Outer Banks S1E5 Script

Midsummers (2020)

[phone ringing] [muffled conversation]

[door opens]

You're like a little rock in my shoe.

I shake my foot, I think I've gotten it out, then dang, there it is again.

Maybe watch where you're steppin'.

That little rock on the back of my heel makes me want to crush it.

[JJ] Okay.

Unlawful discharge of a firearm.

Trespass on protected habitat.

Felony destruction of property.

All in the last two weeks. You're on a roll, chief.

If you think I'm gonna rat anybody out, you got the wrong idea.

I know your little teen brain doesn't like to think ahead, but I want you to come with me to uncharted territory.

The future.

How you gonna feel six months from now, sittin' in juvenile prison in Wadesboro?

You know these two?

My question was, do you know these two?


they broke into John B's house, and... then chased us through the marsh. Other than that, I have no idea.

[Peterkin] Here's a more recent photo.

Somebody gaffed them, then used them for chum.

Whatcha think, bull shark? [retching]

[Peterkin] Here's the bad news, chief.

Whoever killed these two men is still out there, and I got reason to believe their next target is a friend of yours...

John B.

You kids don't think you're the only ones after the Royal Merchant now, do you?

And, yeah.

I know about that, too.

Okay, Sheriff Peterkin, I can promise you he's not on it anymore.

So you say. I'm just tryin' to keep him safe.

I want you to tell your friend John B to come in and talk to me, and let's see if we can keep you out of Wadesboro.

How'd it go?

Hopefully, he's not as dumb as he looks.

Set up some eyes on the Routledge place.

Maybe we'll get lucky.

Stealth mode on.

[Luke sighs] [officer mutters]

You his guardian? Sorry to say, I'm his father.

[officer] Well, hearing will be in two weeks.

If you fail to show up, you will forfeit your bail.

The restitution will be based on the average of three outside estimates of the cost of the damaged article. Restitution?

Pay for what he broke. It's part of the plea.

Yeah, and... sign right here, please.

[Luke] Let's go. Go now!

I wonder what restitution's gonna be on a 2019 Malibu.

I'll pay it off. All of it. I swear, Dad. Shit. 30K?

When you gonna clear that, big guy, when all you do is smoke weed and hang out on the south side?


Get in the car.

Let's go.

Dad, I swear...

[grunts] No!

Thirty thousand dollars!

Do you know what you did to me? Damn...

[yelling] [JJ groaning]

[rock music playing on radio]

[Luke] How you gonna get that money back?


[Luke] By sittin' around doin' nothin'? [breathing heavily]

I'm gonna tell you right now, you are a worthless piece of shit!

Shut up! [Luke] Your mama knew.

Shut up!

[Luke] You tell me where you're gonna get 30 grand now!

Get your ass in here! [grunts]



[breathing heavily]

[Luke continues snoring]

[gun cocks]


[engine revving]


Hey, you sure you want me to drop you at school?

What? I thought they gave you the boot.

[John B] Nah, this is the right place. [chuckles]

[John B] Thanks, homie. All right.

I'll see ya. [man] See ya.

Yo, thanks for the ride! I owe you one.

Hell has frozen over. I guess it has. Uh...

I couldn't stop thinkin' about your class, Mr. Sunn.

You must need money. [John B] How much can you spare?

Yeah, uh, sorry. Just kidding.

Actually, I was going through some of my father's stuff, and I, uh... I found this letter.

It's from a local landowner.

I was wondering if you could translate it. Um...

It... it's in Gullah, and I remember that from our local history unit.

It's gratifying to know some of it sunk in.

Yeah, some of it. [Mr. Sunn] Yeah...

Even though you spent half the class on a surf break.

[John B] Only the big swells. Oh.

Yeah. Uh...

[Mr. Sunn] Yeah, it's... So, uh, the letter.

Ah... dated... 1844.

"To my beloved son Robert.

I am awaiting the...

[sighs]...hour of my public murder with... great composure of mind and cheerfulness, knowing I am soon bound for glory."

He was lynched.

"Do not nurse grief to vengeance, but instead trust in God with all your heart, for He doeth all things well.

Until we meet again in heaven, your loving father, Denmark Tanny."

So that's it? [Mr. Sunn] There's a postscript, but it's just a planter's log.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Can you read that for me, actually?

"Matters applicable to the property and the estate."

Uh, "'bacca, cotton, corn, tomato.

But lastly, to Robert..."

That's his son. Yeah.

"Harvest the wheat near the water in parcel nine forthwith."

That's it.

On the day that he dies, he writes a letter to his son telling him to harvest the wheat?

It's a little odd, to be honest, but look...

Mr. Sunn...

I... I can't tell you how much this means to me.

You just... you just helped me out so much.

Thank you. Uh...

I... I hope you have a great summer, and I'll see you this fall.



[chickens clucking]

[both grunting]

It's me, JJ. Stop, stop, stop, stop.

Fuck. [John B] What are you doing?

[JJ] Shut up.

[car door slams]

[both panting]

[JJ] See that?

They're watching us, okay? Who?

I don't know. Let's go. Sneak around to the dock.

Gotta go this way.

Wait, wait, wait, wait. You got the keys to the Pogue?


John, hurry up. Come on, come on, come on.

[engine starts]

Let's catch us a fish.


I appreciate your help in the past,

but we even now.

From now on, I do my job.

I wanted you to know.

[JJ] First, I almost get strangled to death by Kooks, and now I'm on the hook for 30 grand.

We should just dip. Okay, where do you wanna go? Hm?


Yucatan. [JJ] No, I'm dead serious right now.

Surf all day, and then we can just live off lobsters we catch with our bare hands.

You just wanna leave 'cause you got your ass beat?

You didn't see the photos.

Think about it. They're willing to kill for the gold, then it's gotta be out there. Have you lost your mind?

One hundred years, man.

One hundred years, people have been tryin' to find this Royal Merchant, and no one succeeded.

And you think you are gonna be the one that actually finds it?

When will you get it in your thick skull?

If you keep goin' down this road, you're gonna end up just like your dad!

[John B] I can't give up, JJ!

The last time I saw that dude, we got in an argument,

and then he took all of our rent money and dipped for this Royal Merchant.

And then I told him he was a shit father, and you know how the rest of the story goes.

[JJ] Bro, that wasn't your fault. - It doesn't matter whose fault it is, JJ!

Do you not understand that?

I can't give up on the hunt, man.

I don't care who's out there, who's gonna try to kill us.

Do you understand that?

You know that.

Look, I've got a plan. You comin' or what?

Four hundred million, JJ.

How much do you owe in restitution?

[Wheezie] You're not dressed? No, I'm not going.

I mean, it's Midsummers.

You've been talking about Midsummers since last year.

You have a date, remember? Yes, I remember.

Sarah says she's not going.

[Rose chuckles] The hell she isn't.

Your father is being coronated as Guardian of Knights of the Rhododendron.

You're going.

You're not my mother, I don't have to do what you tell me.

Whatever. Your daughter says she's not going.

[Ward] Um... [sighs] She's off Topper, JoJo.

[Ward] Wheezie, please. Go.

Thank you very much. What's goin' on?

I just... don't feel like Topper is my splinter bean.

I don't know exactly what that means, but it sounds to me like you should probably dump his ass, maybe, huh?


[Ward] Maybe just not tonight, though.

Maybe you could, I don't know... I just don't want to go with him.

[Ward] I know, I know.

What if you just paste on a smile and you go, and we have a good time, all right?

And you deal with your love life mañana?


I don't know what happened to Topper's boat. Quite honestly, I don't want to.

[woman] Band's supposed to be right over here.

You were two seconds away from havin' a different life.

You just about killed me.

[man] Chairs over here! [Heyward] It would have killed your mama.

And you know the deal!

One of these rich kids messes up, they'll still go to college and meet another rich person.

Then they'll make more rich kids, who'll also get third and fourth chances.

I know. I gotta do better. I get it.

All right?

You wanna... spend your whole life grindin' it out like me?

It's your grindin' keepin' us afloat in the first place.

I expect better for you, Pope. I want better for you.

And if you end up like me, I will consider that a personal failure.

So please, keep it in check. [fly buzzing]

At least until you have your... your scholarship interview.

[sighs] [man] Lights over here, please.

[grunts] You need to wake the hell up.

And you could start by picking better friends.

Don't talk about my friends. [Heyward] What'd you say?

You don't know nothin'.

Friends. Shit.

You'll see.

You'll see.

[man laughing] Hey, my friend. My man.

[man] Look at you.

[Heyward laughing] There he is.

[Heyward] Ah! Look at you. You never age.

[both laughing]

[Heyward] It was a scramble with the power out, but we're here.

[man] Lucky for us.

What would Midsummers be without Heyward's famous oysters?

This is disgusting.

[woman] I know. It's just horrible.

I'm asking you to relax and go to a fun party.

I look like a bourgeoisie pig.

Will you please not worry about socioeconomic injustice for one night?

Mom, people not three miles from here have no power, no running water, and we're going to Midsummers.

That's so tone-deaf.

Do you know how hard we had to work to get into the Island Club?

Yeah, Mom. How could I forget? You had to grovel for, like, ten years...

[mom] Twelve, and we also had to cough up a huge chunk of dough, and do you know why we did that?

To keep up with the Joneses? No. So you could have the experiences that I had as a child.

Honey, do you know what the Island Club is?

A factory farm for debutantes.

It is a nice place, with nice people, where you can do fun stuff.

With out-of-touch rich people, while the island sinks slowly into the ocean.

Okay, I want you to put on your party face, Kie, if you wanna live.


♪ Climbin' up through the window ♪

- ♪ Up to the rooftop- ♪ Up to the rooftop ♪

♪ The seagulls swarm on the railroad ♪

- ♪ All we can do is watch ♪ ♪ All we can do is watch ♪

[Kie, in English accent] Excuse me, sir. Do we have to shuck these ourselves?

'Cause it might mess up my costume.

[both chuckle] We wouldn't want that now, would we?

That accent was bad.

[in normal voice] It was. I was gonna let it go.

You ever seen this many Kooks in one place?


Last year.

We're in the lion's den.

[Pope] Exactly.

Hey, have you heard from JJ?


He'll be all right. He's got the survival instincts of a cockroach.

It's all my fault. [Kie] Uh... You didn't do this, Pope.

Topper almost killed you. Remember?

♪ It took so long ♪

[applause] - ♪ For it all ♪

- ♪ To change with just a word ♪ [cheering]

[man 1] Looking good, Ward! [man 2] My man!

Here come Lord Capital and the Exploiters.

♪ Abandoned cars on the freeway ♪ She's gonna poke somebody's eye out with that.

Hey. Hey, Sarah. Hey. I waited on you.

You said you wanted to walk in together.

Yeah, well, I came with my parents.

Can we talk for a sec?

♪ Beautiful ♪


Hey. [Topper] How's it goin'?

It's good. [Topper] Good?

How are you? [Topper] I'm... I'm all right.

You look beautiful.

Thank you.

Hey, where were you yesterday?

I was out of town. [Topper] Out of town.

Mm-hm. Where did you go?

[Sarah] Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill.

What, with your family, or...

No. [Topper] No?

[Sarah] A friend. A friend. A friend. What friend?

What does it matter? [Topper] What friend? It matters.

Was this, like, a girlfriend?

Or... No, or was it... was it a guy? Was it a guy?

I'm not having this conversation now. Who was he? Who was it, Sarah?

♪ In a flashing light ♪ Yo, what was that all about? Shut up, Kelce.

♪ And it's after dark ♪ You good?

You okay? Huh?

Hey, let's get shit-faced tonight, okay?

[John B grunts]

[JJ] Ready?

[John B] Can you believe this Midsummer shit, man?

Of course I can. Happens every year.

No matter how screwed up the rest of us are.

So, like, what's the plan, exactly?

Okay, look, I need you to get this to Sarah.

[JJ] Ooh! Can I read it? No, you can't read it.

Who's Vlad? God, do you ever listen?

Hold up. Are you mackin' Sarah Cameron?

Would you shut up? You're macking Sarah Cameron!

All right, man. I'm doin' it for everybody, all right?


Nothin'. Thanks for bein' a team player, bro.

Yeah, well...

You know, could you just hold still?

So I just give that to Sarah? Huh? Yes, just give it to Sarah.

Hold steady. Vlad. Really?

[John B] Are you kidding me? No, I'm not kidding you.

If you get caught, you're goin' to jail.

Fine, but if I get ambushed, it's on you.

♪ Come on and hold me ♪

♪ Just like you told me ♪

♪ Then show me ♪

♪ What I want ♪

[JJ] I keep finding glasses way down the beach.

Do me a favor. Try to keep 'em corralled, will ya?

I thought you were security. [scoffs]

♪ Why don't we steal away? ♪

♪ Into the night ♪

♪ No, it ain't right ♪

- ♪ So tease me ♪ [Pope] Hey!

Dude, don't sneak up on me like that right now.


Whoa. Unexpected PDA there, Dr. Spock.

But, uh... hey, love you, too, man.

Dude, I'm sick over all this shit, man. [JJ] You're sick?

You don't seem sick. I'm sick on the inside.

Right. Well, I already knew that.

Did Shoupe do that? Oh, this? No.

This is... It's my dad. You know? Has that right jab.

Can really snap it off at times. That looks like more than a jab, bro.

It's nothin' that hasn't happened before.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't have let you take the fall for all this.

It's my fault! No, it's not.

It's my fault. Shut up.

You took the fall for me. Shut up.

I'll tell the truth, go to the cops... Shut up, Pope! Shut up.

For once in your life, trust someone else.

John B and I got it all sorted out.

We're gonna be filthy rich, man.

We're back in the G-game, baby.

G-game? I thought we lost the gold game.

Yeah, well, we're in overtime now.

Fourth and one, baby.

Be right back. [Pope] Fourth and one?

I'll explain... I'll explain later.

Yes? Dewar's and tonic.

Right away, Mr. Dunleavy. [girls laughing]

Be right there.

[Wheezie] Okay, okay.

- ♪ Why don't we steal away? ♪ JJ?

Yep. [Sarah] What?

I got a, uh, note from Vlad. - ♪ Steal away? ♪ Sh. [Sarah] From...

Yeah. From Vlad?

- ♪ Steal away into the night? ♪ Yeah.

[Sarah] Okay. [JJ] Read the note.

♪ Know it ain't right ♪ I'm wonderin' if you could get me a mai tai, my friend.

Pogue, how about you make that two?

- ♪ Into the night ♪ [JJ] I'm on the clock right now.

You guys look spiffy.

You know, uh, I got a couple of orders ahead of you, so why don't you guys just go ahead and wait by the bar?

[Rafe] No, we're going...

♪ Know it ain't right ♪

♪ Into the night, baby ♪ Help yourselves to hors d'oeuvres. Oh, yeah.

Guys, JJ's gonna serve us some hors d'oeuvres.

Right? Well, here are the hors d'oeuvres.

Okay. I'll be right back, okay?

We're actually gonna follow you in here just to make sure...

♪ Make it tonight ♪

Ah, shit!

[guests clamor]

[man] Hey, hey!

[Rafe] Hey, JJ! Come on, bud! [girl gasps]

So sorry.

[JJ sighs]

Ah, excuse me, guys. [man 1] I'm takin' a shit!

Sorry. Sorry. Just really gotta go. [chuckles]

Come on. [man 2] Hey, I'll be out in a sec!

[toilet flushes]

Hey, man, what are you doin' in the locker room?

[grunts] Hey.

[man 3] Fuck you. [JJ] Cute outfit.

[Rafe] Shut up! [JJ grunts]

[Rafe] Hold him still. What... what do you think? A four iron, right?

Keep his head still. I'm gonna line this up.

Very Rafe of you. Five on one? [Rafe] If you could please stop talking?

It's very disrespectful. I'm trying to hit a ball.

Learn your etiquette, my friend. Come on.

[Sarah whispers] Vlad.

Hi. [John B chuckles]

Wow. Um...


You look, um... beautiful.

[both chuckle softly]

[Sarah] Hi. [John B] Hi.

Oh, my God. You would not believe what happened.

Soon as I got home, I had to sneak past... That's great, but I... I gotta tell you something. Okay.

I found... the gold.

You found it? Yeah.

You won't believe where it is. Where?

It's at Tannyhill.

[yells] Wait. What? [John B] Sh!

Sorry. [John B] Sh!

Shit. Look, I got the letter translated.

Okay? There was this coded message, and I... I need the plat map.

Know what a plat map is? Yes.

It's like a blueprint of Tannyhill.

It's got all the information on it. It's in your dad's office.

If I get in, I can find the gold... I said I know what a plat map is.

Okay, that's fine!

[Topper] Hey, Sarah, is that you? Get down! Shit!

Um... We've gotta get outta here.

[John B] Meet at the Hawk's Nest at midnight. Bring the map.

[sighs] Oh, boy.

[clears throat]


[clears throat]


Sarah, what are you doin' out here?

Oh, um... Scarlet told me she had hidden some vodka or something.

[Topper] Oh, really? Scarlet's... Yeah, I couldn't find it though.

[Topper] Is that who you were talkin' to over there?

I wasn't talking to anyone.

Was I just seein' things? I thought, like, I don't know, I was watching you have a conversation over there.

Just... I was talking to people from the party.

Hey, what's... what's goin' on? What's goin' on?

I just feel like... I just feel like you've been a little off tonight.

No, I'm fine. [Topper]No, you good?

I'm fine, Topper. Seriously. Seriously.

God! [Topper] I don't wanna make a scene.

Don't make a scene. I'm not...

Just tell me what the hell is goin' on. Just tell me the truth.

[Sarah] I am telling you the truth. Tell me... No. Cut the shit.

Just tell me the truth.

Okay, fine. I can't handle the constant interrogation, okay?

[Topper] Just...

[Rafe] Your face looks really bad. Starting to look like your dad a lot more.

[spits] Oh, shit.

All right. It was... Gentlemen!

Is there a problem? [JJ] Oh!

Pardon me, officer. No, there's not an issue. I just...

Actually, yes. No, there is an issue.

Uh, we got a criminal trespass in progress here.

Beep! Call it in, right?

Blatant disrespect for private property. Yeah.

I'm in violation of all kinds of shit, sir, but these young gentlemen... Don't touch my shit.

...uh, caught me, sir, and they're about to take me away.

And that's what you should do, escort me out of here.

You got me. [guard] Come on.

All right. Fix that tie, son.

You're lookin' spiffy, too. You Powerpuff Girls have fun.

Tell Kiara she looks pretty hot for a Pogue.


[guard] Hey! Stop it. Come here! Let's go!

Let's go!

[JJ] You think I'm afraid of you? Come on!

Come on. Hey, safe travels back to the cut.

This ain't over!

Hey, hey, it was really nice seein' you again, JJ!

[JJ] Look... look, man, I can walk myself.

I got legs. Can you see that, brother? Come on.

I really appreciate what you did back there.

Let me just walk out by myself.

Mr. Dunleavy, I see you got your drink. Good, that's really nice of you.

I'm actually gonna down that.

What the hell's the matter with him? Sorry, sir.

[man] Security... [JJ] Aah! Whoo!

I really appreciate the discretion, Daryl, you know?

It's okay, everybody! Do not panic.

Leave it to the men and women in uniform.

Let's hear it for them. Rose!

You look like Lady Liberty.

It's good to see you again. Hey, buddy, can I have one of those?

Let go of him! Hey.

[Kie] You can't boot him! Excuse me, ma'am?

Really? I invited him here.

Kiara, stop it. I'm a member of this club.

[rock music plays] [guard grunts]

[commotion] [JJ] Sorry about that.

Hey, mandatory power hour at Rixon's, Kie.

Pope, you as well, all right?

Rixon's Cove. Let's roll.

All right, Kie, come on.

Workers of the world unite.

Throw off your chains!

You can't hang around these kids. I'm sorry...

No. Kiara! Hey, Kiara!

Whoo-hoo! [JJ] Colonel.

Captain. Mission accomplished, sir.

No, Pope... Don't, Pope...

[JJ] Come on, Kie. Enough of this, son.

Don't do this. Don't do this! Where the hell do you think you're goin'?

[Kie laughing]

Later, losers!

[Kie] Whoo!

[cicadas chirping]

[Pope] Hey, guys. So, like, my dad's already gonna kill me.

So what's this mandatory meeting about?

Might as well tell him, man, before we're gaffed.

You ready for this? Yeah.

So, the gold never went down with the Royal Merchant.

Oh, my God. Here we go again with this.

No.All right, wait. Hear him out, all right?

It's been here the whole time.

It's on the island. Are you serious?

Oh, my God.

I'd like to voice my skepticism.

[John B] I'm sure you would, Pope, but can I please present you with my evidence, sir?


[John B] All right. So, in my backpack, I have a letter from Denmark Tanny. Who the hell's that?

Denmark Tanny was a slave that survived the Royal Merchant wreck.

Check this out. [Kie] What?

[John B] Here you go.

Okay, slaves weren't mentioned as crew members on the ship, but my dad, he found the complete manifest.

That was his big discovery.

So Tanny used the gold from the Merchant to buy his freedom.

[whistles] [John B] After that, he bought his farm.

Drumroll, please, because that farm is...

[slapping knees]

Tannyhill Plantation.


Yeah. So, after that, he used his money to free even more slaves, and then he sold a shit-ton of rice, which pisses off all the white planters, and then they decide to lynch him.

So on the day they were coming to get him, he writes a letter to his son as a farewell, and in the last line of that letter, he leaves a coded message about where to find the gold.

[whispers] Where? [John B] Harvest the wheat in parcel nine, near the water.

Except... there's no wheat.

You see, wheat is code for gold. Check this out.

The gold is in parcel nine, near the water.


Holy shit.

All we need is an original survey map of the property, and we've found the gold.

Okay, so this might have a small chance of being actually true.

Dude, it's like King Tut. I am a genius. Hey, whoa!

Hello! Fire! You're near the fire. You're gonna burn.

I'm so proud of you right now. Thank you.

That's really sweet of you. [Pope] Okay, so, guys.

What's the plan? Good question.

Sarah Cameron's coming tonight.

She'll bring an original survey map... [Kie] Hold on.

Sarah? Wh-why Sarah?

[John B] Um...

This is gonna be good.

Sarah, um, she... she got me into the archives in Chapel Hill yesterday, and that's where I got the letter.

You were in Chapel Hill with Sarah Cameron?

Yeah, um... [JJ] He was mackin' on her.

I wasn't macking. You were totally macking Sarah Cameron.

I wasn't macking on her, okay? I was using her for access.

There was access, all right. Did you tell her about the treasure?

I was trying to get into the archives. [Kie] Is that a yes?

I... I left out key details. [Kie] Yo, what?

You let a Kook in on our secret?

What about Pogue Lyfe?

What about the T-shirt company, bro?

I was just using her for information.

Why don't I believe you?

I'm trying to make us filthy rich here.

Okay, so that we can pay off a boat, or... or, uh... send you to autopsy school to study dead bodies.

Look, you guys know me.

Do I look like the type of person to fall for Sarah Cameron?

[JJ] Uh... Do you want us to answer that, or...

[John B] Just... just stop. [Kie] Look, you don't know her yet. I do!

You can't trust her.

Her brother did hit me in the back with a golf club.

Rafe and Sarah are different human beings.

What did she do to you, exactly?

She's like a... like a spitting cobra.

First, she... she blinds you, and then... This is a bad analogy.

Listen to me!

Whatever we get, she's gonna try to take.

[Ward] What are you doin'?

I... just wanted a copy of one of the old plat maps.

A plat map. [laughs]

Of Tannyhill. Yeah.

You never wanted to look at those when I tried to show 'em to you.

Well, since then, I have become so appreciative of this beautiful property that we call home, and they're so beautiful, I thought maybe I could get them framed and hung in my room.

Okay, come on, Sarah, seriously. What is this, a school thing?

No, it's July.

[Ward] A Topper thing? [sighs]

It's not a Topper thing.

But it is a boy thing.

A boy thing.

He's a real go-getter. I think you'll like him.

Hey, who is this mystery history buff?

Is he a cartographer or somethin'?

I could tell you, but then he wouldn't be a mystery, would he?

[laughs] Hey!


Make good choices.

I will.

[Ward] Be careful with that. Promise.


Thank you. You're the best. [chuckles]

[door closes]


[safe beeping]

[lock clicks]

[Ward sighs]

You're better off without her, Top. Trust me. I live with the bitch.

Rafe, don't call your sister a bitch, man. Come on.

Yo, I'll call her whatever I want, man. All right?

Come on, bro. Drink up, all right? Go!

[Kelce] Let's go. Just chill out, okay? [grunts]

[Rafe] Good idea, man.

I gotta see her, man. We're not... We're not good right now.

Shut up, shut up, shut up. Shut up, dude. Bad idea, muchacho.

Just stick with the bevo, all right? If you go there now, there is a high likelihood you go fetal.

[Kelce] Exactly. I'm not... I'm not going fetal.

I'm gettin' fetal vibes. Are you gettin' them?

All right. It's your funeral. It's your funeral.

[Kelce] What is up, man? Jeez.

Drink up. [Rafe] Shitty idea, man.

[Kelce] Liquid courage, boy.

Don't screw this up. Let's go.

Hurry your ass up, okay? Chill. Chill.

[Kelce] Let's go. Make it quick, okay? Mm.

[Kelce] He looks terrible. [belches] No...

[Rafe] Bro, we're gonna leave your ass if you don't make it fast, okay?

You look terrible. [Kelce whistles]

[Rafe] Hey, give Sarah a hug for me. Shh.

[Kelce] Can't... Oh, shit.

[Rafe and Kelce laughing] Shut the... shut the fuck up.

[Rafe] Oh, my God, man.


[clock chiming] - [footsteps approaching]

[door closes]

[whispers] Hey, Sa... hey, Sarah?

Are you awake?

Hey, I just... I just wanna talk. I... I know this is random.

I don't wanna freak you out. I just... I... I wanna talk, and... and, like, I'll leave. I'll leave if you want me to.

I will... I will skedaddle right now.

Just let me know. Just, uh...

Okay. I gotta... I have a few... I gotta say something, Sarah.

I am, uh... I am so sorry for... for making you feel, you know, claustrophobic at the Midsummers party.

Like, I, um... I don't care who you went to Chapel Hill with.

I mean, if I did know who it was, like, I would for sure, like, put his skull into the ground, but like I said, I'm not a jealous guy.

I don't really care at the end of the day.

It's just... just like... Listen, listen, I'm... I'm... [chuckles]

That was gonna be a big deal tonight.

That was our coming-out party, and I just, like... I got upset.

I'm thinkin' about you when I wake up, when I go to bed at night, like, it's...

I... I never knew love could make you so anxious, and I just feel like... like something's off between us, like, I...

And I just... I need to talk to you, Sarah.

Hey, Sarah, listen. I...

I don't wanna break up.

I don't wanna break up. I...

I love you.

Hey, Sarah, come on. I... I said I love you. Like...

Can't you say anything back to me?

[Wheezie] Hi, Top. Whoa...

[clattering] Wha...

[toy squeaks]

[Topper] What the...

What the... Wheezie? [Wheezie] You okay?

Wheezie, what in the world are you doing in Sarah's bed?

Ah... I can't say. [Topper] What do you mean, you can't say?

I mean, she told me to stay here as a decoy.

As a decoy. What is she doin'?

[sighs] [Topper] Where is she?

Seriously, where is she?

[Wheezie] I cannot... Where the hell is Sarah?

[Wheezie] I don't...

[rock music playing on radio]

[John B] All right.

Hit it, boys! We're goin'. Recon mission.

Yo, uh... so, uh, I think I'm gonna do this one by myself... tonight. [thunder rumbling]


[John B] What? Nothin'.

I don't want to spook Sarah with the peanut gallery.

I just don't understand why we're involving her at all.

Kie, we're not involving her, okay?

It's... it's just, uh, like a... a business meeting... thing. [gulping]

Look, once we get what we need, we cut her loose, all right?

Plus, we need the map.

Promise me nothing's happening between you.

Nothing is happening, Kie.

[Kie] I'm being serious. Okay!

This isn't about you, and this isn't about us.

This is about her.

Dude, she's gonna get inside your head.

Just promise me nothing's happening between you guys.

I promise.

[thunder rolling]

[JJ] That was really believable. [Pope] A hundred percent believable.

Anyways, um... I'm gonna take care of business.

You're gonna take care of it. [Pope] I tell you.

We'll just sit here... [JJ] Huh?

Yeah. Yeah. ...in the hot-ass car.

While it's lightning.

[thunder rumbling]

[thunder crashing]


[Pope] Kiara, holding onto your grudge is like drinking poison and thinking Sarah will die.


[thunder crashes]

[John B] Whoa.


I got the map. Do you wanna see?

Oh, shit. [laughs]

Holy hell. Yeah.

[breathing deeply]

Did you tell your crew you were here with me?

Did you? No. I will, though. I don't care.

[sighs]And I'm breaking up with Topper.

Really? Yeah.

What, you don't think that's a good idea? No, no, no, um, it's... it's, uh...


Yeah. Yeah.

[thunderclap] Oh, my God!

[chuckles] You okay? [Sarah] Yeah!

[laughing] What are we doing up here?

[John B] I have no idea. You wanna go down?


Neither do I.

I knew it, Sarah. I knew you were lying to me.


You're a stupid, lying whore.

You know that? So first I'm a prude and now I'm a whore.

Yeah, you are. Topper, stop, man.

You stop, man. You don't wanna do this. Hey. Hey.

Tell him to back off, 'cause I'm about to beat your fucking ass...

Walk, man. Go home. Go home. [Topper] You know what I'm gonna do?

I'm about to drown you like your old man. Quit it.

[Sarah] Get out! Tell your bitch boyfriend, back off!

[John B] Go home! Sarah, let's talk.

She doesn't want to! [Topper] What did I say?


Shit. What the... Sarah... [gasps]

[Topper] Sarah, the railing must have been rotten.

I hardly touched him, okay? I barely...

He lost his bal... Sarah!


[Sarah] No! John B!

[sobs] John B!

Shh. Oh... oh, my God.

[crying] Hey, can you open your eyes, please?

Someone help!

[JJ] Rafe and Kelce followed me... Wait, do you guys hear that? Sh.

[thunder crashing] [both] What?

[Sarah] Please, somebody help!

[JJ] Oh, wait, no, I hear that. Shit.

[Kie] What the fuck?

It's okay. It's okay, I'm with you. [John B groaning]

[Sarah] You're okay, okay... [Pope] Sarah! What happened?

[Sarah sobs] [John B groans]

[Sarah] I don't know what to do. He needs help. Topper shoved him.

[JJ] Where the hell is he?

Oh, please, please, please get help. I don't care who. Just call someone.

Go. Go! [Sarah] Help, please.

[yells] Pope, hurry!

[Sarah] John B, stay with me.

[sobbing] Please don't leave me.

John B?

[JJ yells] Pope! Come on!

[muffled announcement on PA]

[machine beeping steadily]



Where am I?

[Sarah] St. Olive's.

You fell from the Hawk's Nest.

You have a concussion and a broken wrist.

[woman on PA] Dr. Ross, please report to emergency immediately.

Whoa. Pretty cool.

I need to get outta here.

[groans] DCS is gonna find me... [Ward] Hang on there, kid. Hang on.

[John B sighs]

Sarah told me everything.

About your little adventure, about you running from the DCS, about how you were protecting her in the tower.

John, I believe I owe you an apology.

You were honest with me about a small indiscretion, and I went ahead and fired you anyway.

And I shouldn't have.

Unfortunately, from time to time, I have a bit of a... short fuse.

Ask her.

It's true.

[Ward] I'd like to make up for it, if you'll let me.

I spoke with Sheriff Peterkin, and...

I've offered to be your legal guardian, if you'll have me.

[chuckles] What?

[Ward] It'd mean a roof over your head and no more runnin' from the DCS.



Sure, yeah. Uh...

[Ward chuckles] ...sounds good.

[Ward] Okay, then, it's settled.

[chuckles softly]

Welcome to the family.


[upbeat instrumental music playing]