Outer Banks S1E10 Script

The Phantom (2020)

[birds calling]

[sirens wailing]

[dog barking]

[Sarah and John B panting]

[Sarah] We can hide in here. [John B] You sure this place is empty?

[Sarah] Yeah, it's Rose's listing.

[sirens continue wailing]

Zero, two, one, five.

My dad's birthday.

[officer 1] Let's check this street. They can't be far.

[Sarah] Shit. [man yelling]

[Sarah] Come on. [John B] Go.

[officer 1] Nothin' here.

Check the porch.

I got this one. You go check next door. Sh.

[officer 2] Okay, will do.

[officer 1] I'll go around back. [knocking]

[officer 2] All right... [sighs]

[officer 1] He's probably headed over to the cut.

Let's go. Let's go. Come on. Let's go upstairs.

[Rafe] Hurry up! This way!

I can't believe that's my brother.

[Rafe] They're headed to the cut. [Kelce] Let's go down Banks Road.


[both sigh]

[John B] Wow.

[Sarah] Sweet, right? [John B] Yeah.

Hey, did you know the, uh... the bottom two stars in the Little Dipper point to the North... [Sarah] The North Star?


That's the center point.

What everything else spins around.

[dog barking] [man] Hey, you headed...

[gasping] [Sarah] Sh, sh, sh.

It's okay. It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay. I've got you.

[sighs] Could you remind me of the happy ending?


We're gonna meet the crew at the dock tomorrow.


Then they're gonna have the getaway boat.

Then we go to Mexico. Yeah.

And you're gonna be a fishing instructor.

You're damn right.

And I'm gonna have a sandwich shop.

And we're gonna have a house on a beach... and a dog and a boat.

We'll remake the Pogue.

And everything's gonna be okay.

[shouting outside]

[siren wailing]

[groans, sighs] [clicking]

[sirens continue] [clicking]

He's pinched for sure, man.

No. They wouldn't still be patrolling if they caught him.

Let's hope.

You know, we were in that car. They're probably looking for us, too.

Well, if we're gonna be outlaws, we might as well help John B.

So, find him before they do?

Pope? [Pope] I'm gonna get gas for the boat.

[Kie] Hey, you be careful.


Meet me at the dock at three. Don't be late.

[door closes]

[Kie] Okay, what is your problem?

No problem, Officer. I'm just doing my job.

[Kie] Look, I'm sorry that I hurt your feelings.

[revving engine]

What was that? Look, I didn't mean to.

Sorry, I can't hear you. What was that?

Pope, I'm being serious... [revving engine]

I'm trying to talk to you!

[helicopter blades whirring]

[JJ] Who is that?

[thunder rumbling]

[pilot] Watch your head. Rotor's hot. Thanks.

[officer 1] Officer, this is Agent Williams...

[officer 2] Nice to meet you. [officer 3] How you doing? I'm Deputy...

How we doing? [agent] Good.

Special Agent Bratcher. SBI.

Sorry to hear about Sheriff Peterkin.

Yeah. Thank you. She was a special lady.

I'm Sheriff Victor Shoupe. Deputy Plumb.

[Plumb] Hi.

Look, I just wanted to let you know, we're not here to step on any local toes, but from my reading of the situation, we have a homicidal individual on the loose, and the entire island population is at risk until he's apprehended.

We'll set up a marine cordon for containment.

We start from the top down, we move systematically block by block.

[Shoupe] Let's do it. [officer 2] Move!

All I know is John B is gonna get caught. They're gonna find him, and he'll tell them everything. Okay. They catch him, it's your word against his.

[Ward muttering]

[Rose] Yes, it is! What about the ex-cons I took care of?

Who tried to blackmail and assault you? [Ward] Yes.

Well, they're not talking to anybody. Okay.

Besides, it's not a crime to defend yourself.

[sighs] What I did to them, that was a crime, believe me.

There are just too many loose threads. Okay...

Sarah's out there. For all I know, she's at the police station now.

If Sarah was talking to the police, don't you think they would be here right now?

Okay. [Rose] It's fine.

What you don't understand is this... All of this is my fault.

Rafe is falling apart, okay? [Rose] Yeah, I know.

What he did was because of me. [Rose] No.

Ward, no. Look at me.

You do not bear responsibility for what Rafe did. God damn it, Rose.

I bear responsibility...

[Rose] No. ...for all of it.

And I don't know how to fix it.

I'm out of moves.

Okay, then we just gotta go. Come on. We can go to the Caribbean.

We can go to the Bahamas. The gold is there. Let's go.

We can go to Nassau. We'll get out. Yes, we have to.

I cannot. I can't run right now! Let's go!

It looks like I'm guilty. And I cannot leave without Sarah.

I'm not leaving without my little girl, okay? I won't.

No, that's it, Ward.

Oh, my God. No. You're... you're the concerned father, right?

I'm the worried father. [Rose] Yeah. Your daughter's missing.

She's out with a fugitive, and she...

What do I say if they ask questions? All you know is your daughter is missing, and you have to get her back.


Baby, it's what you do. Just sell.

I'll be back.

[Rafe] I'll mess you up, man.

You know, I said I'd do it.

I said... Didn't I say I would? Huh?

I said I'd mess you up.

I warned you.


Goddamn. Come on.

[gasps and laughs]

Listen. Hey, listen. I take care of business.

Okay? Every day I do that.

It's all right, all right?

It's all right.

[breathing heavily]

Yeah, it's all right.

Oh, my God.

[revs engine]


[man on radio] ...any information...

[woman 1] Look, Captain, how about...

[woman 2] I'll let 'em know at the station...

[man] Yes? [woman 2] Get a shot of the whole...

[man] At this time, I have no information to give you.

[indistinct chatter]

[Bratcher] Listen up.

We have a blanket warrant on all residences assumed to be empty.

We have checkpoints on the bridges to limit mobility.

Coast guard has eyes on the water.

We have some weather coming in, but we've asked our nautical units to remain in position while we conduct our search of the island.

Suspect is a 16-year-old white male, possibly armed.

Last seen in the southwest quadrant of the island.

[woman 3] Check on your... [woman 4] Yes.

Hey, ma'am. [Sarah] Excuse me.

Only authorized personnel at this point. Is this all for John B?

[officer] Orders are for locals to shelter and report sightings to law enforcement.

He's not armed. I promise, he's not armed, and he's not dangerous.

We'll take a statement. I just want...

I want to talk to someone in charge. [officer] Wait. We're...

You're going after the wrong guy!

[officer] Relax! Ma'am, relax. [Sarah] I just want to talk to someone.

[officer] Come with me. [Sarah] No.

No, you don't understand. Let go of me! [officer] You need to calm down.

Excuse me! SBI guy! [officer] Ma'am!

Hi, my name is Sarah Cameron. [officer] Sorry. She won't stop.

I was on the tarmac with Sheriff Peterkin. I know what happened.

I was there! Relax.

[Sarah] Please, I just want to talk!

Please! [officer] All right, all right. Sir.

[Sarah] Thank you. It's fine.

How can I help you, ma'am? I'm sorry.

There you are!

Oh, my God. I've been looking everywhere for you, sweetheart.

No, no. We gotta let these people do their jobs.

I'm very sorry. No.

John B didn't shoot Peterkin! Sarah!

I can tell you that is not true. I gave a sworn deposition.

She wasn't there. She doesn't know. No.

No! That's a lie! [Ward] Please.

[Sarah] Everything he's saying is a lie! [Ward] Fine!


Who did it, then, Sarah?

Who killed Sheriff Peterkin?



Rafe. Jesus. God.

My brother Rafe shot Sheriff Peterkin.

I saw. He had the gun. [Ward] He was home.

My wife can attest to that. I apologize. No!

No! No! Please, sweetie. Quiet. Stop.

What is wrong with you?

[sobbing] How long have you been lying to us?

Who are you?

Officer, can I have a moment in private with you?

Um... My officer's gonna take really good care of you, all right? No. No!

No, no, no. Don't go! Listen! I'll be right back.

Everything he's saying is a lie! Liar!

Stop it. [Sarah] No! No!

Let go of me!

I appreciate this, Officer. As you can see, this has been hell for us.

[officer] Ma'am. [Sarah] I just need to talk to someone.

[officer] Ma'am, pipe down. My daughter is falling apart right here.

She was just diagnosed as bipolar, and right now, she's in a relationship, a very unhealthy relationship, with this... well, with your suspect.

She is 16, and she's...

[Sarah] Let go of me! Protecting him.

Yes. Yes. Absolutely. [Sarah] Ow!

Let me go!

I can't even tell you the number this guy has done on her.

He has her so brainwashed, she doesn't even see him for what he is, and that is a very bad guy.

I know he uses drugs.

He was involved in an assault with a weapon, all right?

More recently, I caught him trying to steal one of my WaveRunners.

I confronted him about it, and he physically attacked me and stabbed me in my arm.

And that was the assault that Sheriff Peterkin came to the airport to discuss with me.

And while we were talking, he shows up... and he shoots her.

[Sarah] No!

[officer] Hey! Hey! [Sarah] No!

And it's breaking her.

[officer] Ma'am, you have to stop.

So, I guess what I'm asking here is if maybe I can just take my daughter home and let her calm down and let her get her medication and just... be safe.

You know?

[Bratcher] Yeah. Thank you.

I'm just gonna talk to her first.

She may have some information that can help us get this guy.

You hang in there.

[officer] Okay, you're gonna have to sit tight, miss.

[officer 2] Agent Bratcher! Agent Bratcher!

[crowd clamoring]

[officer groaning]

[officer 2] Shit, man. Man, you okay?

I'm sorry, sir. She kneed me.

You lost my daughter?

I'm sorry.

Let's get him a medic. With me.

[motorcycle speeding]

[door opens]

[Rafe] Barry!

[Barry snorting]

I need cocaine.

Well, I'm all out, man. That was my last line right there.

Everybody done came and done a run on me.

Everybody stockin' up for this storm. Oh, I know you got it in here, bro.

[Barry] No, I don't got anything in here. I'm all out, man.

Bullshit, man! You're full of shit. [Barry] People got to do something...

Rafe! What did I say, bitch? I'm out!

I'm out, bitch! Get out of here, man! Get out of my room!

[gasping] Where is it? I know you got some.

[Barry] What the hell done got into you? Because I... [sobbing]


Oh, shit, man.

Hey. Hey, look, dog.

[crying] Hey, Rafe?

[sighs] You're good. You're good.

You're good. You're good. Breathe.

Have you ever, uh... have you ever done something... that you never thought you would?

Like, somethin'... somethin' bad?

Uh, what you done, Country Club? Was you late to a tee time? Huh?

You can talk to me, man. Just... just tell me whatever the hell you done, 'cause I can promise you, whatever it was, I done worse, bro.

I was in the army.

I did, uh... something.


And now I'm... I'm fucked, man, like, totally.

Like, a hundred percent, I'm fucked.

Like, for life, man. there's...

There's no way out of this, bro.

Don't be on my porch sayin' there ain't no way out.

I'mma tell you right now, there's a way out, a'ight?

What you need to do is you need to nut up.

If you've got a problem, only thing you can do is fix it.

I got a problem right now. I got a damn big problem right now.

You see me in my damn room, cryin' about that shit?

[whining] No.

I was going to fix it when you pulled up. Help me.

[Barry] Your sister and all her little friends, they still got my cabbage.

And you ain't brought it to me yet.

I'm gonna get my money.

And that hammer's comin' down on them Pogues.

You know it was John B that stole that 25K from you, right?

That's the point I'm talkin' about, Country Club.

See, how quick you think it's gonna take for them to get a hold of John B, huh?

And when they do, he's gonna start snitchin'. Mm-hm.

On me, on my operation, about the robbery, all that shit.

It's gonna be a lose-lose for me, homey. Yeah.

Unless I get to him first.

I want that boy, and I want my money.

So, what do you say we go get him?

[siren blaring]


[door opens]

[door closes]

[footsteps approaching]

[breathing shakily]


Hey, where... where have you been?

It's okay, it's okay. [sobbing]

Hey. Hey, it's okay. It's okay.

It's okay. I got you. I got you.

It's getting really bad out there.

[siren whoops] [car door slams]


[radio chatter] [gasps] Shit.

We gotta go. Okay? [Sarah] Okay.

[knocking on door]

Kildare County Sheriff. Open up!


Kildare County Sheriff. Last warning!

Let's do this.


[siren wailing]

[siren continues wailing]

[brakes screech]

[sirens wailing in distance]

[thunder rumbles]


Look at you.

Like some damn street hood out here stealing gas from me.

My own blood.

I'm not stealing. Stop lyin'. I saw it in your damn hand.

My friend is in trouble, and I need to help him.

John B did not kill anybody. Says who?

Says me. [Heyward] I'm supposed to believe you?

After you ran out on your interview?

Shit, boy, get in the house.


Oh, you a man now? Huh?

You wanna have a go at it with me? Is that it?

I'm taking these cans. You not gettin' in my way.

Oh, I'm gettin' in your way.

And one day, you might be able to whoop my ass, but it ain't today.

[Pope] That right? [Heyward] Yeah.

Oh, yeah! It's gonna take a little more than that. Try again.

Come on. You wanna hit your daddy?

Try again. Hm?

You want to hit me?

I don't got time for this. I gotta help my friend.

Yeah, yeah, you just go ahead. Yeah, you take everything, son.

You already have!

You're an ungrateful son of a bitch, Pope.

You sure he wasn't just being weird Pope?

It wasn't really the kind of thing that needed interpretation.

Is that enough food for them?

I mean, for a couple of weeks, and that's all they need, so...

Look, I think I actually hurt his feelings.

Look, don't beat yourself up too much. He's completely changed his feels.

The past 24 hours have been like Jekyll and Hyde.

I hate to admit it, but I miss the old Pope.

At least I knew what to expect from him. Where you been?

Uh... I'm fine. I slept here.

Well, we were up half the night, scared to death, lookin' for you.

Were you even gonna tell us? Well, I'm telling you right now.

What the hell are you two up to? I'm sorry, Miss Anna, we gotta go.

Sorry. No. I'm sorry. Absolutely not.

Have you heard what's going on? Mom, I'll explain later.

[Anna] Have you seen the storm?

This is not safe. I'm sorry, Mom. I have to go!

These cops are armed, Kiara.

You'll get shot. I have to go!

[Anna] I am not letting you do this! Mom, John B needs me!

[Anna] You need to stay here. [Kie] I understand. I'll be careful.

Sorry! Kiara! Open this door!

I'm sorry. Stop it right now.

Right now, Kiara! This is not safe! Stop!

Stop! Kiara!

[John B] You okay? [Sarah] Yeah, I'm fine.

Okay. I'm fine.

Do you really think they'll be able to steal the boat?

Well, JJ's involved, so... yeah. [chuckles] [sirens wailing]


[Sarah] John B, where are you going? The boat ramp's this way.

Look, Sarah, I've gotta go home.


No. There'll be cops crawling all over there.

Yeah, and that's okay.

Look, I... I don't want you to come. It... What do you mean?

The gold from Crain's house. It's at the Château.

My dad's been looking for that for years.

It's all I have left of him. I gotta get it.

And we're gonna need the money. You'll get caught.

Okay, then I get caught. Then all this is for nothing.

[John B] No, it's not. Listen to me, please.

I need you to go to the boat dock in an hour.

No, I'm coming with you. You're not.

Yes, I am. You're not coming with me!

It's too dangerous. Go to the boat dock. I'll see you in an hour.

If we don't have money, we can't go anywhere.

We're losing time.

[chickens clucking]

Home sweet home.

Do you want me to come?

'Cause I'll come. No.

This will only take a second.


[door opens]

[fly buzzing] Dad?


Dad, I need the keys to the Phantom.

[snoring] [JJ] Dad?


[Luke] I didn't expect to see you.

You're back.

[sighs] Yeah, no, I just...

[Luke] Huh? [JJ] Just checkin' in.

School out already?

What? [Luke] Did you ditch?

[chuckles] It's all right. You can tell me.


I hit the break, you know. [giggles]

I hated school too. My boy!

Hey you know what...

Listen, hey.

Hey, look, I know I'm hard on you sometimes.


But sometimes, I see... I see your mother in you, and it gets me a little tweaked, you know?

[both laugh]

You're a good boy. Mm-hm.

And I love you, son.

Come here. I love you.

I love you, son.

I love you. [sighs]

[JJ sniffling]

Love you too, Dad.

I'm sorry. [Luke] Ain't got nothin' to be sorry for.


You're a good boy.

[breathing shakily]

[engine starts]

How'd it go?

Hey, did you know his father? [Shoupe] Sure, I knew him.

I liked him.

He was a good man. [Thomas] That's what I hear.

Shame what happened to him.

[man on radio] Dispatch, this is...

[radio chatter continues]

[Thomas] Hey, Shoupe? Yeah.

[Thomas] You're gonna wanna take a look at this.

[Shoupe] What you got?

Is that what I think it is? [thunder rumbling]

[Thomas] Yeah.

[Shoupe] Holy Jesus.

Wouldn't wanna drop that on your foot. [chuckles]

What are you thinkin'?

[Shoupe] I'm thinking this kid might have finished what his old man started, which means...

Tag that as evidence. [gold clanks]

From now on, we tag everything.

Yes sir, Sheriff.

I think we're lookin' at somethin' bigger, Thomas.

Somethin'... a lot bigger.

It'll be fine.

It'll be fine with the Phantom.

She'll get out quick. [sirens blaring]

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

They're still looking. It's a good sign.

[man] We need one more.

Whoa, whoa! Hey, is that... is that Sarah Cameron?

Sarah, what are you doing out here?

Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Landry. [Mrs. Landry] What are you doing here?

I'm just taking a nice ride on my paddleboard.

[Mr. Landry] Sure? Here's some water.

[Mrs. Landry] Sweetie, there's a storm headed right for us.

[Mr. Landry] Yeah, you can't stay out. What storm?

[Mr. Landry] You don't know? [Mrs. Landry] Get in.

Rose would never forgive me if we left you.

Get in. I insist. [Mr. Landry] No.

Please do not tell Rose you saw me. [Mr. Landry] We insist.

I'm begging you. Get in the boat.

Get in. No. I'm meeting someone.

[Mrs. Landry] No. You're coming with us. [Mr. Landry] Get in.

[sirens blaring] Shit, man. They're after him.

Hey, you know if we get him dead or alive, there's a reward. 25K, right?

Yeah, obviously, brother. That's the first thing I thought of.


Shit. [chuckles]

Wait. Hold up. [Barry] What?

[Rafe] Yo, is that Kie?

There go that little bitch-ass, right there.

[Shoupe] Historical fact, it was 400 million... in British government gold bars.

They got a little, uh, replica down at the museum.

[Thomas] Oh, yeah, I heard about that.

You ought to check it out, if you get a chance.

[radio chatter]

They got all kinds of cool nautical shit in there.

[Thomas] I'll have to check that out one of these days.

[Shoupe] Let's see what else we can drum up in here.

Shit. [panting]

[feedback squeals]

Shoupe, you there, buddy?

I think you know who it is.

Come on out.

Nice and easy.


Wait, wait, wait! Don't shoot!

I just want to talk.

All right. Take it easy. [John B] I want to talk.

You gotta listen. [Shoupe] John B...

I didn't do it, Shoupe.

Calm down. Keep your hands where I can see 'em, all right?


Now, I'm gonna approach the vehicle, and you don't run, and I won't chase.

Okay? [John B] Okay.

I wanna talk to you, kid.

I'm comin' down. Hey, listen. Listen. Listen.

I didn't do it. [Shoupe] Okay, I'm listenin'.

[John B panting] It's not what you think, okay?

You gotta take your hands... Take your hand off your gun.

Both of you, please.

Tell him to take his hand off. Get your hand off your weapon.

All right. So, we're gonna talk, right?

Yeah. Yeah?

[John B] Yes. Okay.

I wanna tell you everything, okay?

I wanna see that hand. [engine starts]

Don't... [Thomas] The car!

Don't you dare... Hey, holster your weapon!


God damn it.

[thunder rumbling]

[siren wailing]

Command, this is Shoupe at the suspect's residence.

We just had a confirmed sighting.

Suspect is currently headed north on Middle Road...

in a Kildare County Sheriff's vehicle.

[woman] We got him on GPS. He's on the north end of the island headed toward the Point.

All units be advised, the suspect is on the north end of the island, headed to the Point.

[sirens wailing]

[JJ] There she be.

Hey, girl.

A 1983 Formula 402 SR1.

The Phantom.

[clicks tongue] Mm-hm.

The first boat to make the run to Bermuda in under 16 hours, Kie.

Forty years old! Forty.

And still the fastest thing that Kildare's ever seen.

It's kind of a junker.

Really? She's right there, Kie.

She can hear you. Let's just put it this way.

You would not be smokin' weed right now if she never existed, okay?

I just hope it runs. [JJ] Oh, no, she'll run all right.

She's faster than any cutters the boys in blue got.

[motorcycle approaching]

[tires screech] Pope. Finally.

Hey, there. What's goin' on?


How you guys doin'?

Whoo-hoo! [Barry whistles]

[clears throat]

Well, well...

[cocks gun]

See, don't think I forgot about me and you on the side of the road.

I'm here because I want my motherfuckin' money.

[Kie] JJ! JJ!

Rafe! [Barry] That's what I'm here for!

It's not you we want, Kie.

Where's John B? I don't know!

[Barry] Stay down, boy.

Phew! [chuckles]

I really wish you didn't do that.

I know what you did. [Rafe] What? What did I do?

You murdered Peterkin.

[thumping] [Barry] Listen...

[JJ grunting] [Barry] Where is my money? Huh?


Don't you ever say those fucking words again.

Rafe! [Rafe] Understand?

[grunting] [Rafe] Do you understand? Where's John B?

Stay down, boy!

Where's John B? I don't know!

Where's John B? Huh? I don't know! I don't know!

[Barry] Hey! Don't touch her!

[both grunt]

[pole clatters]

Rafe! [cocks gun]

[JJ] Kie! Kick it!

[all grunting]

[Kie] Pope.

Okay, Pope.


[JJ] Hey, Pope! [Kie] Pope, that's good! Stop!

[JJ] He's had enough, dude. [grunts]

[Kie] He's good. [JJ] Snap out of it, man.

Snap out of it, dude! [Kie] Pope!

[JJ] Stop, dude! Pope, that's too much!

Dude, come on! Stop! Stop, dude! [Kie] Pope! Get off!

[JJ] Let go! Come on! [Pope yells]

[Kie] Look at me!


[JJ] Shit. Oh, shit.

[Kie] It's okay.

[coughing] [Pope groaning]

[Kie] Okay, we gotta go. We gotta go.

Stay off the cut. [engine starts]

[Kie] Pope.

[thunder rumbling]

[siren wailing]

Dude, where is he?

Give him a second. He'll be here. He's coming. He'll be fine.

[siren wailing]

[Kie] JJ! Hey, yeah. Get back on the boat.

Untie it. Shit.

[JJ] Wait.

No way.

[Pope] No f'ing way. I'm sorry.

You've gotta be kidding me. [Kie laughs] Uh...

Shoupe let me take it for a spin.

Okay. That's believable. I'll buy that for now.

[JJ] It wasn't easy, bro, but I got the Phantom for you, and she runs like she was made yesterday.

[keys jingle] [JJ] You ready to go?

Where's Sarah?

[Kie] She's not with you? No, we got separated in the swamp.

She said she'd meet me here. No, we haven't seen her.

Okay, well, I'm not leaving without her. [JJ] John B, look at me.

I know you feel bad for leaving, but there's no time, man.

You've got plenty of gas, plenty of food.

Once you get around that point, it's a straight shot across the sound to Dismal Swamp, okay?

Once you get there, lay low, all right?

Hang out for a couple of weeks and then go overland, cross the border at Brownsville, you got that?


You... Hey! You got that? Yeah, yeah. Brownsville.

[thunder rumbles]

[JJ] All right. Saddle her up, saltwater cowboy. Let's do this. Yeah.

[John B] Hey. Hey.

I'm sorry for basically... throwing us off a cliff with this whole treasure hunt thing.

Hey, John B, yo... we were bound to run off a cliff at some point, right?

[all laugh]


At least we did it together, though.

Pogue style.

Pogue style.

Get out of here! Please. Now.

We'll see you in two months, down in Mexico.

[JJ] Love you.

Hey, wait... wait a second.

[thunder rumbles]

Tell Sarah I said goodbye, okay?

[JJ] Don't forget. Cross the border at Brownsville, okay?

[John B] Got it.

[distant sirens wailing]

[Barry sighs]

Sheriff Peterkin, huh?

Badder than I thought, Country Club. [chuckles]

[thunder rumbles]

But you'd better hope that you're worth a hell of a lot more to me than that 25K reward.

Hey, Country Club!

I own you now.


[siren wailing]

You okay?

[stammers] I'm sorry for... acting like a dumbass.

I was just upset, and I was acting petty... Yeah.

...and I just... It's okay.

...just wanna be friends again.

[thunder rumbling]

[Pope sighs]

[sirens approaching]

Hey, guys, I'm sorry to ruin the party, but, uh, we gotta go right now.

Come on!

[Kie] Pope.

Move. Hands up! Hands up! [Kie] Pope, hands.

[Shoupe] We're too late. He's gone. God damn it!

Bratcher, have your guys stand down.

Let me talk to these kids. All right, where the hell is he?

Where the hell is he?

JJ? I see you're livin' up to your name.

Pope, how about you? This isn't a fucking game!

You can do the right thing now! Where'd he go?

Suspect has just left Station 26 in a small boat.

[Bratcher on radio] Need marine patrol to respond.

[woman] Weather advisory for Tropical Storm Danielle, expected to make landfall in the Outer Banks and surrounding areas within the hour.

- Wind speeds are 65 miles per hour... [Sarah] John B!

- ...and rising... Sa... Sarah!

[Sarah] John B. Wait! [John B] Sarah!

[Sarah gasps]

John B.

Hey. What are you doing? I didn't think you were coming. You weren't at the dock.

You were just gonna leave without saying goodbye?

[both chuckle]

Don't ever leave me again.

[sirens whooping]

[Shoupe] Sorry about that. Here. [thunder rumbling]

[man 1] I think so. They're still trying to verify...

[man 2] Mobilized... Follow Plumb to that tent.

Wait for your friends. [man 3]...SBI on the scene...

[man 4] They killed a person. [Plumb] This way.

[man 5] That's all you can say? [Plumb] Come on.

[Shoupe] Right to your left here. [Plumb] Right here.

[Shoupe] Sit down. Don't move. We got a lot to talk about.

Keep an eye on these kids.

[officer] Blockade is up at the marsh and Masonboro and all other inlets from Shem Creek to Breach Inlet.

I want eyes on all coastal access points, people.

Let's get this guy.

[officers chattering]

[Sarah] It's like the entire sheriff's department.

Holy shit.

[John B] We'll go dark and let the tide pull us out.

[controls beeping]

[woman]...east side trailer...

[man 1 on radio] ...all access points...

[man 2] There's gonna be a lot of water by tomorrow...

[John B] Sh.

[Sarah gasps] [thunder rumbles]

[thunder crashes] [static crackles]

[man 3] You see somethin', sir? [static crackles]

[Bratcher] I did... but now it's gone.

Maybe it's just pickin' up the lightning from the storm, sir.

[Bratcher] Let's get eyes on the other side of the Point.

[man 4] We need eyes on the other side of the Point. Go.

We're clear.

Hey. Hey, we're gonna make it.

Yeah, we just gotta go north through the swamp, then we just follow the... Follow the North Star.

What everything spins around.

[thunder crashes]

John B, look. [gasps]

[Sarah] No, no. No, John B, the lights.

[man 5] Hey, we're back up. We got power.

Wait. No, no.

No, no.

No. Shit! Get down, get down.

[man 6] That's them! There they are!

[sputters] [Sarah] Is it not turning over?

[John B] It's not. [Sarah] What do we do?

What do we do? Check the engine.

[Sarah] Okay. [John B] Go!

[group clamoring] [woman] It's the Phantom.

[Sarah] What am I looking for? Check the choke!

The little ball. [Sarah] What is the choke?

Just squeeze the ball, Sarah. [Sarah] I'm squeezing it!

[John B] Yes...

Bogey spotted off the lighthouse, running lights out. I think it's them.

[sirens wailing]

[Sarah] Go! [John B] Come on. Come on, sweet Jesus.

[Sarah] Is it working? Oh, here we go.

Sit down, sit down. [Sarah] Yeah, yeah.

[woman shouts]

[man 1] Looks like the Phantom!

[sirens wailing]

[yelling] [man 2] Go! We're gonna get soaked!


Hold on, hold on, hold on. Ready?


[Sarah] John B!

They're coming from around the cut! [John B] We've gotta go south.

Into the storm? Yes, into the storm.

Subject is changing heading. They're headed south.

In that boat?

Suspect is attempting to escape to the south.

Our attempts to contact the vessel were unsuccessful.

We're gettin' hammered here.

Hold your position, Captain. [captain] Roger that.

I got one more card I think we can play.

[John B] Sarah!

John B?

John B, I know you are there, son. I know you can hear me, and if you love my daughter like I think you love my daughter, then you will turn that boat around and come back.

You are going into a storm that you cannot survive.

John B, please, I will make it right.

I promise you. Come back.

No, don't listen to him. He's a liar.

[Ward] John B, I am begging you.

[John B gasping]

Think of her and turn around.

[breathing heavily]

John B, what are you doing?

Ward Cameron, do you hear me?


Yes, son, I'm right here. I'm right here.

Please bring her back, okay?

We'll work it all out when you get home.


[John B] You killed my father, and you framed me for a murder I didn't commit.

You took everything from me!

You took everything from me!

But I'm still here.

And I swear to God, Ward, I will come back one day and take what's mine.

So, you listen to me, all right?

I'm comin' for you.

I'm coming for you.

What would you do if I wasn't here?

Look, I'd rather die than go to jail, Sarah.

I'd rather die than be without you.

[John B] Hold on! [Sarah gasps]

[Sarah screams]

[man] We've lost their radio signal, sir.

[static crackles]

Those are kids out there.

Don't stop lookin'.

[captain] Understood.

You don't go anywhere.

We're gonna need to talk to you.

[Sarah yells]

Grab onto something!

[siren wailing] [thunder rumbling]

[man 1] Wanna have Search and Rescue standing by.

[radio chatter]

[woman] Any response? [man 2] They're not calling it off yet.

Did you find them?


So, they got away?

[thunder crashes]

We, uh... we lost them.

I'm sorry.

You lost them?

What do you mean you lost them? Like, they're gone?

What are you talking about? They took an open boat into a tropical depression, Pope.

So, they're dead?

We don't know.

You drove them straight through the storm, man!

Are you kidding me? Come here!

I'm gonna kill you! JJ, stop!

I'm gonna kill you, you bastard! Hey!

You killed him!

He didn't kill anyone, and you know it!

We're still looking for him, all right?

Pope. Pope, just stop.

Please, stop.

[thunder crashes]

[Kie sobbing] Pope! Pope...


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry!

It's okay, baby.

They didn't make it, Mom. I know.

[Mrs. Heyward] It's okay. It's okay.


[seabirds calling]






Sarah! [Sarah] John B?

Sarah. Hey.

[gasps] [John B] I'm coming.


It's all right. I'm coming. [gasping]

[John B] I'm coming. Hey.

I got you.

It's a boat.

Hey... Hey! [John B] Help!





Hey! Help!


[John B] Help!

[Sarah] Help!

Help! Help! [Sarah] Help!

[John B] Hey! [Sarah] Help!


[gasping] [sobs]

[John B] Oh, Sarah, I'm sorry.

[sobs] [John B] I'm so sorry.

[boat horn blares]

John B, they see us!

[John B] Here! We're over here!

Yes! Yes! Hey!

Hey! [laughs]

[both laughing] [horn continues blaring]

[captain] Come on. I got you, big boy. Ah, come on. I got you.

You all right? [John B] Yeah.

Oh, man, y'all lucky that we came through here.

[shivering] [captain] Hey, Larry! Get some coffee on!

Boy, if we wouldn't have saw y'all, y'all'd have been a gone pecan.

Anybody I can call, let 'em know that you're okay?

[shivering] We don't really have anybody to call.

[captain] Come on in, get warm, man.

Yo, Larry, put some soup on, too!

Watch your step. Come on. Get in here. ♪ Just hold me tight ♪

- ♪ And tell me you miss me ♪ Where you at, Larry?

[Larry] I'm comin'! - ♪ While I'm alone ♪

- ♪ As blue as can be... ♪ Have a seat, baby.

[Sarah] Yes. Here you go.

You just made my day a whole lot more interesting.

Thank you. [captain] Thanks, Larry.

[Larry] Yeah.

Where in the hell was y'all trying to go? ♪ Stars fading ♪

- ♪ But I linger on, dear ♪ Um...

Could you just drop us off at the next port?

- ♪ Still craving your kiss ♪ It doesn't matter where.

♪ How you crave my kiss ♪

♪ Now, I'm longing ♪ I was young and in love once.

- ♪ To linger till dawn, dear ♪ Turned into a goddamn disaster.

- ♪ Just saying this ♪ It was fun while it lasted, though.

♪ Give me a little kiss ♪ [captain chuckles]

♪ Swee-ee-ee-eet dreams ♪

♪ Till sunbeams find you ♪ Where'd you say you were going again?


♪ Sweet dreams That leave all worries behind you ♪

[gasps] The Bahamas. - ♪ But in your dreams ♪

♪ Whatever they be ♪ The gold. [Sarah] Yeah.

♪ Dream a little dream of me ♪

♪ Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz ♪

- ♪ Stars fading ♪ [vocalizing]

♪ But I linger on, dear ♪

♪ Still craving your kiss ♪

[upbeat instrumental music playing]