Outer Banks S1E2 Script

The Lucky Compass (2020)

[rooster crowing] [John B] Look, for nine months, they tried to get me to believe my dad's dead.

[thunder rumbling] - [John B] They say I'm in denial.


Denial's underrated. You should try it sometime.

It's highly effective, and it's only denial if you're wrong.

It doesn't make any sense.

My dad is the last guy who would ever get lost at sea.

This compass coming back to me, my father's compass, which was passed down for generations, it's a sign.

My dad's still alive, and I'm gonna find him.

Wheezie, shut up.

[metal clangs] [Sarah gasps]


You're not Wheezie.

[sighs] Correct.Yeah.


[John B] I'm sorry. - What are you doing?

Uh... I'm just dropping off some scuba gear.

What are... what are you doing... here?

It's our boat.

It's also the only place with air conditioning.


Did you, um... top up the tanks?


No. No, power's down, so the compressors were off. [clears throat]

So, you're sneaking onto our boat at 5:00 a.m. with empty tanks?

I'll make sure to tell Ward.

Okay. Okay.

Cool. Cool.

Just drop these off.

Yeah, yeah, the middle of the room is fine.

Yeah, this is pretty much what he told me to do.

[Sarah] Bye.

Actually, you know, what... what exactly were you gonna tell your dad? [chuckles]

Nothing much. Just that you poached our scuba gear.

Okay, fuck. I borrowed it for a few hours.

Okay? And then I brought it back intact and unharmed.

Minus air.

Look, please don't tell him.

Okay? He'll fire me. [Sarah] What are you gonna do?

Pull a gun on me?

I didn't know JJ would do that. [Sarah] That's convenient to believe.


Maybe you should get better friends.

Well, maybe you should get a better boyfriend.

[scoffs] Like one who doesn't poach?

Look, please, just don't tell him.

Okay? [Sarah] Relax.

I'm not gonna tell him anything.

Your secret's safe with me, John B.

Okay, you can leave now.

Right. Yeah. Uh...

I'll leave... I'll leave that right there. [Sarah] Bye.

[John B] Later.

[rooster crowing]

[JJ] DCS! I know you're in there!

[John B] Whoa! [laughs] Gotcha, slick.


You should have seen your face. Your face was like...

[JJ] I'm just saying, I don't understand why you don't at least try with Kiara.

She clearly likes you.

She's like, "Oh, John B." Is that what she does?

[JJ] She's sketching about you diving, then she kissed you.

She kissed me on the cheek.

It's not like we were makin' out. Low-hanging fruit, bro.

Don't pretend you don't notice.

I see it in your eyes.

You're like, "I kinda like that," and you start blushing.

[John B] I blush? Yeah.

[John B] Really? [JJ] Yeah.

Hey, don't... I was just looking at it.

I gotta admit, your father's compass in Scooter's boat, that's freaky.

Yeah. That's why we're going to talk to Ms. Lana, figure this whole thing out.

I'm sure she would just love to talk to us.

It's not like her husband just drowned or anything.

♪ I told you, but not aloud ♪

When put to words I couldn’t even make a sound ♪

♪ And I see you sometime... ♪

[seabirds calling]

[JJ] Know what this house looks like?

Whoever lives here smokes too much weed.

[clattering, glass smashing]


[man] Bullshit! Maybe we should come back.

It's a little too soon. No, no, shut up. Shut up, JJ.

[man] Tell me where it is, or I'll fuck you up. [Lana gasping]

[man] I'll sink you in the fucking...

[crashing] [Lana screams] You're hurting me!

I... [John B] Shut up. Come on.

[man shouting indistinctly] [John B] Come on.

[man] Where the fuck is it, you bitch? [Lana sobbing] I don't know!

[man] Is it here in this house? [crashing]

[Lana sobbing] [man] Is it somewhere else?

[Lana] Please! I... I didn't...


You... Shut up.

Still think we should stay?

[thumping] [man] The compass wasn't in the boat!

Where is it, Lana? [Lana] I don't know!

[glass smashes] Don't listen.

Is that paint? [John B] Yes, it's paint.

[Lana wails] [man] Let's get the hell outta here, man.

We should just go. He's got smuggler... [John B] Shut up.

...smuggler written all over him.

Shut up. Shut up. [Lana sobbing]

[engine starts]

[JJ] Dude, those were the guys that shot at us.

That's. Go back.

[Lana sobbing]


Ms. Lana?

Ms. Lana?

Hey. Hey!

Hey, are you okay?

It's okay. [JJ] Dude, she's tweaking.

Do you need a doctor? [sobbing]

Let's call the sheriff's department. No cops, please.

Mm. That's not good. Come on, dude. Let's just go.

You shouldn't be here.

That's enough for me. Come on. Wait, wait.

What do you know about these guys?

[Lana] They were looking for something.

Does it have anything to do with this?

Do you know anything about this?

This is my father's, and Scooter had it.


[Lana] Scooter didn't have it, okay?

Don't tell anyone you have it. [JJ] Come on.

Why? [Lana] They can't know!

You've gotta get out of here! What do you know about the compass?

[Lana] Go! Get out! We gotta go. Let's go.

Jeez, man, this is nuts.

Agatha's a bitch. [chuckles] Damn right, she is.

A bitch.

I mean, I just... I can't get it out of my head.

It's just on repeat. "Your move, broski."

Bro, he had a semiautomatic pointed at your head.

That's what I'm saying. It's insane. Safety off.

That Pogue. They're freaking Pogues, man.

You know you should get a piece. What do you mean?

You gotta fight fire with fire and defend the homestead.

Right? - Yeah.

Better than being caught without one. Listen, guys.

I-I'm gonna get him back, all right? I'm making it a little project of mine.

[boy] Yeah, you should. [quiet conversation]

Yo, that's Sarah.

[Sarah] Oh, so you left her in the boat? [girl] Mm-hm.

Okay, can you tell me what she looks like?

She has a trunk and blue ears.

Okay. I'm gonna get her for you. [girl] Be careful of electricity.

[Sarah] I'll be okay.

It's dangerous. Stay. What's she doing?

Watch her fall and make a big drama out of it.

Hey, there's 14,000 volts in those wires.


Hey, Sarah, be careful!

Oh, you gotta be kidding me. Sarah, get down now!

Rose, calm down. I'm an athlete. I got this.

You're gonna get electrocuted! Get down!

[boy] She wants attention. [Rose] You kidding me? Get...

Oh my... No. [Topper] Sarah, that's not funny.

[Rose] When I tell your dad about this, Sarah...

Little fried Sarah.

Rafe, your sister's crazy, man.

I see her.


[Rose] Sarah!

When I tell your dad... [gasps]


[woman] Lord... [girl] Sarah!

Sarah! Sarah!

[laughing] Ah.

It's disconnected. Holy shit!

For the love of God. [boy] She got you.

Absolute sucker. [boy] Oh, my God.

[Sarah] Topper, you should see your face.

Yeah. Okay, yeah, I'm sorry that I care. All right, guilty.

Congrats, pussy, you're officially her bitch.

[laughing] [Rafe] All right.

Officially, did you know that? You're officially her bitch, all right?

[Wheezie] You're worried, like a normal person.

I mean, she could have died.

She does scary stuff like that all the time.

If you say something, it'll be like you're trying to tell her what to do, and you'll end up like Denny.

Wait, Denny? What are you talking about? What happened with Denny?

She cheated on him. And the guy before that.

You know what that means?

You're next. You're the next sucker up.

You should have seen her flirting with John B this morning.

John... John B? The guy that works on the boat?

[Wheezie] Mm-hm. [scoffs]

She caught him stealing stuff off the boat.

Did she tell anybody?

Nope. She was all, "John B, what are you doing here?"

[Sarah] What's up, Top?

Hey, Sneezie. That's not my name.

Ow. No way.

Hey, been looking all over for you.

Ugh. God.

And we were right outside like this. [rooster crowing]

And all we hear is just, "Bam! Bam! Bam!"

Knocking paint off the wall, G! From the inside.

All right? And I'm just looking at him, like...

Wait, first off, look at this shit.

Look at it. The house.

That's dandruff, disgusting. [Pope] Okay, thank you.

Look at all that. All right?

That's paint.

At that point, I was just, like... I'm waiting for death.

Oh, okay, so you saw the guys that shot at us, right?

Yeah. Did you get a good description of them?

What did they look like? Anything.

[Pope] Anything we can bring to a police report?

Yeah. Burly.

Burly? [JJ] Yeah.

You know, like... [Kie] That's not very helpful.

[JJ] Okay, well, no, like the type of guy at my dad's garage.

I mean, you guys know he made cargo hides for drug smugglers.

Yeah. Yes. No, we know. [JJ] I can tell you with full confidence, these boys, these killers...

they're square groupers.

They're square groupers, like narco square grouper?

Like Pablo Escobar square grouper? Yeah, man.

You guys, not everything is a kingpin movie.

[Pope] What does this square grouper look like?

Specifically? [JJ] You weren't there.

You don't know what to look for. [JJ] Dude!

I wasn't taking little mental Polaroids the entire time.

I was under duress, okay?

But I can tell you...

I can tell you by the way that Ms. Lana was screaming... that these guys are serious, serious hombres, man.

It's a heavy vibe right now, okay?

I'm not liking this very much.

Why do they want the compass? [Pope] It's a piece of shit.

You couldn't pawn it off for five bucks if you wanted to.

No offense. I know it's in your family... The office.

[Pope] What?

My dad. My dad's office.

He always kept the office locked because he was worried about his competitors stealing his Royal Merchant research.

We used to laugh at him like he was gonna find it.

But now that he's gone, I've just kinda... I just left it as he kept it.

Yeah, for when he gets back.

[John B] Yeah.

[Pope] I've slept over here like 600 times, and I've never seen this door opened. [Kie] Mm.

Here, look. This is the original owner, right here.

Okay. Robert Q. Routledge, 1880 to 1920. There's the lucky compass, right there.

Actually, um... he was shot after he bought it.

[rooster crowing]

[John B] Then the compass was shipped back to Henry.

He was killed in a crop-dusting accident when he had the compass.

After he died, the compass was given to Stephen.

Stephen had the compass with him when he died in Vietnam.

[JJ] Let me guess, he died in action, right?

[John B] Sort of.

Uh, a-actually, he was killed by a banana truck. In... in country.

Anyways, after that, Stephen passed the compass down to him, my dad.

Hm. Sounds like there's a reoccurring theme here.

Yeah, you have a death compass. [John B] I do not.

You have a death compass. [JJ] Get rid of it.

It's cursed, and made its way back to you.

Look, my dad used to talk about this compartment in here.

Soldiers used to hide secret notes.

[Kie] What's that? [John B] That wasn't there before.

This is my dad's handwriting. How can you know that?

Because he does these weird Rs with the... See it?

[JJ] Can I see it?

"Red... Rout..."

No, I think that's an A. [Kie] It says Redfield.

Right. [Kie] Okay, well, what's Redfield?

[Pope] The most common name in the county.

Oh, maybe... maybe it's a clue.

Maybe it's a clue to where he's hiding. [JJ] Okay...

A clue? Come on, that's...

[rooster crows] [clears throat]

But if it is a clue, maybe it's an anagram?

Yes. Perfect. Anagram. You need paper.

Okay. Here you go.

How can you concentrate with that thing crowing at you?

[John B] JJ loves the rooster. I love the rooster.

[Pope] Let me think.

[Kie] Seriously, think. [Pope] Dedfiel. Colors... That's stupid.

What about Ritalin? [Kie] Um...

Dreidel? Fiddler? [Pope] Let's stick with what we're...

Defile. Does that mean anything to you? Guys.

[Kie] You're missing a letter. Guys! Somebody's here.

[Kie] Guys, guys, is that them? No.

Is that them? [Pope] This is suboptimal.

John B, I told you.

Why does it always... JJ! Hey, look at me.

Where's the gun? Gun? I, uh, I can't...

Now you don't have the gun, the one time we need the gun?

It was in my backpack, and then I... Backpack...

On the porch. It's on the porch.

It's... [John B] Go, go.

[man 1] John Routledge!

[Kie] Guys! [man 1] Come on out now! Fuck...

Where's the compass? [John B] Where's the gun?

They're on the front porch, guys. [man 2] Get out here!

[man 1] Routledge!

Where you at, boy?

[Kie] We gotta leave!

Guys, window. Window. [glass smashing]

[Kie] Hurry. [man 2] Sack this place!


What... what's happening? Why is it taking so long?

It's painted shut, okay? [man 1] I'll check the kitchen.



Okay, guys. Guys. Here, I got it.

[man 1] Where the hell's that compass?

Hey, check the back room.

[crashing] [man 1 yells]

[JJ] Come on. [Kie] I'm going as fast as I can.

Shh... Be quiet.

[man 1 yelling] [crashing]

[man 2] You better not be in there!

[grunts] [door rattling]

[Kie gasps]

[gun cocks]

[rooster crowing]

[man 2] Ratter, check out these blueprints of the ship.

The mother lode.

[chickens clucking]

[rooster crowing]

Do something, Pope. Shut him up.

[Pope] What do you want me to do? Pet it, or talk to it. I don't know.

[chickens clucking]

[clucking continues]

[Pope] You do something.

[clucking continues]

[JJ grunts]


[man 2] Ratter! What the hell are you doin'? Let's go.

[engine starts] [Kie sobbing]

[breathing heavily]

[power tools whirring]

[Sarah] You're lookin' a little unstable there.

[Topper sighs] All right. It's worth it for this view right here.

Oh, you mean, that? Oh, you too. No, you too.



Oh, man.

Hey, uh...

I heard you had a Pogue kinda sneakin' around here this mornin'.

Who told you that?

Oh, it doesn't matter. Um...

Yeah. It's just like, you gotta be careful.

These Pogues are all just lowlifes, I mean...

Don't say that, Topper.

You don't know them. Oh, okay. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that, uh... I'm sorry that they put a gun to my head.


You know what that feels like? No, I don't.

But to be fair, Topper... They'e dangerous.

To be fair, you threw the first punch. Oh.

That's my bad. That's my... I deserved that.

I didn't say that. Shit.

You realize I'm just trying to protect you?

I know, and I appreciate that.

I get it. I don't think you're gettin' it.

You just gonna go hang out with them? Topper, John B works here.

What do you want me to do? John B. Yeah.

What do you expect from me? Hand signals? I don't know.

I'm sorry that I just... just care about you.

Yeah, just... you're just gonna walk away.

[Sarah] Yeah, I am. I can't deal with this.

[Ward] Hey, Top.

How'd your family come through? Is the house okay?

[Topper] Yeah, we're doing all right.

We, you know, had a few leaks, had a tree come close to the house, but, yeah, we're doing all right.

Glad to hear it. [Topper] Yeah.

Hey, listen, what's this I hear about a, uh... kid with a gun at the Point?

Did that happen? Yeah. Yes, sir.

[Ward] My God. You know how those Pogues are.

You just gotta watch 'em.

[Ward] Yeah. Hey, sir, sir. Actually, one of the, um...

I just want to say, one of these kids you gotta watch for, he works for you.

What are you talking about? It's... it's that John B kid.

What ab... He's not the one that had the gun, is he?

[Topper] No, sir, no. It's just, um...

I heard he likes to kinda help himself to gear.

So, I'm just... What gear, Topper?

I don't want to be tellin' stories, sir.

It's just, you got a lot of nice things layin' around.

I'd just make sure everything's nailed down.

Good to see you, Mr. Cameron. Yeah.

[John B] I mean, it's obvious, right?

A family heirloom. What better place to hide a message?

He had to know it was gonna get back to me, right?

Yeah. It's possible. [Pope] It could also be possible that you're concocting wild theories to help, you know, deal with your sad feels. Pope?

[JJ] Bro, you know how I process my sad feels.

Dank nugs and the stickiest of ickies, that's how I do it. I'm not concocting, okay?

My dad's trying to give me a message.

If it helps you believe, John B.

[John B] Look, I-I don't need a therapy session, okay?

Look, I'm not trippin' out.

It's okay to trip, bro, but... Look, my... my dad is missing, okay?


You don't know what it's like to have the person closest to you vanish and then have no idea what happened.

Just wake up every morning wondering.

It's been almost a year.

Hey, he could have been kidnapped. That's definitely a possibility.

Yeah, could be in a Soviet sub getting interrogated by the KGB somewhere.

Absolutely. Uh... or Atlantis.

JJ. Look, what do you think the message is?


Redfield Lighthouse. That's my dad's favorite place.

Right. You're gonna post up and look out for bogeys, okay?

Wait... Why me?

Because you're not coming. Why?

There are independent and dependent variables.

You're independent. We don't know what you'll do.

Shut up! [John B] Listen to me for a second.

Pope, you stand look out with JJ. Okay?

If we get split up, we meet back at JJ's house.


I'm gonna work on my merit scholarship essay, and I'm trying to keep felonies to a minimum.

All right, would you just shut up already?

Remind me what we're looking for again.

[John B] We'll know it when we see it.


Nobody home.

Um... we're here for the lighthouse.

[man] The lighthouse is closed.


[John B] Actually, we... we aren't here about the lighthouse.

We're here about the, uh...

the Royal Merchant.

Then you came to the right place.

I know more... Watch your step here.

...about the Royal Merchant than anyone else in Kildare County.

Holy shit.


Now, the Merchant disappeared in the graveyard of the Atlantic in 1829.

With four hundred million. [man] Correct.

You're a bit of a Merchanteer yourself, huh?

Uh... somethin' like that.

Well, follow me.

I wanna show you somethin'. [chuckles]

I've been workin' 30 years up here.

The view's never changed till two days ago.

The Point's almost gone.

One more storm like that, it'll take the lighthouse.

I'll go with her.

Now, the trick to knowin' where the Merchant is... is knowin' whether she was on the north end or the south end of the eye of the storm.

Now, most experts believe that she was on the south end.

Now, she's on the south end, the bands from the hurricane would have pushed her back out to sea.

But I don't believe that.


I think she was on the north end of the eye.

[chuckles] Which means the bands would have pushed her...

Closer to shore.

[man] That's right.

Now, by my calculations, the Royal Merchant... is about ten miles thataway.

Come on. Come on.

Right here is where the Point used to be.

My calculations say the Merchant's right about there, down about 1,000 feet.

That's what my dad used to say.


Yeah, I... I know this is weird, all right?

Do you know anything about this?

Look, it... it says Redfield in the back, in my dad's handwriting.

Yeah, I don't know why I'm here, but I feel like I'm supposed to be here.

Do... do you have anything to give to me, or to...

Where are you going?

Wait a minute. Look... Look, man, I know this is weird.

I just thought, hoped, maybe you would know something about this, all right?

Sir, you won't believe what he's been through in the past 24 hours.

I mean, threatened, shot at, home invaded.

Home invaded? My rooster was killed.

Look, man, my dad wanted me to talk to you, okay?

If there's anything you could think of that would help us, please, just tell us, okay?

Look, man, please! [Kie] John B.

If you know anything, just... just... [radio beeps]

Wanda, I got two kids on drugs up here at the lighthouse.

Call the police. No!

No, no, no! Let go! [yells]

[Kie] What are you doing? [John B] It was an accident.

John B, we have to go. [John B] I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.

[man groaning] Oh, shit.

Wanda, I'm bleedin'. I've been assaulted.


[Wanda, on radio] Police en route.

[siren approaching]

[Pope] Oh, shit.

[both panting]

[Kie] Seriously?

Shit. This way. This way.


Hey, look. You've... you've got to admit, that was kind of promising.

I mean, my dad, the Royal Merchant, the ranger, the Royal Merchant.

I mean, coincidence? I don't... I don't think so.

It's his job to know about shipwrecks. Okay, but the Royal Merchant?

That's like the most famous shipwreck of all time.

Redfield's one of the most common names in the Outer Banks.

That could mean anything.

Look, as wild-goose chases go, this was a really good one.

Look, I don't know. Maybe we missed something at the lighthouse.

We... we should go back.

[chuckling] You believe me, right?

Right? I think there might be some light to moderate concocting going on at this point.

Look, uh... I get it. Kie, come on.

[Kie] You miss your dad. I know.

I just don't understand why he would put a clue on a compass.

'Cause he knew it would come back to me.

[Kie] You're losing it. You gotta pull it together.


What was that? You.

Uh... I'm... Uh...

I'm... Shit. I'm... I'm sorry.

I... I... [Kie] It's okay.

Oh, God, I'm an idiot.

No, it's okay. No, it's okay.

I'm... It's because I'm freaking out... [Kie] No.

...about my dad and the DCS stuff. Stop. It's okay. I get...

I can't breathe sometimes. [Kie] I know. Look, I don't even mind.


It's the rules, you know? [clears throat]

Yeah, yeah. No Pogue-on-Pogue macking.

Right, rules. [siren blares]

Routledge. I got you, son.

Now, why don't you just be chill and not make me chase you?

Hands where I can see 'em.

[Peterkin] I feel for you, kid. I really do.

I know since they never found your dad, a part of you thinks he might walk through that door someday.

I don't blame you. [Kie] You know I'm a minor, right?

[Peterkin] But goin' on fandangos ain't gonna bring him back.

He's been missin' at sea for nine months.

Your father's dead.

You don't know that.

[Peterkin] Yeah, I do.

And as hard as it is, it'd be best for you to accept it and move on.

You've been runnin' around gettin' caught up in things that do not involve you.

And now you in a heap of trouble.

It's not just foster care we're talkin' about.

It's assault, battery, JD time.

I can still help you out, but we gotta do a little tit for tat.

And this time, you gotta tat a whole lot better.

I know you've gotten hold of a compass.

I don't know what you're talkin' about.

[Peterkin] I know you took it off the wreck.

There ain't much that happens in the OBX that I don't hear about eventually.

Okay, what do you want with this compass?

[Peterkin] It's evidence in an investigation.

I'm gonna need it, son.

Otherwise, I'm charging you.

I don't know what you're talkin' about.

I don't have a compass.

If you skip out on your bail and l lose my money, I'm gonna hunt you down and skin you.

Dad! Cut it.

Thank you, Mr. C. Don't thank me.


[Mr. C] Get in.

[Kie] Give me a sec.

Good. You're gonna be good.

[Mr. C] Kiara.


I told you. You hang out with trash, you get dirty.

[seabirds calling]

[man] Hey, employee of the month, where the hell you been?

You takin' some me time?

Ward C's lookin' all over for you. You know he don't like to wait.

[Ward] Have a seat, John.

[John B] Yes, sir.

Who dotted your eye?

Surf... surfing accident.

[Ward] You've had a hard year, John. A very hard year.

I feel like I've done what I could to help you.

Would you agree with that? Yeah. Yeah. Yes, sir.

I told you you could always come to me if you ever need anything.

Is that true?

Yeah. I mean, you said you'd help me with my DCS case.

[sighs] I need you to answer a question, and I need you to be straight with me.

Did you take gear off the Druthers yesterday?

Yes, sir, I did.

Look, Mr. C, I'm... I'm not a thief, okay?

It was two dollars' worth of air.

Stale. You don't want your daughters... John.

...to breathe that air. It's the principle of the thing.

I cannot have employees that I cannot trust.

I don't want to do this, John, but you have made me do this.

I have to let you go.

Hey, John B.

I'm... I'm sorry, that's it?

Not a, "Hey, how you doin'?"

Or "kiss my ass"?

"Your secret's safe with me"?

What secret are... Oh, that secret.

[John B] I just got fired because of you. And I know you can't imagine that, but some people need jobs so that they can eat.

What the fuck?

You are exactly who I thought you were, Sarah Cameron.

[sighs] Asshole.

[cocks gun] Time's up, boy.

Damn it!

Don't run, boy!

[engine revs] [John B panting]

[Ratter] John B!

[tires squealing]

[both panting]

[Ratter yells]

[John B groaning]

[Ratter growls]

[John B grunts] [Ratter groans]

[brakes squeal] [John B grunts]

[engine revs]

[tires screeching]

[Ratter's associate] Stop!


[tires squealing] [Ratter yells]

[John B grunts]

[groans] [electricity buzzing and crackling]

[dog barking]

[John B whispers] Come on...

[Ratter] You gotta watch those live wires after a storm.


[Ratter] You're gonna give me what I want.


[siren blares]

[John B whimpers]

[wires crackling]

So, how's it workin' out, kid?

It's a whole lot safer if you give it to me than anybody else.

This thing probably saved your life.

Concentrated the shock.


♪ Someday soon, you'll be on fire ♪

♪ And you'll ask me for a glass of water ♪

♪ I'll say no ♪

♪ You can just let that shit burn ♪

♪ And you'll say Please, please, please put me out ♪

[John B] Maybe my friends were right.

- I should let it go. Move on. ♪ I promise not to do it again ♪

♪ Whatever I did to you ♪

[John B] Pull myself together.

- Pick up the pieces. ♪ Oh, please, please, please put me out ♪

[John B] Stop living in denial.

- ♪ Whatever I did to you ♪ [John B] Leave the past behind.

♪ Oh, please put me out ♪

♪ I promise ♪

♪ Not to do it again ♪

[John B] And bury the dead.

♪ Who you lying to, darlin'? 'Cause you can't lie to me ♪

♪ And even he can't tell That's a suitcase between your knees ♪

♪ Oh, I believe That somebody had to leave ♪

♪ But God Almighty, it couldn't be me! ♪


[engine starts] - ♪ And you'll say ♪

♪ Please put me out! ♪

[horn beeps]

- ♪ I promise not to do it again ♪ [JJ] Let's ride.

This better be good.

♪ Oh, please put me out ♪ She says she's not comin'. - ♪ I promise... ♪ Why not?

What'd you do to her, John B? Shit.

Hang on. I'll deal with it.

Um... Hey, uh, what... what are you doin'?

What does it look like? [John B] Spackling can wait.

We're... we're about to make history.

Are you concocting again?

Yes. Yes, I'm concocting.

I'm concocting more than I've ever concocted in my life.

Look, I know you're just being a good friend, and... and I know you're not trying to enable me in my delusion, but... [Kie] Dude.

And I know your dad doesn't want you to see me, but listen to me, please.

Look, you are my best friend, and I need you right now.

And I'm sorry about the kiss thing.

That was super weird, and I feel awkward about it, and...

Listen, I need you and I'm begging. I am begging you. I am begging you.

And I just want to talk for... Oh, my God! Shut up!

What? I get it.

[kisses cheek]


Friends. Yeah.

Back in the friend zone.

[JJ] You mind if I just relax on this one?

It's been a long day, and a lot of weird stuff's gone down.

I'm just gonna lay low. Oh, did you want a hit of this?

I keep the signal clear.

Dude, okay. Do you understand that your problem is that you don't get creative?

If you got creative, then... [John B] Look, I... I know I was wrong about the lighthouse, all right?

And wrong about everything else going on.

But I... I was right about one thing.

Okay? My dad is trying to tell me something.

[John B] Come on, hey.

Hey, come on. [Kie] I'm coming. This place is scary.

John B, what are we doing? [John B] Shut up.

You know how you're trying to remember a song and can't remember who sings it? [Kie] Yeah.

So, Redfield. This whole time, I thought it was a place, right?

But it's not a place.

It's a person.

[JJ] Voi-effing-là.

See, my great-great-grandmother Olivia Redfield.

That was her maiden name.

Help me with the door. Come on.

All right.

[John B and Pope] One, two, three... [Kie] Go.


[Pope] Are you pushing? Yeah, I'm pushing.

[Pope] Come on. [JJ] Hold on. I got it.

[Pope] This door is like 700 pounds. It's not gonna budge.

[JJ] We didn't come this far to get this far, all right?

We got this. [hissing]

[Pope] Whoa! [JJ] A snake!

[Pope] Whoa, whoa, whoa!

[JJ] That's a moccasin, all right.

Ye olde Dr. Cottonmouth.

Death in tall grass. [barking]

[Kie] JJ, shut up. Shut up!

[Pope] You're gonna wake the dead, man. They're afraid of dogs.

Everyone knows that, man.

Wait, hold on. [Kie and John B] What?

If there's one, there's probably dozens. [Pope] What?

[JJ] All around. [Kie] Stop. You're scaring me.

[JJ barking] [John B] Stop barking at the snakes.

Look, John... [JJ] Just making sure it's clear.

Shut up. John, look. [JJ] It's a snake.

We're not gonna get in there, all right? It's not budging.

We should probably just go.

I can get through. What?

No, no, no, no. You think you're gonna fit through the hole?

That hole? [Kie] Look, this is about your dad.

And honestly, I really don't believe in it, but you deserve to know the truth.

I'll do it.

Come on.

[JJ] I'll get those... [Kie] Can you help me with that?

Ready? Come on. Nearly ready.

[John B] Come on.

I got it. [Kie] You got it?

Yeah. [JJ] Yeah, we got it.

[John B] Give her a boost. I'm gonna boost you, all right.

I've seen it in the movies several times. Ready?

Remind me what we're looking for.

You'll know when you see it.

Hold my flashlight.

[JJ] All right, so put your hands right there.

Yep. Foot... [JJ] Your foot.

All right, on three. [Kie] All right...

[JJ] Okay, never mind. Just forget about three.

[Kie] I got it. Oh.

Okay, flashlight?

[Pope] Yeah, here.

[John B] You alive? You got, like, a... a heartbeat and everything?

So far.

[John B] That's good. That's good. Yep.

Uh... I need some more light.

Yeah, yeah, here. Yeah, I gotcha.


[JJ] Did you find something?

Is there gold? Oh, my God.

[upbeat instrumental music playing]