Outer Banks S1E1 Script

Pilot (2020)

[seabirds calling]

[boy 1] We're the Pogues, and our mission this summer is to have a good time, all the time.

[boy 2] That's what, a three-story fall to the deck?

I give you about a one-in-three chance of survival.


Should I do it? [boy 2] Yeah, jump.

I'll shoot you on the way down. You'll shoot me?

[boy 2] Yep. Pow!

They're gonna have Japanese toilets with towel warmers.

[boy 3] Of course. Why wouldn't they? This used to be a turtle habitat, but who cares about the turtles, I guess?

[boy 3] I can't have cold towels. Can you please not kill yourself?

Don't spill that beer. I'm not giving you another one.

[boy 1] Whoa! Oh, shit.

[boy 3] Of course you did. Smooth.

[groans] [boy 3] A-plus.

[girl] Dumbass.

[man] Hey! Hey, uh, security's here.

Let's wrap it up. Boys are early today.

Humpty Dumpty, let's roll. [exclaims]

[boy 1] Yeah. Let's go, boys.

[boy 3] Gary, is that you?

[boy 2] Get down. [boy 3] It's me.

Gary, good to see you, man! [boy 1] Is it time?

You're asking for it. [Gary] JJ!

- ♪ Well, your left hand's free ♪ [girl] Whoo!

- ♪ And your right's in a grip ♪ [teens laughing]

- ♪ With another left hand ♪ [teens shouting excitedly]

- ♪ Watch his right hand slip... ♪ [Gary] Hey, stop!

Get 'em! They're comin' your way!

Hey! Stop!

[guard] I got him! [JJ] Not much of a hugger!

[guard] They're going out front!

[JJ] Go, Pope! Go! Go, go, go, go, go, go!

[Pope groans] [teens laughing]

[JJ] Get up, Pope, fatso's coming. [guard] Hey!

Come here, you little pricks!

[horn honks] [boy 1] Bus is leaving!

[girl] Come on, boys! Whoo!

[Pope grunts] [laughs]

[Gary] Hey, hey! Hey! Hey!

Check out Gary, gunnin' for a raise. [JJ] Come on, Gary!

Wait. Slow down. Hey! You little pricks!

[Gary] Hey! You're gonna give him a heart attack.

You're so close! You can do it. There you go.

[groans] They don't pay you enough, bro. JJ, stop. Stop.

Oh, come on. That sort of initiative is just begging to be punished.

[Gary groans] - ♪ He disagrees ♪

[teens laugh]

- ♪ Oh, no ♪ [teens chatting indistinctly]

[boy 1] The Outer Banks, Paradise on Earth.

It's the sort of place where you either have two jobs or two houses.

Two tribes, one island.

[teens chatting and laughing]

♪ Well, my left hand's free ♪

♪ Well, my left hand's free ♪

[boy 1] All right. This is Figure Eight, the rich side of the island.

Home of the Kooks. So, guess where we don't live.

[JJ] Bro... - ♪ Well, your left hand's free ♪

[girl] Whoo!

♪ Well, my left hand's free ♪

♪ Well, my left hand's free ♪

[boy 1] And then, this is the south side or the cut.

Home of the working class who make a living busing tables, washing yachts, running charters.

The natural habitat of... drumroll, please...

[all laughing]

...the Pogues.

That's us.

- Pogues, pogies, the throwaway fish. [exhales]

[boy 1] Lowest member of the food chain. Okay. So, the downside of Pogue life is we're ignored and neglected.

But the upside of Pogue life? We're ignored and neglected, which means we do whatever we want, whenever we want.

[JJ] Nice haul, dude. Look at that. [girl] Ugh, John B.

[JJ] Been all bait for, like, three weeks.

[laughs]Gross. [fish thuds]

[John B] That's JJ, my best friend since the third grade.

He's about as local as they come.

Latest in a long line of fishing, drinking, smuggling, vendetta-holding salt-lifers who made their living off the water.

Best surfer I know. Just don't tell him I said that.

Mild kleptomaniac and a future tax cheat.

[girl] Do we have a name? [girl 2] Hey!

Hey. [girl] Is this guy in prison?

How has that not happened? Come on.

Get off me. Don't even get me started on microplastic.

Have you even heard about that island? That little island of just...

[John B] And that's Kiara, or Kie, as we call her.

Oh, everything... - [John B] When not saving turtles or listening to Marley, or getting a dolphin tattoo, she hangs out with us.

[Kie laughs] [John B] I'm not really sure why, though.

So, she's a rich kid, actually.

- Foot in both worlds. Stop, guys! My dad is gonna kill me.

[John B] Her family owns The Wreck, this Outer Banks institution.

Total cash cow with the tourists.

You know, I'm not really sure how her parents feel about us.

[teens speaking indistinctly] [John B] We all have a thing for her.

Get out. [chuckles]

[John B] And that's Pope, the brains of the operation... finalist for the Lucas T. Vanderhorst Merit Scholarship.

- And the smartest person I know. Stop touching that.

I want to be a coroner. [girl] What?

[John B] Little bit of a weirdo.

His father's this legendary character, Heyward.

Anything you wanted on the island, Heyward could get for you.

Yeah. Appreciate it.

[John B] Now, I'm not sure Heyward knew what to make of his oddball son, but it didn't matter. He was a Pogue, just like the rest of us.

♪ Baby


[John B] So, that's my crew.

[JJ] Hey, Mr. Sanchez! Good to see ya.

[toilet flushes]

And that's me, John Booker Routledge.

Dude! Come on, man. Get outta here. [can clatters]

[John B] And this is where I live.

Morning, Kie. Morning.

[John B] An old fish shack on the marsh. The Château, as my dad used to call it.

There's Dad.

He disappeared at sea nine months ago, looking for a shipwreck.

Who disappears at sea these days?

I miss him.

And then there's Mom. She split when I was three.

Last I heard, she was in Colorado. I think it was Colorado.

Uncle T!

[John B] That's Uncle T.

Since Dad's vanished, he's supposedly my legal guardian.

At the moment, he's in Mississippi, building houses...

[John B] Hey. [Pope] Oy.

...which means it's just me right now, on my own, hangin' out with my friends.

Three months after my dad was missing, he was officially presumed dead.

I refused to sign the papers.

Until I see a body, I'm not giving up.

John, it's come to our attention that you are an unemancipated minor living on your own. [sighs]

[scoffs] No... No.


[social worker] I need honesty to help you.

That's what we want, right? [John B] Yeah.

I'm being honest.

Okay, then when is the last time you spoke to your uncle?

Uh... 34 minutes ago.

When's the last time you saw him?

Two hours and... 43 minutes ago?

John, we're gonna come out there tomorrow to talk to your uncle.

If he's not there, we're gonna move forward with foster care.

I want to assure you, we're gonna find you a safe and loving home.

[John B] They actually thought I was gonna be happy to hear that.

[chuckling] Jefferson!

[John B] And that's where this story starts.

[teens laughing] - [John B] My dad missing, my uncle MIA, and the Bride of Frankenstein threatening foster care.

[Pope] Mrs. Jefferson was the Swamp Thing.

[group laughs]

[John B] But I caught a break. [reporter] Hurricane Agatha continues its steady march towards Kildare Island

- on the Outer Banks of North Carolina... Holy shit.

[John B] Hurricane Agatha, coming in the same day DCS was supposed to do my assessment.

Hey, Howie. [storm siren blaring]

[man] I need some sandbags over here!

[woman] We gotta board this up!

[woman on phone] DCS, can I help you?

Yeah, uh... I think we're probably gonna have to reschedule.


It's a double overhead out there, bro. Double overhead?

[thunder rumbling]

Those aren't surfable waves, bro.

[laughs] Says who?



Oh, shit!

[thunder rumbling]

[John B] What the hell?

[thunder crashing]

[chicken clucking]

[sighs] [rooster crowing]



[sighs] [seabirds calling]

[cell phone clicks] No service?

No power. Great.

Yo, JJ, you been outside?

[JJ] I have polio, bro. I can't walk.

[thunder rumbling in distance]

[John B yawning] Oh, man.

That's no good.

That is not good.

[rooster crows]

[John B] Oh, man.

[JJ] Agatha did some work, huh? [John B] Yeah, she did.

[JJ burps] [John B grunts]

[thunder rumbling in distance]

[JJ] What you thinkin'?

I'm thinkin' that storm surge pushed all the crabs out on the marsh maze.

All those drum are gonna chase the crab.

What about the DCS? Wasn't that today?

Nah, they're not gettin' on a ferry.

Come on, think about it.

It's God tellin' us to fish.

[JJ] Yeah. [John B] It's kind of a smuggler's boat.

Uh... Good mornin'!

[JJ] Sure hope Guffy's boat didn't sink.

He doesn't have insurance. [John B] Yeah.

Hi, Miss Amy! You guys get through it?

[Amy] Still here.

[JJ] She totally looked at me. [John B] I saw it.

Dude, look at this place. [JJ whistles]

Agatha, what did you do? [John B] She is a crazy lady.

[JJ] Hard-core. Phew.

[JJ] Hurricane surge. Yeah.

[JJ] We'll be cleaning this all summer. [John B] That is my nightmare.

Well, look who we have here. [JJ whoops]

[John B] We have a safety meeting. Attendance mandatory.

[mimics static] I can't. My pop's got me on lockdown.

Come on, man. [mimics static]

Your dad's a pussy. Over.

Oh, I heard that, you little bastard.

We need your son. [JJ] Yeah, and island rules.

Day after a hurricane's a free day.

[Heyward] Who made that up? [JJ] Uh...

Pentagon, I think. We have security clearance.

I have a card. [Heyward] Think I'm stupid?

I'll do it tomorrow. I promise. Tomorrow. You think... No, no.

Hell no. You doin' it right now.

[whispers] Get in the boat. [JJ] Make a run for it.

Boy, if you get in that boat... [JJ] How does that feel?

Go, go, go. Bring your ass back up here.

I promise I'll do it tomorrow, Dad. Whoo!

[Heyward] You gonna clean shrimp, clean fish. Love you, Pops.

You'll clean your dirty-ass room! We'll bring him back in one piece.

I promise! And I don't like your friends!

[JJ] Oh, top o' the mornin' to ya.

Good morning. [John B] Morning.

[Pope] Whatcha got? You got some juice boxes?

[Kie] You know, just some yogurts and carrot sticks.

How about my kind of juice box? Yeah.

[John B] Brace for impact.

[Kie] Salud. [JJ] Skoal.

- ♪ Up, up and away we go ♪ [Kie] Whoo!

- ♪ Up, up on the radio... ♪ [JJ exclaims]

[John B] Yeah!

Bet you can't do this. [laughing]

[glasses clink] [JJ] Tell the world.

A party trick.


[JJ] Hey, Pope. Can you go a little faster?

Here we go. I'm movin'. [John B] Doesn't work.

We've tried this like 6,000 times. [JJ] I got this. It's gonna work!

♪ Let's begin ♪

[Kie] You're getting beer in my hair! [Pope] Oh, my God.

All right. All right!

[John B] All right, you're done. [Pope] All right, stop!

[motor rattles] [teens scream]

[Kie] Jesus, Pope! [groans]

[groans] [John B] You okay, JJ?

I think my heels touched the back of my head.

[groaning] Kie, you okay?

[Kie] I'm all right. [all moaning]

[JJ] Pope, what did you do?

[Pope] Sandbar. The channel changed.

No shit.

Ugh, this is probably gonna mess this whole place up.

[JJ] Hey, I saved the beer, though. [John B] Congrats, JJ.

Guys... I think there's a boat down there.

Shut up. What? [Kie] No way.

No, no, guys. I'm serious. There's a boat down there.

For real. [John B] Guys... is this...

It's a boat!

[Kie] Holy shit, he's right. Let's go.

[Pope] You think there's a dead body down there?

Guys, wait up! [Kie] Whoo!

[JJ] Get your ass in here! [John B] Come on!

[gasps] You guys saw that? [Pope] Yeah.

Yeah, I did. [John B] Yeah.

What the... [boys laughing]

That's a Grady-White.

A new one of those is like 500 Gs, easy.

Okay! [JJ] That's a primo rig.

Yeah. That's the boat I saw when I surfed the surge.

Maybe it hit the jetty or something. You surfed the surge?

[John B] Yeah. That's my boy. Pogue style.

[Kie] What the heck?

Wait, wait. Do we know whose boat that is?

[John B] No, but we're about to find out.

[JJ] Dude, it's too deep.

Oh, for the weak and feeble, JJ.

[JJ] Well, I'm not resuscitating you. I'm just making that clear up front.

[John B] That's fine.

John B. [chuckles] What?

[Pope] Diver down, fool. [John B sighs]

Diver down. [grunts] Yeah, he is.

[Pope] Should we go get him?


Oh, my God. That took forever! Ah, jeez.

Any dead bodies?

Looting potential? [John B] No. No.

I found this motel key.

[Pope] A key. [John B] Yes, a key, Pope.

[JJ] Great! We salvaged a motel key.

[Kie] Guys, we should report the wreck to the coast guard.

Maybe we'll get a finder's fee. [JJ] Yeah, and not work all summer.

Thanks, Agatha, ya batch.

[power tools whirring]

[man] You haven't seen him since? [woman 1] Not since before the storm.

[man] What did the police say?

Well, they said I have to wait 24 hours before I can report anything, but I know something's wrong.

[man] Nothing is wrong.

You know, it's Scooter. He knows how to handle himself in a storm.

[woman 1] Well, when was the last time that you saw him?

[man] Uh, last time I saw him, he was prepping the Druthers with Sarah.


You seen the princess? [woman 2] She's out back.

[engine powering up]

Let there be generators.

Thank God. It's like living in Nicaragua.

It didn't fall near the house. It completely uprooted it.

Oh, look at this. Storm blew it right into the pool.

Be careful with that. Rose is gonna kill me.

[worker] Yes, sir, Mr. Cameron. I don't wanna know how much it cost.

Dad, the Wi-Fi's not working. I can't post anything.

Wheezie, there was a hurricane, sweetheart.

[girl] No. No, no, no!

What is your sister doing?

Saving mice.

[Cameron] I'm sorry. Sarah!

[Sarah] I'm busy! [Cameron] What are you doing?

The burrows filled with water from the surge.

The birds are having a field day.

[Cameron] The birds have to eat too, Sarah.

[Sarah] No, it's a mouse genocide out here. No!

The cycle of life is what it is, sweetheart. Now, come on.

I can't be a part of it. First they came for the mice, Daddy.

I have a human being... [Sarah] Oh, my God.

...you might help. Hi.

I'm Sarah. I'm so sorry. [Cameron] This is Lana, Scooter's wife.

You were storm prepping with him, right?

Yeah. He helped me latch the cabin on the Druthers.

Last night? Yeah.

And did he go out after that?

From here? Yeah.

No. Are you crazy? There was a hurricane. Well, did he say where he was going?

Get a phone call or mention anything?

He didn't say anything to me.

I'm so sorry. Is he okay? He's absolutely okay.

I hope so. [Cameron] He's hunkered down somewhere.

We'll find him. [Sarah] Sorry.

Thank you. [Cameron] He's hunkered down somewhere with a six-pack... [seabirds calling]

[man 1] She doesn't need to talk to the coast guard. It's a dog.

How about the Humane Society?

[indistinct chatter]

[woman] He's diabetic!

He's a... he's a diabetic! [man 1]...a dog...

No, I understand that. Excuse me!

Excuse me. Hey, man, we... we found a boat.

[woman] Please... I...

You're gonna wanna hear this. Hey! Calm down.

Now... Canine diabetes is very...

[man 1] Oh, my gosh. Diabetes for a dog? [woman] It is so true!

[man 2] Your boat? We're not worried about your boat right now, okay?

Well, that went well.

So, what's the plan?

I know how we're gonna find the guy who owns that boat.

We don't know whose room that is. It could be anyone.

I'm in. Come on. I'll be lookout.

[John B] Finder's fee. Just sayin'.

And, hey, at least you'll only be an accomplice.

Man. [John B] Come on, bubba.

[radio chatter]

[JJ whistles] I thought the Château looked bad.

[John B] This place is a shitshow. [Kie] Motel or meth lab?

[Pope] You be the judge.

[John B] Doesn't look like a place somebody with a Grady-White stays.

[Pope] No. Looks like a place someone with a Grady-White would get killed.

All right. Here we go.

[JJ] This is your captain speaking. HMS Pogue comin' in for landing.


[John B] We good? - Yeah, we good.

[John B] All right. Here goes nothin'.

Hey. [John B] Yeah?

Don't let him do anything stupid.

Oh, we will. I'm not making promises.

Yeah, I know.

Uh, be careful.

I mean it.

[chuckles] Yeah.


Let's go.

Why are all these mattresses out?

[JJ] After a hurricane, they ditch 'em 'cause they're moldy.

Just be so careful, John.

God, you're so weird. What was that about?

I don't know. Maybe she wants us to be careful.

Since she heard you're being threatened with exile, she's just been, like, "Oh! Be so careful, John B." [John B] Get off.

[JJ] "Oh, give me that John D already." When are you gonna swoop on that, man?

Bro, you know the rule. No Pogue-on-Pogue macking.

You're the one always hitting on her. Of course I'm hitting on her.

She's a super-hot, rich, hippie chick slumming with us.

Why? I can't figure it out either, but who cares, bro?

I know that door's locked because I've tried it. Have you?

[power tools whirring] You need help.

Not a little help, you need a lot of help.

It's like every girl who just has a heartbeat, you're like... "Uhh!"

What? It's not a big deal. Is that us? Twenty-nine.

This is it. Okay.

[high-pitched] Housekeeping.

[John B] Should we try it? Yeah.

[speaking Spanish]

No power. No security cameras. No one's gonna know.

[John B] Huh.


Check the bag. See if there's a name on there somewhere.

[JJ] A jacket. [John B] Denim slides.

No name on the jacket.

It's a nice jacket, though. Definitely over 50.

He's got New Balances.

[JJ] Yo, dude, come here. Maybe this is where they were fishing.

[John B] Let me see. Right there.

[John B] No, that's off the continental shelf.

That's Big Swell. Nobody fishes there. - [JJ] Okay.

[John B] Coffee? Yeah.

Standard. Tissues for when you get lonely...

Ooh! [John B] Did you find anything?

A really awesome Dopp kit you won't let me steal.

[John B] Yeah, 'cause we're not stealing shit.


One, one, one. [safe beeping]

Biggest pet peeve? Yeah.

Easy. Giving one percent to the environment.

What's wrong with that? We only have one Earth, Pope.

We should be giving it 100 percent, bare minimum.

Right. That's not fiscally sound.

[Kie] Neither is destroying the planet we have to live on.

[Pope] Hey, hey, cops.

Shit. Call them.

I can't. Towers are down.

If I lose my merit scholarship, I'm gonna kill someone.

[officer 1] Ah. Okay.

Maybe they're not going up. Maybe... [officer 2] Okay.

[Pope] Maybe they're looking for a room. [Kie] They're going up.

[John B] One, one, one, two. [safe beeping]

Punching shit at random. That will... definitely work.

[John B sighs] Wait a second. Here. [mutters]

[JJ] I don't know. I don't know about the second one.

These coordinates, they...

Wait. My cousin said you could catch swordfish here.

[John B] Six, one, six, six, six. [JJ] Nah, that wouldn't make any sense.

What about a surf spot? [lock clicks]

[JJ] That could possibly be it.


Or shoals. [chuckles softly]

Holy shit. [JJ] Is this a surf spot?

Have you heard of shoals? [John B gasps]

Uh... JJ? [JJ] Hm?

You're gonna want to see this.

[radio chatter]

[Kie] Okay, do something. Do something. [Pope panting] Go, go.

Stand back. Okay. You got it.

[rock thuds]

Didn't you ever play baseball?

Dude! I was on the math team.

Dude, dude, dude! You grabbed the gun.

This is a SIG Sauer. - Put the gun back, JJ!

This is a fucking spendy gatt, man. Just... Bam! Bam!

Bam! Bam! Hey, think about it!

Bam! Bam! We are not stealing anything.

[officer 2] You want a free mattress?

A mathlete? [Pope] You know what?

[officer 2] Now, here is Scooter Grubbs' luxury suite.

Just take a pic of me. Right here. You want me to take a picture of you?

Yeah, dude, like...

Make our own incriminating evidence? Is that what you're talking about?

Get your free lamp.


Wait, what was that? What?

[Pope and Kie, quietly] Cops. Cops! Cops!

Twenty-eight, 29.

[John B] Shit. [JJ] What is it?

Cops. [knocking on door]

Kildare County Sheriff's Department!

Should we peel?

You never leave a Pogue behind.

[lock clicks] [man shouting indistinctly]

No, seriously, should we peel?


Go ahead and check the bathroom.

Yes, sir.

It's clear.

[whispers] What are you guys doing?

[Kie] Oh, my God.

I said it. Didn't I say it? [chuckles]

Go ahead. Throw these in a bag, would you?

[officer 1] Yes, sir.


Everybody's gotta dip their beak.

[whispers] What the f...

[officer 1] Right, right. Their beak. Yeah. [chuckles]

[whispers] Do you believe...

[gun clatters loudly]

[officer 1] This is... Wow.

Yeah... Um...

All right. Let's go.

No one's here.

[JJ] Well, that was fun.

[chuckles] Could have warned us sooner. [Kie] We would have, except Pope was on the math team. [JJ] You were on the math team?

[John B] The cops took everything like it was a crime scene.

Did you guys find anything?

Did we find anything? No, I don't think so. Oh, yeah, we did.

[Pope] What the hell? Dude, what?

[JJ] Dude, chill. Come on. Why take that from a crime scene?

[JJ] Better than cops having it. You serious?

I'm gonna lose my merit scholarship. Hey, hey, hey. Sh, sh, sh. sh, sh.

At least you have us, right?

I'm living the nightmare.

[indistinct chatter]

[woman] So, what happened?

[man] Well, I was up at the Mason Outlet, and, uh, I seen this lump, and the crabs was just goin' to town on it, you know?

So, I figured the best thing to do was, uh... throw him over in the ice chest and then call y'all. [paramedic] Six-seven. Call the ME.

I never saw anything like that before.

[Lana] Scooter?

[sobbing] Scooter? Oh, God!

[John B] Who's that?

[girl] It's Scooter Grubbs. He was out during the storm.

Check out this pic I got.

Dead body.


Holy shit.

What kind of boat did he have?

Somehow, that dirtbag copped a brand-new Grady-White.

Everyone's out looking for it.

[panting] Okay. So, um... we didn't see anything.

We don't know anything.

We need to have total and complete amnesia.

Actually, Pope's right for once.

See, I agree with you sometimes.

Deny, deny, deny.

Guys, we can't keep that money.

Okay. Not all of us can afford unlimited data plans, Kiara.

We have to pass that off to Lana Grubbs.

Otherwise, it's bad karma.

Bad karma to be implicated in a felony, too.

We gotta go dark.

If that means we get to keep the money, then I agree.

I don't agree.

What? Why? Just think about it.

This is Scooter Grubbs we're talking about.

Same dude that's buying individual cigarettes at the Porthole.

Shit, one time I saw this dude begging for change in the Save-A-Lot parking lot because he needed gas.

We're talking about a dirtbag marina rat who's never had more than 40 bucks in his pocket, and all of a sudden, he's got a Grady-White? Just sayin'.

All right, so think about it, Pope. How does a marina rat get a Grady-White?

[inhales sharply] Prostitution. Square groupers, bro.

Okay, flying under the radar, no aerial surveillance.

They don't do that stuff during a hurricane.

What does that mean? JJ?

They were straight smugglin'. Smugglin'.

And I guarantee there's a serious amount of contraband in that wreck. Hell, yeah.

Fish on!

For the record, if that is a smuggling ship with illegal contraband on the inside of it...

Mm-hm? ...it probably belongs to someone else.

Minor details. They could come looking for it.

Taking it would be catastrophically stupid.

Right. Well, stupid things have good outcomes all the time.

[JJ] All we need to do is figure out a way to get into the cargo hold of that wreck.

Until then, we just lay low. Just act normal.

[sighs] Right. And how exactly do we do that?

Kegger? [rock music playing]

♪ Hey ♪

[John B] Tally-ho. [JJ] Hey-up.

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Hey ♪

♪ "Are you going to the party On Saturday?" ♪

♪ She asked, and I said I didn't know ♪


♪ See, ever since I saw you On the back of some guy's bicycle ♪ No. Hell, no. [JJ] I'll take it!

♪ Well, I've been feeling kind of so-so ♪

[girl chanting] Chug it! Chug it! - ♪ So, girl, don't act so surprised ♪

♪ Got that look In your light blue eyes... ♪

[John B] You can't understand the Outer Banks without understanding the boneyard.

It's kinda like a three-layer burrito.

Yo, what's up, homie?

What's up, man? - What's goin' on?

[John B] There's us and our friends, the working-class derelicts.

[John B] Yeah.

Hey, hey. - Hey.

[John B] Then, there are the Kooks, the rich second-homers.

They're mostly from poncey-ass boarding schools, just rich trustafarian posers.

Our natural enemies.

And then, there are the Tourons.

[John B] Want a beer?

[John B] Totally clueless. Here for a week on vacation with their families.


Hey, you, uh... you want a beer?

[John B] Chum for the sharks.

♪ The words came out one after another ♪

[cheering and laughter] [girl] Oh, my God!

We are family!

[laughs] If you treat me.

Oh, really? Yeah.

Virgos are, like, so organized.

Like, all my friends that are Virgos are like...

It's kinda weird when on TV, we see people die, and they just kinda sit there, but in actuality, they would be shitting and farting up a storm.

[girl] Mm-hm... - ♪ Oh, oh, didn't you get the letters ♪

♪ That I sent last summer? ♪

[John B]...you read about... [boy] Sarah! Sarah, be careful, okay?

What is she doing here? It's so... Huh?

[John B] That's Sarah Cameron. Kook princess.

Kiara's best friend in the ninth grade, worst enemy in the tenth grade.

I work on her dad's boats, so, you know, I've seen her around.

[boy] What are you doing?

[John B] Then that's Topper, her not so pleasant boyfriend.

Topper actually thinks Pogues were bred to mow lawns.

- ♪ My high-school lover ♪ [Sarah giggling]

♪ My high-school lover ♪

♪ My high-school lover ♪

[door alarm chimes]

[worker] Sorry, museum's closed.

Yeah, sure, chief. I'll be just a minute.

[worker] The Royal Merchant sunk in the great storm of 1829 with $400 million of British government gold onboard.

The dream of generations of islanders.

[whispers] Yeah. Huh. Lovely work, don't you think?

Mm-hm. Yeah. Lovely. [chuckles softly]

[teens laughing and chattering]

[boy] Let's go.

[JJ whistles] [John B] How you doing?

[JJ] John B. [John B] What're you doing?

Yo, what's up? I got this for you.

Want it? For me? Yeah, I'll take a sip.

[Sarah] Hi. Oh, wait. Hey, hey. Hey, Sarah!

Sarah, can I interest you in a tasty Milwaukee beverage?

No, thanks.

Is it not fancy enough for you? No. We were just leaving.

Hey, you know what? I'll take it.

I'll... Thank you, man. I appreciate it. [JJ] That's nice, but I didn't ask you.

If you said pretty please, maybe, but you didn't. Oh, pretty please.

[JJ] Yeah. Sarah. Pretty please?

You can have it.

[Topper] She doesn't want it, you... [Sarah] Okay.

No, no, no, no.

[JJ] You're so funny, man. Hey.

[Topper] Dirty Pogues! [both grunt]

[Sarah] Oh! [Pope] John B.

We're supposed to be incognito, remember? [Sarah] Babe, babe, babe, babe...

[John B grunts] [crowd gasps]

[Sarah] Guys? Guys!


Hey, John B, don't make me drown you like your old man, all right?

[crowd chanting] Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Fight! Fight! Fight!

[both grunt]

[boy] Give it to him! John B, let it go!

[Kie] Stop, you guys!

[Sarah] Topper! Stop!

[Topper and John B grunting]

[Pope] Come on, John B!

[crowd] Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Fight! Fight! [Topper grunts]

That's what I'm talkin' about! Come on!

Come on! Yeah, you wanna go?


John B!

Oh! Topper!

Come on, Topper!

Let's go!

Come on!

Oh, my God.

[Topper] Come on, man!

[both grunt] [crowd cheers]

[John B gasping]


Topper, stop! No!


[Pope] No!

I know. He's drowning him.


[gun safety clicks] [gasps]

Yeah, you know what that is.

Your move, broski.

Come on. Chill, dude! - JJ!

[Pope] Chill! [Sarah] Stop! JJ!

Put the gun down. Did you say somethin', princess?

[Topper] We're good. We're good. Put the gun down!

All right? Come on, man!

Kie! Can you check your psycho friend, please?

Okay, everyone, listen up! Get the hell off our side of the island!

[crowd gasping and shrieking]

Are you crazy? You idiot! Stupid!

Why do that? It's not worth it!

I'm saving his life, okay? Stupid!

You're gonna jeopardize everything! [panting]

[John B] There's something about my father I haven't mentioned.

The week before he went missing, he says to me, "Bird, I think I found something.

Your Uncle T's gonna come stay for a while.

I might have to vanish for a bit."

So, he talks about vanishing, and he vanishes.

Everyone says he was lost at sea, but... he's still out there. I know it.



[rooster crowing] [footsteps]

Get decent, sweetie. We need to talk.

Sorry to break in like this, but DCS called.

They wanted me to check on you. See how you're doin'.

So, how are you, besides the...

Oh, no, I'm... I'm great. Yeah, fantastic. Uh...

Thanks for comin' by.

I'm so glad to hear you say that, John B, but I heard a few things that worried me.

Let me see if I can remember.

Oh, yeah.

One of the things I heard was that your Uncle Teddy, your guardian, hasn't been in the state for three months.

That's false. You don't have to say anything.

I know it's true. I called the school.

They said you used to be a good student, but now you're failin' all your classes.

No. No, I'm only failing one, and it's history.

He's a dick. He's out for me... [sheriff] I heard there was a fight on the beach yesterday, and a gun was involved. Okay. Gun?


Did I get in a dustup? Yes, but was there a gun?

[scoffs] No. No way.

[sheriff] That's okay. I know who it was. I'll get to him.

All I'm worried about right now is makin' sure you're in a safe home.

[scoffs] Yeah, super safe.

Super sound, sturdy. You know? [taps table]

Uncle T's coming, so... [sheriff] That what he told you?

Yeah. [sheriff] If he is coming, I think you should be allowed to stay.

Thank you.

But if I stick my neck out for you, you have to help me.

Tit for tat.

What... what does tat mean?

Let me see, how can you help me? Oh, I know.

So, a body was found in the marsh yesterday.

Were you in the marsh yesterday?

Yeah, we were fishin' for some drum. You catch anything?

Nah, we were skunked.

[sheriff] Strange. Fishing's usually good after a storm.

All sorts of things get stirred up.

You come across a wreck yesterday?



You skimmin' just above the surface, John B.

Now, down here is foster care, juvie.

Pretty big drop for a smart kid like you.

Up here is you and your little friends doing whatever you want.

Outer Banks... or foster care on the mainland.

You one inch above the surface, John B.

If I was you, I'd start flappin' my wings.

Now, you sure you didn't come across a wreck yesterday?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure.

It's better if you didn't, you understand?

I'm gonna look the other way, as long as you stay out of the marsh.

I got dogs livin' better than this, John B.

You might wanna think about cleanin' up.

[can clattering]

[seabirds calling]

[bongos playing]

[John B] Look, I'm callin' it off. All right?

Peterkin said, if I stay out of the marsh, she'll help me with DCS.

[JJ] And you believed her? Yes, I believe her, JJ.

An actual cop, John B. You believed a cop.

All I gotta do is stay out of the marsh for a couple days, and she'll help me out.

It doesn't help that your ass was the one shooting a gun.

You know what I should have done? Just let Topper drown your ass.

[John B] Topper was gonna drown me? [JJ] Sure looked like it.

[John B] Funny. [JJ] Have you looked in a mirror?

[John B] Tell me some more. Come on. They always win, don't they, man?

Kooks versus Pogues. They always, always win!

Goddamn! [Kie] Look, it's okay!

No, it's not okay!

It is not! They don't want us to go down into the marsh.

That means there's something valuable down there, and you know it.

I know you do. And I understand why you don't wanna go.

You're the golden boy. You got way too much to risk. And you...

I mean, you're already rich as fuck anyway.

Why would you bother?

But you and me, man, we got nothin' to lose!

We really don't, all right? JJ.

[JJ] And I know it didn't use to be that way for you.

I don't want to talk about this. I don't want to talk about it.

[JJ] So that's it? Just get out of my way, bro.

[JJ] John B, listen to me. I have a plan.

You got the key to Cameron's big boat, right?

[John B] No. There's scuba gear.

We borrow that, and then we go down to the wreck this afternoon, and that is what's gonna save you, man.

You don't see rich kids going into foster care, do you?

♪ Bad her up! ♪

♪ Bumpa! Bumpa, look right and... ♪

[John B] You know, I should have learned a long time ago to never listen to JJ.

He's full of bad ideas, like stealing from my rich boss.

- But this time, he was right. ♪ Only dem alon invited ♪

[John B] I had nothing to lose. ♪ Karina and Sabrina ♪

[laughter] - ♪ Every gal fi a wine ♪

[John B] My dad said the island was America on steroids.

The haves and have-nots like anyplace, but magnified and multiplied.

The way I see it, the game's rigged. Maybe it always has been.

- No parents, money... [Sarah] Cheers!

...and no one looking out for me, I got no chance...

- ♪ Up inna har belly weh mi sen it ♪ ...unless I make it on my own.

♪ She haffi give mi credit ♪

- ♪ Bad her up! ♪ ♪ Bun har up, a nuh normal ting ♪

- ♪ Bad her up! ♪ Mek she know a straight yard man ting ♪

- ♪ Me bad her up ♪ Oh! Hey.

Are you stalking us? Plotting your revenge?

Yeah. Why don't you just tell your daddy I blew the bilge on Druthers?

Everything's good to go. Just toppin' off these tanks.


[Sarah] Hey, are you okay?

'Cause that eye of yours looks really gnarly.

[John B] You know what?

You can tell Topper he won the first round.

I'll get him next time.

So there's just gonna be a reign of terror on this island now?

Wars have been started for less, Sarah Cameron.

Okay. Can we drop the whole Pogues versus Kooks thing?

It is really stupid.

[sighs] Oh...

You know, it's easy to say when you're a Kook.

[knocks on ship]

[engine starts]

[deputy on megaphone] Are y'all ready for a water party today?

[chuckles] All right. Now, all kiddin' aside, your job today is to help keep privates off the marsh so we can do our job and find this wreck.

That's straight from Sheriff Peterkin.

Do not forget your sunscreen, ladies.

Bring a lot of liquids.

[woman] Does that include Natty Light?

I don't care what swill you bring. That's on your own recognizance.

All right. What else do you got to worry about?

Let's go!

Pull that for me, will you? Thank you, ma'am.

Bill, I'mma get at ya about that tomorrow, all right?

We're here about the missing boat. Yeah?

What can I do for you fellas? Associates of the owner.

Here to help however we can. Uh-huh. Right.

We're devastated about Scooter. We just feel sick about it.

You mind if we join your armada? Take a look for ourselves?

Yeah, why not? Extra set of eyes.

We'll let you know if we find anything, Officer.

You do that. [engine starts]

This is empty. You took empty tanks? I...

Okay, this one's a quarter full.

It's enough for one of us.

Love it when a plan comes together.

Does anybody know how to dive?


Anybody? It's kind of a Kook sport.

[sighs] I... read about it.

Great, Pope read about it, so someone's gonna die.

Look, y-you put the thing in your mouth and breathe. How hard could it be?

If you come up too fast, nitrogen gets into your blood, and you get the bends.

Bends like, bend over and... [Pope] The bends kill you.

[JJ] Right. I can... I can dive.

[JJ] You can dive. I'm cool with that. [Kie] Since when can you dive?

I'll do it. It's fine.

Let me do some calculations real quick. You serious?

[Pope] That boat's about 30 feet down. Okay.

[Pope] So it'll take 25 minutes at that depth.


Which means you need to make your safety stop at about... ten feet.

All right? For two minutes.

[John B] Yeah, yeah. Ten feet, two minutes. Got it.

Uh... [Pope] What was that all about?

I don't know, but I liked it. A lot.

[clears throat] [JJ] Uh, so...

[Pope] All righty. Yeah. Uh, when you... uh, when you're down there, you look for the cargo hold.

You stick this thing inside and twist and pull, okay?

[John B] Stick in, twist, pull. [JJ] Yeah.

My dad moved weight back in the day. [Pope] Who didn't?

Hey! I tied my T-shirt to the anchor chain about ten feet down.

It's where you need to do your safety stop.

[John B] Cool. [Pope] Keep an eye on this.

You need to make sure you have enough air to decompress.

Okay, how much do I need?

Unclear. Breathe as little as possible.

Zen. Think Zen, you know?

[imitates breathing through mask] [John B] Yeah. Got it.

[Pope] Hey, if we get caught in the marsh, we're basically screwed, so... better get a move on. [John B] Copy that.

Diver down?

Diver down.


[Pope] Diver down.

All right. [JJ] See ya, dude.

[siren whoops]

Shit. JJ.

Guys, that's the police.

Oh, you gotta be kidding me.

[JJ] Yep, that's the police. Just act frickin' normal.

[siren blares]

Evening, officers. Evening.

[officer] Here. [deputy] Evening.

[Pope] JJ, tie it off.

How you kids doing? You know the marsh is closed?

No. No. Wow.

I didn't know that. Why... why is it closed?

Well, we're conducting a search out here. Boat went down.

Oh. [deputy] Seen anything?

[JJ] No. No boats. No.

Where's your friend you always hang with? He here?

He's working.

[deputy] Hm.

I'm gonna check your little boat out.

[JJ] Yeah. [Pope] Yeah, hop aboard.

You wanna check... uh, check her out. Thank you.

[deputy] Uh... you got another one? [JJ] Yeah.

[Pope] Yeah, yeah. Of course. It's, uh... it's in the hold.

[Pope] Yeah. Show him.

[JJ] Okay.

Yeah, here we go.

All right. - [JJ] Yeah.

[latch clicks]

[Pope] Uh... [JJ] Be careful.

[Pope] Be careful. You don't wanna slip.

[alarm beeping]

All right.

All right. All right.

[deputy] Beautiful day. [JJ] Sure is.

[Pope] Very. [deputy] Let us know if you see anything on your way out.

Will do. Will do. [engine starts]

[JJ] We'll be gone soon, sir. [deputy] Yes, you will.

[engine whirring]

[Pope] He's definitely out of air.

[JJ] There he is! Oh, God! Jesus Christ!

Don't scare us like that! [JJ] How'd it go down there?

[John B mutters] [Pope] Uh...

Did you find anything?

Did I find anything?

[JJ] Yeah, there we go! That's my boy!

[Pope] Jeez, dude!

Dude! Oh!

[Kie] You okay? [panting] Yeah, I ran out of air.

You scared the shit out of me.

Yeah, the cops were up here, but, uh... took care of 'em.

[John B] My bad. [Pope] You're all good.

[JJ] Yeah, you kinda missed the show, brother.

Hey, guys? Guys, bogey, two o'clock. What?

[Pope] Do you recognize that boat? [Kie] I've never seen it.

What are they doing here? The marsh is closed.

[JJ] Let's not stick around and find out.

JJ, get the bowline. [JJ] Yeah.

Should we wait on 'em? [John B] No, we're not.

Go get the stern. Go! [Kie] Are you joking? JJ, hurry up.

[JJ] Guys, don't wait for me. Go. [Kie] Let's go!

[Pope] Pull out the stern.

I don't like this. [JJ] Are they coming for us?

[Pope] Maybe they're fishing.

[JJ] Go, go, go, go! [Pope] Go into the marsh.

[Kie] Let's go! [John B] I'm going. Act natural.

[boat engine revs]

[Kie] Hey, guys, they're following us.

[Pope] This can't be good. Shit.

[JJ] Dude, you gotta go faster!

I'm going! Gun it!

[Pope] What the... [Kie] Holy shit!

[JJ] John B, get down!

[Pope] We're gonna die!


Shit! Pope, move.

[Kie yells] Get down, Kie!


[Kie yells]


[engine clangs]


[man yells] [clanking]

[Pope] Let's go, let's go, let's go!



Oh, my God! Whoo! [Kie] Whew!

[JJ] Booyeah! Pogue god, man!

See you, guys! [Kie] That was insane!

[JJ] Whoo! [Kie laughing]

[seabirds calling]

[Kie] Oh, God.

What do you think it is? [John B] Gotta be money, right?

That or a couple of keys with street value to the low-to mid-mils!

[Pope] Can we please just open the bag? [John B] Wow, Pope.

That's a rare outburst of emotion.

Okay. You guys are literally killing me with anticipation.

Open the bag. [JJ] Jeez.

[Pope] We almost died over this.

[canister clangs]

[Pope] Oh, wow. Yup. That's about right.

Good job, everybody. We found a compass.

Dude, what? It's not worth anything.

This was my father's.

[chuckles softly] ["Hold Me" playing]

♪ That storm ♪

♪ Is comin' down hard ♪

♪ I'm your shelter ♪

♪ Every time it starts ♪

♪ You're the storm

♪ And I'm the Murray, darlin' ♪

♪ You keep me goin' ♪

[upbeat instrumental music playing]