Outer Banks S1E4 Script

Spy Games (2020)

[thunder rumbling]

[John B] There's a moment in every kid's life when you feel like anything's possible.

When you feel like you've got the total mojo.

You could, I don't know, free-climb El Capitan, land on Mars, or, uh... get elected president.

The whole world's there for the taking if you've got the sack to go for it.

And then, when you least expect it, some Kook shows up and tells you there's no eternal mystery.

And then all that talk about free-climbing and Mars and the president... bullshit.

Magic gets cancer and dies.

[John B sighs] It's not there. Look, just... just pull the drone up.

[thunder rumbling] [sighs]


[Pope] Look, we can do another pass. recharge the battery.

We can... we can go back down.

[JJ] We've done it three times. There's nothing there.

[Kie] Shut up! What? It's true!

The gold could be buried. We don't know.

[John B] If it was there, it would've been found on the metal detector, okay?

Somebody beat us to it.

Or it was never there.

[thunder rumbling]

[social worker] Hey, buddy.

You know, Cheryl, it's kind of a bad time for a check-in.

Not a check-in. We're here to take you.

Today? Really?

It's just for a few weeks until your hearing.

No, no, no. Cheryl, look, I'm not going into foster care, okay?

I'm not gonna go be a part of your little system.

[radio beeps]

[Cheryl] John B, this is Deputy Thomas.

He works with juveniles for the sheriff's department.

Look, I know Uncle T is down in Mississippi working at a casino.

He hasn't been here in months.

What? [scoffs]

No, see, that's my nightmare right there. Look, I... I...

I want emancipation.

Emancipation from who? There's nobody here but you.

Uh... asylum, then.

On what grounds? On... on solid grounds. On holy grounds.

Look, I feel real... real prosecuted right now by you and... especially Mr. Big Head over here.

What are you lookin' at, bro? What're you gonna do? You gonna tase me?

John! Oh, yeah, you wanna dance, huh?

Come here, you little... No, no, no, no.

I didn't do anything! Cheryl, get your dog off!

[Cheryl] That's enough! [John B] Okay, okay, okay!

Relax, John. [John B] Okay, okay. I give up.

[radio chatter]

See this, Cheryl?

Do you know who this is?

Yeah, it's my dad.

And do you know what he wanted?

He wanted me to stay here, at home, and you're taking me away from home.

Do you understand that?

It's the law, John B.

The law. [scoffs]

[radio chatter]

[John B] No, stop, stop, stop. Please stop!

My picture! It's the last picture of my dad. Please.

Not gonna happen, kid. [John B] Come on. Just stop the car.

[Cheryl] Tom. Please. That's all I've got left.

[Cheryl] Pull over.

You want me to pull over? [Cheryl] Just pull over.

Thank you.

[radio chatter]

Cheryl, can I help him look? Please? [Cheryl] He's got it.

[John B] This idiot. He's not looking in the right place.

It's gonna get trashed. Cheryl, please.

It's my final keepsake of my dad. Are you really gonna let that happen?


[sighs] [John B] I'm begging you.

Make it quick.

[unlocks doors]

Yes, ma'am.

Thanks, Cheryl.

Later, Thomas! Ha-ha!



[horns blaring]


Hey, what's up, Jorge? What's up, bro?

[John B] Hey, look, there's a snow leopard.

Sorry. [Jorge] What the hell?

I'll give it back. I promise. [Jorge] You better!

I swear. I'll leave it at the park. Come on, dude.

[John B] Look out, you guys! Comin' in hot!

[John B] There's a saying about hitting a jump.

When hucking, it's safe when you commit.

Which, like in a lot of commonly accepted wisdom...

[kids cheering] - Stay in school!

[boy] Hey!

...is bullshit.

[boy] Oh!

Damn! - Oh, God.

Dude! Who put the chain there?

Did you just yeet over that chain?

Oh... Oh, my God. Holy shit, your shirt.

Oh, wow. [Sarah gasps] Okay.

Yeah, that's not ideal. That's not good at all.

[John B] Take me to the hospital. [Sarah] Right now?

Yeah, right now. That'd be fantastic. [Sarah] Yeah, okay.

Okay, well, you have to get up. [sighs] Three, two, one. God.

Hey, do you... do you see a car? Like a... like a cop SUV?

Blue and white, maybe? Yes, there is a blue and white cop SUV.

Shit. Do you see a guy with no neck? [car doors slamming]

[Sarah] There is a guy. He, in fact, does not have a neck.

There's a woman with him.

What are... what are they doing? [Sarah] They're...


Can you... can you just go, please? That's... that's what I'm doing.

Thank you. Thank you. They are stopped at the dead bike.

Why are the cops after you? What, did you rob a bank?

It's probably better if you don't know.

What are you, like, a fugitive, John B?

I don't know, more like a refugee or something.

Hey, you know what? Don't take me to the hospital.

Just take a left, please.

I gotta do somethin'. [Sarah] All right.

Come on.


Hit it, Sancho.

Come on, come on, come on. [Sarah] Okay, okay!

[machinery beeping]

Boat like this don't just sink, Dr. Thornton.

How much is this gonna cost me?

Ah, submerged 24 hours, so you're lookin' at 25, 30K.

And insurance won't cover it?

[chuckles] No. Not for operator error. Plug wasn't in there.

Well, why... why you lookin' at me? Why do you think?

I did not forget to put the plug in, Mom. It's been sitting in the water a week.

I thought that when you turned 16, you'd take more responsibility for your actions.

[Topper] Mom, I did not do this! Are you kidding me?

You think I'm that stupid?

Why is this my fault?

Because it usually is.

[Dr. Thornton sighs]

My mom thinks that I did it...

[rap music playing on radio] ...even though there's no way I could've.

I mean, how?

It's always my fault, no matter what.

She just... she just wants me to be this little robot that... that just checks her boxes.

You know what I mean? SAT prep? Oh, check.

Serving food at the shelter? Check.

I mean, I do... I literally do everything she wants, and I'm sick of it.

Well, we know who did it, right?

It was that little geek Pope.

Pope, yeah. Rafe, if you wouldn't have jumped him on the golf course, I'd still have a boat, right?

Sorry if I, uh... had your back after some Pogue put a... put a gun to your head.

Listen, man, I am not the enemy here.

Am I the enemy here? I'm not the enemy. No.

I didn't sink the boat. Pope did. Okay. All right.

And you need to force him to take some personal responsibility, bro.

Bro, he sank the boat, all right? That shit can't stand.

So what are you gonna do about it?

[Sarah] We've gotta clean that wound. [John B] No.

Sarah, I... I cannot be here.

[Sarah] Okay, well, you have to trust me. Yeah, I did that one time already.

We've already been through this. I didn't rat you out, okay?

So suck it up, buttercup.

Hey, I don't think your old man would be happy if an ex-employee was bleeding all over his house. Shh!

So don't bleed.

[Ward] Hey!

Jerry, don't tell me we can't renegotiate the rate.

We can absolutely renegotiate the rate, Jerry.

That's what we're doing right now.

[Sarah] Hi! What are you doing?

[Sarah] Well, what do you mean?

Shut the door. Come on, sweetie. Sorry.

[Ward] No!

I will!

Go in here. Sit down. I'll be right back.




Lift up your shirt. Phew.

Okay. That's gotta be disinfected.


Wait, is that rubbing alcohol? [Sarah] Yes.

It's the only way to be safe.

Okay, close your eyes. [sighs]

On the count of three.

Ready? One, two... [John B] Two...

[screams] Shh! Are you kidding me?

My God. Sorry.

Never heard anyone whine like that before.



Excuse you. Sorry. Sorry.

Who, uh... who's the dude on the wall?

Oh, it's Denmark Tanny, founder of Tannyhill.

[John B exhales] Founder? Mm-hm.

So, how did a slave found a cotton plantation?

He was a free man.

He's kind of a mystery.

He showed up out of nowhere and paid for all of the land around here in gold.

In gold? Mm-hm.

Hey, wh... I'm not finished, Sancho.

[John B] Denmark Tanny.

I... I recognize that name.

He... he was on the Royal Merchant.

But there was no survivors.

What else do you know about this guy?

When we first moved in, we found a diary, an almanac, a bunch of papers.

Ward donated all of it to the state archives at Chapel Hill.

Can I go see that?

See what?

The... the archives. I need... I need to see them.

I mean, I can get you in if you want. He's got a trustee pass.

Yeah, yeah. I need that.

To Chapel Hill?

Yes. Right now.

Why now?

I... I can't tell you that.

More fugitive stuff?

Uh... fugitive adjacent, sort of.

It's, um... it's a matter of national security.

I've just waited my entire life for someone to say that to me.

Look... God. I know this sounds crazy, but I really need to borrow that pass.

The less you know, the better. Okay? You've just... you've gotta trust me.

No. I don't trust anyone.

Especially not with a trustee pass.

I need to go now.

Okay, then I'm coming with you. [John B] No.


One last mission, and then I'm out of this dirty, dirty game.

[slap] [groans]

Come on. Let's go.

[door opens]



[Pope] JJ! What was that?

[fires gun] JJ!

That's what I thought, man. JJ!

They know.

[JJ] What? They know.

All right, chill, bro. All right? They don't know shit.

Topper knows I sunk his boat. [JJ] How do you know they know?

Because Rafe and Topper posted outside of Heyward's and mad dogged me.

Will you calm down and get a grip, man? They don't know shit.

They have cameras. They could've seen me.

There was no power. How could they have seen you?

It's Figure Eight. They got generators.

They don't give scholarships to kids who vengefully sink boats.

It's not a good look on my transcript. Enough with the regret, bro!

They caved your face in.

They hit us, we hit them. It's the law of the jungle.

Now, if any Kooks come up to you and ask if you had anything to do with it, you walk up to 'em, look 'em right in the eye, and...

Deny the living shit out of it. That's right. Deny, deny, deny.

But just for safety, we don't go anywhere without protection.


Got a couple things to show you.

I should close the door.

I've been doing a little investigative work.

A little recon on my own time.

Is that so? Uh-huh.

Found this in Scooter Grubbs' motel room.

That is the Royal Merchant.

At least, it looks like it.

Now, I didn't know what to make of it, then, those two mainlanders turned up in the gill net.

That was in their truck beneath the seat.

Three people lookin' for the Merchant drowned.Okay.

One was a drunk fool, the others were from off.

Didn't know the currents.

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Until this washed up.

Murder was the case that they gave me.

Coroner's report.

When was the last time you had a homicide?

A long time. Mm-hm.

Look at that.

I mean, who in God's name could do that to a person?

[Peterkin] This is the guy that chased John B through town.

[deputy] Cheryl said he bolted when she went to pick him up for DCS.

Jumped out of the squad car.

Maybe the kid's stepped up to the big leagues.


Good job.


[door opens]

[door closes]

[man 1] Two more on the dolly! [ship horn blares]

[Sarah] Uh... No, no, no, no.

Oh, no. Hey, excuse me, sir?

Wait, wait. Are you sold out?

[man 2] You aren't the only ones.

[John B] God damn it. Oh, shit.

[Sarah] Um...

Hey, follow me.

Okay, yeah. Sure, okay. [John B] Um...

Hey, so, have you ever been on a tugboat? [Sarah] A what?

You're not serious.

[John B] We gotta talk our way onto this barge.

Okay. I got this.

Oh... okay. These are my people. Just wait.

[clears throat] Hey, Cap!

So, question for you...

Um... look, me and my sister really need to get on this boat, man. Can we hop on?


Just... just help a brother out. [captain] No.

Can't do it. Thanks for nothing.

[clears throat]

So... [John B] Um...

So... they're booked.


Your, uh... your... your people? [John B] What, you got a better idea?


Here. [clears throat]Okay.

[Sarah] Okay, grab a tank.


[man] We're about to shove off. [Sarah] Oh, my God.

[man] Gotta go down to the engine room.

[Sarah] Sorry.

[boat horn blares]

Shh. [man]...found.

Then give three tugs on the rope. All right.

Get back up, son.

[ship thuds] [Sarah gasps]


[sighs] We're moving.

Ye... yeah.

I'm so glad that they're still doing this.

Keep calm. Carry on. [announcer] Welcome

- to the summer movie series. [Kie] Back to OBX life.

You know? Aren't you glad I made you come?

Ecstatic. [clears throat]

My couch was pretty comfy, I'll be honest.

We're out of the green zone, man.

Dude, tranquilo, okay? We're in the middle of Kooklandia.

This is the last place I wanted to be. - Shut up, Pope.

Hey, uh... can I get two Pepsis, please?

[vendor] Sure. [Rafe] Hey, Kie.

Hey, what's up?

How are you?

I'm fine. Good, good. Um...

Tell your boy that we know what he did.

Sorry, what boy are you talking about?

Uh, he'll know.


[Kie] Douche.

Just saw Rafe, and he said, and I quote, "Tell your boy that we know what he did."

What is that? [JJ] Um...

Where is he? Right there.

Great, the whole death squad. Ah! [JJ] Don't stare, bro.

Just warning you, bro.

If they corner me, I'm coming out swinging, okay?

Slice and dicin'. I'm on edge right now. Yeah, yeah.

If that doesn't work, I got this right here.

Yeah, yeah. So, we just gotta stay in the group.

They can't get us in the group. Like a school of fish.

Stay in the school. Can't leave the school.

[Kie] I'm sorry, JJ... Stay in school.

Please tell me that you did not bring a gun here.

JJ, there are kids. No!

Kie, I didn't bring the gun. Everything's fine, okay?

Wow, thank you. That's really convincing. I love that, JJ.

[announcer] Welcome to the summer movie series...

Founding principle, you guys. No secrets amongst Pogues.

What is Rafe talking about?

[announcer] All proceeds... Kie, it might go down tonight.

What does that mean?

"Might go down tonight." What did y'all do?

[JJ] Deny, deny, deny.


[Sarah] Oh, my God.

[John B sighs]

What is the hottest you've ever been? Right now.


Do you... I don't know, do you wanna play a game?

No, I don't. Cool.

So, there's this game my sister and I play.

It's called truth or dare, except there's no dare.

So, it's just truth, Sarah. That's truth.


Do you wanna play truth?




You get first question.

[in Russian accent] Why did you kill Dimitri?

[in Russian accent] Oh, that is too easy. Dimitri, he... he knew too much.

He was compromised. [chuckles]

Yes, you know, we all know too much, eventually.

Ah. [John B chuckles]

My turn.

[John B] Mm-hm?

What did you see in the painting?


Look, I can't tell you. Okay?

Why? Because it's for your own safety.

But something made you want to go to the archives, obviously.

Look, somebody who was supposed to be dead wasn't, all right?

Like your dad?

Yeah. Okay. You know what?

I'm sorry. No, it's fine.

Just... No, it's not. I am such an idiot.

That was a really lame thing to say.


I can't imagine losing my dad.

[sighs] My entire family would fall apart without him.

Everybody thinks he's this really rich guy, but he's from the cut, like you, and he's busted his ass for everything that we have.

You appreciate him.


I do.

[sighs] That's how I feel about my dad.

Is that what this is about?

Okay, so, you know how whales make those deep noises?

It's like a... [moans]


That's how... [chuckles]

...other whales hear each other across the ocean, and I know this sounds really weird, but, uh...

I can hear him calling to me...

like he needs my help.

But, uh, I... I cannot let feelings interfere with the mission.

[in Russian accent] No. No, comrade.

Mm. Definitely not.


Look, I hear hooves, I usually think horses, not zebras.

Two tourists fall off their boat in the high seas, drown, and the sharks took 'em.

Yeah. Yeah. I get it. But... this is kinda weird.

First, there's too much water in the lungs, and that tells me that they were dead before they hit the water, not after.

Then, there's this.

Same type of wounds on both corpses.

Now, at first, I thought it was a bite, but it's not.

There's a round curve on the inside.

I think it's defensive wounds from a gaff hook.

Gaff hook? Yeah. That thing you spear a fish with...

Charlie, I know what a gaff hook is.

All right, all right.

My take is that whoever did this was trying to destroy evidence.

They gaffed 'em, they rolled 'em overboard and let the sharks do the rest.

[Sarah] Okay, go, go, go, go!

[man shouting in Chinese] [John B] Come on.

[continues shouting in Chinese]

[Sarah] Excuse me!

Comin' in hot! Sorry!

Sorry. [sighs] [laughing]

[John B] Here's your shoe. Thanks.

Whew! Whew.

Oh, my God.

We're disgusting. [John B] What?

We will not get into the archives looking like this.

Why not?

I promise you, they will not let us in looking like we crawled out of a swamp.

Okay, fine.

- ♪ I never paid it any mind ♪ [both laughing]

♪ I'd rather give up all the time ♪

♪ To you ♪

[Sarah] What about this store? Let's go shopping here.

[John B] Absolutely not.

[Sarah] Whoa, Sancho. I think we've arrived.

Sarah, I don't think you understand. This is like an organ with the wrong blood type. It doesn't work.

You are the single most dramatic person I've ever met.

[John B] No, I'm not. What about cashmere?

Oh, my God. Have you seen this shirt?

Yeah. It's $190!

Yeah, don't worry. I'll sugar mama you.

Sugar mama? What about some glasses?

Little Clark Kent action.

You don't understand. I don't want anything from here.

John B? [clerk] Can I help?

[Sarah] Yes. Yes, you may, Mr...

Mr. Ike. Ike? Sarah.

Jonathan. John.

My friend Jonathan here needs all the help he can get.

I can see that. [Sarah] Yeah.

Aww! You look like you're ready for the middle school dance.

I look like I got kicked out of the barbershop quartet.

Mr. Ike, what about seersucker?

I'm not wearing seersucker. Excellent choice.

And maybe a pink button-down, some bucks?

Bucks? What's a buck?

I'll get a pair.


Just accept your fate.


[John B] Nope, not comin' out. Why not?

[John B] Because you're probably gonna buy it or something? Yeah, well, you're not wrong.

Are you checking yourself out? [John B] No, I'm not!

Stop. [Sarah] Relax, John B.

Not like I've never seen a boy in underwear before.

I have a brother. Get your head out of the gutter, John B.



Oh, man.

Pull your fly up. Got it.

Honestly, if somebody saw me in this... [Sarah] They'd roast the shit out of you.


[Sarah] It's a good thing we're on a secret mission, so we have to assume another identity.

In fact, we probably shouldn't even be using our real names.

Yeah, so we need aliases. What are you thinkin'?


Vlad... from...


What's mine?

Okay. Uh, Valerie from Quebec.

Mm! Valerie du Québec? Parlez-vous français?

Oui, oui, monsieur. Et toi?

[John B] No.No, that's it.

So, since you got to dress me, I'm feeling all spiffy.

I get to dress you. - Bring it.

Wow. It looks great.

It's like a soccer mom's first outing.

How do I put this on?

Is that a lavender or plum?


This dress comes with built-in nunchucks.

[John B] Aah.


[blows raspberry]

♪ These days I feel sad ♪ Wow. You look...

Cl... I mean, you... you clean up nice, Val.

You have a way with words, Vlad.


[clears throat] So, do we have a winner?

I think we have a winner.

Yeah, I think so.

Yeah. [chuckles]

[John B] Can I ask you something?

Why did you come?

To finish the mission. No, for real.


[sighs]...I am 16, and I already know what the rest of my life is gonna look like.

It's gonna be... stupid yacht clubs filled with hollow people making useless small talk, and I feel like if I don't get out of the Bubble Wrap now, I never will.

And then, by the time I'm 30, I'm going to be an alcoholic, and I won't even notice it.

Well, I'd kind of like some of that Bubble Wrap.

Be careful what you wish for.

[John B clears throat] Um...

Best to keep it professional. We've got a job to do. Come on.

Archives. Now.

Okay, the library's not open all night, so we need to hurry.

[suspenseful film soundtrack plays]

[gunshots in film]

[whispers] JJ? What?

Gotta take a piss.

Hold it.

I can't hold it. I drank too much soda.

It's too exposed. They'll totally see us. [Pope] I gotta go.

[man 1 in film] He's messed up... They're blocking the bathrooms.

[man 1] Suppose that saucer

- had something to do with this? Come here. I know where.

[man 2] Your guess is as good as mine, Larry.

Hey, where y'all going?

We gotta wring it out.

You gonna hold it for each other? [man 2] ...murdered... and somebody's responsible.

[man 1] You're in charge now, Lieutenant. [pinging in film]

[man 3] The army convoy moved into the field.

[urinating] [sighing]

[explosion on film]

This feels better than a blowjob.

Like you know how that feels.

This feels better than what I imagine a blowjob would feel like.

[closes zip]

[man 3] He made that decision.

- Colonel Edwards gave the signal to fire. You bring the peacemaker?

Oh, shit, I forgot it.

You forgot it? Hurry up! Hurry up!

Dude, you had one job. That's all I asked you to do, man.

I know. Let's go back. What's up, Pogues?

What's up, Rafe? How you guys doin' tonight?

Isn't it past your bedtime? [Rafe] I wanna talk.

Hey, hey. Just chill out, Topper.

Yeah, that was some nice work you did on my boat.

I don't know what you mean. [Topper] Sure.

Not so burly without a gun now, are you?

Take one more step, I'll rip that prepubescent face off.

Do you feel good, stealing shit?

Is your mom proud of you? Is your dad?

[JJ] Now, attaboy! [Rafe] Whoo!

With your fist, like this, okay? [Kelce] All right...

Come on, Pogue. [JJ] Let's go!

Let's go!

[Rafe] Block him! Hold him still, man! [Kelce] Bring it.

[JJ groans] [Kelce] Come on. Let's go, Pogue.

[all grunting]

[Rafe] Hey, kick his ass, Top!

[JJ] Come on, Rafe!

That all you got?

Let go of him, Topper! Fascist asshole!

[yells] [Topper laughs]

Hey, listen, Pope. All you gotta do... [Kie] Topper, stop!

...is accept personal responsibility. [Pope] Screw you, Kook!

[Kie] Oh, let go of me, Rafe!

[Rafe] Stay out of this, Kiara! [Pope] Kie! You okay?

[Kie screams]

[Topper] Come on, man. Just admit it!

Admit you did it, bitch! Ow!

[Topper] Come on! [JJ groaning]

[Topper] You don't mess with me, Pogue! You hear me?

I'm gonna give you one chance.

[Pope choking] [Topper] One chance, Pope!

One chance. Come on! One!

Got anything you wanna say, bro?

Come on! Got something you wanna say?

Shit! [JJ] Pope?

[Rafe] Finish him off, Top!

[crowd gasps, clamoring]

[man 4 in film] The ship's on fire!

[Rafe] Guys! Fire! [Kie] Get off of him!

[coughing and wheezing]

[Kie] Kelce, let go of JJ!

[crowd gasping] [coughing]

[Rafe] Let's get outta here.

Holy shit, you almost killed him, man! [laughs]

[Topper sighs]

[Rafe] Hey, let's go, Kelce! [coughing]

You good?

We're okay.

You're a freakin' idiot.

I saved your ass. Come on. [man 2] I bet my badge we haven't seen the last of w...

[Sarah] Thank you. [driver] Yeah, yeah.

[Sarah] So, the library's on the other side of the student center.

Have you ever been here before? I've never been to a college, no.

That's a gap in your training.

How do you like it?

So far, so good.

So, my dad went here.

Uh-huh. And then his dad went here, and then his dad's dad went here.

That's pretty rough.

Yeah, I know. He would have an absolute aneurysm if I didn't go here, which is kind of annoying, but what can you do?

What about you?

Uh... college has never really been on my radar, so... [phone rings]


[whispers] It's my handler.

Oh... [Sarah] I told him I was spending the night at Scarlet's.

And what would he think if he knew you were with me?

I'd be hanged for treason.

[gasps] As a Pogue sympathizer? [Sarah] Mm.

[gasps] Oh, my goodness.

You've gotta be careful fraternizing with the enemy, Valerie.

Wait a minute. Did he kidnap you? Or drug you?

[in French accent] No, I came of my own recognizance, following a lead.

Ohh. Do we know this enemy?

You do.

He used to work for you.

No, no, no. It's not the scuba thief, is it?

He is not what you think.

Goodness gracious, he's working some good psyops on you, Val.

He's a smooth operator.

No, he's not.

Uh... [giggling]


He's really clumsy.

He does finger guns way too often.


And he has absolutely no idea when to make a move.

But I think I might be able to turn this one, sir.

You'd better be careful, Valerie.

Once a Pogue, always a Pogue.

All right, Vlad, it's time to play the truth game.

Again? Why the hell are we here?

Look, Sarah, I already told you. I can't tell you.

Okay, well, intel on the mission is the price of the ticket, and I'm the only way you're getting in.

It's your choice.

I have to know. Okay.

[sighs] On pain of death?


I'm on a treasure hunt.



Oh, shit, you're serious.

Look, I have reason to believe that Denmark Tanny was the sole survivor of the Royal Merchant wreck.

Look, I... I know this sounds crazy, okay, but I'm pretty sure he got away with 400 million in gold, which is how he would have been able to buy Tannyhill.

And I think the location of that treasure is in his papers.

That's why we're here.

You said 400 million?

That's a lot of Bubble Wrap.

I'll talk to the librarian.

That's a fantastic idea.

I can't tell you how grateful we are to receive the Tanny materials from your father.

Of course. It's right up there.

Thank you.

Thank you. Mm-hm.


[Sarah] All right. [sighs] Down the rabbit hole.

Here we go.

It says that Denmark used the money he made from Tannyhill to buy slaves and give them their freedom.

It says that he was accused of inciting revolt.

This is before the Civil War.

That's why they hanged him.

Let me see this.

[Sarah] That's the Bible.

Check this out.

[Sarah] These are the birthdays. Yeah, Denmark Tanny.

[Sarah] Cecilia, Robert, Lewis, and Abraham. His three sons.

Yeah. Wait a minute.

[Sarah] Is that a picture of... [John B] Gold.

This is how he bought the land. It's... it's British gold.

This is what was on the Merchant.


[Sarah] Bingo.

This is what we found when we first moved in.

Wait, what's that?

[Sarah] This is the last correspondence.

Wait, that's... that's in Gullah, the lost Creole language.

Can you read it?

No. Mm-mm.

I wish, but no.

So, Denmark finds out that the posse's coming for him.

Wait, what's the date on the letter?

It is... May 3rd, 1844.

Wait, that's...

That's the day he died.

And this is addressed to Robert.

So on the day he dies, he writes a letter to his son?

In a language only they can understand.

Wait a minute.


[whispers] Let's see...

[seabirds calling]

[deputy] We got lucky.

There's a camera on a solar panel.

We can't make out a face, but we were able to ID the other boat.

[scoffs] [Dr. Thornton] Whose boat is it?

Registered to Heyward.

We think this is his kid.

[Topper] All right, so she thought that I did this, Deputy, right?

I told you, Mom, not everything's my fault.

Can we talk about this privately, please?

So, what happens now?

Well, if you press charges, it'll be up to juvenile court.

Now, Pope is 16. Could be tried as an adult.

He'd do time.

[Dr. Thornton] Press charges.

You know, Heyward, uh... Deputy, I said press charges.

Yeah, all right. We're on it.

[boat horn blares]

[Sarah] My dad is going to kill me for being out all night, but at least we completed the mission.

[John B] Yeah. Yeah.

You know, speaking of the mission, you're not as bad as I thought you'd be.

[Sarah laughs] Well, what'd you expect? [John B] Do you want me to answer that?

I have an idea. Maybe a Kook princess?

Bubble Wrap queen?

Somethin' like that. [laughs]

Rude to waiters at a minimum, type of thing.

Ow! That hurts.

Yikes. Just sayin'.

You're not what I expected either.

Much weirder.

For starters, you are totally ADD.

Uh... ooh... Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah.

And I thought you were this really laid-back, surfer, dude-bro.

[John B] Mm?

And it turns out you are on a paternal jihad.

Yeah, I'm just trying to get this letter translated.


To breaking expectations.

- Salud. Salud.

So... what's it gonna be like when we get back?

With what?

Well... you know, like, um...

This? Yeah.

Nothing changes, I guess?


I'll go back to the bubble.

Like, Topper back to the bubble?


And, um... I guess you'll go back to being a... a fugitive.


Had a really great day, though.

Me too.

[JJ] Don't let it get in your head. Three of them and two of us.

That's typical Kook shit right there. [Kie] Hell, yeah.

[JJ] What was your thought process, using your head?

I don't know, man. I just kind of acted off instinct.

Yes. I was a cornered animal.

[Heyward] Hey, Pope, someone here to see you.

[radio chatter]

Evening, Officer.

I have an arrest warrant for felony destruction of property.

[Heyward] What? [deputy] Hands where I can see 'em.

Young lady, out of my way. [Heyward] Whoa. Shoupe, what'd he do?

Look at the warrant. You're arresting him?

You're just arresting my boy?

[Kie] Be careful! [Heyward] Shoupe, are you listening?

[Shoupe]...you say can and will be held against you in the court of law.

You have the right to an attorney. How much did they pay you, man?

[voices fade]

[JJ] It wasn't him!

It was me.

He tried to talk me out of it, but I was mad because he'd just been beaten up.

I was so sick of those assholes from Figure Eight that I lost my shit.

I can't let you take the blame for somethin' I did.

You've got too much to lose.

JJ, what are you doing? I'm tellin' the truth.

For once in my goddamn life, I'm gonna tell the truth.

I took his old man's boat, too. What the hell?

JJ, come on. Just shut up, Pope!

Just shut up.

He's a good kid.

You know where I'm from.


This was all me.


That's the whole truth?

Whole truth, swear to God.

I know what you think, damn it, I'm asking Pope.

Yeah, that about covers it.

[handcuffs rattle]

[car door slams]

[Heyward] Pope... [Pope] Shit!

[Heyward] Pope?


[handcuffs rattle]

[Shoupe] In there, tough guy.

[door slams] [lock clicks]

[Sarah] Okay, so... [John B] Yes?

[Sarah] Now that we have returned to the motherland...

[John B] Mm.

...we must revert to our real identities, so if you see me on the street...

[in Russian accent] Yes, of course, I am a true, uh, professional.

[thunder rumbles]

It's been a pleasure working with you, comrade.

Pleasure's mine.

Wait, wait, wait! Uh... Wh...


[chuckles] That's it?

You're just gonna walk away like this never happened?

Well, that's what professionals do, right?

Sarah, I just had the best day of my life!

John B, you're gonna blow our cover. Look, I don't care about my cover, Sarah.

I don't care if my friends find out or your boyfriend with his frosted tips.

Look, yesterday, I... I didn't even know who you were.

And today, I'm, like...

Sarah Cameron.

And honestly, in my limited experience, that's rare.

That's like, like... eclipse rare.

Like a blind person seeing color for the first time rare or, like, Bigfoot evidence or the northern lights.

Look, I can't pretend like this isn't real, like this didn't happen.

I'm sorry, I... Shut up.

["The WAND" playing]

I can't pretend either.

[man] Hey, man, get a room.

[both chuckle]

Um... [thunder rumbling]

It's a... it's a small island.

[John B] Mm-hm?

[clears throat]

So we have to be careful.


♪ Tellin' us all it's them ♪


♪ Who's in charge of it all ♪

♪ I got a trick, a magic stick ♪

♪ That will make them all fall ♪

[man breathing heavily]

♪ I got a trick, a magic stick ♪

♪ That will make them all fall ♪

[upbeat instrumental music playing]