Outer Banks S1E7 Script

Dead Calm (2020)

[Sarah] Okay. [John B] We'll melt the bricks so they're not traceable. Yeah.

We'll take it to the pawnshop... Mm-hm.

...and after that, we'll pay for JJ's restitution.

[Sarah] How many bars? [John B] I don't know. It was all muddy.

I think it was like 500. [Sarah] 500?

600. [Sarah] 600 bars of gold?

[John B] I don't know. Could be a thousand.

It was all muddy, but it was everywhere.

Covering the walls, stacks of it.

Four hundred million dollars.

It's all there. [Sarah laughs] Hey, that's crazy!

[John B] We did it. Now we just have to get it out of there.

[Sarah] Right. So how will we do that?

Okay, so, Pope has a plan... [Sarah] Uh-huh...

...basically takes a pulley system...

[Ward sighs]

Kinda little in comparison to 400 million dollars in gold.

Think about it... [Ward] Hey.

Hey. Hi!

What are you two plotting?


The... usual stuff.

World domination.

That's my girl, always aiming high.

It's gonna have to wait a day, though, 'cause I'm takin' this kid fishin' tomorrow morning.

First light.


Just you and me.

No, he can't tomorrow.

Why not?

Well, because we have plans.

Oh, really? What plans are those? Sit by the pool all day?

No. Look, that boat needs a first mate, and you need to start earning your keep around here, all right?

Dad. What?

Sweetie, I'm kidding. He's new to the family.

I wanna take him fishing. All right?



All right.

It's gonna be good.

[Kie] He said it looked something like this.

[Sarah] So...

[Kie] That's 50 feet down, and they're using 100-feet rope.

So I guess this little wagon will go...

[Sarah laughs] ...straight to the gold room.

Who drew this?

Who do you think? [laughs]

You wanna help?

Yeah. [John B] Great.

We get this boat winch out, bring it to the basement, drill into the floor.

We lower you down and get as much as we can.

And, uh... this time we don't drop you. That'd be great.

[both chuckle]

[JJ] Kie! This better work.

We can't pawn this if there's a giant wheat symbol on it.

It's gonna work.

Hell of a job melting it down, Dr. Frankenstein.

[Kie] Like you could've done better.

I could have.

I took a welding class. You...

Whoa, whoa. Hey. Sh! When?

Chill out, okay?

Easy for you to say. You're not the one that has to pawn this piece of shit off.

How did I get this job anyway?

'Cause you're the best liar.

[shop bell rings]

Afternoon, ma'am.


[JJ] I see you buy gold.

That's what the sign say, don't it?

Well, I sure hope you buy a lot of it, because I'm about to blow your mind.

I ain't got much mind left to blow, so have at it.

[JJ] How about them gold apples?

[chuckles] That ain't real.

That ain't real?

[pawnbroker] It can't be. Feel how heavy it is.

Mm-hm. Mm-hm!

Let's get some light on that.

Spray-painted tungsten.

Spray-painted tungsten? Really? Okay.

Why don't you see how, uh, soft it is?

You mind? No, go for it.

[JJ] Wow. Would you look at that? [pawnbroker] Hold your horses.

We ain't got to the acid test yet.

Ooh! The acid test.

My favorite, guys.

Well, it ain't plated, and it ain't painted.

Ma'am, I'm telling ya, this is as real as the day is long.

It looks like somebody tried to melt it down.

My mom.

She had all this jewelry laying around the house, and she thought it was best to... to melt it down.

To "consolidate" it.

[pawnbroker] Seven pounds?

That's a lot of earrings.

Okay, to be honest, ma'am, [clears throat]...it's really hard to see my mom fall apart with Alzheimer's.

[pawnbroker] Mm-hm. Alzheimer's?

Give me a minute.

Take your time, ma'am.

[man on radio] Good news...

Some kids just rolled in here with the biggest gold nugget I have ever seen.

Almost seven pounds.

[Barry] You mean seven ounces?

[pawnbroker] I mean seven pounds.

[whispering]...she's coming out...

So, I, uh...

[clears throat]

I talked to my boss.

[JJ] And? And, uh, this is what I can do.

Fifty thousand?

You think I walked in here not knowin' the spot price?

Ma'am, I know for a fact this is worth 140, at least.

Well, sweetie, you in a pawnshop.

This ain't Zurich.

Do I look Swiss to you?

Ninety, or I walk.

Seventy. Half price... and, um...

[quietly]...I don't ask questions about where you got this.

I'm gonna need that in large denominations, please.

Well, here's the snag.

I don't have that much denominated, not here anyway.

I can write you a cashier's check.

Cash... No, ma'am. I want the cold hard. That's what that sign says.

Cash for gold. And that's what I expect.

I'm gonna get it in cold hard.

Well, I have to send you to the warehouse. I have the money there. Is that all right?

Where's this warehouse?

[reggae music playing on car stereo]

So they keep money out here?

[JJ] That's what she said.

[chuckles] That's what she said. Stop.

I've never even heard of Resurrection Drive.

'Cause you're rich. You've never heard of it either.

Thank you.

[Kie] There's nothing but weeds back here.

All right, just 'cause it's just weeds, doesn't mean it's, like...

[siren whoops] [Kie] Cops? Out here?

God! Are you kidding me? What did we do?

Why are we getting pulled over? Stash that.

Chill, guys. Put it...

I hate cops. Did you bring the gun?

[JJ] No. Okay?

Everybody told me to leave it back at the place.

Thank God.

Okay... Please, everything else in your bag.

I am! I am, all right? Oh, oh...

[Kie] How much weed do you have on you, bro?

[Pope] He's walking up. [John B] Nothing better to do...

Sir... [cocks gun]

[Barry] Why don't I go ahead and see them hands in the air?

All y'all's hands up in the air now!

You, out of the car! Let's go!

Out of the car! Let's go! Hurry!

Let them out!

What are you waitin' on? What are you waitin' on? Let them out!

[whimpers] [Barry] All y'all!

Go on! Go on! Let's get out the car! Let's go!

There you go, pretty girl. Here we go! Get out the car, let's go! Hurry up!

There you go!

We're broke... [Barry] Shut the hell up!

All right! Just relax! [Barry] Shut the hell up! Shut up!

[JJ] Chill! [Barry] Blow your damn head off!

Lay down in the ditch! Lay down in the ditch!

On your goddamn hands and knees! Down!

Put your face on the ground!

Stay here just like that! Put your head down!

Don't let me see you look up! All right?

That's all y'all gotta do.

It's a setup, guys.

That old bat shanked us.

Fuck! Goddamn it!

Wait. No, no, no, no.

John B... No... [whimpers]

[Pope] John B.

Don't be a hero, man. Sh.


[Barry gasps]


[Barry] All right, y'all stay like that.

Unless you want your brains blown out all over this road, don't move your goddamn heads, okay?


[both grunting]

[John B] Guys, I got the gun!


I got the gold! [Sarah shrieks]

[Barry grunting]

You son of a bitch!


I know this piece of shit!

He's a basehead! Probably knows my brother.

He sells coke to my dad.

Listen, I couldn't hurt any single one of y'all...

[Kie] JJ! [Pope] Dude, chill, man.

Come on. [Barry wheezing]

[John B] Come on, let's get outta here.

[Barry coughing]

We got one last stop.

[John B] Hey!

[JJ] Let's go see where this son of a bitch lives.

[Barry] I'm gonna remember this shit!

You can't hide from me! [engine starts]

I know exactly who y'all are!

Huh? You're gonna see me again!

You hear me? [keys jangle]

[JJ] Come on! [Barry] You hear me?

I'mma see you again!

[loon calling]

[Sarah] Welcome to Crackhead Wasteland. [Pope] I don't know about this, man.

Dude, why are we at Barry's?

[JJ] This'll only take a second.

[dog barking]

[John B] Where you going? Yo soy justicia.

Did you glean anything from that?

You know somebody should probably... Yeah, I got it.

Right. [sighs]

[JJ] I know you got a stash around here somewhere.

[door opens]

Yeah, so what's your plan, slick?

Well, as thou hath stealeth from us, we shall stealeth from ye.

That kind of got lost in translation. An eye for an eye, John B.

Yeah, that's great, JJ. But what happens after you rob a drug dealer, huh?

He knows who we are!

[scoffs] I'm not scared of this guy.

[John B] JJ, don't...

There we go.

What are you doing? [JJ] Getting even!

All right, took care of business.

Hey, look at me. If you keep going down this road, you're gonna end up just like your dad, do...

You watch your mouth, man.

Aren't you tired of being messed with? That's not the point, JJ.

'Cause I am.

All right, so we're looking at five grand each for reparations for putting us through that bullshit.

Sorry about that, y'all.

So that's what we're doing now? We're robbing drug dealers?

This Barry guy's gonna find out.

And he's gonna come after us.

Yes, he will. This is not the time to start wilin' out.

How'd you like havin' a gun pulled on you?


He had it right here on you, bro. Look.

We've gotta go get the gold, okay? Just give me that shit.

We're putting it back.

Do you feel like a tough guy? Huh?

What are you gonna do when he comes for us?

We punch him in the throat.

[John B] Yeah, good fuckin' idea, JJ.

I'm not putting it back.

You guys getting in or what?


We're sick of your shit.

Oh, my shit?

Yeah. Yeah. Your shit. Yes.

Your pulling guns on people shit.

[Pope] You acting like a maniac... Okay, Pope, I took the fall for you, man!

Know how much I owe because of you?

I'm gonna pay you back, and I didn't ask you to do that!

I just did!

Pay it back.

Right here, right now, by myself.

You know what?

That's exactly what I'm gonna do.

Go off by myself.

JJ... Hey, wait, man.

[Sarah] Just let him go.

♪ Holler, let me see you holler ♪

♪ Hey, huh ♪

♪ How many playas wanna ride with me? ♪

[laughter and conversation] - ♪ How many playas wanna ride with me? ♪

♪ How many... ♪ Uh, can you put this on Cameron, Ward? Cameron, W-A-R-D?

Thank you. You're the best. [Kelce] Hey, bro.

You think you-know-who, they're scronking yet?

Shut, yo... Hey.

What's that sound? What's that? They're making that sound.

You think I wanna hear this right now? [Rafe] Come on.

Why not? I'm trying to get my mind off it.

You think I want to hear this now, Rafe? [Kelce] Calm down.

We're trying to make you feel better. It's not funny. How is it funny?

This joke's on her. Look who she's with. [vehicle approaching]

Who's that? And after that, she's...

[tires squealing] [groans]

[Barry] Rafe Cameron!

[girl] Oh. Come on.

[Barry] Get over here. Okay, let's go.

Are you supposed to be here, sir? Yeah, I believe so.

Hey. What are you doing, man? You good?

No, I ain't good, man. All right, what...

Why's your family think I'm just some bitch they can shit on?

First your dad kneecaps me in my house. You got your money.

You got your money. That ain't the point.

I'm asking you, what am I?

Am I just some little bitch? Is that what your family looks at me like?

No. No. [laughs] No! No!

Okay, so then why is your little sister and her little surf rat friends running around stealing 25K out of my house?

Can you tell me that?

My little sister robbed you?

Yeah, Sarah robbed me. That's why I'm here.

She won't pick a dollar up off the street.

What are you talking about? Do I look dumb?

You think I don't understand what's goin' on here?

'Cause I'm telling you right now, you better sort this out with your sister, or else I am.

'Cause I want my money. Listen...

[hyperventilating] ...I don't know what you're talking about.

You don't know? Enlighten me.

Enlighten you? Yes.

The Pogues are all around Outer Banks stealin' shit out of everybody's house...

What? ...and you got no idea?

Your sister's involved in it.

Sarah Cameron, home invader?

You know how stupid... [yells]

How stupid you are?

How many times I gotta deal with you?

That's 25K! What's up, Country Club? We're good!

We're good. "We're good. We're good."

Stand down.

Sort this shit out with your sister. All right!

Okay. It's cool. I'mma get my money.

Yes, of course. If it's not from you, it's from her.

Remember that. I'll see you boys around.

Huh. Hey, what the hell is goin' on?

I don't know, man. No, no, no.

This guy's nuts.

What are you gonna do? Nothin'. It's not my problem.

That's Sarah you're talking about. [tires screech]

[Topper] What are you gonna do?

All right, come on.

Come on.

Jesus, Rafe.

[door opens]

[Rose] Okay, I know that this hurricane is devastating, and a lot of people are hurting, but sometimes, you know what?

After the rain, you get rainbows.

New pocket listings.

Forty acres, prime real estate.

Some retiree tired of the dark nights got robbed by some kids, wants to go into assisted living.


[Ward] Thank you, baby.

Hey, Ward, you'd normally be salivating over something like this.

I'm sorry, sweetheart. Right now, I am focused on something that's a little bit bigger than a pocket listing.

Oh, God. You're not still chasing lost treasure, are you?

Ward, that is 40 acres in Vanderhorst.

Come on. [sighs] This is different. Sweetie...

This isn't just a dream anymore. I promise you, we are this close.

This close, baby. [Rose] Mm-hm.

Yeah. Yeah.

I'm gonna make this happen.


[sighs] Thank you.

[Rose] Yup.

[John B] Look, he'll come around, all right? It's...

He's doing a JJ thing. You think he'll go home?

There's about a zero percent chance that JJ goes home.

[John B] You okay?


Are you?

I mean, I'm in one piece, so...

[Pope sighs] Okay.

It's too dangerous to pawn this thing off piecemeal.

So our best bet is to go down there and get the rest of it.

Bring it all up at once. Put it in... in a safe or a vault or something.

I... I don't know. Just until we can find someone who won't rip us off.

I can figure it out tonight, get it done, and we can be out there tomorrow morning.

All right, let's do it. Easy.

[John B] Let's go. What about that thing with my dad?

[John B] Shit. What thing?

I have to go fishing with Ward.

You can't get 400 mil 'cause you're gonna go kill fish?

Look, I have to go. [Pope] Blow it off.

It's 400 million in gold! [Kie] Make something up!

Look, I... I have to, okay?

He... he saved me, all right?

If it weren't for Ward, I'd be in foster care.


I have to go. Plus, it'll be better to do it at night.


Fine. Fine, go fishing.

And at least JJ will probably have washed up by then.

[country song playing on radio]

[JJ mutters] Son of a bitch.

I've been staying at John B's.

[Luke] I didn't ask you where you were stayin'.

I don't care.

I knew you'd get hungry.

[sighs] That's not why I came back, Dad.

[Luke] Mm-hm.

I got the money.

Yeah, I'll believe that when I see it. [grunts]


[JJ] It's all there.



I don't know how you got this. I... I don't even wanna know.

You did it.


I'll grant you that. You did it.

There's beer in the cooler.

I think that sale's still on at Guffy's of Makos.

They're practically givin' 'em away.


That's for the restitution. [Luke] Nice...

We're gonna tap that... Dad.

...put a little more in. [JJ] Dad.

Can you please just do the right thing for once, okay?

[Luke] You know how much you cost me, you little shit?

This nut?

It ain't going to the cops. No.

I'm gonna take it south.

I'm gonna triple it... Dad!

You got somethin' to say? After everything you done?

You wanna get into it?

I didn't think so.

Man, people keep wastin' my time.

I gotta fix this motor.

Boy, you stay down there.


[muttering and grunting]


Get up! [coughing]

You wanna steal from me?

You gave me nothing! You gave me nothing but a shitty life!

All you ever did was try and scare me!

Well, guess what, Dad?

[crying softly] I ain't scared of you anymore.

[JJ sobbing]

[reggae playing on radio]

♪ I dream about the sunshine ♪

♪ I got them island blues ♪

- ♪ I need to get back on my beach ♪ So welcome to the Pogue life.

Is it everything you ever dreamed of?

And more. - ♪ Take me back ♪ Ooh. Ooh! [Sarah] Yeah.

- ♪ To paradise ♪ [horn blares]

- ♪ Where I wanna go ♪ [horn beeping]

Oh, shit. That's Rafe. - ♪ Summertime is all year long ♪

[Rafe] Hey, pull that piece of shit over! ♪ Take me back to paradise ♪

[tires screech]

[Sarah] Shit. No, no, no, no. John B. What?

Let me handle him.

What the hell is wrong with you?

[Rafe] There she is! Little Miss Perfect! Hello? Are you high?

What? Oh, no. Damn it. Could have run you over.

I just heard about your little home invasion.

What are you talking about?

[Rafe] What would Dad say if he knew you rob dealers?

[Sarah] I don't know. You could tell him if he didn't kick you out.

I tried to take care of my little sister...

[Sarah] That's a lie. ...who's ungrateful, as always.

Listen, the guy that you robbed is a bad man, Sarah.

Yeah, I'm aware, Rafe! Listen! He gave me this, okay?

He gave me this for being late on a payment.

Because you wanted to buy a stupid bike! Listen to me! Listen to me!

You stole from him, all right?

What do you think he's gonna do to you or your Pogue boyfriend?

[Sarah] Don't you dare. Don't you dare! [Rafe] Oh, yeah...

Don't think I don't know what you've been doing, all right?

[Sarah and Rafe yelling] [John B] Come to try to kill me again?

Yeah, here we go. Here we go. It's always the Kook's fault, isn't it?

I'm sorry, man. I'm sorry about your arm, but dude, I hardly touched you.

[scoffs] [Topper] Look, I'm...

I'm not the one corrupting this girlfrom a prominent family, getting her involved in a life of crime...

You have no idea what's going on! I have no idea?

I know you're stealing 25K from a drug dealer.

You get her involved in that shit? [Sarah yells]

I'd give Barry his money back, like, yesterday.

You worry about your shit, I'll worry about mine!

All right, I'm taking care of my own shit, okay?

And one day, I'm gonna be running the show, Sarah, and...

you're gonna wish that you were nicer to me then.

Why don't you give me a save-the-date on that?

You psycho.

Listen, I... I know I'm the one that cares about her, not you.

Why don't you get on your fuckin' bike, Topper?

Or what?

Get on the bike.

See you later, sweetheart.

[Rafe] You're welcome.

[engine revs]

[Topper] You're better than this, Sarah!

Well, he's a tool.

Yeah, tell me about it.

I dated him.

[John B] It's okay.

[Sarah] I'm sorry about that.

[John B] Hey, I wanna show you something.

[Sarah] Okay.

[Sarah] Oh, my God.

I didn't even know this place existed.

[John B] Do you trust me? [Sarah] Is this my official initiation?

[John B] No. Come on. [Sarah] Okay.

[John B] You ready for this?

[Sarah exhales] Boy, am I ever.

[John B] Check it out.

Oh, wow.

Pretty cool, huh?

Yeah, it's beautiful. Yeah.

My, uh... my dad used to come here when he was a kid.

Oh, yeah? Mm-hm.

He said it was a relic from the old island.

Ooh. An antique?

Yeah, somethin' like that.

Before all the... the condos and the developments.

Oh, that's the bell tower.

Back in the day, they used to ring the bells when the boats would come in.

There? Yeah.

[Sarah] Can I see it?


Wait. I'll... I'll go first. You know, sort it out, type of thing.

[clears throat] Rats and whatnot. [Sarah] Mm-hm.

[John B] All right. Watch your head.

It's pretty cool, huh?

[Sarah] Yeah. Check this out.

[Sarah] Is that you? [John B] Yeah.

[Sarah] Aww. [John B] I was ten.

Me and my dad did it.

Yeah. Um...

Oh, check this out. Mm-hm?

[bell rings] [wings fluttering]

[John B] You ready?

I don't know.

Oh, my God. It's so beautiful.

[John B] Pretty cool, huh?

Why do I get the feeling I'm not the first girl you've brought here?

You think I bring all my random hookups to my secret spot?

I don't know what you do with your random hookups.


First time.

So, this is gonna sound really morbid,

but today was a lot of fun.

Enjoying life outside the Bubble Wrap?

I love it.

I'm not... [John B] Um...

Hey. No, no... um... [clears throat]

Sorry, I, um... [Sarah sniffles] No.

I feel like I should warn you.

When I get to this point... usually, with boys, I... bail.

Maybe we should stop?

Okay. [John B] Hey... it's okay.



I have a question for you.


So, um...

[clears throat]

Ha... have you... No.

I haven't.

Does that freak you out?

No, actually.

I mean, it's not like there haven't been chances...

[laughs] I'm sure you've had plenty of chances.

I say I want to... and I... I think I want to...

but when that moment comes...

Think you're gonna lose control? [Sarah] No.

I guess I'm afraid that you'll see who I am.

And that you won't like it.

You gettin' ready to bail now?

Is that what's going on?

You just gonna take off and leave me here in the bell tower?

[chuckles] You never know.

Preemptive strike.

I like the strategy. Hit hard, hit first.

[Sarah] Gotta keep you on your toes.

[John B] I guess so. [Sarah] What about you?

Was it special for you?

Oh, it was, um... it was... it was super special, yeah.

Mm. [John B] Tourist from Cincinnati.

We met at a party.

And five minutes into it, she just... asked.

Straight shooter. [John B] Yeah.

And, uh... so we went back to her condo, and it lasted a total of 25 seconds.


And then you and JJ high-fived.


I felt like shit.

Kind of thought all boys just wanted to hook up with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Yeah, I just ended up gettin' wasted.


Then we'll wait.

Thank you.

Hi. Hi.

♪ Though the wind, she burns ♪

- ♪ Like an ageless flame ♪ Are you sure?

Positive. - ♪ She will give me strength ♪

♪ So I can move again, again ♪

♪ And though my people may not be many ♪

♪ We are ready for the storm to come ♪

♪ And though my people may not be many ♪

♪ We are ready to be strong as one ♪


[Pope] Gotta be done before my scholarship interview in the morning.

[Kie] Okay, well, we gotta focus. [Pope] I know. It's gonna be fine.

We got John B and JJ inside the well, and me up top.

You and Sarah will be outside transporting.

[Kie] Yeah, we got this. [Pope] Cool.

Uh, I got a winch. Yeah.

That tin can hold over like... 200, 300 pounds.


Uh, what for?

Stranding us. You know, making us make up.

What makes you think that was me? [whirring]

What the hell?

Who the hell is that?

[cork pops]

[Pope] What did you do, JJ?

I got a jet going straight in my butt right now.

Y'all should get in immediately, you hear me?


How much did this cost?


Well, with the generator, the petrol, and oh, hey, express delivery...

[chuckles]...pretty much all of it, yeah.

All of it? Yeah, all of it.

You spent all the money in one day?

Yeah, burned a hole right through my pocket.

But, I mean, like, come on, guys, like, look at this!

Finest in jet-based massage therapy, that's what they told me.

Kie, what?

Can't a man have a little luxury in life?

Come on, all this scrimpin' and scrapin'...

I mean, like... guys, we... You only live once, right?

Enough of this emotional shit. Get in the Cat's Ass. Come on.

In the what? In the Cat's Ass.

That's what I named her.

Oh, hey, yo, I almost forgot.

[switch clicks] [whirring]

[JJ] Huh?

Yeah, that's right, I know. Disco mode.

That's right, baby! [Pope] Are you kidding me?

You could have paid for restitution!

Or literally given it to any charity!

[Pope] You could have helped us buy supplies to get the rest of the gold out of the well!

Okay, well, you know what? I didn't do that!

I got a hot tub!

For my friends.

I got a hot tub for my friends.

You know what? No, you know what? Screw friends.

I got a hot tub for my family!

What the hell? [JJ] I got this for you.

Guys, look what I did for you! All right?

Look at this!

Look at this! JJ.

[crying] No, you stop being emotional. It's fine, okay?

I mean, it's sweet, right? Everything...

Just get in!

[both sobbing]

I just couldn't do it.

I can't take him anymore!

I was gonna kill him.

I just wanna do the right thing.

[Kie] I know.

I know.

[cicadas chirping]

[alarm beeping]

[phone alarm chiming]



Bye. Bye.

[seabirds calling]

[John B] Mornin', boss. [Ward] Yes, it is.

Look at you, already hard at work.

[John B] Ah... [Ward] I like it!

Are you ready? [John B] Yeah.

[grunts] Yeah. You got it? All right, big man.

Guffy said he got into it pretty good just north of Big Rock.

[Ward] Guffy, huh?

With the mouth on him, there'll be 15 boats up there already.

I say we go south.

Swansboro Hole.

It'll be just you and me down there.

Sound good?

Yeah, yeah.

All right, let's do it!

Let's do it.

[Ward] We picked a good one, didn't we? [John B] Sure did.

Hit me again.

Ah... You know what? Hold the grapefruit juice on this one.

Let's get this day on its feet.

In fact, you know what? Pour yourself one.

I'm, uh... I'm... I'm 16, sir. [chuckles]

[Ward] John, I know you're 16, okay? It's okay. It's just one drink.

We're out here in the ocean. These are almost international waters.

We're celebrating. Just one. All right, all right.

Yes, sir. [Ward] All right.

See, here's the thing. I don't know if you know this, but you're about to be fishing with a Grand Knight of the Rhododendron.

I know you don't know what that is, and it doesn't seem like a big deal, but... to me, it is, it means I'm a...

I'm a trusted member of this community.

That means a lot to me. Trust.

Absolutely, yeah.

Here's to trust, John B.

To trust.

Whew... [Ward laughs]

You okay? Yeah. No, I'm... I'm...


Wait, I got one more. One more, I promise.

I hear your girlfriend's pretty nice.

To Sarah.

To Sarah.

[Ward] Anything?

[John B] Nothin'.

[Ward] Whew!

Three hours trawling, one hour out here.

We're getting skunked, son.

Not a damn fish.

I guess Guffy was right, huh?

You know, half the time I don't even care if I find fish.

Just like bein' out here.

That's what my dad used to say.

John B, I wanna be real honest with you right now.

I'm gonna ask you to do the same for me.

Okay. [Ward] Yeah?

Yeah. Yeah. All right.

First thing I have to do is apologize to you.

For what?

I told you to stop lookin' for the Royal Merchant gold.

And you didn't.

[chuckles] God damn it, you found it.

I wish.

[both chuckle]

[John B clears throat]

You can play it that way if you want. I won't force your hand.

But I know that you did.

[chuckles] [whispers] Yeah...

And it's amazing. Sincerely, it's unbelievable.


150 years, people been lookin' for that goddamn gold.

None of 'em could find it. You found it.

Here's the thing, son. Finding it?

That's where your fun ends.

That's where all your problems begin.

Ones you haven't even thought of. I mean, excavating it.

You're probably trying now. If it's in water, how do you get it up?

If it's on land, on somebody's property, and they catch you trying to take it?

That's theft.

Jesus, son, we are talkin' a massive amount of gold, John.

You're 16. How are you gonna transport that gold?

How are you gonna turn it into something in your bank account, something you can spend?

See what I'm saying? See the difficulties? This is what I'm talking about.

The real truth, the hard truth is that, John, right now... you are way over your head.

You need me.

Let's do this together.

I can make all those problems go away. That's my job.

You and I will figure out an equitable split.

I know you didn't do this on your own, that you have friends that helped you, so we cut them in.

Don't be so nervous. It's okay, all right? I'm just here to help you.

All you gotta do is trust me.

What do you say?

Wanna do this?

I don't know what you're talkin' about.

Okay. Okay, John.

Okay. All right, all right. We can play it that way.

I think very quickly you'll come to realize there's really no other choice. I mean, I know, right?

I know that you have it.

I know that you've had a little taste of it.

I know a submersible went missing from the salvage yard, right?

I know maybe that's how you got it out of the water.

If it's on land, I know that you've been all... all around the Eight recently, okay?

I know maybe it's something to do with Redfield.

I know you asked for the map from Sarah, so I gave you the map from Tannyhill.

What did you just say? I know... The map of Tannyhill.

[John B] What... what did you just say? The other thing.

This was my father's.

[Kie] What's Redfield?

How do you know about Redfield?


Unless you have my father's compass.

Um... I don't... [John B] And if you have the compass, then you knew to search for it, right?

Do you hear how crazy you're being? [John B] Yes, yes.

I'm listening! [Ward] You sound crazy.

Redfield! You said Redfield, did you not?

"Redfield" was the last message my father left before he disappeared.

You know about his disappearance, don't you?

Don't... don't... don't fucking lie to me, Ward.

I can see that you do.

Let's see what the sheriff has to say about this.

Goin' home.

[clangs loudly]

[suspenseful instrumental music playing]