Outer Banks S1E8 Script

The Runway (2020)

[waves rushing]

Get back, John B. Get back!

[gasps] [Ward] Get away from the throttle!

Okay! Okay! [Ward] Stay back!

We're not going anywhere till you listen! Okay! Okay!

Relax! [Ward] You understand? Just stop!

It wasn't my fault!

It was your father, okay?

It was your father that tried to change...

[John B] You piece of shit! [Ward yelling]


[both yelling]

[yells] [grunts]


[gasps] Mayday. Mayday. [static crackling]

[man on radio] Repeat? [John B] This is the...

[static whining] God.


If anybody's hearing this, this is the My Druthers!

Mayday. Mayday. Mayday. Can anybody hear me?

Mayday, mayday, mayday! Oh, my God.

Mayday. Mayday. Mayday.

This is the My Druthers, call time...

[Ward yells] [static crackling]

[both yelling]

[John B yells]



Stay right there! Don't move!

Don't move!

I swear I'll kill you, Ward.

Do it. Do it, John B.

I know you want to.

Fuck, shut up.

But then... you'd have my body to deal with.

Believe me, it's more complicated than it seems.

But hey, if you...

[both yelling]

[Ward] Oh, fuck.


John B!


[clanking and whirring]

Damn it!

Come on!

Come on!




[John B] Come on, come on.


Oh, shit.


[sniffs] I need to know.

The night your father disappeared...

I came home early from work

- to find Scooter talking to Ward. [Ward]...what happened, it's like...

[sobbing] I didn't want him to get hurt. I wasn't trying to hurt him!

It was a mistake. It was just a stupid accident.

It was just...

He tried to change the deal on me, and I wasn't gonna let him, and so he flipped out, and it just...

I didn't mean to... hurt him.

I didn't mean anything to happen to him. Okay, okay.

Slow down, C. Okay, start at the beginning.

[Ward] It was this morning. Big John and I were out on the open water.

[Ward] John, you brought me out here to talk, man, so let's talk.

I figured it might be good news.

You found it?

You found it.

[laughing] You found it!

No.No. I need some assurances.

What are you talking about? Yes, okay!

You have assurances. Yes.

I need legal assurances.

What legal assurances, John? We're partners.

It's a fifty-fifty thing, and... It's not fifty-fifty.

I never agreed to that.

I spent 20 years on this.

Ward, you just got involved.

Don't do this. [chuckles]

Twenty percent.

Twenty percent, my ass! No!

You took my money, and you used my boats, and you used everything that I was giving you.

That's when you found it. Twenty percent is reasonable.

It is not reasonable! It is!

I don't give a shit what's reasonable. You promised me!

It was my money. It's my research!

In 20 years, you didn't find a goddamn thing.

I knew you would do this. You've always been greedy, Ward.

I'm not doing it! Yes, you are! You...

Don't... don't...

[grunting] [crunch]

Damn it, John. [John groaning]

Where is it?

Where's the gold? You'll never find it.


Jesus, John.

What happened? Ward?

[Ward] Okay, all right. Hang on, buddy.

Okay, all right. Okay, that's all right. It's all right, buddy.

[John moaning] It's okay. It's okay, buddy. It's okay.

It's all right. Let me see.

I'm gonna call somebody, okay?

Okay, John?

John? God!

[radio bleeps, static crackling]

[man speaking indistinctly on radio]

[radio bleeps]

[static crackling]

[man, breaking up] Repeat, please...

[man speaking indistinctly on radio]

[John grunting]

[cicadas chirping]

[thunder rumbling]

I would have been in court for years.

And for what?

Here's the thing, Scooter...


And I'm gonna need your help on this.

Big John is gone...

but the goddamn gold is still there,

and he was close.

And now, we're close.

[John B] So, he stole my father's map...

then he tossed his body into the sea?

He sunk your father's boat where no one would ever find it.

And they began to look for the gold every day for nine months.

When Agatha built up, there was only one place they hadn't looked.

[thunder rumbling]

[Lana] So Ward sent my husband out into that storm.

[detector beeping] [Lana] I begged him not to go, but he said that Ward was worried the storm would wash everything away.

But Scooter did find somethin' out there.

Not what he expected.

[thunder crashing]

[Lana] He wasn't dead when Ward dumped him.

[crying softly]

[Lana] He made it to shore.


[Lana] And the last thing he ever did...

was for you.

[breathing shakily]


[Lana] I am so sorry, John B.

I should have told you a long time ago.

But you can't say anything. He's dangerous.

He's capable of anything. Don't... [John B] I don't care!

[door slams]

[Shoupe] Neon tetra and a couple oscars... plop a kuhli loach down in there.

I miss the dang thing. Got a minute?

[Peterkin] What happened to your arm? Damn Routledge kid.

Uh... yeah, come on in.

All I'm trying to do at this point is calm him down.

I follow him into the galley. I can't even believe it.

He fires the goddamn thing at me.

I'm trying to take care of this. He runs off.

He steals my Jet Ski.

He's out there, God knows where.

The guy's dangerous. I'm worried about my family.

I'm worried about my daughter. They had some kind of thing, apparently.

Let's write it up. In the meantime, you go home.

We'll find him. [sighing]

Thank you.


[Shoupe] Here, buddy... [Ward] You write it. I'm goin' home.

[Shoupe] Get that looked at.

[Pope] How's it feeling? Feels good.

[Pope] Taking you down. [Kie] Okay.

John B pullin' a Houdini. [Pope] Yeah, where is he?

I got my scholarship interview tomorrow.

We gotta get this done!

[JJ] Speak of the devil. Hey!

Dude, I set up the entire winch to pull up the gold and everything.

[Pope] No, he did not. I did that. [Kie] Hey.

[Pope] Hey. [JJ] Okay, that's it?

Uh... what's that all about?

I was gonna ask you the same question.


You all right, man? What... what's up?

[Kie] What are you looking for?

[JJ] Bro, what's going on?

John B, what do you need the gun for? Just... No!

[JJ] Talk to us! [Kie] John B, chill!

What are you doing? What, are you JJ now?

Shi... Are you okay?

John B, what the hell are you doing?

[engine revving]

John B, what the hell?

Ward knows about the gold.

He killed my dad.

[Kie] John B!

[JJ] Shit!

[door opens]

John B, why do you have a gun?

Did you tell your dad about the gold?

Where's that coming from? Answer the question.

About the gold. No.

No, of course not.

Then how'd he know? Hm?

[Sarah gasps] I... Answer me!

John B, you're scaring me.

Is life outside the Bubble Wrap scary to you?

[Ward] Sarah! [John B gasps]


Oh, Christ.

[Sarah] Where are you taking me?

Somewhere where we can talk. [Rose] Sarah!

[groans] [Sarah] John B, what's going on?

Your dad... killed my father.

What? I need you to listen to me.

Look, I think they were working together to find the Royal Merchant.

There was some sort of conflict, and... and nobody knows what happened to my dad except for Scooter Grubbs.

Stop. [John B] Look, he was... he was a part of this, okay? Just...

[John B] I figured it out on the boat. Stop...

Just... And your dad, he tried to kill me, Sarah.

He wouldn't hurt anyone! [John B] He tried to kill me.

[Sarah] He told me you stabbed him.

What are you talking about? He killed my father.

No. I don... I don't believe you.

No, you're a liar.

Get off of me! [John B] Look at me.

[door opens] [Sarah] No!

[Ward] Sarah!

[door closes] [Sarah sobbing]

[Rose] Sarah! Ward, she's here!

Yeah, she's fine. She's fine.

[Ward] Sweetie, what are you doing? What are you doing out here?

Pope? Kie? [sniffs]




[whispers] I miss you.

Goodbye, Dad.

[thunder rumbling]

[Ward] John B was here, wasn't he?


Sweetheart, please don't lie to me. Okay, so don't lie to me.

I'm not. Then tell me what happened on the boat!


I wanted to take the boy fishing. You saw that, all right?

I did it because a boy needs a father figure.

So, out we go, and it was great. It was.

And then he just starts... drinking, and then, at a certain part, he starts accusing me of these... insane things.

And the more I try to calm him down, the angrier he gets, till finally, he attacks me!

John B wouldn't do that. You don't believe this?

Do you wanna see it again? Where he stabbed me with a spear?

Do you want to see the one on the deck of the Druthers?

You want to go out there? Let's go! Stop!

[Ward] Right now! Please... please stop yelling. [sobs]



I'm sorry, baby. I don't mean to yell.

John B is not who you think he is, okay?

I mean, if you heard the crazy things he was saying on that boat.

Like what? Like I killed his father.

Like that. Me.

Did he tell you that?

[Ward sighs]

I know you have feelings for John B, and I know how strong that can be, especially at your age...

but, sweetheart, he's dangerous right now.

I don't know what he would do to you if you made him angry, and I just... can't have that.

I need you to promise me that you'll stay completely away from him, and to stay here until this thing all blows over.


[sniffles] No.

I need to be alone.

I think that's best.


[door closes]



New pocket listing. Forty acres on Figure Eight.

Got robbed by some kids.

Four hundred million dollars.

It's all there.



[JJ] What now? We just go up to the front door and ask, "Hey, have you seen John B?"

Look, he lives at Tannyhill now. It's plausible.

Look, we can play dumb. [JJ] Play dumb?

It's pretty late.

Look, I've never seen John B like that. We should honestly be going to the cops.

The cop... Yeah, and say what, Kie?

We're worried about our friend because he's on a rampage because Ward Cameron killed Big John?

Like, they're not gonna believe us! Hey, I see Ward.

Let me see.

Doesn't look dead to me. Let's go home.

[JJ] Wait. What?

Uh... Okay. Obviously, Mr. Cameron is fine, and even if John B was here, he isn't now, okay?

Plus, I have the biggest, most important moment of my life in six hours.

Yeah, well, our friend is in trouble.

I'm in trouble.

Guys, I haven't been home in three days.

My dad's probably put all my shit on the street by now.

Okay, so that's it?

In a time of need, you're just gonna bail? You're just gonna walk away?

Okay, yo, guys, can we not do this right now?

Hey, I have a scholarship interview in the morning.

I can't... Okay, well, what about John B?

Why is it always about John B?


It's not always about John B.

You're so stupid.

It would be any of you in this situation. Oh, bullshit!

Guys... This is about friendship.

[JJ] Bring it down.

Look, this is about Pogues for life.

What about forensic pathology, huh?

Forensic pathology? It's my life. Everything I've worked for.

That's your priority? Stop the moral high ground bullshit?

[JJ] Pope, come on. No.

Excuse me? No, no. She has no room to talk.

Where were you when Big John went missing?

You weren't there.

You weren't there for John B. You weren't there for any of us.

Remember your Kook year?


Yeah, you forgot about us.

Now you feel guilty. Give me a break.

Hey! [Kie] That what you need?

[Pope] Come on. [Kie] You need a break? Move!

[JJ] Hey! Yo, yo, yo, cut it out, all right?

If I'm the one mediating, we've hit rock bottom.

Bow, now.


Pope, I'll drop you off. [engine starts]

[door closes]

You waited up.

You left?

Because I hadn't noticed.

Oh... right.

Right, um... when you quit on me at Midsummers... you vanished.

For... for three days.

And your mama was cryin' for two of them.

So it... it's... it's comin' back to me now.

Pope, is that you? We're just glad you're back, honey.

It's all right.

Hell no, it ain't all right.

[Pope] I'm sorry.

You sorry, all right.

Don't do that to us again. Hear me?

I'm sorry, Mama. [sobs]


[whispers] Go on.



No. No!

[John B gasps]



No! No!


[yells] No!

No! No!

[screams] No! No!

[clears throat] Thank you.

Are you gonna wait?


Are you kiddin', man? I got...

I got three palms blocking a... a private airstrip.

Cameron's plane is too big for the runway, and it just... [tuts]

Cameron? Yeah.

He's a thief!

Aren't they all?

But the money's good.

He's payin' Guffy double.

Guffy passed it on to me if I can get it done this afternoon.

I... I need the money, son. I...

[sighs] Look...

I know better than to try to give you a pep talk, okay?

But... but if you get this, though...

you'll be set... for life.

No pressure, now.

Just don't screw it up.

All right?

[lighter sparking]

[Wheezie] Rafe?

[Rafe] I'm sorry.


Don't worry. I'm not gonna tell anybody.

Did you want some, or...

You legitimately just offered me drugs?

I'm 13.


[Wheezie] This is a sweet crib.

How'd you con the Glissons into letting you crash here?

I, uh... I didn't tell them is how, all right?

They're in Sun Valley all summer, so keep a lid on it, please.

I mean, as long as you let me stay here whenever I want.


Dad trying to kick you out too?

[sighs] Worse. I am officially the least favorite daughter.

Mm-hm. [chuckles]

Sarah and Dad are going to the Bahamas, and did they invite me?


Wait. They're... they're going to the Bahama house?

In summer?

Yeah. I mean, according to Rose, it's "business." Mm.

I mean, they're all up in some new development, and for some super-secret reason, they're going to the Bahamas.

You know, I... I know about, like... a billion times more about the business than she does.

What... what is this?

[Wheezie] Ugh. We're the black sheep.

Get used to it, Rafe. Yeah.

Baa! [Rafe] Shut up, okay?

Baa! Hey, shut up!

Wheezie, I told you to shut up, okay?

Don't tell me to shut up!

Here, my life savings.

[mutters] Life savings...

Life savings...

Oh... oh, shit.

I'll pay you back.


I know this looks really bad right now and everything, but...

Like, I'm gonna... I'm gonna my shit together, okay?

Like, I will. [sniffs]

I'm gonna get it tight, like, you know... [bangs table]

Like, real tight. [laughs]

You'll see.



[man] And how have you been keeping busy all summer?

Are you taking any classes or interning anywhere?

Independent study.

We were looking for an old shipwreck, the Royal Merchant.

And did you find it?

[both laugh]

Yes, I did, actually.

Uh, me and my friends.

Oh, really?

Yes, really.

Denmark Tanny, the... the fugitive slave turned free man, he was the sole survivor of the Royal Merchant, and he brought the gold to shore.

And you found evidence of this.

Definitive proof.

Are you trying to get us to believe that you found the Royal Merchant?

And if so, where's the gold?

It was too heavy...

Excuse me.

[Kie] You sure he got everything?

[John B] Every bar.

The whole enchilada.


Look, it's not like I expected a happy ending or some shit.

John B... What, Kie?

It's a hairline fracture. Who cares?

[Kie] You should care. Your arm's gonna be messed up for life.

It's fine. See?

[footsteps approaching] [Pope] Guys!

[panting] Guys!

Oh! Oh! Oh, God. I ran all the way here.

You all right? [JJ] How was the interview, Pope?

Don't ask. [grunts]

Awesome. JB...


Look, I'm sorry, dude.

About everything. It's fine.

But... but I don't have a lot of time, and... and I have information that is tactically relevant.

So, before I had my interview, my dad said he was going down to the private airstrip to cut palms for Cameron's big plane.

Because it was too heavy, it needed a longer landing strip to take off.

So, I'm there sitting in my interview, thinking to myself, "Hm. Why would Cameron need a longer airstrip to take off?

What could be so heavy to weigh it down?"

Gold. [John B] That's right.


Guys, this is our chance, but it leaves tonight, and we have to go.

Guys, we can't give up now.

What's the plan, big man?

We're gonna steal that shit back.


[Pope] Let's do this! [Kie] Come on, boys!

[Rose] Sweetie? Car's packed.


Okay, then what are you doing?

I'm just... takin' a moment, all right?

[Rose] Okay.

[Ward] God knows if I'm ever gonna get to see this view again.

[Rose] Oh, Jesus, Ward. Come on. Don't be melodramatic.

I'm not being melodramatic, all right? The boy knows about his father.

What is to know? Ugh...

It was an accident. What is to know? What...

For one solid year, John B has gone to bed every single night wondering what happened to his father.

That's suffering.

And that was my fault, and he knows that.

Okay, but what choice did you have, Ward?


Okay, so don't worry about it.


Did you talk to the people in Nassau?


Caribbean National is set to take possession as soon as my wheels hit the ground. Okay, then it's done.

Baby, you did it. It's over.

[chuckles] Come on.


Now get going.

[Ward sighs]

[Shoupe] Need a wingman in there?

Ah... I got this.

[radio chatter]

[Lana] I know I should have said somethin' sooner, but Scooter said Ward would kill me.

I know it was wrong not to say anything.

You did the right thing in the end. That's all that matters.

How much did you know?

Ward tipped his hand usin' me to get that compass.

I figured out the who and the why.

Now I know the how.

You should be careful how you handle this.

Ward's got a lot of friends.

Yeah, I know.

[JJ] We go in there, guns a-blazin', make Ward Cameron beg for mercy, abscond with as much gold as possible and vámonos, get the hell out of there.

Down the Intracoastal. [Kie] Wait for weather.

Exit to Cuba. [JJ] Cuba?

No, man, Xcalak, Jewel of the Yucatan.

Lobsters so thick, mangoes, and no word for money.

Let's do this shit.

[Sarah sighs]

Dad, I don't understand why I need to go to the Bahamas.

I think I... I really need to talk to John B.

No, sweetheart, I told you, he is not himself right now, all right?

This isn't forever.

It's just until they're able to find him and get him the help he needs.

Trust me, all right? [sighs]

[Kie] What's the plan? Broad strokes. I don't think we got that far.

They're loading up the gold.

[car horn beeps]

[John B] There's Ward.

I'm worried. You'll need more runway with that weight.

[Ward] Didn't they cut palms to extend it?

Yes, sir, but if you're gonna abort, you're gonna have to do it early.

All that weight's gonna shorten everything.

I'll be all right. Thank you. Take the car.

Yes, sir. Safe travels.

[Ward] Come on! Get this done! [man 1] Yes, Mr. Cameron!

[man 2] Yeah...

What? [man 3] Keep comin'.


[man 4] Keep goin'. It's Sarah.

She's with him?

[Ward] Come on, guys. Let's get this stuff loaded.

Hey! Be careful with that.

What's in the boxes?

Uh, just some, uh... decorative marble pieces that Rose found for properties down there. Antiques, I think.

[man 5] That's it! Close it up.

Excuse me. Hi. What's in those crates? [Ward] Hey. Hey.

[Ward] Yeah, sorry.

[Sarah] No, excuse me. What? Hey. Come on.

I'm just asking questions. - I know, it's fine.

Get on the plane. [Sarah] No.

Please get on the plane. We have to get going.

No, I changed my mind. I'm going home. Sarah. Sarah!

Excuse me. No! No! Do not cause a scene.

Do not cause a scene. No! Stop! Stop!

[screaming] No! No! No!

[Ward] Go! Get on this plane! Wait a minute.

No! No, I don't wanna go! He's hurting her.

What? What?

[John B] They're fighting.

[Sarah yells] Holy shit.

[Sarah] Ow! [moans] [Ward] Get in!

You listen to me! [sobs]

Damn it.

[engine powering up]

[JJ] Wait, so she... What? I had no... [Pope] Hey! What are you doing?

[Kie] John B. Where are you going? [all yell] Hey! Hey!

[Kie] John B! [Pope] Hey!

[JJ] Hold on! [Kie] Dude, stop!

[JJ] Don't be a hero, dude! John B!

[brakes squealing]

What are you doing?

[Kie] John B! What are you doing, man?

Come back! Hey! Hey!

[tires squealing]

[Sarah gasps] Hey! It's okay! It's okay.


[Ward] Get off the runway!

Get off!

No! [Ward] No!

[screams] No! Get back!

[screams] Back!

[tires screeching] [groans]


Stop! Stop, you're gonna kill him!


[tires screeching]

[brakes hiss]


[John B gasps]

[John B] Sarah!

Sarah! You trying to kill her?

Trying to get us killed? I need the gold!

No! No! No!

No! John B! [sobs]

John B, you're okay. I...

Get away from him. No! Don't touch me!

And don't tell me what to do.

[siren approaching]

Guys, I can't get arrested. I'm on probation.

Look, we're no good if we're all in jail.

[Pope] Come on.

You think this changes anything?

It doesn't.

You gotta get outta here. You gotta...

[Ward] Oh, thank God you're here.

Susan, I told you he lost his goddamn mind.

Put your hands on your head. [Ward] I'd do what she said.

She's talkin' to you, Ward.

You're under arrest for the murder of "Big John" Routledge.

[gasps] I got ya.

[Ward] Are you kidding me?

Put your hands on your head.

[Ward] Are you kidding me, Sue? Put your hands on your head!

Turn around.

Drop to your knees!

I don't like bein' used.

I waited a long time for this.

[Sarah gasps] No! [Ward grunts]

[gunshot] [gasps]

[whimpers] Rafe, no.

Rafe. What did you do?


[laughs] I saved you, Dad.


I saved you.


[suspenseful instrumental music playing]