberately contravened a direct order.

Now, you return to base for immediate rearming. Over.

Give me the microphone, general.

I beg your pardon, Billy?

Give me the mike, general.

Sandman, this is General Ford. You will ignore that order.

For the record, I am relieving General McClintock of command...

...for withholding vital information from the president of the United States.

I have in no way withheld vital information from the president of the United States.

Colonel Briggs. Sir.

You will place General McClintock under arrest.

If I go down for this, Billy, you go down for it.

It's out of our hands now, Donnie.

You silly, sentimental son of a bitch.

Nobody puts me under arrest.


Colonel Briggs...

...what a wonderful moment this must be for you.



Boy, that was a good nap, kid.

You look better.

The gown becomes you.

How're they doing on the antiserum? Great.

They're cranking it out by the liter.

How much are they giving the contact patients?

Two-hundred mls.

Is that what they gave you?

I didn't think I'd ever see you again.

I didn't think you'd make it.

It's a pretty unique experience.

Sort of like living with me.

Would you go through it again?


Now that I have the antibodies. yifysubtitles.com