Outer Banks S1E3 Script

The Forbidden Zone (2020)

That's not gold.

[Kie grunts]

Holy shit.

This is from my dad.

[lighter clicks]

[vehicle approaching]

Code red. Code red. Square groupers! Square groupers!

[Kie] Go. [JJ] It's the guys who robbed your house.

Light! [Pope] Light.

Turn your light off, man! [Kie] John B?

Your light!

[man] I see something!

[Kie] Do you think it's them?

[JJ] Homie's got a gun.

Screw this. [men shouting]

[man] Right here!


[JJ] Hurry up!

[Kie] Go! [men yelling]

Guys! Guys! [Kie] Shit.

[Pope] Guys, I'm stuck. [JJ] Pope, come on!

[John B] All right, guys... [Kie] I got you.

No. Pope, don't move, okay? [Pope] You're gonna rip me.

Wait. You're gonna rip me! [Kie] You're fine. Come on!

[John B] Pope, come on!

Nice! Come on, dude.

It's a little Tootsie Roll. [Kie laughing] Come on!

Get in! Stupid!

Come on. [JJ] Come on.

[tires screeching]


Kids are gettin' weirder every year.

That bread had mold on it three days ago. I'll just pull off the bad parts.

Plus, mold is good for you. It's just a natural organism.

[Kie] JJ! Yup, yup, yup!

Hot damn! Let's do it.

Mmm... [gags]

[John B] Holy shit.

[Pope] Oh. X marks the spot.

[John B] Longitude, latitude.

Wait, there's somethin' else in there.

What's that?

It's a tape recorder, dumbass.

[father on tape] Dear Bird. Who's Bird?

That's what my dad called me.

[father] I hate to say, "I told you so," but I told you so.

And you doubted your old man.

I suspect at this moment, you're filled with guilt and self-loathing over our last fight, but don't kill yourself just yet, kid.

I didn't expect to find the Merchant either.

[clattering sounds on tape]

[father] You were probably right to call me out.

Wasn't exactly Father of the Decade.

[sighs] What can I say, kid? I could smell the barn.


And hopefully, we're listenin' to this in our brand new sugar-shack down in Costa Rica, livin' off passive investments and pulling on permits.


If not, and you find this for less than optimal reasons, well, that's what the map is for.

There she is, the wreck of theMerchant.

If somethin' happens to me, finish what I started.

Go for the gold, kid.

I love you, Bird, even if I didn't always act like it.

[vehicle approaching]

I'll see you on the other side.

[static crackles on tape]

[tape recorder clicks off]

[John B sighs]

[sobbing] [JJ] Holy shit, he did it!

Big John... He found the Merchant... Can you... can you please?

[JJ] Sorry. [John B sobbing]

[acoustic guitar playing]

[distant thunder rumbling]

How much was it again?

[John B] Four hundred mil.

[loon calling]

[JJ sighs] All right, let's talk the split.

Now, before we say "evenly," may I remind you that I am the only one that can properly defend us from those groupers who were after us.

Protection? Not cheap, okay? [Pope] You haven't trained.

You've done zero training. [JJ] YouTube, bro!

That's at least a five percent bump right there.

[Pope] You haven't... Any objections? Didn't think so.

[Pope] Yeah. [JJ] I don't hear any, so… What are you gonna do with your 100 mil, Pope?

Pay for college in advance.

And also, textbooks. Those are expensive.

What about you, Kie?

Yeah, what does a socialist do when she's rich?


Just wanna make a double album.

About OBX, the Pogues. [Pope chuckles]

You know, the way Catch a Fire is about Kingston.

Record it at Marley Studio, Peter Tosh producing.

Peter Tosh is dead. [Kie] Peter Tosh is dead. I know.

Spirit of Peter Tosh will never die.

[JJ] I know what I'll do.

I'm gonna get a big ass house on Figure Eight and go full Kook.

You're gonna go full Kook? [JJ] Yup.

Gonna get a marble statue of myself, and then I'm gonna get a koi pond.

Put a bunch of those fish... [Kie] I'm never visiting.

What are you gonna do, JB?

To going full Kook.

[all] To going full Kook!

[Kie laughing]

[JJ whistles]

You guys see that?

That's the Malibu 24-MXZ, the world's finest wakesetter.

Number one in luxury, quality, and performance.

200K, easy.

We picked the wrong parents. I hate to break it to you guys, but that's Topper and his girlfriend.

You don't have to act like you don't see us, bitch.

[Sarah] You should've heard how John B talked to me.

That kid's got a mouth on him!

Well, he showed his true colors, Sarah. He was so rude!

I know! It's what I've been trying to tell you.

I mean, he's lucky your dad didn't press charges.

I know! After stealing scuba from us?

It's just... kind of ridiculous to me.

After everything my dad has done for him. Yeah.

Just so generous.

You'd think he'd be more grateful. I know.

Then he yells at me like it's my fault! [chuckles] That's...

It's... He's a Pogue, at the end of the day.

I mean, you can say we're all just people, or... or whatever, but it's a totally different mindset on the cut.

Yo. You look thirsty!

Okay, what do we... what do we got here? Have some of that, baby.

[sniffs] Oh, my God! [boy laughing]

Mm! [boy] Yeah!

That's how we do it, baby! Oh, man. Come on, Sarah.

[boy] Come on, Sarah. [Topper] Let's go.

What did you do to this? [Topper] He's not playin' around.

[boy] Yeah! Mm!

[Topper] Whoa! Whoa, whoa! [Sarah] Mm-mm. Mm-mm.

Since when did you start drinking?

Since today!

[boy] Wow.

Great going, Kelce.

You guys got it under control?

Yes, sir! It's looking good, sir!

Just clearing the stretch out! [Sarah] Just hydrating!

Almost finished! Great job. Keep it up!

[Kelce] Yeah. Thank you! Thank you.

Just a moment, friends, to acknowledge our blessings.

To the big Kahuna...

[snorts] Sh.

Thank you for the opportunity for us to come out here and restore Masonborough to its virgin glory.

[both laughing] [man] Amen.

[boy] Yeah! [girl] Yay!

[laughing] He doesn't like us, that guy.

[Sarah] Yeah. - ♪ You've got the heat for someone ♪

[Sarah] Drink it. Stop!

♪ Someone caught you eye... ♪

[JJ] All right, keep a look out.

We're behind enemy lines.

Yo, come on, man. Just put it back.

What? JJ.

You can never be too careful.

Hey, I predict that bringing a weapon to a four-star hotel will likely cause more problems than they solve.

Thank you, Pope.

I swear to God, I'm gonna throw that thing in the ocean, JJ.

Put it back.

[Pope] There you go. You can't grab a gun like that.

Can't forget my badge.

Professional busboy.

So, where are we going now?

We're getting on the internet because only rich people have electricity right now.

This way!


[Andrew] All right?

What's up, bro?

Mama L, good to see you! Hey, no!

JJ! Mm-hm.

See, they got the backup generators going? Kooks don't miss a beat.

Sweet Lord, the internet! [Kie] John B.

I've missed you. [JJ] Let me get in there.

Gotta check out my Insta models. [Kie] We don't have time.

Go. Nah. Hey. Hey! Hey!

I got the map! [Pope] Coordinates, please?

34° 57' 30 " north. 75° 55' 42" west.

Boom, continental shelf right there. Well, if it's off the deep end, it's not gonna be much of a treasure hunt, is it?


[Pope] Come on, baby.

Come on.

[voices outside]

[footsteps and laughter]

Shit, it's on the high side. It's only 900 feet.

[JJ] That's not too deep.

Is that doable or something? Yeah, totally doable.

Will we be taking your personal submarine?

How do you know this, Mr. Dive Master?

The salvage yard.

They got a drone that can drop 1,000. It has a 360 camera and everything.

It's for, like, deep dives and stuff. It's exactly what we need.

Can your dad get his grimy little hands on that?

Well, my dad's grimy little hands got his ass fired.

I guess the salvage captain frowns on showing up shitfaced, turns out.

But the drone's there. It's in the impound yard out back.

How much did you say was on the Royal Merchant again?

400 million. [JJ] 400 mil.

400 million dollars? Yep.

No. Absolutely not. Absolutely not. No! [Kie] Pope! Move.

Guys, that's too... [Kie] Come on.

Can't we do anything legal for money? [John B] Go.

[retches, coughs] [Sarah] Ugh... Oh, God.

[groans] Okay. [sighs]

Ugh. So, what have we learned?

[sighs] Never mix vodka with Crystal Light.

Very good. [retches]

[sighs and coughs]

Ugh... Please don't tell Dad.

I won't. On one condition.


What's that?

You cover for me sneaking out with Topper tonight.




Do you promise?

I promise.

Oh... [retches]

[Ward] I don't feel like you care. I said I do!

[Ward] You said. What do you want me to say?

[Ward] I don't want you to say anything! Take care of business.

Where are the generators? Okay!

[Ward] I gave you money for the generators.

You said you would take care of it. Did you take care of it? Where are they?

They're on back order.

[power tools whirring]

Yeah, of course they are. - [Rafe] There was a hurricane.

I tell you what. You know that Pogue I just fired?

Way more reliable than you.

[Rafe] Really? [Ward] Yeah, really!

You need to get it together, Rafe, or you can go live on the cut. [laughs]

[Ward] That funny to you? Wow.

[Ward] You can go live on the damn cut, Rafe... as far as I'm concerned.

Now get out of here. I'm sick of lookin' at you.

Make yourself useful somewhere, somehow.

Sarah's not working.

[Ward] This isn't about Sarah, Rafe. You're almost 20.

You don't just get to sit back and have everything handed to you.

Yes, sir. [Ward] It doesn't seem you understand me.

I'll take care of those generators, okay?

I'll believe that when I see it.

Told you.

Shouldn't have bought that motorcycle with the generator money.


Hm. [motorcycle engine revs]

[loud rap music playing] Whoa.

You should pop that collar, bro.

[group speaking indistinctly]

[Rafe] Hey, Barry.

Hey, Country Club!

[Rafe] What's up, bro? What's good with you, man?

Not much, man.

Should've worn a wifebeater. [chuckles]

You couldn't beat nobody, Rafe.

Come on.

[Rafe] What's up?

[woman] What's up? [Barry] What's going on?

A'ight, a'ight, a'ight, let's see what we got here.

[Rafe sighs]

[Barry] Excuse the mess. [laughs]

[Barry] And voilà!

This what we're looking for? Yeah, yeah.

[tuts] Um...

You got that cabbage? So I was hoping for a little credit.

Oh, f... [Rafe] Listen, man...

You're hoping in the wrong place.

[Rafe] You do know how fast I'll move that, right?

Who has my access? Bro, I'll be back here in... shoot, two days, tops.


You want my bike as collateral?

I'll give you the bike as collateral. [laughs]

You stupid.

Let me tell you somethin', man.

You screw me, it's not just me that you're screwin'.

Heard, man. Loud and clear.


[Barry] You got balls, kid. I'll give you that. Two days.

[Rafe] I got you.

Have faith in me, Barry. [Barry] Mm-hm.

I appreciate it. Thanks for coming through, bro!

[John B] Pope, we're not stealing the drone. We're borrowing it.

"Humans are the only animal that can't tell fantasy from reality."

[John B] Did you come up with that? Albert Bernstein came up with it, but it applies to this whole treasure-hunting thing.

Oh. So, which is it?

Fantasy or reality?

Why are you so weird, Pope?

It's fantasy, but possible reality.


Virtual reality.

Keep the signal clear.

[JJ] You know what your problem is? [Pope] You?

[JJ] No! It's that you need to relax, man. You're always so tense!

[Pope] I'm not too tense.

Hey, don't worry. You got this.

It's not me that I'm worried about.

[John B] Got it.

Let's hope this works.

[Kie] Hello?

Excuse me?

[door opens] - [guard] Can I help you?

Hi! Um, I actually have a flat tire.

I was wondering if maybe you could help me out?


[Kie] Yeah? Yeah.

It's too easy.

[JJ] How's it going with Kiara?

It's not awkward, weird, or anything. [JJ snorts]


Honestly, I did not think you were gonna actually listen to me.


I was 100 percent sure she was into you. [sighs]

Pope would agree. Ehh...

So, like, Kie, she, like, definitely gave you the Heisman?

Oh, no question. Yup.


[chuckles] Maybe she's just into somebody else.

It's just this back one right here.

I mean, it must've been a slow leak or something.

Go! Go, go, go, go.

[guard] Been sitting in the yard too long?


Yeah, I... I got this.

[Kie] Thank you.

[all panting]

Got it?

[guard] Yeah...

[thumping] Do you have the right numbers?

All right, so I might have the wrong numbers.

Ah, damn it!

[dog barking]

[JJ] Oh! Hey! That's a cougar. Never mind.

Hi! No, stay there! Good boy.

No, you're okay!

Pope, run!

Back off! Back off! Back off!

I got a toy, boy! Wait, no. I was just kidding. Shit! Okay, sit!

[dog barking]

Do you hear that? Hear what?


Oh, Tebow's got somethin'.

It's probably just a raccoon, maybe. You know?

Nothin' to worry about. Yeah.

[Kie] Yeah.

[tire hissing]

What are you doing?

This one looks a little low too.

[barking continues]

[Kie] Wait! Wait!


[barking continues]

[starts engine]

[barking continues]

[grunts] Yes.

What's that, huh? What's that, Tebow?

What you got, huh? What you got? [barking]

Whoever's up there better come on out!

I mean it!

Don't make me go up there and get your ass!

Wait, Bobby!

Don't shoot.

It's me, JJ. [barking continues]

Luke's kid? What are you doin'?

I swear, okay? I didn't want to, okay?

[Bobby] Tebow, quiet!

My dad made me. Don't you lie.

[JJ] He told me Captain Leo kept his cutting torch.

[breathing shakily] You know, after he got fired.

He said if I didn't get it for him, he was gonna... he was gonna hit me again.

[Tebow panting]

[scoffs] Son of a bitch!

I'm sorry.


Come on down.

I almost killed you! [JJ sniffles] I know.

[Tebow growls and barks] [Bobby] Here! Come on. Come on.

I'll just come up with somethin'.

Tell him I couldn't find it.

Mm-hm. All right. Sorry.

[country music playing on radio]

What in the name of God have we caught?

[hip-hop music playing]

[girl squeals]

[boy] Yo, Topper's on the roof! Turn this up...

[Sarah] Topper! Topper! [boy] Whoa!

Yaaaah! [cheering]

[Topper] Whoo!

[Sarah] Topper!

What are you doing, you maniac? Hey!

Hey, come on, come on.

You're safe with me, all right? Okay.

Let's set this down.

[kids chanting] Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! [Sarah] Hi, guys!

[Sarah howls] [chanting] Jump! Jump! Jump!

Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!

All right, do you trust me? Do I have to?

[Topper] Do you trust me?

What are you talk... I don't...

No! No! [Topper] Yeah!

Oh! Oh, my God! [Topper] You're fine!

Topper! Babe, you're fine! You'e fine.

[cheering] Whoo!

If you don't put me down right now...

[Topper] It's not that far.

Are you kidding me? It's gonna be fine!

No! No! No! [crowd] Jump! Jump!

Jump! Jump! Oh, my God!

Jump! Jump! [Sarah] Topper!

Topper, I don't like this! Don't... You're fine! Look, look!

Do not go any closer to the edge. [Topper] It's not that far.

[Sarah] Oh, my God! [screams]

[crowd cheering]


[Sarah laughs]

[Topper] Can you believe this girl right here?

The coolest chick in the OBX!


[Topper] That's what I'm talkin' about!

You're cra... [laughing]

You're crazy.

Do you know that?

[boy 1] Check it! Rafe!

[girl 1] Quite a night, huh? [girl 2] Yeah! What'd you think of that?

[boy 2] Yo, Rafe! [girl 3] Yo, Rafe!

Hey, if you guys got any cash. Downstairs, all right?

[Kelce] Yo, Rafe. Where you been at?

Hey, yo, I got some yayo. Spread the word.


You see?

Right there is the Big Dipper.

Right... No. [Topper] Right...

[Sarah] Right... Yes. Mm-hm. [Topper] Okay, yup.

[Sarah] And then those two stars in the scoop point…

[Topper] To the North Star, right?

[Sarah] Yeah.

It's the only star that doesn't move.

Everything else spins around that.


I love that you think about things like that.

You know you have nothing to be jealous of, right?


Topper, what? [laughs]

Me, Topper, getting jealous? What are you talking about?

I promise not to put you in that position.


[both breathing heavily]

What? Yes.


You sure? Mm-hm.



[Topper] I love you.

Topper, no, no, no, no.


[Sarah] I'm sorry. Hey, what?

[Sarah] I'm sorry.

What? Did I...

Hey, did I... did I do something? No.

[Topper] What's wrong? Just, um...

I just feel a little buzzed.

So what? So that was just...

that was just some... a mistake, or...

Topper, please don't get mad right now. What? No, no.

I'm not mad. I'm just... I'm just trying to figure you out, 'cause one minute you're all over me, and then the next minute, I'm in lockdown.

So I'm just trying to figure out, are you into this or not?

Here's the thing. I guess it just happened so fast, and I don't...

It was just a... a lot.

All right, whatever.

[whispers] Shit.

[girl] Forty. Here's 60. You got 60?

You got 60? 40.

You know, 40 isn't enough for the amount of coke you've been doing tonight, but I'll let it slide this time.

[Kelce] Whoo!


Top! Hey! Top! Top!

Hey, everybody. Hey, this is Top, all right?

I call him the Shred God. He goes Conan on overheads, right?

What were you last year?

You were, like, top ten. Last year, uh, seventh in Nationals.

Oh! [Rafe] He was seventh in Nationals.

Wow. [Rafe] Girls, look.

Take a seat. Sit down. Sit down, man!

All right, all right. Hey. Hey.

You want a bump?

A bump? Um...

It tastes like bananas. [laughs]


Yeah, I don't know… [Rafe] Hey.

If you don't hit it, then I will.

[laughter] It's true, man. She's been pulling, like, I don't know, half a gram tonight?

No, let's... Yeah, let's do it. Yeah. [girl] Yeah.

Do you want to do one? Yeah. Let's go.

[laughs] [Topper] Let's do a line.


Oh. [girl laughs] Uh...


Whoa, whoa. Hey, take it easy, man.

This is your first rodeo, is it? Hell, no, it's not!

All right! No, bro.

Let's do another one. What? What? Let's... let's do it!

[Kelce] Let's go, Top! Come on.

[rock music playing on radio]

[Kie] Stealing drones makes you hungry.

What I would do to a beer and shrimp and grits right now.

[Pope] It would not be pretty.


Hey, Dad. [Mr. C] Hey.

How'd we do?

Didn't turn it over once.

It's probably just bad luck because of the storm.

Yeah, I'll be sure to tell the banks that.

Guess now is not the best time to ask for free food for me and my friends?


Look at them.

They're greedy pelicans. [John B] So hungry.

I told you to stop hanging around them.

Well, everybody at the Kook Academy hates me, Dad.

'Cause you never gave them a chance. [Kie] I did give them a chance.

They got stuck up. They care more about shoes than surfing.

What am I supposed to do with that? [sighs]

[sighs] These are my friends.


Look. [sighs]

Well, I... I got... I gotta throw it out.

Might as well take it.

Thank you! [Mr. C] You're welcome.

I'll bring it out. Sit down.


[JJ laughs] Oh, yes!

♪ In the afternoon ♪

♪ When the sun is strong ♪

♪ I try to close my eyes ♪

♪ I get lost in thought ♪

♪ I got a company ♪

♪ Got a lot of men ♪

♪ I try my best to share ♪

♪ And take care of them well ♪

♪ But it's never enough ♪

♪ Got a brand-new car ♪

♪ Got the perfect house ♪

♪ And when I get home ♪

♪ My kids laugh and shout ♪

♪ How can I still want more? ♪

♪ How can I feel this way? ♪

♪ Human nature takes over mine ♪

♪ And it goes like this ♪

[fisherman] Appreciate you comin' so quick, Sheriff.

[Peterkin] Not a problem.

This is kind of weird. All right.

I never caught nothin' like this in my nets.

I can tell you that.

It's gonna haunt me.

They don't look like any locals I know.

You recognize 'em?


[cicadas chirping]

[door opens]

[whispers] Hi. Are you asleep?

[groans] Not anymore.

[Sarah sighs]

[whispers] Wheezie, why am I such an idiot?

[chuckles] Where do I start?

Did something happen at the party? Yeah. Um...

It's what didn't happen.

I'm listening.


I told Topper I was ready.

You did? Yeah.

Then... when it came down to it, I don't...

I don't know, I... I couldn't do it.

Did he get mad? Did he stomp? Yeah.

[chuckles] He's a stomper.

Well, it has to feel right. That's what you always say.

I know, but it did feel right.

He was so sweet the entire day.

Well, why didn't you, then?

I don't know.

[JJ] What's this? [Pope] Don't touch that.

I'm trying to work out this thing.

God bless geeks, Pope. Truly, man.

What would we do without you to control the drones?

[Pope] It's not a drone. It's an ROV. Shut up. Shut up.

It's too early for that right now. Hey, once we get footage of the wreck, we'll bring it to a lawyer in town and file a formal claim.

It's bullshit. Why do we have to do that?

Well, there is maritime salvage law.

You can't just go to the ocean floor and scoop a bunch of stuff up.

I know. I know. It's just lawyers aren't cheap, bro.

As soon as they see the footage, they'll work for a comp.

How do you know all of that?

'Cause my dad said it, like, a million times.

[Kie] Yeah, that's fair.

This tether is, like, really long.

In the wrong weather, it could get pushed around.

[John B] Then we'll go at dead calm. [thunder rumbles]

At slack tide?

So now, we just gotta wait around for the right weather.

And today is not that day.

[thunder rolling]

[Sarah] It's your turn.

Uh, for what?

To ask me what I'm doing here.

What are you doing here?

[Sarah] I didn't get a chance to respond the other day after you spat in my face and yelled at me, and you stormed off like a child.

So, first of all, I'm not a liar.

I don't know how Ward found out about the scuba gear, but I swear it was not me.

I'm not the reason you got fired.


That's all. Good talk.


Your favorite.

Good catch.

What the hell?

You boys get these groceries over to Figure Eight.

Get straight back here when you're done. No fishin'.

I promised delivery by this afternoon.

Rich folks don't wanna wait for you lazy sons of...

Oh, JJ, thank you.

...sons of bitches. [Pope] Right.

Doesn't even look like the storm hit there.

That's because they got generators, bro. Get used to it.

And then they say the juice will be out all summer at the cut.

It's nice to be a Kook.

[JJ] Lucky bastards.

Man, that party was insane! [chuckles]

I mean, my first thought when I did the line was…

"Bro, do we have enough?"

It was crazy! I know, right?

That was good shit. Yeah.

Hey, you, uh... you didn't tell Sarah, did you?

Are you kidding me, man? The way she runs her mouth?

Hell, no.


[man] Hey, come on, now!

[Rafe] Shut up!


Shouldn't be taking so long, anyway.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Hey, what?

[Rafe] I don't think he's a member.

It's fine, just... just let him go.

All right, let's, uh... let's go get your ball. Come on.

They put a gun to your head, bro. That's fine. It's fine. Let's go.

Hey, Rafe. Rafe! Let's get your ball, man.

[Rafe] Hey, what's up?

Hey, how much for one of those beers?

They're not for sale.

Oh, wait, wait, wait. You can just give us one, then, right?

Or you can order one, like everybody else.

Listen. Wait, wait, wait. You're not listening to me. Um...

You've got so many, bro, and we've got nothing.

Nothin'. [Pope] They're not mine.

They're already paid for. [Rafe] Already paid for?

What the hell? You probably stole 'em, right?

What the hell? You owe me for that. Oh!

Dude, I don't owe you shit, Pogue.

Buy your own shit! Hey. Come on, man!

We just want one of these beers! Just give us one of these...

You guys are freaking crazy! Give us a beer, man!



[Pope groans] Shit, my bad, man.

Hey. [yells]

[screams] Hey! Rafe, Rafe! Come on, man!

Stay down, bitch! Hey, let's go! Let's go, man!

What, man? Knock it off, Rafe! Come on!

Seriously. Rafe! [yells] Ha-ha!

Time to... [Topper] Knock it off!

Rafe, listen. Come on, man.

[Rafe] Okay... [Topper] Just let him go.

We don't want you here. Got that? [Topper] Let him go, man.

Stay off Figure Eight, Pogue.

See ya! [groans]

[Rafe] Top, let's go!

[Pope moans]

Hey, let's go! [Pope cries out]

[Rafe] Come on. Shit.

[Rafe] Hey, you want a beer?


[JJ] Pope! [laughing]

Dude, you are not going to believe what just happened to me, man!

Whoo! That was the best 100 bucks I've ever made!

When I say count me in on all these grocery deliveries, Pope, I mean it.

What's up with you? Bro, you good?

Yo, what happened to your face, dude?


What happened?

Rafe and Topper jumped me.

They said no Pogues on their side of the island.

What are you gonna do?

[Pope] 2020 Malibu, 24-MXC.

The world's finest wakesetter.

Number one in quality, luxury, and performance.

This is war, Pope.

They hit us, we hit them.

Do it.

[Pope gasping]

[hissing and bubbling]

[JJ] Wow, you did it.

I'm so proud of you right now.

Holy crap.

JJ? [JJ] Yeah?

You can't tell anybody. Oh, no, yeah. Totally, dude.

No, I'm serious, dude. Not Kie, not John B, nobody.

Yup, my lips are sealed. Give me that. Give me that.


[splash] Okay! Let's get outta here.

Hey, do you remember... when you kissed me?

Yeah. Yeah, I remember.

Did you tell JJ? [John B] Um...

I had to.

I mean, Pogues don't lie to Pogues, right?

And plus, JJ just laughed at me because you shot me down, so...

[Kie scoffs] I didn't shoot you down.

I mean, it was really bad timing. You were freaking out, right?

Yeah. Yeah, no, I... I was freaking out. I was freaking out.

Why do you ask?

Just wondering. It's not...

[JJ] Hey! Save some waves for us!

[Kie] Hey, where you been?

[Pope] You really think it's out there? Like, no bullshit?

[John B] My father thought it was.

[Pope] But do you?

[thunder rumbling]

[John B] After hearing his voice on that tape...

I think I do.

[Pope] Only one way to find out.

Look, we're gonna find it, you know?

Even JJ believes.

Oh, my God, JJ, do you really believe?

[JJ] Totally. Wait. Are we talking about four mil?

[Kie and Pope] Four hundred mil.

[Kie] Jinx.

[JJ] I'm gonna dream about shipwrecks.

[Kie chuckles]

[JJ] Good night, Bird!

Good night, bird shit!


[John B] All right, JJ. Pin it here. [JJ] Roger that! X marks the spot.

All right, ladies and gentlemen.

To going full Kook.

[John B] All right, JJ, we're right over it. Ten seconds northwest.

[JJ] Got it! Ten seconds northwest.

One hundred feet.

[gasps] What? What, what, what, what?

It's nothing.

[groans] Sorry, I thought...

Don't do that to me, man.

Come on, bro! [Pope] My bad. I just thought I saw...

And to quote The Hobbit, "Down, down, to Goblin Town.

Down, down, you go, my lad."

[Kie] Four hundred feet!

[thunder rumbling]

The tide's turning.

[monitor beeping]

[John B] Hey, JJ?

[JJ] Yup? [John B] Ten seconds easy.

South-southeast. Copy that!

JJ, 20 seconds mid-speed, all right? South.

Copy that! Aye, aye.

Come on.

Keep the tether out of the prop! [Kie] I'm trying!

[John B] JJ, keep going! [thunder rumbles]

John B, is that good? [John B] We're good!

Okay, 700 feet!

[thunder crashing]


[thunder crashing]

[John B] JJ, hold it steady!

Okay, 900!

[John B] JJ, we'll turtle in this storm. 920!

[John B] Crank it north by northwest! Ten seconds!

Pope, how are we doing? Almost there.

[Kie] There's too much current!

We're gonna lose it! [thunder crashes]

South, southwest, JJ! Hard!

[monitor beeping]

Half speed. Steady at this bearing, JJ!

[monitor whirring and beeping]

What do you got, Pope? Come on, man. What do you see?

Nothin'. A whole lot of nothin'.

You should be right above it, brother.

Kiara! 960.



I'm at the bottom! I'm at the bottom! Okay, steady here, JJ!

Steady here. Quarter speed, all right?

You should be seeing something, man. [Pope] I know, I know! Wait, wait.

Oh, good God.

[JJ] See anything? [chuckles]

It's the Royal Merchant.

♪ Bring me to the edge of the ocean ♪

♪ And give me what you wanna give ♪

♪ Piombino, ah, Livorno ♪

♪ Where I used to live ♪

[upbeat instrumental music playing]